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Marilyn Barnewall – Leo Wanta To Be “Taken Down?

Leo Wanta To Be “Taken Down?”


By Marilyn M. Barnewall
Date: April 11, 2010

When I talked with Lee Wanta two days ago, the news was devastating. He is to be “taken
down.” The Department of Justice, according to the lawyers with whom he spoke, had just
said so.

Many people know him as Leo Wanta, or Ambassador Leo (or

Lee) Emil Wanta. In the following three articles, I refer to him as
Leo when the reference is used to identify an intelligence
operative working for the United States Government, and as Lee
when referring to him after his unlawful arrest. I use his
appropriate title of Ambassador when that reference is proper.

To me, he’s always been “Lee.”

“What does that mean?” I wanted to start the sentence with “aside
from the obvious…” but couldn’t. “Taken down?”

“It means they’re taking the money. It could mean I’ll be

prosecuted,” was his quiet answer. “America is bankrupt. They
think that justifies stealing the money.” The money “they” are
about to steal is $27.5 trillion of which $23 trillion belongs to you and me as American
taxpayers. In 2003, a U.S. Federal District Court Judge made Ambassador Leo Wanta the
legal Beneficiary of $27.5 trillion ($4.5 trillion belongs to him, personally).

How did I, now living in a small mountain town, become acquainted with one of America’s
greatest intelligence operatives, financial geniuses and, in my opinion, a patriot of heroic

I wrote a novel, “When the Swan’s Neck Breaks” – my attempt to help Americans
understand terms like “fractional-reserve banking” and “fiat currency” about which We, the
People know too little. Write the words in a non-fiction book and people go to sleep.

So, I thought, I’ll create a plot about spies and Soviet clones and, while people are being
entertained, I’ll slip in some explanations about how the American banking system works –
especially the Federal Reserve System. When readers finish the book, they’ll say “Gee. That
sounds a lot like what’s happening in America today.” Swan’s Neck was written in 2006, was
published in 2008, and of 24 predictions made about the American economy, 22 have
actually occurred.

One of the fictional characters in the book is a man named William Leonard. He is an
American intelligence officer, a currency and finance specialist. I admit to having read one

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Marilyn Barnewall – Leo Wanta To Be “Taken Down?”

article about Leo Wanta. The idea that someone, genius or not, had created a $27.5 trillion
fortune on behalf of the American people went beyond the boundaries of my traditional
banker imagination. But I needed a character for Flight of the Black Swan, the follow-up book
to Swan’s Neck, and so created William Leonard. In an attempt to make the story somewhat
more believable, I reduced Wanta’s $27.5 trillion to $13 trillion. I thought what I read about a
man named Leo Wanta was pure fiction. In my mind, I re-fictionalized a fictional character.

In early 2009, I got an email from another journalist. I scrolled to the bottom of the message
and there was an email address for Ambassador Lee Emil Wanta. My mouth fell open. I called
her immediately and asked if she knew this man and where she had gotten the address. She
had never heard of him. “The address must have been on the email I forwarded to you and I
missed deleting it,” she told me. Fate sometimes plays strange tricks.

I immediately wrote an email to “Ambassador Wanta,” someone I thought was a myth, and
asked if he was also known as Leo Emil Wanta. If he was, I told him I had fictionalized his life
in my book. He sent a very polite response saying he was Leo Wanta. I asked him if he would
like to have a copy of the book. He said “yes,” and I sent it. We began emailing one another
about various happenings in the world of finance and after I sent him a copy of the first 19
chapters of the new book, Black Swan (in which William Leonard becomes the hero), he
contacted me by phone. “How do you know so much about my private life?” he asked. I gave
him an honest answer: “I know nothing of you or your private life.”

When he gave me some examples from the 19 chapters of an uncompleted manuscript, it gave
an entirely different meaning to the word “serendipitous.” From little-known hotels in
Chicago to his favorite foods, I had mysteriously written the truth about him.

Since then, we have talked on the phone at least once most days. We became good friends. I
have never met this man, but I know him well. He is kind and thoughtful, and is a gentleman.
When he repeats a story he told me over a year ago (and his stories are always very detailed),
the facts never vary. Names, dates, times and places remain the same. I have checked his
statements with Court and other documents.

