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Quality of work is one of the most important factors in our job performance.

t of all I would like to thank my seniors and mentors for their great support in
delivering the quality work I do.I have always tried to resolve the issues with
maximum accuracy and on time.
Have received appreciation e-mails which reflects the quality of work I do and i
t motivates me in producing the quality work with maximum accuracy and on time.
I have always contributed to the team's productivity. Have always tried to impro
ve my productivity every day every month and have succeeded. Always seeks opport
unities to be even more productive.
Have worked on regular and bulk requests, and always supported the project team,
Managers and co-workers have commented on high levels of accuracy and work prod
I keep myself updated with the latest process related development and new update
s.We have prepared process update documents for referal purpose for the team mem
bers especially for the new joiners.
I do participate in all the team meetings and have updated myself accordingly, t
rained the new joiners.I always go through the desk manuals to enhance my knowle
dge and resolve any issues before approaching to my seniors.
I have trained the new joiners on various topics, updated the team on upgradatio
n of pillar data( Axiom) configuration. At the begining of every quarter I updat
e the team the foreign exchanhge rate changes, which helps us in pricing of prod
ucts in contracts.
Have always stood a step ahead to take any responsibilities from my managers. We
have prepared process update documents for referal purpose for the team members
especially for the new joiners. Taken a step ahead and works on Debrief Inbound
and Outbound RMA's technical requsets by generating report and always looks for
more responsibilities and opportunities to give my best as a part of team.
I have always demonstrated good oral and written communication skills in communi
cating with the team members, and internal and external customers. I do understa
nd the requests and if any clarifications required, communicates with the reques
tor in best possible way to resolve the issues. Actively participtes in team mee
tings to share the process knowledge and upgraded myself as well.
Delivery Timelines / Compliance
I have always processed the requests within stipulated SLA and without any escal
ations. Have worked on the requests on their priority and completed them on time
and maintained my productivity alongwith quality. Have worked on regular, bulk
and project and met the target beforehand. Have always been on time in reaching
office ,any delays I kept my team lead informed and for planned leaves taken app
roval before a month or two.

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