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Design Center & Showroom
899 1/2 Green Bay Road
Winnetka, IL 60093
Tel: 847-866-6868
Fax: 847-501-1370



Address: ___________________________________________________________________
City : ________________________________________________________
Cell: __________________________________

Home Phone: ________________________________

Email: ___________________________________________________________

General Information
1. Why do you want to remodel your Kitchen?_______________________________________________________________________
_____To update the look & functionality of the current Kitchen
_____To obtain more storage space
_____To gain additional counter space
_____To replace old appliances
_____To improve the value of your home
_____To change a kitchen in a home that was recently purchased
2. What do you presently like/dislike about your Kitchen?______________________________________________________________
3. Is the current space large enough?_________
4. Would you consider incorporating additional existing space?________
5. Would you add an additional room?________
6. What overall design theme do you prefer?

_____ Traditional

_____Other (explain)________________________________________________

7. How many people will regularly be using the Kitchen?________
8. How often do you entertain?


_____ Occasionally

_____ # of People

9. How often do you cook?
_____ Rarely

_____ Occasionally


_____ # of People


_____# of People

10. How often do you bake?

_____ Occasionally

11. How many people participate in the cooking?__________
12. Number of seats desired (at a table or in the island): __________

Backsplash Material: _____Granite/Marble _____Stainless Steel _____ Decorative Ceramic Tile _____Slate/Tumbled Stone _____Combination (explain) _____ Mosaic Tile _____Limestone/Soapstone _____Drywall (paint or wallpaper) _____Other (explain)___________________________________________________________________________________________ 2. IL 60093 Tel: 847-866-6868 Fax: 847-501-1370 www. Design Center & Showroom 899 1/2 Green Bay Road Winnetka.BenvenutiAndStein.etc. _____Built-in Washer/Dryer _____Other (explain)______________________ Design Information (Indicate which options below interest you) 1. Eating Area: _____Separate Table in Kitchen _____ Island Breakfast Bar _____Separate Room _____Table attached to Island _____Breakfast Nook _____Other (explain)______________________________________________________________ Cabinetry Details (Indicate which options below interest you) 1.com KITCHEN QUESTIONNAIRE Continued 13. Do you want a separate pantry room? _____Yes _____No _____ Considering 5. Which (if any) of the following would you like built into your cabinetry? _____Ironing Board _____Recycle Unit(s) _____Appliance Garage—to house small appliances _____Knife Drawers _____ Spice Rack/Drawer _____Bread Drawer _____Chopping Block _____Lazy Susan _____Tall Tray Divider _____Broom Closet _____Lined Silverware Drawers _____Wine Storage _____Linen Storage _____Wire Vegetable Bins_____Divided Drawers _____Pantry System _____Other (explain)_____________________________________________________________________ 3.cubbies. INC. Cabinetry Material / Finish: _____Wood _____Painted finish _____ Other (explain) 2. . Would you like to incorporate any of the following into the room? _____Island _____ Television _____Desk Area _____ Built-in Stereo Sound _____Wet Bar/Wine Area _____Communication Center w/corkboard. Decorative Accessories: _____Plate Racks _____ Display Shelves _____Bookcases _____Divided Glass Doors for Display _____ Other (explain)__________________________________________________________________________________________ 4. Would you like to close off the kitchen from the rest of the house? 6.BENVENUTI AND STEIN. Countertop Material: _____Stone _____Quartz Composite _____Other (explain)________________________________________ 2.

Floor Material: _____Stone Tile _____Hardwood Flooring _____ Other (explain)________________________________________ 4. We have listed some of the available appliance options below. or Freezer Drawers _____Separate Ice Maker _____Full Size Refrig.com KITCHEN QUESTIONNAIRE Continued 3. If you have already made specific selections. please list the Manufacturer's Name & Model Number. General Lighting _____Ceiling Mounted Light _____Wall Sconces _____ Pendant Lights _____Under Cabinet Lighting _____ Recessed Can Lights _____Over Cabinet Lighting _____Cabinet Interior Lights _____Other (explain)______________________________________________________________ 6. 1. Faucet Style: _____Transitional/Contemporary _____ Traditional 10.BenvenutiAndStein. Sink Style: _____ Single _____Built-in Drain Board _____Double _____ Triple _____ 2nd Prep Sink _____Farmhouse Sink _____Other (explain)_____________________________________________________________________ 7. & Separate Freezer Drawers _____Under Counter Freezer or Beverage Refrigerator _____Wine Cooler _____ Other __________________________________________________________________________________________ 3. INC. Windows and Doors: _____ Enlarge Existing Windows _____Bay/Bow Window _____Greenhouse Window _____Sliding Glass Doors _____French Doors _____ Other (explain)_______________________________________ 5. . Sink Finish: _____ Porcelain/Cast Iron (standard) _____Stainless Steel _____ Stone _____Copper _____Other Metal (please specify) _____Other (explain) ______________________________________________________ 8. Faucet Finish: _____Polished Chrome _____ Polished Nickel _____ Oil Rubbed Bronze _____Polished Brass _____ Satin Nickel _____ Other (explain)________________________________________ Appliances The layout and function of your kitchen is greatly effected by your choice of appliances. Sink Accessories: _____Soap/Lotion Dispenser _____ Colander _____Purified Water Spout _____Faucet w/Pull-out Spray _____ Pot Filler Faucet _____Instant Hot Water Spout _____Separate Pull-out spray _____ Other (explain)______________________________________________________________ 9. Check off the options that interest you. Design Center & Showroom 899 1/2 Green Bay Road Winnetka.BENVENUTI AND STEIN. above/Freezer below _____Separate Full-Size Freezer _____Separate Full-Size Refrig. _____Side-by-Side Refrigerator & Freezer Unit _____Under Counter Refrig. IL 60093 Tel: 847-866-6868 Fax: 847-501-1370 www. Refrigerator / Freezer: _____Refrig.

BenvenutiAndStein. Cooktop / Range: _____ # of burners _____Electric Cooktop _____ Cooktop w/Grill or Griddle _____Gas Cooktop _____Range w/Oven below _____ Induction Cooktop _____Dual Fuel (gas cooktop & electric oven) _____Other (explain)___________________________________________________________________________________________ 3.BENVENUTI AND STEIN. Oven: _____# of Ovens _____Gas Oven _____Small Microwave _____ Halogen/Speed Oven (Advantium) _____Oven w/Microwave Above _____Electric Oven _____Large Microwave _____Other (explain)___________________________________________________________________________________________ 4. IL 60093 Tel: 847-866-6868 Fax: 847-501-1370 www. Design Center & Showroom 899 1/2 Green Bay Road Winnetka. Other Appliances to consider: _____Dishwasher (full size unit or drawers) _____Washer / Dryer _____Steam Oven _____Warming Drawer _____Coffee System _____Other (explain)___________________________________________________________________ Other thoughts or considerations?_________________________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________ 4. . INC.com KITCHEN QUESTIONNAIRE Continued 2.