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Ultradian homeostasis oscillations - Menstrual cycle

2. Similarity between Sympathetic and Parasympathetic preganglionic synapses - Both release ACh
3. PCR techniques - Denaturation, annealing and extension
4. Phenylketonuria patient should refrain from consuming - Protein
5. Cri du chat is genetic disease due to - Deletion
6. State approriate statistical test for 2 x 2 table - Chi square test
7. Pick 300 patients, some expose to risk, some not; follow up for a period of time - Cohort study
8. South blotting - Analyse DNA fragments on membrane with radioactive DNA probe
9. Genetic code redundancy - Multiple codons code for same amino acid (wrong answer was given
during feeback)
10. Uterus ligament provides most support - Lateral cervical ligament
11. Wrong secretion pairing - Acinar cells with HCO312. Mr X moves to high altitude, blood test after one month detects following increased - RBC
13. Where opsin located in photoreceptors - Outer segment
14. Riding merry-go-round, which receptor senses dynamic motion - Crista ampullaris
15. Not true about repolarisation - Influx of Ca2+ to bring back the charge to more positive
16. Commonality between skeletal/cardiac muscles - Both straited
17. Ligament not found in liver - Greater omentum
18. Which part of large intestine is retroperitoneal - Descending colon
19. A biospy of esophagus, both smooth and skeletal muscles were observed, which portion likely it
came from - middle 1/3
20. Precursor for FAD - riboflavin
21. True about cartilage - epiphyseal plate undergoes interstitial growth
22. Choose correct intrinsic factor affecting blood clotting - Factor IX
23. After 1/2 hr running, what will decrease - ventrical filling time
24. During exercise, lung undergoes adaptation, which is correct - Vital capacity remains constant
25. Second degree of heart block possible condition - 2 P and 3 QRS
26. Hormone that excretes sodium - natriuretic hormone
27. What's correct about ADH - Released when stressed (Answer is correct.
http://www.nlm.nih.gov/medlineplus/ency/article/003146.htm )
28. Difficulty for Mr X to communicate with Japan customs - semantic
29. A patient to follow doctor's advice - Adherence
30. Definition of - Social class (keyword "hierarchical")
31. Definition of - Ethnicity
32. While talking over phone, one doodled on a piece of paper,what behaviour is that - Object
33. Thyroid hormone - The whole thyroglobulin molecule has to be "degraded" in the follicular cells
before T4/T3 can be released
34. Factor doesn't affect people's perception of symptoms - Ethnicity difference
35. Pick the correct quantitative discreet - Number of schools in a town
36. Definition of - Adaptation (not even sure if this appears anywhere in BS notes)
37. A layer of epidermis that doesn't exist in thin skin - Stratum lucidum
38. Differentiate the left and right lungs - Anterior border
39. Constant interaction btw person/environment - Transaction
40. Synthesis of non-essential amino acids - Precursors (carbon skeleton) NOT from fatty acids
41. Primary amenorrhea for woman athelete, lacking of - GnRH
42. Which organelles have double membrane - Nucleus and mitochondria
43. Choose true about gastric secretion - Inhibited by Vasoactive Intestinal Peptide
44. True statement about lymph nodes - T-lymphocytes are found in paracortical layer

1. Inhibits mast cell degranulation Cromolyn sodium

2. Anti-histamine causes gynaecomastia Cimetidine
3. Aminoglycoside causes ototoxicity and nephrotoxocity
4. Drug for herpes acyclovir
5. Drug for tinea cruris miconazole
6. Test for anti rhesus- indirect comb test
7. Detect cause of 3 rare brain cancer case control
8. Transmission for Coronavirus, SARS- through respiratory
9. Make DNA from HIV genome reverse transcriptase
10. UV light protection goggles
11. Variety manifestation of disease spectrum of disease
12. Main cause of health mishaps/errors something like that - Complexity in health care
13. Flagellate protozoa Trichomonas vaginalis
14. Stage not found in malaria life cycle ookinete
15. Trematode that has metacercariae stage (in fish) Clonorchis sinensis
16. Infective stage of cryptosporidium parvum oocyst
17. Parasite via predation only trichenella spiralis
18. Hepatitis B booster vaccine active immunity
19. Germinal center in lymph node and spleen proliferation of B cells after antigenic
20. NK cells inject perforin into target cell
21. Opsonization C3b
22. Type III hypersensitivity soluble antigen
23. Cause of deep vein thrombosis for paralyzed patient prolonged immobilization
24. Red infarct Lungs
25. Virchows triad Altered blood flow
26. Germinal centres are found in the cortical region of the lymph nodes and the
peripheral region of splenic periarteriolar lymphatic tissue. Which of the following
describes the function of these germinal centres? - They contain large populations of
plasma cells after antigenic stimulation
27. The least likely bond between antigen and antibody binding site covalent bond
28. HIV patients infected with fungi (wide capsule) cyptococcus neoformans
29. DTP/DPT vaccine = protects against diptheria, tetanus & whooping cough
30. Outbreak at fresh water lake, spiral bacteria, flexous, closely coiled and hook end
Leptospira interrogans
31. Act on inactive receptor and cause changes in function inverse agonist
32. Does not act on G protein coupled receptor Diazepam
33. Least likely to be administered via rectal route Metoprolol
34. Most drugs are bound to plasma albumin for transport in circulation. In constrast a
few drugs are bound to other plasma proteins or RBCs. Select the drug which is LEAST
likely to bind to albumin Qunidine
35. Incubatory period time interval between initial contact to infectious agents and
manifestations of signs and symptoms
36. Immunization primary prevention
37. Difference between 2 tiered and 3 tiered system 2 tiered system has no mid wife

