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Klipoth Introduction pt 1

Kabbalah 1: Klipoth, a Free Online

Klipoth Introduction pt 1
Here is the world, empty and round,
it goes up and down, glitters and bounces,
it dances around the sun,
trembles and roars, gives and destroys;
now barren, now fertile,
this is the world.
On its huge old back there is a race
both profligate and mad, haughty, cowardly,
subtle and wicked,
whose members devour one another ceaselessly
from the topmost peak to the bottom-most depths
of the wicked world.
An empty fable is Satan to them,
Hell is a matter for mockery and derision,
Paradise for derision and mockery.
Oh by God!
Let me have a good laugh now
thinking of what I'm hiding from them!
Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha!
There goes the world!
- Mefistofele
from the opera Mefistofele
based on Goethe's Faust.
The study of the Kabbalah is the study of the ubiquitous Tree of Life. Present i
n the mythologies
and religious symbolism of many cultures, the Tree of Life is a map of the consc
iousness. But
this map also has a shadow.

The Tree of Life is symbolized by a structure of ten spheres. These spheres are
sephiroth. This is a Hebrew word whose singluar form, "sephirah," means jewel. Each
sephirah on the Tree of Life is symbolized by a jewel because it relates to virt
ues, which are the
precious stones of the soul.
The Ten Sephiroth are Ten Spheres related with the multidimensionality
of the Universe. This is the Tree of Life with its divine attributes, which are
explained methodically in Four Manifested Cosmic Systems of Worlds
that are called in Kabbalah: Atziluth, Briah, Yetzirah and Assiah.
However, there exists according to Kabbalah the shadow of that Tree of
Life which does not manifest any divine attribute, but instead is the
opposite of all of the Four Manifested Cosmic Systems of Worlds. This is
the world of Klipoth.
Klipoth are the fallen sephiroth: the Abyss.

These sephiroth are shells, empty vessels, because they do not contain
any divine attributes.
All the forces are inverted: "The demon is God inverted."
The forces related to the Tree of Life invert when in the abyss.
Evil below, Good above, in relation to duality.
We have to use our imagination; imagine a landscape, a quiet lake, and a tree on
the shore. The
tree is reflected in the lake. Which is the tree and which is the reflection? Th
ey both look the
The Tree of Life in relation to the Heavens:
Malkuth = physical world.
9 Spheres = 9 Heavens.
There are also 9 Infradimensions below the physical world.
Every cosmos is related to:
the Law of 3 (related to Kether, Chokmah, Binah).
the Law of 7 (related to Chesed through Malkuth).
We find the opposites of these laws in the Klipoth.
When above, the Law of 3 creates; but in Klipoth it destroys.
The Holy Spirit, Binah, Siva, is the creator.
Through the Holy Spirit the Father and Son always create.
But in Klipoth the Ray of Creation starts disintegrating, acting
In the human being, the energy of the Ray of Creation is
distorted by the "Three Filthy Spirits that have the form of a
frog that come out of the mouth of the false prophet" (from the
Book of Revelation).
The energy of the Ray of Creation works through the Law of Three. In the Microco
smos, the
human being, the Ray of Creation is related to the Three Nervous Systems:
The Cerebrospinal Nervous System is related with the energy of the Father
The Grand Sympathetic Nervous System is related with the energy of the Son
The Parasympathetic Nervous System is related with the energy of the Holy Spirit
Unfortunately, we have our psyche trapped within the ego. The ego belongs to Kli
poth; this is why
the ego always distorts the three forces.
When the three primary forces become inverted by the ego, the latter then channe
ls the forces of
Klipoth, thus creating in our psychological nature the Three Traitors of the Cos
mic Christ.

The Three Demons/Traitors

In the Head we have the Demon of the Mind, distorting the Father's energy in ord
er to satisfy the
appetites we have in our ego. This demon is the opposite of the Father who is Tr
The Christ is the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.
The most beautiful atoms always manifest in the Son.
Christ said, "I am the Truth, the Light and the Way."
To incarnate the Truth we have to have a balanced mind, but when we want the Tru
th through the
intellect, without experiencing the Light, we develop the Anti-Christ, the intel
lect under the service
of the ego, materialism.
The Creative Ray of Light from above, in all the worlds, that shines in every An
gel, every part of
the universe, is the Truth, but we disconnect from the Truth, Light, and only se
e through our
personal ego: Anti-Christ.
The "den" of the Anti-Christ is in the intellect.
Intelligence under the service of the Father is embodied in the Angel, the proph
et, eg. Master
Jesus, with an Illuminated intellect.
But when the intellect is not under the service of the Father, the intellect bec
omes the Anti-Christ.
There are many Anti-Christs: in the mind of every person.
We deny Divinity, mock Divinity.
There are many levels among intellectuals, but when a person develops psychic po
wers for the
ego (pride, vanity, lust, fear, etc.), that person becomes a demon.
Now we will quickly summarize each of the inverted spheres.
Klipoth, Demons, Vices:

Inverted Kether:
Demon: Javhe.
Vice: Despotism.
Samael Aun Weor stated:
"Javhe was a venerable Master from the White Brotherhood, a glorious Angel from
Maha-Manvantaras. I knew him, I saw him when he was a Priest and a warrior among

people of Lemuria. Everybody loved, adored and venerated him. The Hierophants of
the Purple
Race granted to him the high honor of using armor, crest, helmet, shield and swo
rd of pure
gold. This warrior-Priest was shining as a flame of gold under the thick jungle
of the sun. Upon
his symbolic shield, Vulcan had engraved many prophesies and terrible warnings.
Woe! Woe!
Woe! This man committed the error of betraying the Mysteries of Vulcan.
"The Lucifers of that epoch who were floating in the atmosphere of the ancient c
ontinent "Mu"
taught him Black Tantrism, the Maithuna with the ejaculation of the Ens Seminis.
What is most
grave in this matter is that this man who was so loved and venerated by the enti
re world
allowed himself to be convinced and began to practice this type of pernicious Se
xual Magic
with certain women. Therefore, it is clear that the igneous serpent of our magic
al powers
descended through his medullar canal and was projected from his coccyx downwards
, thus,
forming and developing in Javhe's Astral Body the abominable Kundabuffer Organ.
This is how
this Angel fell and through all of the ages became converted into a terribly per
verse demon.
"Many times we have found the Priestess-spouse of Javhe in the Superior Worlds;
she is an
ineffable Angel. Useless were the efforts of this man to convince his spouse bec
ause she
never accepted the Black Tantrism of the tenebrous. Therefore, she preferred div
orce rather
than entering onto the black path.
"Javhe is that Demon who tempted Jesus the Christ, and when Jesus had fasted in
wilderness, this Demon tempted him and said: "If thou be the Son of God, command
this stone
that it be made bread."
"It is written, that Man shall not live by bread alone, but by every word of God
." answered Jesus.
"The sacred Scriptures say that Javhe then took Jesus the Great Kabir up into a
high mountain
and tempted him by saying: "ITABABO all these kingdoms of the world will I give
thee, if thou
wilt fall down and worship me."

