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WCFL Gamer Con

Need for the Program

In the last year, the Teens Department has implemented two gaming related programs. The first program is our Game
Night. Every Tuesday night, teen patrons are invited into the Teen Programming room to play video games on a Play
Station 3 console. The second program is a monthly Yu-Gi-Oh Tournament. Both of these programs are well attended and
well-liked by our teen patrons. One of the reasons why I think our gaming programs are so popular is because many teens
who regularly attend the library come from low-income families and many of them do not have access to a gaming system
in their home. Since the Yu-Gi-Oh tournaments started, they have almost tripled in attendance with a range of patrons
ages 9-30. Yu-Gi-Oh is a a strategic, thought-provoking game. In addition to the monthly tournaments, almost every night
of the week you can come into the YA department and see teens playing Yu-Gi-OH. It has been a boon for the department.
I have also noticed an increased influence of gaming in new literature. There are fictional books about gaming like
mystery-thrillers about a virtual reality game gone wrong. There are also handbooks for different games, Mine Craft being
one of the more popular examples. Gaming is just one way to bring new and old patrons into the library in a positive, fun
atmosphere. Attending a gaming program instills values in our youth such as sharing, taking turns and following
directions from the staff who monitor the programs.
Design of the Program
WCFL Gamer Con is a free, family friendly event for all ages. The event will run from 12:00pm-4:00pm. During that time,
we will offer a wide variety of gaming activities. There will be different table top games set up in the Community Room,
including Yu-Gi-Oh and this is where we will invite a few vendors to set up, as well. I plan on having a scheduled talk on
the History of Video Gaming and a scheduled talk/demonstration of a new table top game. In the Teen Room, there will
be different board games for patrons to play at will. In the Story Time room, there will be three video gaming systems set
up for video gaming: a Wii system, Play Station 3, and a vintage video gaming system, possibly with the Raspberry Pi. We
will have Mine Craft gaming in the computer lab for the duration of the event, set up in 30 minute shifts. There will be an
adult trivia game set up in the Conference Room. In each of these rooms, staff will prepare a selection of related library
materials that can be on display.
Potential Community Partners
I will invite local businesses to participate in this event as presenters, game moderators and to sell their merchandise. Our
library permits the sale of merchandise with the understanding that the vendor will donate 20% of their earnings on the
day back to the library.
Steps Necessary for Setting up the Event
1. Schedule presenters, secure 2-4 vendors.
2. Secure staff volunteers to help man the different rooms where activities will be taking place.
3. Advertise and market the event. Use local partners to help in this endeavor.
4. Solicit donations of game related prizes/gift cards for a drawing and adult trivia.
5. Day prior/Day Of-ensure all rooms are set up properly and all the different gaming equipment is in place.
How I Will Evaluate the Program
I will prepare a short survey for participants to complete to indicate how well received the event is. I will also try to obtain
an estimated number of people who attend the different programs to evaluate how successful the event is.
How it Fits into the Librarys Mission
The Washington County Free Librarys mission is all about connectedness. We strive to connect people with resources and
materials to meet their growing needs and promote continued learning. We also connect people with people. We do this in
many ways through programing and by renting out our Community Room for large gatherings with public officials and
local agencies. We also hope to serve the community by fostering economic vitality. The WCFL Gamer Con satisfies many
of these goals. The event will bring patrons and families together. It will connect patrons with new games and new or
unfamiliar technology. It helps promote small, locally owned businesses, and it is just plain fun. This event will bring
people out of hibernation during a cold month where there are not a lot of other events and activities going on in the area.
If it is successful, I could envision this program becoming an annual event.

Public Service Announcement

For Immediate Release
Washington County Free Library
What: Washington County Free Library to Host First Ever Gamer Con
When: February 13, 2016 12:00 p.m.-4:00 p.m.
Where: Fletcher Library
100 S. Potomac St., Hagerstown, MD
Who: Open to all ages
Cost: Free
February 13th will be a day all about games, gaming and play at the Fletcher Library in downtown Hagerstown. There will
be board games, video games, table-top games like Yu-Gi-Oh and Pokemon, Minecraft, Trivia for adults and more. In the
last two years, the library has implemented regular gaming programs for kids and teens with much success. At the
Fletcher Library, there is a weekly Minecraft Monday program for kids, a weekly Game Night for teens and monthly YuGi-Oh tournaments. Gaming programs at the library are very popular. The kid and teen participants are engaged in
whatever games they are playing, but they are also meeting new people and are required to follow directions and comply
with the behavior expectations of the staff who moderate the programs, says Cyndi Powell, the supervisor of the Young
Adult Department.
After observing the positive growth of the gaming programs at the library, Powell thought it would be fun to offer a
library-wide gaming event for patrons of all ages. The WCFL Gamer Con is an opportunity for families to come and play
games together, for adults to reconnect with their inner child and just have fun! reports Powell. The event will take place
at the Fletcher Library from noon to 4:00 p.m. There will be different gaming activities set up in various spaces
throughout the library.
The Community Room on the third floor will host the table-top games. Local business Neverland Games will help teach
new players about different table-top games, and people can play against each other at the many tables that will be set up
for this purpose. The computer lab adjacent to the Community Room will be for patrons who want to play Minecraft.
Participants will be able to sign up for a session in thirty minute intervals throughout the afternoon. In the Conference
Room on the third floor, there will be an Adult Trivia game and prizes to the winning team.
On the second floor of the library, there will be three different video gaming systems set up in the Childrens Storytime
Room and various board games available in the Teens Programing Room. According to Powell, the Gamer Con is a way
to bring people out of hibernation during the cold winter months to do something fun and engaging. It is an event for the
whole family and an opportunity to learn about new games or new gaming technology.
For more information about this event, please visit the Washington County Free Library Facebook Page.
Contact person:
Cyndi Powell
Young Adult Supervisor, Fletcher Branch
Washington County Free Library
100 S. Potomac Street
Hagerstown, MD. 21740
301-739-3250 ext. 270
*We would use the librarys Facebook page(s) to promote this event. We would start promoting the event approximately
one month in advance. I do plan on implementing this program. It is scheduled for Saturday, February 13th, 2016.*