clinic serving
38. Define clonal selection - The binding of B-cell receptor (BCR) with specific epitopes
stimulates the B-lymphocytes to proliferate
39. The most common component of ECM that helps in cell healing - collagen
40. A 68-year-old male is diagnosed with colo-rectal carcinoma and counseled. Which of
the following is MOST appropriate - Metastases from this lesion may be present
41. Affect prognosis of breast cancer metastasize to bone
42. Define granuloma collection of epithelioid macrophage
43. Which is not found in atherosclerotic plaque cartilage
44. Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever transmitted by ticks
45. Epidemic typhus Rickettsia prowazekii
46. Once the diagnosis of any disease is confirmed, treatment is given to individual
patients to prevent further spread of disease. This level of prevention is - secondary
47. Gram +ve cocci in clusters - Staphylococcus aureus
48. Transmission of Hepatitis A Faecal-oral
49. Disability Adjusted Life Years one lost year of healthy life
50. Which of the following is a "Key step" involved in the model of injury control
monitoring of incidences

1. Lymph node -> germinal centre
2. Lymphatic system -> components & functions of Thymus, histological features of
3. Vaccines -> types of pathogens and names and types of vaccines
4. BS : communication skill -> how to talk to patient?
5. Thyroid hormone, 4 compositions of thyroglobulin other than carbohydrates and
6. Respiration -> Why is it an active process, factors affecting lung compliance
7. Learning -> Piaget's theory of cognitive development and criticisms
8. Primary health care
9. Key indicators of water pollution, components of "healthy environment"
10. Bones -> Harvesian canal, lamellae, 2 layers of periosteum
11. Recombinant technology
12. Lipoprotein -> Chylomicron & VLDL, pathway
13. Types of immunity -> Natural Active, Natural passive, Artificial active, Artificial
14. Define antagonist, agonist, Pharmaco calculations
15. Prazosine, phentolamine -> Pheochromocytoma, night administration, hypertension,
mechanism of action
16. 10 month old baby with infection, physician gave IV and nutrients, no antibiotic was
administrated. why?
17. CVS -> Calculate cardiac output (given EDV, ESV, HR), Frank-Starling Law
18. Blood -> Sites of haemopoiesis in adult, Process of RBC maturation

19. Parasite -> Four species and life cycle of malaria, distinguishing feature of P.
20. Process of B cell maturation

1. Match hormone correctly with metabolism effect - Estrogen lowers cholesterol level
2. Spermiogenesis means - Spermatid -> spermatozoa
3. Learning & conditioning - Generalisation
4. Remember specific event and time - Episodic memmory
5. To increase SA node discharge - Baroceptor stimulated
6. Alcohol metabolism in ETC - NADH, FAD, Q enzyme, Cytochrome C, O2
7. Spinnbarkeit maintained by - Estrogen
8. Correct about Joints - Synarthroses joints don't move
9. Correct about membrane potential - ??
10. Correct about passive inspiration - Rib/sternum depressed
11. Correct about GFR - Increase when protein reabsorbed
12. Ovary with abundant cells in the centre and a single layer of cell surrounding Primary follicle
13. Release histamine by non receptor mechanism - Tobokurarine
14. Procedure of - ELISA
15. Parasite infection by accidentally swallowing eggs - Ascaris lumbricoides
16. Cancer staging - ordinal
17. Sequelae of accute inflammation - resolution
18. Which disease least likely to be re-emerging - TB
19. Medication for Neisseria Gonorrhea - Ceftriaxone
20. The Big 5 - Neurotism
21. 2/3 of the oesophagus - 1/2 smooth 1/2 skeletal muscle
22. Factors affecting unloading of oxygen - Increase in pCO2
23. During starvation, which enzyme deficiency renders low glucose level in muscle Glucose 6-Phosphatase
24. Accute pain but physician unable to locate its root cause - pshycogenic pain
25. True about eye - Darkness opens the ion channel

1. Body water composition - Total body water, ECF, ICF, IVF
2. Oral cavity
3. Male reproductive system
4. Left lung w blood supply
5. Typhoid & Cholera data give to calculate attack rate
6. Caecum and appendix
7. Embryology --> morula, zygote; derivation of inner cell mass & trophoblast
8. Madura foot & Candidiasis
9. Kaposi's Sarcoma on HIV patient
10. Types of Giant Cells and relevant infections : Touton, Langhan, Foreign body

11. Types of necrosis (refer to cell injury for the pictures)

12. Viruses --> Hep B, Rabies, Influenza and ????
13. Parasites --> Plasmodium malariae, clonorchis sinensis, eggs of helminths
14. Sulphur dioxide, Smoke and death rate in London -->2 national policies
15. Blood grouping
16. Genetics --> Punnett square (blood grouping)
17. Statistics --> Odd ratio, Degree of Freedom, Chi Square test
18. Heart and action potential <---****!!!!
19. T-cell dependent and independent (graphs & comparison)
20. PCR
21. Red infarct, white infarct (heart, spleen)