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Progress Texas Files Official Complaint against Ted Cruz

Mailer That Appears to Violate Texas Law
Cruz Solicitation for Presidential Campaign Appears to Break
Texas Deceptive Trade Practices Act
(TEXAS) Today, Progress Texas filed an official complaint with the Texas Attorney Generals
Consumer Protection Division about a fundraising solicitation that comes from Senator Ted
Cruzs presidential campaign.
Its a dirty trick at best and illegal at worst, said Phillip Martin, Deputy Director of Progress
Texas. We filed the complaint because no candidate is above the law, not even Ted Cruz. His
campaign has been up to a number of dirty tricks this year, and the people of Texas deserve
to know exactly what he is up to.
The latest solicitation, which was shared with us by a Texas voter who received it, is designed to
look like it comes from Sen. Cruzs official Senate office and promises check enclosed on the
outside. However, the mailer actually asks the recipient to mail a check back, as part of a
matching program.
In 2015, State Representative Gene Wu (D-Houston) passed a bill, signed into law by Gov. Greg
Abbott, expanding Texas Deceptive Trade Practices Act in order to ensure that consumers were
not confused by these types of deceptive mail pieces.
This is the kind of mail my legislation was trying to prevent, said Rep. Wu. It certainly
breaks the spirit of the law, and I agree that the Texas Consumer Protection Division should
look into whether or not it breaks the letter of the law, as well. Texas consumers should not
be tricked into sending anyone their money, especially to elected officials.
A copy of the mail in question, along with a brief memo describing Rep. Gene Wus legislation
as well as the official complaint filed by Progress Texas, is attached.
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In 2015, State Representative Gene Wu (D-Houston) passed House Bill 1265 (Source), requiring
that any businesses sending out fake checks meet certain criteria to ensure consumers were
not tricked into sending money they are not required to send. Specifically, the law prohibited:
delivering or distributing a solicitation in
connection with a good or service that resembles a check or
other negotiable instrument or invoice, unless the portion of
the solicitation that resembles a check or other negotiable
instrument or invoice includes the following notice, clearly and
conspicuously printed in at least 18-point type:
Texas Business & Commerce Code, Section 17.46 (b)(29)
The solicitation from Ted Cruz fails to meet specific guidelines laid out in Rep. Wus bill, which
was signed into law by Governor Greg Abbott on June 19, 2015.