"Then, the great Master Jesus answered: "Get thee hence Satan: for it is written
, Thou shall
worship the Lord thy God, and him only shalt thou serve."
"Finally, it is written that Javhe brought Jesus to Jerusalem and set him on a p
innacle of the
temple, and said unto him: "If thou be the Son of God, cast thyself down from he
nce; for it is

written, He shall give his angels charge over thee, to keep thee: And in their h
ands they shall
bear thee up, lest at any time thou dash thy foot against a stone."
"And Jesus answering said unto him, it is said, Thou shalt not tempt the Lord th
y God" and
when Javhe had ended all the temptation, he departed from him for a season."
- Quoted from The Gnostic Magic of the Runes by Samael Aun Weor
Javhe is the opposite of Christ, and represents Despotism.
In the Infradimensions we find the negative doubles of the Divinities from the s
uperior worlds.
When we invoke Jesus Christ in the internal worlds, we can be deceived by Javhe,
his opposite,
who will disguise himself as Jesus.
In Klipoth we find the opposite of every Master. The Enemy of the Christ is Javh
e who is the Chief
of the Black Lodge, the Head. That is why we find the conjurations. We must conj
ure the invoked
Master, eg. in the astral world.
These beings are related to certain Sephiroth and develop themselves in the acti
ons or forces
related to certain Sephiroth.
Jesus: Jupiter, Ray of Liberation
Javhe: opposite. Very sly intellect.
All his lectures start talking against the Christ. He will disguise himself and
his evil intentions and
try to lead the student from the path, talking of "Wisdom," "Love," etc.
In the astral world a Gnostic instructor invoked Samael. Samael is the Chief of
Geburah. He
appeared riding a majestic white horse, wearing a white robe with a white mantle
from head to
foot. But it was Moloch, disguised.
The instructor didn't conjure him, because he thought he was the Master of the W
hite Lodge.
Moloch asked: "Why have you invoked me?"
"Because I need this and that..
Moloch said: "But you have these things.."
The instructor started to doubt the Master, and so asked him about the Key of Sa
haja Maithuna.
"Do you know the clue of the Great Arcanum? No fornication."
Moloch laughed. "Are you awake?"
"Yes I am."

Moloch said, "But I am always awake here."

The instructor tried to conjure Moloch, and he just stood there and watched; the
instructor didn't
have enough energy. Moloch was being polite, just showing that it is possible to
be awaken
without walking on the Path of Chastity.
Later the instructor talked with the Master Samael in the physical world, and Ma
ster Samael said
that Moloch was trying to mislead him, to take him from the Path, and to show th
at it is possible to
awaken, but for evil.
Moloch is a head of a legion of demons. He acts under Javhe.
We have to conjure, to know the clues to see if the one who appears is reflectio
n or not.
Mediums say that they are channelers of such-and-such Master, but they channel f
orces from
The Double of any Master is in Klipoth.
If in the Astral World it is difficult to tell whether a being is a demon or an
Angel, then in the case of
the medium it is impossible. We need objective clairvoyance for that.
"In the name of Christ, by the power of Christ, for the majesty of Christ, is th
is the Truth you
are telling me?"
Then, Bless in the name of the Father, Son and Holy Spirit.
Then say apologies. "I am doubting of myself, not you. The demons of Klipoth try
to mislead me."

Most of the legions of demons are locked in the abyss, for our own sake. But the
re are still
demons with physical bodies, and so they are in the Astral World misleading peop
When we have nightmares we enter into Klipoth.
Javhe symbolizes our own Anti-Christ in the mind.
Inverted Chokmah
Demon: Belial.
Vice: Blind Faith and Fanaticism.
Samael Aun Weor stated:
"Belial from the Empyrean, indeed, there is not a Spirit who fell more impurely
lewd, or more
grossly inclined to love vice than this creature, who in ancient Lemurian times
was certainly a
Master or Angelic Guru of ineffable splendors...

"This Demon, a Deity in other times, had no temples standing, nor were any conse
offered to him at any altar; nonetheless, no one is more often than he in temple
s and at altars.
"When the priests turn atheist, as did Ely's sons, who disgracefully filled with
prostitution and
violence the house of the Lord, they are then, as a fact, converted into slaves
of Belial...
"Sublime Hierophant from archaic epochs of our world, delectable Angel, now an e
vil LuciferinDemon, he also reigns in luxurious courts and palaces and in dissolute cities, w
here the noise
of riot, lust and outrage ascends above their loftiest towers...
"Thus, when night darkens the streets, then wander forth the children of Belial,
flown with
insolence and wine.
"Witnesses of all these are the streets of Sodom and that horrible night in Gibe
ah, when its
doors yielded a Matron to prevent a worse loathed rape."
- Quoted from Parsifal Unveiled
God the Son, Christ, Chokmah is the root of Faith: Direct Experience, lived expe
riences in the
internal worlds.
When we do not experience what we know we become children of Belial: fanatics.
We have within the left ventricle of our Heart the Nous atom; this atom is relat
ed to superlative
When we develop superlative intuition we open the doors to the internal worlds.
But when we do not develop superlative intuition we develop the Interior Pharise
e instead.
Pharisee comes from Parsi, Persian, related to the Zoroastrians, worshippers of
the Fire, but the
Pharisee worships God without any experience of God. The Pharisee believes in An
gels, but has
no experience with Angels.
We must work with the Three Factors (Birth, Death, Sacrifice).
Pharisees feel happy with themselves, but have lots of defects.
"It is easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle than for a rich man
to enter the
Kingdom of Heaven."
Pharisees have this psychological attitude in the heart; "Thank God I am always
good. Everyone
else is a wolf, I am meek."
Being rich means to feel being "better," proud, vain. We have to be humble.

It is urgent that we understand religious pride.

When we do not experience, when we are not humble, we have only blind faith.
Belial is also related to those who awaken negatively through drugs/ alcohol.
The "DT's" (Delirium Tremens) are experiences in Hell.
Drugs awaken us in the abyss - these people believe they are on the right path.
When the Priest makes business with any sacraments, he is a child of Belial.
Inverted Binah
Demon: Lilith Ashtaroth.
Vice: Subtle Stupidity.
Samael Aun Weor stated:
"With these terribly malignant Divinities who in the ancient continent Mu were i
ndeed exemplar
men, humanized Angels, came those who, from the bordering flood of old Euphrates
to the
brook that parts Egypt from Syrian ground, had the undesirable names of Baal and
The Holy Spirit, Binah (Hebrew), means Understanding.
Its opposite is Subtle Stupidity; Lilith (also Nahemah, related to fornication a
nd adultery).
Lilith is violence against nature:
Using the energy of the Holy Spirit through wrong channels, such as in homosexua
The abuse of sex through crimes like abortion.
The hatred of sex, as in so-called "celibacy."
When we transmute our sexual energy into Light, then we receive Understanding an
d Intelligence.
In Fornicators the energy is transformed into Subtle Stupidity.
Lilith is the opposite of Anael (the Angel of Love):
Lilith is hatred/violence in sexuality.
There are many souls identified with Lilith.
The Holy Spirit acts through sex, and so we must know how to respect sex.
We work against these elements related to the 3 brains.
We have many egos within related to these 3 demons.
Klipoth Introduction pt 2
Inverted Gedulah
Demon: Baal Pehor.
Vice: Obscure Love (to be complacent with crimes).

