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above, below www.mapasmentais.com.br precise time AT

beneath, among Este símbolo indica um mapa mental correspondente: days ON
nearby Relative One parts of the day IN
inside position point months
beside, behind years IN
ahead of / in front of seasons
off since
from for
Time/ Time by
across Relative Spatial relationship
through movement verbs Extended from-to
against from-until
along during
within Limits with(in)
around AT
To introduce OF
objects of verbs OF or ABOUT
Prepositions: FOR
IN Summary
INTO Movement
IN / INTO toward Place
the interior Destination
of something Direction
Point - AT
TO Physical
TOWARD destination
Orientation Location
TO Permission
toward Surface - ON
a goal

ON / ONTO Conteúdo de http://owl.english.purdue.edu Area/volume - IN

ON Movement Versão 1, 15/10/2002 - Autor: Virgílio Vasconcelos Vilela
a surface
He's hiding UNDER the table
He came FROM the house
He came OUT OF the house

writing BELOW the line writing ABOVE the line

Relative Draw a line ACROSS the page

He is AMONG the trees He sat BENEATH the tree

She went THROUGH the door

Relative Prepositions:
a tree NEARBY the house
position Spatial She leans AGAINST the tree

He is INSIDE the house

a lace ALONG the edge of the cloth

The boy is BEHIND the girl

The girl is AHEAD OF/IN FRONT OF the boy
Mark only WITHIN the circle

The girl is standing BESIDE the boy

Conteúdo de http://owl.english.purdue.edu a circle AROUND the answer

His hat is OFF Versão 2, 5/10/2002 - Autor: Virgílio Vasconcelos Vilela
www.mapasmentais.com.br My plane leaves AT noon.
precise time AT
The movie starts AT 6 p.m.
days ON I will see you ON Monday.
One point parts of the day IN I will see you IN the afternoon.
The days are long IN August.
months, years, seasons IN The book will be published IN 2003.
The flowers will bloom IN spring.
SINCE She has been gone SINCE yesterday.
FOR I'm going to Paris FOR two weeks.
New president to be named BY Monday.
Time BY
11 new cars will be introduced BY 2003.
Extended FROM-TO The movie showed FROM August TO October.
FROM-UNTIL The decorations were up FROM spring UNTIL fall.
DURING I watch tv DURING the evening.
WITH(IN) We must finish the project WITHIN a year.

She took a quick GLANCE AT her reflection. Exception: a glance IN the m irror
You didn't LAUGH AT his joke.
LOOK AT the computer monitor.
We REJOICED AT his safe rescue.
That pretty girl SMILED AT you.
I don't APPROVE OF his speech.
OF My contribution to the article CONSISTS OF many pages.
To introduce He came home SMELLING OF alcohol.
objects of verbs I DREAM OF / ABOUT finishing college in four years.
I amTHINKING OF / ABOUT this problem.
Did someone CALL FOR a taxi?
He HOPES FOR a raise in salary.
I'm LOOKING FOR my keys.
We'll WAIT FOR her here.
Buy the tickets while I WATCH FOR for the train.
I WISH FOR an "A" in this class.
Conteúdo de http://owl.english.purdue.edu
Versão 1, 5/10/2002 - Autor: Virgílio Vasconcelos Vilela
The patient went IN
Now what sort of trouble is she IN? IN
Our new neighbours moved IN yesterday www.mapasmentais.com.br

toward a "Take me TO the airport, please"
We'll move your brother's old bed INTO TO
INTO your room.
What kind of trouble has
she gotten herself INTO? Movement
Our new neighbors moved toward Said returned TO his apartment
INTO the house next door yesterday.
the interior Physical
of something destination

General The plane was headed
Bob jumped IN / INTO the pool
direction, TOWARD the mountain
The patient went TOWARD
IN / INTO the doctor's office
Direction Orientation
toward Drive TOWARD the city
a goal limits and turn north
Li Ling washed her dog
(in order) TO rid it of fleas
Said returned to school
Jean fell ON / ONTO the floor Purpose TO TO get his books
Athena climbed
"to" marks a verb and may
ON / ONTO the back of the truck
be preceded by "in order"
usually verbs of motion
consent TO
The plane landed Permission TO refuse TO
ON the runway Movement listen TO
Sam hung the decoration toward speak TO (not tell)
ON the Christmas tree
a surface Communication TO relate TO
He placed the package
ON the table ON in the sense
appeal TO
of 'plead'
Joanna spilled her Coke
ON the rug
Verbs with the idea of something Conteúdo de http://owl.english.purdue.edu - Versão 1, 15/10/2002 - Autor Virgílio Vasconcelos Vilela
being situated in a certain place
Tom is waiting for his sister
There's a new roof www.mapasmentais.com.br AT the bank
ON the house

Sue spent the whole afternoon

The frost made patterns Place
AT the fair
ON the window

Three players are playing My car is

ON the field AT the house
Surface - ON
We arrived
Our house is AT the house
ON Third Street
Point - AT Destination
The waiter was
Prepositions: AT our table immediately
The children are playing Location
IN the street
(enclosed by sidewalks) The policeman leaped
AT the assailant

The house is Direction

IN Tippecanoe county
The dog jumped
AT my face

The cows are grazing Area/volume - IN

IN the field
the bus
the ship
A face appeared the train
IN the window Exceptions the plane
ON when in motion ON the plane (flying)
IN for stationary IN the plane (awaiting takeoff)
Conteúdo de http://owl.english.purdue.edu
Versão 2 - 15/10/2002 - Autor: Virgílio Vasconcelos Vilela