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Published for the friends of the Sisters of St.

Joseph of Carondelet

Winter/Spring 2016

Destination: The Common Good


Connections is published twice a year for the friends

of the Sisters of St. Joseph of Carondelet, St. Louis
Province. Please send address changes and requests for
additional copies to Editor, Connections, at the address
above or to communications@csjsl.org.
Province Leadership Sister Maureen Freeman, CSJ
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Sister Marilyn Lott, CSJ
Sister Rita Marie Schmitz, CSJ
Sister Linda Straub, CSJ
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Sisters Rita Marie Schmitz, Marilyn Lott, Mary Margaret Lazio, Linda Straub and Maureen Freeman.

Dear Friends,
Since the Sisters of St. Joseph began ministering in France 365 years ago,
we have been called to reach out to the needs of the times.
In the 20th century, this need had been most visible through works of mercy
in schools, hospitals and neighborhood communities.
As we move into the 21st century, we are challenged by the demographics of
the congregation to honor what has been while exploring new ways to continue
the mission into the futurea future of partnership and collaboration.
The articles in this issue of Connections highlight just a few of the ways our
collaborations are growing and blossoming.
Collaborations like CSJ Association, which has hit new heights this year with
more than 300 associates living and sharing the mission in their daily lives.
And like the newly-launched CORE volunteer program that invites young
women into short-term experiences, sharing in our spirituality, service and
community living without committing to religious life.
Collaborations are expanding across the congregation and federation of the
Sisters of St. Joseph, with the younger and newer members meeting, communicating
and dreaming about ways to grow together in mission.
And we raised our hands and our voices for systemic change with the other
groups of women religious in America by supporting NETWORKs Nuns on the
Bus tour last fall, calling for economic and social justice.
Maxim 73 of the Sisters of St. Joseph reminds us that living out our true
nature in God is fully realized when we are living it together. Thank YOU for being
partners with us in our mission and ministry in the past, present and future.

Connections is printed on recycled

paper using earth-friendly, soy-based inks.

Together we are more!

Province Leadership


The Common Good

2015 Nuns on the Bus Tour
page 12

Connections | Winter/Spring 2016

5 Live, Learn and Love

The CSJ CORE volunteer program
offers young women an opportunity
for community, service and spiritual
development without committing to
religious life.

8 Focus on Future

Groups and programs are

developing for new generations of
sisters that focus on communication,
collaboration and imagination.

D epartments

2 Around the Province News

11 Faith Matters

17 Tributes and Memorials

20 Donor Spotlight: John and
JoAnn Kaestner
Cover story: Sister Simone Campbell, SSS, executive director of NETWORK,
led the fourth Nuns on the Bus tour in September. Gathering stories from
across the Midwest to bring to Congress, the Sisters of St. Joseph participated
to show support and be a voice for the people.

Cover photo: Linda Behrens, LK Photography+

21 Advancing the Mission

22 Association by the Numbers
23 Events and Happenings
25 Save the Dates

Gulu Ministry News:

Water Purification
Initiative Grows
page 4

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Connections | Winter/Spring 2016

Sister Margaret Guzzardo

In October, the Walker Scottish Rite Clinic celebrated

Sister Margaret Guzzardos retirement after 12 years of
service. Sister Margaret, a nationally-recognized speech
and language pathologist, developed the Hispanic SpeechLanguage Program at the clinic, a program that will
continue in her honor.

Sister Bernadette Eaton

Sister Bernadette Eaton was presented with an Employee

Service Award for 10 years with Catholic Charities in
Chicago as the project coordinator to the Office of the

Sisters Mary Margaret Lazio and

Ruth Stuckel

I spent one and a half hours in conversation with two

young women from Cincinnati and connected with a sister
to visit their high school, she says. What they are really
looking for is somebody willing to answer questions and
they have excellent ones.
Sister Linda loves to engage in conversation and answer
questions, but its the great energy of the people and the
Holy Spirit that inspires her.
The young people are proud to be Catholic, they want to
have a relationship with God, and they want to serve God
in any way, shape or form. It gives me so much hope for the
future of the Church.

St. Josephs Academy Celebrates

175 Years, Publishes Book

CSJ-sponsored Avila University in Kansas City honored

two sisters with the Alumni Award, presented by the
Alumni Association during Homecoming Week.
Sister Mary Margaret Lazio 70 was presented the School
of Nursing Alumni Award. She is currently a member of
the St. Louis Province Leadership Team.
Sister Ruth Stuckel was presented the Honorary Alumni
Award, having taught philosophy at Avila for 42 years. Upon
her retirement, she was named professor emerita in 2008.

National Catholic Youth Conference

In November, more than

24,000 people attended the
biennial National Catholic
Youth Conference in Indianapolis, a three-day experience
for Catholic high schoolers
and their adult chaperones.

Nearly 20 percent of National

Religious Vocations Conference (NRVC) religious institutes
participated as exhibitors, mentors and vocation team
members, including the Sisters of St. Joseph.
There was representation from every state, says Sister
Linda Markway, who was the CSJ presence at the event.
According to the NRVC, 42 percent of those who professed
final vows in 2014 participated in youth ministry prior to
entering religious life. Sister Linda sees how that initial and
ongoing connection makes all the difference.

Sisters of St. Joseph of Carondelet

Three representatives from St. Josephs Academy brought several editions of the
new book to the CSJ Province Leadership Team for the community. Pictured: Back
Row, left to right: Linda Holland Decker, director of institutional advancement at
SJA; Jennifer Sudekum, SJA principal; S. Rita Marie Schmitz. Front Row, left to
right: S. Linda Straub; Jeanne Wilson, English faculty member and author; and
S. Marilyn Lott.

