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It is Oneness that does

Wed Oct 02 2013

If a criminal kills someone, how would we explain our

action in putting him/her in jail, or executing
him/her, while we believe it is done by oneness?
In order to understand these seemingly complex
questions we have to reach some heart-felt knowing
of Oneness. Oneness is too vast for the individual
mind to comprehend, however we'll get a glimpse
when we start looking deeper into the unreality of
time and space.
We have a linear brain in order to survive and so we
see things from the perspective of change, motion,
events and thus time. Time is relative to motion as
Einstein has proven through his theory of relativity.
This means that although we experience linear time
yet in Reality there is only holographic essence.
Oneness also means that everything is One and
absolutely nothing is separate or could ever be. In
this Oneness we are all perfect and live in our True
Home (unconditional love, peace, joy, etc). This
raises another question -- are there two realities
then, linear and holographic?
The best explanation is given in 'A Course in Miracles'
when it says that our life script has already been
written. This means that everything that seems to
happen has already happened. The life script that
contains murder, suffering, pain, limitation etc is the
illusive and delusive linear time.
Einstein said that past, present and future occur
simultaneously and that, in itself, boggles our linear
individual mind. Again, this is something that is
recognized when spiritual awakening happens where

nothing is born and nothing dies because there never

was anything but Oneness (our true Home ).
It seems that we all have two life scripts already done
-- ego script containing karmic consequences of acts
and thoughts done in the past and are repeated due
to unresolved issues like unconscious guilt, fear of the
unknown, etc. We also have a Holographic script
where we are living in unconditional love and eternal
peace and joy.
When we start to forgive (see clearly the illusion of)
then our ego script begins to shift into our
holographic true essence where nothing has actually
happened but only seemed to happen.
Another way of looking at this is two-fold - either
through our egoic interpretation or Oneness
interpretation. If something drastic seems to happen
to us then we can forgive it by seeing that worry,
complaining, hatred, anger, revenge will not only NOT
WORK but exacerbate the situation because our
interpretation says, "This is awful and I must control
If, on the other hand, we see that what happens to us
is due to unresolved feelings of what we might have
done to others or to ourselves through our belief
system, then we can forgive it (give it forth to
Oneness) and thus avoid the karmic consequences of
such action.
When we forgive (give forth to Oneness) then
whatever was written in our life-script as 'painful' will
be transcended through the collapse of time and
space in our favor. I know that this is hard to believe
but this is fact and I know it beyond any doubt. This is
why waking up to our true nature can be so freeing
because we will see that we are guiltless, free,
innocent and whole.
The only rule and law in life is LOVE and anything that
you do with love, whether it is sex, affection, giving,

dancing, celebrating or enjoying is the freedom of our
true nature. While the ego script is filled with rules,
man-made laws, conditions and fears; our True
Oneness Holographic script is freedom, innocence,
guiltlessness and unconditional love.

Believe it or not, every human being suffers from a

Living Question until they wake up and find there
never was one. A question is a Quest (seeking) and the
seeking happens because there is the thought that we
are NOT complete.

In this holographic sense there is no 'wrong' in

anything because it is all acted through Oneness
known as love. When in our daily life we hang or kill a
murderer by law we are still perpetuating the same
karmic principles that will remain unresolved in our
psyche to be re-experienced in our life and to learn

This sense of incompletion is a subtle feeling of

inadequacy or discomfort or nagging lack in our
outlook, and yet, it is a deception of the ego
believing you are a human rather than BEING playing
the human role. You can learn to explore a question
by knowing certain facts (facts which are obvious).
Here are the facts:

The reason there are criminals, murderers, corrupt

politicians, selfish lawyers and vengeful police is
because they are carrying out unresolved unconscious
guilt. This cycle will keep repeating lifetime after
lifetime until we learn that we are Oneness and thus
spiritual perfect unconditional love.
We may experience many thousands of lives until we
discover there were no lives but Oneness doing
everything and bringing us Home.

1. Life is holographic and therefore

Oneness...there is no separation;
2. Time and space do not exist and this is shown
in Skyping someone in another far-off country;
3. There is only here and NOW!

Understanding subject
and object

How to inquire!

Tue Oct 06 2009

Wed Oct 02 2013

I received the following question over e-mail:

Many times at satsangs I have so many questions to

ask but fail to know how to phrase my questions. And,
when faced with a question I don't know how to
explore it and dig deeper into its source to find the
Truth of it. Do you know what I mean?
The human life is itself a Living Question. It is called
a 'Living Question' because it is forever in us and
experienced as a pebble in our shoe which we can
feel but can't remove. It is a feeling we are missing
something or somehow don't feel good enough.

