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Thank you for purchasing EA SPORTS NBA LIVE 08.

This README file

contains information on new features not covered in the manual. It also
contains instructions on installing and running NBA LIVE 08. Finally,
this README file contains up-to-date information on Dynasty Mode ,
performance issues, multiplayer issues and hardware issues.
1) System Requirements
a) System Requirements
b) Supported 3D Graphic Accelerators
c) Supported Sound Devices
d) Supported Input Devices
2) Installation
a) Installation Program
b) DirectX Installation
c) Uninstall
3) Performance Issues and Troubleshooting
a) Memory Tips
b) Sound Tips
c) Game Controller Tips
d) 3D Accelerator Tips
e) Gameplay Performance Tips
f) Windows Service Packs
g) Network Connect Tips
h) DVD-ROM Tips
4) EA SPORTS Dynasty Mode Info
5) Roster Accuracy
6) Saved Files
7) Screenshots
--------------------------------------------------------------------------a) System Requirements
--------------------------------------------------------------------------OPERATING SYSTEM
- Windows XP SP2, Windows 2000 SP4 or Windows Vista
(Windows 95, Windows NT, Windows 98, Windows 98 SE, Windows ME and Windows XP
64bit are not
- 1.3 GHz Intel Pentium 4 or higher
- 256 MB RAM
- 3.8 GB free hard drive space
- DirectX 9.0c Compatible Video card
(see supported video cards in section 1.c)

**(if running Windows Vista, recommended min specs for optimal performance are
a 2.4GHz Intel Pentium 4 or higher with 512MB RAM and a NVIDIA GeForce FX5500)
- DVD-ROM drive
- Sound card with DirectSound support and DirectX 9.0c compatible driver
- DirectX 9.0c
- Keyboard
- Mouse
--------------------------------------------------------------------------b) Supported 3D Graphic Accelerators
--------------------------------------------------------------------------ATI Radeon 8500
ATI Radeon 9000 series
ATI Radeon Xpress 200
ATI Radeon X550
ATI Radeon X600
ATI Radeon X700
ATI Radeon X800
ATI Radeon X850
ATI Radeon X1000 series
NVIDIA GeForce3/Ti series
NVIDIA GeForce4 Ti series
NVIDIA GeForce FX series
NVIDIA GeForce 6000 series
NVIDIA GeForce 7000 series
Intel 915
Intel 950
Intel 965
***NOTE: Laptop versions of these chipsets may work, but are not officially
supported. The NVIDIA GeForce2/4 MX series are also not supported.
Ensure that you have the latest display driver installed from the vendor s
official website: www.ati.com, www.nvidia.com, www.intel.com.
--------------------------------------------------------------------------c) Supported Sound Devices
--------------------------------------------------------------------------Creative Labs Sound Blaster Live!
Creative Labs Sound Blaster Audigy
Creative Labs Sound Blaster Audigy 2
Creative Labs Sound Blaster Audigy 2 NX
Creative Labs Sound Blaster X-Fi
Creative Labs Sound Blaster MP3+
Creative Labs Sound Blaster Extigy
Hercules Gamesurround Muse (5.1 DVD/XL/LT/Pocket)
Hercules Gamesurround Fortissimo II
Hercules Gamesurround Fortissimo III
Hercules Digifire 7.1
Hercules Game Theater XP 7.1
NVIDIA nForce2 Audio

AC 97 Compliant Audio Controller

Intel High Definition Audio
SoundMAX Audio Controller
SoundMAX HD Audio Controller
M-Audio Revolution 7.1
M-Audio Sonica USB (5.1/ Theatre 7.1)
M-Audio Transit USB
Audiotrak Prodigy 7.1
Audiotrak Maya (5.1/7.1/EX5.1/EX7.1)
TerraTec Aureon (5.1 Fun/7.1 Space)
Turtle Beach Santa Cruz 5.1
*Note: Some issues may occur due to hardware/driver
limitations. Support also depends on OS.
NBA LIVE 08 supports DirectSound. If your sound card driver does
not support DirectSound you may experience choppy or stuttering
sound or sound that cuts in and out. If your sound card driver
does not support DirectSound, we recommend obtaining updated
drivers from your sound card manufacturer.
*During DirectX installation, the DirectX setup program attempts
to install a DirectSound supported driver for your sound card.
If your sound card driver does not support DirectSound, the DirectX
setup program attempts to replace your existing sound card driver.
*Please consult your sound card manufacturer for updated drivers
if DirectSound drivers are not available with the included
DirectX files from Microsoft.
--------------------------------------------------------------------------d) Supported Input Devices
--------------------------------------------------------------------------Microsoft Windows compatible Keyboard
Microsoft Windows compatible Mouse
NBA LIVE 08 recommends the Logitech Dual Action controller. This
controller will give access to all the gameplay features.
Supported controllers for NBA LIVE 08:

