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2007 Volume 1. Issue 5 - FREE

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Editor’s Letter

Volume 1 - Issue 05

Sean Fitzgerald

Jenny Lui
Look to the future fellow GOMAD comrades because
DESIGNERS the end of the year is here. School is out and the
Hayoung Lee holidays are in. It’s time to throw away the textbooks
Catherine Logan and pick up a copy of GOMAD Mag, you’ll be so glad
Alex Lui you did!

MARKETING AND ADVERTISING Kick back, relax, and open up your GOMAD Mag and
Moses Chikazaza flashback to the 80’s. Most of you would still be in
Mr Garro nappies but for those who were eating solids, we have
Tino “Trigga” Gaka 21 sure fire ways to tell if you grew up in the 80’s. You
can also belt out a tune and sing-a-long to a political
CONTRIBUTORS but tuneful song about our PM Kevin Rudd’s night in
Rebekha Carter Scores Nightclub. If that doesn’t tickle your fancy, why
Scott Ferris not ponder the possibilities of Proposition 777 – The
Mathiew Grant temporary extermination of man or get some tips on
Tristen McAndrews how to deal with a hangover, which is quite handy
Daniel Viles after a messy night on the town.
We are looking forward to a fresh year and anticipate
GOMAD Media outrageously mad things for GOMAD. Until then, take
Griffith University care young mad ones and make it massive for 2008.
Level 1 Community Centre, N661.31
Nathan Campus Till the next issue…
170 Kessels Road
Nathan QLD 4111
Jenny Lui
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Fax: (07) 3735 4262
Email: gomad.media@gmail.com Let me know your thoughts on GOMAD
Web: www.gomadmagazine.com.au Magazine, email gomad.mag@gmail.com

The views expressed in GOMAD Magazine are those of the contributors and not necessarily shared by the
magazine and its staff. All content appearing in GOMAD Magazine is subject to copyright and may not be
reproduced without written consent from copyright owners.
26 GOMAD magazine

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08 Event Calendar 14 Design GOMAD’s Front Cover

What’s going on around Brisbane? Go mad and create the next cover for GOMAD

09 Sing-A-Long
Remember the controversy about Kevin 15 Trender Benders
Rudd and his Visit to Scores Nightclub. Well The styles and thoughts of some very mad cats
now you can get your groove on and sing-a-
long to ‘Kevin’s Night in Scores’
17 Red VIP Card Club Review
10 Flashback: The 80’s Red VIP Card Reviews Hypnotiq @ Cesar’s
21 ways to identify if you grew up in the 80’s

18 People You Know

11 Hypothetical
Do you work with a stinker?
Proposition 777: The temporary
extermination of man
19 Whose Mad?
12 TR3ND Who got loco and WON the MAD bomb?
We get the low down on Wii

13 Smashin’ Fashion 20 Health

The Duck’s Nuts or the Dog’s Bog How to deal with hangovers


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Friday, 21 December 2007 3:37:01 PM
Event Calendar
Dec - Jan Dec 9 Kate Miller-Heidke
Venue: The Tivoli
Entry: Standing $26, Seating $32.60

Dec 11
Contact: www.ticketek.com.au

Blink Speed Dating

Venue: Port Office Hotel
Entry: $59 per person

Dec 20
Contact: www.blinkdating.com.au

Daft Punk – Never Ever Land

Venue: City Botanic Gardens, Riverstage
Entry: $ SOLD OUT
Contact: www.nevereverland.com.au

21-23 Instant Scratch It! Christmas Movies
Venue: South Bank Parklands, Cultural Forecourt
Entry: FREE
Contact: www.visitsouthbank.com.au

21-23 Gold Lotto Megadraw Fireworks
Venue: South Bank Parklands
Entry: FREE
Contact: www.visitsouthbank.net.au

Dec 27
-Jan 1 Woodford Folk Festival
Venue: Woodford
Entry: Please check website for ticket pricing

Dec 31
Contact: www.woodfordfolkfestival.com

Odyssey New Years Eve 08

Venue: Dreamworld
Entry: $150+bf

Contact: www.odysseynye.com.au

BBQ Breaks New Years Day 2008

Venue: Friday’s
Entry: Please check website for ticket pricing

Jan 3
Contact: tenpoundcrew.oztix.com.au

José González
Venue: The Tivoli
Entry: $58.20

Jan 5
Contact: www.ticketek.com.au

Venue: Doug Jennings Park, The Spit Main Beach
Entry: $99 + BF and services charges

