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Rossz eljelekbl akadt gy is pp elg morfondrozott fllomban. Igaza volt az desanyjnak.

Esett mr hasonl kelepcbe is,

igazn hihetett volna neki.
Egy lehetetlen betegsg, egy megfkezhetetlen jrvny. Persze nem az dolguk volt, hogy a termszetes szelekciba beleszljanak,
hiszen a trvny az trvny. Mg ha az let is, s sehol sem rtk meg. rsra klnben is csak az apr npeknek van szksgk! Egy szval
figyelmen kvl hagytk a dolgot. Nem akartak belefolyni egy jabb hborba. Mg akkor sem, amikor Arthas herceg meglte az apjt, II.
Therenas-t. Mg akkor sem, amikor a kpnyegforgat bednttte Silvermoon kapuit, hogy a Sunwell vizt jghidegre vltoztassa. Amikor
Dalaran elbukott s megidztk Azerothra az eredart, mr tbben nyugtalankodni kezdtek a fajtjbl. De mg a vgs tkzetre sem
rkeztek meg.
De persze utlag brmely bolond r tud mutatni a trtnelem nagy hibira. A kulcssz a reakci amire nem volt idejk, mert eszk
gban sem volt rsznni.
Taln tl fiatal volt mg, gyermek, naiv s idealista. Taln ez vitte arra, hogy mindig a maga feje utn menjen, s ne hallgasson a nla
regebbekre, a korok alatt felhalmozdott blcsessgre. k legalbbis gy gondoltk, s hiba bizonygatta az igazt, hiba toporzkolt, nem
vettk komolyan. Ha tudjk, mit csinl valjban, lehet mg eretneknek is blyegeztk volna. Egy azonban biztos lehetett akrmilyen
tapasztalatlan, lmodoz poronty, egy dolgot nem szenvedhetett. A ttlensget.
lmban sokkal jobban kijtt a fajtrsaival, mint az titrsaival. Persze a pesszimista nje folyton ott duruzsolt a flbe: csak nem volt
idnk kiismerni egymst. Akrmennyire is fiatalnak s hirtelennek szmtott az vi krben, kptelen volt egy ember, vagy akr egy elf
lptkvel nzni a vilgot. Napok, vek, vtizedek? Mindezek rthetek (hiszen utnanzett e fogalmaknak, amg felkszlt), m teljesen
semmitmondak voltak a szmra.
Mindenesetre felettbb rdekesnek tartotta a legtbbjket. Egy elf, akinek az otthon nem az a hely, ahol lomra hajtja a fejt. Egy
morzus lovag s egy rgi ismers, akik hamvaikbl tmadtak fel egy utols kldets erejig. Egy varzsln, aki tllte a mgushajsza
borzalmait, s mgis inkbb menten, ami menthet. Zsoldosok, futrok, feldertk, kereskedk szveszejt kavalkd, s senki sem ismerte
a msikat,


