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Matthew 2: 11 - 13
It is by God's grace that you are still alive ad standing. The structure of the
church is similar to a tree with the church, the executive and all its facets.
It seems in our calling we have lost the anointning. This calling does not need
your intelligence but the anointing. All the church structures need the
anointing because without it all the work is futile.
The executive needs God's anointing and wisdom to lead the church so that
even when seated and dealing with church cases it does so justifiably. If one of
us goes astray we need to refrain from pretending or shooting down those who
are already fallen soldiers and instead give correction and reproach. For this
we need the anointing of God.
Without the anointing we will have a familiar spirit with which we will tickle
one another while the owner of the church is not present. DO THINGS IN FEAR
OF GOD. There is no compromise in the gospel: what is right is right, and what
is wrong is just wrong.
What are you preaching? Are you preaching Christ or lifting yourself? You
praise Him and He draws people unto Himself. let us rather die than continue
this way! We spend a lot of time doing meaningless things when we have not
been gathered to sing and make announcements. We ought to focus on the
Word of God.
Let us walk before God with fear and not confidence in ourselves but in Him.
Stop making people targets to make your money because if that happens,
money is taking God's place. When a person is newly born or converted he
must have no position of service in the LORD's house; let him sit and learn.
Such people are constantly learning but are not changing because of their
positions. Pastors need to stop biting their tounges because of their

economically-motivated sermons. People who cannot "be touched" are posing a

problem in the church.
The Word says that we must fear and respect God. Some pastors come from
big churches to big churches and some from shack to shack. Others are serving
the chruch while impoverished yet we all claim to be headed ro heaven. There
is talk of pastors' jealousy and this is true and fact because the church is
functioning in a worldly manner.
When my brother does something great I must support him. In this church
some people are fortunate and others unfortunate. As it is December and some
families are grateful, celebrating while other families are crying - from father
to child it's tears only. Some branches are growing while others are dormant.
We need to lift Jesus and not our needs!
In some churches the pastors are passing around their account numbers; they
are wolves in sheep's clothing and the beauty of Jesus is no longer seen in
them! However, it is because of God's grace that we are all here.
The Bible says that the wise men saw and followed the star to where Jesus was
born. There is an angel of the LORD that came to Joseph to give warning and
guidance to protect the child. They went to Egypt and were kept from Herod.
At some point Egypt became non-conducive.
Anointning is not a feeling but the power of God to do things we cannot
ordinarily do. It protects and preserves. Members of the executive are no
longer doing the work entrusted to them but are running around like the fire
brigade quenching fires in different churches. Church elders only go to church
on Sunday and watch soapies during the week. As a leader you ought to be
involved fully in God's work.
Fathers are not doing their job with the church's money. The mothers held
onto the prophecy and are using the money to win souls. The church is actually
in the mothers' hands and we as men are now under their grace. In our

regions, local churches are poor yet money has not been brought complete to
the main conference centre. It will go back into the regions. So leaders have a
case with God. They are squeezing money out of the bride of Christ to protect
their postions.
Message to the Chairman: Old members of the branch in Johannesburg are
dying of the cold, literally dying! This is because they are not getting help.