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Keep Guarding .
Our Christian Trust

'At 2, Timothy 1:13, 14 the cherish both the knowledge and thr
apostle Paul admonished his fel- ministry
of the truth. They want
low worker: "Keep holding the pat- to guard that
Christian'trust well.
tern of healthful words that you
heard from me with the faith and
our Christian trust is
love that are in uonnection with
Christ Jesus. This k e trust &ard not easy. True, in some places you
through the holy spirit which is may fhd yourself preaching unJANUARY 1984
dwelling in us." What is a trust? It der advantageous circumstances.
Vol. 27, ~ d1 .
is something of value that is com- By all means exert yourself fully
FOR UNITED STATES OF AMERICA mitted to the care of a Derson who in such a good climate in. order to
must eventually render-= account. reach as .many people as possible.
What was the trust mention@ by But in other territories, where the
M ~ M for
S Field b f v i Paul?
~ He idenmed i&as "the pat- brothers preach under difficult cirtern of healthful .wordsHor what cumstances, they arb required to
we today usually refer to as, the adjust to that situation. While en
Dress and grooming
truth. Obviously Paul wanted Tim. court41~ingand protecting one an
1.' Why avoid a careless personal othy to have a deep appreciation other, with God's backing they see
for the truth. Sf he referred to it to it that the preaching and teach2. What are the good effects of as a ' m e trust.
in&work moves ahead. (Phil. 4:13)
being presentable?
2 Did Paul mean that the Cqis- Our Christian trust must be guardtian trust consisted of just a knowl- ed under all circumstances. JANUARY 9- 15
4 If we are truly interested in
edge of the truth? No, it included
Positive Approach
also the ministry associated with guarding our Christian trust, we
1. Comment on positive points in the truth. These "healthful words" will be serious about keeping up
current magazines and month- needed to be preached both inside with the truth and will'strive to use
ly offer.
,and outside of the congregation. the best methods in presenting it
2. How can a positive approach Concerning such preaching, Paul to others. The thorough consideraid in makina
- a return visit? said: "Preach the word. be a t it ur- ation we gave to the Live Forevgently in favorable season, in trou- er book a t the Congregation Book
JANUARY 1 6 - 2 2 '
blesome season." Then he added: Study has been a real help. We now
Working from house to house D o the work of an evangelizer, have a better appreciation of its
1 What adva.ntages.may there be fully accomplish your ministry." corltents and can thds more enthuIn gettlng lnvrted In?
(Continued on page 8, col., 3)
(2 Tim. 4:2, 5) Christians today
2. Why be Oiscreet in accepting
such an invitation?
W Y&BHighlights Worldwide Incream
ANUARY 23-29
1 When you read the 1984 Yearreached a new pdak of 2,652,'. What illustrationshave you used book, you will be thrilled with the we
323. Both of these figures repreeffectively?
annual report on the worldwide sent a 7-percent increase over the
2. Why is discernment in selecting activities of Jehovah's Witnesses. 1982 se,rvice year. And just think
What joy is ours just to see the -there -was an ipflux of 161,illustrations important?
tangible results of Jehovah's rich 896 newly baptized ministers of
Schedule for congregation studies blessing on the united efforts of his the Kingdom, a 17-percent increase
in the brochure Jehovah's Witnesses dedicated people during the 1983 over the preceding year!
service vear!
in the Twentieth Century:
4 Jehovah's people have taken
, a ~ o n ago
g Isaiah spoke prophetiJanuary 1: Page 3 to 8*
cally about our times and described seriously the apostle Pault$ adJanuary 8: Pagee 8 to 12 and
what we are privileged to experi- monition always Yo have plenty to14 to 16'
ence today. In words of praise to do in the work of the Lord,' and
(Omit page 13.)
Jehovah he said: 'You have made this is reflected in a 14-percent inJanuary 15: Pages 16 to 22
the nation populous; f or it you have crease in total hours in field serp his time was well spent in
January 22: Pages 23 to 28 (top) made the rejoicing great." (Isa. vice.
9:3) Then in that same verse he effective witnessing a$ is indicated
, proceeded
January 29: Pages 28 to 31
to highlight further the by other related increases. Total
February 5: Page 13
great rejoicing on the part of Je- literature placements increased by
hovah's people, saying: "They have '12 percent! Subscriptions soared by
To first subheading.
rejoiced before you as with the re- 28 percent! How t h r i l w we are to
To subheading.
joicing in the harvesttime, as those have had a share in this ministry
who are joyful when they divide of the good news and now to have
T 0 k C FOR CONVERSATION up the s$oil." These words of Isa- a record of the results!
5 Much of the overall accomplishiah remind us of what Jesus said
What' Hope for a/)tappy\
about a !ready harvest and the need ment in the field during the 1983
Future? ,
workers in the field.-Matt. 9: service year can be attributed to the
John 17:3-Everlasting life is for
fact that on an average there were
3The report show;-that on an 206,098 pioneer ministers reporting
John 17: 17-We can believe average 2,501,722 publishers were field service each month. ,This is a
(Continued on page 8, eol. 1)
active throughout the year andthat


