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Return to Nature with Kangen Water

Greener Living is Possible... Greener Living is Kangen Water!

t Enagic , we translate the Japanese word

"Kangen" to mean "a return to origin." And that is
exactly what this healthy water can do in your
home. With the 5 types of Enagic water, you can
unearth greener solutions in your entire household to
bring you closer to the life Nature intended.

Maximize the Machine

This is where the
Enagic water ionizing
machine can help you
establish a cleaner and
greener home! The
range of alkaline and
acidic waters generated
by the Ena gic
machines can be used
to create green
solutions to your

Greener Living
No one wants a home full of chemicals and
pesticides, and most Americans are generally
aware that these toxins can be harmful to our
families and our environment. The US
Environmental Protection Agency has reported that
hazardous household chemicals can pollute municipal tap
water and natural water sources such as rivers, streams, and
oceans. Beach closings and even endangered wildlife have
been linked to "seemingly negligible amounts" of
household chemicals. (1)
Obviously, the chemicals and toxins have to go! But how
can you rid your home of cleaning products, laundry
detergent, soaps, shampoos, fragrances, etc? You need
these products to keep your house and your body clean,

everyday household needs.

Kangen Water and Beyond

You may already know that Kangen Water is a healthy
choice for clean and pure hydration with alkaline water.
But the Enagic water ionizing machines can do even
more. There are no limits to the uses of the 5 types of
Enagic water, and we invite you to learn more about
how this one innovative product can transform your
home from the inside out.
Find out how you can say "Farewell" to the chemicals
that are polluting your home, thanks to the 5 types of
Enagic water.

Contact Info
Next Level Up LLC

The earth is what we all

have in common
- Wendell Berry
Author, farmer, cultural critic.

Next Level Up LLC

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1. http://water.epa.gov/polwaste/nps/dosdont.cfm
(United States Environmental Protection Agency)

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What does it mean to have a Greener Lifestyle?

iving a "green" lifestyle has become a trendy topic

the last few years. There's a good reason for that!
Going green means making earth-friendly
decisions and consuming products that are
ethically-produced, recyclable, and energy-efficient. In
other words, make healthy choices for your body, your
home, and your Earth.

has labeled indoor air pollution by hazardous chemicals

"one of the most serious environmental risks to human
health," there is too little research and too little oversight.
Thankfully, YOU get to decide what chemicals enter your
home. YOU can make the choice to create a clean, green
home with natural products that will not harm your body
or your Earth.

Thankfully, you can master a green lifestyle with the help

of Enagic!

So get rid of the cleaners,

detergents, beauty care
products, pet products,
etc. that are polluting
your house, and let a
multi-purpose Enagic
water ionizing machine
do the work - Naturally!

HazMat in the Home

The first step towards embracing a greener lifestyle is to
take inventory of what is already in your home. What are
you and your family members allowing to enter your body
every day, whether by contact with your skin or inhalation?
If you are like any other average American household, what
you find will probably shock you. The United States
Environmental Protection Agency reports that a typical
US house contains 100 pounds of hazardous household
products (1) at any given time.
In fact, the unfortunate truth is that household chemicals
are so prevalent that they are actually causing indoor air
pollution 2-5 times greater than outdoor air pollution! (2)
According to recent research by Environmental Science and
Technology, a total of 586 chemicals were identified in the
American homes included in this 2009 study, and 120
chemicals remained unidentifiable by scientists. The most
troubling result of this study was the common presence of
chemicals that have been banned by the US, such as DDT.
Even with all these findings, there have been very few
studies that document the health effects of indoor air
pollution (3). Although the US General Accounting Office

Next Level Up LLC

:: 2083664558

Better for YOU

Better for the Earth!
1. http://www.scdhec.gov/environment/lwm/recycle/pubs/hhp.pdf
2. "Sleeping with the enemy: indoor airbone contaminants" Gale
RW, WL Cranor, DA Alvarez, JN Huckins, JD Petty and GL
Robertson. Semivolatile organic compounds in residential air along
the Arizona Mexico border. Environmental Science and
Technology doi: 10.1021/es803482u.
3. http://healthychild.org/

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A Greener Home

ou need household products that are harsh on dirt

and stains, but gentle on the Earth and your
family's health. With an Enagic machine, you
can have the best of both worlds!

The Strong Waters

The state-of-the-art Enagic machines incorporate the
process of electrolysis to generate alkaline and acidic
waters of varying strengths. Strong Kangen Water (pH
11.0) and Strong Acidic Water (pH 2.7) are not for drinking,
but they have unique characteristics that make them very
useful and versatile around your home.