Jan 20
Contact: www.futureentertainment.com.au

Big Day Out – Gold Coast

Venue: Gold Coast Parklands
Entry: $ SOLD OUT
8 GOMAD magazine Contact: www.bigdayout.com

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Kevin’s Night in Scores

Written and performed by Daniel Viles as part of the How Hard Can It Be?
segment on ABC Local Radio Brisbane during 2007 after Kevin Rudd was re-
vealed to have spent a night in New York’s Scores nightclub while there on
official business in 2004.

This is a song called “Kevin’s Night in Scores”

It’s about Kevin Rudd... and his night in Scores
Now most of you think this is when he went astray
but that’s the night that made him what he is today.
He walked in that night a champion of Labor Right
and walked out a hero of the poor
So this is a song that’s all about Kevin
Kevin’s night in Scores

Kevin sat by the stage and yelled out “show us some skin!”
The effect was so stunning, he tried again in Mandarin.
The dancer was confused but she knew she had the power
so she offered him a lap dance for 200 bucks an hour
Kevin called out, “Good Lord! No working man can afford
those kind of prices under new I.R. laws” (a-ha!)
So this is a song that’s all about Kevin
Kevin’s night in Scores

Then Kevin saw a vision and he heard angelic voices,

singing, “The problem’s not strip clubs, the problem’s Work Choices”
So he stood on the stage, and he declared, “of these laws,
I want to be the eraser.”
Then he ran out of Scores, left his trousers behind,
and the girls put them next to Malcolm Fraser’s.

So Trouserless Kevin came back with a plan

for affordable ‘lappies’ and more pay in the hand
“I’m an economic conservative!” he tells all in sight
and the girls back at Scores say, “yeah, he got that right.”
But if cheaper lap dances lead to economic answers
then let the girls lead the applause
So this is a song that’s all about Kevin
Kevin’s night in Scores
So this is a song that’s all about Kevin
Kevin’s night in Scores

Link to live performance on ABC website: www.abc.net.au/brisbane/stories/s2039385.htm


$31 ,900p.a. TO STUDY,


CALL 13 19 01 OR VISIT

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The 80’s Will Live Forever

It was the decade of decadence. It was about glitz and glamour as well as baubles, bangles, and beads.
Scott married Charlene and Lady Diana Spencer joined the Royal Family. The first desktop computers went on sale
and Saturday morning cartoons were the best they’ve ever been. Bob Hawke was Prime Minister and Uluru was
handed back to the traditional owners of the land. Tom Cruise felt the need for speed and Cyndi Lauper showed
her True Colours.

When did all this take place? We can only be talking about that terrific time period – the electrifying eighties.

Here are 21 ways for you to verify that you’re a part of (or belong in)
the 1980’s.

You thought She-ra (Princess of Power!) and He-Man should hookup.

 Two words: Hammer Pants.

Mobile phones were the size of a brick and seen clipped to the belts of cheesy
 old rich guys with bad hair.

You had either: a Cabbage Patch Kid, My Little Pony, a Rubik’s Cube, or some-
 thing with a Star Wars logo.

 You yearned to be a member of the Baby-sitters club and tried to start a club
of your own.

 You ever got seriously injured on a Slip’n’Slide.

 You had big hair and you knew how to use it.

 You can still recite dialogue from any movie starring Molly Ringwald.

 You had plastic streamers on your handle bars and “spokey-dokes” on your

You had or attended a birthday party at McDonalds.

You wore stonewashed denim jackets and were proud of it.

 You wanted to change your name to “JEM” in Kindergarten. (She’s truly outra-

 You watched “Fraggle Rock “.

 You know the profound meaning of “WAX ON, WAX OFF”.

 You ever wore fluorescent clothing. (some of us... head-to-toe)

 You remember boomboxes and walking around with one on your shoulder like
you were all that.

 Your parents were afraid you’d cut yourself putting on a snap bracelet.

You can remember what Michael Jackson looked like before his nose fell off
 and his cheeks shifted.