Can you please clarify the dynamics of

subject and object and how they are one?
Thank you for that question because it is through the
understanding of subject/object and their oneness
that we awaken to what truly IS!
The best and simplest way to grasp their significance
is to look at yourself in the mirror. When you look in
the mirror all you see is an object. You see your body,
you also 'see' the self-image that you created in your
mind without realizing it and you embody all the

objects of mind such as thoughts, beliefs, opinions,
conclusions, past conditioning and the whole
personality structure including your name.
This is all objective because it is based on an image of
mind. It is the mind that creates these images and
becomes 'solid' to us. In other words, we make them
REAL (but are they?)
Then we look deeper and ask, "What made these
things possible? What makes it possible for me to look
at myself and say 'this is me?' "Who is this me?"
Through these questions we hit upon the subjective.
Now this is where we falter, shake and quibble
because the subjective is NOT an image. The
subjective cannot be described and cannot be
defined. If we did define the subjective then it
becomes objective. Do you see the point?
Therefore the subjective has to be given a name here
for the sake of grasping, somewhat, this extremely
intricate subject. So we call it 'pure awareness.' Pure
awareness means that the fact that you are aware of
being aware is the subjective factor. This awareness is
what makes you know that you exist. And the fact
that you know you think is the awareness of the
Yet this awareness is NOT a thought, not a concept
and definitely not an image. It is all comprehensive,
whole, without a border or limit. It defies explanation
and has no beginning or end, and yet, we know it is
real (and the only real thing) because it is through it
that we exist as human beings.
The moment you realize that your true nature is
awareness and there is no 'me' but only seems so
because of awareness, then we hit a bombshell that
might shake our foundation of the 'me' (ego) belief. If
this shakes you up enough to see the incredible
wonder and mystery of this vast intelligence known as
pure awareness, then we have reached a realization
of who we truly are.

It is this realization that we are pure awareness and

not separate individuals that liberates us and awakens
a peace and love that is beyond description. You are
NOT who you thought you were. You are this eternal
awareness that was never born and shall never die.
It is here, in living this truth that we see their
Oneness -- subject and object are one. The human
object appears real because of the subject Being.
Now human Being integrate and reach balance,
harmony and clarity known as spiritual awakening.

What do you mean that the body, world,

thoughts and emotions are not real?
The real is like the projector of the cinema on the
screen. The screen shows the stories and images of
life. These stories and images come out of the
projector. The projector is the cause.
The screen is the effect. Therefore, the projector is
the Cause of everything that is seen on the screen.
Similarly, consciousness projects the body, world,
thoughts and emotions. When the body, world,
thoughts and emotions are described as an illusion it
simply means they are an effect of a greater Cause.
The Cause is real and unchangeable while the effects
of it are relative and changeable. We experience
them but they are not as we interpret them. The
body that we have now has been recycled a few times
in this lifetime.
The world is the interpretation of our senses and the
thoughts and emotions are conditioned responses to
time. Therefore, beyond our stories of who we think
we are and what we have done lies the truth of our
The Being is the Cause and our body is the effect.
What is real does not change and is therefore our true
essence. Once we discover what is real and
unchanging then we have found peace, love, joy,

harmony, truth, beauty, glory and that which is
eternal and timeless.
It is this awakening to the changeless Truth that
makes us see clearly the illusion of the body, world,
thoughts and emotions. This awakening happens
through seeing what is abiding in us beyond time and
change. We start by LISTENING to our deeper silence
and thus find what is unchanging in us. It is through
this that we find meaning and fulfillment.
Sat Sep 19 2009

I received the following question over e-mail:

Do all the stresses, anxieties and fears

emerge from unconscious guilt?

Being intuitively knows of its natural Oneness with all

Life. When we forget about Being by emphasizing the
human then we start feeling a lack as if we are
missing something.
This belief in lack brings the feeling as if we are notgood-enough as we are and so long to improve and
become better. However, things never become better
because the nagging feeling of lack remains constant
until awakening happens.
Awakening does not happen from reading about
spirituality such subjects as kundalini, chakras,
reincarnation, karma and so forth. Spirituality means
Spirit. In fact, in spiritual awakening there is nothing
to know but 'to be.' It is all about Being the Truth we
already are. Being is allowing, trusting, open and sees
what is obvious. This 'seeing' also awakens innocence.

All known human emotional suffering emerges from

unconscious guilt. Please refer to my other blog also
under the heading "The Ways we seek."

The question arises, "What is the fastest way towards

this awakening?"

Unconscious guilt is the belief in wrong. It is the

strongest and most destructive belief in the human
being. Some religions call it 'original sin' or the 'fall of
man.' The most important thing to know about it is
this -- it is a belief and NOT Reality.

It is through quantum forgiveness. Forgiveness is foregiveness (giving forth). It is NOT a 'doing' but a 'seeing'
into the obvious. The paradox is this: true forgiveness
is seeing that there's nothing to forgive for the truth
is Oneness and no one is really guilty.

