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Introducing an

Industrial Ethernet offering
for Power Utilities
beyond all others...

SICOM 3024P - quick plug and play for intelligent substations


ORLANDO, FL • FEBRUARY 9 -11, 2016

Industrializing Ethernet, Simplifying Industrial Communication





(Bring Your Own Device)


Five Strategies to Engage


Revenue collector.
Outage sensor.
Distribution manager.
Energy monitor.
Temperature detector.
Conservation enabler.
That also happens to be
an electricity meter.
Introducing the new Sensus Stratus™ electricity meter.
Engineered to go above and beyond ANSI and UL2735
standards and deliver more data than any other meter.
Giving you more confidence in your infrastructure, while
increasing your energy efficiency and helping you better
respond to the needs of your customers.
By combining Stratus™ with our two-way Sensus
FlexNet ® communication network, you’ll have the power
to balance supply and demand, restore service faster,
instantly configure meters along your grid and more.
Now that’s intelligence at the edge.

Nothing’s out of reach.

To learn more about taking your grid to the next level,
visit sensus.com/stratus.

Rugged communications
for the electric power grid

Go to pgi.hotims.com for more information.



Bring Your Own Device
to Increase Efficiencies

Utilities are quickly learning how newly developed
geospatial software and handheld “BYOD” devices
can streamline operations. By Ron Bisio, Trimble

36 The Internet of Things’


Connection to the Grid

Utilities are the most critical player in leading this
transformational change as more and more IoT devices are
connected, benefiting consumers, cities, businesses and the
planet. By Mike Bell, Silver Spring Networks

39 Making Big

Bets on IoT

The nation’s best electric T&D show is coming
to Orlando with its biggest offering yet: 12,000
attendees, 440 exhibitors and 428 speakers. By
Rod Walton, Senior Editor

From the Editor 4
Notes 6
Growing 18
Revenue From the
Connected Home
New report by Deutsche
Telekom reveals opportunities
for utilities. What are the best
strategies in the home market? By
Jon Carter, Deutsche Telekom AG

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Major players are investing in smart technologies. For those in the utility sector,
these moves have important implications.
By Neil Strother, Navigant Research

42 5 Analytics-Enabled Engagement Strategies
To capitalize on new potential revenue streams, utilities must
establish deeper relationships with their commercial customers.
By Bennett Fisher, Retroficiency

44 Developing a Universal

Power Quality Standard

Considering the variety of challenges
and environments across the world,
the industry can take more informed steps to
address challenges. By Matthew Bell, Aggreko

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our fast and intelligent self-healing solutions have proven to deliver cost savings for utilities around the world. and reducing customer outages. S&C’s self-healing grids are proven to pay for themselves. 1048-A1502 . Or visit us at: sandc. Rather then let us tell you.Is there a business case for self-healing grids? Yes. costly equipment damage. Scan the QR code below to watch a video and learn about the economic impact of turning the old grid into the smart grid. It doesn’t matter if you have 10 or 1. Contact us today and we will help you build the economic case for self-healing grids.000 switching points.hotims.com/sg-pg ©2015 S&C Electric Company Go to pgi. let us show you. They do this by avoiding unnecessary truck roles.com for more information.

Although I haven’t attended every DistribuTECH or continuously been a part POWERGRID International’s editorial staff since then. With a 25-year history of covering all things grid related.com VICE PRESIDENT-AUDIENCE DEVELOPMENT & MARKETING June Griffin AUDIENCE DEVELOPMENT MANAGER Jesse Fyler 918. Northbrook. Tulsa OK 74101 Phone 918.pennwell.3161 Fax 918.832. I’ve mentioned before that POWERGRID International magazine is the official publication of DistribuTECH.9834 pgi@pennwell. Sheridan Road. DistribuTECH is better positioned than any other North American industry event to provide the information that our industry wants and needs.000plus attendees. The following year. OK 74112 PO Box 1260. NORTH AMERICAN POWER GENERATION GROUP Richard Baker EDITOR IN CHIEF Teresa Hansen 918. competition and more are dramatically changing the way utilities operate and make money. New legislation.9431 angieo@pennwell.9540 pgrid@halldata. shifting generation mix. I hope to see you in Orlando.9177 rwalton@pennwell.835. SENIOR VICE PRESIDENT. but to become an enabler of future innovation. changing policies. The products and services featured by the exhibiting companies and the topics discussed in the conference sessions are key to ensuring the electric grid is prepared not only to meet future demands. You still have time to register and make your travel arrangements to attend.com www.power-grid.com. we can take only part of the credit. I helped launch POWERGRID International (originally titled Utility Automation) magazine as its partner publication.9378 deannat@pennwell. In addition. I’d like to think the DistribuTECH team’s hard work is the reason for this steady growth.1992.com PENNWELL CORP. Box 3264. IN EUROPE PennWell International Limited The Water Tower.656600 fax +44. technology advancements. IL 60065 phone 847.9504 teresah@pennwell.9114 jeffp@pennwell. Lauinger PRESIDENT AND CHIEF EXECUTIVE OFFICER — Mark C. This year is shaping up to be another record-breaking year. PennWell’s large annual T&D conference and exhibition. I do have a long history with both the event and the magazine. however. FINANCE AND CHIEF FINANCIAL OFFICER — Brian Conway SUBSCRIBER SERVICE P. Essex EN9 1BN. Biolchini VICE CHAIRMAN — Frank T. You can learn more about DistribuTECH 2016 in Senior Editor Rod Walton’s article that begins on page 22 and on the event website: www. Gunpowder Mill Waltham Abbey.763.FROM THE EDITOR EDITOR IN CHIEF TERESA HANSEN DistribuTECH 2016 Positioned to be the Best Yet You need only look at the cover of this issue to discover that this is our DistribuTECH issue. I attended DistribuTECH for the first time in 1995.832. a big part of my job throughout the year is to help shape DistribuTECH’s conference content and work closely with the rest of the event team to make sure every detail is handled and the event is the best that it can be.9208 jessef@pennwell. CORPORATE DEVELOPMENT AND STRATEGY — Jayne A.com CHAIRMAN — Robert F.com SENIOR EDITOR Rod Walton 918. distributech. I’m confident this will be the best DistribuTECH yet and won’t disappoint.831. United Kingdom phone +44.com ONLINE/ASSOCIATE EDITOR Jeff Postelwait 918. As the magazine’s chief editor. I’ve worked on the event continuously for the past eight years and each of those years it has been larger than the previous year in numbers of both attendees and exhibiting companies.831.1992. Wilmoth EXECUTIVE VICE PRESIDENT.com BUSINESS ADMINISTRATOR Angie O’Dea 918. Tulsa.com PENNWELL CORPORATION 1421 S.831.com CONTRIBUTING EDITOR TransmissionHub Senior Analyst Corina Rivera-Linares GRAPHIC DESIGNER Deanna Taylor 918. we’ve scheduled 448 industry experts to speak in the 77 conference sessions being offered.831.com .900 attendees and around 150 exhibitors in 1995 to this much larger 2016 event. customers’ growing expectations.O. We expect more than 440 exhibiting companies and 12.656700 pennwelluk@pennwell.com POWERGRID International is the official publication of 4 | January 2016 www. I’ve watched and helped DistribuTECH grow from the small event of 2. Gilsinger SENIOR VICE PRESIDENT.831. This combined with the DistribuTECH team’s hard work is the reason the event continues to grow.

Simplifying Industrial Communication kyland. 2016 Industrializing Ethernet. SICOM 3024P .com for more information.hotims. .Introducing an Industrial Ethernet offering for Power Utilities beyond all others.quick plug and play for intelligent substations VISIT US AT DISTRIBUTECH – BOOTH 1741 ORLANDO... FL • FEBRUARY 9 -11.com Go to pgi.

000)—Real-time Optimization and Control of Next-generation Distribution Infrastructure. California ($3. The 12 projects are: University of Vermont.NOTES ARPA-E AWARDS $33 MILLION TO FUND INNOVATIVE TECHNOLOGIES FOR DISTRIBUTED ENERGY The U. Washington ($2. General Electric Global Research. Colorado ($3. will develop a novel distributed flexibility resource (DFR) technology that aggregates responsive flexible loads and DERs to provide synthetic reserve services to the grid while maintaining quality customer service. These control systems will enable real-time coordination between distributed generation. NODES project teams will develop technologies that coordinate load and generation on the grid to create a virtual energy storage system. Arizona ($3. Burlington. Arizona State University will develop a stochastic (randomly determined) optimal power flow (SOPF) framework. Stanford. This will alleviate periods of costly peak demand.” The NODES program aims to create a new approach to management of the two-way flow of power to and from homes and businesses that consume and deliver electricity back to the grid. The program’s goal is to enable more than 50 percent use of renewable power on the grid. New York ($3.S. Golden. ARPA-E director. Vermont ($1. such as rooftop and community solar assets and bulk power generation. The NREL project will develop a comprehensive distribution network management framework that unifies real-time voltage and frequency control at the home and the DER controllers’ level with network-wide energy management at the utility/aggregator level.000. National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL).com . Stanford University. Richland. University of California San Diego. The resulting virtual energy storage will manage the intermittency of renewable energy. transmission and end-use energy systems at various points on the electric grid. The University of Vermont (UVM) will develop and test a new approach for demand-side management called packetized energy management (PEM) that builds on approaches used to manage data in communication networks without centralized control and requires a high level of privacy.000)—Stochastic Optimal Power Flow for Real-time Management of Distributed Renewable Generation and Demand Response. Arizona State University. and demand response technologies into bulk power system in a holistic manner. The result will enhance the resiliency. Tempe. “The research and development of these grid control technologies will make the concept of virtual energy storage a practical reality.900. La Jolla.700. PNNL will develop and test a hierarchical control framework for coordinating the flexibility of a full range of DERs. which would integrate uncertainty from renewable resources.485)— Distributed Grid Control of Flexible Loads and DERs for Optimized Provision of Synthetic Regulating Reserves.338. General Electric Global Research. California ($2.904)—Packetized Energy Management: Coordinating Transmission and Distribution. along with its partners.” said Dr. while proactively shaping electric load. The University of California. The expected benefits of these technologies include improving grid efficiency.000)— Synthetic Reserves From Aggregated Distributed Flexible Resources.000)—Multi-scale Incentive-based Control of Distributed Assets.537. Niskayuna. CONTINUED ON PAGE 8 6 | January 2016 www. Pacific Northwest National Laboratory (PNNL). an open-source and open architecture platform for scalable and secure coordination of consumer flexible load and distributed energy resources (DER). “The NODES program continues ARPAE’s commitment to investing in technologies that can provide options for our energy infrastructure and its arising operational challenges.power-grid.S. Williams. Stanford University will develop Powernet. Department of Energy’s Advanced Research Projects AgencyEnergy (ARPA-E) announced $33 million in funding for 12 innovative projects as part of its newest program—Network Optimized Distributed Energy Systems (NODES). reducing CO2 emissions in power generation and significant system cost savings. San Diego will develop coordination algorithms and software using intelligent control and optimization for flexible load and DERs to provide reliable frequency regulation services for the bulk power grid. load.000)—Open and Scalable Distributed Energy Resource Networks. distributed storage.500. to make the best use of its abundant renewable energy resources. security and flexibility of our nation’s electrical grid and allow the U. reduce wasted energy and increase renewables penetration on the grid. the lack of electricity production when the sun is not shining and the wind is not blowing. Ellen D.900. The teams will develop innovative hardware and software solutions to integrate and coordinate generation.

