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AutoCAD LT 2005

Features and Benefits

AutoCAD LT 2005 software is used for drafting and detailing by design professionals in all
industries who require full DWG file format compatibility but do not require 3D capabilities
or need to customize their software.
AutoCAD LT 2005 - Efficient drafting. Easy sharing. Simplified plotting.

Efficient Drafting



Create tables

Insert standard WYSWYG (what

you see is what you get) tables
with in-place editing and intuitive
keyboard functionality, similar to
that of Microsoft Word.

Save time with a one-step process

instead of a series of manual steps using
a variety of commands.

Manage table

Establish specific table properties

that control various table elements
like border properties, cell
properties, location of table
headings, and more.

Provides an efficient way for creating

table data with a variety of formatting

Edit tables

Editing options are available

through the context-sensitive
menu, the Properties window, as
well as standard grip editing.

Simplifies the process of modifying

tables, helping reduce frustration and
save time.

Import table data

from Microsoft

Cut and paste data directly from

Excel as a table object (AutoCAD

Increase efficiency by maintaining

formatting from the original

Tool Palette Enhancements




Content tools by

Drag predefined content from your

drawings, including hatches,
blocks, and external references.

Save time by creating tools that are

consistent with your current standards
and that help you maintain consistency
between drawings.

Command tools by

Drag AutoCAD LT commands onto

tool palettes (including the
Customize dialog box). AutoCAD
LT automatically applies the
properties of the existing object to
the new command tool.

Use your previous work, maintain

consistency between drawings, and
create tools consistent with your existing
work environment.

Modify tool

Modify the properties (like color,

layer, linetype) of any tool simply
by right-clicking the tool.

Use one-click access to tool properties

for easy redefinition.


AutoCAD LT 2005 Features and Benefits

Manage tool

Create palette groups using the
Customize dialog box. You can
easily switch between palette
groups from the Customize dialog
box or from the tool palette itself.

Easily organize your tool palettes into
logical sets and quickly restore them at
any time to increase productivity and
save time.

Layer Management



New Layer
Properties Manager

Provide a description for each

layer, and immediately apply any
layer changes without closing the
Layer Properties Manager. If you
right-click the column headings,
you can quickly maximize columns
based on content. Any changes
that you make to the display of
columns remain persistent the
next time you access the Layer
Properties Manager.

Space-saving design of the new Layer

Properties Manager provides greater
functionality in a more intuitive

Filter tree view

Group layers using filters. Filters

for external reference (xref) layers
are automatically created and
displayed in the tree view.

Save time by easily controlling layer

visibility for all layers in a particular filter

Layer Properties

Defines which set of layers is

displayed in the Layer Properties
Manager based on any
combination of layer properties,
including name, state, color,
linetype, lineweight, and plot style.

Save time by using this quick and

flexible method to view a specific set of

Group filters

Control which layers display in the

Layer Properties Manager. The
content of a group filter does not
change after you create the filter,
even if the layer properties
change. You can add any layer to
a group filter, regardless of its
properties, by dragging the layer
name from the Layer Properties
Manager onto the group name.

Efficient organization of filtered layers

into named groups.

Other Enhancements



Mtext background

Apply a fill around multiline text so

that it covers any objects under it.
You can specify a border offset
factor that is the distance the
background extends beyond the
edge of the text.

Uncluttered view of text on objects

minimizes annotation confusion, thus
helping reduce risk of error.


Insert commonly used symbols

directly into your multiline text
objects rather than inserting them

Saves time and minimizes mistakes

when working with symbols and text


AutoCAD LT 2005 Features and Benefits




as separate block objects and

trying to position them manually.
Draw order

Updated draw order behavior

provides a WYSIWYG display of
modified objects. When you edit
an object that is behind another
object, the edited object
automatically returns to its
assigned position as soon as the
edit operation is completed.

Predictable draw order results that you

can establish quickly and easily give you
the confidence of knowing that what you
see on the screen is what you get on
hard-copy prints and plots.

