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February 17,2Ot6

Mr. Daniel Gartenstein, Corporation Counsel
City of Kingston
420 Broadway
Kingston, NY 1240L

Structural Inspection
116 Wilbur Avenue
Kingston, NY 12401

Dear Mr. Gartenstein:
On FebruarvS,2OL6,lperformed a visualinspection of the residential house at 116
Wilbur Avenue, Kingston NY. The following report illustrates my inspection findings along

with genera I recommendations.
The subject structure consists of a two-story stone and wood framed building that
has been unoccupied for an extended period of


The building is constructed into the

hillside. The front wall of the building is approximately L0' to L2' off the edge of pavement
of Wilbur Avenue. The site is not secured by fencing or any other type of material that
would prevent people from entering the site and grounds around the building.
This building is in poor condition overall with numerous areas of large cracks and

shifting of the stones that make up the exterior walls. The southwest corner exhibits a
large vertical crack and associated shifting and bulging of the stones. These cracks tend to
continue to expand due to moisture infiltration and freeze-thaw cycles of the moisture
between the stones. The outward bulging of the stones is in the direction of Wilbur
Avenue. This poses a risk to the travelling public. Refer to photographs #1 & #2.
The northeast corner of the building also exhibits significant cracking and shifting of

the exterior stone wall. Refer to photograph #3.
A portion of the rear wall has also started to deteriorate with loose and missing
stones around the southerly window opening. Refer to photograph #4.
From the exterior, the roof framingappearsto be intact. An inspection of the roof

framing from the interior was not possible, as I did not have access to the interior of the
building. A significant amount of debris along with sections of fallen trees has accumulated
on the rear portion of the roof. Refer to photograph #5.

February 77, 2076
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lnspection Report
776 Wilbur Avenue, Kingston NY

There are several stone and concrete retaining walls along front of the building.
These walls are in poor condition with evidence of cracking, shifting and significant
deterioration. Due to the close proximity of these walls to the edge of Wilbur Avenue, they
pose a danger to the public. Refer to photograph #6.
Any attempt to stabilize the front wall of the building would require exterior
bracing. There is insufficient room in front of the building to provide the needed bracing
and shoring to properly stabilize this structure, even on a short term basis.

It is my professional opinion that this structure, in its current condition, is unsafe
and poses an imminent threat to the public.
Should you have any questions, please contact me

ohn inemire, P.E
Consulting Engineer

lnspection Report
776 Wilbur Avenue, Kingston NY

Februory 77,2076
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Photo 1:
View frorn front face of
subject building. Note
large crack and movement
at the southwest comer
running almost the full
height of the wall.

Photo 2:
View of vertical crack,
shifting and bulging of the
southwest comer.

lnspection Report
776 Wilbur Avenue, Kingston NY

February 77,2076
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Photo 3:
View of northeast corner
with significant cracking
and displacement.

Photo 4:

View of south end of rear
wall with deterioration
and loose stones around

the window.

lnspection Report
176 Wilbur Avenue, Kingston NY

Februory 77,2076
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Photo 5:
View of debris and fallen
tree limbs on the rear
portion of the roof.

Phsto 6:
View of stone, concrete
and brick retaining walls
along the front of the
house. Note the
signifi cant deterioration to
these elements.