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At the first pre med club meeting, I stood in front of the club alongside my board

members. We took turns around the room, stating our name and our reason for joining
pre med club. Most of our members wanted to be dentists, surgeons, investigators, or
like me, a physician, and others simply exploring. Joining forces with the explorers, our
advisor, ms jai said there was is nothing wrong with not knowing and in fact, as high
school students, we should not even know what career we wanted to pursue for the rest
of our lives. Now, I agree with the first part of the her statement, but I could not
disagree more with the second part I couldnt disagree more. As a high school senior, I
couldnt be surer more sure of my career path decision, and there is nothing I want more
than to start pursuing it.I wanted nothing more than to start pursuing it. Although Ii
wasam set on a pre medical path, iI neverdont wanted to lose the opportunity to gain a
of receiving a well- rounded education. I was looking for a school that would offers a
vavariety of rious majors and courses in different academic fieldsextra-curricular
activities while allowing me to focus on a medical path. IntiallyInitially it hadit seemed
that i have given myself a nonviablelike a futile task, but Ii sawdiscovered that hofstra
not only met, but surrmounted my initial desires in a college. through
Through the 4+4 program, i would be able to get a truly fullwell rounded
undergraduate education, all while on a premedical track for to enter a state of the art
medical school. The academic program, while challenging and though provoking would
allow me to also contribute outside the classroom, through clubs, internships, and
research opportunities.
hofstras partnership and proximity to one of the most prestigious hospitals is
especially captivating, as my volunteer service at North Shore Long Island Jewish gave
me insight into both the university and the medical field as a whole. through out my time
at the hospital, i was able to approach current hofstra medical school students. i was
instantly amazed by their professional behavior and their combination of seriousness
towards the field and easy going personalities. It was easy to see that the students
were able to think critically and analytically, and they had a burning passion for the field.
moreover, the students never failed to mention how happy they were that they were able
to get their medical educations from hofstra. the medical students were eager to make
a contribution in and out of the univeristy, volunteering to interview prospective students,
and taking extra care while assisting physicians.
i yearn to be part of such a strong family of students and thinkers.
moreover, hofstra, while a traditional medical school, has never failed to lead with its
innovativenessIs a leader in inovation. founding dean Dr. Smith said. Were going to

try to ignite their passions and let them follow them. upon reading this, i knew that
hofstra is a place where students are encouraged to truly find their passions through
modern thinking. although i am sure that my destiny lies as a physician, i still have yet
to decide on a special, or if i even want a specially. for now, there are just so many
aspects of the medical field that intrigue me, and i would hate to decide before i give it
more exploration. however, i know that at hofstra i will be given opportunities to choose
and learn, and i am mot confident that this program is the best match for me