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Groups will be limited to a maximum of three members.

Peer assessment may be

undertaken in this course. It will be the responsibility of all group members to produce
a quality report. Hence, if there are group problems and you need to discuss such a
situation with your lecturer act on that on time. If a group has to complete a peer
assessment each student will obtain 50% of the group mark plus some allocation of the
other 50% according to the result of the peer assessment.
1) Assessment Details
This assessment involves reading and analysing the case study provided, titled: Gym
users to develop an executive report. The assignment is in two parts: (a) written
report and (b) class presentation.
a) Written report around 2000 words (20%)
Working in groups of three, you are to design a research project. This will include using
academic sources to review the relevant literature, conducting analyses, and advising
the management based on the findings of the research. More specific requirements for
the assignment will be discussed in lectures. Tutorial time in a computer laboratory has
been scheduled (weeks 6,7,8) so that you can develop an understanding of SPSS/Excel
and data analysis which is essential for your group assignment. Some lecture time will
also be allocated to the group project so that your lecturer can provide direction/make

Report Structure: The group project should have the following structure:
1. Executive Summary: Major findings and major recommendations
2. Introduction: Background (of the case); purpose (of this report); and format (of
this report).
3. Write two to three research objectives for a study that you would seek to conduct.
4. Write a short literature review of at least four academic sources relevant to the
topic. Any source including books, journal articles are acceptable, as long as they
are relevant. You can also use a particular gyms website for some information. If
websites are used they will be in addition of the four academic sources.
5. Describe the overall approach you would take for this research (research
philosophy and methodology in particular) and justify your choice, any ethical
implications and how you intend to analyse the data.
6. Analyses and findings: Run some analysis to turn the data into useful information
as follows:
a) Univariate analysis:This is the descriptive analysis part of the assignment
and this will include at least the following analysis:Frequency (shown in tables
and diagrams); Measures of central tendency (means, median, mode);
Measures of dispersion (variance, standard deviation)
b) Bivariate analysis:This is the higher level analysis part of the assignment
and this will include at least the Relationship between variables (Chi-square,
Spearmans rho, Pearsons r); Comparing means and statistical significance (ttest, ANOVA test)
7. Conclusion and managerial advise: Advise the management about the findings.
This could include but not limited to:Description of the participants; how they

utilise the facilities; perceptions of the gym users towards the gym; their feelings
and self-image in general; relationships between any of the variables
8. Suggestions of how the questionnaire could be improved (by addition or deletion
of variables)
Include a correctly constructed reference list of all sources used in the project, not
just those used in the literature review.Appendices also should be attached which
will include all the analysis and graphs etc. that are not included in the body of
the report.
* Please note that conducting both part a and b in the analysis (number 6
above) is the minimum requirement for evaluation of the task.
b) In-class presentation (10%). Students are required to submit for grading
their PowerPoint slide-show.
Presentation requirements: Time limit 15 minutes plus 5 minutes question time
(total time: 20 minutes maximum).
You should treat the presentation as though you are presenting to senior
management in an organisation. Presentation must reflect the same structure
as the written report. Each group member is expected to participate equally
in the presentation.
Equity in Teams
In this assessment you will be working in teams. If you have a concern about unfair or
inequitable work in your team, your first responsibility is to address it within the
team. However, if you are unable to resolve the issue, please raise the matter with
your lecturer or tutor during the semester. Please note, it it is difficult to resolve
issues of equity if they are raised after most of the work is done.
2) Criteria used to grade this task
See marking guide (next page) for detailed mark allocation.
3) Task Assessor
Lecturer or Tutor
4) Suggested time to devote to this task
Approximately 20 to 25 hours per student outside class time.
5) Submission details
Assignment due at the end of week 12. Submission will be online via Moodle.
6) Feedback and return of work
Feedback and grades will be communicated via Moodle within three weeks of report
Marking Guide- Assessment Task 2 (Group)

Executive Summary

Very good




Marking Criteria

Very Poor

Student Names:
Students Nos:


Major findings
Major recommendations


Background (of the case)
Purpose (of this report)


Research objectives
Clarity of the objectives


Literature review
Quality and number of sources


Overall approach situation

Research philosophy
Methodology used




Conclusion and managerial advise

Advise to the management


Questionnaire analysis
Suggestions for improvement


Overall presentation/appearance of
the report
English expression, free of spelling
Citation and referencing









In class Presentation
Presentation content and quality
Style and appropriateness of
presentation for a business situation
Total available marks - 30


Total mark