Samael Aun Weor stated:

"Baal Pehor, the obscene dread of Moab's sons, who
dwelled from Aroer to Nebo, and even far beyond the
Southmost of the desert of Abarim... He dwelled also in
Hesebon and Horonaim, in Zion's Realm, beyond the
flowery dales of Sibma clad with Vines, and Eleale to the
Asphaltick lake.
"Frightful, left-handed, tenebrous Baal Pehor, he enticed
the Israelites in Sittim on their march from the Nile to
perform for him wanton rites, which cost them woes...
"From there this Elohim, fallen amidst the luciferin reddish
fires, his lascivious orgies he enlarged even to that hill of
scandal, by the Grove of the homicidal Moloch...
"Thenceforth, it is obvious that their abominable
debauchery was established hard by hate, till pious Josiah
drove them thence to hell..."
- Quoted from Parsifal Unveiled
Gedulah (Hebrew) means Love.
Its opposite is Obscure Love, the "love" of Baal Pehor.
We think we act in a positive way, but truly we act in a negative way.
Thinking we are acting positively, we can justify in many ways Prostitution or A
dultery, but in fact
we are acting negatively.
The Ego works through the Sex, Heart, and Head.
Obscure Love is action through charity that ends in evil, e.g. giving money to a
beggar, who then
buys alcohol. "Love is the Law, but Conscious Love." Obscure Love is everywhere,
a type of
sentimentalism related to the heart.
Real love is from Gedulah, the Spirit, God.
Inverted Geburah
Demon: Moloch.
Vice: Tyranny.
Samael Aun Weor stated:
"Moloch, a luminous Angel of yore, a horrid King besmeared with the blood of hum
sacrifices, with the tears of parents and the desperation of mothers. Though for
the loud noise
of drums and timbales, unheard went the cries of their children, who passed thro
ugh fire to be
pitilessly immolated to this execrable monster, once a beautiful God from other
"The Ammonites worshipped him in Rabba and its watery Plain, in Argob and in Bas
an, to the

stream of utmost Arnon...

"The legend of the centuries state that Solomon, son of David, King of Zion, bui
lt a temple to
Moloch right on that opprobrious hill.
"The seven Lords of time state that subsequently, this wise old King dedicated a
sacred grove
in the pleasant Valley of Hinnom to such a fallen Angel...
"Such a fecund perfumed land, for such a fatal motive, then changed its name for
Tophet and
black Gehennan, a true type of hell..."
- Quoted from Parsifal Unveiled
Geburah is Hebrew for Justice, Strength, Courage.
Its opposite is Inflexible Rigor, Tyranny.
We are in the realm of Moloch when we do not know how to use our own power.
Moloch is represented in the form of a brazen bull. People in ancient times sacr
ificed children to
Tyranny in Kings/ Queens/ parents: parents who teach religion with the whip in h
Governors who use power to hurt people.
Power without freedom = tyranny.
Freedom without control = anarchy.
Inverted Tiphereth
Demon: Asmodeus.
Vice: Triumph of the Beast (Egocentrism: complete oblivion of the Spirit).
Samael Aun Weor stated:
"Asmodeus, brother of Andrameleck, two resplendent Thrones from the starry heave
n of
Urania, also fallen into animal generation...
"Exemplar men, Gods with human bodies in the land of Mu, abjectly wallowing in t
he bed of
"The Luciferin-Christic host who incarnated in the archaic Lemuria (induced by t
hat nemesis or
Superior Karma that controls the ineffable ones and that is known as the Law of
committed the mistake of falling into animal generation.
"Fatal for the human species was the sexual downfall of the divine Titans who di
d not know
how to use the mighty boon of Prometheus, thus rolling into the abyss.
"Our Saviors, the Agnishvatta, the superior Titans of the luciferin fire, can ne
ver be cheated.

They, the brilliant children of the dawn, know very well how to distinguish betw
een a downfall
and a descent.
"Some sincerely mistaken ones now compel themselves to justify the angelic downf
- Parsifal Unveiled
Tiphereth (Hebrew) means "Beauty" of the human soul.
When the soul triumphs we becomes Kings and Queens of Nature.
Its opposite is the Beast 666: Asmodeus (Ashmedai).
6 is a sacred number related to the Arcanum Six, the Lovers, or Indecision.
The number 6 represents the human soul who is caught between the virgin and the
between chastity and lust. Our tendency is to look toward the whore, toward lust
. The number 6
represents our need to define ourselves, and we normally define ourselves in acc
ordance with the
Number 6 is related to the soul; it appears three times because of the 3 brains.
We have the ego
in the 3 brains.
The Guardian of the Threshold enslaves everyone. The Guardian of the Threshold i
s the ego.
People feed their defects through the Head, Heart, and Sex.
The Soul is a slave of the Guardian of the Threshold.
Triumph of the Beast = our own soul becoming a child of Asmodeus. Asmodeus, a fa
llen Angel,
represents those souls completely divorced from Divinity.
In Klipoth we find many schools that guide souls the wrong way.
They teach how to strengthen the ego in the Head, Heart, and Sex.
1. For example, through different types of "Mind Control" that teach methods in
order to develop
mental powers without creating the Solar Mind. These subjective methods are rela
ted to the ego.
2. Many groups work with the Heart; they state: "Release the emotions, your ange
r, don't repress
your hatred, express it." These groups worship self-esteem, pride, anger. These
strengthen the ego through the emotional center. Actors utilize emotions; they c
an identify with
lots of emotions. This takes/ wastes a lot of energy.
3. Through Sex; this is obvious! For example, the practice of "safe sex" to enjo
y fornication. The
Government/ Media support it, saying this is the right way (to the Abyss).

Inverted Netzach
Demon: Mammon.
Vice: Foolish Pride.
Samael Aun Weor stated:
"Mammon, the least erected among the Men-Angels from ancient Arcadia, also falle
n into
bestial generation...
"He was the first one who taught the inhabitants of the earth to ransack the cen
ter of the world.
Thus, they did it, rifling the bowels of their mother Earth for treasures better
hid forever...
"The covetous band of Mammon soon opened into the mountain a spacious wound and
extracted from its womb ribs of Gold."
- Parsifal Unveiled
Netzach (Hebrew) means "Victory."
Its opposite is Mammon = Foolish Pride.
Those who want to succeed in the physical world through money, wealth, intellect
. Here there are
no proofs for the theories. It is intellectualism without experience of the supe
rior worlds.
The Gospels state: "You cannot worship God and Mammon."
Do not try to be famous; be humble.
Obviously, we have to take care of ourselves.
But if first we seek money then Self-realization, we will never succeed. We do n
ot know how long
we will live. We must know that God will always provide. We will always have she
lter, food, job;
always enough to survive. We may not be rich but we will be always aware we need
money and
have to get it. God provides through various means.
Inverted Hod
Demon: Mulciber.
Vice: Anarchy.
Samael Aun Weor stated:
"Mulciber, indeed, his name was not unheard, nor did he ever lack fanatical ador
ers in ancient
Greece. This is known by the divine and human...
"The classical fable refers how Mulciber fell from Olympus, thrown by angry Jupi
ter over the
crystalline, divine battlements. Nothing ought availed him then to have built in
heaven high

"A man with genius from the purple race in the continent Mu, fallen into the aby
sses of sexual
- Parsifal Unveiled
Hod (Hebrew) means "Glory."
Its opposite is Mulciber.
Hod is the emotional Astral Body.
Here the Lord acts through the heart, to gather souls.
When anyone teaches this knowledge, this is using the heart.
This knowledge does not belong to anyone.
Christ is like a hen gathering its chicks.
Many say, "Worship me!"
Worship your own God, your Intimate, your Innermost.
There are many Gods and Masters that we respect, but we worship our own God.
If we become identified, we end up worshipping personalities.
The ego of people likes to be worshipped, saying, "I am the incarnation of this
People follow because they believe they will be saved.
Follow That which is within, but respect the Gods/ Masters.
Otherwise we fall into anarchy.
Many demons pull souls down into the abyss.
Inverted Yesod
Demon: Chavajoth.
Vice: Lust.
Samael Aun Weor stated:
"On one side of a road we met a Solemn, Olympic Sculpture. It seemed to have bee
n carved
by Praxiteles! Its face was similar to that of the Greek Apollo. The curvature o
f its feet, the
profile of its hands..., the entire eurhythmy of that sculpture, could compete w
ith the Venus of
Milo! Nevertheless... there was something strange on that very beautiful sculptu
re! That
precious human effigy was dressed in a bloody color robe which formed beautiful,
exotic and
fatal pleats that extended down to its feet! We comprehended that we were before