Meetings to Help
. - Us Make Disciples

Congregation Study." Question-and- and-answer method. Commend brothWEEK STARTING JANUARY 1'
answer. coverage preferably by Con- ers for zealous participation in Kingaong 68
5 min: Appropriate Announce- gregation Book Study cond ctor with, dom service and encourage all to
ments from Our KCngdom Ministry good teachlng apility. d u d e brief read Ysarbook personally or in Samdiscussion between two baok study
conductors who desire to encourage thorough advance preparation,
including looking up the scriptu&s.
-See Our Ministry book, pages 74-6.
7 min: Consider October Service
Report from Our Kingdom Ministry.
HOWdid congregation do last month?
Encourage magazine activity on see
ond Saturday of the month. Bring
Our Ministry book for next week's
ServiCe Meeting.
- prayer.
- 102 and concluding

and local announcements. Offer brief

suggestions for placing current magazines. Remind audience to bring Our
Ministty and United in Worship Books
to next week's Service Meeting.
25 min: "1984 'Kingdom Increase'
District Convention."' Elder serving
as the convention coordinator discusdes insert with audience. Utilize
question-and-answer method in highlighting key points that will directly
afPect local congregation. Read cited scriptures and be sure to have
capable-and well-prepared brother to
read paragraphs 1, 6 and 8-11.
15 min: "Keep Guarding Our Christian Trust." Talk, with some audience participation. Ask brothers why
they personally feel (1) the truth and
(2) the ministry are a i h e trust.
Song 5 1 and concluding p_rayer.

Song 89

8 min: Local announcements .dd

accohts report.
15 min: "Presenting the Good
News-With a Positive Approach."
Question-and-answer discussion. In
connection with paragraphs 4 and 5
have a few experienced publishers,
from their seats, comment on what
they have done, or heard others do, to
m*e their presentations more positive and thus e m r a t e negatives.
The? should be assigned in advance.
15 min: "New Book to Be Used for


Song 55
5 min: Local announcements.
10 mln: Organized to Accomplish

Our Ministry. Talk based on

pages 77-81.
15 min: "Improving Our Teaching
Ability-By Effective Use of Illustrhtions." Question-an+lanswer discussion. Paragraphs 4-6 can be covered in discussion between Theocratic
Ministry School overser and a capable publisher, drawing points from
Study 34 in School Guidebook. They
should apply points to teaching on
Bible studies with Live -Forever or
United in Worship book.
15 min: " l b 4 Year?~okHighlights
Worldwide Increase. Enthusiastic
brief introduction based on first paragraph, pointing to incresses as basis
for rejoicing. Discuss remainder of
artiale with aqdience, using question-

~ e w
Book to Be Used for Congregation Study
During the week of Febru
we will start to use t
~ n i t k ain Worship of the Only !l'ru6
God a t our Congregation Book Studies. It will provide the b&is for
very stimulating and practical dlscussions.
As is true of most of our books,
there are answers to the majority of
study questions right in the para1

ily groups. Remind brothers to bring

School brochure for next week's Service Meeting.
Song 110 and concluding prayer.

Song 67

Local announcements.
Neutrality !Toward Political -airs. Consideration of material
in the School brochure, pages 12-16,
under the subject of "Flag Salute,
Anthems and Voting." Have a wellprepared, qualitled elder handle this.
It is important for us to hwe our
Scriptural position on ' these issues
clearly in pind. Consider the openihg'
portion of this section of the brochure
by means of a talk. Jesus' example
and his teacliings set-the pattern fof
dl Christians, inclpding youths. Consider the significance of John'6:15;
17:16 and 18:36. Also, codider what
the textbooks say about the neyt~al
position of early Christians. \
Allow sufacient time to diseuss the
material under the subheadings "The
Flag Salute," "National Anthems and
School Songs," and "Elective Ofaces
and Poslbons." Draw attention to the
s o p d Scriptural basis for not saluting and not singing in connection with
rtriotic services. Help tpe brothys
o reason on whether ~tIS Scr~pturally proper to stand or not to stand
for patriotic services on certain occasions. Reason with the brothers as
to why it is appropriate that Witness
youths keep free from school politics. Loyalty to God's otganization
is shown by such conformity. Highlight such matters in the discussion.
The material, after the opening talk,
could be handled principally by questions and answers.
10 min: Encourage participation in
magazine work on the fourth Saturday. Suggest t - m g points with two
30- 60-second presentations.
Song 105 and concluding prayer.
5 min:
30 min:

quick minds or m q y years of experience in t h e truth may quickly volunteer to comment on these points.
But it would be a fine thing if the
conductor would also give loving encouragement to others to share
Excellent cri
included with the stu y material' D
not s F p
a me
to the material u n d e a u s Av.
Pubs. Hra. M g . R.V. Bi.St.
s i Sometimes several comments
349 130.7 1024 52.4 5 4
may be desired. As minted out in Spl P h .
chapter of the bbpk,_learn- Pi-. , . 28,126 86.8 55.3 31.6, 3.4
t h ets&
59.6 40.9 17.0 1.4
in to reason on auestlqns ?3!EX
3 6 0.4
tizely in he lieht of the Scriatures Pubs.


scmptures. It is recommended that

the one who reads the paragraphs
for the group also read these questions. If ,they f i e reaa a t a m o m
this will afEord opportunity
IUowly Dedicated on& Baptized: 2,426
for those in attendance to consider
how they might answer them. Then, 9 - 1 Z e B e *a& import&t' abilities
During Octobor anothu now po8k in tho toti1
in harmony with the insttuctions a t for us as Christians.
numkr d rogular o n w n wa8 rorhod. Another tommondabt katuro of thb rowrt I8
the bottom of the aaee. the conducthat 80 many onrolled as auxiliary pionwrs.
tor will ask those - q u e s t i o n c a t
Compared with 0atob.r a year ago 38 028
'This Wook has been so designed more
a b e . invitme comments from the
puwiahon reported. kt ua co;t~nA to
group. Some h-attendance who have
(Continued on page -7, coz. 1)
make tho morl of our ministry.-Rom.
' O w Kin om MInb
(USPS295-3601 ia published monthly by wakhtower Bible and Tmct
Ine a5 g
ig tats Bra,
N.Y. 11201. S e c o u d c l ~
p.ia .t B-upt.
changes to Wetchbwer,Wbiumbia =eights, ~to0-W~~
printed in U.S.A.