Cordless Rumblepad 2
Rumblepad 2 Vibration Feedback Gamepad
Dual Action Gamepad
Cordless RumblePad

P3000 Wireless Pad and Docking Station
P2900 Wireless Pad
P2600 Rumble Pad
P2500 Rumble Pad
P990 Dual Analog Pad
P880 Rumble Pad

Dual Trigger 2-in-1 Rumble Force
Rechargeable Wireless 2-in-1 Dual Trigger
2-in-1 Dual Trigger Gamepad
Wireless Dual Trigger Gamepad
FireStorm Dual Power 3
FireStorm Wireless Gamepad
FireStorm Dual Analog 3
Xbox 360

Controller for Windows

*Note: Some issues may occur due to hardware/driver

limitations. Support also depends on OS. We also recommend obtaining the
latest drivers from the manufacturer website of your controller.
--------------------------------------------------------------------------a) Installation Program
--------------------------------------------------------------------------1) Start the Windows operating system.
2) Close all open programs and background tasks.
3) Insert the NBA LIVE 08 DVD into your DVD-ROM drive. The
Autorun menu appears.
NOTE: If the Autorun menu does not automatically appear, click the Start
button from the Windows Taskbar and select Run....
At the Run dialog box, type d:\autorun, then click OK.
(substitute the correct letter of your DVD-ROM drive if other
than D:)
4) Click INSTALL. The CD Key screen appears.
5) At the CD Key screen, enter the CD Key code.
6) The EA TOOLS END USER LICENSE will appear. After reading the license,
click on the box beside "I accept the terms in the License Agreement" and
then click 'Next'. In Windows XP and 2000, you will then be prompted with the M
ICROSOFT DirectX 9.0c
END USER LICENSE. After reading the license, click on the box beside
"I accept the terms in the License Agreement" and then click 'Next'
7) The computer then detects if DirectX 9.0c is installed on your system.
8) The next screen will enable you to decide where you want to install NBA LIVE
The default install directory is "C:\Program Files\EA Sports\NBA LIVE 08\"
(where "C:\" is the drive that your current operating system is located).
The typical Start Menu Program Folder is "C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\St
art Menu\Programs\EA Sports\"
(where "C:\" is the drive that your current operating system is located).

9) The files are copied from the DVD to your hard drive. Once all files
have been copied the Electronic Registration window pops up. After registering
the game click Finish . Then you will be asked to view the Readme file, or quit.
NOTE: Do not eject the DVD while installing the game. It can prevent the
game from installing properly.
--------------------------------------------------------------------------b) DirectX Installation
--------------------------------------------------------------------------Direct X 9.0c will be installed as part of the NBA LIVE 08 Installation on
Windows 2000 and Windows XP operating systems.
For your convenience, we have included DirectX 9.0c on the NBA LIVE 08 DVD.
DirectX is an Application Programming Interface provided
which gives Windows based applications high-performance,
access to your hardware. This makes the DirectX API well
Windows games. NBA LIVE 08 uses the DirectX 9.0c API and
DirectX 9.0c files that you can install.

by Microsoft,
suited for

Two DirectX components, DirectDraw and DirectSound, may require updating

your video card and sound card drivers respectively, for proper operation
of these components. Using video card and sound card drivers that do not
have DirectX support will result in display and audio problems in DirectX
--------------------------------------------------------------------------a) Memory Tips
--------------------------------------------------------------------------WINDOWS MEMORY
NBA LIVE 08 requires 256 MB RAM (Windows XP) plus Virtual Memory Enabled. We adv
that you let Windows manage the amount of Virtual Memory automatically
(the default setting), and that you have at least 100 MB free hard disk
space after installation.
--------------------------------------------------------------------------b) Sound Tips
--------------------------------------------------------------------------WINDOWS SOUND
NBA LIVE 08 requires a sound card with DirectSound support. If your sound
card driver does not have DirectSound support you may experience choppy or
stuttering sound, or sound that cuts in and out.
Make sure your speakers or headphones are plugged into the appropriate jack
and the volume control is turned up. If this does
not solve the problem make sure your sound card is installed
*Note: Some issues may occur due to hardware/driver limitations. Support
also depends on OS.

