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Instant Sciatica Relief

Complete Self Treatment Guide for

Sciatic Pain Online Version 2.3
Please read this guide thoroughly and more than once

Fellow Back Pain Sufferer:

Its Jesse from LoseTheBackPain.com.
Let me congratulate you on taking the first steps to relieve your pain!
I started LoseTheBackPain.com and wrote this report after my own painful battle
with Sciatica so I could help folks just like you get out of crippling pain
I know where youre at right now, because Ive been there and I know how to help
you get pain free like I am today.
Youre about to discover the real truth about your Sciatica the quickest ways
and the most helpful products I know of from my experience and research that will
work to get you pain free quickly!
But before we dive in, allow me a brief minute and explain about this guide:
This guide is a quick read - but dont be fooled when I first wrote it, it was 50+
pages long.
So, because I know that you want to spend your time getting pain free and not
reading for days I distilled it down into what you must know to get pain free
But I didnt just throw out that other great info in fact, I made it into a series of
follow-up emails that will give you bite sized chunks of all the other helpful tips,
tricks and useful products that Ive found to help with Sciatica.
You can expect your first email tomorrow so keep an eye on your inbox but for
Lets get you pain free fast!

The pain is draining the life out of me

Does this sound familiar?
How about these?
Im in what I consider horrible pain... says a real person afflicted with Sciatica.
...I have more questions than answers
Youre reading this because youre in pain and you want to do something about it.
And you need real answers to these questions:

-How can I make the pain stop NOW?

-Why am I in pain in the first place?

-How can I keep the pain from coming back?

These answers are going to be your roadmap to reaching your end goal: a life free
from Sciatica pain
And youre going to get your first answer right now

How can I make the pain stop NOW?

Okay, lets help you get some immediate relief
Im going to introduce you below to one of the experts that truly helped me get rid
of my sciatic pain. His name is Steve Hefferon and below hes going to demonstrate
2 stretches you can do right now to get some relief from your sciatic pain.

Enter Steve Hefferon

Hello and Welcome, My name is Steven Hefferon CMT and Im the Co-founder of
the The Healthy Back Institute and Jesse just emailed to asked me if I could give
just one stretch to someone with Sciatica, what stretch would that be?
Hands down it would have to be the Seated Figure Four Stretch. This stretch can
be done by almost everyone, except those individuals that have had a Total Hip
Replacement and or a Total Knee Replacement.
For fast relief please refer to all 3 of the photos and written instructions, Please
also understand that while this is a great stretch, you the user need to pace your
self and only do the activity to your tolerance, we will give you guidelines but only
you can gauge the intensity and frequency that you perform the Seated Figure Four

Sciatica Stretch #1
STEP 1: Starting Position for the SEATED FIGURE FOUR STRETCH

STEP 1A: Being sitting, on the edge of a non-moveable chair, your knees should be
no higher then your hip and your feet should be flat on the floor.

STEP 2: Crossed Leg Position

Once sitting comfortably, bring the effected (side)
leg up and over the opposite knee. If you can not
get your ankle over your knee, then straighten out
your good leg and then put your effected leg as
high up your shin as you can, holding the effected
leg in position. If you can, you may try to curl your
good leg back as close to the leg of the chair, to
get the best stretch possible.
Once in that position stabilize the bent leg with
both hands one hand on the foot keeping the
leg in position then push down on the bent legs
knee with the other hand while at the same time
leaning your trunk forward. Only go as far as you
comfortably can, come out of the stretch and
repeat, only on the effected side.

STEP 3: Crossed Leg Forward Position

We can suggest that you hold the stretch for 3-5
seconds and repeat 5-8 times, as many times per
day as you can tolerate.

Sciatica Stretch #2
Starting Position:

Stretch Position:

Being on your back knees bent, take the effected leg and bring
it over the non effected leg, keeping shoulders on the ground,
applying gentle downward pressure to the knee. Allowing the hip to
stretch as much as you comfortable can, Hold 3-5 sec; Repeat 5-8
times; Perform at least once per day
These are just some of the more simple stretches that you can perform right now.
Over the next couple of days, I will be sending you more stretches and exercises so
be sure to check your email.

Understanding Inflammation and Sciatica

Studies show a close association between pain and inflammation. Swollen tissues
due to injury or trauma cause you a double-dose of pain.
First, the inflammation- a natural response of your body- causes you pain to let you
know something is wrong.
Secondly, the inflammation presses on your sciatic nerve causing you even MORE
Reduce the swelling, and you will have done two key things...
...you will have alleviated some of the pain, and, most importantly, the reduced
swelling will allow for a better, more specific diagnosis of your Sciatica.
More on that later... right now you need to reduce the inflammation in your body to
start feeling better.
But how?
Your body fights inflammation by releasing enzymes to neutralize it. However, the
enzymes that counteract inflammation disappear with age.
In fact, at the age of approximately 25 or so, there is a severe reduction in your body
of the enzymes that counteract inflammation.
Getting these enzymes back into your body is one of the ways to reduce
inflammation and in a moment I will share with you one of the best ways to do just
But first, lets take a closer look at the difference between conventional
prescriptions and an all-natural approach
Often patients with back pain will be prescribed Non-Steroidal Anti- Inflammatory
Drugs, or NSAIDs.