 You remember Hypercolour t-shirts.

If someone says, “I don’t know,” you automatically expect green slime to mys-

teriously fall from the ceiling.

 You wore out your thumbs playing video games on: Atari, Sega, Nintendo, and
Commodore 64.

10 GOMAD magazine

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Proposition 777: the Temporary Extermination of Man

Proposition 777 constitutes the following:

All men beyond pub erty will be required to submit

a sperm sample for cryogenesis. These samples will be
frozen and used for later propagation with the help of
in vitro fertilization.
All men aged sixteen and up worldwide shall
report to duly authorised extermination centres which
will be temporarily constructed once Proposition 777
is voted into effect. These centres will be responsible

n a radical attempt to restore world peace for painlessly eliminating the weaker sex quickly and
and unite the human population in love and effectively.
harmony, the female constituents of the Without the influence of older male figures who
World hereby nominate Proposition 777: The have already been corrupted by the male ego, society
Temporary Extermination of Man. and sexism, the younger males will be able to grow
Men have had their chance but as we see it, they within society without being corrupted by male
have completely screwed up the world. Men have been perversion, sexism, prejudice and sexist societal views.
in power for the last 2,000 years. Before Christianity, These boys will grow to learn and not take for granted
Paganism was the influential religion. Many cultures the true and pure equality (if not...SUPERIORITY ) of
had many different female deities. In any event, women to men. The “Boy’s Club” will no longer exist
women held the positions of power in office while and will never exist again. All boys will be brought up
men stayed at home and reared the children. It was to respect and worship their female counterparts.
even the women who went to war when needed. The male sperm collected shall be used to increase
Eventually, Christianity replaced Paganism and became the population if needed. Although the women of
popular because it promoted patrilineal descent and the world have agreed to rid this planet of men, it is
succession rather than matrilineal. Meaning men were only temporary. We would like to breed a new crop
in power within the family and within the church. not only to enjoy men with a better disposition, but
Men: You’ve had a good run, and we gave you also for partnership. Although women will not need to
2,000 years. But now it is over. It just isn’t working. have sex to survive as a species (thereby proving our
We are terribly sorry but the only way to effectively superiority), we still enjoy it.
correct the mess men have created is with the Women across the globe are already in place to
extermination of existing men. take the necessary steps and fill the positions of power
which will be vacant when the men are eliminated.
Once the men of the world are gone, rest assured that
wars will end and tea parties will begin. Women are
more effective managers (they run offices and the
home harmoniously), are better at compromise and
make less rash decisions. In no time at all, the world
will be back on its feet.

Rebekha Carter

GOMAD magazine 11

mag5_1.indd 11 13/12/07 5:00:58 PM


Smashin Fashion

New Years Eve – The perfect occasion to get messy and get your snog on.
Geometric hair – It’s clean, crisp, cut and sharp as.
Snow – Great for all those lucky bastards having an icy Christmas.
Post-festival body ache – It’s a hurting that you’ve earned.
May the dance be with you groovers and shakers.
Kevin Rudd – He goes to strip bars, he hires a female Deputy to fill in for
him while he’s away on ‘business’. What more can we say.
Suspenders – Not the ones strippers wear, the so fresh so clean ones that
hold your pants up – fashionable and functional.
The Batwing – Flap your arms fast enough and you’ll flutter away.
Orgasms and LSD - Apparently a better combo than a large Big Mac Meal.

Flannies – The only thing from the 80s that should have never come back.
Chain letters – Enough already, I don’t want to forward it on
and I don’t care what happens if I don’t.
angovers – Easy to create but not so easy get rid of. Remember saying you’ll

never drink again, how quickly we forget.
oxing Day Sales – Yay, half price Christmas decorations

for next year.
art trailers – You know who you are, squeeze one out all the way up

the escalators…dirty f*cks.
ecret Santa – A great way to re-gift all the crap you’ve received

but the vicious cycle continues.
an bags – More practical than bulging back pockets

but something strange about my man toting my LV.
alley Cab Ranks – a boiling pot of unrequited sexual attention
and drunken charm.

