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A study on Customer

relationship management
at Big Bazaar in Lucknow

Presented BySushil Singh

A narrow perspective of customer relationship management is
database marketing emphasizing the promotional aspects of
marketing linked to database efforts. Another narrow, yet relevant,
viewpoint is to consider CRM only as customer retention in which
a variety of after marketing tactics is used for customer bonding or
staying in touch after the sale is made. Shani and Chalasani define
relationship marketing as an integrated effort to identify,
maintain, and build up a network with individuals consumers and
to continuously strengthen the network for mutual benefit of both
sides, through interactive, individualized and value-added contacts
over a period of time. The core theme of all CRM and relationship
marketing perspectives is its focus on co-operative and
collaborative relationships between the firm and its customers,
and/or other marketing actors.

Primary Objective

To find out the practices followed in BIG BAZAAR

for CRM.

Secondary Objective

To study the technologies used for an effective


To know the strategies adopted for customer


To study how customer data is collected and

analyzed to improve Business & CRM


Customer relationship management has been defined as a

business approach that integrates people, processes, and
technology to maximise relationships with customers
Goldenberg (2008, p.3). Moreover, it has been stated that
customer relationship management characterises a management
philosophy that is a complete orientation of the company toward
existing and potential customer relationships (Raab et al, 2008,

Mueller (2010) characterises customer relationship management

aspect of the business as a highly dynamic, and convincingly
argues that businesses have to adopt a proactive approach in
devising relevant programs and initiatives in order to remain
competitive in their industries.

Research Methodology
I have used Descriptive Research Design for research purpose.

Data Collection Method :

Primary Data
Secondary Data

Sampling Unit :
Lucknow (Big Bazaar)

Sampling Method :
Simple Random Sampling

Sampling Unit:-

Big Bazaar LUCKNOW

Sample Size:-

sample size = 100 respondents.


The motive of any company is to generally acquire larger market

share high percentage of sales the Industry; this could be only
achieved by building a higher percentage of brand loyal customers.

Customer relationship management and data mining are critical

differentials that enable competitive edge for firms focused on
increasing customer market share. Though investment in marketing,
sales and service innovation can be constrained due to economic and
cultural considerations, the initial analysis of the study indicates
common European consumer apparel sites enable higher content
depth, navigational context and help, consumer communication, and
commerce efficiency.

However, the study concurrently indicates lower customer

customization and mining, lifestyle connection and marketing, and