.hotims.Go to pgi.com for more information.

Arlington.” Market penetration of new residential PV systems is modeled for each utility at the ZIP area level based on data from more than 7 million customers and 400. Illinois ($2. Optional feeder-level forecasts also are available. Virginia ($1. PV output. Sungevity.335. Minneapolis ($2.507)— GridBallast-Autonomous Load Control for Grid Resilience. The steady improvement in economics of solar PV. impacting nearly every electric utility” said Dr. The Smart Grid Research Consortium (SGRC) recently announced that it has initiated a new multi-client study to forecast and analyze business model impacts of residential solar photovoltaic (PV) over the next decade. Northwestern University.000)— A Robust Distributed Framework for Flexible Power Grids. utility avoided costs. aggregating. “US residential solar PV installations increased 69 percent in the last year according to the most recent GTM and SEIA (Solar Energy Industry Association) national market analysis. Sun Edison. Evanston. Menomonee Falls. Eaton Corp. ranging from net metering revenue loss to additional investments in voltage control to accommodate PV clustering along feeders.150.950. Each utility participating in the study will receive its own report and briefing. United Technologies. a low-cost demand-side management technology that will monitor grid voltage and frequency and control the target load in order to address excursions from grid operating targets. These resources have been applied for a variety of solar and other distributed energy companies including Geostellar.845)—A Novel Hierarchical Frequency-based Load Control Architecture. Toyota. “Minimizing negative 8 | January 2016 www. Business model analysis reflects each utility’s hourly loads. National Rural Electric Cooperative Association (NRECA). proposes to develop and validate a disruptive cloud-computing solution that will provide agile and robust synthetic regulating reserve services to the power grid. Chalfont.000 PV installations. Ice Energy. PV hourly output. SGRC multi-client applications reduce the cost for individual utility participants by joint funding of common portions of the research and analysis framework development. to supply reserves to the electric power grid.000)—Enabling the Internet of Energy through Network Optimized Distributed Energy Resources. Bloom Energy. Eaton Corp. Pennsylvania ($2.. federal and state incentives and programs and other factors that impact the utility business model. The University of Minnesota will develop a comprehensive approach that addresses the challenges to system reliability and power quality presented by widespread stochastic renewable power generation. Reports include a review of recent PV and battery market developments and a discussion of likely future developments based on comments from industry experts. The Smart Grid Research Consortium (SGRC) began as a Texas A&M University research and service project in 2010 and transitioned to an independent consulting organization the following year. Wisconsin ($3.692.com utility business model impacts requires proactive strategies that recognize each individual utility’s exposure to PV impacts. NRECA will develop GridBallast. Ingersoll Rand.power-grid. Aisen and many more. Sharp.311. Northwestern University and its partners will develop a frequency-based load control architecture to provide additional frequency response capability and allow increased renewable generation on the grid. SGRC research director. This translates to new PV output of about one point eight gigawatts from 400. Analysis results include annual ZIP-detailed utility PV and PV/battery forecasts. revenue impacts. net metering and other utility. DNV GL together with its partners will develop an innovative Internet of Energy (IoEn) platform for the automated scheduling.NOTES CONTINUED FROM PAGE 6 including flexible building loads. financial impacts of alternative rate designs and potentials for utility control of PV/battery systems for demand response.000 new installations. Business model analysis is conducted independently for each utility participant. / RTBILDER NEW STUDY PROVIDES SOLAR PV BUSINESS MODEL IMPACTS FOR UTILITY PARTICIPANTS . Annual forecasts will be provided for 10 years. current utility rate structures. Regents of the University of Minnesota. DNV GL. Jerry Jackson. Study results will be provided to participating utilities beginning March 15. including PV/battery systems promises to continue the industry’s exponential growth.532)—Cloud-Based Cascaded Multi-rate DER Control for Synthetic Regulating Reserves. dispatch and performance validation of network-optimized DERs and controllable load. © CAN STOCK PHOTO INC.

Learn more at www.We put the now in Knowledge Visit the Doble. streamline processes and optimize system performance—from the field through the corporate office. .doble.com for more information. Doble and our family of companies provide diagnostic products and services that give you the knowledge and tools you need to gather critical data.hotims.com/DTECH2016 Go to pgi. ENOSERV & Xtensible teams during DistribuTECH at booth 2347 to learn more about our solutions for: ᣞ Field Force Automation ᣞ On-Line Monitoring For Transformers ᣞ Protection Testing & Data Management ᣞ Asset Risk Management ᣞ Utility Enterprise Data Integration Knowledge is what helps you make informed decisions about day-to-day and strategic operations.

” Fitzgerald has been chair of IEI’s Technology Partner Roundtable since 2013. Fitzgerald. and through his work with IEI. who has more than two decades of experience in the industry.NOTES PEPCO’S FITZGERALD HONORED WITH IEI LEADERSHIP AWARD partners have been extremely valuable. During his tenure. adding renewable energy.” said Scott Prochazka.” “IEI provides a forum for the exchange of ideas on the future of the electric power industry. president and CEO and IEI co-chair. CenterPoint Energy Inc. energy storage and data analytics companies. the IEI Partner Roundtable expanded. Kevin has a strategic vision of the future energy landscape.       . Kevin is a recognized industry leader in M&A.” said Bob Rowe. He spearheaded development of PHI’s vision of the 21st Century electric utility model. “Our industry is undergoing a major transformation as electric utilities are forging partnerships with tech companies to utilize new technologies to offer more services to our customers. Kevin has played a critical role in facilitating discussions about the adoption of new technologies to benefit customers and the policies that will help support the industry’s technological transformation. NorthWestern Energy president and CEO and IEI co-chair. regulatory policy and strategic planning. joined PHI as executive vice president and general counsel in 2012. “Kevin is a real leader and visionary in working to bring technology partners and thought leaders together with utilities to discuss how we collaborate as THE BATTCON CONFERENCE: YOUR BEST STATIONARY BATTERY RESOURCE! the industry evolves.


Battcon celebrates 20 years as the leading stationary battery conference and trade show. Designed for the end user. telecom and utility industry professionals. nuclear. Battcon attracts data center. This year. ± .


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     ±  .


com Go to pgi. “It is our privilege to recognize Kevin for his tremendous contributions.” said Lisa Wood. (PHI). See the Battcon.com for more information. executive vice president and general counsel of Pepco Holdings Inc. / PHILIPUS The Edison F o u n d a t i o n ’s Institute for Electric Innovation (IEI) awarded Kevin Fitzgerald.hotims. leadership and vision. which IEI will present annually. the conference geared for industry novices and seasoned battery professionals. which have greatly benefited the electric industry.        YOUíRE IN THE INDUSTRY.power-grid. IEI executive director. REGISTER ONLINE NOW! Battcon always sells out. 10 | January 2016 www. with its inaugural Technology Leadership Award. Register Early! + (954) 377-7127 www.com ìCall for Papersî page or contact Jennifer. SHOULDNíT YOU BE AT BATTCON? Every year.BATTCON. The award. more end users are discovering Battcon. “His involvement with IEI and his work with industry technology .com Discover the advantages of being a presenter.Stryker@alber. recognizes visionary thinking in pursuit of our energy future.com © CAN STOCK PHOTO INC.











hotims. .com for more information. VISIT THE SAP BOOTH #2246 Go to pgi.

senior vice president at Market Strategies International. also were named Texas Retail Electric Provider Most Trusted Brands. “Customers also tend to be loyal to companies they trust and are also more likely to recommend those companies to others. as that provider will be more financially viable and they can count on it to be good to its word on the promises it makes. / PHILIPUS NOTES . which did the interviews for the report. according to the survey.com for more information. “We know that brand trust is the basis for market share growth as customers are not likely to do business with retailers they do not trust.000 point scale). This means that REPs will be more effective at offering other value-added Go to pgi.” Market Strategies interviewed a sample of 878 Texas electric consumers aged 18 or older in November 2015.and lowest-scoring providers. healthcare.” Oberle added. retail electric providers have built brand images in the market. “It is clear that after over a decade of deregulation and electric choice in Texas. And.” said Chris Oberle. a good initial score for these retailers. Champion Energy Services and StarTex Power. The top four providers. “Consumers should only select an REP with high brand trust. © CAN STOCK PHOTO INC. Ambit Energy. Not all REPs in the state have high trust levels among their customers. however. financial services. The top four providers have an even higher combined average brand trust score of 752. The survey shows a 200-point spread between the highest. energy. customer loyalty increases financial returns for these electric providers.hotims. Bounce Energy. Market Strategies International is a market research consultancy with deep expertise in consumer/ retail. technology and telecommunications.SURVEY REVEALS BRAND TRUST AMONG TEXAS RETAIL ELECTRIC PROVIDERS VARIES Cogent Reports announced that Texas Retail Electric Providers (REPs) have a brand trust level of 748 (on a 1.” This is the first time retailers have been benchmarked on brand trust in the Texas market. products and services to their customers. the largest deregulated electric market in the country. Another finding shows that REPs that have been able to position themselves as trusted providers also have higher customer engagement ratings.

hotims.com for more information. .® AUTOMATION Go to pgi.

Research projects that more than 11 GW of energy storage The agreement covers the supply of several of LG capacity will be installed annually by 2020 across 22 countries. For reference.000 MW of energy storage installations. flexible bays in a substation can be significantly reduced with a and reliable national grid and also build the backbone for potential space saving of 70 percent. procure additional capacity for the AES Advancion energy compared to less than 60 MW just six years ago. This will be the first commercial installation of this technology at this voltage level. automation.power-grid. the installed power substation. to meet the needs of Advancion installations currently LG Chem competes in the market for electric vehicle under construction and allows AES to purchase additional and hybrid electric vehicle battery systems. representing the world’s largest fleet. In addition.com © CAN STOCK PHOTO INC. protection. The agreement provides access to batteries late stage development.NOTES EYE ON THE WORLD ABB Supplying Technology for Chinese Smart Substations Swiss firm ABB will install a 363-kV disconnecting total installed power capacity.’s (SGCC) nextgeneration smart substations project. which will supply power for a rapidly developing component. The DCB with FOCS is part of the technology being supplied by ABB for State Grid China Corp. to 4 hours of discharge duration.400 MW of advanced (GWh) of lithium-ion battery capacity with the option to energy storage projects announced or in operation today. / PINKBADGER diagnostics for these substations. while substation safety is enhanced and capacity of China’s renewable energy exceeded 400 million installation time. which is the backbone voltage level of the grid in northwest China. AES Energy Storage Inks Battery Supply Deal With LG Chem AES Energy Storage and LG Chem announced a multi- The global grid-scale energy storage sector has entered a year agreement that provides access to a gigawatt-hour new growth phase. by up to 70 percent. design. making China the largest circuit breaker (DCB) with fiber optic current sensor (FOCS) user of renewable energy. According to tons of equipment can be removed from a high-voltage China’s National Energy Administration. This project will use state-of-the-art software and power technology to enable remote control. smart technology. 1 GWh of batteries is capable of in Korea and the United States. The supply agreement covers powering 250 to 1. ABB will provide the DCB with integrating three substation functions—circuit-breaking. In the integrated smart grid-enabling switchgear the FOCS replaces the conventional current transformers required for measurement and protection and enables grid automation. construction. battery modules with configurations ranging from 30 minutes depending on the needs of the customer. Chem’s battery modules that have been designed and AES previously announced installations for various customers configured for AES’ Advancion grid-scale energy storage in six countries totaling 384 MW in operation. Navigant storage solution. monitoring and a reduction in their operating costs and footprint. operation and maintenance costs kW. with more than 1. as well as to allow both . Shanxi disconnecting and current measurement—in one single province. 14 | January 2016 www. or solution. FOCS equipment for the smart substation in Fuping. in 2014. The As a result of replacing conventional equipment with resulting smaller footprint minimizes environmental impact. several the increasing renewable power in China. the footprint of air-insulated switchgear The substations will contribute to a more efficient. reducing the space needed for a substation bay industrial area there. Battery cells for batteries to meet the growth for future Advancion system automotive and stationary storage systems are at facilities sales. accounting for more than 30 percent of the as well as environmental impact are lowered.