Strong Acidic Water

Strong Acidic Water also has excellent cleaning
characteristics, but it cleans in a different way. It can
sanitize your home and help eliminate germs and
bacteria. It can be used to clean household surfaces and
remove pesticides, dirt, and other impurities from foods.
Clean everything from toothbrushes to knives, cutting
boards, toilet seats, your kitchen sink, and more!

It's Basic Chemistry:

Chemical-Free Cleaning and Sanitation!
You can scrub almost any crevice of your home with one of
these 2 Strong Waters, and you're sure to get sparkling,
green results!
If you are seeking a greener alternative to the harsh
cleaning products you've relied on for years, Enagic has
great news for you. You can still get the results you want at
the value your pocketbook demands. No more trips to the
grocery store to buy different cleaning products for each
room in the house. With an Enagic water ionizer, you will
have virtually unlimited access to all the chemical-free
cleaning products your house needs!

Strong Kangen Water

Strong Kangen Water is a no-nonsense tool against dirt
and grime in your home. This water can wash dishes,
remove stains (even oil and coffee), get rid of roughness
from vegetables, eradicate toilet bowl stains, etc.
With just a few other ingredients that you can already find
in your home, you can make an all-natural All-Purpose
Strong Kangen Water Cleaner, Strong Kangen Water
Window Cleaner, Strong Kangen Water Dish Soap, and
more. Stop depending on chemical-filled cleaners that are
mass-produced and sold with a high mark-up price. Now
you can save money and support a greener home with
Strong Kangen Water.

Next Level Up LLC

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Get Greener and Get Smarter

with Enagic!


Do not despair! You have another

option that is good for the Earth and
for your body.

Greener Laundering

If you have never looked at the label of your favorite laundry detergent, now is the time! But
be prepared to feel utterly foolish trying to pronounce the names of all the ingredients you
will find. The truth is, your laundry detergent may be the most poisonous product in your
home! (1)

Here is what you can expect to find in most store bought laundry detergents:
Nonylphenol polyethoxylate (a
surfactant that breaks down
into an estrogen mimic) (2)

Other toxic chemicals

Unfortunately, the list goes on. As many as 26 synthetic fragrant chemicals can legally be
included in your detergent without having a presence on the label. (3) These fragrance
chemicals have been known to irritate skin, among other complications. In other words,
when you investigate which detergent you should buy for your family at the local
supermarket, you may be kept in the dark about ingredients in those products that can
ultimately affect your health. It is becoming ever difficult to be an educated consumer, as the
manufacturing companies are concealing information that would undoubtedly affect your
purchasing decision.
The US Environmental Protection Agency has grouped all the ingredients of common
laundry detergents into 9 sweeping categories, and listed the harmful characteristics of each
(4). These characteristics include toxicity to humans in general, toxicity that "may cause cancer
or other adverse health effects in humans," toxicity that may lead to "developmental and
reproductive effects," ingredients that may cause "severe irritation or burns to living tissue,"
toxicity to aquatic wildlife (after the chemicals have washed down the drain and polluted
natural water sources), and metalized colorants that present environmental concerns.

Kangen Water: Gentle on Fabrics,

the Eco-System, and the Body

Kangen Watercan do so much more

than provide optimal hydration for your
body! This special alkaline water also plays
an essential role in green laundering.When
combined with other common all-natural
household ingredients (such as baking soda,
essential oils, cooking oils, etc), Kangen
Water can be used to make your own laundry
detergent and liquid castile soap.
No more chemicals! No more skin irritations!
No more polluted run-off into natural water
Making your own laundry detergent is easy,
fun, and the responsible decision for your
health and environment. And you will love the
results! Kangen Water Laundry Detergent
washes your clothes gently, leaving them clean
without jeopardizing color brilliance.
And since you can select an Enagic machine
that's just the right size for your family, you will
never have to worr y about this high
performance water generator running out of
steam. You can have access to all the Kangen
Water you need to stay on top of your
hydration AND greener laundering!
Have peace of mind that the clothes your
family wears do not contain chemicals that
may be absorbed by your skin. Go green with
Kangen Water laundering!
1. http://www.ecocycle.org/hazwaste/index.cfm
2. Smith-Heavenrich, Sue. "Laundry Detergent, Fracking
Chemicals and Cancer" Broader View Weekly, October 2,
3. http://www.sciencedaily.com/releases/
4. http://www.epa.gov/dfe/pubs/laundry/techfact/

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Cleaner, Greener Kitchen with


One room in your home that cannot be overlooked in your Green Home Takeover is the
kitchen. The kitchen is a safe haven for germs, and even boasts more bacteria than your
bathroom. With so many microscopic pathogens calling your kitchen home, you need a hefty
cleaner (or two) and a clear-cut plan. But don't make the mistake of reaching for all-purpose
cleaners in the supermarket, as these products will contain more of the chemicals that you are
working so hard to eliminate.