This belief is primordial, it stems from the

identification with the body as who we are and thus
the feeling of separation. This feeling of separation is
also the feeling that we are separate from Oneness.
Oneness is the one Truth and in glimpsing our natural
state of Oneness we get transformed. Transformation
means that we 'drop' the guilt and awaken love and
This 'unconscious guilt' is also known as ego. It is this
belief that has brought greed, fear, hatred and the
need for revenge. All wars are the result of this greed
for power and control propelled by guilt.
You are a human Being. The Being is innocent, open,
loving, peaceful and ever at peace with itself. The

The transforming power of

Fri Jul 24 2009

From the emails I get there seem to be two problems

about forgiveness.
First is the fear of forgiveness because of the ego's
need to retaliate or validate one's suffering. Second is
the mind's inability to understand how to forgive or
what is implied by it.

Before we get into the secret of forgiveness let's see
some of the transforming power of it. Forgiveness
actually collapses time in our favor so that any karmic
consequence due us such as an "accident" or painful
experience is bypassed.
Our lifetime script is already determined with its
"highs" and "lows" plus "accidents." This script is not
set in stone unless the human ignores forgiving then
what was determined happens in direct schedule.
To understand this karmic life there has to be the
mental grasp of what is called "Unconscious Guilt."
This unconscious guilt is a discomfort most people live
with believing it is the way life is. They go about life
feeling this inner discomfort and try to find either a
reason for it or try to get rid of it.
Nothing works because guilt is not something you can
put your finger on. It is like having a pebble in your
shoe and any attempt to remove it fails since you
can't find the pebble. So, you learn to live with it.

What is this unconscious guilt?

It is unconscious because it is deeply set within the
psyche. It is known as "guilt" because it carries with it
feelings of separation and the need to be important,
to be special or to stand out and be noticed. Within
its needs lies a feeling of "not being good enough"
combined with the subtle feeling that you are missing
something or lacking something. At times it even feels
as if you are "bad."
These feelings everyone has regardless of station in
life and it is unconscious so that it nags you without
knowing what it is.
What creates this unconscious guilt? The reason is
simple enough. From the time we are three years old
we start feeling and believing that we are our name
and body and thus, unconsciously, create the feeling
we are separate. We have totally forgotten that we
are One Being or Oneness itself.

And, it is this very estrangement from this fact that

allows the unconscious guilt to make its way into our
life. This guilt-feeling carries with it selfconsciousness, ego pretension, and the need for love (
power or approval.), the need to be heard, seen,
noticed and recognized. This need for egoic
psychological suffering of humanity.

What is ego?
It is the belief that you are a body and therefore
separate from others. Most people live a whole
lifetime believing they are this ego and never even
question it. Such people can never find true peace
and inner security and contentment.
Forgiveness helps us in two ways. two-fold. First it
keeps the guilty feeling out of the picture, and while
doing so, moves us closer to our true nature. Every
forgiveness of discomfort enhances our oneness
knowing. Forgiveness cuts through unconscious guilt
and its projection of karma like a laser beam.
It penetrates through all of your past lives and even
future lives, through the different dimensions of

How do we forgive?
First of all, you cannot forgive unless you know that
you are NOT an ego. Ego wants to hang on to pain and
hates to forgive. In fact, ego will want to retaliate,
seek revenge and get even in any way it can. Thus it
creates karma of a serious nature in one's life. Ego
belief is also written within your life-script. Thus the
script contains the tragedies, mishaps, accidents and
awful experiences that stem from the belief in ego.
So, one primary ingredient for forgiveness is knowing
who you are. It is not difficult if you pay close
attention to the following question.
Ask yourself right now, "Do you know yourself?" and
then pause for a moment before answering. This

pause will give you an opening to LISTEN through your
Good - now that you have asked it and paused for a
moment, what was your answer? Don't read further
until you have answered it.
The Heart replies: "You are the knower of your body,
senses and mind. You know that you have a body and
mind. However, this knower can never be known,
because you are it and there is nobody to know it. It
can never become an object of observation because it
is totality, wholeness, Oneness itself."
This is who you are - the knower! You are NOT the
body, senses,r mind nor thoughts and emotions. In
fact, these emotions, thoughts (mind) and body
appear only because there is "YOU". You are NOT an
ego but the knower.

override the pre-determined script by forgiving (what

you normally would not have forgiven) and thus
transcend the karmic consequences that might have
been due you.
In other words, forgiveness collapses time as we know
linear time. Time doesn't exist except in our linear
thinking. All physicists agree that past, present and
future happen simultaneously because we live in a
holographic universe. It is from this understanding
that forgiveness becomes a natural process.
If someone maligns us or takes advantage of our
position we see that we created that so-called
individual in our life script. By forgiving him or her we
rise above the consequences of such unforgiveness
and thus retain our peace and make the path free
from obstruction.