To mark its 175-year legacy, St. Josephs Academy is telling

its full story for the first time in a book, St. Josephs Academy:
175 Years of Tradition, Excellence and Faith, penned by
graduate and longtime member of the schools English
faculty, Jeanne Wilson 75.
The 200-plus page coffee table book, which includes over
600 photos, not only traces the schools rich history and CSJ
legacy, but also puts it in the context of the history of St. Louis
and of the country.

Avila University
Unveils Statue

In October, the Avila

community gathered to unveil
and dedicate Avila Universitys
Saint Teresa of Avila Statue.
The statue was contributed
by the Thompson Family in
memory of Jeanne Collins
Thompson 54 and Byron

Associate Makes Medical Mission Trip

with Support of CSJs

Dan Winkelmann was one of more than 20 doctors, nurses,

nurse practitioners, dentists, hygienists and volunteers with
the Karma Thalo Foundation who went on a 17-day medical
mission trip to Nepal, one of the worlds most impoverished
For Dan, a pharmacist, this was his second med trek, so
he was prepared for, what he calls, a very rustic environmentno electricity, running water, sanitation or gas.
Ninety percent of the population has no access to health
care, significantly impacting childbirths and emergency care
situations. For some people, this annual clinic is the only
help they get all year, Dan says.

Let Us Remember...
Visit www.csjsl.org to read the life stories
of our faithful sisters who have died.
Sister Agnes Marie Baer
November 6, 1921 July 14, 2015

Always other-centered, caring, a woman of prayer.

Sister Frances Virginia Cholet

August 29, 1927 July 30, 2015

A thoughtful woman filled with quiet joy and humor.

Associate Deborah Marino

June 23, 1951 July 31, 2015

Dedicated to serving others and faithfulness to God.

Sister Juliana Marie Feld

September 25, 1934 November 1, 2015

A positive woman attentive to all whom she met.

Sister Marian Cowan

April 8, 1932 November 7, 2015

A friendly, welcoming person, supportive and encouraging.

Sister Mary Helen Kane

October 7, 1928 November 20, 2015

An infectious smile, a wonderful sense of humor,

a passion for scripture.

Sister Joan Margaret Whittemore

May 12, 1944 November 29, 2015

Dan said the villagers start lining up at 6:30 a.m. hoping to

be seen that day. By the dark, the clinic has to shut down
the line and bring the people back the next morning. He
estimates that nearly 1,000 patients were seen.

Lived simply, loved music, accepted life without complaint,

a smile for everyone.

All of this is offered to the people free of charge, supported

by donations that provide prescriptions, medical supplies
and other necessities.

Generous, fun-loving, humble, kind.

Dan also was able to hand out hats, gloves and scarfs, courtesy of the Sisters of St. Joseph of Carondelet. The province
sponsored a collection, and Dan was expecting to bring a
bag or so of warm donations. I ended up taking five army
duffle bags with me on the plane, he says. The smile, the
joy on the peoples faces. It was just awesome!
Although Dan only asked for winter gear, he got much more
with an unexpected $2,500 donation.
I kept getting checks from people I didnt even know, he
says. It was overwhelming and surprising. A big, big thanks
to the Sisters of St. Joseph.

Sister Virginia Browne

April 19, 1922 December 13, 2015
Sister Margaret Mary Gregg
May 29, 1940 December 19, 2015
Faithful friend, clear thinker,
not afraid to speak her opinion, kind

Sister Margaret Camper

June 23, 1922 December 21, 2015

Loved teaching, loved to tease, a joy-filled thoughtful woman

Sister Rose Mary Willett

June 29, 1929 December 27, 2015

Conscientious, enjoyed telling stories, loved to travel,

a beautiful smile

Connections | Winter/Spring 2016


Sister Pat Murphy demonstrates how to use the

filtration system.

A young girl gets water from a bore hole for her


Water Women make their commitments to the Water

with Blessings program.

Gulu Ministry News: Water Purification Initiative Grows

ince 2008, the St. Louis province

has served the Acholi people of
Gulu, Uganda, through the ministries
of health care, education, catechetical
training and trauma therapy. Now they
are adding water purification to the list.

Yet access to safe

drinkable water is a basic
and universal human
right, since it is essential
to human survival and, as
such, is a condition for
the exercise of other
human rights.

These filters purify water so that
families no longer have to worry about
the diseases that come from impure
drinking water, says Sister Patty.

Sisters and associates supported
the sisters and the initiative, donating
more than $2,500 to purchase 45 water
filters. They also crocheted a plethora of
filter socks to protect these life-giving

In 2014, CSJ Associate Carolyn

Henry, an analytical chemist, was
planning a trip to Gulu to test the
community well water in the area in
Pope Francis,
which the sisters work. At the same
Laudato Si (29)
In September, Sisters Pat and Patty
time, the province developed a relabrought their new tools and new talents to Gulu to train
tionship with Water with Blessings, an organization that
committed women who each pledge to share clean water
provides water purification kits and education to women in
with three other families, extending the impact.
developing countries. Through this providential partnership,
When we had our first training for the Water Women,
the initiative was born.
they brought along some of their children and their friends,
Early last year, Carolyn made the trip with 26 test kits,
says Sister Patty. They thought it was important for many
and her work revealed that one-third of the water tested
of them to hear about the importance of clean water and how
was not safe for drinking. I was not surprised to find some
to use the water filter system. One of the Water Womens
bacterial contamination but was sad that the available water
daughters dressed in her finest to cheer her mom on!
was so vulnerable to contamination, she says. I was also
The program has made a difference quickly and continues
dismayed when the water authority took no action on the
to grow. Sister Jo Ann Geary, nurse practitioner at the area
contaminated wells. It was left to the residents to solve the
health and maternity clinics, notes a decrease in typhoid and
other water-related diseases. Water with Blessings donated
She brought a few Water with Blessings filters at the
an additional 90 filters at the close of 2015. And the Sisters
time, but clearly, more would be needed. It feels to me like
of St. Joseph remain committed to partnering with the dear
the work has barely started, she says.
neighbor in Gulu, empowering women to create a healthier
To continue the work, Gulu ministry veteran Sister Pat communityone mother, one filter at a time.
Murphy and newbie Sister Patty Clune became official

Water with Blessings educators to implement the program.