Lee Wanta has fought a lonely battle for America for a very long time. He has been praised as
a hero and debased as one of the greatest con men who ever lived. He has been called both
“economic savior” and “economic terrorist.” For those readers familiar with the Wanta name,
he was indeed appointed the Somali Ambassador to Switzerland and to Canada. I have copies
of his Diplomatic Passports and the Somali Letters of Introduction to these two governments.
I have 9.7 gigabytes of data on Ambassador Wanta on my computer (copies are in other
hands, too).

Lee Emil Wanta (birth certificate) or Leo Emil Wanta (baptism certificate) has served his
country at the White House, the National Security Council, the Central Intelligence Agency
and six other government agencies during his career. Among others, his code names were
Falconbird and Stillpoint. Leo E. Wanta, S-31-IANO/Sector V Internal Affairs New Orleans, is
also known as Frank B. Ingram <FBI> (SA32NV) and Rick Reynolds (SA233MS) – used when
directly communicating to field operations. According to records at the Ronald Reagan
Library, he was honored with a Presidential Award for saving the President’s life in an
assassination attempt.

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Marilyn Barnewall – Leo Wanta To Be “Taken Down?”

Like me when I first read his story, you may think there isn’t that much money in the world!
Not in the “upper” world, maybe.

In 1981, President Ronald Reagan signed Executive Order 12333. It authorized the
establishment of Title 18 Section 6 corporations domestically and offshore. Title 18 Section 6
corporations can be owned by the U.S. government, or not, and can be run by intelligence
operatives who may legally disguise their intelligence agency affiliations and can deny they

President Reagan intended EO 12333 to benefit our nation. Companies could be established
abroad by U.S. intelligence agents to identify threats. For example, in most countries if a drug
shipment worth $200 million is reported and seized, an informant can earn a percentage of
the shipment’s value. Thus, Title 18 Section 6 corporations established by American
intelligence agents can earn vast sums of money while reducing international drug traffic.
Money laundering and other major crimes can be identified and prevented by allowing
intelligence operatives to establish corporations that appear to participate in those and other
illegal activities. That doesn’t make the agents who establish these companies money
launderers or drug traffickers. In short, Ambassador Leo E. Wanta established numerous
18/6 businesses around the world. He owned numerous other businesses, too; legitimate
businesses belonging to him.

On April 15, 2003 the Honorable Gerald Bruce Lee, in case number 02-1363-A filed in the
United States District Court for the Eastern District of Virginia, issued an Order and
Memorandum of Opinion. In it, the Court stated the Plaintiff, Ambassador Leo E. Wanta,
should pursue liquidation of his corporations, recovery of their financial assets, and he should
pay all required taxes in accordance with the law. The amount of money involved in the
Wanta international corporations to be liquidated was $27.5 trillion.

Since the April 2003 Court Opinion in Virginia, Lee Wanta has been trying to liquidate the
corporations and their financial assets to pay taxes. 35 percent of $23 trillion would put about
$8 trillion into our financially-strapped (read bankrupt) Treasury. The U.S. Government will
not give him access to the funds so they can be liquidated. Until liquidation occurs, Lee Wanta
cannot pay the taxes owed. Don’t ask me why – ask “them.”

Before anyone jumps to the conclusions that I’m accusing President Obama of anything, you
should know he has approved payment of Ambassador Wanta’s personal $4.5 trillion – but a
ubiquitous someone (someone who really runs our government?) has refused to implement
the Presidential order.

It really makes me ask: Who, if anyone, is really running things?

Maybe we should have listened more closely when, in The Godfather, Michael Corleone
announces his organized crime gang is getting out of the neighborhood protection and
numbers rackets. They were going to be legit – to run businesses. He may not have said
“government,” but he probably meant it.

It appears he has been very successful.

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Marilyn Barnewall – Leo Wanta To Be “Taken Down?”

PART 2 of 3

As an intelligence operative at the highest levels, Leo Emil Wanta took seriously directives
given and Oath taken to protect his country against all enemies, foreign and domestic.