Pause and feel what you have just read because only
through this process can you grasp the power and
ease of forgiveness. And, forgiveness will take you all
the way Home. Every time you forgive your guilt, you
move one step closer to your true Home of Oneness.

Therefore seeing that this "other" created a "problem"

for you, you in turn see no problem only something
you created in your life script leading you toward
forgiveness. In other words, we learn by forgiving
both "others" and ourselves in seeing that there's
nothing to forgive.

Oneness is like peeling an onion. You might not notice

the depth of the peeling because it looks like the
same onion; however within every peel youll be
moving closer to the center called Home with each
peeling (forgiveness).

How did the self-enquiry

happen to you, Burt?

Understanding cause and effect

Sat Jul 04 2009

How do I forgive? You learn how forgiveness works as

you recognize that you are not an Effect of a major
Cause (Oneness); You are the Cause itself. It is you,
the Cause, that predetermined your life's script. It is
You who created the life you live. You cannot be an
Effect because then you'd be like a victim.

Someone e-mailed me:

Since most people feel that they are effects of the

Source (Cause) then they play victims in life and
bemoan their lot. Through forgiveness, seeing
expands and reveals (ever deepening) that you can

I have the astral experience regularly or rather, what people label astral but
it's not a spiritual or egoless experience
because I am still there just the same. I
am able to see my astral body which
looks like the stereotypical ghost. I've
noticed a lot of people have reported

this happening to them; the simplest

description is the body falls asleep but
the mind is still awake. Is this a symptom
of self enquiry? Did it ever happen to
you, Burt, when you were self enquiring?

If this article has helped you with your own

situation, please consider a donation. It is never
required, but always appreciated!

Self-enquiry was a slow process with me. Initially I

would inquire but nothing would happen or so I
thought. I persisted with the question "Who am I?" for
a long time. My persistence emerged from the
knowing that I AM more than the body.

When we recognize our true nature as Oneness then

we see that there is only BEING. This Being is all there
is. Ultimately there is no you or me but Oneness
appearing as you and me. If you have understood that
far then the rest is easy and simple to comprehend.

My insistence to experience something often resulted

in my falling asleep in the midst of this 'feeling it'
experience. Even though nothing happened for a few
years I didn't give it up but changed it with the
question, "What am I?"

Our 'job' on earth is to go Home to our Oneness (which

in truth we never left). However, since we believe we
are separate human beings because we miss
recognizing Spirit as Allness, then whenever we
transgress through ego identification (separation)
then we ask for forgiveness. Forgiveness means 'foregiveness' or giving forth into Spirit.

It wasn't until the year 2000 (many years later) that I

woke up to the realization that there was no answer
to the question "Who am I?" for, after all, who is going
to answer it? Where would an answer come from? It
occurred to me, after all that time, that it was the
very Silence and non-local being that was the answer.
Who I was, was timeless.
A moment of crystal-clarity occurred where I saw
myself as a human being - a Being playing the role of
Burt. It was so clear, so empathic and unmistakable
that I wondered how I could have missed something so
obvious. I didn't learn anything but at the same time
"I knew" everything there was to know about the
human and the Being and the interplay of duality in
life's journey.
It was SEEING the whole play where everything that
happened had never happened except in mind and
time was not linear but holographic. I understood
clearly Einstein's statement, "All that occurs happens
simultaneously" and there is no time and space as we
come to know it. It is all seeing clearly that it is all

You emphasize the power of forgiveness,

but who are we asking forgiveness from?

When we get 'caught in selfishness, fear, loneliness,

anxiety or even doubt, or any self-absorption (any
form of unhappiness), then we 'forgive-it' into its
Emptiness (Spirit, Oneness, Love). In fact, through
this incessant forgiving of our egoic thinking, we keep
emptying ourselves until there is no one and nothing
left to forgive and we have 'attained' our true Home.
Picture the following: there is the one ocean and you
appear as a wave on its surface. Being a wave you
forget you are the ocean and so start fearing that you
will drown into the vast ocean and disappear. This
fear exists only out of ignorance because you have
forgotten that you are the same water as the ocean in fact, the ocean itself.
This forgetting brings fear, isolation, loneliness,
deprivation, separation and all known suffering. So
what can you do? You can start by allowing yourself to
see that there is only the One Ocean. Whenever fear
arises then you forgive it by fore-giving it into the
ocean itself leaving yourself empty of it.

This emptying or 'fore-giving' will eventually make you
recognize that all you are is simply awareness (empty
of form). In this realization alone can you recognize
you have always been pure awareness (the vast
Eventually, when the ego has died because there is no
longer any feeling of separation (fear) then
forgiveness is redundant. You didn't ask for
forgiveness from anyone, you simply forgave the ego
that thought it was something real and separate.