GOMAD magazine 13

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Cove r Co m p e t i t ion

Are you an up and coming designer? Want to get yourself

some exposure and get your design on our next issue?
Here is the chance to get your original creative ideas out
there and receive recognition of your design concept
and a photo/bio of yourself in the next issue of GOMAD
magazine. By entering you have the opportunity
to get your creative ideas exposed to students,
lecturers, employers and the wider community.

the Next Cover for
GOMAD Magazine

Cover Design Brief

THEME : You decide
DEADLINE : Midnight, Sunday,14th October.
DETAIL : Online submission only with a brief design
concept, short bio and photo of yourself.
Email to gomad.competition@gmail.com.
Enter as many times as you wish.
Terms and Conditions
*Entry is open to all Queensland TAFE and University students. *By submitting your work, you are agreeing to the disclaimer and terms and conditions. *Competition closes midnight
Sunday 14th October. Deadline dates will be strictly adhered to, late submission will not be accepted. * Winner will be notified by email, and design will be published in GOMAD Maga-
zine Volume1 issue 05 on 19th October 2007. The winner releases GOMAD from any and all causes of action, losses, liability, damage, expense (including legal expenses)cost of charge
suffered, sustained or in any way incurred by the winner as a result of entering the competition. All care is taken with submissions; however no responsibility will be taken for loss or
damage. *GOMAD’s decision is final and no correspondence will be entered into.

*Remember to read the disclaimer and terms and conditions. If you do not agree with the terms and conditions, please do not enter.

14 GOMAD magazine

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Trender Benders

Name: Shau
Age: 15
: Student
Your style
If you were on-conforming
day, what w girl for a
ould you w
The style o ear?
f Abby from
What makes NCIS
When I get
ign ?

pre Santa
Name: Su
Age: 4000 n:Bringing joy to
Occupat ugh fashion
world th
le:Fun! y,
Your sty e a girl for a da
If you we d you wear?
what wo s heels
Mrs Clau
s y o u G OMAD?
What ma

Age: Alex
Occu 3
Your ation: Cha
If yo style: Coo ffer
u l
what were a g
woul irl fo
s or d you w rad
What a s k irt e ar? ay,
you h s you
ave n GOM
o wor

GOMAD magazine 15

mag5_5.indd 15 19/12/07 5:50:33 PM


The Red Card was created in February 2007 as a student discount card offering
concessions and special offers to a range of clubs, restaurants and retail outlets.
The success of the card has led to the expansion of its membership to students
and friends of the Red VIP Card MySpace.

In 2008, the Red VIP Card will offer businesses more exposure and members
better services. The Red VIP Card is not just card, it’s a culture based on providing
its members with superior services and VIP treatment. The card provides VIP
access or VIP discounts to the hottest night spots, trendy restaurants, high
fashion and exclusive services. Why wait in line? Why pay full price? Why not
get the services you deserve? We have created a unique card that you can’t
leave home without.

How it works:
Using this amazing card is very simple, just show your Red VIP Card to staff
where the card is accepted and you receive your VIP service, VIP treatment, VIP
access or VIP discount.

How to get the Red VIP Card and

join this VIP culture, go to:
www.redvipcard.com OR www.myspace.com/theredvipcard
You need to send or email a message with your:
1) Name
2) Email
3) Mobile number
This card is exclusive to students and Red VIP Card myspace friends only.
Please note: Only a limited number of cards available so join quickly.

mag4_2.indd 16 19/12/07 6:06:54 PM

Red VIP Card Club Review

Red VIP Card Club Review: Hypnotiq @ Cesar’s Nightclub

Hypnotiq is Brisbane’s biggest and most
innovative rnb/hip-hop weekly event, located at
Cesar’s Nightclub, Adelaide Street. Hypnotiq plays
host to a unique yet authentic Saturday night
urban event that has quickly become established
as Brisbane’s premier night out, and favourite gig
spot amongst dj’s and mc’s across Australia and New
Zealand. After kicking off mid June 2007, Hypnotiq
quickly established itself as a one-of-a-kind event not
yet seen by Brisbane and six months later, Hypnotiq
has officially claimed the title of Brisbane’s hottest
urban destination.
As the brain child of long-time Brisbane Promoter
Scott Ferris (The Underdome, Chi Bar, Underground),
Hypnotiq was designed as an original concept - a
sophisticated hip-hop/rnb night that showcased
the cutting edge of urban music, fashion and
entertainment, making it enjoyable and attractive
to even the most casual fans of the genre. This