Sisters of St. Joseph of Carondelet

Live, Learn and Love

Core volunteers Kathleen Murphy and Tabitha Pineda.

CSJ CORE Volunteer Program

By Jenny Beatrice and Linda Behrens

The CORE volunteer

program may be short
for Charism, Outreach
and Relationship
Experience, but its big
on offering young women
ages 20-35 an experience
that helps deepen
their faith, values
and commitments,
ones that can be lived
throughout their lives.

fter 26-year-old Tabitha

Pineda received her doctorate
in clinical psychology from
the California School of Professional
Psychology, she wanted to take a short
time off to volunteer. She was drawn
to immerse herself in CSJ spirituality,
having previously attended Mount
Saint Marys College in Los Angeles,
sponsored by the Sisters of St. Joseph
of Carondelet.

I knew I would be in good hands

with them, Tabitha says.
Last fall, an online search led this
Californian to St. Louis for a one-month
stay to experience living in community,
learning about herself and her spirituality

and loving the dear neighbor without

distinctiontogether with the Sisters
of St. Joseph.
The CORE volunteer program may
be short for Charism, Outreach and
Relationship Experience, but its big
on offering young women, ages 20-35,
an experience that helps deepen their
faith, values and commitments, ones
that can be lived throughout their lives.
The three foundations of CORE
include community, service and spiritual
development. The volunteer lives in an
intentional CSJ community, joining a
household of sisters, associates,
discerners or other volunteers. And,
through the lens of social justice, the
Connections | Winter/Spring 2016


volunteer commits to serving and

working with the marginalized at a
designated ministry site in the St. Louis
area. Looking inward, the women also
engage the support of a spiritual director.
CORE is unique in the fact that
we offer short-term service opportunities.
Our commitments are typically two
to four months, but are flexible, says
Sister Kathleen Eiler, program coordinator. This allows us to meet the
women where they are in their lives.
The programs structure provides
reflective space and time for women
who may be studying for degrees,
discerning about next steps or pausing
before new stages in life, and not
necessarily religious life.

abitha utilized her professional experience at the Center for Survivors of

Torture and War Trauma. She worked with groups of women, ages 30-50,
from Iraq, Afghanistan and Bosnia in the Journey to Wellness program, which
focuses on healing through art, nutrition and movement. She also utilized her
elbow grease, cooking and cleaning at a soup kitchen and shelter.

Women like Kathleen Murphy,

who at age 20, needed to take a step back
from life as a geological engineering
student at Missouri University of
Science and Technology in Rolla. With
the encouragement of her parents, she
began looking for programs, and, like
Tabitha, found the CORE program
This was a perfect fit for me
because it is not just a discernment
program, Kathleen says.
Home life brought the women into
CSJ community life, each living at one
of two CSJ discernment/volunteer
houses. Tabitha lived in the Holy Spirit
Community house with Sisters Linda
Markway, Jean Paul Selissen and
Nancy Marsh. Kathleen lived in the
Fiat Community house with Sisters
Kathleen Eiler and Sarah Heger, as well
as discerners Rachel Shedd (a senior
at Fontbonne University) and Kate
McFall (a teacher at Holy Trinity
Volunteers share the responsibilities of living in community by living
simply, sharing meals, praying together,
cooking, cleaning and just having fun,
says Sister Kathleen.
Now, back in California, Tabitha is
adjusting to her new job at a community

Sisters of St. Joseph of Carondelet


ontinuing as a part-time student

at St. Louis Community College
during the 2015 fall semester,
Kathleen split her time between
CSJ-sponsored Nazareth Living
Center, where she visited residents
and assisted with activities, and
Most Holy Trinity Catholic School
in St. Louis north Hyde Park area,
where she served as the Friday
resetting her priorities, including putting
herself first.
I lost myself at college. Its good
to know Im still here!
There are so many young women
who are hungry for spirituality and a
sense of belonging, Sister Kathleen
says. The values of spirituality, social
justice and simple living have long
fulfilled us as Sisters of St. Joseph and
we want to share those with todays

Tabitha and Kathleen experience community prayer and sharing.

mental health agency that primarily

serves Spanish-speaking Latino clients.
She works with babies to youth age 21,
doing trauma work and helping them
with a range of mental health issues.
She enjoys what she is doing and plans
to start studying for her license exam.

Kathleen is attending college

full-time this semester, moving toward
her goal of working with the global
health issue of water purification. She
says she changed a lot during her time
as a CORE volunteer, regaining some
grounding, reducing her stress level and

Interested in CORE or know someone who

may be? Contact Sister Kathleen Eiler at
keiler@csjsl.org or 314-443-1234.

Photography: Linda Behrens, LK Photography+

Connections | Winter/Spring 2016

The Seeding Our Future group

gathers in Albany, including 33
group members, congregational
leaders and translators for the
Peruvian sisters.