984 - - ~ i n ~ d oIncreasegg
District Convention
"The little one himself will become a thousand

Do not those prophetic words of Isaiah thrill and inspire us? They surely
do! Jehovah's prophet went on to say
that 'the small one will become a mighty
nation. I myself, Jehovah, shali speed it
up in its own time.' (Isa. 60:22) These
are exciting times in view of the growth
within Jehovah's organization. Hence,
the theme "Kingdom Increase" is most
appropriate and sparks in us the de. sire to attend the 1984 district conventions. Last' summer in the contiguous
United States an all-time peak attendance of 1,124,070 was reached. Think
of the privilege of being a part. of the
even larger attendance expected for over
.I00 "Kingdom Increase" District Conventions planned for this summer, and
of hearing how Jehovah is speeding up
the Kingdom work and about the share
we each can have in it before the end
comes. To assist you in making necessary arrangements to be in attendance,
you will find a list of these conventions
on page 6: The following information
should help you to arrange to be there
and to assist others, especially newly
interested ones, to attend every session
as well.-Gal. 6:lO.

convention city, but it is preferred that

you attend a t the location indicated so
as to prevent unnecessary crowding.
4 Where the chart indicates that a
portion of a circuit, such as
is assigned to a particular location, it
simply means that those congregations
in the part of the circuit closest to that
convention should attend where inilicated and the rest of the circuit should
attend the convention closest to them,
as shown elsewhere on the list.

You should make your own rooming

arrangements directly with the hotel or
motel by using the information that will
be provided by the convention through
your congregation. In most cases you
will pay less than the regular rates
charged by the hotel or motel, since the
conveption has negotiated for a large
number of good quality rooms to be set
aside for this purpose. These rooms will
be assigned by the hotel or motel only
to those identifying themselyes as Jehovah's Witnesses or as delegates attending the Watchtower Convention. By the
middle of December 1983, your congregation will have received a list of hotels
&d motels in the convention city that
are cooperating closely with the Society's
rooming arrangement. It will show the
address of the facility, its agreed-upon
rates and the phone number to be used
in making your reservations. PLEASE
NOTE: The program will start at 1:30
p.m. on Thursday.
your congregation receives the list of
hotels and motels from the convention
organization you should IMMEDIATELY phone the hotel or motel of your
choice, identifying yourself as one of



Listed on page 6, in date order, is

each convention city and the circuits
(or portions thereof) assigned to attend
each convention. Unless there are extenuating circumstances, you should attend
the convention to which your circuit is
assigned. Where .two or more conventions are being held a t the same location,
you should attend on the dates shown
for your circuit or portion thereof.
Those circuits in the chart marked
with an asterisk (*) have some congregations located a little closer to another


Jehovah's. Witnesses or 'as a delegat;

attending the watchtower Convention.
Doing so will qualify you for the agreed- ,
upon rates listed. One night's deposit
will be requirea at all locations to hold
the room and should be sent directly to
the hotel or motel as soon, as You make
Your reservations- Do not make rooming arrangements You do not,intend to
keep. ( ~ a t t 5:37)
Motels or hotels are
not obzigatd to hold the rooms or ex.tend the special rat& beyond the cutoff date ZDithout a deposit. If You find
it necessary for good reason to cancel
your accommodations, you should Write
or phone the hotel or motel directly,
as far in advance'as possible. This makes the room available to
other delegates
need accommodations. The convention Rooming Dep&tmerit will monitor the arrangement and
provide additional information through
such as which
or motels are filled after a month or
two, as well as any additional ones it
may find necessary to add to the list* If
the hotel oremotelyou call first is filled,
then call your next selection from the
list., and so on.
DQRMITORIES: A few eonventions use
school dormitories in order to qccommodate all those attending. Usually congregations will receive information on
these a month or so after the first hotel or motel listing. Those needing acco-dations
of this type should follow
through in accord 'with the instructions
on the list that is sent to the congregations by the convention.
8 SPECIAL NEEDS: Nrangements
care for those with special needs should
be made by the conmegation where these
attend. Elders and others aware of such
cirdurnstances can lovingly extend help.
This often involves taking others with
them in their own group, for' ex-le,
those in full-time service, tlie elderly,
the infirm, the deaf or others who have

the need. Also, they may care f6r such

ones in other ways. (Acts 20;35; Jas; 2:
15-17; 1John 3:17,18) We are confident
that loving concern will be shown to all
who need our help. 12 Cor. 6:ll-13; John
13:35; Gal. &:lo) However, the convention Rooming Depqtment will endeavor
to provide rooming accommodations for,
those with special needs who cannot be
c a m ' for by themselves or by thosd
in the congregation where they attend.
These may isk the convention coordinator in their congregation for a Special
Needs Room Request Form, discussing
their situation with him a t that time.
Those with special needs are the only
ones that should use this form. They
should fill it out and return it to the
convention coorvinator to be checked
for completeness, accuracy and
cation of circumstances. Even thoukh
the convention coordinator forwards it
to the convention Rooming mpdmbnt,
the individual will be notified directly
of the accommodati'ons by the Roomiqg
Department. This should be done well
ahead of the qonvention. The publisher
with special needs .should NOT simply
go to the convention and request a room
when he arrives, because the convention
Rooming Department needs the verification of the congregation's convention