Enhanced OLE

OLE (object linking and

embedding) objects are
automatically drawn on the plane
of the current user coordinate
system (UCS). You can select OLE
objects and add or remove them
from selection sets just like other
objects in AutoCAD LT software.

Not only does this enhancement save

you time, it also reduces the possibility
of incorrectly re-creating table data in a
separate application.

Named views

Store layer settings with the view,

and edit the view boundaries.
Named views that you create from
paper space are associated with a
specific layout.

Offers more control and flexibility for

creating and managing named views.


While in a paper space layout, you

can automatically maximize a
viewport to work on your model
space drawing using the entire
drawing area.

Makes it easier to work between model

space and paper space.

Learning Tools


New Features
Workshop learning

A series of interactive animations,

exercises, and short descriptions
designed to help you learn the new
features. You can access it from
the Help menu.

Shortens learning time by providing a
convenient way to learn about the new

Easy Sharing
Electronic Publishing
Publishing to



Publish all drawings to a single

DWF file using the new DWF 6
(Design Web Format) file
publishing format. Specialized
information required to view the
drawing, such as xrefs, pen tables,
or fonts, is included with the DWF

Save time and simplify your team

collaboration with DWF. DWF is the
fastest, easiest way to communicate
design information while ensuring secure
and efficient collaboration at any stage of
the project/product lifecycle.


AutoCAD LT 2005 Features and Benefits




Free, downloadable
Autodesk DWF

Enables you to view DWF files that

preserve design intent, without
requiring the original design
application. Autodesk DWF Viewer
presents all the intelligent data
preserved with accuracy in the
DWF file, including drawing scale,
coordinates, assorted views,
hyperlinks, sheet or object
properties, and the file author.
With the flexible printing system,
you can print to scale, fit to page,
tile, or selectively print a variety of
sheets from a DWF sheet set.

Included with AutoCAD LT 2005 is a copy

of Autodesk DWF Viewer software. A
free, lightweight, high-performance
application for viewing and printing DWF



Autodesk DWF
(available for

Project team members can work

with computer-generated drawings
and images even if they do not
own or know how to use graphics
You can navigate to various sheets
in a multisheet DWF file. You can
measure distances and areas in a
drawing, follow hyperlinks within a
set, turn layers on or off, navigate
to various markups, and keep
track of the author, time of
creation, and status. DWF
Composer provides markup and
redlining functionality that replaces
the paper process. You can mark
up drawings with comments,
sketches, dimensions, text, and

Easily coordinate projects throughout

the entire design review process,
communicating digital design
information with published DWF data.

Markup Set

Load a collection of individual

markups contained in a single DWF
file. Markup sets begin as ordinary
DWF files that have been published
from AutoCAD LT and then marked
up in Autodesk DWF Composer.
The Markup Set Manager displays
the list of markups in the current
markup set. The markups are
shown in a tree view, organized by
sheets. Only those sheets in the
DWF file that contain markups are
shown in the tree view. From the
Markups tree, you can republish
markups, open sheets with
associated markups, change the
markup status, and more.

The markup functionality in AutoCAD LT

2005 automates the iterative process of
drawing review, markup, and revision,
streamlining workflow and helping
increase productivity.


AutoCAD LT 2005 Features and Benefits

Transmitting Drawings Electronically


Package multiple DWG (and other)
files for Internet transmission.

Streamline collaboration with simplified,
all-in-one mechanism to share your
design data with partners.

Simplified Plotting



New plot user


Provides all page setup controls in

one location, with the most
commonly used controls on the left
side. The Preview option provides
a full preview of how the current
plot settings will be applied when
you plot the drawing.

Increase productivity with easy access to

the most frequently used plot controls.


Whether you publish your designs

to DWF files or plot to paper, with
AutoCAD LT 2005 you can
continue working in the drawing
editor while AutoCAD LT plots in
the background.

Reduce time spent waiting for plot jobs,

and spend more time drafting.

Plot and publish

job complete

Receive an unobtrusive notification

when a plot job is completed. You
can follow the link to view the plot
and publish details in the new Plot
and Publish Details dialog box.

Use this simple and effective method to

stay on top of your plot jobs.

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