Since July 7, 1993, the day he was falsely arrested the first time, Wanta has been fighting
domestic enemies. They have relentlessly pursued him, threatened him, imprisoned him,
beaten him, and tried to kill him a few times (twice since I’ve known him).

Why was he arrested? A trumped-up charge for civil income tax assessment and non-payment
(during two years he was not a resident of Wisconsin, the State that imprisoned him). He
became a legal resident of Vienna, Austria in June 1988 while serving his country.

The erroneous amount of civil income taxes due: $14,129. How do I know the charges were
trumped up? I know because records prove Leo Wanta paid $14,129 twice – even though he
didn’t owe it. He had family in Wisconsin. He had the money to pay the taxes whether he
owed them or not – and he didn’t have time for the headaches that would go with fighting his
former home state over a civil income tax assessment. Wanta did not even live in Wisconsin
during the years the civil tax assessment charges were made. His divorce records clearly prove
he and his former wife separated in 1987 and it became permanent and legal in 1988.

I have copies (both sides) of the cancelled check for one of the payments and a foreign bank
wire transfer was used to pay it a second time. They were sent to the Wisconsin tax office one
month apart in May and June, 1992. Leo Wanta was arrested for non-payment in 1993 – a
year after payment was made. I also have a copy of a letter from the Kansas City Internal
Revenue Service for one of the years in question saying he owed 15 cents in taxes that year
and wasn’t required to file. I have another letter from the Wisconsin tax authorities saying
there is no record of back taxes owed by Leo or Lee Emil Wanta during the two years in

It was a set up.

On July 7, 1993, Ambassador Leo Emil Wanta was arrested in Lausanne, Switzerland. He was
to meet with Vince Foster in Geneva (a few days before Foster’s dead body was found in the
bushes at Marcy Park in Washington, D.C.). After meeting with Foster and once out of
Switzerland, FBI Director William Sessions had given Wanta a warrant and told him to arrest
Marc Rich (yes, the same one pardoned by Bill Clinton on his last day as President). But he
never met Vince Foster and Wanta himself was arrested by the Suisse Sûreté before he could
arrest Rich. President Clinton fired William Sessions at almost the same time Wanta was
arrested. Hmmmm…

Between prisons in Switzerland, New York, Wisconsin, and Oklahoma, Wanta spent over
eight years behind bars. More years were spent under house arrest – all for something he did
not do. Overall, he was sentenced to 22 years. That’s right. He got 22 years in prison for not
paying an unlawful, erroneous $14,129 civil income tax assessment in the State of Wisconsin
which, in reality, he did pay. Tommy Thompson was Governor at the time.

Wanta spent 134 days in a Swiss dungeon before a coded message sent to him by Israeli Prime
Minister Yitzhak Rabin evidently jarred the Swiss and they put him in chains and on an

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Marilyn Barnewall – Leo Wanta To Be “Taken Down?”

airplane with armed guards to New York where a New York City Federal Judge dismissed the
case. He was re-arrested on the steps of the federal courthouse, sent to the Brooklyn House of
Detention, a city jail, for more than two months before being sent to Wisconsin for trial. On
what charge did New York arrest him? I can find no evidence of that and Ambassador Wanta
says he was never served an arrest Warrant. He chuckles that because he was a fire
department Emergency Medical Technician (EMT), Brooklyn prison guards put him in charge
of the nightly suicide watch.

One might ask why the government of Switzerland arrested an Ambassador assigned to their
nation. What happened to diplomatic immunity? Ambassador Leo E. Wanta holds Diplomatic
Passport Numbers 04362 and 12535. Wanta says, “…no legitimate Court has ever lawfully
revoked my Diplomatic status.”

That, however, is another long story.

In June 1988, Leo Wanta was a legal resident of Vienna, Austria. He served as Director
General of New Republic/USA Financial Group LTD. GES.m.b.H. (duly registered
corporation with Austrian Courts – the American equivalent of Inc., but more difficult to get).