Private home accornrnod~tionslisted

by the convention are usually set aside
for those with limited funds who would
experience real hardship if such accommodations were not available. They are
not intended for those who want free or
inexpensive rooms just to save money.
Nor is it Proper to Presume upon the
F o s ~ i t a l iof
t ~ our brothers by expecting
them to accommodate delegates extrai
days so they can visit vacation spots or
do other things before or after the convention. These rooms are for the con
vention period only.

accommodatiorls and yet give preference

to the hotels or motels that cooperate.
Our aim with thbii's rooming arrangement
is to help-delegates to be accommodated
as comfortably and economically as possible, so they will be refreshed and fully
able to enjoy the fine spiritlid program.


ventions are arranged at many locations

to reduce travel. In nearly, every case,
the location assigned for you to attend
is the one nearest your congregation.
Seating literature, food orders, and so
forth, are planned on the premisb that
the majority will attend the convention
to which they are assigned. However, if
a few f6r important reasons must attend
a location other than the one assimed,
they may ask the convention coordinator in their congregatibn for the address
of the convention headqudters where
they wish to attend. He will find these
addresses listed on the back of the Special Needs Room Request Fo?. Unless
these persons have8special needs, they
should not use the Special Needs Room
Request Form. Rather, they should write
to the convention headquarters where
they wish to attend and request a copy
of the hotel or motel listing for that loc a t i q , sending a stamped,
with this request. Up0n
receipt of this listing of hotels and motels, they should proceed just as if they
Were using the list for their local ZUe' a.




The smoothness with which this rooming

(arrangement functions depends largely
on the cooperation of everyone involved.
For instance, if a number of delegates
run ahead and make reservations on
their 0before the congregation reCeives the list of facilities that are
c0,operating with the convention Rooming D e ~ a ~ t m e nitt ,could cause a major
brkakdown in negotiations. Also, it could'
result in difficulties if a large number of
delegates choose, for one re,ason or another, to'makp their own arrangements
with facilities not 1isted:that have not
cooperated with the convention rooping arrangement. The listing is broad
enough to give a choice of good quality

Shown in the accompanying

chart, sign language translation will be
at 16 specific convention
cities. (No provisions will be made at m y
other conventions for sign languhge.) We
know this will prove tp be a real blessing
to those w i t ~ t h i ispecial need by ~roviding good quality translating and larger
groups with which to enjoy upbuilding
fellowship. Those who are signers can
do much to let the deaf in their congregation know of these arrangements and
help them to attend where the sigp language provision is mkde by the Society.
Upon receipt of this insert and the Recommended Lodging Locations list from
the district convention committee, please
announce at the next Service Meeting
as well as at the following Watchtower
study the location and the dates assigned by the Society for the congrekation. ~t would be good,to underline on
the circuit list the assigned convention
city, and the dates for the congregation
and post that portion of the insert on
the information board.
The elder serving as the
coordinator should conduct the Service
Meeting part covering ithis insert as
scheduled, as well as handle other convention material and annbulicements on '
the meetings. ~ h k covering
this insert,
please read all cited scriptures and paragraphs 1, 6, 8-11. All elders will want
to cooperate fully and offer suggestions
to ensure the prompt, enthusiastic a!nd
effective handling of convention-related
12 AS


JNE 14-17:
Cicero, IL: Ill. 1, 11; Ind. 5'.
Greensboro, NC: N.C. 2 6. S.C. 1/;1-A 1-B, l/42; Va. l/22-A.
Greenville SC: Ga. l/44'. A.c. 3; end 2/35.
~acksonvilie.FL: Fla. 3, .2/35, 12.
Los Angeles, CA (Japangse and sign language also): Calif.
4. 5. 6-A. 6-B. 7. 9. 17. 21. 24. 25-A., 31., 32., 36. 37. 38.
44 4 7 U.S. ~aprhebe.' ' '
LouiAvilie, ICY: Ind. 6; Ohio 6-A, 6-C.
Monroe, LA: La. 2. 6; Miss. V33-B, %4-A; Tepas 1
New Haven CT: Corn. 1. N.Y. 14*, 16-A; R.I. 1-C.
Pine B+E, 'AR: ~ r k 2,.
St. LOUIS,MO: Ill. 1/26-B, 7; Mo. 1, 2, 1/24, 3/45, 7.
St. Petersburg, FL: Fla. l/37, 9.
Springfield. IL: Ill. 3, 4, 6-A, 1126-B; Mo. 1/45.
Tucson, AZ; Ariz. 3-A, 4, 5; N. Mex. %1.
Wheeling, WV: Pa. 7, 14; W. Va. 2-A, 143.
Wilmington, DE: N.Y. 22-B*; Pa. 1, 2', 3, 6. '