All rights reserved.© 2016 Open Systems International.hotims. . Go to pgi. Inc.com for more information.

when all residential customers are placed on TOU rates. Rive said. The proposed decision attempts to create a successor to the existing net metering program. the CPUC said. even though the plan to require new solar customers to be on TOU rates “is concerning.” PG&E said.” the CPUC said in a Dec. net metering customers have paid only the nonbypassable charges if over the course of a year they have used more electricity from the grid than their on-site facilities produced. The proposed decision would continue the existing net metering structure while energy they export to the grid. issuing a statement that said the CPUC “must do more” to ensure that rooftop solar can grow as a resource in California for years to come. 15 statement.” the CPUC said. regardless of the amount of decision. Historically. SENIOR ANALYST. The proposed decision also calls for net metering customers to pay nonbypassable charges to support lowincome customers and energy efficiency measures on all energy they use from the grid.” TOU rates would reduce the motivation for installing solar facilities. Nearly 20 years ago.power-grid. PG&E said. PG&E did not wait long. while customers who sign up before 2018 must use TOU rates beginning in 2019. the CPUC was directed “to ensure that customers pay their appropriate share of costs while encouraging a sustainable customer-sited renewable distributed generation program. 16 | January 2016 www. “In addition. they are paid more than market rates for excess electricity that they generate. and under those outdated rules. TRANSMISSION HUB PG&E DISAPPOINTED WITH NET METERING PROPOSAL BY CALIFORNIA REGULATORS Pacific Gas & Electric (PG&E) said a proposed decision from a California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC) judge on net energy metering “falls well short of what is needed to ensure sustainable growth of solar” resources in the state. including adding a one-time interconnection fee that is likely to be between $75 and $150 for net metering customers.NOTES BY TOM TIERNAN. while several utilities have asserted that current net metering customers do not pay their fair share for the use of the transmission and distribution networks.” he said. Under 2013 legislation. The proposed decision also calls for new net metering customers to use time-ofuse (TOU) rates. the CPUC noted. Although TOU rates “can send helpful signals about when to use electricity. we urge the PUC to closely examine the impacts of mandating time-of-use rates. Customer who sign up for net metering in 2018 or later must use TOU rates as soon as they sign up.” The incentives amount to nearly $1 billion annually across the state. The proposed decision by ALJ Anne Simon “attempts to strike a balance between these requirements. The proposed decision calls for new net metering customers to use time-of-use (TOU) rates. Parties of record in the proceeding may file comments on the proposed their use of the grid to both buy and sell electricity. In a brief statement. the CPUC said. and that was seen in 2007 when TOU rates were briefly mandated for solar customers. SolarCity CEO Lyndon Rive said his company supports the proposed decision. despite solar costs falling more than 50 percent in the last six years. which has seen the growth of solar photovoltaic facilities making some adjustments. which is offset by the rates paid by non-solar customers. “rooftop solar users can effectively pay nothing for installed on-site at customer facilities. the CPUC said. customers were provided with substantial incentives to install rooftop solar facilities.com .

Visit www. 2016 11:30 AM in Room W206 Lunch will be provided. Strategies for smart lighting.power-grid. Reduce costs.Go beyond the bulb. Learn from fellow utilities on the elements of a successful smart lighting strategy. increase revenue and improve customer service. Join our Live Webcast at DistribuTECH 2016. February 9. .com to register! Nothing’s out of reach.

com telephone companies (telcos). Jon has worked in and around the connected home space since the early 2000s. energy management.” sets out the key business opportunities and models that will enable energy utilities to create new revenue streams and succeed in the burgeoning smart home sector. warranty providers.S. Deutsche Telekom’s report outlines opportunities including home security. and in particular what will finally drive growth in this market. The challenge is that although the smart home offers compelling growth opportunities. insurers. and has a deep knowledge of the European market. home assistance providers. home automation and not least. as well as appliance and consumer hardware manufacturers. especially to energy utilities. The Jon Carter leads UK business development for Deutsche Telekom’s white label and open connected home platform. Jon’s focus is on establishing partnerships with telcos. Energy utility companies already have a way into the home with the rollout of smart meters and thermostats. technology companies are already entering the market with smart thermostats. retailers. the smart home sector is immensely disruptive and some industries will be upended. as well as third party platform providers and original equipment manufacturers to help them realize the benefits available through innovative new models and revenue generating services. utilities. There are many players interested in the smart home. the Internet of Things (IoT)—energy utilities. It might seem that energy management is the perfect opportunity for . burning question is. “How to Create Growth From the Connected Home. © CAN STOCK PHOTO INC.BY JON CARTER. Indeed. and in its wider context. insurance. and nearly triple in the next 10 years to more than 300 million. / BUCHACHON new report by Deutsche Telekom. DEUTSCHE TELEKOM AG New Report by Deutsche Telekom Reveals Opportunities for Utilities to Create New Revenue Streams in Smart Home Sector 18 | January 2016 www. however: “What strategies can energy utilities adopt to best exploit the market and capture new revenues?” Industry analyst Strategy Analytics predicted that the number of households with some form of smart home system would surpass 100 million worldwide by the end of 2015. as large U. insurers and retailers.power-grid. New players are threatening to “disintermediate” some of today’s market leaders and are shifting value from one sector to another. it also represents a real threat.


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Berg Insight reported in January of 2015 that the number of smart thermostats increased by 105 percent in 2014 to 3. Otherwise.S. PROPOSITIONS. The key to smart home success also lies in the Internet and the ubiquity of smartphones and tablets—some energy suppliers offer remote control of heating from these devices. In a wider context. energy utilities can identify how to save energy and enable new. consumers who are not seeing smart home offers from their energy suppliers are likely to buy smart home kits from device manufacturers or retailers. consumers spend a lowly six to nine minutes interacting with their energy supplier a year. Meanwhile. Others such as telecommunications and Internet companies have identified the utility sector as an entry point into consumers’ home and are making heavy investments to secure market traction. For instance. Deutsche Telekom’s report notes that leveraging a smart thermostat-connected boiler is another use case that can engage the home owner because it offers a way to better control one of the key drivers of higher energy bills. new service-related business models can differentiate energy companies from being mere commodity suppliers as they develop bundles around smart devices that increase engagement with customers. partnerships and value proposition. Deutsche Telekom’s report also highlights the need for an open. Those players that work together to create value. not least is Google. checking cameras and much more.com both markets. When no one is home—perhaps when a security alarm is set or there is no movement detected by motion sensors—the heating system automatically turns off. according to Accenture. Take-up of smart thermostats in Europe has not been as great as in the U. The report explores how utilities can profit from the smart home through the right strategy. .9 million to $2. Energy utilities can combat this by adopting a “joined-up” approach by partnering with installers or retailers. PLATFORMS AND PARTNERSHIPS Energy utilities will benefit more if they can secure the right platform. Authorities such as regulators are starting to look closely at issues such as data privacy in the IoT. with its $3. partnerships and platform. a bundled approach can make sense.2 percent in 20 | January 2016 www.power-grid.2 billion acquisition of Nest.) Because consumer interest in standalone energy management products remains low and most energy utilities have struggled to develop messaging and introduce the necessary cross-selling processes into their organizations.2 million in both North America and Europe. (At present. When smart meters are combined with demand disaggregation capabilities. while keeping crucial consumer protection safeguards in place. which can then expand into other applications and services. linking heating. more flexible tariff structures. energy management and security brings with it many advantages for consumers. societies can be more energy efficient and thus combat climate change. standards-based platform that promotes integration among the players in the energy market.4 billion in 2023. Already several European energy utilities offer a free smart thermostat and installation to tempt switchers and retain customers. the real time data from smart meters will give energy suppliers a huge amount of usage information and the ability to offer tempting and dynamic demand-related tariffs. the home thermostat and alarm provider. That’s partly because of the need for professional installation in some European countries and a wide variation in the type of heating systems and energy type. Smart meters are really a first step toward capturing overall energy consumption detail. the number of smart thermostats will grow at a compound annual growth rate of 64. By its nature. Navigant Research predicts that global revenue attributed to home energy management products and services will grow from $586. which are mandated now in some countries. the smart home—with access through the ubiquitous broadband router—offers multiple opportunities to energy utilities. Working with partners such as insurance companies and telcos to develop cross-sector propositions is a clear opportunity. and no doubt in the near future consumers will take such control for granted. In addition. This sort of remote control will extend not just to energy management.energy utilities to build a closer relationship with their customers. FROM SMART METERS TO SMART THERMOSTATS Energy suppliers are most likely to be involved with the rollout of smart meters. but to setting alarms. Depending on the local market structures. In addition. Berg Insight also claims that by 2019. there also could be an opportunity to take real-time demand and generation data to better use the electricity grid and power stations. with closer integration between energy demand in the home and energy generation.

com . Deutsche Telekom built an open white label connected home platform that enables partners to integrate connected devices and create new services. boosting the operator’s effectiveness. critical risk for energy utilities is to remain as a commodity provider. expertise and new partnerships. capture device data and create new growth for their business. To overcome this. as well as a lack of openness in terms of the application programming interfaces (APIs) between platforms.com for more information. They must beware. Visit www. the operator has to adapt to the system. The platform leverages the Eclipse SmartHome open source developer community. deepen consumers’ loyalty to their brand. agile and flexible course.power-grid. to join forces. The time is now.com/opspace Go to pgi. One view. especially with the introduction of legislation in some countries that will mandate same-day switching to competitors and access to smart meter data by third parties. combine industry-specific know-how and drive the smart home forward to realize new growth for Europe and other regions. the operator can only access one portion of the needed information. Energy utilities have a real. NOW IS THE TIME TO JOIN FORCES Deutsche Telekom’s report reveals that a partnership-based approach established in an ecosystem focused on mutual collaboration is essential for this market to realize growth.barco. partnerships and industry-wide collaboration. significant opportunity to engage customers in new services and grow their business. The key to success is to develop a strategy that maintains an open. An open ecosystem such as this allows energy utilities to play to their core strengths. or has to physically switch between different workspaces. by offering a working environment that is truly logical and efficient. Because information comes from many disparate sources. however. A key. discover new routes to market. benefit from multiple synergies.connectedhomeplatform. Barco OpSpace revolutionizes the operator workspace. because other companies are entering the smart energy domain.hotims. CONNECTED HOME PLATFORM IS KEY TO SUCCESS One of the greatest challenges facing firms seeking to enter the smart home market is the lack of common standards and architectures.net to download the report and view other material. It is imperative for energy utilities to get the right strategy—from a defensive decision to protect a customer base in the face of competition to rolling out a fully-fledged connected home proposition that demands resources.are likely to be the leaders as the smart home market gains momentum. www. January 2016 | 21 www. therefore. telekom. Total control Barco OpSpace Imagine a workspace that is truly tailored to the operator Today.