Thin, milky light from a crescent moon. Tumbling snowflakes in the midnight air. A musing woman sitting on a sculpted windowsill, glaring
through the rimy glass. Icicles hanging from the eaves trough. Deep shades were frozen on her face, she sat motionless. There was a fire
behind her in the library hall. They were burning books, for there was scarcely anything flammable in the ruin. She was glaring at those dead
topiaries, overgrown and monstrous in the abandoned garden sprawled around the castle. Itd been two days since they had chosen the place
for shelter. Two days with hardly anything to eat and melted snow to drink.
It was going to be a cruel, long winter, she thought.
She kept staring out at the garden paths buried in the snow; the shattered skeletons of greenhouses, the fallen turrets and battlements. She
imagined a ghost out there; a ghost of a friend of her father.
He haunts. How... appropriate
She spoke out so abruptly, she scared the young man sitting by the camp fire. He drew his sword, stepped up to her infuriated and
checked her wrists. The shackles hed bound her were gone without a trace. He swore in a low voice, kept the woman at swords point all the
while. The infamous Grinning Ginny - she was a dangerous woman.
How can you free yourself all the time?! he demanded.
.......... she grinned.
Youd like to know, huh lad?
Do you have to keep unbinding yourself and lurking around? Its not like you can escape from me. Not until the snowstorm is over...
You heard what the big guy said he pointed with a thumb over his shoulder at the massive shadow curled up around the fire. Neither of them
seemed to be taken aback by the presence of the legendary monster. He wont hazard flying in the storm again.
Yeah, I heard what Mr. Dragon said.
Then why? You have no chance...
Dunno. Because it pisses you off?
Aargh he pulled out another set of heavy shackles from somewhere and began clasping them on his bountys wrists. She didnt resist,
she even held her arms up for him with full confidence and a mocking smile on her face.
Believe what you will. Suffice to say Im not eager to play bondage with anyone who claims to be a bounty hunter. I have outsmarted
men far more skilled and crafty than you are, you wannabe. If it wasnt for our companions, youd be deader than the dead thing.
Thats just an empty threat.
She shrugged. Wanna bet your life on that, lad?
Do you have to keep calling me that? Youre not that older than me. Lass
Im no lass, Im half elven. I could be your grandmother.
Should I call you granny then?
She frowned. No. I still have feminine dignity, you ass.
So how do you do what you do? he cut in to change the course of speech, but to no avail. That escaping thing of yours he
elaborated. Still no answer only hurt silence on Grinning Ginnys behalf. Will I have to bind your ankles too? Or undress you completely so
that you wont be able to hide any of your thieves tools on you?
Still, Id have certain hiding holes left to... use. The young man never knew the word use can come so dirty from a womans mouth.
Would you search them too, you indomitable mangod of a bounty hunter...? she asked with her voice flirtatiously deep and low and she
drew herself alluringly close to the young man. His face turned dark red, his neck stiffened. He hated when she turned succubus on him he
couldnt sleep lying on his stomach the whole night after each of these scenarios.
She laughed a dreary laugh, and left the young man to boil in a rush of teenage sexuality. She sat back onto the windowsill somewhat
gracefully, like a lady of the court, her chained hands in her lap. Her act was somewhat ruined by the fact that in the Kingdom of Alterac
there was no royal court anymore: the country was in a state of sanctioned corruption and anarchy, and the seat of the king was occupied by
the ogre warlord, ThanGorodrim. Dark thoughts crossed the young mans mind as he watched his prisoner.
Common red, tousled hair, sooty fair skin and a few unsymmetrical freckles speckling her nose.
Grinning Ginny, he mouthed the name inaudibly.
The one and only, the biggest game out there to catch with an insane one thousand gold piece bounty on her head, offered by his majesty,
the Crown Prince Aidan Perenolde. Aidan was the loathed heir to the throne of Alterac, backed up by the all-powerful crime organization, the
She was a special kind of outlaw, a nonconformist a waylay, a ruffian, an idol of the rebellious Alterac Boyz and the poor people of
Alterac. Someone who claimed stealing from the rich, giving it to the poor and she was hated for it by the high society. The young bounty
hunter wouldve believed in her if he was an idealist, not a survivor. He could discern grey from a darker shade of grey though. The
distinction was clear between the greedy and chaotic acts of this famed rogue, and the unforgivable crimes against humanity committed by

the Syndicate. Still, however. That one thousand gold pieces... Call me a lowly human being, but thats something youd sell a girl for.
Especially a shady little cutthroat like her. Even so, considering her uncanny abilities, shed escape them too.
He reclaimed his place by the fire, by the clawed paw of the slumbering red dragon, Faustrasz and began poking the blazing tomes
again. He soon became bored with it, pushed his back against Fausts body. It radiated warmth.
So what was it you were saying? he asked nonchalantly.
What what? she asked back, coolly unconcerned, even more so than he pretended to be. Her laid-back attitude was a pain in the ass.
Hed already decided that after their first rushed conversation back in the ogre camp. That wasnt an easy skirmish; it was sheer luck he lived
to tell. But all the while he managed to take her prisoner. So, she shouldnt be acting like the boss.
That thing. About some haunting.
Aaww, that.
Well, youd know what I meant if you were reading books instead of burning them.
Well, pardon me he interrupted clearly angered, imitating Ginnys style in a singsong voice. My bad I want to keep your pretty
behind from freezing over.
So you think my behinds pretty?
I mean ~ I...
Ive always thought my behind was rather fat...
Its a trap... the boy buried his face in his palm.
... but its still tiny compared to Mr. Dragons bottom I guess...
... youre impossible.
You really think so, do you? She clasped her hands in girlish delight. You shouldnt bombard a lady with endless flattering.
Argh he groaned. What kind of girl calls herself a lady anyway?!
A princess, la-lala-lala she giggled. He grumbled. By the way, this library seems well equipped. There should be a copy of that allfamous book somewhere here...
She moved suddenly. It was unexpected, flowing, and unearthly as if the shadows were reluctant to let her go. The young bounty hunter
felt intimidated by the slightly sorcerous presence she emitted. She caught his glare, looked smug. His fright quickly turned into irritation. He
crossed his arms and mumbled.
She moved with a dancers finesse and fake girlish glee, skimmed through the thousands of damaged books left on the shelves as if
darkness was nothing.
Thats an elf for you, alright he growled to himself.
The library was great. It was the only place in the entire castle Faust could fit in bearing his true form without ruining anything in
particular. He expressed this wish right as they landed on the balcony two days ago. He was very refined considering his being a dragon. His
attitude didnt change a bit for the fact that the whole building was a ruin; it bore the remnants of some earlier catastrophe. It was the same
with this hall the walls, the multilevel bookcases were dirty of smoke-stain, and adorned by great and leaping dog-tongues of black soot.
The mosaic floor showed signs of ritual markings, like many other rooms in the castle. The others agreed that whatever their purpose was,
the magic circles were used to concentrate energy underground, for a supposedly botched ceremony. It wasnt easy to swallow that even a
scoundrel like this Grinning Ginny character knew more about taumathurgy than he did. He had difficulties resisting bitching about it.
He was called Sour Edward Tollet for a good reason after all.
.......... time passed by, but then:
There you go!
Out of the blue, she threw a book at him.
He barely caught it.
Heeeey!! You shouldnt throw heavy stuff at people like this! It could be dangerous!
I aimed for your head so that you wont get any lamer than you already are.
She approached the fire, crouched down at the edge of lightness and dark. Ed was glad he heard the reassuring clink of heavy metal as
she placed her elbows on her knees. He hoped she hadnt found anything to kill him with.
I took the trouble of looking it up for you, and you cant even manage to utter a thank you very much?! Uncourteous men like you
should just roll over and die.
He felt defeated.
Okay-okay, Im very sorry! And thanks a lot, yeah, just stop picking on me!