That this man played a key role in the failure of what President Reagan termed “The Evil
Empire” by destabilizing the ruble currency and defunding Soviet military operations is fact.
No one argues the point – not even those who call him “thief” today. It has been well
documented. Doubters can read “Thieves’ World” by Claire Sterling, (Simon and Schuster,
1994). The book was reviewed by The Wall Street Journal, The New York Times, Washington
Week in Review, and others.

Or, read Sarah McClendon’s August 1997 Washington Report column: “He and President
George Bush set up the Ameritrust (sic) account in the Credit Suisse bank for the U.S.
government to use in case it needed to counter terrorists from overseas, according to Pat
Cameron, Los Angeles attorney for Wanta. Wanta says that when former president George
Bush sought to withdraw funds from the $210 billion on deposit that Wanta, a co-signer of
the account, refused to give his signature for the withdrawal because the funds, he said,
belonged to the U.S. government, not to an individual.”

Ms. McClendon refers to President George H.W. Bush.

It is also well documented that Ambassador Wanta repaid to the Treasury Department in six
months the $150 billion Ronald Reagan invested in him. He owes the government of the
United States nothing.

President Reagan used the skills of this very talented man to pull an end-run on the hidden
powers that have run Washington since the days of Andrew Jackson… the private financiers
and central bankers of the world.

Even in the early 1980s, President Reagan knew the objectives of those who make up
America’s shadow government. He knew they planned to lead the country into economic
chaos and, from that upheaval, remove what was granted American citizens by the
Constitution and the Bill of Rights. He knew they intended to bring America to Third World
status with two classes of people: underclass and elite. To achieve this, they would:

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Marilyn Barnewall – Leo Wanta To Be “Taken Down?”

1. Create an economy dependent on credit for its survival.

2. Over stimulate the real estate market using low-rate and non-qualifying mortgages. This
encourages speculation and unrealistic increases in home values.

3. Create credit products like equity lines of credit encouraging middle and upper-middle
class people to borrow against their unrealistically over-priced homes.

4. Induce failure of the real estate market using Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac and the
Community Reinvestment Act (CRA). When people can buy homes they cannot afford, only
one outcome is possible: Loss of the home and an eventual collapse of the residential real
estate market.

5. Banks that held residential real estate as collateral on loans suddenly had huge credit
quality problems. Borrowers with ten-year home improvement loans who used equity in their
homes as collateral suddenly had too little loan collateral because equity shrunk as a
percentage of property value. Too, the government changed accounting rules mid-stream.
When federal banks are audited, loans are downgraded for having too little collateral. This
causes (and will continue to cause) independent bank failure. Bank loans may be current and
perfectly good, but if not properly collateralized they are graded “possible risk.”

6. America’s independent banks are the funding source of independent business which
employs the greatest percentage of America’s middle class. Destroy independent banks and
independent business is effectively eliminated.

7. Note: Though I have not been an active bank consultant for years, I advise independent
bankers to apply for state charters.

Ronald Reagan wanted the money from Leo Wanta’s investments available to buy his country
out of danger when the time came. He knew the plans of the treacherous men he viewed as
enemies would, if no one halted them, subjugate the American people. It was the only way to
eliminate the greatest social middle-class in the world. It was the only way to implement a
world government. He trusted Leo Wanta (who he called his “junkyard dog”) to get the job
done. And Wanta succeeded – until they illegally imprisoned him.

Ronald Reagan’s other objective was to bring down the economy of the Soviet Union. It was
Wanta’s involvement in that project that made what the central bankers of the world were
doing in 2007 to the American dollar so easy to recognize. They were forcing the American
government over the same precipice from which the U.S.S.R. had jumped.

When the economy of the Soviet Union crashed, America’s politicians made a great to-do
about winning the Cold War. Lee Wanta knew they had won nothing… perhaps a little time.
They had won a battle against the external enemy, but the internal enemy was still hiding
behind elected officials.

They were always in the shadows. They are always in the shadows.