Orlando Utilities 22 | January 2016 www. with the keynote session.BY ROD WALTON.m.700 attendees and 200 exhibitors. But the thing that DistribuTECH really . Bloomberg in clean energy and global trends that are impacting the power industry. More than 12. At that time in 2004 the event had 3. A childhood magician and spelling bee champion in Ohio.000 attendees and more than 440 exhibitors are expected to fill the spacious. Pogue brings with him a rich. insights and networking opportunities to the thousands who attend it. while maintaining some of the highest electricity reliability metrics in the nation. the Electric Light & Power Executive Conference—will offer a bounty of information. Tuesday. versatile background. Feb. DistribuTECH returns to The City Beautiful—Orlando’s motto—after 12 years away. palm tree adorned convention center. NOVA ScienceNow Commission President Linda Ferrone.com David Pogue. The nation’s biggest and best annual show focused on the electric transmission and distribution sector. Liebreich will talks about investment Michael Liebreich. This two-hour opening session will feature Orlando Mayor Buddy Dyer. He will talk about the world’s latest technologies and trends. DistribuTECH—and its leadoff event. and David Pogue.power-grid. Be ready— Pogue might even sneak in a magic trick or two. DistribuTECH will officially kick off at 9 a. founder and advisory board chairman of Bloomberg New Energy Finance. SENIOR EDITOR he 26th annual DistribuTECH Conference & Exhibition heads east this year with three days in Orlando at the Orange County Convention Center. Dyer and Ferrone will discuss how they worked together to help make Orlando what they believe is the southeast United States’ greenest city. English and computer science at Yale before moving to New York after college. 9. Michael Liebreich. he studied music. host of NOVA ScienceNow and founder of the Yahoo Tech website. but it has grown a little since then.

wearable technologies.hotims. grid protection and energy storage.Outside look at the Orange County Convention Center’s West Hall. which start at 8 a. the conference offers dozens of experts who all have vast experience to share with the industry.com .com for more information. outage management. Those include cutting-edge stuff like augmented reality. From Utility University courses to Breakfast Roundtables to Mega Sessions. where DistribuTECH 2016 will take place.m. grid analytics. mobile solutions and asset management—will run in two different afternoon time slots Tuesday. The 19 breakfast roundtables. all offer good food and conversation on new opportunities and challenges faced within the industry.power-grid. GIS. (Courtesy photo) has up its sleeve will show itself candidly—unprecedented levels of information pertinent to those who make their living working in or with the power grid. 10. Wednesday. Multi-track conference sessions— focused on crucial industry topics such as advanced metering. Feb. Experts also will lead sessions Go to pgi. January 2016 | 23 www.

The topics range from integrating distributed energy resources to New York’s Reforming the Energy Vision (REV) to the dynamics of new revenue streams for electric utilities.m. Duke Energy. During Thursday’s conference sessions. And one of them is historically significant in the sense it will be comprised entirely of utility-industry women.m. starts at 8 a. like the roundtables. These 22 courses will drill down into . security. SGIP. Wednesday. The latter session will look to the sky and the 24 | January 2016 www. The week’s activities actually begin Monday with the Utility University Courses at the convention center. drones. Kansas City among many others. the Utility Women Networking Breakfast which.Wednesday and Thursday on everything from renewable integration to network evolution. and Deborah Affonsa. Feb. grid storage and next-generation substations.com potential of drones for inspection and data consistency.m. Mona Chandra. Oracle Utilities and Consolidated Edison. which all run in the afternoon.” which begins at 2 p. among many others. Pacific Gas & Electric. will feature female leaders such as Melisa Johns. Gail Allen. Feb. in the Valencia Ballroom of the Orange County Convention Center. 9. Attendees also can take advantage of abundant networking opportunities. is very high: only seven abstracts were accepted out of about 800 submitted. everything is on the table from asset management to what drones can offer the T&D sector.power-grid. These get-togethers include the opening reception at 5 p. 10. The benchmark for getting a Mega Session on the DistribuTECH schedule Power & Light. The DistribuTECH “Fun in the Sun” Networking Party will begin at 5 p. National Grid. 10. will feature executives with National Grid. Chrissy Carr of Burns & McDonnell will be the moderator. S&C Electric.m. Wednesday’s Mega Sessions. Attendee having fun throwing giant dice at last year’s DistribuTECH event. “New Revenue Streams for Electric Utilities. Landis+Gyr. Feb.

PwC Strategy&. control and real-time notifications for field-deployed assets. +1 (717) 767-6511 I info@redlion.distributech. This stellar group includes Ralph Izzo. Ethernet and optional Wi-Fi.com . “Orchestrating the Future” is the title of the Electric Light & Power Executive Conference program this year. DistribuTECH’s sister event. Managing remote assets and ensuring smooth operations when you are at a distance has never been easier.com for more information. The final session of the afternoon features CEOs from highly regarded Visit booth 1763 in February! Remote Assets. who leads Kansas City Power & Light and is being honored as Electric Light & Power magazine’s Large Utility CEO of the Year.net I www. With connectivity options such as I/O. also will begin on Monday. Local Control.redlion. CEO of this year’s Utility of the Year PSE&G and its parent Public Service Enterprise Group.nitty-gritty. January 2016 | 25 www. Public Service Gas & Electric. exhibitor hall only pass and utility partner programs.net/control to learn more. Registration costs vary according to how much the attendee wants to experience. Go to www. Simpler control from smarter cellular RTUs Remote monitoring and control with RAM® industrial cellular RTUs. San Diego Gas & Electric. Five sessions will be offered that day. specific industry challenges. Red Lion’s Sixnet® series RAM industrial cellular RTUs provide users an intuitive. led by executive leaders from diverse companies such as Eversource Energy. CEO of Tucson Electric Power and its parent UNS Corp. Those aforementioned awards and The benchmark for getting a Mega Session on the DistribuTECH schedule is very high: only seven abstracts were accepted out of about 800 submitted. Visit www. Feb. and Great Plains Energy CEO Terry Bassham. All Rights Reserved.hotims. Comcast.redlion. David Hutchens. our rugged RAM RTUs provide a secure all-in-one platform that seamlessly integrates with existing equipment to enable data visibility. web-based interface to easily configure event parameters and define alarm states that trigger I/O or send SMS text messages based on real-time operational data. Go to www. Bloomberg and Consolidated Edison of New York.com and click on the conference button to see the entire schedule at a glance. The Electric Light & Power Executive Conference. utilities. A separate registration is required for each Utility University course. Inc.distributech. 8 at the Hyatt Regency in Orlando. Individual fees for the full conference are $925—with a discounted rate of $495 for utilities—but options are available for single-day attendance.net © 2015 Red Lion Controls. Go to pgi. com and find the various options under the “register” tab. serial.. AT&T.power-grid.

and tickets are $65. 428 total speakers. 14 conference tracks. about 440 exhibitors. If strength is in numbers.elpconference. Registration fee for the EL&P GRID OPTIMIZATION (FORMERLY Executive Conference is $595 KNOWN AS SMART GRID PROJECT and includes an option to add OF THE YEAR) DistribuTECH at a reduced rate. Electric Light & Power and POWERGRID International magazines. • Pacific Gas & Electric for its Supply Side Pilot RENEWABLE GRID INTEGRATION • Hawaiian Electric Co.000 attendees from more than 60 countries. then the conference surely offers a muscular examination of what’s important in the T&D. The DistribuTECH Awards highlight some of those and announce winners in four areas. seven mega sessions and three live webcasts. customer service and energy storage sectors. 428 total speakers.’s rollout of In-Line Power Regulators • San Diego Gas & Electric’s Advanced Distribution Management System Last year’s DistribuTECH exhibit hall was filled with attendees wanting to learn more about the latest industry technologies.other honors will be revealed Monday evening during the DistribuTECH Awards Reception and Dinner presented by DistribuTECH. seven mega sessions and three live webcasts. • CenterPoint Energy’s Advanced Metering and Intelligent Grid Initiative Altogether now. about 440 exhibitors. . The finalists in each category are: CUSTOMER ENGAGEMENT • National Grid for its WeatherBug program • PPL Electric Utilities for Universal Outage Alerts DEMAND RESPONSE/ENERGY EFFICIENCY • Duke Energy Ohio’s HõM Energy Manager 26 | January 2016 www. 77 sessions. • BC Hydro for its Downtown Vancouver Go to www.com Automated Open Loop for registration information. the numbers behind DistribuTECH are impossible to ignore: more than 12.m. smart grid.000 attendees from more than 60 countries. The past year was full of big and innovative projects within the industry.power-grid. 14 conference tracks.com The numbers are impossible to ignore: more than 12. 77 sessions. The awards event begins at 6 p.

taking into account the settings and functionality of the individual relays. This allows a comprehensive assessment of the entire protection scheme. now even complex networks can be tested automatically from a single point of control. Take our simulation-based protection testing solution.Benton Vandiver Application Engineer Tomorrow’s protection testing. Based on this. today! As a power systems engineer it’s essential that I keep up to date with what’s going on in the market and what our customers need.hotims. Visit us at Booth 1455 at DistribuTECH. .com for more information. www. I am constantly looking for better ways of doing things.omicronenergy.com Go to pgi.

