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Russa Road Young Buddhist Student Literacy Mission

Kathor, P.O. Badu, P.S. Barasat, 24 PGS (N), Kolkata 700 128
West Bengal, INDIA


Generous heart, kind speech, life of service and compassion are the things that renew


Russa Road Young Buddhist Student Literacy Mission has the mission of improving the
quality of human life by strengthening the development capacity through literary and
educational activities among the communities which will lead them towards other
subjective needs (with basic amenities) to live like a human being.

Legal Status
Registered under West Bengal Society Registration Act - 1961
Registered under U/S 80G of IT. Act - 1961
Registered under U/S 12A of IT. Act - 1961
Registered under the Foreign Contribution Regulation Act - FCRA 1976.

Aims/Plans of the Society


To provide education to poor and needy children.


To promote and encourage advancement of literary, cultural, moral, religious,

scientific and technical education.


To set up libraries, hold meetings, seminars and take up other incidental activities

build a knowledgeable, informative and good practicing society.

To exchange and interact with others for mutual understanding of the basic
theme of world religion.


To impart the message of non-violence", championed by Mahatma Gandhi.


To educate and raise health awareness regarding preventive and curative health
cares, promote knowledge of environment, ecology, water and sanitation, capacity
building to combat updated threats of HIV/AIDS, STIs/STDs, TB, Malaria etc.


To undertake role of reducing gender discriminations, promote the conditions of

vulnerable populations specially, the women for their socio-economic liberation and


To undertake cultural promotion through knowledge exchange, exposure trips and

Rural Tourism Development, creation of awareness among the rural peoples for
better understanding and build attitude of better service providers.


To do Promotion of Rural Development programmes to facilitate-Rural life style,

Rural employment, Rural Culture and Rural Products Marketting through Rural


Dear Members,
In persuant to the plans discussed in last year Annual General Meeting, the Governing
Body of Russa Road Young Buddhist Student Literacy Mission, has presented the
Nineteenth Annual Report and the audited accounts for the financial year ended 31st
March, 2014.
On behalf of the Governing Body of the Mission, with great plesure, I would like to
welcome the members to this Meeting.

I am sure members will be very pleased to know that our Mission, in accordance with its
main objectives, has been able to establish the ground for the success of bringing socioeconomic development in the rural area of the north 24 Parganas. Without uplifment of
women status in the rural area, poverty alleviation is not possible. The Mission has also
taken steps to do women empowerment program in rural area by forming Self Help and
now it is running well.
The world has accepted Self Help Group is the best engine so far known to hunman
beings to make development in the grass root label. The Mission has been able to
conduct a number of meetings with the rural people and give them education and
awareness in various fields. the Mission was also taking part in the field of medical
tourism. Many people from rural India as well as from neighboring countries such as
Bangladesh, Bhutan, Myanmar etc got quality treatment here in Kolkata by our referral.
We also gave them necessary services like interpretation. Most of them got proper
treatment here and they are leading their happy normal lives.
It is no doubt only quality education can shape a persons future carrier. Education is
such an important aspect of our life that we must give ample attention to it. Education
does not mean only bookish knowledge. Real education means overall development of a
student socially, mentaly and physically. Central Board of Secondary Education of
India has prepared their syllabus in such a way that if any institution followed up the
norms of the board attentively, the fruitful resul must come out.

In persistent efforts to fulfil its aims and objectives of the Association, the Mission has
continuously been trying for up-liftmen of human values by giving education on various
grounds such as rural development, rural tourism, medical tourism, social activism etc.
Considering the importance of real education, by following the norms of CBSE, the
Mission has been running a school since 2001. In 2014-2015 Academic Session, the
School (Bodhisukha School) has got the permanent NOC from Education Department,
W.B. Memebr will be very happy to learn that the Bodhisukha School is now on the
threshold to get CBSE affiliation.
To implement all education measures the Mission has provided all the necessary things to
School. Apart from these, the members will be pleased to know that Mission was able to
give Scholaship to the needy students.
Some of the programs taken step by the Mission are shortlisted here as under.
Scholarship Program
From very begining, the Mission has paid special attention towards education. The
Mission believes the education is backbone for every family. There are thousands of
students who cannot continue their higher studies due to financial constriant. It is our
responsibility to help needy students. Keeping this in mind, this year also we have given
assistance to some needy students studying at different institutions.

The total amount

expenced in this year for sholarship is Rs. 264,650.00, which is almost double amount
comparing to last year Sholarship program.

