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Texas Trial Attorney Shoaib Daredia Helps Wrongly Accused and Injured Clients Ge

t Justice
Texas Trial Attorney Shoaib Daredia fights for justice on behalf of injured and
wrongly accused clients in Dallas, TX. Mr. Daredia is primarily focused on aggre
ssively fighting and taking to trial cases involving Wrongful Death, Police Brut
ality, Employment Discrimination and complex Criminal Cases involving serious fe
Trial Attorney Daredia(http://www.daredialaw.com/) stands up for the rights of i
ndividuals who have nowhere else to turn to. As part of his goal to fight for th
ose who have been wrongly accused, injured, or taken unfair advantage of, Trial
Attorney Daredia established the Law Offices of Shoaib Daredia PLLC. With Mr. Da
redia and his legal team s dedication and resources they are not afraid to go toe
to toe with anyone that stands in the way of justice.
Trial Attorney Daredia is passionate about arguing his cases in front of a jury.
He has been very fortunate to be accepted and able to associate himself with so
me of the most prestigious organizations for trial lawyers in the state and coun
try. Mr. Daredia is an active member of the world s largest trial bar, the America
n Association for Justice (formerly the Association of Trial Lawyers of America)
and the Texas Trial Lawyers Association.
Mr. Daredia listens to each of his clients unique concerns and from there carves
out a meticulously tailored legal strategy. Mr. Daredia aggressively presents hi
s legal theories and handles complex criminal cases that involve serious felonie
s in Dallas and Collin County as well Federal courts across Texas. He is license
d in the Eastern and Northern District Federal Courts of Texas. Mr. Daredia has
been blessed to have the privilege and honor to have been accepted and welcomed
into some of the most elite organizations for Criminal Defense Attorneys in the
state and country. Mr. Daredia is an active member of the National Association o
f Criminal Defense Lawyers, Texas Criminal Defense Lawyers Association, Collin C
ounty Criminal Defense Lawyers Association, and the Dallas Criminal Defense Lawy
ers Association. Trial Attorney Daredia accepts cases involving DUI and DWI, fed
eral conspiracy charges, intoxication manslaughter, armed robbery, federal embez
zlement, felony assault, federal bribery charges, murder, federal money launderi
ng, capital murder, weapons crimes, and drug trafficking.
He also helps victims of discrimination in the workplace and police brutality fi
ght for their rights. Trial Attorney Daredia and his legal team provide a voice
for individuals whose rights have been violated to help them get the justice the
y deserve. They devote a lot of effort and time to get to know their clients to
help them get favorable results.
About Law Offices of Shoaib Daredia
The Law Offices of Shoaib Daredia is a group of passionate individuals who are d
edicated to fighting for the rights of those who have been wrongly accused, take
n advantage of and injured. The law firm serves the entire state of Texas and ta
kes cases on contingency. The Law Offices of Shoaib Daredia has the ability and
resources needed to fight against the largest insurance companies to help client
s get maximum results for their case. When they take cases on contingency, clien
ts pay no upfront cost until they win.
For more information, feel free to visit www.DarediaLaw.com. Email info@daredial
aw.com or call 214-500-9721 for a free consultation.
Company: Law Offices of Shoaib Daredia, PLLC
Contact: Shoaib Daredia
Email: info@daredialaw.com
Website: www.DarediaLaw.com
Tel. No.: 214-500-9721

Dallas, Texas, USA

Texas Trial Attorney Shoaib Daredia, Law Offices of Shoaib Daredia