PD. moisture in insulation. GRID ONE SOLUTIONS 1467 www.mitsubishi-megaview.com G&W Electric has been a global supplier of electric power equipment since 1905. bollards.com POWER Engineers is an international leader in power delivery. Fibox is ISO certified and all of our enclosures carry UL listngs. connects and protects intelligent infrastructure to deliver better business outcomes in a connected world. motor operators and www. improve operations and optimize system performance. advanced transformer diagnostics.Trident solid dielectric switches.hdelectriccompany. DMS or SCADA systems and can control capacitor banks using combinations of ambient temperature.com Moxa offers IEC 61850-3 communication and computing solutions for substation automation. Demo areas: Grid engineering. Doble Engineering Co. Products:Test instruments for protective relays. energy management (EMS). Brands include Lazer automation. Viper solid dielectric reclosers.com Kyland is a global company with focus on products for Industrial Control Networking.omicronenergy. distribution manage- and monitoring equipment. sectionalizers. as well as individual software and hardware products and smart grid solutions for utility operations. communications. network display strategies and ergonomic design. 22.Official hashtag: #DTECH2016 POWERGRID International is proud to feature advertisers that also are exhibiting at DistribuTECH 2016 (as of Dec.barco. ment systems. security fencing and guard booths. ACS has pioneered control center solutions which include SCADA. Ask us about device control. substation automation systems. and expertise to utilities facing system upgrades. IEC 61850 devices. field service work. outage management (OMS).com Fibox is a leading global manufacturer of non-metallic NEMA 4x enclosures. CTs.com Hubbell Power Systems manufactures a wide variety of transmission. Our industrial grade products ensure reliable operations even in the most demanding conditions. outage management systems. capacity and performance issues. protection and enclosure products including overhead and pad-mounted switches. capacitors. From electrical system studies and utility automation to distribution and testing and energization. underground.com For nearly a century. vacuum switches. In addition to smart grid implementation services for in-home displays and load control devices. power factor. These solutions include Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition systems. For 40-plus years. current and kVAR.com Mitsubishi offers a wide line of data wall products to control center environments that include interchangeable light devices. MOXA AMERICAS 2501 www.acspower. 1246 1555 1621 www. 2015) ADVANCED CONTROL SYSTEMS 1125 www. Our products are designed to the latest industry standards and backed by over 105 years of engineering expertise. SFRA. reclosers. products to monitor and protect the grid. Grid One performs meter reading. 28 | January 2016 www. www. meters. has partnered with electric power industry clients to minimize risk.com American Perimeter Security manufactures an array of perimeter security products. OMICRON ELECTRONICS 1455 www. advanced distribution management (ADMS).moxa. FIBOX KYLAND USA www. critical communications. transducers.fiboxusa. network management systems.hubbellpowersystems. customer call center operations and back office services including secure data transfer and storage.gwelec.kyland. and cloudbased analytics.doble. dielectric frequency response.com ACS is a leading provider of smart grid solutions and advanced automation technology to the global electric power industry. instrument transformers.leidos. or unique space. will be displaying our line of capacitor control with three-phase monitoring and gang. energy management systems. smart grid as a service. generation management systems.powereng. gate systems. multi-faceted projects. voltage. DOBLE ENGINEERING 2347 G&W ELECTRIC 1747 www.com Customers in 147 countries rely on Omicron’s ability to provide innovative testing and diagnostic solutions for the electric power industry. depth.com/engineering Leidos designs. and CLiP current limiting protectors. We bring strength. distribution.  We provide vertical market solutions in industrial networking and time  synchronization. CVR. .gridonesolutions. These products range from vehicle barriers. network simulation and optimization.or single-phase switching capability. reclosers/distribution automation. data warehousing and historians. time. Doble provides enterprise management systems (such as dobleARMSTM).  Our mission is to build the next generation industrial control ecosystems based on Internet connectivity.power-grid. LED technology and fiber-optic cable connections.osii.ameristarfence. circuit breakers. LEIDOS ENGINEERING 1741 717 www.com/en Barco offers the complete T&D control room visualization solution that enhances situational awareness while facilitating real-time collaboration to empower smart decision-making in 24/7 control centers. HUBBELL POWER SYSTEMS INC. www. our teams excel in design and implementation of power delivery systems. BARCO 1533 www. AMERICAN PERIMETER SECURITY USA INC 867 www.com Grid One Solutions specializes in AMI deployments for electric. engineering consulting services and expertise. PQ analyzers. utility security.500 off-the-shelf sizes and styles ranging from 2”x 2” to 24”x 24” molded of impact and UV resistant polycarbonate material.com POWER ENGINEERS 1041 www. With over 1. OPEN SYSTEMS INTERNATIONAL HD ELECTRIC CO.com HD Electric Co. as well as diagnostic testing www. computing and communications to easily build an efficient and effective smart grid.  VarCom Capacitor Controls provide remote control from central Volt-VAR. MITSUIBISHI ELECTRIC US 2113 VISUAL AND IMAGING SYSTEMS www. gas and water utilities. state-ofthe-art and high-performance automation solutions to utilities worldwide. substation.com Open Systems International (OSI) provides open.

So when everyone else is talking about where they’ve been.com Go to pgi. we’re planning where we’re going to go. . We actively develop products and acquire companies to offer our customers the products they need today and into the future. Booth 1555 AD_10_102_E ENDURING PRODUCTS & PEOPLE YOU CAN DEPEND ON hubbellpowersystems. Visit us at Distributech.com for more information.hotims. we’re proud of our lineage and history in innovation. but we’re most excited about where we’re going.SETTING OUR SIGHTS HERE NOT HERE At Hubbell Power Systems.

data analytics and services.com Industry leading utility field services company. RUGGEDCOM 901 w3. SOUTHERN CROSS 967 www. Our devices span from basic power meters up to high performance grid meters with advanced power quality capabilities.siemens.sandc. The advanced power quality capabilities enable energy utilities to take timely corrective action and help energy consumers to prevent equipment failures. S&C ELECTRIC 1255 www. We enable our customers to reach farther through the application of technology and data-driven insights that deliver efficiency and responsiveness.com/solution/industry/utilities.southerncrossinc. SAP AMERICA 2246 go. mitigate risk and increase profitability.html SAP is the leading provider of premise and cloud based utilities solutions worldwide. We partner with them to anticipate and respond to evolving business needs with innovation in sensing and communications technologies. POWER UTILITY PERIMETER SECURITY SOLUTIONS VISIT US AT DISTRIBUTECH BOOTH #867 AMERISTARSECURITY. .com Chicago-based S&C designs and manufactures energy storage.redlion.net As the global experts in communication.com SATEC’s product line serves both energy utilities and energy consumers in various fields. listen to power interviews taking place in our News Nerve Center. helping clients gain enterprise-wide visibility for better decision making and improved responsiveness in mission-critical areas.satec-global. SATEC 1731 www. SAP for Utilities solutions help improve operational efficiency. ulations and are supported by our energy management software.com/smartgrid/us/en/distributech Take a self-guided tour of our NEWSEUM highlighting Utilities in-the-News.RED LION CONTROLS 1763 www.sensus.hotims. and protection products for electric power transmission and distribution.  All SATEC devices comply with world-acknowledged reg- SENSUS USA 915 www. switching.com for more information.com Sensus helps a wide range of public service providers— from utilities to cities to industrial complexes and campuses—do more with their infrastructure to improve quality of life in their communities.sap. monitoring and control for industrial automation and networking.usa.COM | 866-467-2773 Go to pgi. experience live demonstrations or simply request a private discussion in one of our green rooms. Red Lion Controls  has been delivering innovative solutions to customers for over forty years. power quality. S&C’s sophisticated software and power-electronic products deliver uninterrupted power to entire facilities efficiently and reliably.

.hotims.Go to pgi.com for more information.

locating and keeping up with these dispersed assets required specially-made hardware with management software built in.power-grid. workers can deploy agnostic software on any handheld device. however. . Today. TRIMBLE Service Provider Uses BYOD Data Collection App to Increase Efficiencies 32 | January 2016 www.com tilities are quickly learning how newly developed geospatial software can streamline their operations and help them better manage their dispersed assets. This new “bring your own device” (BYOD) capability is allowing Ron Bisio is vice president of geospatial at Trimble.CASE STUDY BY RON BISIO. allowing project managers and field workers to use real-time data to streamline project efficiency. In the past.

Go to pgi.hotims. .com for more information.

Now SL-serco’s process can assign the GPS coordinate to the meter. SL-serco supports all facets of AMI and AMR installations at water. Similarly.” GREATER DATA COLLECTION EFFICIENCY FROM THE GET-GO SL-serco began a project in 2013 that included recording a water utility’s assets as part of a study for a proposed fixedbase metering system. . not just the general property point that the city has for the property. iPads. the ability to rapidly collect data and automatically upload that data to the Cloud means that the information can be turned into actionable intelligence by project managers regardless of their physical location. Armed with customizable tools that meet exact needs. structure height. this means stronger workflows and the ability to use business intelligence in an industry that is feeling the pressure to successfully connect service providers with consumers who want to track The amount of data will grow. then leverages the resulting data to help utilities optimize their advanced metering systems. Minnesota-based SL-serco found out firsthand how BYOD apps can make life easier and more productive for its mobile teams. Sutter and his teams have long relied on electronic data collection rather than pen and paper. SL-serco’s manager for AMI/AMR systems support. To audit assets such as water towers and pump houses. and that point might not match the meter’s location. Accurate data is the basis of any successful advance metering systems. St. Collecting GPS coordinates immediately created opportunities for SL-serco to increase efficiency around data collection just by more accurately locating meters on a property. “The forms are really easy to use. came from its capability to create custom forms. The geospatial software application SL-serco used can be deployed in various utility settings beyond water utility applications. electric and gas utilities. the utility’s teams collected meter data quickly and efficiently. but until recently their efforts to increase efficiency were hindered by an inability to quickly combine old data with new data. said Reed Sutter. but their collective inability to integrate data was always limiting. The updated form was pushed out to the rest of the staff the next time they synced up. The data was then automatically transferred to the Cloud for access by the back office. even if he was in a remote area away from the project location. Businesses across nearly all sectors have been forced to implement software that can successfully integrate with the Cloud. the presence of a power source and altitude. Sutter made the changes from his chosen device. For utility companies. project management via data collection. including iPhones. Anthony. Because this project required accurate GPS coordinates. so software must grow along with it. The first immediate benefit the new data collection mobile app provided. such as locating buried utilities with maps created from mobile data collection. Sutter and his team for the first time adopted a data collection app. SL-serco staff had to collect attributes such as GPS location. and energy analytics generated from data reporting. If a form needed modifying mid-project. The company coordinates field activities for audits.” Sutter said.com synthesize different kinds of data across a variety of devices. They selected this newly-available app because it could 34 | January 2016 www. repairs and data collection. etc. the city may only provide one GPS location for the entire 100 acres. will enable utility companies to improve service and business practices. if there are electric utility assets such as meters or buried lines. processes. I get very few calls with questions once the utility’s guys are out in the field. if a water utility account holder owns a 100acre property. electric meter audits. Windows Mobile and Android devices. however. The digital world demands real-time decision making. Connecting devices. assets. This ensured data collection was always consistent. we tried lots of different technology tools.utilities to cut cost and man hours. the integration of previously-captured location data into mobile. and for field workers. “In the beginning.power-grid. Sutter could quickly create forms in the software application with all the different kinds of data fields to better manage and track field assets. For example. “You have to marry new information to old records so that account data can stay consistent.” Sutter said. real-time data collection allows managers to quickly and accurately incorporate that information into other project plans moving forward.

