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Contact: Ikechukwu_b_achebe@rush.edu (847)-704-2616

Rush Medical College, Chicago, IL
Doctor of Medicine (expected graduation in 2019)
DePaul University, Chicago, IL
Bachelor of Science cum laude in Biology: Cell & Molecular Biology Concentration (2012)
Research Conference Presentations: Presented research on jaw musculature of P. kamoharai
at DePauls Science Showcase (2010, 2011), Chicago Area Undergraduate Research Symposium
(2011, 2012), and National Science Foundation Research Conference (2012)
Scholarly Articles: Achebe, Ikechukwu B., Kenshu Shimada, Brian Reilly, and Cynthia K. Rigsby. "Cranial
Musculature in Extant Crocodile Shark, Pseudocarcharias Kamoharai (Lamniformes: Pseudocarchariidae)
and Its Evolutionary Implications." Journal of Fossil Research 46.1 (2013): 20-29.
Rush Medical Center Parkinsons Disease & Movement Disorders Unit, Chicago, IL
Mentor: Dr. Deborah Hall, Parkinsons Disease Research
Primary Investigator, Oct 2014 July 2015 (part time during school, full time during summer)
Conducted retrospective (cross-sectional) comparison of Parkinsons Disease severity between race.
Assessed community barriers to receiving PD care through patient interviews; collected & analyzed data
Began manuscript construction research still in progress.
Meade Roach & Annulus, LLP (Healthcare Law-firm), Chicago, IL
Project Assistant, October 2012 July 2014
Performed analysis of clinical research documents (protocol, informed consent, IRB) in order to optimize
healthcare regulatory compliance.
Developed structured Billing Grids which visually plots the clinical services and the time points at which a
patient enrolled in a study will receive them.
Maintained and updated firm website by through documentation of regulation laws & relevant publications.
DePaul University Laboratory, Chicago, IL
Mentor: Dr. Kenshu Shimada: Paleobiology & Evolutionary Research
Research: Primary Investigator, June 2010 July 2012
Conducted analysis of cranial musculature associated with jaw suspension in shark species P. kamoharai.
Disproved accepted theory on lamniform jaw evolution and re-hypothesized a more parsimonious scenario.
Mapped anatomical data on phylogenetic trees examining evolutionary pattern of jaw morphology.
Published journal article in the Journal of Fossil Research (Sept. 2013).
DePaul University Chicago, IL
Biology Tutor, March 2012 - June 2012
Provided one-on-one tutoring for DePaul University undergraduate students with goals of enabling them to
master General Biology concepts; Tutored students for a minimum of three hours a week.
Dermatology Interest Group Leader, Rush Medical College Chicago, IL
Group Leader, January, 2015 2016
Organized lunches, lectures, workshops, and shadowing opportunities for medical students (group members)
interested in dermatology.
African Student Union (ASU), DePaul University - Chicago, IL
President, April, 2011 - 2012
Managed the 50+ member student organization, with the goal of fostering community awareness about key issues
affecting Africa, such as political tensions, water resources, education and impetus for change.
Directed 6 board members and administered responsibilities in recruiting, events, and initiatives.
Organized high-profile campus events geared toward to celebrating Africa and promoting cultural awareness.
High School in Nigeria (1 year), Cellist (12 years), Intramural Basketball; Retired member of DePaul University
Clubs: Life Sciences and Pre-Med Club, Math Club, and Science Community Involvement Club.