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Ancient Meaning of the term YORB:

By Awo Ifalenu
The term YORUBA originally comes from "OYO RB":
Today talking to the Spirit Tata G, Emissary of baba Oddw about the origin of the word
Yoruba, he revealed the most ancient original meaning of the term Yoruba, that comes from
OYO RB, that later became YO RB. OYO RB means the people from OYO who do
B. Why is that? Why Oyo? This is based on the teachings and spiritual revelations given by
Baba Oddw and his Emissary spirits, which said that originally Baba Oddw came from
the East traveling westbound looking for a promised land, until they reach the land of OYO.
They establish there and Oddw gave a land to each of his 16 disciples and they established
16 kingdoms. Oddw established his spiritual tradition based on his spiritual enlightenment
and the spiritual secrets he received from heaven. Later he meets rnml who lived in ILE
IFE, and they shared teachings and secrets and later rnml initiated Oddw into If.
Oddw and his followers make emphasis in the practice of B / Sacrifice, that is why they
were known OYO RB. Later they spread to other areas and the name transformed to YO

An esoteric meaning of the term Yorb given by the Spirit Tata G, emissary of baba Oddw
is "YO RU EBO" the Ones who Worship God through doing b/Sacrifice.
Awo Ifalenu

We all know the great importance of EBO / Sacrifice in the Tradition. It is said that the one who
performs EBO is Saved of the Negative things in Life. Thats correct, only taking into
consideration that the person behaves with IWA PELE = Good Character and Moral, with
Honor. If you do EBO but continue with Wrong Emotions, Intentions and actions, your EBO will
not help you... Even if you do an Ebo with 10 Bulls... But EBO with Good Emotions, Behavior,
Moral, and actions will lead to great things for you and your family and your Egb (spiritual

Based on that teaching I did my Yorb language research and found this:

Y to be full, to be satisfied of food or riches

Y deeply
Yob idolater, a heathen, a hypocrite, a lie, an untruth
Y melt, dissolve, fuse, and walk gently
Y - to deliver form danger, to save, to escape, to free, to be freed,
Y - to appear (as a new Moon, as the Sun at dawn)

Y to rejoice, be glad, be merry,

YR - to be enormous in size, great in age
YR to be successful, prominent, to rise higher, to show the head (Or). To complete, to

R to spring, sprout (as a seed), flourish,

R to bear, carry, sustain, support
RU to rise, swell, boil, break out,

RB (Ru b) to make b / Sacrifice

B to bring into contact with, sit, fit, to be exact, to hit the mark, to come to the point,

Possible YORUBA meanings:

YR - B = To bring into contact with the enormous in size (the r/Irnmol)
YR - B To bring into contact with the successful, with the prominent people / with the

Y Rb = to be satisfied of doing Ebo

Y Rb = deeply doing Ebo
Y Rb = to be saved doing Ebo, to deliver from danger by doing Ebo, to escape by doing
Y Rb = to rejoice at doing Ebo