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The Freedom Paradigm

A co-creation by Lisa and Stace

Published by:

Friday Hut Productions PO Box 598, Bangalow NSW 2479 ABN 28771775144



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ISBN: 978-0-646-91824-2

Authority is NOT truth The truth is, that TRUTH is the authority And that exists in the human heart Come back to your TRUTH

Authority is NOT truth The truth is, that TRUTH is the authority And that exists in


This book began with the notes from my own personal journal that recorded the journey I took to reclaim my emotional world – a journey that Stace lovingly and patiently guided and mentored me through over the last 10 years. By consistently working this process I have discovered that there is no limit to the freedom, intimacy and connection I can experience in my life. As ‘The Freedom Paradigm’ unfolded, some parts were written in the first person, taken directly from my own real life experiences. Stace brought into each phrase, his own personal gifts of communication, so there is no place where his part ends and mine begins, or vice versa. Without us both, every word on each page would not be as it is.

The Freedom Paradigm is a way of living. W hen studied and put into practice it brings about miraculous results – results we have seen both in our own lives and the lives of many others we hav e had the privilege to work with and get to know over the years. It is a tool to connect the dots from where we are now to a place of greater harmony, joy, contentment and understanding.

Our authentic self expresse s emotion (energy in motion) all the time, yet because we predominantly attempt to address our emotional world through our minds or our spiritual practice, the integration and maturing of this emotional world is hindered. The dynamics of our relationships, at a deep foundational level, reflect this and often do not serve any of us in a healthy way. We may experience a sense of things not being right, but do not realize there is another way to be in relationship. The Freedom Paradigm supports us to flip these dynamics over, through addressing and reclaiming our emotional world. Our reward? An expanding

sense of freedom and relief on a more permanent basis in every area of our lives!

Section One explains the prevalent dynamics of relationship within our internal and external worlds, shining a light on the underlying motives that make these particular dynamics so common. It then introduces an alternative: opening up new paradigms, which we can experience in many of our relationships. Using real life scenarios and comparing the two alternatives helps us to understand how situations can be flipped from one dynamic to another.

In Section Two are the pragmatic actions we can take to address our emotional world and transform the dynamics of our relationships - creating freedom in our life as a more permanent living experience. We are not just our mental constructions so knowing how to do something does not necessarily mean we can put it into practice and create a desired outcome - if it did, many of us would not be experiencing the repetition of patterns in our relationships that create discomfort and feelings of powerlessness. Knowledge is knowing the fact, which is in the mind and wisdom is knowing how to apply the fact which is in the heart - when we connect these two we can be at peace with ourselves and the world around us. The foundation of addressing our emotional world works more effectively when addressed from our heart space. When necessary we use the other faculties of our spiritual, physical and mental paradigms as a springboard to assist and help to process and free up our emotional world – this allows us to continue expanding our awareness and the richness of our experiences with others and the world around us. We become love in action in many more areas o f our lives.

In reclaiming our emotional world we come to experience an awakening of our hearts and the total interconnection this creates within the body, mind, spirit and soul. Our lives

The Freedom Paradigm

and relationships become an expanding experience that open up increasing levels of our being.

The Freedom Paradigm is a blueprint for creating richer and more authentic connections. If we are willing to let go of what we think we know and take action, then a far greater intimacy opens up and as we journey further into our emotional world, we experience a deeper sense of purpose and fulfillment, bringing about a more natural state of ease and grace in our lives.