opposite pole... we were before the frightening and terrible Chavajoth! Extendin
g the right hand
towards that malignant and seducing beauty, we conjured it with a loud voice say
"In the name of the TETRAGRAMMATON, I conjure thee Chavajoth!"
"Immediately after pronouncing these words, we saw with a great surprise that be
autiful and
malignant sculpture becoming angry against us. Then, while advancing towards us
attacked us with his horrible hypnotic power. He insulted us tremendously. His w
ords were
really repugnant, suitable only to that great Harlot whose number is 666.
"The fight was terrible. We had to defend ourselves with all our spiritual force
s in order to drive
away that terrible demon of malignant beauty! We finally succeeded, thus, the fr
personage took the form of a Harlot and hid within a tavern where only glasses a
nd bottles of
liquor were seen on the counter.
"Lo and behold the Black Magic, Lo and behold the abyss!"
- Esoteric Treatise of Theurgy
Yesod, Chastity = Mysteries of sexuality, ruled by Jehovah.
Chavajoth is the opposite of Jehovah.
Chavajoth teaches impure sexuality.
Lots of people know about Tantrism but they are teaching black or gray Tantra.
Only White Tantra is according to the commandments of God.
Only White Tantra gets us to God.
There are lots of books on the chakras, the Kundalini.
To awaken is not enough; we must awaken for the good, not evil.
Inverted Malkuth
Demon: Andramelech.
Vice: "Proud World." (Covetousness of power, to feel self-security)
Samael Aun Weor stated:
"A personage dark as coal appeared in the middle of a cavern, this was Andramele
ck, a
gigantic, tenebrous and horrible personage. By extended our right hand towards t
hat horrible
monster we said:
"In the name of Jupiter, the father of all Gods I conjure Thee Andrameleck!... T

"The result was formidable. That demon, mortally wounded by the terrible ray of
Divine Justice,
remained under our dominion. It was then that Andrameleck spoke and said:
"I did not know that it was you (Samael Aun Weor) the one who called me! If I ha
d known it, I
would have come earlier!... What can I do for you?"
"The words of Andrameleck seemed to come from within the profound caverns of the
earth. It seemed that this terrible and powerful voice came from the very core o
f the earth! We
then courageously spoke to Andrameleck and said: "Give me your hand Andrameleck!
The tenebrous personage approached us and gave us his hand. Then, Samael Aun Weo
returned into his physical body. Then, that demon with bloody colored robe, pass
ing over the
roof of his room, exclaimed: "You were afraid of me!... You were afraid of me!..
Samael Aun Weor answered: "I am not afraid of you Andrameleck!...I just returned
into my
physical body, that is all."
- Esoteric Treatise of Theurgy
Andrameleck: Andra = below, Melech = King "King Below" (King of the Underworld).
Andrameleck is incarnated in China; he is a Hanassmuss (souls that have double p
We want to go up, but are too attached to this proud world.
Religion comes from the word Religare, meaning "to relink our soul with God."
When we believe we are okay because we are full of knowledge but without practic
ing religion
through meditation, we are attached to this proud world.
We prefer the world of vanity, this materialistic world.
Every virtue is inverted in Klipoth.
Many schools in the internal worlds, in the infernos, teach esotericism.
White Lodge schools are based on the Three Factors, Meditation, creating the bod
ies, conscious
love, charity. Otherwise the school is based in Klipoth.
To reject the forces of Klipoth we must know the Conjurations:
Conjuration of the Four: reject the legions of demons.
Conjuration of the Seven: reject the heads of the demons.
I nvocation of Solomon: invoke forces from above, on the Tree of Life.
Before every ritual work, it is important to perform the Conjurations of 4, 7, a
nd the Invocation of
Solomon so we can be sure we will work with the positive forces.

We have 97% related to forces of Klipoth inside of ourselves.

We have 3 % related to forces of above inside of ourselves.
The Beast from the Abyss with 10 horns and 7 heads that the Book of Revelation r
efers to is in
relation to the Three Brains and the 7 capital sins.
10 inverted sephiroth.
capital sins.
The Crowns upon the heads of the beast are the Inverted Negative Virtues. These
are particles of
pain from the Father Kether.
Anger is king in this world.
According to the Book of Revelation, no one without the mark of the beast can ma
ke business in
this world. The mark is in the hands (actions) and in the head (the mind).
Everything related to anger, lust, pride.
We buy and sell related to the 7 sins everywhere; these are the only things that
we make
business with nowadays.
The Beast 666 plays baseball, football, is in the Olympics, big business, politi
cs, every movie,
every shopping precinct, because it is inside each one of us. So we have to kill
When we work with the positive forces we kill the beast.
We lost all our power, the Fire of the Holy Spirit, when we fell into animal gen

Klipoth 1: Limbo (The Moon)

Limbo is the first sphere of Klipoth; it is related to that

which we know as Hell, or the Infernos, or the Infradimensions of nature.
The whole of the cosmos is governed by many laws.
Different parts of the cosmos from the Ain Soph to Klipoth
are governed by differing amounts of laws.
The first sphere of Klipoth is Limbo which is governed by
96 laws, resulting in a very complicated mechanism.
The Ray of Creation descends into the different worlds, and finally we find that
the Ray
enters into Limbo, the first sphere of Klipoth, Hell.
The Ray of Creation

The first order of worlds is the Ain Soph Aur (Hebrew for "limitless light") - E
Cosmic Common Father - is governed by 1 law, which is the Truth.
The second order of worlds is the Infinite, the Firmament, governed by 3 laws.

While the Ray of Creation is descending into the different

dimensions then we find Galaxies, called the Macrocosmos,
controlled by 6 laws.
When the Ray descends and reaches any particular Solar
System, then we find that the laws are duplicated, and every solar
system is controlled by 12 laws.
The Ray descends more into every Planet and we discover that
every planet is controlled by 24 laws.
On every planet, including the earth, we always find different
Human Beings, and there are 48 laws controlling the physical
bodies of the human beings.
These 48 laws are directly related to the 48 chromosomes of the
body - 46 physical chromosomes and 2 vital (etheric)
We are in the physical body in the physical world controlled by
48 laws, and above us we have other worlds which are controlled
by fewer laws. If we want to be free, or to be saved, we have to
liberate ourselves from the mechanical laws of nature and to
exercise ourselves in order to reach the first law, which is the
Father, the Truth, which is beyond physical existence, beyond the Galaxy, beyond
Firmament, right there in the Absolute which is the Unknowable Seity.
Below our physical world, which is related with our physical body, we find what
we call
the Infradimensions of Nature. These are nine Infradimensions; the first Infradi
is Limbo controlled by 96 laws. These 96 laws are not related with the physical
but with that plane that people call Orco or Limbo.
Limbo is immediately below this physical plane, down below this earth - it is re
lated to
all of the caves and caverns that are surrounding the whole planet. If we unite
all of the
caverns and caves of the planet then we find that region that is called Limbo.
Limbo is that Infradimension where we have the exact reflection of all the infra
that we perform on the surface of the planet Earth. In the same way, internally
speaking, to find the reflection of the good actions, virtues, we have to go int
o the
superior dimensions, the Heavens, above the physical plane. Evil activities are
reflected in Klipoth, Hell, related with first layer of Hell or the Infernos tha
t we call