he or she is adding information to an existing record rather than creating a new log without context.0 • Field upgradeable firmware NoMax® LOCAL VAr CONTROLS • Control banks using combinations of time. Better routes save time on maintenance projects. personnel and asset management. . As the concept of the connected world continues to grow in critical industries. streamline project workflows. SL-serco’s AMR customers typically hold a set of accounts sequenced in a particular order for maintenance.. Often the historically assigned sequence is not the most efficient one possible. Connect Smartly. the ability to integrate old and new data ranked high on its list of necessary qualities. Today’s utility companies need this capability for several reasons. smart grid monitoring and event response for things like outages. When a utility field technician inputs data. SL-serco can create a faster sequence.com Go to pgi. and thus require more and better data. or route. LOOKING FORWARD FOR UTILITY COMPANIES By using an advanced-technology solution for collecting data and making the most of accurate GPS locations. utility companies will be uniquely positioned to collect and analyze vast amounts of data like consumer usage rates. SL-serco and its utility clients can start with an existing record. by simply creating a new form with the software.hotims. processes. so software must grow along with it. temp and voltage • Field programmable from two places. When he needed to geo-reference an asset but GPS wasn’t being logged. Deploying some of the new mobile apps and other project management software available on the market today can put these companies in a position to maximize manpower. including event tracking. data logging and LCD panel display Request a copy of our latest Capacitor Controls brochure at HDElectricCompany. utilities can transform their work processes with “off the meter” efficiency. then import previous data. The amount of data will grow. etc. energy production.” It is important in many of its utility-related auditing tasks for SL-serco to have tracking capability for certain events. the process was again quite simple—he manually placed the dot onscreen when collecting the data. VarCom® COMMUNICATING CONTROLS • User selectable communications • User friendly control panel • Smart grid ready with DNP 3. The integration of old and new data also allows faster re-routing sequences with GPS coordinates. HDE capacitor controls feature state-of-the-art technology.. data analytics and better software has opened up a host of possibilities for utility companies across the board. assets.energy usage. increase efficiency and. The combination of BYOD work settings. Changing needs at both an industrial and consumer level will require that these companies continue to grow and implement cutting-edge technology as energy usage and grid connectivity become even more important. which lies in the “connected world. By collecting accurate GPS coordinates for existing meters. will enable utility companies to improve service and business practices. the front panel or your computer • Multi schedules. with HDE Capacitor Controls Communications ready or local VAr control. OLD AND NEW DATA INTEGRATED AT LAST When SL-serco was looking to upgrade its hardware and software technology. Connecting devices. as well as attach new installed meter data. Sutter also was able to enter data while offline and then simply synchronize his device when cell coverage was again available. to follow based on the location information. and ability to navigate the future of energy and utility management. better manage and complete project deliverables. and later he assigned coordinates to this dot. such as meter change-outs.com for more information. ultimately.

which has powered Chicago and northern Illinois for more than a century. Australia. as well as other benefits. benefiting not only consumers.000 remote operations annually. UTILITIES ALREADY ARE LEADING IoT SERVICE PROVIDERS Estimates show that there will be 50 billion connected IoT devices by 2020. PG&E. New Zealand. • Pacific Gas & Electric (PG&E). Mexico and in pockets of Europe. SILVER SPRING NETWORKS uch has been made in recent years about the transformative effects the Internet of Things (IoT)—the growing array of networked devices that includes everything from smart appliances to heart monitoring implants to driverless cars— will have on society. PG&E’s President Tony Early wants to . For at least a decade.power-grid. I’d wager that utilities are the most critical player in leading this transformational change as more and more IoT devices are connected.. businesses and the planet. These utilities include: • ComEd. as well as more than 4 million customers connections through smart metering and a smart street light project in various neighborhoods in the city. ComEd has already improved its grid reliability for customers and avoided 500. Utilities that have yet to deploy advanced technology now are in a position to learn from their peers that were early adopters of IoT development. They also are providing customers with 36 | January 2016 www. Utilities have already played a leading role in the successful deployment of some of these technologies. which has been a vocal advocate of developing a “Grid of Things” for tomorrow. Singapore. utilities are connecting millions of smart meters. street lights and other sensors to help improve grid operations and increase reliability. Brazil. but also cities. It is investing $2. achieves 600. switches. In addition. With many mature smart grid programs already in place in the U. many utilities have been deploying two-way communications technology to support remote grid operations. which puts them in a unique position to take advantage of the next generation of the IoT as it advances.BY MIKE BELL. which services one of the largest networks in the world across a service territory the size of Great Britain.S.6 billion to help modernize the state’s infrastructure. the utility intends to leverage the same network connecting these devices for a whole range of smart city devices and applications to improve Chicago’s economic viability and livability.com real-time.000 interruptions per year through the use of smart switches that can redirect outages. interactive communication tools.

We’ve seen this happen in every great technological revolution— from transportation to telecommunications to industrial manufacturing and the Internet. Utilities will continue to use the robust data and two-way communication networks that make their connectivity possible to extend infrastructure initiatives in communities and cities.com © CAN STOCK PHOTO INC. both of which will increase grid reliability even further. These revolutions have greatly Mike Bell is President. The network also supports distribution automation functionality and the world’s largest connected street lights program.power-grid.CEO.expand its existing grid to connect devices including electric vehicles.and member of the Board of Directors for Silver Spring Networks January 2016 | 37 www. rooftop solar. / FOCALPOINT . forge deeper community ties and well-position themselves as leaders for tomorrow’s IoT opportunities. which has deployed a multi-application network connecting more than 4.5 million electric meters. utilities will open new streams of potential revenue. allowing it to eliminate 42. The next generation of the IoT will see progressive utilities further leverage these devices. FP&L processes 3 billion readings per month. battery storage and additional smart appliances. In the process. UTILITIES ALREADY HAVE THE INFRASTRUCTURE IN PLACE We live in an interconnected world where the winners in each industry typically are those that have led the adoption of technology. • Florida Power & Light.000 truck rolls annually through remote outage checking and decrease outage resolution from two hours to less than two minutes.

weather and pollution sensors and smart street lights and traffic controls. With help from their communities’ utility. These open standards networks provide utilities with endless possibilities through intelligence at the edge of the grid and the ability to add infinite numbers of grid-edge devices in the future. The reason that the aforementioned industries have been successful in creating networks is because their foundations are built on open standards. By working more closely with the public sector and educating them on the benefits of proven IoT technology. rapid advances in wireless network technology and the plummeting cost of processing power. The true leap forward. though. This could include services like smart water networks. There’s a popular saying in Silicon Valley that your great idea could become someone else’s invention. globally recognized IP standards—in contrast to early proprietary networks that ended up with isolated. a new era of real-time data driven applications will give entrepreneurs and startups the sensor data to create new IoT applications for health and safety. Instead of limited. Opening these platforms to other commercial enterprises and innovative developers will expand this value even further.com can proactively help city decision-makers leverage their existing network infrastructure to rapidly modernize aging city assets. entrepreneurs can be inspired to solve challenges with innovative leadership and projects. stranded assets. smart parking. distributed computing platforms. IoT connected by open standards-based platforms will create an innovation flywheel. Every city has some challenges that can be readily solved by working in partnership with their utility counterparts.benefited consumers and the growth and longevity of commercial industry. today smart grid and IoT networks create massively scaled. As ubiquitous connectivity drives smarter devices. bike kiosks. not just to centralized network hubs. has come from more recent. With infrastructure and the proven results in place. UTILITIES’ COMMUNITY CONNECTION WILL DRIVE COLLABORATION AND INNOVATION Utilities are the heartbeat of their communities and cities. . rather than weakened.power-grid. single-purpose networks that connect “dumb” devices to the central station. electric vehicle chargers. smart grid networks are now being built using open. Similarly. utilities 38 | January 2016 www. These systems exploit the reliability of wireless mesh networking that allow devices to connect to each other. This “mesh” of connections makes the network scalable—each time new devices are added network reliability is strengthened. transportation and other public infrastructure that can positively impact citizens’ quality of life. utilities can do more than passively wait for the future. connecting the people who live in various neighborhoods to their larger community.

IBM has said it intends to invest $3 billion in IoT technology over the next four years. / YERSHOVOLEKSANDR BY NEIL STROTHER. you will get no argument from me. and UK-based Dialog Semiconductor is acquiring Atmel for $4. home energy management. its adaptive communications platform based on Cisco’s open standards IPv6 network. Neil’s current work focuses on smart metering technologies. The company also launched a developer community around Riva earlier this year in an effort to accelerate application development. which incorporates IPv6. January 2016 | 39 www.power-grid.6 billion as part of its plan to exploit the IoT trend. Key stakeholders are making substantial bets on the idea to go along with emerging strategies. Yet market forces point to some real momentum pressing the idea forward. Other corporate IoT strategies are emerging as well from technology titans. The Riva-Cisco combination enables the network and the components to determine on the fly an optimized data pathway. a move inspired in part by IoT motives.© CAN STOCK PHOTO INC. and a developer kit. In the smart grid sector.com . In addition. especially for the residential segment. some core services based on Weave. For example. The company has broadened its offerings to include a smart metering solution that can run on G3 PLC technology. Meter manufacturer Itron has been actively pursuing the IoT through Riva. / IQONCEPT © CAN STOCK PHOTO INC. Landis+Gyr officials also see the company’s involvement in Japanese utility TEPCO’s 27 million smart meter project as one of the Neil Strother is a principal research analyst in the Energy Practice at Navigant. For those in the utility sector. either radio frequency (RF) or power line communication (PLC). This IPv6 layer is seen as a key enabler of IoT applications for the smart grid and the smart home. Google is betting on its Brillo platform that has several components: an Android-based embedded operating system. and the related business practices. Intel is taking over Altera for about $17 billion. Apple’s HomeKit is the company’s platform for residential IoT devices that are just entering the market. Consider these moves: Samsung paid approximately $200 million for SmartThings in 2014. Seems everyone and every company even remotely connected to technology has an IoT story or angle. NAVIGANT RESEARCH f you cringe at the mention of the Internet of Things (IoT) concept as so much bloated hype. Energy management provider Landis+Gyr has its own strategy for the IoT. these moves have important implications. major players have formulated their own IoT strategies.

The benefits of the IoT broadly include automation. be they 3G or 4G. These connected things also relay data via wired or wireless connections. Another driver from the customer demand side is the proliferation of IoT BARRIERS As with any emerging technology trend. there is a growing awareness of energy management capabilities that can boost a home’s energy efficiency and reduce monthly energy bills. With incompatible technology choices available. Likewise.000 $ Millions 50. an international wireless IPv6 service for the IoT.power-grid. As people become more familiar with these integrated systems. Starfish is designed to enable utilities.000 mobile devices and applications. Analyzing this grid data then becomes a focal point for the business and drives insights for commercial and residential customers.com systems that integrate smart meters. For device manufacturers and solution providers. greater control. there are barriers. sometimes with the aid of the Internet or Cloud functionality. From a manufacturing standpoint. making plug-and-play more of a reality. Among consumers.4g wireless interoperability standard known as Wi-SUN. there are numerous protocols and differing standards that create interoperability issues. Once the infrastructure is in place. IoT DRIVERS Smart meter. Starfish is based on the open IEEE 802. improved comfort and stronger security. and be reachable by owners over wide-area cellular connections. however. The company plans to make Starfish available to customers in North America. smart appliances and security systems that combine door locks. or advanced metering infrastructure (AMI).000 North America Europe Asia Pacific Latin America Middle East & Africa 60. the various protocols and standards create tough decisions. smart thermostats. which has created a strong expectation that in-home devices will be connected through Wi-Fi or Bluetooth or existing wires. The wide availability and lower costs for cloud storage and processing power enable many stakeholders to affordably gather and analyze data from devices and deliver value and insights beyond just connectivity. it enables applications based on the massive data volumes generated from the connected devices. Moreover.000 0 2015 2016 2017 2018 2019 2020 2021 2022 2023 2024 2025 Source: Navigant Research WHAT IS IoT? In simple terms. Europe.000 20. or not. installing the latest devices has gotten somewhat easier with standard protocols like Wi-Fi.000 30. energy efficiency. and that these devices should be able to interoperate. the costs of key chipsets or sensors have fallen to very affordable levels as volumes have increased. the boom in cloud computing is a clear driver. In addition. thus giving it a leading position as the trend unfolds. too. Another expectation is that devices like thermostats can connect to the Internet and share data with other devices. deployments are one of the main drivers of the IoT trend for utilities and their suppliers. WORLD MARKETS: 2015-2025 70. an important driver of IoT adoption has been falling component costs. which stalls adoption.Body copy world’ s largest IoT deployments. Asia. with or without human intervention.15. motion sensors and cameras. For many devices. Internet of Things is a collection of intelligent devices and sensors that provide control. IoT technology promises smarter homes with enhanced RESIDENTIAL loT DEVICE REVENUE BY REGION. More expensive devices tend to hinder . cities and enterprises to leverage a reliable and secure network for IoT services. smart grid network provider Silver Spring Networks recently unveiled Starfish. 10. connected lighting. Though standards do exist for communicating among devices. consumers can be confused.000 40. Latin America. about which ones to support. as well as increased grid stability and optimized real time power procurement. 40 | January 2016 www. Australia and New Zealand starting in 2016. helping drive overall device costs down. enhanced maintenance.

