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A few definitions of

the Part des Anges

It is in the 18th century that Segonzac’s parish priest realised the
lowering of the level of the brandy it its cask. As it was kept in a
cellar beneath the church, he attributed this phenomenon to the
deed of angels… which is at the origin of the name Part des Anges.


Is called Part des Anges the evaporation from the aging of a brandy
in a cask resulting from an alchemy which determines the maturing
of the liquid within.


To express all of its qualities, brandy needs to age for many years in
oak casks. While aging, the cognac evaporates by about 2% of its
volume per year, which is equivalent to about twenty million bottles:
a heavy price which the producers happily pay to ensure that
elaborating rhymes with perfecting.


The Part des Anges, as Jacno said, is “the part of the non negotiable
sacrifice that the distiller needs to let evaporate to obtain an
incomparable nectar.”
A quest for exceptional
Champagne and Spirits

In search of exceptional products, Part des Anges, as a true treasure

hunter, reveals rare champagnes, whiskies and cognacs.
Throughout its quest, Part des Anges, has won the trust of producers
conscious to share the same values. These producers entrust Part des
Anges with the best of their art, convinced that its team is proficient
in having the uniqueness of their products recognized, in promoting
their authenticity and in sharing them with like-minded enthusiasts.
By focusing mainly on the content, Part des Anges stripes bare the
product to reveal its exceptional character.

A quest for the Exception:

a quest for the Graal
Through its quest, Part des Anges is looking to reveal and to expose
exceptional products which echo the unique style of a distillery or the
personality of a producer thus fomenting rare emotions.
The secret ?
Expertise in each of the categories to search only for the exceptional.
Determined exploration of all regions.
Uncompromising selection.
For each product, whether rational or intuitive, human factors lead to

Part des Anges:

passion, the trusting nature of men
Part des Anges was created in 2006 out of Laurent Buob and Thierry
Richard’s passion for champagnes and spirits.
These two experts have a common interest for the human adventure
and the desire to understand the essence and the uniqueness of

Their objective? To reveal exceptional products which make unfor-

gettable each moment of tasting.
Thanks to a solid experience within the universe of wines and spirits,
these two professionals now enjoy the close collaboration of an expert
committee which guarantees the whole of their selection for each
category of products.
The favored complicity and trust with these wine experts, chefs de cave, maitres de chais and master blenders which
share their same values, assist them in identifying the treasures of the best craftsmen.
Thus, each champagne, whisky or cognac selected by Part des Anges tends to be the most faithful translation of
its creator’s credo, of its know-how and of the thorough attention given to its vintage and its vineyard.

Part des Anges: a collection of styles

Because they have understood the stakes in revealing their creation to ensure its timelessness, the selected
producers have entrusted Part des Anges with the very best of their works.
By focusing on the three categories that they know best i.e. champagnes, whiskies and cognacs, the founders of
Part des Anges have created the collections “Exclusive Vintage”, “Closed Distilleries” and “Masters (S)election”.

“Closed Distilleries”: Scotland’s memory-bearers whiskies

About 80 distilleries have shut down or have been destroyed since the beginning of the 20th century,
out of which thirty of them were producing well-known whiskies.
Thierry and Laurent taste hundreds of casks and select those which best reveal the generosity and the
character most closely linked to the spirit of Part des Anges’ distillery.
So as to respect the spirit of each distillery and to recover their original aromas, these whiskies,
stemmed from single casks, are presented cask strength. Each cask contributes to only a few hundred
With its “Closed Distillery” collection, Part des Anges is thus able to offer exceptional, unique and
generous whiskies : a mouthful of Scotland’s history.

“Exclusive Vintage“, the grand vintage wines from Champagne

With its “Exclusive Vintage” collection, Part des Anges allows for the discovery of the grand Champagne
wines which unusual characteristics are further enhanced as they are allowed to age.
These vintages are the exact reflection of its producer’s spirit, of its know-how both in the selection of
the best grapes and the complex art of wine-making.

“Masters (S)election”: aged eaux-de-vie from the Grande Champagne region

Part des Anges has selected a few cask strength eaux-de-vie from anonymous casks which make the
composition of the grand cognacs truly exceptional
These eaux-de-vie have been awarded First Prize at Segonzac, yearly supreme reward which only the
best amongst these independent producers can hope to win.
The Masters (S)election offers to the enthusiasts these prize-winning casks, exceptional eaux-de-vie,
carefully kept like a family treasure.