Scrubbing the Dishes Green

Kangen Water

is very versatile in the kitchen, as it also provides a great solution for
dish soap. You can save on water and soap by using Strong Kangen Water by itself to wash
your dishes. It only takes a quarter of the usual amount of water to rinse off, and it is
immensely effective. With its extra strength and high absorption qualities, you will have
sparkling clean dishes every time.
If you prefer to use bubbly dish soap, you can make your own with Strong Kangen Water!
All you need is a little motivation and a few other common household ingredients, and you
can have an all-natural and innovative alternative.

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1. Clean Your Sponges

Wash your sponges regularly in the dishwasher
with Homemade Dishwater
Detergent, and microwave them for two
minutes while still damp. This can
help remove germs that easily spread from
your sponge.
2. Wash Your Kitchen Towels with KangenTM
Laundry Detergent
Just like your moist sponge is a breeding
ground for germs, your damp dishrags may be
dirty culprits in spreading microscopic germs
around your kitchen and hands. Make sure to
wash your kitchen towels in KangenTM
Laundry Detergent.

The Strong Enagic Waters are excellent choices for greener

tough cleaners. With an Enagic water ionizer, you can make an
All-Purpose Strong Kangen Water Cleaner to remove dirt,
pesticides, grease, grime, messy spills, etc in your kitchen. Then
switch to Strong Acidic Water for the areas that need sanitized,
such as countertops, cutting boards, and knives.

Next Level Up LLC

Here is your plan for a cleaner


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3. Keep It Clean
Keep two spray bottles of the Strong Water
Cleaners close by, and keep germs at bay!
4. Wash Your Hands
Before and after handling food, be sure to
wash your hands. You can even make your own
hand soap or hand sanitizer with Strong Acidic


Healthy Cooking

Here are some easy suggestions for

cooking with Kangen Water:

It is simply not enough to hydrate with Kangen Water every day for a healthy body. With so
many dierent uses of the Enagic machine, you can go far beyond optimal hydration!

1. Use Kangen Water to make homemade

broths. Kangen Water will draw out all the
delicious flavors of vegetable, seafood, beef, or
chicken broth.

You can learn to integrate different Enagic waters into your daily cooking regime, thereby
maximizing the versatility of the Enagic machine as you prepare your favorite meals.

Prep Work with Enagic

Start your food preparation with healthy clean ingredients: the Enagic Waters.
Combine the powers of Strong Acidic Water, Kangen Water, and Strong Kangen
Water to clean your food, and have peace of mind that your fresh ingredients are purged
of any unwanted impurities.

First soak produce, eggs, fish, and even meat in Strong Acidic Water to remove bacteria
from your food.
Then soak the food in Strong Kangen Water to remove pesticides.
Finally, rinse well with Kangen Water before eating or cooking.

Why use ordinary tap water (which may contain contaminants or pollutants) to clean
your food? If you want to ensure that your food has been stripped of substances you don't
want in your body, you need the Enagic waters!

2. Brew your favorite Fair Trade coffees or teas

with Kangen Water (but remember to still
drink 8-10 glasses of Kangen Water every
3. Steam your food with Kangen Water.
Steaming food is one of the healthiest cooking
methods, as it allows fresh nutrients to be
retained more than boiling, frying, baking, or
microwaving. Kangen Water brings out the
delicate flavors of steamed food, especially if
you're using a bamboo steamer!
4. Use Kangen Water when making soups or
cooking with pastas, beans, couscous, oatmeal,
Explore gourmet Kangen Water cooking
with a new Enagic ionizing machine today!

Prepare food with passion

and purpose.

Kangen Cooking
With its delicious mild taste and healthy alkalinity, Kangen Water makes the perfect
substitute for regular water in almost any recipe - and it will draw out the natural
flavors and aromas of your fresh ingredients! Why cook with acidic tap water when you
can use clean, ionized and alkalized Kangen Water?