I cant. Thats the purpose of my life.

Since when?!
Ive just dedicated myself to it.
Argh. Thats a woman for you... he glanced at the book cover. It said:

Whats this, a kindergarten book? he asked.

Its an adventure novel, you silly little boy. It used to be very popular when I was a girl her thoughts drifted off to memories. Dad
sometimes read it for me and my younger brother. In his last days, he had a lot of time to spare.
Aaww, sho shweet Sour Ed said in baby talk.
Maybe I should do the same for you.
Do what?!
Well, read that thing for you of course! You can put your head on my lap too, its warm and cozy there.
Just how young do you think I am?!
Dunno. Five, maybe? Its hard to tell with you humans.
Your destruction shall be utter and your damnation long, she-demon.
So be it, toddler she said clearly offended by something he said. Women!!!
Sour Ed grinded his teeth as he watched the rogue push herself standing and fade into the darkness behind her. He didnt even care
where she went, what magic she used or if she freed herself again from the shackles. Its not like he could find her if she didnt want to be
found. And its not like there was anywhere she could go, or anyone she could reach out for help. It was the three of them against the world.
It feels kind of... reassuring. Like this, at least you know where your enemies stand.
He thought about himself, about his companions. Past and present ones, living and dead too. He thought long, he thought some
unnecessary things. Then, he thought some infuriating things. All the while, he stared into the fire, then at the book on his lap respectively.
For one, there was a flame-blooded, man-eating monster Faustrasz. The dragon somehow jumped straight out of myths and folklore
into his life. Sometimes his father told him about the Second War, about Grim Batol, where the Horde made the Red Dragonflight fight the
Alliance, to bring fiery destruction to Azeroth.
Then a spirited girl; easy to fall for, but not worthy of dying for. Not now, not for him. She was supposed to be a folk hero, hope with
capital letters. Reality proved to be somewhat disappointing, as always. As a boy he used to dream about joining the Alterac Boyz to help
change the wretched kingdom of Alterac. Then he grew up. Or at least aged a few years.
Well yes, there was him too, to add his share to this unlikely company. A no-good soldier of fortune, betrayed by his leader, Garrone and
now driven by some insane sense of justice and purpose. It was like when he tried to walk in his fathers boots as a child. He couldnt escape
the feeling that he was the odd one out. That he was only fumbling about.
He sighed, stroked the ornate leather book cover with numbed hands. He couldnt figure out why that woman pushed the novel into his
face, he couldnt guess the connection if there was any to be found. But maybe the memory of a dwarf, lean, wiry and unattractive by
dwarven standards came to his minds eye. In fact Thousand looked like an old human about 5 feet tall; serious and sympathetic and heroic in
retrospect too. He sacrificed his life to help them escape from the ogre encampment on the back of Faust. It was kind of epic and sad too; he
knew he, Ed shouldve died in his place. For a time after the flight he blamed himself for Thousands death he thought that somehow if he,
the unskilled and unworthy one had died back then, the dwarf would have been able to get out of it alive. He couldve been of real use to the
cause; there was something about him nobody else had in the entire company except for that towering elf, that Crisis.
Sure, Thousand was an enigma, not the typical dwarf youd expect stumbling into, well, anywhere in the whole wide world. But... Hell if
I know. He opened the book, turned the first few pages. It was printed, which was good, because he was no master of his letters. Yet. It read
as follows:

Lady Ginevre Perenolde, Crow Princess and Heiress to the throne, also known as Grinning Ginny, the rogue
Keserg Ed (Edward) Tollet
Durin Thousand Quatermain
the twilight world of occultists
cloak-and-dagger external affairs (Luthio von Lowencourt)
your bickering woke me up

if you dont like elves, why do you keep changing into one?
i find this form... aesthetically... pleasing.

"Enough with the serious discussion. Let's keep talking about underwear"

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