JUNE 21-24:
Augusta, GA: Ga. 1/33. 1/28; S.C. %l-A, 3/42, l/33.
Birmingham AL: Ala. I*, 2 4 5-A, 1/36; Miss. 1l33-B.
Cicero, IL: ill. 2, 13; Mich.'4-8.
Denver, CO: Colo. 1, 2, 3; N. Mex. 2-B.
Greenville SC: Ga. 1/48; N.C. 4; Tenn. l/41.
~ u n t i n g t o hWV:
Ohio 2/34, 6-B. 15.; Tenn. l/35; W. Va. l/23.
Louisville, KY: Ind. 2, 4; Ky. V33.
Madison, WI: Ill. 9-A; Iowa V24; WIS. 2,
Midland, TX: N. Mex. 3/41; Texas 3/49, 18.
New Haven CT: Con 2-A*, 2-B', 3; N.Y..3*.
North fort'^ ers F 8 Fla. 6 8.
Ogden UT: l$aholl-A*, V43; kev, 2-A*; Utah 1, 2.
Pine ~iluff AR: Ark. 1, l/24; Miss. 3-A',
Ind. 7-B; Mich. 1, 2, 3, 4=Ae, 5, 6, 8, go, 10,
11, 12, 13*, 14; Ohio 2/35.
Portland, ME: Maine 1 ; N.H. 1-Be, 1-C*.
St, Petersburg, FL: Fla. l/35, 10'.
San Francisco, CA: Calif. 26, 34, 40.
Tacoma WA: Oreg. 3, 7; Wash. 2, 5, 7, 8.
~ u c s o n , (sign
' ~ ~ language also): Ariz. 1, 2, 3-B.
Wheeling WV: Ohio 14; Pa. 8 2/310-A, 10-B.
~ i l m i n g t b n ,DE: N.J. 4'; Pa. 4, 5', 9-A, 9-C, 11.


Reno, NV: Calif. 14, 43-B.

Rochester, NY: N.Y. 8, 21, 2/322-k
St. Paul, MN: Minn. 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, V28; N. ~ a k 1-B;
S. Dak: V31.
St. Petersburg, FL: Fla. 2.
Sap Antonio, TX (Spanish pfig): Texas 20-S, 21-S, 23-S.
San Francisco, CA (sign language also): Calif. 11, 13, 18,

-- - .

75-R .

Springfield, MA (sign language also): Mass. 4, 7-B; R.I.

1-A, 1-B.
Tallahassee, FL: Ala. 1/36; Fla. 11'; Ga %1, 3/47-B.
Vancouver, B.C.. Canada (Korean only): Calif. 1/315-C-KO
(N.W. U.S. Korean).
JULY 12-15:
Campbellville,'Ont., Canada (Chinese only): Eastern U,S.
Cicero, IL (Greek and Spanish only): Calif. 6-C-G; Ill. 14-5;
Kans. 3-C-S; Ohio 1 7 4 .
Des Moines, IA: Iowa 1, 2, l/23. V24; Minn. V48; Mo. 3-B;
Nebr. V44.
Glens Falls. NY: N.Y. 16-B. %22-A. 24.
Hampton VA: N.C. 1. Va. i. Hialeah. b~ (~panish'only):Fla. 14-S, 15-S. 16-S. 18-S.
Houston, TX:Texas 2/37,-8, 17.
Long Island City, NY (French only): N.Y. V220-A-F (French
congregations: Stamford, Conn.; Boston, Mass.; Jersey
City, N.J.; Brooklyn, N.Y., Central; Brooklyn, N.Y.,
South: Manhattan. N.Y.: Nvack.' N.Y.).
~ouisvilie,KY: Ky. 2; oh10 9:
Memphis, TN: Ark. 11~4;Miss. 2'; Mo. 11~4;Tenn. 2'.
Miami, FL (French only): Fla. 17-F.
Natick, MA (Portuguese only): Mass. 7-A-T.
Pullman, WA: Idaho 1-B, 2; Oreg. V25-A; Wash. 3-B, l/24-A,
Reno, Nb: Nev. 1; Oreg. 1-B, 1-C.
Rochester NY:N.Y. 7, 9-A, %9-B, %13.
San Antoiio. TX (Soanish
. - . Texas 19-S: 22-S. 264.
27-B-S 27'-C-S.
San ~ieg'o,CA: Calif. 1, 2*, 3'. 16'. 20, 28'. 30'. 33, 35,
45', 46'; Nev. 2-B.
San Francisco, CA: Calif. 10, 19, 29, 39-A*.
Savannah GA: Ga. V33, 7-A'; S.C. %l-A, 2/33.
springfieid, I&i: MaSs. 2, 3.
JULY 19-22:
Amarillo, TX:Kans. 11~2-gN. Mex. 2-A', 3; Texas 1/49, 10.
El Paso, TX (Spanish only): Ariz. 6-S; Colo. 7-S; Texas
24-S. 2 5 3 , 27-A-S.
Erie. PA: N.Y. V29-B. lI213: Ohio V213-B: Pa. 9-B*.
Glens Falls, NY: N.Y. 6; Vt. 3/41-A, 1-B.
Houston, TX: Texas 2, 16.
Long Island City, NY (French only): N.Y. 1/220-A-F (French
congregations: Chicago, Ill.; Elizabeth, N.J.; Newark,
N.J.; Brooklyn, N.Y., East; Brooklyn, N.Y., West; Queens,
N.Y.; Philadelphia, Pa.).
Los Angeles, CA (Chinese and Spanish only): Calif. 4 8 4 ,
4 9 4 5 0 4 , 5 1 4 , 5 2 4 , 53-5, 5 4 4 , 5 5 4 56-S, 5 7 4 58-S;
Western U.S. Chinese.
Los Angeles, CA (Korean only): Calif. 2/315-C-K0.
Memphis, TN: Ark. 3; Ky. V41; TBM. 3.
Richfield, OH: Ohio 1, V35, 8, 11. 13-A, %13-B.
Salem, OR (Spanish only): Wash. 9-S.
San Francisco, CA: Calif. 8*, 15, 27, 41.
JULY 26-29:
Ft. Worth, TX: Texas %3, 1/37, 15.
Richfield, OH (sign language a s o ) : Ohio 1/22, 3, %4, 10, 12.
Elmont, NY (Spanish only): Mass. 6-S; N.J. 9-S, 10-S; N.Y.
25-5, 2643, 27-S, 28-S; Pa. 15-S.
Ft. Worth, TX (sign language also): Texas 5, 6.
AUGUST 9-12:
Elmont, NY: N.J. 1; N.Y. 1, 4, 10, 20-B, 23..
. Ft. Worth, TX: Texas 12-C, 13, 14.
AUGUST 16-19:
Elmont, NY (sign language also): N.J. 5; N.Y. 2, 5, 15,
18, 19.
AUGUST 23-26:
Elrnont, NY: N.J. 2, 8 ; N.Y. 11, 12, 17.