Bodhisukha School
The wealth of knowledge acquired by an individual after studying particular
subject matters or experiencing life lessons that provide an understanding of something.
Education requires instruction of some sort from an individual or composed literature.
The most common forms of education result from years of schooling
that incorporates studies of a variety of subjects history, geography, arithmetic, sciences,
languages etc.
Understanding about the deeper things in life, the complex human relations, and the
cause and effect relationship
etc is only through deffirent
label of education. It is no
doubt to assume education is
the most important vital part
of our life. Every child is
having a right to education.
A Right to Education has
been recoginized by government of India.
In simple word, we can say if there is no education, there is no development. No Socioeconomic and intelectual development can be expected without proper education in any
society or community.
Keeping this view in mind, the Mission continuously has been working for promotion of

Our motto is - every child at least deserves primary education irrespective

of caste, religion or socio-economic background. It is, therefore, a desideratum to run a

School by the Mission.

Though the Bodhisukha School run by the Mission,

established in 2001 with 15 Students and two teachers, it acquired the reputation in the
locality. It is due to hard working of teaching and non-teaching staff. Members also will
be happy to know that the Mission was able to extend the school building construction,
though it is not final extention.
Apart from all these activities, the school used to observe the Annual Function of the



Children Day, Teachers Day,

Independence Day, Republic
Day, Swarasati Puja, Annual
Sports Day etc. Guided by the



participated in ever celebration.

In fact, the school is not just





learning centre for every possbile co-curricular activities, too, for over all development of
the students. Yoga Classes, Karate Training, Indoor and outdoor games were also taught
at School for both mental and physical progress of the Students. Moreover, the school
also used to do Health Check-up from time to time free of charge for benefit of the
students. We believe in Health is Wealth. Without sound health, no one can enjoy the
life fully, no matter how much you are rich; how much you are powerful. Apart from

these activities, member also will be please to learn that the School also uses to give
yearly scholarships to the meritorious students of poor families by waiving their monthly
tuition fees.

Our institution is for all the willing students irrespective of cast, creed &

Health Care Interpreter Services
There is a very common and true saying that Health is Wealth. We should always keep
in mind that wealth is wealth.
However health is the
greatest wealth in this world.
It is our responsibility
motivate our kids and
children to know something
about this common saying.
It is also our responsibility to
make the young generation
aware of the importance of
Health Care. Most of the
people use to go to Hospital only after they suffere from some diseases. In fact, it is
already too late when they reach Hospital. And thus, the health problem becomes worst
than expected. Therefore, even when we are healthy, we should have the habit of health

check-up every year. Keeping these views, the Mission took steps to do health
awareness campain from time to time for benefit of the people.
Good health is desirable for everyone. It is not posbile to enjoy the life fully without
godd health. Though it is prime concern for every individual to have sound health, there
are hundreds of thousands of people deprived of modern health care facilities not only in
India but also all over the world. There are thousands of mothers and children who are
unable to access the primary health care services. From the day we were born, the most
important thing in our life is to be healthy.
In fulfiling the peoples needs, the Mission was able to give interpreter services, referal
services, etc. at Apollo Gleneagle Hospitals. In addition to these services, the Mission
was able to give accommodation to those patients coming from far eastern States of India
as well as from Burma, Banladesh, Bhutan etc. to get better treatment here in Kolkata.
Members will be pleased to learn that the Mission was also able to give some medical
assistance to those patients, who could not pay the cost of medicines. In addition to
these, the Mission was also able to give accommodation to those pilgrims coming from
Myanmar and Bangladesh, since we have completed 70 per cent of the Construction here
at Barasat. Members also will be please to know that the Mission will continue to give
these services for benefit of the humanity.


Socio-economic development in both urban and rural areas is need of the hours. Women
Empowerment is the best program so far human known to uplife the lives of rural people.







program by forming SHG in


There are thousands of

women who developed theselves

by availing our help.



Out of


presented three cases.

Success Story of Rashida Bibi

Salehar Bibi



Group Name: Lucky

Address: Pachim Ishapur
P.O. Kadambagachhi,
P.S. Barasat,
24 PGS (N), W.B
Husband Name: Aayuf Novi
No. Children: 3 all daughters
Business: Artism
Front: Middle: Saleha Bibi

With three daughters, Salehar

Bibi will have to struggle a lot in life. Recently the eldest daughter got married with the

help of the Mission. The Second daughter is studying at Class IV, and the third one is
reading in class I.
Her husband is Richaw Puller. She joined our SHG last 5 years ago. Now her family
income is Rs. 10000.00 per month. She is having the dream of buying two new richaw in
July 2016.