I have heard so often about the mystery

of "I AM" - what is so mysterious about it?
Dear friend, if you do not see the mystery and the
wonder of "I AM" then it would be hard to appreciate
the miracle called "YOU." When you refer to yourself,
ordinarily, you refer to name and form such as "I am
John." However, this "I AM" prior to name and form is
everyone's "I AM." In fact, every living human being
says the same "I AM" except that they refer to their
ego instead of their true identity of "I AM." It was
Jesus who said that the great mystery is how Christ
lives in each heart. All 6 billion humans are the very
same "I AM" that you are! Can you see this incredible

now has already been lived and you are going through
the motions.
Holographic means that the smallest pattern is the
same as the biggest pattern. The smallest seed or
fragment contains the entire universe just as one
single cell of your body contains the whole image of
you physically. In fact it has been proven that one
single cell of your form can create a duplicate of it.
This mystery is beyond the mind but can be felt in the
awakened spirit. You are the timeless now that is not
locatable but seem to be localized in time and space.
This is the mystery. To 'yourself' you seem to be so
alive and real and yet so does everyone human being
on earth feel the same...and yet it is all ONE. Now
how can you understand this with your mind? Isn't this
a mystery? Yet all this is a fact, it is the truth and the
only Truth.

You, in truth, cannot die because you never existed.

How and why? - because you are "I AM" which is
Existence itself and never had a beginning. It was
never born.
Now the mind gets boggled through this until you
start 'seeing' with your heart that you are not a body
and name which Albert Einstein referred to as the
great optical delusion of mankind. You are a hologram
and not made in linear time from which your brain
functions. In other words, the creation of form was
the result of duality. Duality has to be in creation to
survive and linear time was born to create that
illusion. However the truth of you is holographic
which also means that the time you seem to be living

Is there a way to simplify

the spiritual journey?
Sun Jun 07 2009

The Spiritual life is about opening the heart to

unlearning our values, beliefs and conditioning. It is

not about learning something new but looking at what
is here-now as it actually is!
It is often a frustrating and confusing journey because
we have to undo all that we thought was real which
actually isn't! It is often followed with little annoying
shocks that what we held so dear and meaningful
suddenly is seen to be only our conditioned value
system. The meaning we give things have only the
meaning we gave them.
Think of it this way - imagine a gigantic ladder
reaching above the clouds. As you look up you can't
see the top as it is way far above you. This ladder
represents your journey step-by-step. You start as an
average consciousness on the first rung of the ladder.
This is where most people are at. In this first step you
are self-centred, self-absorbed and self-concerned.
You feel like the center of your world where only you
matters to you. It is like a little frog in her small
pond-world. You worry about your body because
you're totally identified with it. In fact you dont
question your world or your form-body and you take
them for granted. They are your belief system. You
are convinced that this is who you are. And, this is all
you can see and think. In fact, you hardly ever think
about anyone else without first thinking about you.
Chances are you stay in that first step for most of
your life.
If something starts to make you suffer unduly and
start asking, "What is it all about?" "What is this thing
called "my life?" and so on then you become a seeker.
A seeker is anyone who seeks a better and more
fulfilled life. So actually what drives you to seek is an
inner knowing that there has to be a better life than
the one you have.
In this seeking you start climbing without realizing
you are doing it. It is as if something takes over and
takes you up two or three steps up the ladder.
You look down and you see more than before. You see
more people around you. You see greater expanse of

space. Then something strikes you, "Hey, we are all

really alike apart from our looks!!" This is quite a
revelation that you are not different or separate as
you thought. We are all the same seeking to be
happy, loved, want to be special, need to feel wanted
and appreciated and so on. You also notice, because
of your greater and higher vantage point, how
everyone believes they are right. How everyone is an
ego with the same fears and hopes and desires.
You climb a little higher and you begin to see more of
this oneness oneness in our egoic needs and
oneness in our love needs. At this point you will begin
to see that even though everyone wants love (called
appreciation or need for approval) yet no one knows
what love really is. At this point we believe that love
is something we are going to get from someone else
or the world at large. Thus even though we see our
similarity yet we still cling to our different viewpoint
as best.
Now we climb higher still, and as we see more in our
higher climb we also start getting a little confused.
We can't help seeing that all the training we had and
conditioning in our religious and traditional
upbringing is coming up for questioning and it scares
us. We get scared because we had invested so much
of our energy learning about values that only have
meaning to us and not to others. So the frightening
question is at this point, "How real is everything I
have learned?" "How valuable is it to my life?" "Where
has it brought me if I am still not at peace in my
heart's core?"
We are now pulled so many ways from our familiar
conditioning, family values, national or traditional
training and beliefs. This is quite uncomfortable and
so confusion reigns. So, one part clings to what is
familiar and another part knows there's a higher
truth. Many people stop at this point and go no
further. In fact, many years go by before they start
climbing higher. It takes great motivation to go higher
than our conditioned belief system. Here is

