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Adjective order for list lovers (From English experts web)

In many languages, adjectives usually occur in an unmarked order. However, some languages do
not have this tendency.

English is a language with a preferred order of adjectives. Native speakers pick this up as a matter
of course; those who are learning it as an adult have to memorize it.

The adjectives which appear nearest the noun may be called phrase-making, classification or
qualifier adjectives, e.g. tree frog. Before this can come color adjectives, e.g. red tree frog, and
before that, participial adjectives, e.g. whining red tree frog. The first adjectives are sometimes
called absolute adjectives, e.g. nasty whining red tree frog.

Grammarians have numerous opinions on adjective order. These are some of them:

*Determiner, Opinion, Description (size, age, shape, color, origin, material), classification

*Determiner, Opinion, Dimension, Age, Shape, Color, Origin, Material

*Determiner, Opinion, Size, Age, Color, Nationality, Material

*Determiner, Opinion, Size, Age, Shape, Color, Material, Origin, Purpose

*Determiner, Opinion, Size, Age, Shape, Color, Origin, Material

*Determiner, Opinion, Size, Age, Shape, Color, Origin, Material, Purpose

*Determiner, Opinion, Size, Shape, Condition, Age, Color, Origin

*Determiner, Opinion/Evaluation, Appearance, Age, Color, Origin

*Determiner, Opinion/General description, Dimension/Size/Weight, Age, Shape, Colour, Country of

origin, Material, Purpose/power

*Determiner, Opinion/Judgement, Size, Age, Shape, Color, Nationality, Material, Purpose/Qualifier

*Determiner, Opinion/Value, Size, Age/Temperature, Shape, Color, Origin, Material

*Determiner, Observation, Physical Description (Size, Shape, Age, Color), Origin, Material,

In addition, determiners sometimes have their own order. Here are some opinions:

*Quantifier, Determiner, Order, Number, Intensifier

*Quantifier, Article/Possessive/Demonstrative
*Determiner (Articles/Demonstratives/Indefinites/Possessives), Order, Quantity
*Article, Order, Number
Adjective order groups

Opinion / Evaluation / Judgement / Observation / Value

beautiful, boring, difficult, fast, horrible, interesting, silly

Size / Dimension / Weight / Appearance

big, enormous, large, little, short, small, tall, thin, tiny

whining, beating,

Age / Temperature

ancient, historic, modern, new, old, young

Shape / Condition

flat, oval, rectangular, round, square


black, blue, green grey, pink, purple, red, reddish

Origin / Nationality / Religion

American, Asian, Canadian, eastern, French, Greek, Italian, lunar


cotton, metal, metallic, glass, paper, plastic, wooden, woolen

Purpose / Power / Qualifier

foldout, fishing, racing, roasting, sleeping