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6502 programs / data for the r162 system v1.4.

1 (ATMega based home computer), se

e https://sites.google.com/site/retroelec/
Directory sdcard contains a few 6502 programs, images and sound samples. Just co
py the BIN and the DATA directory to a FAT 16 formatted SD card.
6502 programs in BIN:
- pacman: Classic video game - press key "5" to insert a coin, press key "1" to
start the game, move Pacman with cursor keys, press key "Esc" to quit pacman. If
you want to cheat, you first have to load pacman (i.e. type "pacman" in the she
ll), leave pacman (using "Esc"), enter the cheat poke (e.g. "poke 3296 7" -> bit
0: skip level with key "n", 1: no collision detection, 2: infinite lives) and r
estart pacman using the command "sys 3280".
- wboy: Wonder Boy, classic Jump 'n' Run game - press "space" to start a game, p
ress "y" (qwertz keyboard layout) to jump, press "<" (qwertz keyboard layout) to
shoot/run, press cursor keys to move Wonder Boy to the left resp. to the right.
Up to now, only one level is available. Level sets, sound samples and pictures
must be provided in /DATA/WBOY).
- soko "levelset": The classic sokoban game - a level set must be provided (leve
l sets are available in /DATA/SOKO).
- vier: The classic "four in a row" game - after starting a game you must use ke
y "1" to "7" to enter a chip.
- loderun ["levelset"]: Lode Runner, classic video game - press "s" to start a n
ew game, press "r" to resume the last game, press "Esc" at the start of a level
to quit the game, press any other key to start the level, use cursor keys to mov
e your runner, press "y"/"x" (qwertz keyboard layout) to dig a hole to the left/
right of the runner, press "c" to commit suicide. You have unlimited lives. If y
ou finish a level, a file (ending .LEV) is created/updated which contains the ac
tual level number. You may provide a level set. If no argument is given, the ori
ginal level set provided in /DATA/LODERUN is loaded.
- ass "ass-input-file" ["bin-output-file"]: 6502 assembler - you must provide th
e source code file (6502 assembler code) and optionally the name of the output f
ile (6502 binary). If the second argument does not exist, the name of the binary
is derived from the source code file name by dropping the file name extension (
which is in this case mandatory).
- edit "file-to-edit": Simple full screen editor to edit a new or an existing fi
le. Press ctrl-h to get a help page. Known bugs: Copy/paste does not work, searc
h is not always working properly.
- pas "soundfile" ["multicolorpic"]: Program to load and play PCM sound data. If
the sound data is larger than 62 kByte, chunks of 62kB are iteratively loaded t
o memory and played (resulting in short interrupts for about every 3.86 seconds)
. PCM sound data must meet the following requirements: sample size: 8 bit, max.
sample rate: 15650 Hz (only valid frequency for files larger than 62 kByte, for
smaller files smaller frequencies are possible, e.g. 7825 Hz). A second argument
can be given to display a multicolor picture while playing the sound data.
- eval "expression": Evaluates an numerical expression (only integer arithmetic)
. Known bugs: The division operator does not work properly.
- rm "filename": Removes the file "filename".
- cp "source-file" "destination-file": Copies a file.
- more "filename": Pager to view the content of a file.
- mon "address": Simple program to visualize the content of memory regions.
- mineswp: Minesweeper game adapted from http://www.rohitab.com/discuss/topic/33
- chess: Microchess from Peter Jennings - see chess_copyright.txt. See http://ww
w.benlo.com/microchess/index.html for the player's manual.
- basic: Basic from Lee Davison - see basic_copyright.txt. You have to use upper
-case letters for all Basic commands (active Caps Lock). You can load/save Basic
programs using the command LOAD/SAVE (e.g. LOAD "/DATA/BASIC/ELIZA.BAS").
- scott "database-file" ["save-file"]: Scott Adams free adventure interpreter by
Alan Cox - an adventure database file must be provided (the freely distributabl

e sample database sampler1.dat is available in /DATA/SCOTT). The interpreter has

been enhanced to display a picture of the actual "room" if available (see /DATA
/SCOTT/SAMPLER1/). Further database files (resp. adventures) are available under
- tafhadv: The Abandoned Farmhouse Adventure, text adventure by Jeff Tranter. Yo
u can find a step-by-step walkthrough solution unter https://raspberrypikid.word
Multicolor images in DATA/IMGC:
Just load the image (e.g. load /DATA/IMGC/EVALONGO.PIC) and press ctrl-m (ctrl-t
to go back to text mode).
Hires images in DATA/IMGG:
Just load the image (e.g. load /DATA/IMGG/MASKTUT.HIR) and press ctrl-g (ctrl-t
to go back to text mode).
Adventure database in DATA/SCOTT:
Sample database for the Scott Adams free adventure interpreter including some pi
Basic program Eliza in DATA/BASIC:
Famous program which simulates a psychotherapist.
Sound sample in DATA/SND:
Play a sample using the 6502 program pas (e.g. pas /DATA/SND/CANTDO.ASD).
Sokoban level sets in DATA/SOKO:
Level sets for the sokoban game.
Lode Runner data in DATA/LODERUN:
Original Lode Runner level set (downloaded from http://culot.org/public/Code/old
runner.html), an index file for the level set (for fast access) and (if a level
has been finished) a file which contains the actual level number.
Wonder Boy data files in DATA/WBOY:
Level set, sound samples and pictures for Wonder Boy.