skepticism, uncertainty, fear, doubt, confusion and
feeling torn between continuing and not.
Some of you go on despite your family's training
and/or objections and follow a different drummer.
Here you climb a few steps higher. This is where you
feel the pangs of catch-22 - damned if you go higher
and damned if you don't. You feel truly stuck between
a rock and a hard place. This is even more confusing
than before because here you are faced with the
inevitable truth which is - you are NOT who you
thought you were at all.
This is shaking the foundation of belief system that
you had invested so much time in. Yet, despite this
fear, you know at this point that the truth is not a
belief but something very real inside you. You still
dont know what that is, but yet know it exists.
This is the sink or swim point in your journey. You are
dangling in this midway point. You shudder to think of
taking the plunge into the unknown and yet also know
that theres no way out. The ego self has to be
Most people stay in this point called "stuckness" and
never get over this point as fear mounts with time.
Many live the rest of their life in this midpoint stage.
There are many spiritual "teachers" who are in this
midway point and haven't taken the plunge over the
edge. They know what's necessary and they can even
teach it but yet do not have the courage to leap.
Those very few who take the leap had questioned
every belief they held and saw it as nothing more
than just a concept. They have used an inquiry similar
to Bhagavan or Byron Katie or advanced Advaita
asking at every turn, "What is real?" and as they
sincerely investigated found nothing real. I remember
hearing Adjashanti covering this stage of realization
where he saw clearly that everything he experienced
began and ended and nothing was real.
The moment we see clearly that nothing, absolutely
nothing, in this world is real we discover something

very precious. The real was/is the one that saw the
unreality of everything. The changing personality and
self saw clearly that everything changed and
therefore eventually died and passed away but the
one who saw the change was changeless and in that
facing of everything as changeable and unreal, was
also the recognition of that which was unchanging and
real and lasting. This is the discovery of the eternal
infinite Self.
In summary it went like this
The focal point of "I" consciousness is similar to a tall
ladder. The steps start at the bottom and keep rising
to see more and more of the area until the top is
reached. This "I" consciousness arises from pure
awareness and initially is experienced as "me" as
separate from you. This "me" is known as the suffering
ego beset with the need for control and conscious of
limitation. It identifies fully with the body and its
past and thus suffers automatically from unconscious
guilt in the present and fear of the future. This
viewpoint is the asleep state of the separate "me."
As the psychological suffering reaches a point of
seeking to find what is more in life, there is a higher
aspect of the "I" that also gets bogged down with
confusion, frustration and unceasing questions. These
questions help in ascending the ladder and seeing
There comes a point in the ascension of the ladder
where the viewpoint gets stuck due to fear of the
vaster realm awaiting it. This is the "stuck" point
many seekers find themselves in. This "stuckness"
usually lasts several years to a whole lifetime unless
there is the love of truth that is stronger than its fear
of ego annihilation.
Most seekers gets stuck in the midway point of the
ladder called catch-22 - feel damned if I do go on and
damned if I don't. This is the sink or swim stage that
all awakened beings have gone through. This is the
crucial process where the personal "I" is beginning to

see that it is really universal Oneness. It is extremely
fearful and threatening to give up what has been
familiar for so many lifetimes. If a breakthrough
occurs then we reach close to the top and our
viewpoint goes from EFFECT VIEWPOINT to CAUSE
VIEWPOINT. We are now quite aware that our "me"
had never existed but was always the "I" of Oneness.
This focal point of "I" is never lost but reaches such a
height of Oneness-expression that reincarnation is no
longer required.
And here is the great paradox as we peer from the
top ladder looking down we see clearly that
nothing ever happened and the ladder was always the
same one except that now we are looking from a
greater vantage point of view. The film of life had
already been finished and we are replaying it. We
have the choice to see it from this higher view
instead of the "effect-view." We have not changed and
life goes on the same way but without the fears,
questions and linear time consciousness. We have
reached inner peace.
T.S. Eliot wrote, "We shall not cease from exploration.
At the end of all our exploring we shall arrive at
where we started and KNOW that place for the first

Why do I make everything

so real?
Sun May 10 2009

Until we get to know our true Source Being then we

unconsciously believe and make real everything that
happens to us. It is like having your shadow chasing
you and you run away from it only to have it chase
you as well. One day after exhaustive running and

escaping this shadow you realize fully, "It is not real

but a shadow cast by my body!" then you are free of
it even though the shadow remains. You are free
because it has lost is power over you. In other words,
you have stopped making it real. Similarly with
thoughts and emotions. The moment you see them as
they actually are, just thoughts and emotions, then
you are free.