When the opportunity to steal more money presents itself they do magically appear. In May
2006, the People’s Bank of China wire transferred $4.5 trillion to a specific account in the

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Marilyn Barnewall – Leo Wanta To Be “Taken Down?”

name of Ambassador Leo E. Wanta at Bank of America in Richmond, VA. The money
disappeared. I personally wrote letters to the Chairman of Bank of America, Ken Lewis, and to
Mr. John Yiannacopoulos, Media Relations, inquiring about this transaction. No response has
been forthcoming. This is strange because I met Ken Lewis when I consulted for years at the
bank that merged with and became the new Bank of America – NationsBank – Charlotte, NC.

PART 3 of 3

The word “cover-up” always involves a conspiracy of a number of government employees who
in some way violate their sworn duty to uphold the law. Our law of our land says government
must prosecute illegal activity – especially illegal government activity. If someone has not
implemented orders given by President Obama to give Lee Wanta access to his own money, a
cover-up or conspiracy of some kind has occurred. The facts are clear.

It is difficult to write anything about Ambassador Lee/Leo Emil Wanta because what he did
and what has been done to him by the government he served with integrity and more loyalty
than it deserves includes a massive amount of detailed information.

Lee Wanta attempted to do precisely what U.S. District Court Judge Gerald Bruce Lee
instructed in his April 15, 2003 Order and Memorandum of Opinion. The Judge directed
Ambassador Leo E. Wanta to pursue liquidation of his corporations, recovery of their
financial assets, and pay all required taxes in accordance with the law, making him Trustor of
the funds.

As part of that process, in May 2006, Lee Wanta transferred $4.5 trillion to the Bank of
America in Richmond, VA from the Bank of China after he liquidated several of his Article 18
Section 6 companies. The money disappeared into a dark hole at the Treasury Department
(via the Federal Reserve System).

As a result of this unlawful act, Ambassador Wanta (using all of his also-known-as names), as
Petitioner, filed a Writ of Mandamus, Civil Action number 1-07 CV 609 against Henry M.
Paulson, Jr., Secretary, Robert M. Kimmitt, Deputy Secretary, and James R. Wilkinson, Chief
of Staff, United States Treasury Department. Also named in the action were Secretary of
Homeland Security Michael Chertoff, Alberto R. Gonzales, Attorney General, and the Federal
Reserve Bank of Richmond.

Mandamus is a rather extraordinary legal procedure reserved for special situations. Its
primary precondition is that a government agency or official has acted (or failed to act) in
disregard of a clear legal duty and no conventional means are available to solve the problem.

Ambassador Wanta attempted to access the $4.5 trillion transferred to his account at Bank of
America through international bank monetary systems. The remitting bank was the People’s
Bank of the People’s Republic of China (the Chinese central bank). People’s Bank clearly
designated that the transferred funds were for the sole and exclusive use and benefit of the
Petitioner (Lee/Leo E. Wanta). As you read Ambassador Wanta’s statement, below, bear in
mind another legal document filed with the court that day by the Federal Reserve Bank of
Richmond which says:

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Marilyn Barnewall – Leo Wanta To Be “Taken Down?”


"Pursuant to Rule 12(b)(6), Fed.R.Civ.P., Respondent Federal Reserve Bank of Richmond

(‘FRB Richmond’) moves to dismiss the Petition for Writ of Mandamus and Other
Extraordinary Relief (the ‘Petition’). The grounds of this Motion, as amplified in the attached
Brief, are as follow.

"For the purposes of this Motion only, all well pleaded facts will be taken as true."

In other words, the Federal Reserve Bank of Richmond accepted as true the statements
made by Lee Wanta in his Writ of Mandamus. Here is Ambassador Wanta’s sworn Affidavit
– a part of the Writ of Mandamus the Federal Reserve Bank of Richmond accepts as


“The undersigned, being fully advised by counsel of the seriousness of the claim of making
false statements to a Court and being fully apprised of the consequences for committing
perjury (and the associated penalties), hereby make the following statements concerning the
petition for Writ of Mandamus being filed on my behalf, by my counsel, in the United States
District Court for the Eastern District of Virginia:

“1. I am more than twenty-one years of age and I am a citizen of the United States of America.

“2. For an extended period of time I am functioning as a representative, investigator, contract

employee and/or facilitator of one or more assignments that were either executed and/or
performed at the direction and/or under the supervision of one or more persons and/or
agencies that were accountable to the Executive Offices of the United States Government.