--------------------------------------------------------------------------c) Game Controller Tips

--------------------------------------------------------------------------A Microsoft Windows compatible mouse is required to navigate through the
front end screens and menus of NBA LIVE 08. It is also required to
operate the Pause Menu and Instant Replay during gameplay.
You must calibrate your controller from the Control Panel for the
controller to be recognized within the game. To install or calibrate your
controller in Windows, access the Control Panel, and launch the
Gaming Options applet. Note that some gaming devices use their own applets
or software for installation and calibration.
If problems with controllers are encountered, ensure you have the latest
manufacturer drivers installed. There is a known issue with several
gamepads not being properly recognized at the side-select screen. Simply
use your mouse to drag the controller to the side you wish to play and
the controller should function correctly during gameplay.
The use of a 360-degree analog gamepad is highly recommended for full
--------------------------------------------------------------------------d) 3D Accelerator Tips
--------------------------------------------------------------------------If you experience any problems with your video card and NBA LIVE 08, ensure
that you have the latest display driver installed from the vendor s
official website: www.ati.com, www.nvidia.com, www.intel.com.
If you experience video problems, try lowering Detail levels
from the menu within the game.
NBA LIVE 08 requires the Hardware Graphics Acceleration setting in
Windows to be set to Full.
To set the Graphics Acceleration setting to Full:
1. Open Display Properties, then click on Settings.
2. Click on Advanced..., then Performance/Troubleshooting.
3. Click on Performance.
4. Drag the Hardware acceleration Slider to the rightmost position.
5. Click on Apply.
6. Click on OK and exit Display Properties.
If you experience tearing effects on screen, try toggling the V-SYNC
setting in the Detail Settings screen to ON.
--------------------------------------------------------------------------e) Gameplay Performance Tips
--------------------------------------------------------------------------If gameplay is not as smooth or responsive as desired, there are several
things that can be done to improve performance. In general, your computer's
CPU speed and your video card will be the most important factors impacting
performance, but memory configuration and DVD-ROM configuration can also
affect performance. Refer to Memory Tips and DVD-ROM tips earlier in this

At Electronic Arts we strive to bring you the best in graphics, audio
and gameplay. We are always pushing the envelope of computer performance.
While we have made every effort to ensure that NBA LIVE 08 multi-tasks
with all Windows applications, we recommend that you shut down other
applications and run NBA LIVE 08 by itself when possible.
To improve speed and responsiveness in gameplay, you can use the Detail
Settings screen in the Pause menu and Front End to toggle various options
on or off.
Your monitor may not support some of the resolutions that your video card
may be able to display. NBA LIVE 08 detects the resolutions that your
video card can display, not your monitor. Check your monitor manual for
its available display resolutions or attempt to change your Windows
desktop resolution to the same resolution to want to achieve. If you change
the resolution in the game via the Detail Settings menu and the display
becomes scrambled and illegible, your monitor probably does not support
that resolution.
--------------------------------------------------------------------------f) Windows Service Packs
--------------------------------------------------------------------------We recommend that you install the latest Service Packs if you are using
Windows 2000 or Windows XP.
--------------------------------------------------------------------------g) Network Connect Tips
--------------------------------------------------------------------------NBA LIVE 08 requires a TCP/IP protocol network and network interface
card for network play.
If you experience difficulties with network play, you may want to consult
your network manual or network administrator for specific information on
loading drivers.
Make sure the computers you are trying to connect are on the same network
and are using the same protocol.
There are various adjustments you can make to be sure you get the best
performance out of your network game. These apply to the host computer
as well as the clients, but try them on the host alone first as this
may solve all the problems.
Make sure the host computer (the one that creates the network game) is
the fastest of the computers, as it controls the game speed.
High-traffic networks will slow the game down considerably. Avoid playing
the game at peak traffic hours, while there are large file transfers or
print jobs being done.
The slowest computer limits performance. Adjusting the in-game resolution
via the Detail Settings menu on a slow machine can help boost performance