Focus on Future
Programs for new generations of sisters focus on
communication, collaboration and imagination.

uring his recent visit

to the United States,
Pope Francis singled
out the nations women
religious during the
prayer service at St. Patricks Cathedral
in New York.
Women of strength, fighters, with
that spirit of courage which puts you
in the front lines in the proclamation
of the Gospel. To you, religious women,
sisters and mothers of this people, I
wish to say thank you.
Despite this ongoing significant
contribution, the numbers of women in
religious communities are diminishing.

Sisters of St. Joseph of Carondelet

By Sister Mary Flick, CSJ

Is there a future to
religious life?
If you ask the newest
members of the St. Louis
province, the answer is
a resounding, Yes!"
Changes in demographics are creating
a seismic shift in the way we think
about religious communities.
Is there a future to religious life?
If you ask the newest members of the
St. Louis province, the answer is a
resounding, Yes!

Along with their peer-sisters from

near and far, they will tell you that this
is not a time for fear. It is a time for

Two summer gatherings and two

ongoing groups tell a story of hope
for the future of religious life. Their
purposes are the same: to nourish a
sense of sisterhood and to provide
support in living the vowed life amid
the shifting landscape of the early-21st
In both of these gatherings, Sisters
of St. Joseph are present and actively
engaged in imagining an unknown

Seeding Our Future

n July, the Congregation of the

Sisters of St. Joseph of Carondelet
gathered 33 vowed members who are
62 years old and younger at a conference
aptly called, Seeding the Future in
Albany, New York.
Sisters Sarah Heger, Amy Hereford,
Patty Johnson, Clare Bass and Mary
Flick engaged in these days of reflection
and discussion on their lives in the
Sister Miriam Ukeritis of the
Congregational Leadership Team
presented Some Signs of Our Times,
a.k.a. the demographics of the congregation. By 2019, sisters over age 70 will
outnumber those younger than age 70
by a ratio of 10 to 1, with no province
or vice province having more than 20
sisters under age 70. By 2025, only
Peru will have more than 10 sisters
under age 70.
It is a sobering reality, but not a
surprise for those attending, many of
whom have been the only woman
entering the community in any given
I made vows very aware of the
current reality of religious life, says
Sister Sarah, who at age 34, is the
youngest CSJ in St. Louis with final
vows. The number of years between
myself and the next oldest sister was
something I calculated right off the bat.
But numbers do not determine the
future. The real reality, she says, is found
in how quickly some larger issues
need to be handled while there are still
enough sisters to take care of them.
For Sister Clare, the St. Louis
provinces newest member, a plan of
action that included two proposals
and two commitments, was the most
important piece of the meeting.
Our two commitments were really
recommitments to each other, she

Below, participants express ideas about

future through art and prayer.

says. We made a firm plan to stay

in touch with one another. This is
important because we are spread out
around the country and the world
and we need to keep building our
For example, one third of the
sisters who gathered were from Peru,
bringing the blessing and challenge
of inter-cultural exchange and a
second language to the conversations.
Attendees agreed to continue these
conversations online each month.
Connection and action are two
things these newest members trust
they can provide in the months and
years ahead.

Leadership Development

lso in July, a gathering of 99

women religious, who had each
participated in one of six leadership
development programs throughout
the nation, came together in Chicago
to reflect on their experiences in
religious life and to begin to imagine
a way forward.
St. Louis sent three participants
from previous initiatives, sponsored
by the Federation of the Sisters of
St. Joseph, to this leadership alumnae
event. Sisters Mary Flick, Patty
Johnson and Sandy Schmid gathered
with leadership program alumnae,
who represented 28 congregations
from 15 nations.
To determine the events focus,
a prior survey of the 359 graduates
of the six programs revealed that
the majority had expressed a desire
to strengthen relationships and build
networks among themselves and
to engage in creative visioning for
religious life.
For Sister Sandy, who has been
a CSJ since 1988, connecting with a
great number of people from other
countries was an exciting experience.
Connections | Winter/Spring 2016

No matter the means or

the place, the women
religious of a new
generation have found
each other. The future
is making its joyful
presence known in the
lives of those daring
to live into it.
St. Joseph embraces the St. Louis sisters at
Seeding Our Future. Left to right: Sisters Mary Flick,
Patty Johnson, Clare Bass, Sarah Heger and Amy

It gave me a global view of religious

life. The questions I have been thinking
about since are: How does religious
life in the United States work with
religious life in the rest of the world?
What can we learn from each other
and how can we work together?

have been involved in many of the

Giving Voice gatherings during their
years as CSJs.

Circles of Support

Another peer-led group is Sisters

2.0, a creation of Sister Amy Hereford
and her contemporaries who generally
describe themselves as the generations
of sisters born after 1955.

he building blocks of the future are

not only the occasional conferences,
but two ongoing circles of support for
the newest members of religious life,
Giving Voice and Sisters 2.0.
Founded in 1999, Giving Voice
is a peer-led organization for women
religious, age 50 and under, to promote
networking, dialogue and support as
a means of creating a critical mass of
younger sisters who can give voice to
the unique challenges their generation
of religious life is facing.

As a canon lawyer supporting

religious communities through institutional change, Sister Amy is well
aware of what types of conversations
are occurring across congregations. She
wanted to create a self-organized space
that allows for networking, visioning
and the fostering of future-oriented
initiatives for religious life.
Many of us are having similar
conversations in our home communities,
and these are immensely important
conversations, she says.

Annual retreats, national conferences

and online forums give space during
the year for the free-flow of ideas and
experiences. Sisters Sarah and Clare

They have been gathering for a

few years in self-organized circles to
describe this experience and to imagine
and create the forum that will help to
support them at this time.


