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Oregon School District


Position Title: Special Education Educational Assistant

Department/Location: School
Reports To: EEN Teachers, Teachers, Principal and Director of
Special Education
Employees Supervised: None
Interrelationships: This position has continual contact with students,
teachers, therapists and other staff.

Position Summary:
The Special Education Educational Assistant provides instructional and clerical support to
teachers and exceptional educational needs (EEN) students.

Position Duties:
Special Education Educational Assistant duties will vary considerably based on the age and
special needs students being served. Special Education students may be learning disabled (LD),
emotionally disturbed (ED), cognitively disabled (CD), orthopedically impaired or have multiple
categories of needs (MC). Each essential job function described below is within the scope of
Special Education Educational Assistant duties with actual job assignments depending on the
work that needs to be done at a given time or location.

Essential Job Functions:

1. Provide classroom support to teachers and special needs students. Examples of tasks
include: working with students in small groups or one-on-one to teach and reinforce
academic and life skills; tutoring individual students; encouraging completion of tasks,
independent skills and cooperative work and play; knowing the abilities and disabilities
of each student and how their special needs affects them and their learning; using
different ways of teaching a concept in order to find what works best with a particular
student; using adaptive devices particular to a student’s needs; teaching basic concepts;
re-teaching and using repetition to reinforce learning; providing consistency and
continuity in expectations; and practicing skills.

2. Perform clerical and related support tasks to complete projects and prepare classroom
materials. Examples include: homework and behavior logs; typing; photocopying;
preparing mailings; making files; data entry; organizing materials; prioritizing daily
work; typing, EEN records including IEPs, evaluations and other district and DPI
required reports and records; creating worksheets and study materials; correspondence;
laminating materials; and recording student’s progress and behaviors.

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3. Assist with supervision of students to provide a safe environment in which learning can
take place. Examples of tasks include: intervene and resolve student behaviors such as
aggression, tantrums and verbal/physical abuse; model behaviors which may otherwise
be taken for granted; administer rewards/consequences as a result of behaviors; provide
consistency and continuity in behavioral expectations; supervise cafeteria lunch;
supervise recess/playground activities (monitor behaviors, watch for safety concerns,
involve health office if a student is injured); participate on class trips; monitor classroom
in teacher’s absence; attendance information/contact parents as requested.

4. Additional duties may include: assist in training of new or substitute employees; provide
backup coverage for other Special Education EAs; errands; and assist with school-wide

1. Education: minimum of a high school education, additional education/related experience
to meet DPI certification requirements is required. First Aid and CPR training.
Participate in district sponsored training.

2. Experience: Prior experience with special needs children is highly desired. Basic
computer knowledge and office or clerical training/experience is helpful.

Personal Attributes Required:

Must be able to communicate with severely disabled students. Must understand the safety
concerns particular to students with special needs. Must be organized and be able to work with
nominal direct supervision. Must be patient, understanding and caring in interacting with
students and their families. Must be able to maintain order. Must have good written and verbal
communication skills. Must demonstrate the ability to establish and maintain exemplary
relationships by using appropriate interpersonal skills. Must be able to maintain self-control
during stressful situations without exhibiting negative behaviors. Must be able to interact with
others to accomplish tasks without arousing hostility. Must have knowledge of good grammar,
spelling, punctuation and basic math abilities.

Essential Physical / Mental Requirements:

1. Must be able to sit/stand/bend and walk for prolonged periods, with or without back

2. Must be able to perform physical work, occasionally lifting more than 50 pounds
without assistance in an indoor setting.

3. Must be able to communicate effectively to provide information, assistance and


4. Must be able to move throughout the building.

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5. Must be able to reach in all directions and bend/stoop to assist students, use classroom or
office equipment.

6. Must have dexterity and hand/eye coordination necessary to operate the equipment used
in the job, including computer keyboard.

7. Hearing activity requires the ability to participate in numerous conversations throughout

the day.

8. Must be able to complete job duties in an environment where some background noise and
frequent interruptions are the norm.

9. Must have the ability to maintain concentration and focus on tasks requiring close
observation and the ability to respond quickly.

The above statements are intended to describe the general nature and level of work being performed by the person
assigned to this position. Essential job functions are intended to describe those functions that are primary to the
performance of this job, and other job duties include those that are considered secondary to the overall purpose of
this job.

This job description does not state or imply that the above are the only duties and responsibilities assigned to this
position. Employees holding this position will be required to perform any other job-related duties as requested by
management. All requirements are subject to possible modification to reasonably accommodate individuals with
a disability.

Originated May 11, 1998

Revision date:

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