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Ravishingly Green... with Enagic Beauty Water

ransforming your home into a greener living

household will ultimately include a beauty care
face-lift. When was the last time you looked at
the ingredients of your beauty products? After reading the
labels, you will probably wonder how your skin survived so
many years of chemical therapy! Why are so many
chemicals in products that are supposed to be making
your skin supple, healthier, and more glowing?

The Truth About Beauty Products

The Environmental Working Group (EWG) has reported

that the United States Food and Drug Administration has
not evaluated almost 90% of all skin care and beauty
products on the US market. Meanwhile, most skin care
products contain petrochemicals, synthetic fragrances,
parabens (chemical preservatives), and chemical fillers. (1)
This is very disconcerting because your skin is your largest
organ, and there is great potential for you to absorb more
toxins through the skin than anywhere else. Furthermore,
your skin requires the same types of nutrients as the rest of
your body. So why would you choose a skin care or beauty
care product that is riddled with chemicals and synthetic

With an Enagic water ionizing generator, you can

produce the main ingredient you need to make homemade
all-natural personal care products:
Enagic Beauty Water!

Beautifully Green

Beauty Water is a remarkable, gentle astringent that can

help support the proper pH level of your skin, which is
slightly acidic. Why use chlorinated tap water when you
could have glowing Beauty skin? With just the push of a
button, the Enagic water ionizing machines produce
enough Beauty Water to wash, rinse, and tone your whole
body from hair to toes.

If you are interested in any organic products, you should

surely be passionate about organic personal care products
that are applied directly to the largest organ of your body.
But that is not the end of this sad story. The chemicals
don't dissolve completely on your skin. These synthetic
chemicals are washed down the drain and eventually find
their way to our natural water sources. Such pollution is
harmful to our environment and eco-system.

Be radiant...be natural...be green!

Beauty Water Concoctions

Not only can Beauty Water be used to wash and rinse your
skin, but you can also use it to make Earth-friendly skin
care products! Whether you're looking for all-natural
shampoo, conditioner, soap, lotions, hand sanitizer, or
perfume, the powerful Enagic machines will generate the
water you need to keep your skin and your environment
clean, green, and radiant.

Be Good to Your Body, Your Budget, and

Your Environment!
There is no debate that natural beauty products are
important for you and the Earth. Natural IS better! But
how much are you willing to pay for eco-friendly products
that will give you the results you need? Most organic and
all-natural personal care items are very expensive, and do
not always give you the quality you desire.
Thankful l y, you can ha ve another
alternative. You DON'T have to settle for
chemical-filled personal care products.
And you DON'T have to pay top
dollar for all-natural beauty products
that may not work.

Next Level Up LLC

:: 2083664558

Transform your skin, hair, and beauty care products with

Beauty Water today!
1. www.thegreendirectory.com.au/body-and-skin-care/bodyskin-care.html

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Enagic Hair Care

ou want your hair to be hydrated, shiny, healthy,

and radiant. You want a shampoo and conditioner
that will enliven your hair from root to tip. But
what if your favorite hair care products are full of toxins
and chemicals that may be harmful to your body? Research
is still being conducted to determine how many chemicals
are absorbed by your scalp, but in the meantime you can
choose to only use shampoos and conditioners with
natural ingredients.

What Could Go Wrong?

Eyebrows were raised when the Campaign for Safe
Cosmetics found in March 2009 that popular hair care
products (including baby shampoo) contained
formaldehyde and 1.4-dioxane, both which have been
found labeled as probable human carcinogen by the EPA.(1)
The chemicals and additives in shampoos and soaps don't
just affect you; they are also harmful to the environment.
The Canadian federal government has labeled two of these
silicon-based chemicals (called D4 and D5) as toxic. These
two toxins, found prevalently in shampoos, soaps, paints,
and plastics, not only pose a risk to human health, but also
affect wildlife when they are seeped into the environment
in large quantities. (2) Unfortunately, while the Canadian
government harshly regulates these dangerous chemicals,
the US government has yet to label them as toxic, or
regulate them in any way.

The Organic Dilemma

Many educated consumers choose to buy expensive
organic products. If your budget can support this decision,
than it is surely a step up from chemical-laden hair care
products. The reality is most Americans do not have room
in their budget for such an investment. What's more,

Next Level Up LLC

:: 2083664558

"organic" products are sometimes not worthy of all the

hype. In order to meet federal requirements, producers
who wish to sell products made with organic ingredients
must only ensure that 70% of it is indeed "made with"
organic elements. (3) The remaining 30% may be
everything you are trying to dispel from your home!

Enagic has good news for you!