and how they might benefit.mitsubishi-displaywall. the IoT market already exists. MISSION CRITICAL VIDEO WALL DISPLAY SOLUTIONS A GROWING IoT MARKET Even though these barriers exist. Mitsubishi Electric displays operate around the clock.7 percent.475. Beyond these issues. smart thermo. despite the essential role in keeping our modern world moving.9 drivers are strong and the barriers can lighting systems.7 billion From Moscow to Tokyo and New York to Istanbul.7 billion even if many don’t recognize it yet. even if many don’t is battery life. Where there is a need to monitor and control information flows.technology. In addition. IoT hardware is annual growth rate (CAGR) of 25 percent.mitsubishielectric. helping ensure the smooth running of the network and allowing operators to zoom in quickly to any potential trouble spots. And already in use. from in 2025. January 2016 | 41 www.000 mission critical display wall installations worldwide. devices rely on batteries Shipments of smart viders see new opportunities for IoT in order to function. which represents a compound IoT MOMENTUM ACCELERATING With millions of connected devices ponent prices dropping. security layers built into IoT protocols. with a CAGR the momentum is accelerating.6 percent.7728 Go to pgi. others raise the issue of potential security breaches.com for more information. tems are expected to be among the main ary. and this is likely see revenue grow from smart thermostats to connected lighting With millions of to be the case for at nearly $2. Similarly. Navigant Research expects overall revenue attributed to residential IoT devices to grow from $7. utilities. sions. which has some validity given that a home or business with a growing number of connected devices will have multiple entry points that With over 71. Many consumers have yet to experience the technology and do not understand the potential benefits. some harbor privacy concerns as an increasing number of connected devices share personal usage data that could be abused.307. connected devices least the next couple of 2015 to $17.in 2025. Mitsubishi Electric is there. although growth is likely to uncertainty about how long those batteries stats and security and management sys.revenue drivers. the latest smart thermostats of 21. For instance. In recent European Utility Week confersmart meters to are several times more Europe. www. overall IoT aware. hardware vendors and software prorecognize it yet.com . Most agree the market to connected standard products.The North America market is expected to already in use.ca PHONE: 905. ness is still lacking among many consumers who have vague notions about IoT products for their homes.be more evolutionary than revolutionneed to last. The hype seems to be waning just a bit. And even though there is the IoT market than conventional verbillion in 2025.5 billion in systems. and as a result the IoT market is likely to grow. often more costly than traditional alterna.power-grid. the IoT was on many smart thermostats expensive than the revenue is anticipated people’s minds. and to increase from $2.000 hours. from smart meters to tives. some IoT of 23. smart meters cost more billion in 2015 to $24 be overcome. Mitsubishi Electric plays an cybercriminals might exploit. IoT device ence in Austria.com TOLL FREE: 888.0349 www. and there is still some meters.hotims. At the years. Even with com. smart appliances. Navigant Research views the drivers as more dominant. which plenty of uncertainty at this relatively already exists.Body copy the IoT market as well. With an expected lifetime of 100. Mitsubishi Electric display wall cubes are designed and built to meet the most demanding requirements of the end user.3 billion in 2015 to $67. Another obstacle represents a CAGR early stage of development.

Utilities. however. have high-frequency. are not sufficient if utilities are going to significantly improve their position with customers. through the interval meter data they already collect. The other side is the cost to acquire that value. etc. in-person. however. This interaction opens the door for utilities to more easily combat competitive threats. which tend to rely on impersonal messages delivered 42 | January 2016 www. requires great execution. Utilities are in a prime position— perhaps more so than any other type of company—to take marketing and engagement to the next level. Ecova has identified these strategies that utilities should use to maximize their analytics efforts: TARGET CUSTOMERS BY NEED AND WANT Upfront targeting and segmentation is a critical first step to dissecting a commercial portfolio. A strong . Analytics-based segmentation takes this a step further by assigning a value for each customer. phone. utilities must establish deeper relationships with their commercial customers.com to the mass market. In the survey. who may spend little time thinking about their energy consumption. To capitalize on new potential revenue streams. print. An analytics-based approach can enable utilities to transform their customer relationships. can be persuaded to want). deliver energy savings programs and expand their offerings. Segmenting customers helps make sense of tens or hundreds of thousands of individual customers by putting them into a more manageable number of groups. RETROFICIENCY tility-commercial customer relationships historically have been relatively simple—the utility supplies reliable power at a reasonable rate. that’s only one side of the equation. These approaches simply do not capture the attention of business customers. which is driven largely by the marketing strategies used to capture a customer. ALIGN EFFORT WITH EXPECTED RETURN ON ENGAGEMENT While analytics-based targeting determines an accurate value for each customer. they are often subject to customer blind spots—significant gaps in the data available to them that make it difficult to determine customers’ behavior.BY BENNETT FISHER. Based on experience. a bill is sent and customers pay those bills. near-continuous visibility into how their customers use electricity. 70 percent of commercial respondents expressed interest in energy services agreements. which consists of customers with complex and diverse needs. While enterprise peers in industries such as retail. customers have more choice in how they procure and generate energy. A dynamic customer relationship provides utilities with the opportunity for value-added conversations and interactions outside of the narrow bill payment transaction. Achieving impactful results. What is their likelihood to participate in a utility-sponsored efficiency program? Sizing the savings potential determines how much energy efficiency products and services a given customer needs. The cost to capture a customer varies based on the channel leveraged (web. The same survey revealed. Effective targeting begins by answering two questions: How much energy can each customer cost-effectively save? and. building-specific insights and then use the information to engage customers. A new class of energy analytics solutions has emerged to translate that raw data into actionable.power-grid. that utilities have opportunities to establish new revenue streams and drive energy efficiency savings.) and the frequency of the engagement. resulting in meeting and exceeding energy efficiency savings and customer satisfaction targets. and even less time thinking about the entity that provides that energy. Traditional marketing efforts and customer interaction models. healthcare and financial services have fully embraced data-driven marketing. Today. email. while propensity-to-act scoring identifies how much energy efficiency a given customer might want (or. which serves as the foundation for all efforts thereafter. A recent Shelton Group survey revealed that more than half of the commercial customers polled would buy energy or energy management services from someone other than their utility if they could. usage is determined monthly. however.

Relevant engagement touchpoints will keep energy efficiency and the utility tops in the minds of customers when these events happen. even on a part-time basis. PERSONALIZE THE MESSAGE TO YOUR AUDIENCE One of the major benefits of analytics is that it allows utilities to personalize an engagement message to customers. Following these five strategies will turn those insights into transformative business results. that might be the tipping point for participation. a school district may have a centralized energy manager overseeing several buildings. so too can the post-engagement conversion process. He is the CEO and co-founder of Retroficiency. lower potential customers can be handled on an inbound basis. trade allies and product companies) must have the right context and data for these opportunities so they are aligned to execute on the measures to which the customer is committed. There are key decision points or events. a successful engagement strategy that incorporates a long-term plan and approach will maximize desired outcomes. such as driving energy savings or improving customer satisfaction. This personalization not only ensures that the information being provided is as relevant as possible. equipment end-of-life replacement. More moderate potential customers should receive communications via lower cost channels. to ensure that customer receives and understands the opportunity. resources and motivators. Once that is accomplished. but it also establishes credibility and trust. TAKE A LONG-TERM VIEW While analytics often can help utilities achieve results quickly. PAVE THE PATH TO CONVERSION Analytics-based insights should be supported by a process that converts issues into projects. As is the experience with marketing most products and services. The smallest of customers are often the least knowledgeable. January 2016 | 43 www. The timing of when a commercial customer invests in energy efficiency is often driven by factors beyond just energy savings or payback period. Large commercial customers are increasingly sophisticated about their energy usage. they are in a prime position to do so. Finally. Fortunately. for a great customer satisfaction booster. such as the right questions to ask or information to gather. In addition. building renovations or changes in building management. putting the right wrapper around the analytics can be as important as the insights themselves. even though saving on their energy bills might have a big impact on their bottom line. Bennett Fisher has spent more than a decade building and leading companies around data analytics. now more than ever. many business customers take action right away. with a strong understanding of their systems and why they are being operated the way that they are. Utilities should have a plan in place for each situation.g. the utility value chain (e. the measure(s) to be investigated and the utility’s relationship with the local value chain may influence what the best next step might be in a given situation. but others require multiple touchpoints or impressions before showing interest. contractors. such as print or email. utilities can provide insights to customers at scale like no other actor in the market. In addition. as well as how to escalate buy-in on specific projects from customers. Much like the message wrapper can vary by customer segment. Midmarket customers may vary by segment even though their overall consumption is similar. Still yet. whereas a local grocery store chain may not have anyone thinking about energy efficiency. not. a utility can proactively let these customers know how well they’re doing in their energy management efforts. longer-term engagement opens the possibility for providing customers new insights over time. A utility’s commercial customer base can be incredibly diverse in terms of its level of sophistication. Analytics can be beneficial by offering all parties a consistent view of the relevant energy efficiency opportunities. In fact. With advanced energy analytics that can rapidly mine meter data. and potentially in-person meetings. For example.com . How is their energy use changing? How much did they save from an energy efficiency action? A utility that can provide answers to these questions is well-positioned to be a trusted energy solutions advisor for commercial customers. Sustained engagement allows utilities to vary their messages and offers based on overall commercial program strategies and goals. such as budget cycles. whenever they may be..analytics-based program will stratify customer outreach tactics based on expected return and value. must aggressively work to transform their commercial customer relationships. reaching customers when they are ready to move forward can be the difference between converting them vs. which offers commercial building energy analytics for utilities and energy service providers. PARTING THOUGHTS Utilities. The highest potential customers might receive the high-touch phone calls. Factors such as the level of sophistication.power-grid.