If we find reflections of buildings, cars, inventions in the physical plane, the
y are
reflected, the astral part of them, in Limbo because everything has an astral do
For instance, when we sleep and go out of the physical body to dream, we find th
same houses, buildings, same people, same animals, same things. When we awake we
know that we were sleeping, but before that we do not know because we see exactl
the same things. That double is the astral, or molecular body.
In that astral world, the 5th dimension, we find the double of everything. We fi
nd the
double of Nature, which is something mechanical, the double of nature related wi
th the
material that belongs to nature. But also we find the double that we have to cre
which is not from nature but that has an eternal aspect.
While we have dreams we find the double of everything. We have to create the ete
doubles that do not belong to the mechanism of Nature. But all that belongs to t
mechanism of nature is the double that has no divine eternal reality. As this ph
plane that will eventually disappear.
In the astral plane the angels are eternal; the bodies that they have do not bel
ong to the
mechanisms of nature, their bodies' matter is immortal. But in Limbo the rest of
humanity does not have those eternal internal bodies; humanity wanders about wit
protoplasmic internal bodies. All these protoplasmic bodies and things we find i
n Limbo
are perishable, not eternal.
In Limbo we find the double aspect of everything in Nature, but which is a proto
perishable matter.
So, in Limbo we find the Molecular bodies, the Protoplasmic bodies. These are th
kind of nature, a kind of matter that is not physical. The mind with which we th
ink is
protoplasmic. It belongs to the 5th dimension, eternity, the astral plane. The b
ody with
which we feel emotions also belongs to the 5th dimension; it is a protoplasmic b
But chairs, tables, etc also have a protoplasmic double. Every single form of ph
matter has its protoplasmic part. It is like that part that is erroneously calle
d by many
groups, schools, religions the astral part - but really the astral eternal part
is something
that we have to build.
That is why when we are out of the body, and we find for instance, a dog that is

sleeping in the physical world, in the protoplasmic dimension, which is Limbo, i

ts soul
is wandering around in its protoplasmic body. It is the same with cats, etc. Hou
ses in
the astral plane are protoplasmic matter. Chairs, trees, everything. Protoplasmi
c matter
is also related with Nature, it is matter which is not dense like physical matte
r, but it is
subtle. It belongs to the 5th aspect of this planet.
Limbo is a world here and now; it is in the Eternity, the 5th dimension. Paralle
dimensions, universes, penetrate and co-penetrate without confusion. The Astral
is here and now.
Right now we are thinking, so where are the thoughts? We can't see them; why not
Because they do not belong to the 3rd dimension; but they are here, we feel them
, we
know we are thinking. But if we penetrate into the 5th dimension then we can see
form of the thoughts because they are protoplasmic. In the physical plane we can
sense that we are thinking but we cannot see the thoughts.
The first Infradimension is commonly called Limbo, which is an inferior dimensio
n in
the 5th dimension. It is the Chamber between the other inferior dimensions and t
physical plane.
Everything that goes into Limbo eventually returns into the physical plane. That
everything is the psyche, the soul. The soul right now is expressing itself thro
ugh the
physical body; the soul is reading this statement through the physical body. But
the physical body, which is cellular, three-dimensional, is tired, we go to bed,
and the soul abandons the physical body, that soul uses a protoplasmic body whic
does not belong to the third dimension but to the 5th, which is Eternity, the as
tral plane,
and then in that dimension we travel and see things which are protoplasmic, whic
h are
exactly the double of all the things that exist in the world. Limbo is that dime
nsion where
we experience our dreams.
The same buildings, cars, people, plants that exist in this physical world exist
also in
Limbo but in a protoplasmic matter. That is why we dream that we drive cars, rea
books, etc. in that dimension because everything is a double. The difference is
that we
are controlled by 96 laws when out of this physical body.
Other things exist in Limbo, but we cannot investigate them because we have our
Psyche asleep.

When we are asleep we do not realise that the matter is protoplasmic.

If we inquire into the matter then we can realise this. Discern.
The protoplasmic bodies are the bodies that we use to think and to feel emotions
inside and outside the physical body:
The Body of Desires (Lunar Astral Body) is protoplasmic and expresses itself thr
the solar plexus of the physical body.
The Mind is protoplasmic and expresses itself through the brain of the physical
When we are out of the physical body we are thinking and feeling as if we were i
n the
physical body, but we are in fact in Limbo.
If we are conscious in the fifth dimension, we can go up to the superior part of
that fifth
dimension instead of Limbo, we can go to Heaven where we see another type of
matter. There is the Heaven of the Moon, as well as the Hell (Infradimension) of
Moon. But to go up to the superior part of that 5th dimension we need an eternal
an immortal body, to get to the Heaven of Moon. It is rare to find a soul with a
immortal Astral Body.
Normally we get our "astral" experiences in Limbo, but not in the superior part
of that
It is in Limbo where we find the souls of all the dead people dressed with their
protoplasmic bodies. To find someone in Heaven, the superior part of that 5th
dimension, the person has to be born again. They need to have built an immortal
Body through the Holy Alchemy.
Reincarnation only belongs to conscious people, the Great Masters.
Normal people return. They are governed by the Mechanical laws of Nature. Every
year the seasons return. Spring, Summer, Autumn, Winter always return. If we
investigate Nature we see how things return. The Soul returns to this physical p
108 times dressed with her protoplasmic bodies. The Soul is experiencing and lea
many things in this physical body, but when the physical body dies the soul retu
rns into
The Soul is immortal, eternal. But every soul is dressed in the protoplasmic bod
ies, and
these bodies are related to the mechanisms of Nature, to the mechanical laws.
We enter into a new womb. The baby has a new physical body but still has the sam
protoplasmic bodies which are very old, from a long time ago. Before we entered

human kingdom, we used them in the animal kingdom, and before that we used these
protoplasmic bodies in the plant and mineral kingdoms. These bodies are evolving
according to the laws of evolution, mechanical law of nature, and the soul is al
there with the same bodies in different stages of evolution.
When we enter the human kingdom those protoplasmic bodies enter into the cycle o
108 lives in order to perform what the soul has to perform. We have to create
electronic immortal bodies to be saved from the mechanical bodies, and the laws
We can easily go to Limbo and see our old friends who are now dead. In Limbo the
are certain groups of people that the White Lodge are helping so that they can r
again. Some of these people are conscious of the fact that they are physically d
Most people ignore the fact that they are physically dead and in Limbo, because
is exactly the same as this physical world. There we find the same commerce, the
same life, the same actors in theatres. They waste their time with the same acti
They do not know they are dead. They do not know they are dead in the same way t
we do not know we are in the astral world until we awaken into the physical body
realise we were dreaming.
If we worry here about getting money to resolve our problems, and we have a hear
attack and die, then we continue with the same activities in Limbo trying to get
where the problems no longer exist. But these problems exist in the mind.
It is very painful to go to Limbo to see people working very hard because they h
ave to
pay the mortgage for the house, etc. One asks them: "Do you realise that you are
They reply, "But this is my house, my family!"
They can do nothing for their souls because they are identified with matter. The
ignore that they are physically dead.
Some Gnostic friends (currently in Limbo) know that they are dead. They are sad
because they haven't created the bodies; they wait there until given the chance
create the Solar Bodies.
Yogananda was a direct disciple of Babaji the Yogi-Christ. He was
told "Now you have to be married," but he said he only wanted to
love his Divine Mother, and refused marriage, and the way to build
the Solar Bodies. He awoke consciousness and is an awakened soul
in Limbo. He will have to return in order to create the electronic
bodies. He is a beautiful awakened elemental that is still at the human