You do not have to resort to chemical-filled shampoos and
conditioners. You can claim beautiful, hydrated hair with
Enagic Beauty Water today.
Beauty Water is healthy for your skin and scalp, and can be
used to make a chemical-free, all-natural shampoo out of
common ingredients already found in your home. Wash
and rinse your hair everyday without worrying about the
chemical effects on your skin, hair, and the environment.
You can also make your own natural Beauty Water
Conditioner. With just three ingredients (Beauty Water,
egg yolks, and almond oil), you will be amazed at how
clean, moisturized, and beautiful your hair will feel after
the first conditioning.

Enjoy radiant hair with all-natural

Beauty Water!
1. http://www.safecosmetics.org/article.php?id=518
2. www.ctv.ca/CTVNews/Health/20090203/

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A Greener Globe, a Greener Garden...

Gardening is an eco-friendly activity, and it is also ideal for everyone's health and budget.
Gardening is a timeless hobby that provides a vehicle for connecting with Nature, burning
calories with light exercise, and enjoying the healthy fruits of your labor.
But the decision to garden actually affects more than just your household. When you grow
your own produce, herbs, and flowers, you reduce the needless waste of resources associated
with transporting these goods across the globe.

...with Kangen Water

Gardening by itself is great, but gardening with Kangen Water is even better! Just like your
own body needs Kangen Water for ultimate hydration, your plants need this remarkable
water for nourishment, hydration, and revitalization. Enagic water stimulates germination
and improves seedling development, leaving your plants in peak condition without the use of
harmful chemicals.
And since plants thrive in different soil pH levels, and some soils are already more prone to
be alkaline or acidic, the Enagic machine can produce a water with the exact pH level that
your plants need to thrive.

Here are some other tips for

maintaining an environmentally
responsible garden: (1,2)

You should first test your soil to see where it falls on the pH scale, and then determine the
optimal pH level for each of your plants. Ideally, your plants will all require the same pH.
Now you can determine if you should water your garden with Neutral Water, slightly alkaline
Kangen Water , or slightly acidic Beauty Water.

1. Select plants that use the least amount of

water, fertilizers, and pesticides.
2. Preserve existing trees and shrubs.

You will notice an astounding difference in your garden after nurturing them with the correct
Enagic water!

3. Compost! 75% of the organic resources

Americans throw in a landfill could actually be
composted and put back into the Earth.
4. Save seeds each year, and plant them the
following season.
5. Reduce turf grass to encourage more species
and a diversity of Nature to become part of
your garden.
6. Recycle or compost lawn clippings; do not
let them contribute to waste in landfills.

1. http://water.epa.gov/polwaste/nps/dosdont.cfm
2. http://www.nwf.org/News-and-Magazines/

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Living with Enagic Water


ou already know that Kangen Water is an excellent choice for clean, alkaline drinking water. But Kangen Water
is only one piece of a much larger picture. Enagic water ionizer machines can continuously generate 5 types of
healthy, versatile water, each with a very special purpose!

1. Strong Kangen Water - pH 11.0

4. Acidic Water - pH 4.0 - 6.0

Strong Kangen Water is not for drinking,

but it makes a powerful cleaner and
emulsifier! This strong alkaline water can
eliminate pesticides and dirt from fresh
produce, remove tough stains from clothes
(even oil and coffee!), and clean every
surface in your home.

Acidic Water is not for drinking, but it is a

marvelous choice for gentle toning and
beauty care, thanks to its astringent
effects. This water is also referred to as
Beauty Water, as it can tone and firm your
skin, condition your hair, and even shine
your beloved pet's fur!

2. Kangen Water - pH 8.5 - 9.5

5. Strong Acidic Water - pH 2.7

Kangen Water is slightly alkaline, and

makes a healthy choice for cooking and
drinking. You can use it to brew your
favorite tea, draw out the flavor and
aromas in soups and stews, water your
plants, and clean all your produce.

Strong Acidic Water has excellent

disinfectant power! It can kill bacteria on
cutting boards, kitchen sinks and
counters, door knobs, and completely
disinfect your bathroom! You can also
rinse your clean dishes in Strong Acidic
Water to sterilize them.

3. Neutral Water - pH 7.0

Neutral Water is free of chlorine, rust, and
cloudiness. This water is a delicious
drinking water that can be taken with
medicine, as it is not as fast absorbing as
Kangen Water. Baby food may also be
prepared with Neutral Water.

You can always discover new ways

to use this one amazing product.

There is no end to the innovative uses of the healthy Enagic Waters!