. there are no consistent markers for what an acceptable and universal “power quality mix” might look like. With hundreds of billions of dollars needed to modernize the network. This isn’t a challenge just for utilities in developing nations. and the challenges we face in achieving them. to understand why reliability is declining as both population and gross domestic product (GDP) increase. more sustainable power may be the key to the modern power quality mix. Approximately 600 million Africans are living without access to electricity. sustainable power is becoming more important. improving the sustainability of power generation sources is an achievable goal. the industry can take more informed steps to address challenges and the inequalities a lack of quality power can create. Time and money must be invested now to avoid massive disruptions in the future. Considering the variety of challenges and environments across the world. while a factory owner in China might demand sufficient voltage. AGGREKO . This inequality creates a range of socio-economic issues. which again is impacted by limited investment. however. There often is emphasis within the industry on keeping the 44 | January 2016 www. This is particularly true when faced with inadequate and inefficient infrastructure and seasonal environmental factors. and an architect in Germany could be interested in environmentally friendly energy. A lack of adequate infrastructure.S. Countries with vast rural landscapes. The technical definition of power quality—the interaction of electrical power with electrical equipment—does little to explain its impact on end users. As these towns and populations grow. all the more important. which again vary around the world. As things stand. These disparities in needs and attitudes toward electricity make understanding the various contributing factors to the power mix. or the lack thereof. however. It’s not hard. particularly across vast regions and challenging environments. face the task of reaching populations at the end of a transmission line often hundreds of miles long. placing greater demand on that network.com lights on. Aging infrastructure poses a huge risk to energy security and the challenge will be overcome only if long-term solutions are considered. / AROGANT BY MATTHEW BELL. including access to healthcare and education. For that reason. As our digital world gets bigger. power grid. but in many regions the focus is still on “putting” the lights on. utilities must be able to reach capacity demands and provide access that will enable continued growth and development. RELIABILITY AND SUSTAINABILITY Growing pressure on utilities to meet rising capacity demands impacts reliability considerably. therefore. for example. the task is easier said than done. The U. Indeed. High costs and a lack of investment play a key role in this inequality.S.ower is rarely measured by one set of criteria alone. This accounts for 64 percent of the total funding required to achieve this goal globally. those countries without access to reliable. Massive capital investment isn’t feasible for most. cost-effective power will lag further behind in global socio-economic standings. is worth an estimated $876 billion but uses technology dating back to the 1960s and 70s. however. can have a huge impact on end users and national economies. The International Energy Agency has estimated Sub-Saharan Africa will need more than $300 billion of capital investment to extend electricity access to everyone by 2030. ACCESS AND AFFORDABILITY Access to electricity. Creating and improving access to power are vital parts of the “quality mix” and steps to manage them long-term must be addressed at global and local levels. also has detrimental consequences for national utilities’ ability to provide their customers with access to electricity. both in terms of clean. A farmer in Africa could be concerned with gaining reliable and affordable access. Defining and achieving an acceptable power quality mix is vital. such as Australia and some states in the U.power-grid. environmentally-friendly © CAN STOCK PHOTO INC. according Power Africa: Annual Report 2014. however.

pinpointing the many challenges to overcome in a holistic way could be a first step toward addressing power inequality and its impact. but can also limit the productivity of energy-intensive industries. Matthew Bell is head of strategic account development at Aggreko Southern Africa.electricity. as well as a modern infrastructure that is fit for the future. Updating aging infrastructure. Protecting reliability and fostering sustainability is a priority for achieving power quality. as well as having to generating excessive levels of power to meet demand. Utilities face huge costs in reducing the negative impact this aging. once again. The recent Paris climate agreement called for more sustainable sources of power generation. These issues can lead to additional costs associated with power disruptions. A SOLUTION? These individual factors will continue to be a challenge for governments and utilities worldwide. the global utility industry will continue to invest in renewable sources of power. Some of those costs come from maintaining the network. however. . but they become less efficient as they wear out. or lack thereof. While it can be difficult to create a universal definition of power quality. would create a more efficient power mix globally.hotims. Old and poorly maintained transmission lines are not only less reliable. They all play a role in whether high levels of power quality can be achieved. By being mindful of end users and their ever changing needs. must be in place to fill the gap wherever energy supply is reliant on renewable energy. Intermittency. These expenses are unsustainable on a global scale. In its attempt to cut greenhouse emissions.com for more information. decreases reliability considerably. Renewable energy has one conspicuous fault—reliability. Ensuring power generation and transmission infrastructure is efficient and Go to pgi. maintaining output voltage levels contributes considerably to the power quality mix. the global utility industry can set realistic standards that will have a more valuable impact on improving services. Effective contingency plans. too. therefore. Reduced voltage levels not only increase costs for end users. They all contribute to the mix. comes hand in hand with achieving this. VOLTAGE LEVELS AND EFFICIENCY Adopting innovative technologies and energy strategies that help avoid uneconomical redundancies and reduce fuel consumption and costs or both. poor quality infrastructure has on capacity levels.

The new solution combines the intuitive BEACON AMA software suite with the power of ORION® communication technologies.2Mbps. The GO TO WWW. entrepreneurs and AMA software any time an Internet connection is companies looking to build businesses on the network established. Silver Spring Networks Badger Meter GO TO WWW.COM FOR MORE INFORMATION 46 | January 2016 www. series to spur development. by leading utilities.COM FOR MORE INFORMATION Advanced Metering Analytics for Mobile Use Badger Meter announced the release of the BEACON Advanced Metering Analytics (AMA) Mobile Solution. giving homeowners access to the latest technology advancements over time.PGIHOTIMS. In addi- sages x 16 bytes per month. meter reading field The Silver Spring IPv6 network will feature speeds up to assignments and meter 1. switch- weather intelligence is used gear. It comes equipped with Wiser Forecast. and now is spalling after impact. creating a unified ABB experience across any device or operating system.000 mes- office to receive assignments or deliver data. the other substation equipment from ballistic attack.PGIHOTIMS. a new software suite auto- global Internet of Things (IoT) network available to cities. major air- ers and capacitors. is launching Wiser Air. It features a smartphone style. a global specialist in energy man- to shield and protect large power transformers and agement and automation. without needing to purchase a new device. a age as meter readers do not have to come into the free entry level service plan which will deliver 5. Schneider Electric GO TO WWW. This saves utilities time and vehicle mile- and will be accompanied by an SDK and HDK offering. IoT developers.power-grid. company’s first Wi-Fi Smart thermostat for residential AssetShield currently meets UL-752 Ballistic Standards consumers. It will be cloud-based BEACON open to cities.PGIHOTIMS. increasing utilities’ real-time decision-making abilities. and a Global IoT Hackathon tion.PRODUCTS Wi-Fi Smart Thermostat for Residential Customers Protective System for Substation Equipment ABB is launching AssetShield™. It syncs circuit break- AssetShield has been tested to protect transformers and their sensitive components by withstanding various types of gunshots at varying distances.PGIHOTIMS.COM FOR MORE INFORMATION thermostat’s hardware and Wi-Fi capability supports automatic updates. It lines. 10 millisecond latency. Global Internet of Things Network The BEACON AMA Silver Spring Networks is launching Starfish. utilities and developers. it allows for faster viewing of water usage data. a new solution Schneider Electric.5-inch color touchscreen and a plug-and-play design.COM FOR MORE INFORMATION GO TO WWW. – Level 10 Rating. available to homeowners through this exclusive offering.com . matically synchronizes businesses. which tem for substation relies on Schneider Electric’s equipment such as weather forecasts. and sports and enter- reduces the kinetic energy of the bullets and reduces tainment venues. This same transformers. Wiser Air couples Schneider Electric’s energy manage- AssetShield is an ment expertise with intelligent design and technology to impact and fragmen- provide consumers with a tool that delivers energy efficient tation-protective sys- comfort. seamlessly with its smartphone app. high-resolution 3. utilities. up to 50 miles in point- reading data with the to-point range and nearly limitless mesh range.

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” — Miguel Arias Cañete. because it is a small occupation. about the Paris climate deal “Thermal power generation must supplement renewable resources.” — Steven Berberich. That needs to change.power-grid. #energyefficiency — @PiyushGoyal January 2016 | 48 www. developed and developing countries. Bureau of Labor Statistics TWEETS “Becoming #NERCCIP V5 compliant is necessitating changes in overdue #utility #cybersecurity preparations & posture — @BridgeEnergyGrp “Why Threat Matters for Critical Infrastructure” by @gibsorebo #utility #cybersecurity http://ow.” — Steve Malnight.S. much faster than the average for all occupations. the EU climate commissioner. about proposed net metering rule by California Public Utilities Commission. senior vice president of regulatory affairs for Pacific Gas & Electric. “ — American Council for an Energy-Efficient Economy report “The world can save an estimated $550 billion on the cost of deploying clean energy technologies over the next decade if countries work together to accelerate innovation by unlocking global collaboration.” — Navigant Research report “A study of a variety of business types found that 92 percent of 63 businesses reported reduced maintenance materials costs and 63 percent avoided procurement costs (thanks to energy efficiency measures). CEO of the California Independent System Operator.3 units of energy earned.PARTING THOUGHTS TALK “Some solar company executives will say that the sky is falling if we make any changes but the truth is that solar’s bright future will only be assured by moving forward with smart energy reform.com .ly/VMCov — @ABBNorthAmerica Every unit of energy saved is 1.800 new jobs…” —U. They are about all of us. at POWER-GEN International Keynote TRENDS “Revenue from Direct Current distribution network implementation projects is expected to total $33 billion from 2015 to 2024. not the other way around. http://ow.” — NextEra Energy executive John Ketchum at Wells Fargo Energy Symposium “These negotiations are not about them and us. “And never bet against the engineers—they always find a way to make it work. However. the fast growth will result in only about 4.ly/VVZ66  — @leidosengineering The value of #renewable #energy doesn’t translate under current regulatory structures.” — Carbon Trust report “Employment of wind turbine service technicians… is projected to grow 108 percent from 2014 to 2024. finding common ground and solutions together.

      .Raymond Okeke Project Engineer Alexa Tereszczenko Project Assistant Jim Calder. VISIT US AT: Leidos Engineering is helping utilities to become DistribuTECH the energy systems of the future. Senior Manager. Power Delivery Services Tap into forward thinking. Take on the connected world. Our cross-cutting booth #717 expertise in grid engineering. system protection.

Today. Activate Tomorrow. leidos.com/power-grid Go to pgi. .hotims.com for more information.   cybersecurity transforms your utility with data-driven intelligence so you can take on whatís next.

All Rights Reserved. two-way customer engagement to improve our power restoration efforts. Lubbock Power & Light has managed their mission-critical systems with ACSís PRISM products. Inc. Our customer-relationship secret is trust.300-mile grid.î Contact us: 800. LP&L can manage outages and communicate with customers like never before. our systems & services have enabled improved grid reliability.com for more information. Since 1975. Since 1982. and recently selected PRISMTM Real-time OMS.com Go to pgi. real-time. Let us help you realize your goals with proven technology. Coupled with ACSís mobile solutions.hotims. Our customers trust ACS to execute their vision while we work as a team to deliver innovative automation solutions worldwide. turnkey services and industry-leading support.831.Visit us at DISTRIBUTECH Booth #1125 Melissa Saddler Energy Management Systems Administrator Lubbock Power & Light ìThe ACS mobile suite offers rich.7223 | Extension 4 Outage Management Mobile Energy Management Substation Automation Feeder Automation SCADA Customer Infrastructure Solutions acspower. Advanced DMS 2015 ©Advanced Control Systems. while providing crews with real-time information on their 4. resiliency and eᣝciency for utilities of all sizes. .