Improving Our Teaching Ability

Effective -use of lllustrationa

Literature offer for January and February: You Can Live Forever in Paradise on Earth, for contribution of $2.50.
March: Any two of the following books for
In Our teaching work* how can
a contribution of $1.00: Choosing, Com- we help people to grasp mentally the
mentary on James, "Eternal Purpose," Spiritual truths from God's Word?
Evolution, Holy Spirit, This Life and How can individuals be helped to
World Government., April and May: The benefit from pointed counsel being
Watchtower subscrlptlon for one year studied' How can we help people to
for d contribution of $3.50. Six-month meditaie
deeply on spiritual things
subscriptions are $2.00 each.
and be motivated in their minds and
Presiding overseer should arrange to
have new MEDICAL ALERT cards 9-hearts? One way is this: Effective
tributed at beginning of first Service
Of verbal illustrations--using
Meeting in January. Brother handling familiar examples to make matters
announcements can give brief reminders more easily understood.
concerning its use as expressed in letter


page 169 the Guidebook says: "An

illustration should be easily visualized, with not too many elements
presented at one time. It should be
pointed and concrete.n When assignmerits are
for the ~
cratic Ministry School, thoughtful
consideration can be given to developing illustrations that are appropriate to the material and to the
sThe ability to use good illustrations comes from being alert to
~ , " ~ ~ ~ $ ~ y bA 2close
~ ~examination
r the
~ master
~ Of ~ his
~ teach~ ~circumstances
~ f on~ a around
~very~ hot
~ daily.
$ how
then return it-to congregation file for
future reference. Brothers are encour-. ing methods reveals that often he refreshing is a tall, cool glass of
aged to fill out card promptly, having it used illustrations to rebuke oppos- water! But of what spiritual aspects
properly signed, witnessed and dated.
ers (Marks 12:12, ,IT), to counsel can this refreshment remind us? JeAt circuit assemblies having the new his disciples (Matt. 18:l-6; Luke 22: hovah's mercy? the waters of truth
program starting in February, district 24-27; John 13:3-17) and to deter- that we bring to others? the preoverseers will give the public talk
mine the attitude of those listen- cious association of our brothers?
Submit Cod's Rulership
ing to him. (Matt. 13:lO-15; John 6: and so forth.
ing in February, circuit overseers will 48-69) However, it seems apparent,
0 Much can be learned from obtalk with the tteme UGod9s
give a
that the chief aim of Jesus' illustra- serving how the Society's publicaPurpose for Earth and Man.
You Escape ~h~~World's D ~ ti6ns
~ - was to teach concerning the tions use illustrations, and on occatiny?" is the title of .the special public Klngd'Jm. (Matt. 13:31-35) Some of sion we may repeat some of these
talk to be presented i q l l congregations Jesus' i~~uStrati0nS
Were Very short, with good effect. For example on
on April 1. Congregations attending a just a sentence Or two. Others were pages 32 and 33 of the Live korcircuit assembly or having the visit of longer.
ever book there is a simple illusthe circuit overseer on that date will
3 Fpr example when Peter asked tration about a man on the wrong
present the special talk on April 8- The Jesus how manb times a brother road who is examining a map. His
not be given before Aprll
should be forgiven, did Jesus an- need for humbly accepting proper

: e ~ ~ ~ ~ f ~ ~ ~ f " ~ ~ a l ~ ~ $ Swer
, "that
~ he,should
~ ~ n ~ ~ by
;keep account
Peare to be given a free copy of the small
edition of the new songbook, Sing prais-' of the i h j u r ~
.but be loving, merci? Rather, Jesus
es to Jehovah. Congregations providing ful and f o r g l ~ g No.
free copies to pioneers may request cred- related a simple illustration about
it on the mohthly Remittance and Credit a slave who owed a large Sum of
Request form.
money to a king. (Matt- 18:21-35)
New Publications Available:
The lesson was made to Stand out
Happiness-How to Find It
clearly by contrasting two Courses
-Hungarian of action. And the conclusion made
United in Worthip of the O n l ~True a direct personal application. What
Japanese was the effect of this illustration?
Watch !TOwerPublications Index, 1976- Even today our hearts are touched
-Spanish when we read and understand its
you Can Live Forever in Paradise on powerful message urging us to be
-CebuanO, Igbo#
forgiving.-See United in Worship,
Papiamento page 134, paragraph 9.
Apply Yourself to Reading and Writing
'But how-d~esone acquire skill
News f o r ~~ations-~apanese
Is There a God Who Cares?
and experience in using illustra-Konkani (Kanarese Script), tions? First, ,review the material
Vietnamese in the Theocratic Ministrg School
-Chinese, Guidebook on "Fitting Illustrations,"
Kingdom News No. 32
Japanese, Korean pages 168-71. In paragraph 8 on