Sisters of St. Joseph of Carondelet

Religious life is in a rapidly

changing context, says Sister Amy.
I am energized by working with my
2.0 sisters as we begin to live into the

Living Into the New

o matter the means or the place,

the women religious of a new
generation have found each other. The
future is making its joyful presence
known in the lives of those daring to
live into it.
When I am with sisters my age, it
is laughter we most share, says Sister
Sarah. Honestly, we dont imagine
our future together. We choose to live
and enjoy the present. The future will


By Mary Kay Christian, CSJA,

Province Liturgist

t was a historic time for American

Catholics when Pope Francis came to
the United States last fall.

No one can be excluded

from the mercy of God;
everyone knows the
way to access it and the
Church is the house
that welcomes all
and refuses no one.

Pope Francis often reminds us of
this Gospel commitment to the dear
neighborone that is not done by
magic, special effects or fireworks, but
by relationship. Jesus keeps knocking
on our doors, the doors of our lives in
the faces of our brothers and sisters, in
the faces of our neighbors, in the faces of
those at our side.

At the World Meeting of Families

in Philadelphia, he reminded us that the
meaning of family is love and that love
is for everyone as cherished and valued
People of God. As the first pontiff to
address the United States Congress in our
Pope Francis

In addition, inclusion and unity
countrys history, he called politicians to
have marked Pope Francis papacy. He extends this symbol
abandon ineffective rhetoric in favor of effective solutions
of open doors as he declared this year an Extraordinary
on income inequality, immigration and the refugee crisis,
Jubilee Year of Mercy. He says, No one can be excluded
just to name a few. And he addressed the global community
from the mercy of God; everyone knows the way to access
regarding climate change at the United Nations General
it and the Church is the house that welcomes all and refuses
no one. Its doors remain wide open, so that those who are
As I listened to these messages of unifying love, human
touched by grace can find the certainty of forgiveness.
dignity and systemic change, it seemed to me like Pope
Francis was sounding a lot like a Sister of St. Joseph of
Carondelet. This is no coincidence, as Francis is a Jesuit and
the Sisters of St. Joseph follow the spirit of their Ignatian
roots, tracing back to 1650 France and Father Jean Pierre
Medaille, SJ.

For instance, serving the dear neighbor without distinction,

especially the poor and marginalized, is a foundational CSJ
charism. The CSJs 2013 Congregational Acts of Chapter
focuses on relationship as it states, We commit ourselves to
walk with those who are marginalized, especially those who
live in poverty, as an essential lens in sharing resources and
forming new partnerships.

This calls to mind the CSJ charisms of unity and

reconciliation, often expressed as being in communion
with God, one another, the dear neighbor and with Earth.
The Acts of Chapter state this call: We are co-responsible
participants in Jesus mission by living out our baptismal call
to unify, reconcile and act prophetically. Its a call to bring
all into the open doors of Gods mercy and unifying love.

The synchronicity of Pope Francis message and the CSJ

mission of moving always toward the profound love of God
and of neighbor without distinction speaks to the power of
oneness in transforming lives and hearts.

Connections | Winter/Spring 2016


With a backdrop of the St. Louis Arch and the Old Cathedral, the Nuns on the Bus rolls out of Kiener Plaza after the tours inaugural rally on September 10. Sister Simone
said they chose to start in St. Louis because its a city that has experienced much division but symbolizes hope. We the people are the gateway to the future, she said.

2015 N uns on

Destination: The Common Good

By Jenny Beatrice

hen Pope Francis came to the United States

in September, he captured the hearts of our
nation. At the same time, Sister Simone
Campbell, SSS, captured stories from our
nations heartland with NETWORKs Nuns on the Bus Tour.
Both trips simultaneously concluded in Washington D.C., but
ultimately had another destination in mindthe common good.

A supporter finds a spot to sign her name on the tour bus.


Sisters of St. Joseph of Carondelet

The fourth incarnation of Nuns on the Bus drove 12

sisters across seven Midwestern states in two weeks time to
hear the stories of the people behind the politics, putting faces
on the issues such as poverty, immigration, education, racism,
transportation, health care and the environment. A total of 33

Were lifting up the truth

that the way we deal with
trouble is with hope, and
the way we deal with hope
is with action.
Sister Simone Campbell, SSS

All photos by Linda Behrens, LK Photography +, except where noted.


Sister Simone Campbell speaks to the crowd at the St.Louis town hall event.

Bus Tour

rallies, town halls, and dialogues with residents and officials

were held to raise awareness about effective ways of changing
policies and politics.

Nuns on the Bus Tours are organized by NETWORK,

a Catholic social justice lobby based in Washington, D.C.
With executive director and nationally-known activist Sister
Simone at the wheel, the phenomenon of the bus tours has
been a new way for NETWORK to further its 40-year mission
to educate and advocate for economic and social justice.
The bus tours took off with great success in 2012, but the
2015 road trip got an extra push when the mission and the
message intersected with Pope Francis visit.

The tours theme, Bridge the Divides: Transform

Politics, was inspired by the popes radical call to inclusion
and aims to bring healing to a political system that can so
easily lose sight of the people whose basic rights and needs
are so dependent upon it.
Sister Simone says, We knew we needed to go on the
road in advance of the popes coming so that we can gather
all across this nation and say, Were in this together.