Dante, in his Divine Comedy, states that in this first layer of hell live many g
philosophers of the past, great sages that are in Limbo. Socrates, etc. Great me
n, but
that hadn't created their Solar Bodies. They have an awakened consciousness and
enter into the Temples in Limbo, but they cannot enter into the superior temples
because they do not have the electronic bodies. They do not have the right to en
ter. It
is very rare to find people in these temples in Limbo because normally people ju
worry in this dimension, identified with matter, problems etc.
Why is the White Lodge giving the knowledge so clearly in this day and age? It i
because the protoplasmic bodies are devolving, we are in the last lives or retur
ns, the
105th, 106th, 107th, etc. When the 108 lives or physical returns are finished th
en the
protoplasmic bodies enter into devolution. They return, they devolve through the
plant, mineral kingdoms, and disintegrate. Through the Mechanisms of Nature the
protoplasmic bodies sprout, grow and die.
Because the protoplasmic bodies are governed by different laws they do not
disintegrate as quickly as the physical bodies. They evolve over a long period o
f time,
and disintegrate over a long period of time. These bodies enter into different s
before entering into the last, the Ninth Sphere.
We have existed with protoplasmic bodies over thousands and thousands of years if
we could remember our lives or returns in the human kingdom, in the animal, plan
mineral kingdoms, we would be filled with a lot of wisdom.
The problem is that our Eternal Soul, our Immortal Soul, is within these bodies.
If we
were not within these bodies it would not be a problem.
In the physical body, if we have a headache we feel the pain, we feel the headac
with our consciousness and we cry. We feel all the pains in the soul even though
physical body does not belong to us, but we are within this body. The same happe
with the protoplasmic bodies. We feel the disintegration of these bodies and suf
Limbo is the Ante-Chamber of Hell, the Abode of Pluto (the King of Hell).
Hinduism and Buddhism have studied these laws. The other religions do not study
these laws; they reject them because of fear or fanaticism.
To be saved is not a matter of believing or rejecting ideas, but to handle the i

laws by superior laws. These superior laws are going to be acting upon us when w
build the Solar Bodies. Before that, beliefs won't help us.
We are talking about protoplasmic matter.
The reflection of all that we perform here is always in Heaven or in Limbo. Most
of our
activities belong to Limbo.
Lilith and Nahemah
Gnostic Kabbalah states that after the downfall of Adam (humanity) into animal
generation he (humanity) developed two types of psychological protoplasmic natur
Lilith and Nahemah.
Lilith is that psychological protoplasmic nature inside of those individuals who
nature with abortions, homosexuality and in general, all kinds of crimes against
Nahemah is that psychological protoplasmic nature inside of those individuals wh
identify with the vanities of the world; it is related with malignant beauty of
prostitution and adultery.
Thus, Klipoth, the abyss, is divided into two large regions; the spheres of Lili
th and
Nahemah. Sexual degeneration reigns sovereign in all of the ten spheres of Klipo
which are synthesized in these two large spheres Lilith and Nahemah.
In the ancient times there were cities that were vibrating with the superior wor
lds, for
instance in Tibet. Master Samael investigated recently these aspects in order to
see if
this part of the earth was still doing so, and he found that most of these Monas
teries of
Tibet contained many homosexuals, and this clearly is a reflection of Klipoth. I
f that is
happening with Tibet, then elsewhere is much worse. When you go to New York you
feel the psychological weight of that city in your head. All the activities of t
hat city are
placing it in Klipoth, under 96 or more laws that are already materializing in t
physical world. New York, instead of being controlled by 48 laws, is controlled
by 96
and more laws. Many cities have parts controlled by more laws. It is the same
everywhere. It is rare to find a town or city that is controlled by 48 laws, the
laws that should control the physical world. Because of our egotistical activiti
es we are
placing this physical world out of the normal laws. This is why visitors from ot
planets are amazed when they see that this planet is not physically controlled b
y 48
laws. To survive in a bad city is very difficult because you have to accomplish
it under

many laws.
This physical Earth doesn't reflect superior dimensions any more as in the past,
reflects inferior dimensions.
Laws control life and make life more mechanical.
If we lived in the world of 48 laws, we wouldn't need any ID, or birth certifica
te, or
passport, in order to travel with freedom in this world of God that belongs to e
But because of laws we identify with political ideas, which are created from the
The extra laws are from Hell, not from God.
Because of people's identification with egotistical matters, people bring the la
ws from
Limbo etc. into the physical world, and these laws work physically.
Electricity, land, food etc should all be free as it is from Nature.
The Ego belongs to the Infradimensions.
The Ego is protoplasmic. It belongs to mechanical nature; the Ego does not belon
g to
Heaven - even the Pharisee ego that believes in the Bible or that believes in Go
d or that
believes in any other religion does not belong to heaven. There are many people
Limbo, Hell, who believe in God, that are preaching in Limbo, but that ignore th
at they
are physically dead and preaching their religion within their protoplasmic bodie
In the 5th dimension we find the mental world and the emotional world - both the
superior and the inferior aspects.
The negative aspect of the Moon vibrates with Limbo.

Klipoth 2: Mercury

We must understand the Mind in order to

understand what salvation is and the term
"being born again." We must also understand
that after the last return into Limbo, the door or
entrance into the sphere of Mercury is
definitively open for the lost souls, thus the
definitive entrance into the infernal worlds is
related with the mind. The mind is related with
the sphere of Mercury.
Klipoth is related with Nine Inferior Dimensions.

Within the Ray of Creation there are Seven

The First Cosmos is governed by the Father, the Truth: "Search for the Truth and
Truth shall set you free." God is the Truth.
The Tree of Life and the 10 Sephiroth teach us about the different parts of the
and the different Heavens.
Malkuth is the physical world.
The other Nine Sephiroth are related with the Nine Heavens:
Yesod and
Heaven of
Heaven of
Heaven of
Heaven of
Heaven of
Heaven of
Heaven of
Heaven of

Hod are related with the Heaven of the Moon


The Nine Heavens are related with nine planets of our Solar System.
We always point upwards if we are talking of Heaven - but from a physical point
of view
we will first find the Moon and then the other planets and the Sun. Each of thes
planets is in relation with the different Heavens of Christianity or any other r
There are actually twelve planets rotating around the Sun. Scientists only know
nine (up
to Pluto). After Pluto are another three planets (and with the Sun, a total of 1
3) - these
are the 13 Heavens of the Nahuas' religion or Aztecs.
The planets that are unknown to official science are:
The Moon is first Heaven, related to the Earth, which is first in our sphere.
The Nahuas and Mayans speak of 13 Katuns, or periods of time, within which every
humanity has to be developed.
We are now in the 12th Katun. In 2040 we enter the 13th Katun, the final step, t
he end
of our civilization, which will last maybe 2000 years. Even the beginning of thi
s Katun
means destruction - and so entry into this period implies a complete change in n
due to a great sacrifice that will be performed by the fire.
The Hebrew Sephiroth are the 10 manifested emanations of that Seity that is unkn
Above the 10 Sephiroth we find 3 regions - these are related to what we call the

Absolute. These 3 great regions are:

Ain: Nothingness
Ain Soph: Limitless
Ain Soph Aur: Limitless Light
Below Ain Soph Aur we find the Ten Sephiroth which form what we call the univers
e, in different
parts, or the Heavens of Christianity.
The Ten Sephiroth are ten different parallel dimensions.
The Earth is placed in the physical dimension or plane.
The Earth and all life, the four kingdoms of humans, animals, plants and mineral
s are
called the Kingdom (Malkuth).
The first heaven is called the Astral World - called in Christianity "the World
of the
Angels." This is the world of Superior Emotions.
Above the Astral World we find the Heaven of the Mind. Here we find the Archange
Above here we find Principalities abiding in Heaven of Venus. Venus is vibrating
that particular dimension.
Each planet is related with a superior dimension, which is not physical but inte
These are superior or internal worlds, the Kingdom of Heaven. Next, we have the
Virtues - related to Heaven of the Sun.
Mars is the 5th Heaven, and is the abode of the
Potencies, Powers.
Heaven of Jupiter - the abode of the Dominions.
Heaven of Saturn - the abode of the Thrones.
Heaven of Uranus - the abode of the Cherubim.
Heaven of Neptune, Empyrean - the abode of the Seraphim.
The Vital world (Yesod) is directly related with the physical plane.
When we talk of the Heaven of the Moon we have to realize that it is ruling the
Plane (Hod) as well as the Vital Plane (Yesod).
Each planet is related with the Spheres, or the Heavens.
We have to be born again in these Heavens.
Above the Tree of Life we have another 3 Heavens, but they are Unmanifested. Ain
Ain Soph, Ain Soph Aur are unknown for our understanding. The universe starts re
from the 10 Sephiroth.

