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Life on the Moon?

Caroline Sée
Moon facts

• The moon is not a planet but it acts like one.

• The only extraterrestrial body that had ever been visited by humans is the

• The moon dose not have a global magnetic field.

• The moon is extraterrestrial that other than Earth that orbits in “the
habitable zone”. This means that the planet orbits in a zone were the
temperature is worm enough for there to be water.
why we think that it would it would be possible to have
life on the moon.

We believe that we need water to live with is true for humans.

Also humans so far have no way to live if it to cold or to hot.

For years we have believed in order for there to be life that there needs to an “Earth
like planets but studies have proven other wise.

How ever scientist have discovered sines of bacteria on Earth that don’t use food,
use oxygen or sunlight from the surface.

One type bacteria lives five miles underground were there is no water or sunlight.
They get there energy from radioactive decay of unstable atoms in the rocks.

In the 1990’s Galileo space probe collected convincing evidence that Jupiter’s
moon Europa has a global ocean of liquid water beneath it frozen surface.
July 31, 1999 there was a mission to find out it there was water on the moon it turns out there was.
On October 9th NASA when on another mission to the moon to fond out if more about the water.
The data that was collected was from the Lunar crater observation and sensing satellite or LCROOS.
The astronauts purposefully crashed the LCROOS near the moon’s south pole to do there research
They found in one crater that was about 20 or 30 meters wide was filled 24 gallons of water. June
18th 2009 NASA sent yet, another mission up to the moon to do further research on the water. This
amount of water was much more than they have predicted there to be.
I n 
 t h e 
 e n d 
 i t 
 i s 
 s a f e 
 t o 
 s a y 
 t h a t 
 s o

t h e r e 
 i s 
 n o t 
 a n y 
 s c i e n c e 
 t h a t 
 c a n 
 s h o w

t h a t 
 t h e r e 
 i s 
 l i f e 
 o n 
 t h e 
 m o o n 
 b u t 
 t h e r e

i s 
 s o m e 
 w a t e r 
 t h e r e . 
 S o 
 m a y b e 
 s o m e 
 d a y

t h e r e 
 w i l l 
 b e 
 l i f e 
 o n 
 t h e 
 m o o n .



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