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AIESEC Australia

National Support Team



Full Name

Raghupatruni Sai Phani

Local Committee, Country

Visakhapatnam, India

Current AIESEC Role


Team Leader - Talent Management | Information

Management | Human Resources | Learning &
+ 91 9705500009



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Phani Raghupatruni



AIESEC Australia EST 2016


1. For me, the role of a Entity Support Team has the responsibility for both
establishing and protecting the purpose, fundamental values and principles
which govern the activities of AIESEC Australia. These are often referred to
as the vision, mission and values. The vision, mission and values for a
better MC and its experience. Also, provide long term direction and
communicate internally and externally about what the organization is about.
Australia because, it has always been one of my favorite and admirable
countries. A strong EST is the certainly very important for creating a
powerful, impacting and active nation. I'd say the main benefits would be
prestige and honor. To become a part of the EST, you got to have
reasonable amount of connections and be a respectable and accomplished
member of the LC. In my experience, ESTs are connected with leading a
person by himself, unknowingly. So, by contributing something to an
external MC would certainly hold a more favorable position among his CoAIESECers and home MC and LC itself. Therefore, when the prestige of
an MC rises, so does the importance of the NST, and that is generally a
nice way to be remembered and honored once you pass away.
2. I currently am a Law student at a National Law University, which is one of the
top law schools in the country. So being a part of such a university, the yearly
plan of the University would be very systematic which makes me more
accessible to the position of an EST. As far as the commitments in AIESEC
are concerned, I was previously an account manager for GT-o/iGIP for 11
months. So I have dealt and interacted with the a l l local clients on a
very regular basis, which gave me an experience suitable for the role of
the EST as a EST for AIESEC Australia, and Ive experienced all kinds of
matching processes and strategies. Australia is one of the largest growing
markets in the world. Also, the entity revenue has been increasing day by day,
at a comparatively high rate. Information and Technology would definitely have
brilliant scope in the coming days in Australia. This is the probably the best
time, AIESEC Australia can explore the market to the fullest and expand the
MC on a wider scale. Corporate oriented departments like iGIP and B2B can
benefit a lot through the increasing market, if used in a proper manner, which
in return benefit the complete MC and can be noticed on a global level.

AIESEC Australia EST 2016







Committee Member







TM | IM | HR |

Brief Description
Organised a successful LC event,
which taught me the structure and
practicalities of organising an

Committee VicePresident

A recruitment consisting of 350+

applicants, taught me how to
evaluate and made me capable
enough to choose quality.

Core Committee For


Raised an amount of Rs.40,000

INR for the conference, which
unleashed my interest and
potential in the field of sales.

Account Manager

Team Leader

The only point of contact for all the

clients of iGIP in my LC, and was
successful in it. My CRM and
communication skills is a plus point
TM has always been the best I could
ever ask. I has always been my
passion, and now my profession. I
couldnt ask for a better position I
currently am in.


1. When it comes to Raising and Matching, 1 week is a decent number to do great.

On a daily basis, Ill make it mandatory to attend 1 appointments for every
member in every LC, considering Aussies market. Also, every member in the
department match for respective TNs, however matching during this period is
the 2nd preference. If this is the case, more focused the member can be. So
apparently, a member is focusing on both Matching and Raising at the same
time. All this process goes through out the month, and, by the end, Im pretty
sure atleast 3Ops will be achieved.
2. Understanding the importance of a having good relationship with clients,
always having a clear focus on targets over performance, able to
coach, lead and develop a dynamic and diverse team of people. Also, I
believe the major contributor has to be talent in sales and CRM and as a
persuasive communicator, someone who can speak to clients in terms they
understand and build the case for the brand we represent. And, these
certainly are the aspects I see in myself.
3. Sales in a high volume: For more sales to happen, more appointments has
to be cracked. People whore attending appointments has to have good
sales pitch. On the first note, every member has to be trained with good
sales knowledge regularly, webinars and sales sessions in Local meets
would be my pick.
Matching time: Maximum utilization of social platforms.
Conversion rate: MDPs and strategic follow ups