This is the Doctrine of Daath, the doctrine of the Transformation of the Forces,
transformation of matter into energy, of energy into matter.
When you study the Ray of Creation, you also discover the different forces of th
Absolute within matter.
When we talk of atoms we find many types of atoms - many types of matter. Scient
only talk of physical atoms, but in this universe, which is composed of many dif
dimensions, each dimension is composed of a different kind of matter.
That which we call matter, in itself, or matter without form, is something unkno
wable for
the intellect.
That unformed matter is precisely the essence of concrete matter; this takes for
m in
the different planes or dimensions according to the activities of the fire. In H
ebrew, the
Hashim are igneous particles that are enclosed within the atoms. Any activity of
atom, any movement of an atom, is due to the influence, the will, of these igneo
particles. Samael Aun Weor tells us that these igneous particles are unknown to
These Hashim are made of what? - They are igneous particles of INRI, that fire w
is not physical fire, but that fire that Christians call Christ (which is a Gree
k word).
What is this Christ? - it is the first emanation, the first-begotten.
In order for matter with a particular form to take that form it needs the activi
ty of that
fire. That fire is the first emanation of the Unknown. This Unknown is the Etern
Cosmic Common Father. He is called Father in relation to paternity, relating to
origin of life.
From Him emerges the Fire, Light. That Fire, that Light, is the intelligence of
the Father
- Chokmah, Wisdom. The other aspect of this fire is called Binah, Intelligence.
This Fire is in every atom in any dimension.
The Heavens, the Kingdom of Heaven, are composed of a different kind of matter,
life that exists in different dimensions, which is sustained by those Hashim, th
e life of
that matter in different planes.
In the Kingdoms of Heaven these particles act according to the Will of God. This
Will is
different in every Angel, Archangel, Dominion, Throne, Principality, Cherubim, e

(There are Nine Hierarchies of Divine Beings).
The Fire is also in the Infradimensions.
In the Ray of Creation, these infinitesimal igneous particles (we call them atom
s), are
in the First Cosmos from the Unknown - the Protocosmos. Every atom of that matte
which is immortal has within its bosom an igneous particle, one atom of the Abso
That intelligence is there in activity, in the Life free in its movement.
The Protocosmos is called the "Cosmos of Christ," because the Truth, which is th
e first
law, is there within the belly of each atom of that matter which is immortal.
Then we find second cosmos - Ayocosmos (the "Holy World" of the Greeks). Each
matter of the Holy Cosmos has three igneous particles of the Absolute within. Th
e Fire
is divided into three. These three wills are one. These three forces in one (tri
-unity) are
in the belly of the atoms of the Ayocosmos, which is sustained by three laws.
The Hashim are particles of Will.
s, the
Will of God is performed, because
Begotten, the First Emanation the
each atom, doing the Will of God,

That's why in the first cosmos, the Protocosmo

this Will of God is being performed by the Fir
Ain Soph Aur. There is one igneous particle wi
which is the Truth.

In the Ayocosmos, the Will of God is divided into three, but these three are per
that Will. Even still, there is happiness.
In the third cosmos, the Macrocosmos, there are six particles within, six differ
ent wills,
six laws. Each atom is subdued to the activity of these six igneous particles an
d we see
mechanicity starting.
Then follows the fourth cosmos, the Deuterocosmos, which has
twelve igneous particles. This is how the law divides into twelve
This is the Will of God - His creation. The Ray descends into
lower and lower matter, and we find more complications and
When the Ray of Creation reaches the Astral Plane, the fifth
cosmos, the Mesocosmos, the matter has twenty-four igneous
In the Physical Plane, the sixth cosmos, the Microcosmos, there
are forty-eight igneous particles, Hashim, Will powers - fortyeight laws to which the physical matter is submitted.
Below the physical world we find the opposite to the Heavens -

the Infradimensions.
The matter is more dense, and we start with Limbo, under ninetysix laws, the seventh cosmos, the Tritocosmos.
Laws are created to balance the universe, but the Creator gave
us consciousness, souls, in order to decide whether we want to
live, to dwell in any dimension we want.
In the Infradimensions we find other laws as well - more mechanicity.
We are intellectual animals. "Animal" comes from anima, which is Latin for "soul
Therefore, we are "a soul with intellect."
This soul develops through the mineral, plant, animal, and human kingdoms, and
utilizes that element called mind in order to be active in each kingdom. The sou
l evolves
and the mind receives the properties it needs in order to serve as a vehicle of
nature in
each successive kingdom.
When the soul enters the human kingdom, then the mind becomes the intellectual m
(previously, it was irrational mind). As intellectual mind it is still mechanica
l, but it is
given to the soul for the opportunity to jump and get out of that mechanism in w
hich the
soul is bottled up.
Whether we are in evolution or in devolution, we are just slaves of the mechanic
al laws
of nature.
When we are evolving, the mind is being transformed, until we receive the intell
ect. The
intellect is mind, but it is mind in the animal stage, not human.
Human comes from HUM related with Spirit and MANAS related to mind. The soul of
Real Human is no longer an intellectual ANIMA, that soul is a human anima, a hum
A real Human Being is a soul whose mind is under the service of the Spirit, not
of the
mechanical laws of nature. This mind commands nature, as God commands nature.
When the consciousness is in the mineral, plant, animal, and humanoid kingdoms,
mind is under the service of nature, and the soul is utilizing that mind.
If we want to enter the Kingdom of Heaven we have to be "born again," we have to
create another kind of matter that will be submitted to other laws (than nature)
In the animals, when they are fornicating, the sexual glands depend on the comma
of the pituitary and pineal glands within the brain. This is completely instinct
ive, acting