“3. During most recent three to five years I have been attempting to coordinate the
repatriating of substantive financial resources from foreign locations to the United States and
cause the tax payments owed on the patriated funds to be paid to the United States Treasury.
I have substantially completed the stated objective task with the assistance of one or more
foreign sources.

“4. I have read the entirety of the Petition for Writ of Mandamus prepared by my attorneys. I
confirm that I have personally directed communications with the banks, security firms, the
United States Department of the Treasury (including one or more individual parties
associated with the Treasury that are named as Respondents) and other entities mentioned in
the Petition.

“5. I have personally confirmed that the financial assets sent by the People's Republic of
China were received by Bank of America in Richmond, Virginia and that upon best
information and belief the subject financial assets were "tagged" in my name and transmittal
instructions by the People's Republic of China directed that the same be paid to me without
offset or delay.

“6. I have been personally advised by agents and/or contract regulation compliance workers,
that are accountable to the United States Department of the Treasury, that release of funds

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Marilyn Barnewall – Leo Wanta To Be “Taken Down?”

sent by the People's Republic of China for payment to me is being restricted and/or blocked
by one or more parties.

“7. The exact party and/or parties that are restricting and/or blocking payment of financial
assets to my designated accounts is not known absolutely.

“8. Upon best information and belief the United States Department of the Treasury has the
power and authority to direct release of the funds for my unrestricted use.

“9. Despite continued demand for release of financial assets (that were transmitted by the
People's Republic of China) for payment to me personally the demands are ignored and are
not rebuked by any responsive communication.

“10. I have been personally informed by parties, that have the authority to release the block
on funds leveraged against recipient banking accounts established in my name, that directives
have been received from known and unknown parties that have the effect of negating my
ability to have free and unrestricted access to financial assets that are "tagged" solely and
exclusively in my name.

“IN WITNESS HEREOF I am causing the above set forth affidavit to be notarized and sworn
with full recognition of the penalty of perjury this 11th day of June 2007.


“Lee E. Wanta, Leo E. Wanta and Ambassador Leo E. Wanta”

These statements contained in Lee Wanta’s Writ of Mandamus are part of what the Federal
Reserve Bank of Richmond accepted as truth. To read the entire Writ, go here:

How does Lee want to use his $4.5 trillion? He wants to immediately create a minimum of
two million jobs by building a high-speed rail system consisting of 12 to 14 rail corridors.
There will be no tax dollars required. He’ll build it with his money. In the past, he has offered
to buy Lehman Brothers, Bear Stearns, Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae along with a few other
financial disasters that have caused America’s economy to begin its descent into oblivion. I
have copies of the offers made.

How many American citizens are paying the price in lost homes and no jobs because
government conspiracists prefer having access to the Wanta funds? They can’t just take the
money because he is the sole beneficiary of his own personal funds. But they can manipulate
his monetary funds. They can use it as leverage to make them money. Perhaps that’s what has
been happening since May of 2006.

It is time to uphold the law and prosecute the offenders. It is past time.

[Note: Some legal documents referenced in the following articles may be viewed here.]


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Marilyn Barnewall – Leo Wanta To Be “Taken Down?”

Marilyn Barnewall received her graduate degree in Banking from the University of
Colorado Graduate School of Business in 1978. She has authored seven non-fiction books
about banking, two are listed at Oxford and Cambridge University libraries in Great Britain.
Her current book, “When the Swan’s Neck Breaks,” details the banking problems she
foresaw in 2006. Of the 24 predictions made in the book, 22 have happened. It is fiction but
readers refer to it as docu-fiction.

Barnewall was named one of America's top 100 businesswomen in the book, “What It
Takes” (Dolphin/Doubleday; Gardenswartz and Roe) and was one of the founders of the
Committee of 200, the official organization of America's top 200 businesswomen. She can
be found in Who's:Who in America (2005-08), Who's Who of American Women
(2006-08), Who's Who in Finance and Business (2006-08), and Who's Who in the
World (2008).

Web site:

E-Mail: marilynmacg@juno.com

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