While they are effective in

the short term for fighting off
inflammation, the FDA warns that
prolonged use of NSAIDs increase
the risk of heart attacks and
But a safer, natural, long-term
alternative is available:
Its called Heal-n-Soothe.
Check It out here.
Heal n Soothe works by replacing
Proteolytic enzymes in your body.
These enzymes are one of the
first lines of defense against pain,
inflammation, scar tissue and
These enzymes have been proven
to reduce pain, inflammation and
help regulate your bodys natural
healing processes by working
with your body to allow it to repair
Heal n Soothe is an all-natural
supplement that has no mystery
chemicals, harmful side effects or
high price tag.
Now that you know how to reduce
the inflammation causing you
pain, youre probably asking

Why was I in pain in the first place?

The answer to this question is different for everybody who suffers from Sciatica.
You see, Sciatica is a SYMPTOM, not an actual condition. That means it serves as a
sign that something else is wrong with your body. Finding out what that something
else is- and fixing it- is the only way to truly alleviate your back pain.
There are four common causes: Piriformis Syndrome, Herniated Disc, Spinal
Stenosis, and Spondylolisthesis. (You should seek the help of a healthcare
professional to be diagnosed as to the specific causes of your sciatic pain.)
Here is a quick general overview of these causes of Sciatica. Ill be diving into
greater detail on these in emails to come.

Piriformis Syndrome
Your piriformis is a small muscle in your pelvis that lies over top of your sciatic
nerve. When this muscle becomes inflamed or suffers trauma, the muscle puts
pressure on the sciatic nerve underneath and causes you discomfort in the form of
pain, burning or numbness.
Because a muscle and nerve are involved, the potential for pain is double what it
would be if only one or the other were affected.

Herniated Disc
Resting in between the bones of your spine are discs, or muscles that have
sponge-like characteristics.
They absorb energy much like a shock absorber on a car.
When they are all intact, they also provide flexibility to your backbone so you can
move freely without your vertebrae grinding against each other.
When one of these discs swells or ruptures, it is said to be herniated.
The bulging disc may press on the nerves of the lower back, causing sciatic pain.


Spinal Stenosis
Nerves that run through your spine branch out to the rest of your body through tiny
openings. When the passageway that houses the nerves becomes restricted, or the
openings that allow the nerves to branch out become blocked, you feel pain on the
This is most common in middle-aged adults, caused by wear and tear from a
lifetime of use.

Your vertebrae, or the bones of your spine, are stacked atop each other in a row.
When one of the vertebrae gets out of line by bulging too far forward or too far
backward, it is described as Spondylolisthesis.
The vertebrae in the lumbar spine, or lower back, are the most common to become
out of line.
When this happens, it can negatively affect posture, muscle use or even the way in
which you walk.

How can I keep the pain from coming back?

A healthy lifestyle and the right choices regarding your health are just as essential to
your bodys well-being as any pill, medication or prescription.
Plenty of restful sleep and a healthy diet will definitely make a positive difference in
giving your body the support it needs to repair itself.

Muscles need to be in balance

Muscles in your body change over time, sometimes for the better, sometimes for
the worse. As you go through your day-to-day life muscles become strained, some
become stronger than others with more use, and some become injured.


Your body is constantly fighting to keep itself in balance, free from injury- but it can
only hold on for so long before it suffers damage from being misaligned.
Achieving that balance in your body again has shown to be an effective method in
healing and preventing Sciatica and the pain associated with it.
Many people who suffer from Sciatica become discouraged that their pain cannot
be alleviated immediately, but patience and a positive frame of mind play a key role
in recovery.
Since the underlying cause of your sciatic pain developed over time, it will take time
for the body to undo the damage and restore balance. That makes it even more
important to see a healthcare professional immediately to begin the healing process.


Mental and Emotional Stress

Aside from the physical and structural damage to your body, there are mental and
emotional factors as well.
Many people turn to support groups and even social media to raise awareness and
get help.
I can feel myself falling into depression. Ive had mood swings.. says a 26-rear-old
...even found myself laying on the floor crying a few times.
Many people here manage years of daily pain, with the reasonable expectation of
an improvement that never arrives. writes another chronic pain sufferer.
One therapist told me to stay away from this therapy and the other therapist
contradicted and warned stay away from that kind of therapy. It began to get very
Mental and emotional support from family, friends, and peers can also help you in
dealing with the stress and anxiety surrounding your chronic pain.
Others have dealt with this effectively... let their tales be your inspiration to get
Get the help and support you need for you... another encourages back.
...your story is very common here.


Ive tried everything, but nothing works

If you have tried everything, and you still cannot find relief, its time to try our
PROVEN self-diagnosis and treatment system
this breakthrough Lose The Back Pain System is a single resource that gives you
everything you need to live a life free from pain.
You can start addressing the underlying cause of your pain- something that other
treatments fail to achieve...
And thats exactly what makes the Lose The Back Pain System better than anything
else available on the market today.
You can eliminate the muscle imbalances and the dysfunctions in your body that
lead to Sciatica all while you develop a Personalized Self Treatment Program that
will help target your specific, individual needs.
But thats not all
The system also comes with additional resources- like the Back Pain Bible, two
DVDs, and 3 audio CDs full of strategies for eliminating, managing and preventing
You can see the whole system here:
Lose The Back Pain System


Now Take Action!

Youve already taken the first steps toward a pain free life
And youll be getting the follow up emails from me with all the tips and tricks I know,
and have used to break free from Sciatica
So keep this momentum going!
Apply what youve just read - modify it as needed to accommodate your level of
Watch for the emails.
Read them and act on them.
Pay attention to the products and supplements I will be showing you. See why and
how they work then put them to use in your life.
Your pain will be a distant memory in no time!
I look forward to hearing about your victory over Sciatica!
To your pain free back,
Jesse Cannone, CPT, CPRS