direction is compared to the need of

sincere people 'to accept Jehovah's
direction and align their lives with
his Word. On page 36 of the Live
Forever book the impossibility of a
meat chopper being assembled by
having its p q t s shaken in a washtub
well illustrates how the existence
of an orderly universe required an
intelligent Creator. Remember simillustrations are best. jesu;used
little things to explain big things;
easy to truths.-Matt.to explain
deep spiritual
of caution: I; an illus.
tration is complicated, in bad taste
or just does not fit the situation, it
Should not be used. But,if we work
a t it, we can develop the art of using effective illugtrations. They can
help us to teach the deep truths
of God's Word and motivate honesthearted ones to serve Jehovah.

New Book


With a Positi~e~ApproachI
A positive mental attitude contributes greatly to a happy and productive ministry. When we rpreach
the good news, whether from house
to house, on the streets or else$irhere, we should do so expecting to
meet with success. We should approach each person, assuming that
he is sheeplike aV heart or will at
least listen to the Kingdom messagk.
When Jesus sent out his disciples,
h e offered this counsel: "Wherever
you enter into a house say first, 'May
this house have peace."" (Luke 10:
5, 6) They were not to prejudge as
to whether "a friend of peace" was in
the house or not. Apositive approach!
How may we display such a positive
attltude in our field ministry?

4 Our manneq of expressing ourselves has much to do with reaching

the hearts of those who listen. Negative expressians prompt negative
replies and so they do not reach a
person's heart or motivate him. Better results will likely be achieved
with more posltive statements such
as: "I am sure you see the value
of learning more about the Bi le."
Or: "I would like to leave this gub
lication with you. I t is an excellent
Bible study ald and will certainly be
of value to you a ~ your


siasticallv recommend it to others
during .T&uuy. Listening closely'
to demonstrations and experiences
presented a t the Service Meating
will help prepare us for the field
ministry. Discussing with others
the contents of the book and how
to present it i n the field will likewise aid in making our ministry
more effective.
5Have you had t h e joy of coh-,
ducting a home Bible study in m e
Live Forever book? If so, have you
noticed how quickly the interested
ones learn and how they readily
act on what they learn? One sister
writes: "Having just returned home
from our 'Kingdom Unity' District
Convention, my heqrt is filled to
overflowing. I just had to write and
share my joy with you. I had the
privilege of seeing three of my Bible students symbolize their dedication by water baptism." Then she
commented that the Live Forever
book had hastened their progress
toward dedication and baptism. Othe r s have made1similar comments.

t Christian Trust

zone way is to speak the truth

with' conviction: We are preaching,
not just another religion, but the
truth thak leads to life! We know
what the future holds. We know the
reasons for man's present. dilemma
and what bonest-hearted ones must
do to learn the solution. This conviction will help us speak like the
apostles, whose boldness even their
enemies, Had to acknowledge. Note
lActs 4:13, which says: "When they
beheld the outspokenness of Peter
and John, . . they began to recognize about them that they dsed to
be with Jesus."
3 Some publishers may feel they
are not uahfied to preach the good
news. Tkey ' may think they never
will become effective and experienced publishers. They may regard
making return visits or conducting
Bible studies as something, beyond
their abilities. However, such negative thinking is counterproductive.
Notice how Jehovah corrected Jeremiah's thinking and encouraged him.
(Jer. 1:7) So take a positive approach
towards the preaching work, imitate
the prophets and the apostles, a@
you, too, can become more effeetive
in proclaiming the good news.

In witnessing, we often comment

on the world's problems. But it\ is
usually best to switch quickly to
God's solution and to a description
of the blessings that will replace the
troubles we see today. For example,
the tltle of the book being offered
this month is you Can Live Forever
in Paradise on Earth. A positive title! The scriptures for the Topic for
Conversation also present a positive
view, namely: "Everlasting life is
possible" and "We can believe the B1ble." With such statements our presentation of the good news will take
on an optimistic tone. ~f timd permits, we could read paragraph 14 on
page 14 as we offer the Live Forever
book this month. I t will qdd to our
positive approach. Similarly, when
we offer the magazines, we should
look for positive statements that will
help the person a t the door to see
that our message is truly good news.
6Presenting the good news with
a positive approach will also result
in personal benefits. It will ihcrease
our joy in the field ministry. We
will view each person as a potential
Bible student, someone who needs
the truth. We will'not be discouraged when people are unresponsive
or when they speak m an unkindly
manner. What a blessing it is to have
an accurate knowledge of the truth
that can set one free. &e certainly
want to present it in a positive way.

