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Exercise 1
In the following sentences place capital letters where necessary:
1. i am going to london on tuesday.
2. shakespeare was a famous english poet, who was born at stratford-on-avon. he
wrote many plays including henry V.
3. I went for a walk on the beach along the Indian ocean
4. the priest read from the holy bible
5. mary and paul both live in a locality called oak terrace

Exercise 2
When the noun denotes one object it is said to be singular. When a noun refers to more
than one object it is said to be plural. The noun and the verb must always agree in
number. Therefore, re-write the following sentences correctly and also correct the
spellings of nouns where they are required to be corrected.

The boys did this theirselves.

The jars was on the shelfs.
The cows is being milked and together they give two pails full.
We have two Maries and two Johnies in the class.
Each of them were present.
Neither john nor Jim were able to come.

Exercise 3

In each of the following sentences change the subject to the plural and also change the
related verb so that there is a subject and verb agreement. For example,
The house has been destroyed.
The houses have been destroyed.
1. The apple is ripe
2. The book was on the shelf.
3. The chair is too high.
4. Your application has been accepted.
5. The bus was painted bright red.
6. The tree needs trimming.
7. The house on the street looks old.
8. The biscuit tastes sour.
9. The cook serves breakfast at eight in the morning.
10. The lion growls loudly.

Exercise 4
In each of the following sentence change the subject to the singular. The related verb
should agree with the subject. For example:
The oranges are very sweet.

The orange is very sweet.

1. The bottles have been washed.
2. The hair dryers are in the drawer.
3. The pots in the kitchen are shining.
4. The paint brushes were bought yesterday.
5. The rooms were tidied up.
6. The steel trunks were locked.
7. The boats sail to the island everyday.
8. The bells chime merrily every morning.
9. The boys gather firewood from the woods nearby.
10. The men worked in the coalfields nearby.

Exercise 5
Fill in the blanks with the right subject or verb from the choices given within brackets, so
that there is a subject and verb agreement. For example:
The three gates _________ all locked. (are, is)
The three gates are all locked.
1. The room _________________ hidden from view. (was, were)
2. The ____________ were found behind the cupboard. (coin, coins)
3. The man __________ not well. (is, are)

4. The ____________ have been cooking the whole day. (woman, women)
5. A herd of elephants ______________ camped near the pond. (has, have)
6. Either Paul or peter ______________ coming to see you. (is, are)
7. John and Mary ______________ won a prize. (has, have)
8. Neither you nor I ____________ strong enough to travel. (feel, feels)
9. My mother and father __________ to sing. (likes, like)
10. The teachers or the principal _____________assembly in the morning. (takes,
11. _____________ are staying for dinner. (Paul and Anita, Paul or Anita)
12. _____________ is wrong. (Either Paul or John, Paul and John)
13. A crowd of spectators ______________ watching the games yesterday. (was, were)
14. There _____________ six glasses of milk on the table. (is, are)
15. The ____________ have been caught in the trap. (rat, rats)

Exercise 6
In the following phrases change the possessive nouns from the singular to the plural and
continue to indicate possession. For example,
The girls coat.
The girls coats.
1. The mans room.
2. The headmasters meeting.
3. The Princes clothes.
4. The employees register.
5. The horses stirrups

Exercise 7
In the following phrases change the possessive noun from the plural to the singular and
indicate possession. For example,
The soldiers gun.
The soldiers gun.
1. The writers workshop.


The cities renowned citizens.

The thieves hideout.
The volcanoes ashes.
The wives discussion.