Harnessing the power of together, women religious

from all over the country lent their voice and presence to
the campaign, promoting an economy of inclusion that
prioritizes the common good.
Connections | Winter/Spring 2016


The political divide can be bridged

through the connections among
people who become neighbors,
become community and gradually heal
divisions by working together.
Sister Jeanne Janssen, CSJ

Below: Sisters Rosemary Flanigan and Patricia Lorenz (center) engage in group
conversation at the Kansas City town hall.
Photo courtesy of Sam Kahrar, NETWORK, a National Catholic Social Justice Lobby

The Sisters of St. Joseph of Carondelet were a part of this

movement, joining the tour events at the kick-off in St. Louis
on September 10 and at the Kansas City, Missouri, stop on
September 11. At the final stop in D.C., on September 22,
Sister Mary Ann Nestel joined the tour with other religious
who brought the message to the halls of Congress.
Its the solidarity of the impact that religious women
can make, Sister Mary Ann says.

Stories Behind the Sound Bites: Rallies

n each city, morning crowds buzzed with women religious,

members of non-profits, parishioners, locals, media and
more to welcome the bus to their hometowns.

Sisters like Sister Carol Brouillette of St. Louis, came out

to support the travelers and to be part of this way to get the
word out that our political system is badly broken and deeply
unjust to so many.
And like Sister Ida Berresheim, also at the St. Louis rally,
who wanted to be present for Nuns on the Bus to be one
with all the sisters and many others throughout our country
who are working to make ours a better world.

Sisters of St. Joseph of Carondelet

Sister Simone enthused and inspired from the podium,

but it was the local speakers who courageously spoke their
truths about how the politics and policies have directly
impacted their lives that echoed the loudest. Speakers in
St. Louis and Kansas City included an undocumented
student, an adjunct professor, a health care worker, a fast food
worker, an uninsured woman and (fittingly) a bus driver.
Were lifting up the truth that the way we deal with
trouble is with hope, and the way we deal with hope is with
action, Sister Simone said.

Getting to Know You: Town Halls

tories were shared up close and personal at the evening

town hall gatherings, which invited participants to have
small group-discussions on questions ranging from How do
you have political conversations at the dinner table with relatives with whom you disagree? to What do you see as the
greatest issues in your city? These issues were shared with
the greater group, highlighting common themes and offering
unique perspectives.
Sister Simones genius was to turn the tables on us!
She didnt tell us what our problems are, said Sister Patricia

I think that any story of any of the

isms is powerful, but today I think
that this is the time that racism needs
to be addressed, especially in St. Louis.
Sister Joan Filla, CSJ
Left: Sister Simone and other nuns on the bus tour at the St. Louis Rally.
Center bottom: Participants discuss questions and share personal experiences at
the St. Louis town hall.
Below: Sister Rose Mary Brueggen (center) talks with her small group in St. Louis.

Lorenz, who attended the Kansas City session at Community

Christian Church. We talked to one another about our
problems as we saw them. People reported out and she made
listsbut they were our words, our worries, our stories and,
in the end, our solutions and plans for action.
Common themes that emerged include immigration,
education, gun control, politics, unemployment, poverty and
homelessness, to name a few. But there was a standout issue.
I think that any story of any of the isms is powerful,
but today I think that this is the time that racism needs to
be addressed, especially in St. Louis, said Sister Joan Filla,
who went to the St. Louis event at St. Francis Xavier College
Sister Patricia agrees. Racism, fueled as it is by fear, is
our biggest problem. Many of us sisters in Kansas City live in
integrated neighborhoods. We call it living in the real world.
Until we get to know one another, residual fear can take over.
Sister Jeanne Janssen of Kansas City also sees community
as the key. The political divide, like the others mentioned
above, can be bridged through the connections among people
who become neighbors, become community and gradually
heal divisions by working together.

Last Stop: Congress

n September 22, the Nuns on the Bus headed back to

D.C. to coincide with the historic visit of Pope Francis,
the first pontiff to address the U.S. Congress in our countrys
The core group expanded to include 28 women religious
and one man to give voice to the popes message and NETWORKs call in Congress that the federal budget reflect the
inherit dignity and worth of every person.
Sister Mary Ann Nestel, along with Sister Jean Christiansen, RSM, visited the offices of Missouris Senators Clare
McCaskill and Roy Blunt, meeting with their representatives
to advocate for a budget that protects human needs and
programs for the most vulnerable, as well as supports tax
policies that strengthen families and communities.
Sisters are respected. We carry some credibility with us,
says Sister Mary Ann, who formerly served on NETWORKs
In keeping with the tours mission to reach beyond the
head and to the heart, the sisters shared stories of the people
in need that they serve as well. After years teaching in the
Connections | Winter/Spring 2016


Left: The Sisters of St. Joseph of Carondelet

contingent hold their banner at the opening
rally in St. Louis.
Below left: Sisters Mary Ann Nestel and
Barbara Jennings show off their St. Louis
pride after the town hall meeting.

slumlord. Last time she saw him, his tennis shoes were split
open and he had them taped together.
She told them about the mother with three teenage
daughters who came into the office to register to be a recipient
of Christmas adopt-a-family program. The woman asked
for light bulbs, toilet paper and costume jewelry for her
The biggest need is that the federal government doesnt
understand the common good and the needs of the poor, says
Sister Mary Ann. We are witnessing to protect programs
that serve the least of our dear neighbor as well as creating a
just and fair tax policy so that we can all live with dignity.

On Board for Change

inner city and recently completing seven years running the
neighborhood organization, the Carondelet Community
Betterment Federation (CCBF), Sister Mary Ann knows
these stories all too well.
Just recently, Carondelet lost its 41-year-old senior
center and its 37-year-old housing program due to lack of
federal funding. Sister Mary Ann continues her work with
local government and fundraising to fill the gapsgaps that
hurt the people in her neighborhood who look to CCBF
for assistance.
She told representatives the story of the legally blind
man on disability, paying more than 50 percent in rent to a

Sisters of St. Joseph of Carondelet

o close each event, participants were invited to sign

the bus, committing to be on board to bridging the
divides through faith, hope and action.