in a network game.
Do not run any Windows applications that communicate over the
network in the background (e.g., mail programs, personal schedulers,
system or network monitors).
Make sure you have messenger services disabled.
--------------------------------------------------------------------------h) DVD-ROM Tips
--------------------------------------------------------------------------DVD-ROM REQUIREMENTS
A 16x or faster DVD-ROM drive is required to run NBA LIVE 08.
- Make sure the game was properly installed.
- Make sure that the DVD is in the DVD-ROM drive. The DVD must be in
the drive to install or run the game.
- Make sure that the DVD is not scratched or damaged.
Ensure that you are using a 32-bit native Windows driver to control your
DVD-ROM drive. These drivers can be configured from the Device Manager in
the Control Panel > System Properties. Do not use a DOS-based 16-bit
driver (loaded in CONFIG.SYS) to control your DVD-ROM as this is not
supported in NBA LIVE 08.
This section of the README file is intended to give you a basic
introduction to some of the key parts of Dynasty Mode . It is a very
simple overview, without providing too much detail.
Each team has a coaching staff that will have an assistant head coach,
an assistant, trainer, and scout. You may hire more than one of each
type except for the assistant head coach for a total of 5 staff members
during the season.
The chemistry of the team can affect how well your team plays down the
stretch. A number of factors are used to determine the overall team
chemistry including (but not limited to) playing time, locker room harmony,
and roster quality.
Keep an eye on the rumor mill to see valuable information about news around
the league such as potential trades or retiring players.
As the season continues, your players may begin to wear down from the
rigorous demands of the NBA season. Fatigued players won't play as well as

ones that are well rested.

Use the message center to track the latest updates from around the league
and correspond to the team owner and your staff members.
This simulates the salary cap management aspect of a GM's job and must be
managed throughout Dynasty Mode . The Salary Cap increases over the 25
Computer-controlled GM's will attempt to improve their teams by initiating
trades and signing available Free Agents.
Players are typically signed to contracts between 1 and 6 years and become
free agents when their contracts expire. There are also different types of
contracts in free agency adapted from the NBA including the qualifying
veteran exception, mid-level exception and minimum exceptions.
Players may decide to call it quits once they reach a certain age.
Held once per year in the Off-season, the draft lottery is used to
determine first round order of selection for the rookie draft.
Held once per year in the Off-season, the NBA draft provides the league
with an influx of new talent.
Players' skills now improve and decline both during the season and at
the end of each season.
- Dynasty Mode extends for 25 seasons during this time you will be
evaluated by your team owner.
- Players are signed to contracts at a per-year salary amount. Contracts
usually range from 1 to 6 years.
- The amount of money a Free Agent requires to be signed over the
current contract length is based on the player's relative worth compared
to the rest of the league, his age, and other factors.
- When making a trade that would end with one or both teams over the
salary cap, the money involved in the trade must be equal on both
sides to within 25% of the higher point amount, plus a fudge factor
of $100,000.
- When a player is released to free up roster space, his contract
continues to count against his former team's salary cap until the
contract runs out, the player is signed by another team, or he retires.
- Teams with fewer wins in the previous season have a higher chance of
receiving one of the top three draft picks. Teams that made the playoffs
in the previous season are not eligible to receive a lottery pick.

- Following the Rookie Draft, first round rookies are signed to guaranteed
4 year contracts at a Salary Cap amount based on the rookie contract
scale for their draft position. Second round picks are signed to 2 year
contracts at minimum salary.
The Team Rosters in NBA LIVE 08 are determined by actual NBA rosters as
of July 26, 2007. Some players are not included in the game for legal
or contractual reasons.
NBA LIVE 08 stores various saved files and settings in the
MY DOCUMENTS\NBA LIVE 08 folder on your hard drive. Under Windows 2000
and Windows XP these files are stored on a per-user basis. The following is
an overview of the name of the folders and what information they contain:

stores Screenshots saved from Instant Replay and by

pressing F12 on the keyboard




stores Controller Configurations saved from the

Configure Controller screen


stores Rosters, Season, Playoff and Dynasty Mode

files saved from the Load/Save screen

Player Stats saved from the Player Stats screen

Game Stats saved from the Box Scores screen
Team Stats saved from the Team Stats screen
User Stats saved from the User Stats screen

You can take screenshots in NBA LIVE 08 during a game by
pressing F12. Alternatively, you can take screenshots from Instant Replay
by clicking the SCREENSHOT button. Screenshots are placed in the
MY DOCUMENTS\NBA LIVE 08\screenshots folder on your hard drive.

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