goal remains at the centre of Hypnotiq’s success; and this is reflected in all aspects. The bar stocks some
their innovative myspace page ( www.myspace. of the most exclusive top-shelf liquors and spirits,
com/hypnotiqsaturdays ) reward online friends with including Alize’, Patron, Hypnotiq, Grey Goose and
special promotions and prizes, and their monthly XO Hennessey. The recently refurbished club includes
line-up strives to keep up with the Australia and New widescreen plasma TV’s, playing the latest hip-hop and
Zealand’s freshest DJ’s and MC’s. rnb video clips, multiple pool tables, a private invite-
Urban music remains the cornerstone of Hypnotiq only VIP area, and a state-of-the-art sound system
Saturdays, and to this end Cesar’s provides a variety guaranteed to keep the dance floor packed all night
of international and local acts, both upcoming and long.
established artists. The Cesar’s guest list includes So what’s next for Hypnotiq and Cesar’s Nightclub?
superstars such as Kanye West, The Ying Yang Twins, This December will see NZ’s most celebrated DJ - P-
Scribe, Talib Kweli. Australian sport stars Anthony Money perform an exclusive live set, followed by NZ
Mundine, Karmichael Hunt, Willie Tonga, Roy Asatarsi hip-hop’s ‘Rookie of the Year’ PNC. A special throwback
and members of the Brisbane Bullets. Furthermore, night to pay tribute the New Jack Swing of the 90’s,
Hypnotiq has exclusively presented Australia and New and a very merry Christmas party December 27th,
Zealand’s premier nightclub entertainers, including complete with Santa’s Sexy little helpers! But to cap
DJ’s Nino Brown, Samrai, Sirvere, Tikelz, Peter Gunz, off Hypnotiq’s very successful debut year, Cesar’s has
Moto, P-Money, CXL, Stanley, Kronic, Skooby, Mike a unique New Years Event planned featuring NZ’s
Hyper, A-Style, and Major Label Rap artists, including Number one club team DJ Sirvere and MC MZRE, as well
Tyree, Young Sid, Ken Hell and PNC. Despite the as a performances from Brisbane’s most successfully
regular visitors, Hypnotiq has based its foundation on independent rap artists, Dirty Mob and new-comer
local talent. Resident DJ’s Bluffsta and Stupified are Tehn Diamond. For authentic urban entertainment,
recognised as Brisbane’s premier party rockers, and are Hypnotiq promises to get it poppin’ every Saturday
supported by the best MC’s in the business, MC MZRE night at Cesar’s Nightclub.
and Dirty Mob.
Hypnotiq was designed from the ground up to be
a unique and innovative urban nightclub experience,

GOMAD magazine 17

mag5_1.indd 17 12/12/07 7:10:02 PM

People You Know

Do You Work with a Stinker?

Let’s face it, if you work, you undoubtedly have run into a smelly co-worker. These folks come in all types and even
are in all different levels of authority. Yes, even those on the upper level of the corporate ladder may be a smelly
reeking, stinking coworker. You can try to hide from these people, but they are everywhere. A smelly person can
downright ruin a good working atmosphere. Worse, many of these people are not even aware of their problem.
Let’s review the types of co-workers you may run into.



Lunch Breath

This person apparently has no idea what certain foods can do to a person’s breath. At lunch
time, they consume the most obnoxious foods they can think of. Garlic bases foods, Italian,
etc. These foods can have such a potent affect on your breath that they can smell up an entire
office just by merely breathing. Eating mints after lunch will NOT help, as the offending odor
is coming from deep within your stomach. No amount of tooth paste or breath mints will help,
and if this person happens to burp? Get out of the way and get out the glade plug-ins!



The Thick as Mud Perfume Women

Much like the Cologne man, these women douse their bodies with perfume so thick, it makes flow-
ers wilt and babies cry. Often, this women also has make-up on so thick, she is barely recognizable as
herself. This person leaves an odor trail wherever she goes. If the morning dose is not enough, midday,
this person breaks out the bottle of perfume and douses some more on, as if the first batch of perfume
somehow stopped smelling up the place.