Next Level Up LLC

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Introducing the Forward Thinking

Enagic Water Ionizing Machines!
Every high-quality Enagic machine is put together by hand with extreme and meticulous care.
The integrity of Enagic and their attention to detail have made them the top producers in the industry.

Our Most Popular Enagic Machines:

Most Powerful Anti-Oxidizer for the Home

The K8 is without question the best machine for home use! You get 8 powerful solid plates
providing all 5 types of water for maximum home versatility and health benefits for your entire
family. Generates all 5 types of Enagic water.

The Ultimate Home Use Model

The slick and easy-to-use design of the SD501 makes this machine perfect for everyday use for
you and your family.

The SD501 Under the Counter Unit

There's no reason to sacrifice valuable counter space with the SD501-U!
Get the quality and power of the SD501 in a compact size that fits snugly and conveniently
under your kitchen counter.

Large Family Unit
The SUPER 501 is designed for an extended family, as the production rate
is much faster than any other machine. It can also be the perfect solution
for nursing homes, salons, spas, and agricultural colleges.

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Good Power at a Great Value

The DXII is the perfect balance between budget and power. While not quite as robust as the
SD501 models, it still carries the same fully automatic features.

The Energy Saver

The JRII has three solid electrode plates which reduces the energy consumption. This is a
great solution for singles or couples who won't be consuming as much water.

The Starter Model
The Leveluk-R is one of Enagic's "starter" models because it is affordable for families on
almost any budget.

Your Home Spa System

The ANESPA ensures a clean, healthy bath or shower. The carefully selected therapeutic
ingredients help make your hair and skin healthy and radiant, and provide a relaxing hot spring
effect! The ANESPA removes chlorine from your water with its dual cartridge system.

The water ionizing machines come with a fully-featured LCD control

panel with audio guidance, making them easily accessible for any
customer. With just the click of a clearly labeled button, you can have
instant access to any of the 5 types of healthy water.
Your machine also includes a self- cleaning feature, so you dont have to
worry about washing every crevice of this high-tech device.

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The Difference is Enagic: A Revolutionary Company!

nagic is a privately owned Japanese company that

has provided people with clean alkaline watermaking machines for over thirty years.

Since Hironari Ohshiro founded the company in 1974, it

has expanded internationally, opening Enagic USA and
offices in Los Angeles, Honolulu, New York and Chicago,
Canada, and most recently the Philippines branch!

The Enagic Lifestyle is a Green Lifestyle, and we strive

every day to create new goals and challenge our company
even further, in order to establish the most healthconscious and environmentally responsible company

That is the Enagic Difference!

Enagic stands behind every

product, and backs the handmade water ionizing machines
with solid 3 and 5 year
warranties. This is a company
dedicated to filling the world
with wellness, awareness, and
cleaner, greener, healthier

The Enagic President and

CEO, Hironari Ohshiro, is deeply committed to Kangen
Water, as well as environmental issues.
Ohshiro has developed specific guidelines for the needs of
the environment and safety for the next generation. It is
the greatest hope at the Enagic company that all
employees and business partners uphold the following


To secure materials with a low environmental load.


To reduce, reuse and recycle waste.


To conserve natural resources and achieve energysaving efficiency in order to prevent global warming.


To observe the international laws, regulations, and

standards with regard to the environment and safety.


To raise awareness of environmental and safety issues,

whereby environmental and work-related accidents
can be prevented.


To seek continuous improvement, setting

environmental goals and objectives upon which
regular reports are delivered.

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Kangen Water Change Your Water, Change Your Life


This is the solution you have been searching for! With Kangen Water, you can achieve the ultimate marriage of health and
wellness: optimal hydration and greener alternatives for your home.

Thankfully, this ONE product with many purposes can be

available TODAY!
You can have access to healthy Kangen Water (and the 4 other types of
powerful Enagic waters) in the comforts of your own home. And with so
many different styles of Enagic water ionizing machines available, one of
them is the perfect choice for your kitchen and your lifestyle. Our machines
come in different sizes to fit each family's consumption needs so you never run
out of water. With just a push of a button, you can generate as much drinking
water, cleaning water, laundering water, garden water, and bathing water that
you and your family could possibly need!
There is no other product like this on the market. Enagic is the leader in the industry, and the Gold Standard for quality,
performance, and overall excellence. In fact, Enagic has received (and continues to receive) many prestigious certifications over
the years.

Contact Info
Next Level Up LLC
Take delight in your Health, your Earth, and your Greener Life!
Discover what Enagic Kangen Water can do for your body and your home TODAY!

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