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Some say that the title is the first line of the poem, here that would be toadstool.

The name toadstool isnt scientific and is used primarily colloquially. It is used to talk
about mushrooms that are poisonous and could be used for magic.
The second and third line of the poem are more literal. They just describe the
sprouting and appearance of the toadstools. The next two lines Nothing will touch
them, Gophers or chipmunks, wasps or swallows. reinforces the idea that the
toadstools are poisonous. No animal or insect will eat or go near them. They glow in
the twilight like rooted will-o-the-wisps. This line draws a comparison between the
toadstools and fairies. will-o-the-wisps are fairly light they are little dancing lights.
Fairies have always been seen as mischievous and evil creatures. They plot and scheme
to lead a person down the wrong path. In lore the will-o-the-wisps lead the person off
the path into certain death. The line Nothing will touch them. is repeated for
emphasis. The animals seem to be aware of the toadstools evil magic and avoid them
at all costs. The poem gets trickier As though little roundabouts from the bunched
unburiable, Powers, dominions, Mushrooms and toadstools grow in tightly knit
circles which are sometimes called fairy circles. In some stories and legends fairies
gather in the middle of these fairy circles to come together, celebrate, plot, and cause
mischief. Except in the poem the toadstools are magical plotters who rule the forest.
The are bunched together in circle and anyone who trespasess on there domain is
doomed to die. The toadstools are unburiable because the only thing is appropriate to
bury is the dead, and the toadstools will never die. Not really their dominion is forever.
The whole area around the toadstools is dead. Nothing dares set foot on the toadstool

land. As though orphans rode herd in the short grass, as though they had heard the
call, As if the land around the toadstools has been cursed. Orphans who used to be
considered bad luck are the only ones who dare walk there as if called there by the
They will always be with us, transcenders of the world. The toadstools with their
fairy magic will never die and will never be gone. They have an otherworldly magic
that transcends anything else. Someone will try to stick his beak into their
otherworldly styrofoam. Sticking you beak is in other words being nosey. It is
implied that anyone who tries to study the styrofoam of the toadstools flesh. Will
come to an unpleasant end at the hand of the toadstools. Someone may try to taste a
taste of forever. For some its a refuge, for some a shady place to fall down. People use
the toadstools to commit suicide and transcend into the only state that last forever,
death. They feel the only refuge from life is in death and the toadstools are the bringers
of death. Grief is a floating barge-boat, who knows where its going to moor? This
line could be in reference to the barges that many cultures set there dead on. Even
though those cultures send their dead on a trip on the boat they do not know for certain
what happens after death.
The poem Toadstoosl by Charles Wright is about toadstools and how they
represent the uncertainty of life and death. The toadstools are feared and avoided by
most but are a final for refuge for some. The toadstools are implied to be fairies, which
have been blamed for much misfortune and death.

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