At the heart of all is hope, says Sister Jeanne Janssen.

With real and rhetorical divides hogging the media
spotlight today, persons of hope are challenged to find one
another, bond, and then both strengthen and spread that
This, of course, resounds with the Sisters of St. Josephs
identification with the dear neighbor, she adds. I left the
meeting feeling I am one of these people, and through our
efforts, hope will prevail.


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Connections | Winter/Spring 2016


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Connections | Winter/Spring 2016



Couple Makes a Generous Return

To the Remarkable Women Who Shaped Their Youth

John and JoAnn Kaestner

By Mary Lou Frank

ohn Kaestner remembers

well when the Sisters of
St. Joseph of Carondelet
undertook a major campaign to
raise funds to build the original
Nazareth retirement center in
south St. Louis County. It was
the early 1960s. He and his
younger brothers attended
St. Cecilia Grade School at
the time, not far from the CSJ
Motherhouse in south St. Louis
We came home and told
Mom and Dad we wanted
them to take part. They kind
of gave that oh boy look to each other. But they made the
decision to scrape and save for the effort. It was a big deal.
They didnt have a lot extra. My mother stayed at home and
my dad worked at National Lead.
It was a lesson in generosity that John never forgot.
Neither did he forget the good sisters who helped shape his
future during his years at St. Cecilia.
Decades later, John and his wife JoAnn found themselves
led to give back to the devoted sisters who educated them
and their children. Today, the couple make regular gifts to
the Sisters of St. Joseph, as well as the Sisters of the Most
Precious Blood and the School Sisters of Notre Dame.
I realize now the sacrifice the nuns made, John says.
They were really remarkable women. Instead of pursuing
their own interests, they chose a life of giving to others, of
instilling the faith and academics. Thats whats so exceptional
about Catholic education. And I know communal life can be
challenging, financially, especially today.
JoAnn agrees, pointing to their years of uncompensated
work as teachers. The sisters deserve a decent retirement
and a comfortable place to live. There has been a lot theyve
had to pay for themselves since most convents are gone. Its
kind of sad. Ive seen a sister near 80 years old still substitute
teaching to make ends meet.


Sisters of St. Joseph of Carondelet

Both John and JoAnn

gratefully recall the early
grounding they received in
their Catholic faith and excellent scholastic instruction.
Sister Dositheus this
Irish nun couldnt have been
more than 45, but she could
hold her own! John laughs.
She was a stickler on grammar
very stern but also loving.
She really inspired me to
pursue reading and writing.
Later, when John taught
in the Parkway School System,
the curriculum included a
holistic language book with no grammar lessons, so he dug
out his old Voyages in English from 6th grade at St. Cecilia.
No one ever complained, and I was even complimented
by quite a few parents for teaching their kids to understand
the structure of language, he says.
JoAnn, who majored in math and minored in education
during college, is similarly grateful for the strong foundations,
praising the sisters at St. John the Baptist for teaching me
how to learn ... and also how to live a Christian life, and the
importance of helping people in need. JoAnn later worked
as both a computer programmer and a teacher.
After five years in his English classroom, John went
to work for Anheuser-Busch in 1978. He retired 30 years
later as vice president of its marketing education division.
The sisters influence was still there, as I was in charge of
working on campaigns that helped guide and educate parents about teaching their children why alcohol use by minors
is unacceptable. I was proud to be contributing in
a way I knew was important.
The Kaestners live in west St. Louis County, St. Louis.
They are the proud parents of five children, ages 34-43, and 12
grandchildren, who keep us pleasantly busy, according to John.


Under the recently

reinstated law,
you may move up to
$100,000 from your IRA
directly to the
Sisters of St. Joseph of
Carondelet without
having to pay income
taxes on the money.

Permanent IRA Charitable Rollover Signed into Law

n December 18, 2015, President Obama signed

into law what is known as the IRA Charitable
Rollover, which allows you to make a tax-free gift
to us from your IRA. This law has been reinstated for all of
2015 and will remain in effect for 2016 and beyond. If you
have already made this type of gift in 2015, youre in luck!
But if you wish to make your IRA transfer for 2016, you
may do so now to take advantage of this opportunity.

The check must go directly from the IRA plan

administrator to the Sisters of St. Joseph (ask for
company formsthey all have them)
The gift needs to be made by Dec. 31, 2016, if you
want your gift to qualify this year.

Under the recently reinstated law, you may move up to

$100,000 from your IRA directly to the Sisters of St. Joseph
of Carondelet without having to pay income taxes on the

How It Works

If you are 70 or older, you can give up to $100,000

directly from your IRA to charities such as ours.
The transfer generates neither taxable income nor a
tax deduction, so you still benefit even if you do not
itemize your tax deductions.
If you have not taken your required minimum distribution
for the year, your IRA charitable rollover gift can
satisfy all or part of that requirement.
The transfer may be made in addition to any other
charitable giving you have planned.

If you made a gift to a qualified charity of up to

$100,000 directly from your IRA in 2015, your gift
will qualify under the new law.*

Since the IRA funds are not being taxed, it is the

equivalent of a full income tax deductionwhich
is especially valuable for NON-ITEMIZERS!
(Note: Donors should not plan on taking an income tax
deduction on their taxesthe avoidance of tax on IRA
funds is fully equivalent to an income tax deduction.)
If you are interested in this unique opportunity to help
further the Sisters of St. Josephs mission and ministries, or
if you have any questions, please contact Patricia R. Cassens,
CFRE, CSJA, executive director of Mission Advancement,
at 314-678-0329 or pcassens@csjsl.org.
*If you have already made a qualifying gift in 2015, contact your
advisor to make sure your gift is properly reported on your 2015
income tax returns. As always, we recommend you discuss any
gift with your tax or financial advisor.

