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Over the years many people have been puzzled over the
certainty of global warming.

Abu Dhabi Shortly after the popularity of global warming and the fear that
increases in carbon dioxide emissions will lead to catastrophic upset in the
global climate lead people to think of it as a fact. The truth is: some parts of
this new climate pattern are not completely understood and scientists are still

The real deal

There are some myths about Global Warming that have been repeated
and magnified so many times by so many people that most people accept
them on blind faith without thinking to question them or listen to the other
point of view. Here are some of the main myths and assumptions Global
Warming followers support and why they are just plain untrue.

Myth#1: The Ozone Layer is in serious danger.

Although the hole in the Ozone Layer directly above Antarctica is
extremely large, the whole layer is not falling apart. While the hole above
Antarctica has been growing larger during the past couple of years, the
ozone concentration has held pretty constant and the rest of the layer around
the Earth has been building up. While it is necessary to make sure that our
planet is protected under an adequate coat of ozone, we have some time to
help it to continue to mend and our atmosphere is heading in the right
direction for a complete ozone restoration.

Myth#2: CO2 causes climate change

Many Americans take for granted the idea that an increase in carbon
dioxide in Earth’s atmosphere is what leads to an increase in Earth’s
temperature. In fact, that is only a theory. Professor Zbigniew Jaworowskis,
Chairman of the Scientific Council for Radiological Protection in Warsaw,
published his research that found that a change in Earth’s temperature would
have more to do with cloud cover and water vapor than carbon dioxide
concentration in the atmosphere. He points out that “cloudiness and water
vapour are nearly a hundred times more influential on global temperature
variations than all the rest of the greenhouse gases combined”. He suggests
for example, that if it were possible to double the global CO2 concentration,
the effect could be cancelled out by a 1% increase in cloudiness.
Many scientists believe that changes in solar irradiance are what cause the
changes in average global temperature from year to year.

Myth#3: All scientists agree with the media on the subject of Global
This is very untrue. In fact, there have been three famous petitions by
scientists trying to tell the world that the media’s portrayal of Global
Warming is false. These three are the Heidelberg Appeal in 1992 from
Germany with 4000 signatures, the Leipzig Declaration in 1996, from
Germany again with 110 signatures and the Oregon Petition Project from
California, USA with 17,000 signatures from concerned scientists from
around the world.
A survey conducted by Greenpeace found that only 13% of scientists asked
believed that the continuation of current levels of energy usage will result in
catastrophic changes in climate. A poll conducted within the American
Geophysical Society concluded that 17% of members believe greenhouse
gas emissions caused the increase in global temperature.

Myth#5: The Earth cannot withstand higher levels of CO2

Increasing amounts of carbon dioxide is actually an amazingly good
thing for the environment. A lot of research shows that increased levels of
carbon dioxide “accelerate the growth rates of plants and also permit plants
to grow in drier regions”. Since 1950, there are 30% more trees available to
make timber and, currently, there is about 60 tons of timber for every
American. Also, “mature Amazonian rain forests are increasing in biomass
at about two tons per acre per year; and a composite of 279 research studies
predicts that overall plant growth rates will ultimately double as carbon
dioxide increases”.

Global warming a total misconception

Most people believe in the existence and the fact that global warming is
true. The real fact in fact is that global warming is only a theory not a reality.
This misconception is in the minds of most people and I hope to resolve it
through this article.