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Learning a new software program can be enjoyable if the program is fun to use

and somewhat intuitive. Experienced Cv

If you are a 2D CAD user, you will appreciate ArchiCAD's ability to keep everyth
in one ? le, instead of needing to have separate ?les for each ?oor (story). Mod
e to ArchiCAD.
povezujuci svu elektroniku i dovesti do automatizacije samog doma
Chapter 6, Objects, Drafting, and Annotation
A Healthcare Building Project, will
deeper into making your own custom objects. You may ?nd that creating your own

custom objects it a lot of fun, and your favorite thing to do. In this chapter,
will also learn about the other annotation tools available in ArchiCAD, as well
advanced detail creation.
Chapter 7, Documentation A Commercial Project, will teach you more about
view creation, view management, sheet creation, and drawing management. This
chapter will help ensure that you fully understand how to control the look and f
of your drawings. You may not realize it at ? rst, but this knowledge is essenti
to a successful project.
Chapter 8, Work Sharing with ArchiCAD, will teach you about data extraction, and
the many different ways to incorporate different types of drawing formats into y
projects. Also, it will teach you how to export your work into multiple differen
t ? le
formats for other parties to utilize in their work. You will ? nd that ArchiCAD
second to none in this category.
Chapter 9, Visualization and Model Management, will be fun when learning about
rendering, animations, and virtual environment ?y-through models. We end the

book with model management and best practices. Model management may sound
boring, but it will help you keep your project in good shape.
? Odre diva nje uje dna c e n os ti be tona ;
? Pr vrs toc e u kons t ruk ciji ;
? Pra ce n je na pre dova n ja cv rs t oc e ;
? Pro cje na o te ce nja be tona ;
? U tv rdiva nje pukotina i gn ije z da ;
? Odre diva nje dina m ic kog modula e las ticn os ti;
? Odre diva nje uc inkovit os t i s an a cije pu kotina .
HRN U.M1.042

? Ge ne ra to r impu lsa p re da je be t on u pre ko s onde o da il ja ca T

uzdu nih oscilacija koji nakon prolaska kroz beton duljine L u drugoj
sondi prijemniku R budu pretvoreni u elektricni impuls;
? Vre m e nsk i inte rva l od tre n ut ka ka da impuls na pu ta s ondu od
a il ja c
do trenutka prijema impulsa u drugoj sondi prijemniku predstavlja
vrijeme prolaska impulsa T
v = T/L
fB = AeBv
fB racunska tlacna cvrstoca (MPa)
v brzina prolaska ultrazvuka (km/s)
A, B konstante ba darne krivulje.
K * E d
? ?

K = (1 - ? )/(1 +? )(1 -2? )

v brzina prolaska ultrazvuka (km/s)
Ed dinamicki modul elasticnosti (kN/mm2)
? gustoca (kg/m3)