The psychology I have studied had to do

with the human mind. It had to do with
the 'becoming-process' and now, after
years of study and training, I come
across 'Being' as its opposite. I am
confused. Can you clarify Being for me?
As you already know we are a human being. This is an
undeniable fact. However, what is hardly ever known
is that the human is opposite Being. Being is when
'you BE!' You are in your Being when you are relaxed,
happy, unself-conscious, clear, simple, innocent,
without an agenda or time-consciousness. This is your
natural state when you are happy, contented and fully
Since we live in a world of 'becoming' then we strive
for success, power, accomplishment and even for
happiness through the world of form. This, inevitably,
brings dissatisfaction, inner emptiness as if something
is missing and so we become addicted to anything
that offers us a momentary respite from our egoic
strivings. This temporarily fulfilment then becomes an
addiction whether it is cigarette smoking, coffee
drinking, drugs, alcohol, sex, pornography, pleasure
seeking or simply TV watching and incessant negative
thinking. Why negative thinking when it is not a
pleasure? Negative thinking is fear of not getting what
we want, even though we don't really know what we
truly want.
What we all want is Being but as yet are not aware of
this simple fact. It is only through Being that we

experience inner joy, fulfilment and our true nature.
How can we ever know peace unless we know who we
are? Yet Being is not an object. Being is simply BEING
-- an allowing, a letting-go of mental seeking, a
relaxation with what-is, an openness of heart.

You have sent out several hundred

booklets on 'seeing the obvious truth'
and the response was that many
experienced shifts in consciousness
through it. I read it but it didn't bring
any shifts. Why is that, am I different?
You are not different than most, in fact, most people
miss the obvious truth. What is meant by the 'obvious
truth' is that it is closer than our own breath. Most
people are blind to what is in front of them. The
reason for this 'blindness' is four-fold.
First reason is our religious upbringing. When we are
subjected from a very young age with certain dogma
and beliefs, these go into our subconscious and start
to dictate how we see life. Our viewpoint becomes so
narrow that we couldn't see past it. For example, I
was brought up in a religion that instilled in me the
belief in sin, lasting punishment in hell if I died in
mortal sin, belief in the devil, separation from other
religions plus the unworthiness of our soul. This
brought guilt and shame. Later, after conducting
hypnotherapy for several years I became immensely
aware how this dogma created most of the emotional
dysfunction in my clients. Religious upbringing creates
separation due to diverse beliefs and destroys any
possibility of realizing our Oneness of Being.
Second, An unconscious fear of facing life without ego
control. We find it extremely hard to see how ego has
no control over our life at all. Then our unconscious
becomes afraid of having to give up control believing
that we had control. True control is in Being but it is
too subtle and vague for the mind to even look at it.

Third, the need for escape is extremely compelling

and so keep putting off from looking at what is
obvious. We will do anything to escape from facing
our reality. We keep putting off from looking at what
is here and now just as it actually is. We can't handle
it despite its simplicity even though it will give us
freedom, love and joy in living. We'll automatically
come up with excuses NOT to look at what is real
here and now.
Fourth, we live in a world of emphasized left-brain
activity. Life gave us two different hemispheres with
totally opposite functions. The left side dealt with
survival, linear thinking and material consciousness.
The right side dealt with imagination, visualization
and musical appreciation. When we integrated both
then our life became balanced. When we ask
ourselves a question like, "Who am I?" the left brain
would immediately jump to memory details such as, "I
am John and I am a businessman..." and it fails to see
that here-now has nothing to do with name and form
but just the moment itself. Faced with the moment
itself, our mind scrambles for something to hold onto
rather than face our pure aware state.
Now the question arises, "If I have all the above isn't
there a chance to see what is obvious and awaken
spiritually?" The reply is a very positive 'yes.' We were
never meant to be victims of our conditioning unless
we allowed it. Through insight into our conditioned
mind and the courage to SEE what-is at the moment
can bring inner freedom right here and now.
Next question is, "What are the obvious facts that will
awaken our consciousness?"
They are three facts and are as obvious as the nose in
your head if we look with sincerity and openheartedness despite our conditioning. These three
will answer every question and problem in life and
will bring inner freedom and peace. They are:

1. You know you exist. This knowing is not a memory
but the awareness recognizing itself. Our pure
awareness is 'knowing' of the truth.
2. You exist, and you only exist NOW! This is a big one
(you can request an article based on it). This alone
will answer every question on relationships, life,
work, sex, ageing, death and so forth. The realization
of this obvious fact is unlimited in its scope.
3. You don't know who you are when you ask, "Who
am I?" This alone should you convince you that you are
not an ego. How can you have an ego when you don't
know who you are?

