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2015 Fall LATI

Julie McCashland

Program Proposal

Program Description: Mother Goose Games a preschool program designed to incorporate

classic nursery rhymes with Olympic style games and relays. This program will coincide with
the 2016 Summer Reading Theme On Your Mark, Get Set READ!-and the Summer
Olympics. The program will begin with an Olympic torch march through the room. We will
then have a short discussion about the Olympics and read Mother Gooses Pajama Party by
Danna Smith. The room will be set up in stations where children will rotate in groups to each
game. At each station they will recite a nursery rhyme and participate in Olympic style games or
relays. (Example: Ring Around the Rosie Ring Toss: Toss a ring onto a cone. Jack Be Nimble
Hurdles: Jump over the candlesticks.) At the end they will have the opportunity to complete a
craft that will be a gold medal for participation in the Mother Goose Games.
We will incorporate the 5practices of early literacy throughout the program. Read by reading
the book at the beginning and the nursery rhymes from posters at each station. Write by
writing their names on a name tag before we start; as well as fine motor skills during the craft at
the end. Sing by singing some of the nursery rhymes while at the station. Talk by discussing
the Olympics at the beginning and the nursery rhymes at each station. We will also talk about
their favorite game and why they liked it best. Play by playing all of the Olympic style games
during the program.

Need for the Program: This program focuses on the five early literacy practices and presents
them in an exciting and creative way. It allows the children and parents the opportunity to
explore these developmental skills together while enjoying the Summer Reading Program. Also,
nursery rhymes are an essential early literacy tool providing language and cognitive development
in preparation for later reading skills. Therefore, by participating in this program, the children
will be building a foundation in their reading development.

Potential Partners: This program will run in stations and may require assistance to run
smoothly. I plan to connect with our Teen Librarian and ask for assistance from our librarys
Teen Advisory Group and/or our Summer Reading Volunteers to help prepare, set up, run and
clean up the program.

Steps Necessary to Implement Program: Preparation requires creating posters for the nursery
rhymes, gathering materials for each game, time to set up the stations.

Evaluation: There will be program evaluation cards available for participants (parents) to fill out
at the end, program statistics of attendance, and verbal feedback from the participants.

Library Mission: This program ties in with the mission of Harford County Public Library to
promote the love of reading within the community. This program will provide a dynamic and
enriching experience for children participating. They will not only have fun during the program,
they will be exposed to the five practices of early literacy through a variety of nursery rhymes
and games that will help in their pre- reading development skills.



(Belcamp, Maryland July 10, 2016) Harford County Public Library is pleased to
announce the MOTHER GOOSE GAMES presented at the Abingdon Branch on July 27 from
10:30-11:30 and 1:302:30. This program is designed for children ages 3-5 years old.
This exciting event will incorporate beloved Mother Goose nursery rhymes with Olympic
style games and relays. The program will begin with a torch march and end with a medal
ceremony. Registration is required and will begin 2 weeks prior to the program.

Harford County Public Library operates eleven branches located throughout Harford County,
Maryland. The Library serves over 181,000 registered borrowers of all ages and has an
annual circulation of over 3.8 million. Harford County Public Library is committed to
connecting people with information and promoting the love of reading within the

Social Media: I will use our branch Facebook page to help promote the program and I
would begin this approximately 2 weeks before the program date.
I do believe that this program will be incorporated into our Summer Reading programming
schedule at the Abingdon Branch.