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Girls How many people does he need (the one where you come in after the boys)
should start stronger.
Boys Be lighter on your Ive got to get this job it sounds forced right now
Everyone Have much sharper consonants throughout.
Megan The first part of your solo should be breathy, like a prayer, so that it can build.
Paul It sounded glorious tonight.
I Can Do That
Dale High notes were super solid tonight
Dale Make sure you maintain support throughout the song.
Everyone If you do not have the track for this number it is now on the drive.
Everyone Group parts were soooo pretty 2nite
Richie Dont milk this number. You will get to show your vocal power/tone/general
talent later, but this number is not about that. Make it more scared, less secure, and
ensure that youre keeping up with the piano.
Catherine use the track to review your lyrics.
At The Ballet
Bri - In when I was five I remember my mother dug earrings out of the car, you are
singing mothrrr, I want to hear more vowel, as in motheeeeer.
Bri When you sing graceful men lift lovely girls in white, it will sound more full and
less strained if you sing what instead of white.
Bri Parts were a little iffy in the part you sang for callbacks. This was likely because
we didnt have a Bebe, but I still suggest going over that recording in order to be super
solid, especially since you might not be able to hear Molly all that well once onstage.
This applies to the doo doo doo dooos as well.
Sarah P - Continue to review lyrics.
Sarah P That last, long hey that you hold for a dogs life Flip it halfway through to
make it breathy; this will add some variety.
Michael remind me to demonstrate for you how I want ping done; I havent been clear
in previous notes.
Michael Too much gravel in power this time; we missed the note. Please use previous,
lower levels of gravel.
Sami Did you hear how much time she has on that track? Listen to her. She sounds so
leisurely. While theres no need to be THAT slow, you have soooo much more time than
you think you do. Let yourself use it.
Sarah P A couple of lyrics were missed in the beginning, particularly its a mess.

Connor Id like a fuller, deeper, more differentiated priest voice going forward.
Mariah Dont do a full character voice or mimic the recording for Connie; its sounding
a bit thin. Open up and try singing very naturally tomorrow.
Mariah The lyrics I was never gonna be Maria are consistently open and full. Aim for
that same tone throughout tomorrow.
Mariah You sang I was never going to be instead of the correct lyric, I was never
gonna be.
Stef Listen to the recording for your pitches on the jump in we would try to feel. Make
it your life. I also suggest practicing with Ryans track.
Stef Transferred was effing perfect; Simon has a smiley face in his notes and I have a
heart in mine. Very well done.
Stef Here is what it said also wonderful.
Stef Make sure you enunciate the following consonants: bottoM oF my soul
Stef Cause I felt nothing; please pronounce cause as caws (e.g. the raven caws) not
as cuz (i.e. the first syllable in cousin)
Tanner Be ready to sing Anyway she used to come there is an iffy transition
between lines and song there.
Dale Stop picking your nose was effing perfect today.
Sarah P I cannot do justice to the way you sang mother tonight in these notes. It was so
heartbreakingly beautiful that I was actually crying.
Kyle Please create more of a contrast between Gregs impression of his teacher and his
actual voice.
Kyle The first Stand up straight notes should be more precise. Its the same thing as
hey up there from Follies. Let me know if you want me to put this on the drive.
Kyle All your books was glorious tonight. Great, great job.
Mariah Remind me to go over your harmony for you are; it should be a third down
from what Sarah P is singing there.
Keenan What am I gonna say when he calls on me was absolutely beautiful tonight.
Keenan In tomorrows rehearsal, Id like you to imagine that youre outside in a
meadow (I swear Im going somewhere with this). Instead of singing to the people
around you or even thinking about projecting to the back of the theater, try to let your
voice out into the atmosphere, letting it go in as many different directions as possible
once it leaves your mouth.
Foster Relax your facial muscles. Youre doing this squinty thing and tightening your
cheek muscles, and your not doing your tone (or your long-term vocal health) any favors.
Try stretching out your facial muscles and making as many crazy-ass faces as you can on
your way over from walk-ons.
Foster Youre rushing your solo. This part should be driven by a forceful, but almost
heavy energy (think about the difference between a boom from a and a crack from a
Everyone We are missing the lowest part on shit Richie. Ill put this on the drive
tomorrow, but if you can, review it beforehand.
Everyone The last Go to It is a sforzando piano, then a crescendo. It starts out super
loud for a sec, then gets really soft really quick, then gradually builds to its starting

Still sounding like dance tin. I can go over this w/ u tomorrow while youre on a break
if you like.
I know tonight was a little funky w/ the track, but make sure youre doing those cutoffs
Everyone And you can forget the rest; rest is a very quick cut-off. Some people are
holding it longer and yall sound like a bunch of snakes on that cutoff.
Everyone Ooh, sigh, give her your attention; ATTENTION should be pronounced
with a long vowel, same as combination and mention.
Catherine Please review your spoken parts
Boys When you sing by yourselves, make sure your vowels stay round.
Boys A few of you want to sing male pronouns when youre just dancing with boys
because this is how you do it in bows. BUT your logic is flawed because Cassie is
dancing with you. Also just female pronouns for Rehearsal One. All the time.
Boys If your name is not Kyle, sing louder. Kyle, your volume was perf today.
Kyle Youre still yelling else. Think of it as being very thirties, very controlled.
Everyone The whispered bit is JUST WHISPERED. Not sung-whispered. Spokenwhispered.
Everyone Remember your mouthed parts. You have to all be together and perfect for
that to go well. Put more time than you think you need to into reviewing where that goes.
Everyone Those spoken Ones at the very end should be super super super loud. Your
last one tonight was where ALL of them need to be. Im not going to tell you to shout
very often. Seize the day.
Zach Come in a bit earlier with your line okay, everybody smile and sing. Overlap
with the end of their sung section, otherwise you wont have sufficient time.
Your vocal parts are now on the drive. Theyre all in one recording creatively labeled
Tap Dance. I strongly suggest putting this on your phone and listening to it as you
walk around.
Kyle You got a bit louder here; make sure youre blending
Everyone The gender breakdown should be:
She walks into a room and you know shes uncommonly rare
right now its looking like:
She walks into a room and you know shes un commonly rare
Know where your character fits into the arbitrary gender binary.
Anna Mark tomorrow. Practicing will do no good if your voice is spent come next

Bri Try to be very easy on your voice tomorrow. Youve started to push in some spots,
but remember to keep yourself open and relaxed.
Mariah This is somewhere else in your notes, but do not mimic the track. Ive heard
Yuka Takaras Connie. I want to hear Mariah Barksdales Connie. (So what if I looked that up on
ibdb for effect.)

Foster Relax yourself, boi.

Marques Tomorrow while walking to and fro, listen to your entrances. Listen to how
they differ from each other. Get them in your bones.