I have been following your video clips

and your booklets on your website. Could
you please clarify what you mean when
you say - "You have to go through the
human before the Being awakens." Could
you make it simpler for me to
Thank you for your question. 'Going through the
human-part of us is immensely important for spiritual
awakening.' In simpler terms let's say the following...
You are a human being. The human and the Being are
dualistic, that is, they are opposites. The human-part
is what we become familiar with since it is comprised
of survival instincts and adaptation. The human is a
'becoming-process' whereas the Being 'just IS! In our
unawareness of the Being-part of us (which is love,
happiness, meaning, peace, joy etc)we start feeling
as if something is missing. It is often that we feel
empty inside and believe that something is wrong or
we are not good-enough.
These feelings are the direct signal that we are really
missing the Being but do not know it. Thus we start
believing there is something wrong with us and start

seeking for answers 'out there' in the world. This

seeking creates a paradox because we can never find
the Being we are seeking. It is already who we are.
However, it is like a veil placed in front of our eyes,
we are spiritually blind. We do not see the Being
simply because it is the Being that sees in the first
place but we are NOT aware of this simplicity.
The reason we do not see what is obvious is because
we are trying to see the eyes that do the seeing. It is
like kissing your own lips. So our search leads to
frustration, loneliness, even depression, deep inner
emptiness and often desperation.
Yet our seeking of our true nature, which we believe
is a lack we are having, is really seeking ourselves;
our very Being. So our first step, to repeat, is go
through the human (which we are familiar with) and
see how what we want most is already within us in
the BEING itself. In fact, we are a Being playing the
human role. How do we go through the human? Do the
following steps:
1. The human is always seeking but it never truly
finds what it wants because it is seeking itself
believing it is somewhere outside. So your first step is
to quiet the mind and start looking at this obvious
dilemma. Sit still and take a deep breath. Relax with
the exhalation of the slow breath. Start listening to
all the sounds around you with eyes closed. Be
detached in the listening so that you are not judging
what you hear. After a few minutes ask yourself, "Are
the sounds coming from outside me?" pause and listen
to the obvious.
Then ask again, "Are they coming from inside me?"
pause and listen to the obvious. Ask once more, "Or
are they both inside and outside at the same time?"
and as you explore how everything is both inside and
outside, you'll begin to see that there is no outside
nor inside but just consciousness.
2. Next recall the last 'suffering' experience you had
such as emotional hurt, crashed self-image,

depression, anger, negative reaction or even a panic
attack. Allow yourself to listen to that sensation as
you listened to the sounds. Do not get into the story
of it... just the physical sensations alone.
3. Finally, relax into the sensations in the body until
they become neutralized. Relax into them by slow
relaxed breathing into the feeling. Then say to the
feeling in your body, "Forgive me for rejecting you. I
love you." and if you follow this with sincere feeling
you have taken a giant leap to healing and eventual
awakening of your beautiful Being, which is always

This 'now' that we take for granted is filled with

enough spiritual stimuli to awaken you many times
over. Let us start with the power of mind that created
this world (of which we use only about 5%). What we
call mind is a vast field of intelligence that extends
far beyond the reaches of the cosmos. We make 'our
mind' as the localized form in our head when in truth
it is non-local and can't be confined to one location.
This 'mind' is triggered and guided by an even greater
intelligence known as the witness or pure awareness.
This awareness is known as Presence.

Remember, that in Reality there is only NOW. NOW is

always fresh, alive, pure and new. If you discover
this, you have discovered the Being you have sought
all your life.

You say that 'now' leaves you flat and that there must
be something more than 'now.' Take a moment right
now and really look if anything can happen outside of
now? This 'now' that you call flat is eternal, neverending and what's more, it never begun! The
realization of NOW boggles the mind because it will
help us recognize that time and space are relative
terms for the limited daily mind to survive.

You talk about the 'Now' as if it was

something exciting. I find it flat. Surely
there must be something more than

If you can, in total honesty, examine and inquire into

this 'now' that you believe is flat, you'll be met with
endless wonders and miracles that you had missed.
Just think of it -- there is nothing else but NOW!! The
material world we take to be so real and solid is just
a play of our senses but in reality it is but an
appearance of this NOW-cosmic energy.

You say that 'now' is not exciting and it leaves you

flat! This is like saying that surfing on a huge wave is
flat. Did you know that our senses take in less than
one billionth of the stimuli available to us? When we
say that 'now' is flat, we are merely projecting our
mental viewpoint that has become stifled by the
lower forms of thoughts and has created the opposite
of what is real. We have actually created an
individual reality, which is a total illusion, and blinded
us to what is truly around us.

One moment's realization of this power of now is

enough to help you rise above all psychological fears
such as fear of death, old age or terminal illness. It
will help you see that what you thought was limited
and mundane is a whole new world of glory far
beyond our imagination.