Part des Anges: a new reference for the enthusiasts

By only revealing champagnes, whiskies and cognacs which are the most accomplished works of their producers,
Part des Anges offers to the enthusiasts unique and rare emotions.
These unforgettable experiences set Part des Anges as a new reference within the world of champagnes and
Exclusive Vintage
Part des Anges has decided to reveal the great
wines of vintage champagne which unusual
characteristics are further enhanced as they are
allowed to age.

In close cooperation with its expert committee,

Part des Anges has met tens of producers and
tasted hundreds of vintages to select only the most

Exclusive Vintage Collection brings together

champagnes with 10 to 25 years of age from
producers recognised for their diligence and
expertise as well as the high quality and the
duplication of their art.
1980 1988 1993
60% Pinot Noir 60 % Pinot Noir 100% Chardonnay
40% Chardonnay 40% Chardonnay
Outstanding, at once clas- Astonishing, mature vintage, Attractive, with candied
sical and baroque, opulent sharp and lively, with aromas quince, nutmeg and a gentle
and powerful yet of a of forest autumnal under- note of rancio. A splendid
harmonic and resolute brush. champagne at the peak of
complexity for a noteworthy maturity.
life experience.

1996 2001
100% Pinot Noir
100% Chardonnay
Charming, the little red fruit, either wild
Powerful, a vinous, structured and strawberry or redcurrant gives to this
powerful champagne ripe to its full Rosé made from 100% Pinot Noir its
freshness and liveliness. freshness and motility.

1998 1998
100% Chardonnay 65% Pinot Noir
35% Chardonnay

Promising, the combined notes of ripe Majestic, spicy and soft peppery aromas
quince, pear and mirabelle conjoin with which bespeak of the Pinot Noir Grands
those of honey and candied fruits. Crus.
Closed Distilleries
The Closed Distilleries Collection reveals whiskies
from the very best casks from Scottish Distilleries
now vanished.

In Scotland, each whisky is characterised by the

distillery it was produced by. The specificity of the
spring water that was used, the alembic and the
distillation process all leave their marks thus creating
a unique whisky.

Part des Anges depicts the story of these gone

distilleries to capture the original character of their

Some regained memory to savour a piece of

Scotland’s history.
Sweet and intense.
Creamy toffee.
A touch of flowering-currant.
Smooth, velvety
with fruity creaminess.
Lusciously balanced
with intensity and length.

The nose reveals floral notes.
The malty character
unveils a delicate sweetness.
Intense and fruity.
Refined complexity.
Aquarel-like subtle character.


Round, delicate,
oily but refreshing.
Spicy burst on
candied ginger notes.
A pleasant chartreuse-like profile.
A refreshing whisky
to sip on a summer evening.


Sweet maltiness followed by
a spicy outburst.
Fizzy feel.
A seashore single malt.


Oak and fruit
are well-integrated.
Lusciously rich,
sensuous and minty.
Keeps tastebuds aroused.
Fully matured
but keeping vivid.
Masters (S)election
Just like a perfume, cognac is made from the subtle
assemblage of eaux-de-vie from different years and
different vineyards.
As purists, Part des Anges have gone back to
origins to uncover the spirit and the heart behind
the very best cognacs.

The result of their search was the uncovering a

few brut eaux-de-vie in anonymous casks which
make the composition of the grand cognacs truly

In close cooperation with the Maîtres de Chais and

the Wine Experts of its tasting committee, Part des
Anges has selected these eaux-de-vie’s casks. They
have all been awarded First Prize at Segonzac, the
most prestigious competition rewarding the best
eaux-de-vie from Grande Champagne.
This 1934 cask strength cognac, elaborated by Pierre de
Segonzac, won the Segonzac competition in 1988. Dried
orange, cigar box and torrefied aromas are followed by
a long and persistent finish with chocolate, nuts and spicy

This 1973 cask strength cognac, elaborated by Gaïtan
Bauré, won the Segonzac competition in 1992. White
fruits, tender oak and vanilla aromas dominate the nose.
This round and velvety eau-de-vie is admirably balanced
between fruits, flowers and spices with a roasted coffee

This 1976 cask strength cognac, elaborated by Henri
Dauge, won the Segonzac competition in 1994. Amber
colour captivates the eye. Rich floral aromas are combined
with saffron. Followed by spicy notes, surrounded with
velvetiness and sweetness, bloom on the palate.