Connections | Winter/Spring 2016


By the Numbers

CSJ Association

Associations roots date back to 1650

and the founding of the congregation
in France when the sisters served
the needs of the times alongside lay


Since 1974, the Sisters of St. Joseph

of Carondelet have invited men and
women, married and single, to join
them in mission and spirit through
CSJ Association.

Got Questions?

Contact our

Associate Peggy Maguire

1974: Peggy became an associate

Associate Kay Komotos

2015: Kay was hired as the
programs first co-director

Top 5 Reasons to
Join CSJ Association:
5. Relationships

To walk with others on their journeys, being

supportive, present and encouraging.

4. Service

To give back and to do good works.

3. Community

To foster my sense of belonging to something

bigger than myself.

2. Spirituality

To keep a meaningful framework to my life.

1. Mission


To live out daily the Gospel commandments of

love of God and love of neighbor.

Sisters of St. Joseph of Carondelet


Associates attend first meeting

Associates today,
the highest number to date

States with associate presence

Associate communities

Associates working full time at

CSJ-sponsored institutions

Married associate couples

Age of youngest associate


27th Annual CSJ

Golf Tournament

St. Louis: Thanks to all our sponsors,

underwriters, players, and volunteers
for helping to make the 27th Annual
CSJ Golf Tournament in September a
special day! Our golfers enjoyed a day
on the course while supporting the
Sisters of St. Joseph of Carondelets
mission and ministries.
1. The Merrill Lynch Team: Sister Mary Kay Hadican,
Brian Blaes, Gary Boyer and Kerry Kearney.
2. Co-directors of CSJ Association, Peggy Maguire
and Kay Komotos, sell chances for the Monster
3. The Commercial Bank Team: Mike Meyers,
Nathan Bartlett, Bob Forester and Jason Ruth.

Sara Thomsen
St. Louis: On September 12, singersongwriter Sara Thomsen entertained
and engaged the audience in Holy
Family Chapel. The concert was held in
celebration for the Year of Consecrated

Connections | Winter/Spring 2016


Wine and Chocolate

St. Louis: A tip of the glass to our supporters, guests, sisters, and our wine experts,
Mike and Mary Ward (Ward on Wine) and Dave (Schnucks) and Anne (Major
Brands) Birkenmeier, for making our 3rd annual Wine and Chocolate tasting in
October at the motherhouse a fun and successful event!
1. Cheers! 2. Eleanor Watts and Laura Schmink. 3. Cheryl and Tom Broekelmann, S. Nancy Corcoran and
S. Marilyn Lott. 4. Guests take the party to the patio. 5. Deeds Bonham, Jenny Hodges, Jasmine Kettenacker
and Marie Schwartz.
Photography: Linda Behrens, LK Photography+

Dorothy Day

St. Louis: On September 27 , Lisa

Wagner-Carollo of Still Point Theatre
Collective, Chicago, brought activist
Dorothy Day to life at
the motherhouse in
her one-woman show
Haunted by God: The
Life of Dorothy Day.
The performance was
a part of the CSJs
Together in Faith
event series.
Photography: Linda Behrens, LK Photography+


Sisters of St. Joseph of Carondelet

Save the Dates

Together We Gather: Events 2016

These are just some of the upcoming events we have planned for the year ahead.
Visit www.csjsl.org for our event calendar.

10th Annual Generosity

of Joseph Gala


Friday, April 22
Join us as we honor two former CSJs
in St. Louis who continue to witness the
Generosity of Joseph in their lives

Kathleen E. Murphy

Paralyzed from the waist down as a

result of a single gunshot, Kathleen
advocates for all with disabilities,
both seen and unseen. She currently
works at DOORWAYS, which provides
housing and support services to
people with HIV/AIDS.

Ann Rotermund

Ann is an activist and advocate for the

homeless and mentally ill. For 30 years,
she worked at St. Patrick Center in a
various capacities, including ending
her tenure as the senior director of
mental health programs.

Dining to Donate
Enjoy a delicious meal and
help the Sisters of St. Joseph
at the same time.
In St. Louis: Wednesday, March 23 at
Favazzas on the Hill
In Kansas City: Thursday, March 31 at
Jaspers on 103rd Street
For more information, visit www.csjsl.org

Cocktails at 5 p.m.
Concert & awards at 6:30 p.m.
Dinner at 7:30 p.m.
Tickets: $125 per person and can be
purchased online at www.csjsl.org.
For more information:
Contact csjdevelopment@csjsl.org or
call 314-678-0328.

Mass and Celebration

Saturday, September 24

Mass at 4:30 p.m. at the Cathedral of

the Immaculate Conception followed by
a reception at the Muehlebach Hotel.

28th Annual Golf


Special Performance by
With extraordinary
range across many
styles, Terry has
performed on some
of the worlds most
storied stages and
with musics most
prestigious figures.

150 Years of Serving

Our Dear Kansas City

In St. Louis and Kansas City

Monday, September 19
Westborough Country Club,
St. Louis

Treat yourself to an enriching Saturday

morning to feed your mind, body and
spirit with good company, a hearty
breakfast and a dynamic program
presented by engaging CSJ sister
and associate speakers.

A rewarding experience.
Food and hospitality
were wonderful.

Terrific presentation.
I learned a lot.

Wine and Chocolate

Thursday, October 13

For more information about the 2016

sessions and speakers, visit www.csjsl.org.

Connections | Winter/Spring 2016


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