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Steve_S: mlbn
untouchable: hi Vebe
VEBE: hi
woodieiw: hi vebe
VEBE: is there anyone over in mars hill?
woodieiw: who is pitching for the yankees steve?
Steve_S: burnett
woodieiw: cool
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VEBE: where would be the room to do bible study stuff in?
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untouchable: Hi Mowgli
Mowgli_Bear: hi
Mowgli_Bear: hi
Mowgli_Bear: hi
Mowgli_Bear: hi
Steve_S: hi mow
VEBE: does anyone care to join me in mars hill?
untouchable: what is going on in there
VEBE: I'd like to ask some bible questions
Mowgli_Bear: 12345
Mowgli_Bear: 12345
Mowgli_Bear: 12345
Mowgli_Bear: 12345
untouchable: Hi mow
untouchable: sure
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untouchable: hi again
VEBE: hi
VEBE: so
VEBE: I was reading genesis over again the other day
VEBE: and I read the passage with the "sons of god"
VEBE: were the sons of god supposed to be angels?
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VEBE: hi
untouchable: we are all sons of God
untouchable: Hi woodie
untouchable: were the sons of god supposed to be angels?
untouchable: in Genesis
VEBE: yes
VEBE: in Gen 6:2
untouchable: let me look
untouchable: Gen 6:1 When men began to increase in number on the earth
and daughters were born to them, Gen 6:2 the sons of God saw that the
daughters of men were beautiful, and they married any of them they chose.
untouchable: I believe that is talking about the human race so no I dont think
it is angels
VEBE: but it says they gave birth to giants
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untouchable: in the Nlt it says: Gen 6:1 When the human population began
to grow rapidly on the earth, Gen 6:2 the sons of God saw the beautiful
women of the human race and took any they wanted as their wives.
IJWPTL: is this private
untouchable: that is up to Vebe
VEBE: wouldn't that imply that the SOGs are inhuman?
IJWPTL: i will go if you want me to
untouchable: just discussing the Bible
VEBE: you can stay
untouchable: you can stay
VEBE: we were discussing the sons of god
IJWPTL: may the richly bless you
IJWPTL: in the old testemonent
IJWPTL: please forgive my spelling
untouchable: The giants it is talking about are the children that the women
gave birth to
woodieiw: Hi Ij
IJWPTL: thats right
VEBE: yeah I know
VEBE: it says their children were giants
untouchable: The women is the ones who gave birth
IJWPTL: long time since i looked at that one
IJWPTL: my husband is a bible teacher i could ask him if you like
IJWPTL: i have been reading about the life of Joseph these past few days
IJWPTL: i have enjoyed it
untouchable: Gen 6:4 In those days, and even afterward, giants [fn] lived on
the earth, for whenever the sons of God had intercourse with human women,
they gave birth to children who became the heroes mentioned in legends of
VEBE: yeah
untouchable: the women are the ones who gave the birth
VEBE: it makes a clear distinction that these "sons" weren't human
VEBE: so were they angels?
untouchable: I don't think they were angels
VEBE: well they don't sound like they were humans
Angels are created beings, not male or female. They were not angels
VEBE: well then what were they?
untouchable: Thank you big red man in the sky
VEBE: they couldn't have been demons, because they were the sons of GOD
Looks like you need a subject change. Maybe the love of Jesus? Something
woodieiw: There is a theory that the Sons of God were descendants of Seth,
the daughters on men from Cain.
VEBE: And they weren't humans, since it makes a distinction between them
and the human women
VEBE: I think I like this subject
Again, a request has been made for a subject change. Thank you.
woodieiw: but I don't really know who they were- Bible doesn't explain it.
VEBE: why can't we talk about this red text person?
untouchable: going back to main sorry
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VEBE: Um, are you there?
VEBE: red text?

VEBE: hello guys

untouchable: wb Vebe
woodieiw: wb vebe
savedricky: hey Vebe
VEBE: too bad we couldnt have discussed longer :/
untouchable: sorry Vebe have to listen to the big red man in the sky
woodieiw: well, doesn't seem to be a solid answer anyway
VEBE: who was that guy anyway?
woodieiw: a mod
VEBE: really seemed like he didn't want us touching on that subject
jmlusa2000: hi vebe
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untouchable: a mod here on the site
untouchable: wb Ijw
woodieiw: chat security
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VEBE: I present you with Proverbs 14:15
IJWPTL: had to sort washing out
untouchable: Hi andy
woodieiw: wb Ij hi andy
savedricky: hey Andy
-andy-: hi
IJWPTL: what is that again that rings a bell Prov 14
VEBE: anyone care to post it or should I?
woodieiw: good advice there vebe
untouchable: Pro 14:15 A simple man believes anything, but a prudent man
gives thought to his steps.