The Smoker

The last type of person we will explore in this article is the smoker. This person comes back
from the “smoke break” just reeking of smoke. As a non-smoker, this odor can be quite
offensive. As a former smoker, this odor can be quite enticing. Whatever your stance, the
smoke odor also lingers on anybody within range.
Smelly coworkers can come in all types. It is up to you on how you handle the situation.
Typically, the best approach is to simply confront the person straight-up and discuss the
concern. Sometimes they may not even be aware of the issue. If all else fails, get used to
holding your breath or purchase a gas mask.
18 GOMAD magazine

mag5.indd 18 4/12/07 12:11:08 PM

Whose Mad?

1. Who are you? 6. How MAD are you?

Akaike Hiroki Quite
2. How young are you? 7. MADdest thing you’ve done?
20 Run over people
3. What are you all about? 8. What makes you GOMAD?
Listening to music I don’t know
4. What are you studying? 9. Ninja, Pirate or MADman?
English Ninja
5. Describe yourself in three words: 10. Weapon of choice?
Happy, sad, bad Shotgun

The Gomad Test

GOMAD magazine 19

mag5_1.indd 19 12/12/07 7:10:40 PM


How to Deal With Hangovers

A hangover is something
that just about all of us have
experienced at some point in
time. After spending a night out
drinking, you may wake up in the
morning with your head feeling
heavy and your stomach in knots.
At that moment, you probably
decided that you would never drink
again, to prevent this awful feeling
from happening again. No matter
how hard you may have tried
though, chances are that you’ve
had another drink.
Even though we all know that
alcohol can lead to hangovers, the hangovers is unknown, it has of alcoholic beverage is to never
cause of a hangover is something been proven that the headaches drink on an empty stomach. If you
we don’t know. Alcohol does associated with hangovers stem eat a good meal before you start
have some positive effects on the from dehydration. With alcohol drinking, you’ll find that the food
body, although it can also lead to being a diuretic, it will make you can help you digest the alcohol
negative effects such as hangovers. urinate quite often. Therefore, much better. When the alcohol
Some doctors will actually if you drink alcohol or beer on a starts to attack your stomach, you
recommend it, while others will tell daily basis, your body will remain should consider eating foods that
you never to drink it. Even though dehydrated. When you wake up in are high in fat, such as cheese. You
drinking is good, moderation is the morning with a bad headache can also sip some olive oil or drink
the key. The easiest way to avoid and turn to coffee, which is also a some water. The secret to making
hangovers is to drink in moderation diuretic, the process of dehydration sure that you don’t get a hangover
- and never get drunk. actually gets worse. when drinking is to drink in
As many of us already know, You’ll also need to do moderation and never let yourself
whisky, bourbon, and wine can something with the alcohol that get too drunk.
result in a much harder hangover has been left in your body. Even Beer is digested very fast by
than vodka or beer. For many though a hangover can make you your body, which is why you should
people, chemicals in wines or yeast want to stay in bed, the secret to always drink beer first if you plan
found in unfiltered beers can result getting yourself back on track is to mix drinks. Beer is digested the
in headaches. Beer, wine, and movement. To rid your body of fastest, and will also help your body
liquor can be fun and relaxing the alcohol, you’ll need sweat. to absorb any other drinks you have
to drink, although if you Sweating gets the toxins out of faster. You should always keep in
aren’t careful you can your body, and helps you feel mind that when you drink alcohol,
easily get a headache better. You can exercise or have sex your body will get dehydrated. Any
or a hangover. to get over a hangover, as the heat type of alcohol that you consume
Even though your body emits will be too much is a diuretic and can dehydrate
the cause for for alcohol toxins to handle. your body very fast; therefore you
Although a hangover can be a should always drink water with your
bit of a pain, it can be prevented. alcohol to ensure that you stay
The first rule of drinking any type hydrated.

Tristen McAndrews

20 GOMAD magazine

mag5.indd 20 4/12/07 12:11:51 PM

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vertise in GO
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!"#$%$&'())***+, +--./,+/+0***1234*,,5$65+,
22 GOMAD magazine

mag4.indd 22 4/12/07 12:03:00 PM

Check out
GOMAD Magazine Online!
Download the latest issue of GOMAD Magazine

!"#$%$&'())***+, -,,./0-/+,***1234*005$050.
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