under the control of the mechanical mind. That mind acts according to the
multiplication of nature. The animal follows its mind, dominated by its instinct
according to mechanical nature.
The potency of the sexual glands depends on the potency of the pineal and pituit
glands. The pineal and pituitary glands command the sexual glands in order for u
s to
perform the sexual act. When anyone performs the sexual act, it is obvious that
it is his
mind acting through the brain controlling the sex. And then, following the insti
ncts which
are completely animal, that person fornicates, which is a completely normal act
for the
animals of nature.
But if we want to be born again we have "to deny ourselves." Then said Jesus unt
o his
disciples, If any man will come after me, let him deny himself, and take up his
and follow me. - Matthew 16:24, Mark 8:34, Luke 9:23 This means we must deny our
own mechanical bestial nature, which is that mind or donkey that will push us to
the mechanisms of nature. That mind is devolving, and is now ego, lust, anger, p
laziness etc. Our Mind is no longer in the service of evolution, but of devoluti
Our reasoning is subjective and is related to the 48, 96 and more laws.
In Egypt we can find a statue of Hermes with his sexual member in a state of ere
with the words written on it: "Giver of Reasoning." Hermes is Mercury in the Rom
pantheon. Mercury is in relation to the mind. Everything that is Hermetic, relat
ed to
Hermes, is in relation to the Mind.
The Caduceus of Mercury has its analogy in the
thermometer. According to the temperature of the body that
mercury will rise in the thermometer, in different degrees.
Sex is giver of reasoning. We have mercury in our sexual
organs, the Ens Seminis, the Mercury of Philosophy.
If we sublimate that mercury, it rises through the spinal
column. This gives us the wings of the Spirit that permit us
to enter into the Kingdom of Heaven with objective
reasoning. We will then possess a human mind, an individual mind, not like the
collective mind (filled with lust, anger, greed, pride, envy, laziness, gluttony
) we have
now, which is related to the mechanical forces of nature.
Do not expect to obey God with the mind that we have now, because it is a mechan
mind of nature. After 108 returns into Limbo it will definitively enter into the
sphere of
Mercury. In the Klipothic Inferior Sphere of Mercury we find the people that enj

spilling the semen as any animal.

The orgasm develops in the protoplasmic mind of every creature the Tail of Satan
- the
passionate tail. The tail is formed by all the passionate sexual fire from the c
pointing downwards towards the Infradimensions of nature. Everybody has this in
ego, which is 100% mind. The main food of the ego, of that mind that is devolvin
g, is
In the Klipothic Inferior Sphere of Mercury we find the Fallen Bodhisattvas, the
When Adam and Eve fell into animal generation, they had their first son, which i
s the
Intellectual Animal Mind - Cain. But the Spirit never liked the way that Cain wa
worshipping him, because Cain was a fornicator.
We have to kill Cain seven times seven times (the mind has 49 levels - the ego i
hidden in all of these levels).
Abel is the Human Soul, the consciousness that in ancient times was obeying the
Spirit. But since Adam and Eve, or that humanity that fell into animal generatio
n, Cain
was born, and after Cain, Abel was subdued because of Cain, because of the anima
mind. While Abel was trying to please God, so was Cain, but in relation to the m
Abel tries to please God, but Cain, which is stronger, is also trying to please
God, but
always in the wrong way. So God does not like the way that Cain is trying to ple
him. Cain travels everywhere preaching about God, talking about the Bible, prayi
does a lot of good, etc. Cain is a mystical mind who, when the night arrives, ex
the treasure of the earth from his body, meaning the sexual energy. And God does
like this. This is how Cain (the animal mind) kills Abel (the consciousness).
Cain, the animal mind, has to be disintegrated in order to build the Human, the
Man, the real Manas.
Cain dwells proud and conceited in the sphere of Mercury. Cain is teaching Black
Tantrism. In the sphere of Mercury we find the worst of the Black Magicians that
in the world. They are in the physical plane with a very strong intellect, convi
people, and they are of course cheating people, because when they start to speak
talk about wisdom, love, the awakening of the chakras, about God and the angels,
so nobody discovers them, because they speak beautifully. But slyly, they are te

the black path. In a similar way, many people believe they are doing good, meanw
they are following Cain, which is Satan in the mind.
So to be born again in order to enter the Kingdom of Heaven implies the activity
of the
Mercury, which is the sexual matter, in order to create the individual mind that
will give
origin to the Son of Man inside of us, the Son of the Individual Mind - The Real
If this humanity continues willfully extracting the Mercury from their bodies, n
o matter
how much they believe, no matter how much they love God in their hearts, God wil
l not
like that type of worship. Cain was always rejected. Cain is that mind which, th
the brain, is commanding the sexual organs to fornicate, and justifying that act
according to the mechanical laws of nature. Many (nearly all) books in the libra
written by Cain (the animal mind) justify animal fornication.
Adam and Eve symbolize the Lemurian humanity, because in Lemuria, the beings tha
dwelt there had human minds. They were innocent. But with the fall of that human
Cain was born in each one of those individuals. And Cain was trying to please Go
d by
following the unconsciousness of nature. Cain tries to make of the mechanisms of
nature a mysticism. Jesus said,
Enter ye in at the strait gate: for wide is the gate, and broad is the way, that
leadeth to
destruction, and many there be which go in thereat: Because strait is the gate,
and narrow is
the way, which leadeth unto life, and few there be that find it. - Matthew 7:1314
If we search for the Truth we will be liberated - the Truth is the 1 law, but fi
rst we have
to be liberated from the 48 laws, then the 24 laws, then 12, etc. until we reach
the first
laws. But unfortunately, we are even submitted to 96 laws, and there are even ma
schools and philosophies that try to strengthen the animal mind. Instead of mind
what we need to do is disintegrate the mind, Cain.
In the sphere of Mercury there are a lot of people, angry, talking about how to
sex, and imagining in their fantasy many ways to extract the sexual energy from
bodies - pornography exists there, and is created by them, the Black Lodge (whic
h is
everyone). The Black Lodge teaches the schools and everyone how to have "safe se
- the intellectuals teach different types of garbage in order that the youth uti
lizes the

mind and enjoys the sexual act, sexual pleasure. Even in the different sects of
Christianity, they extract the mercury in their relationships. Lust is the origi
nal sin. Cain
justifies fornication in many ways, and even expects to enter into the Kingdom o
Heaven by fornication - this is what Cain thinks, but the facts are different.
If you want to enter into the Kingdom of Heaven, of the Superior Sphere of Mercu
you need to create a human mind. The wings of the Angels are the symbol of chast
meaning that the creatures of heaven do not extract the mercury of the secret
philosophy from their bodies, they sublimate that mercury.
Everything that is of the matter of nature is
submitted to the laws of nature, evolution and
devolution. The soul is dressed in the matter of
nature, and so evolves and devolves accordingly. If
you create the Solar Bodies, the Solar Astral,
Mental and Causal Bodies, individual Human
Bodies, you will be free from the mechanisms of
nature. This mechanicity will not influence your soul
- but right now we are submitted to those
mechanical laws. The soul is here in the physical
body, and is submitted to 48, 96 and more laws,
with this physical body, whether we like it or not. And if we have lust, anger,
vanity etc. - all of these defects are submitted to lower laws, 96 laws, 192 law
s etc. The
consciousness is submitted to more mechanicity, which is related to the mechanic
laws of devolution and evolution.
The world of 24, 12, 6 etc. laws have nothing to do with evolution and devolutio
n - the
mechanicity of the Wheel of Samsara starts with this physical body, in the world
of 48
laws. Physically we born, grow, we die and are reborn. And also the animal mind
we have within evolves and devolves but on a larger time scale - but we have to
bodies that are immortal, bodies that are submitted to 24 laws, which is the fir
st body
out of the realm of evolution and devolution. The Astral Electronic Body is the
Karma exists in all the different spheres. The Wheel of Samsara is related to th
grosser aspects of karma. There is Katancia, superior karma, that saints, prophe
awakened masters etc. should not break, these are holy laws - Heaven is controll
ed by
superior karma, which is related to the Will of God, whereas here the karma is
mechanical - people are paying here for what they ignore because they are asleep
Karma is an immortal law that exists in every sphere, except the Absolute.

The Wheel of Samsara is related with the physical karma, or with the karma of
mechanicity, because we are asleep.
In the Astral Plane we have a type of karma that we have to overcome, but this i
s not
the same type of karma that is related to the physical plane.