IJWPTL: im sorry verb im not with you
VEBE: wait
VEBE: that wasnt the right sacripture
IJWPTL: ohh wonderful
VEBE: I meant 1 thessalonians 5:21
jmlusa2000: hi andy
-andy-: hi
IJWPTL: Prov 31 wise and prudent woman
-andy-: eric in?
IJWPTL: i do not know that one verbe
VEBE: anyone have it?
untouchable: 1Th 5:21 Test everything. Hold on to the good
woodieiw: Prove all things?
VEBE: yes that's the one
IJWPTL: wonderful
untouchable: woodie can you pm me please
woodieiw: not a mod vebe
jmlusa2000: only moderators can pm
IJWPTL: is that the one where it says try the spirits and see if they are off God
VEBE: Sothe bible encourages discussion and critical analysis of things
untouchable: oops sorry
IJWPTL: or is that in Timothy
VEBE: So why can't we be free to discuss something like the sons of god?
woodieiw: not exactly vebe- it says prove all that we hear against what the
Bible says.
-andy-: sons of God, plural?
-andy-: there is only one!
VEBE: no, there are multiple
VEBE: genesis 6:2-3
jmlusa2000: be back later
jmlusa2000: bye for now
-andy-: no, there are not
VEBE: read it then
-andy-: this is heresy teaching
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VEBE: says it right there
woodieiw: bye jml
-andy-: they are not Sons of God
VEBE: yeah they are
untouchable: Vebe we were asked to stop discussing that one sooooo I
can't discuss it with you sorry
VEBE: that's what the bible calls them
VEBE: but ntouchable why were we asked that?
nafesa: hi all
untouchable: not sure
VEBE: well, aren't you just a little curious?
untouchable: but were asked for a reason I am sure
nafesa: hey vebe i can chat with you in another room............................ i have
an answer
IJWPTL: makes no difference in the light of things they died in the flood
VEBE: the person who asked us to do that wasn't God you know
nafesa: vebe!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
-andy-: ohh i didnt realise we were asked to stop discussing it
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VEBE: there might have been not a very good reason at all
untouchable: I know that but they were a mod and I have to follow reuls
untouchable: sorry
eric_paul: so inother words Vebe you dont have to listen?
woodieiw: hi Godfan
godfan: hi all
VEBE: yes nafesa?
nafesa: we can chat in another room
VEBE: ok
godfan: how is every 1
nafesa: about it
untouchable: so How was everyones day
IJWPTL: one of the things that i love about my faith is that God does not ask
us to put our brains in the bucket
VEBE: care to join eric_paul?
VEBE: well apparently one of the mods did
woodieiw: no- can't discuss in any room vebe
VEBE, there are rules, Terms of Service. and arguing with an administrator is
not the right thing to do. Thank you.
nafesa: wow
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VEBE: hi AyinJade
untouchable: Hi Ayin
woodieiw: hi jade
untouchable: woodie can we chat?
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VEBE: aw
woodieiw: ok untouch
godfan: well how was everyones easter
VEBE: I was hoping she'd stay
-andy-: hi aj
VEBE: anyway
woodieiw: went to a friends for Easter dinner.
AyinJade: yo all
VEBE: who was the person who said they wanted to discuss this in another
nafesa: me
VEBE: ok which room?
nafesa: lol
nafesa: doesn't matter
godfan: i sat and had a long time and thought what it really means
nafesa: you pick
untouchable: woodie I will follow you
VEBE: ok
IJWPTL: Verbe there are bible commentarys you can have a look at
VEBE: andy, wanna come too?
woodieiw: that discussion negated vebe
-andy-: what you are teaching is not the truth, vebe
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-andy-: and if they asked you to stop, you should
VEBE: I'm not teaching anything
VEBE: I'm just quoting scripture
nafesa: vebe can i talk to you alone?
VEBE: hold on
vebe.. what part of end of discussion, do you not unterstand?
vebe.. what part of end of discussion, do you not unterstand?
vebe.. what part of end of discussion, do you not unterstand?
-andy-: they are not Sons of God
VEBE: 6:1 And it came to pass, when men began to multiply on the face of
the earth, and daughters were born unto them,
6:2 That the sons of God saw the daughters of men that they were fair; and
they took them wives of all which they chose.
nafesa: vebe!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
sorry, clicked too many times
eric_paul: Vebe if you desire to remain in chat, I would suggest you listen
VEBE: ok, let's go to mars hill
VEBE: coming andy?
-andy-: yes, merely humans... people following God marrying people not
following God
-andy-: nothing more serious than that
You have been expelled by the administrator.