Success Story of Nur Neha Bib

Name: Surifa Bibi
Age: 35
Group Name:


Address: Pachhim Ischapur,

P.O. Kadambagachhi,
P.S. Barasat,
24 PGS (N), W.B
Husband Name: Yasman Ali
No. Children:

one son

Business: Artism
Surifa Bibi, having one daughter joined our SHD six years ago. Her son is studying at
Class II. Her husband is daily waged labour. To send the child to school with daily
wages, it is extremelly imposbile. Even they could not feed their child with nutritious
food. It is quite common in the families of low income community. Most of the people

in rural area send their children

to school up to Class IV or V
only. After that they used to
take out their children from
school and send them to work as
daily waged labour. Though the
children want to continue their
studies, yet there is no option
left for them, but to help the
family by working in the filed.
In this way they have to run their
day-today life. All these are due
high poverty lebel in the rural
Surifa Bibi got our first loan and
started working at home. At
first she thought it may be not
fruitful with the small loan. But
after two months later she came
to understand that though it is
small, it is working. Day by day
her income is increasing by

Front (Middle): Surifa Bibi

selling all artism works she made. Now both husband and wife, togather doing this small
scale business, have started to enlarge their business. It is everybodys desire to develop
in life. But the question is how. Capital or investment is the prime factor to venture any
business. When capital or investment is in hand, then it is natural people start to take
decision for their further development. We are very much pleased to support those poor
people with prospects of development and possitive changes.
She wants to purchase two sew machines.
Mahabodhi Parahita Vihar
The place Mahabodhi presently known as Bodhgaya, Bihar, is the holiest place for
Buddhists. It is the land
of Enlighenment and
salvation. The Gautama
Buddha got
enlightenment under
Bodhi Tree in 645 BC in
this place. According to
tradition, the futureBuddha will also get
enlightenment in this
place. Therefore, this
place is signified as the
holiest place for all the followers of the faith. Now-a-day, Bodhgaya is not only visited

by Buddhists but also by all faiths. It becomes the most attracted tourist spot. Members
will be highly appreciated that the Mission was able to purchase a plot of land in such
sacred place and now the Mission is constructing a Vihar called Mahabodhi Parahita
Vihar. The member will be so happy to know that even before completion of the
construction, the Mission is able to give some accomodations to pilgrims coming to India
from all over the world. The Mission is also giving some tour guide services to those
who come here from far a place.

List of Governing Body 2014-2015

1. President

: Rev. Dr. U Panyalinkara

Chinese Buddhist Temple, Nalanda-803111,

2. Vice President :

Rev. Dr. Nando Batha

Kathor, Badu-700128, Barasat,

24 PGS (N), W.B.

3. General Secretary

: Mr. Philip Barua

2/6 Ashiana Apartment,

Tarun Sen Gupta Sarani,
Airport Gate No. 1, Dum Dum,

4. Assist. Secretary

: Pyinnyar Thara

Kathor, Badu-700128, Barasat,

24 PGS (N), W.B.

5. Treasurer

: Mr. Ugya Jai Mog

Kathor, Badu-700128, Barasat, 24 PGS(N), W.B.

6. Member

: Mr. Thaikhai Mog

North Hichachara, Debdaru, Jolaibari,

South Tripura, Pin 799141



: Rev. Ariyawantha Bk

Kathor, Badu-700128, Barasat,

24 PGS (N), W.B.



: Rev. Dhammapiya

Dhammadipa School, Manubankul,

Sabroom, Tripura (S).



: Mr. Ujaipru Mog

Kathor, Badu-700128, Barasat, 24 PGS (N), W.B

The West Bengal Society Registration Act, 1961
The Registrar of Firms, Societies and
Non-Trading Corporations, West Bengal
I submit herewith the Annual and other returns as required under Section 17 of the West
Bengal Societies Registration Act, 1961.
Name of the Society:

Russa Road Young Buddhist Student Literacy Mission

Registration No. of the Society:

S/81559/ of 1995-1996

Date of the Annual General Meeting: 28th Day of December, 2015

Date of the previous Annual General Meeting: : 16th Day of December, 2013
Number of the members on the date of the
Annual General Meeting:


Name and Address of the Auditor: Ray and Ray, Chartered Accountants,
Webel Bhavan, Ground Floor,
Block EP and GP, Sector V,
Bidhan Nagar, Salt Lake, Kolkata 700 091

1. Audited Accounts
2. List of Governing Body
3. Annual Report


Signature of President/Secretary

List of Office Bearers 2015-2016

1. President

: Rev. Dr. U Panyalinkara

Chinese Buddhist Temple, Nalanda-803111,

2. Vice President :

Rev. Dr. Nando Batha

Kathor, Badu-700128, Barasat,

24 PGS (N), W.B.

3. General Secretary

: Mr. Philip Barua

2/6 Ashiana Apartment,

Tarun Sen Gupta Sarani,
Airport Gate No. 1, Dum Dum,

4. Treasurer

: Mr. Ugya Jai Mog

Kathor, Badu-700128, Barasat, 24 PGS(N), W.B.

5. Member

: Mr. Thaikhai Mog

North Hichachara, Debdaru, Jolaibari,

South Tripura, Pin 799141