19-percent increase, or more than
33,000 additional pioneers, over last
year. Great potential for continued
increases is seen in the total of
1,797,112 home Bible studies reported, a 13-percent increase over
1982. No doubt many of those now
studying are well on their way to'
becoming new praisers of Jehovah.
6 There were 514,920 more persons attending the Memorial celebration in 1983, making a total of
8-percent incrdase
over 1982. What fine potential for
further increase is seen in these
figures! -

Does not this encouraging re- evident from the compiled report.
port On last year's activity move
Speaking further about JehoYOU to want to contlnue doing a11 vah's blessing upon his modern-day
t h a t YOU can in Kingdom service spiritual nation, Isaiah said: "You
during the current 1984 service have added to the nation; 0 Jehoyear? How very appropriate our vah, you have added to the nation;
1984 yeartext as taken from Philip- you have glorified yourself. You
pians 1:14: "Speak the word of God have extended afar all the bordeys
fearlessly"! Many of us may, in- a f the land." (Isa. 26:15) To what
deed, be faced with trialsome situa- extent Jehovah will continue to intions in carrying out our ministry crease the blessings upon his people
during 1984, but that Was also the this 'side of the great tribulation,
situation with many of our broth- we do not know. But certainly it is
e r s scattered thtoughout the world the desire ,of each one of us to be
during 1983. Still, Jehovah did not able to receive news of the "final
allow trialsome seasons to 'slow report" h d rejoice for having had
down his work, and this is clearly a share in t h e Work assigned.





Accepting the Christian trust is

one thing. Continuing to guard it
is quite another. Undoubtedly t h a t
i s why Paul also wrote Ttmothy:
"Continue in the things that you
learned and were (persuaded to believe, knowing from what persons
you l e a ~ p e dthem." (2 Tim. 3:14)
At 2 Peter 1:5-8 we find similar
7 We certainly want to 'qontinue in the things we learned.' We
have no desire to become "inactive
or unfruitful." We waht to guard
jealously "the pattern of healthful words" and the ministry of the
t r u t h t h a t has been cgmmitted to
our care. Our goal is to render a
satisfactory account for this "fine
trust" that Jehovah has so generously placed in our possession. Let
us look to him for the wisdom and
spiritual strength that will make
this possible.



increase Praise to Jehovah

During February

1 Jehovah deserves to be praised!

He is worthy of honor because he
created all things, including us(Rev. 4:ll) We owe our lives to
him. For this we are grateful and
feel motivated to praise Jehovah in
in! FEBRUARY 1984
crease your praise to Jehovah durV01.'27. NO.2
ing February? One he way is by
having a good share in distributing
the live Forever book. This may require careful planning and perhaps
H ~ t h #f$~ Fidd
? bnb daily
some adjustments in your regular
schedule. Also remember to
JANUARY 30-FEBRUARY 5 invite others to work with you in
field senrice. Especially try to help
Use of questions to teach
publishers who may be having dif. How will multiple-choice ques- ficulty in getting out regularly in
the house-to-house ministry.
tions help?
s The Live Forever book has
2. When might leading questions proved to be especially eEective in
be appdpriate?
mo9ng others to praise Jehovah.
3. What is the advanta e of using It not only presents basic truths
in a clear manner but also builds
viewpoint questions
appreciation for the h e qualities
of our God. Continue to offer this
outstanding Bible study aid during
What points from current
magazines can be used
1. On initial house-to-housd call?
4 Another way that we can honor
Jehovah is by diligently following
On return visit?

an^$^^ yanCBf3bu

What chapters from
Live Forever book
will you feature with

. . School-age children?
2..older persons living alone?
3. Parents of minor children?

How might current
tracts be used to


up ,interest we find in the field.

placing literature is just the

he real goal is to make disciples
who can share with us in prais-.
ing our God. (Compare Acts 2:42,
46, 47.) Strive to start studies. The
Live P o r e ~ e rbook makes conducting studies easier, enabling even
newer publishers to have a share
in this important work. One publisher, who conducted no studies
before the book was released, reported later:"I have three studies
and a fourth One ready
startcannot say Thank you'
enough for making Bible studies
easy to conduct." Have you sincerely tried to start a study in this
book? Have you prayed about the
matter? If you feel you need help,
have you asked your Congregation
Book Study conductor or mother experienced publisher to asslst
you? Others are willing to help you
and in this way also increase praise
to Jehovah.
5 The Live Forever book has
been instrumental in increasing the
number of Bible studies being conducted. During the 1982 service
(Continued on page 3, col. d )

- ..*

Expanding Your Ministry as a Rogular Pimeor

'"It has taken long, careful, prayerful consideration before
sending this." Those were the words
Of One 'lster ln a letter that
companied her regular pioneer application the first of this service
year. She was now able to join her
daughter who entered the pioneer
work upon graduation
school last summer. Prayerful consideration-yes, that is a prerequisite for those who would expand

1. Get .a conversation started?

2. Leave point for future discus- "
fleeted on your circumstances and
considered how you might take up
Schedule for congregation stud- this blessed privilege?
ies in the book United in Worship
a w e are assured by the apostle
of the Only True God:
John that we will receive what we
pray for in harmony with God's will.
February 12: Chapter 1
(1John 5:14, 15) And what special
work has Jehovah willed to be done
February 19: Chapter 2
in these last days? "This good news
February 26: Chapter 3
of the kingdom will be preached in
all the inhabited earth for a witness," answersJesus. (Matt. 24:14)
Jesus also indicated that we should
What Hope for a Happy
"beg the Master of the harvest to
send out workers into his harvest."
John 17:3-Eve lasting life is (Matt. 9:37, 38) Jehovah will surely pay attention to our heartfelt
request for more workers, perhaps
John 17: 17-We Can believe enabling us to enter the regular
the Bible.
r se

s Great diversity in age, background and circumstances is evident among those who$ehmrtedly
responding to the need for more
full-time preachers. A 96-year-old
brother who started pioneering just
a year ago continues to do
excellentwork as a
housewife and mother of several
children views her pioneeEing as a
project that
proving to
be a source of spiritual enrichment
for all
~ in her

: :F geez$gE


'Tesvn answers a mother of

three who moved into a smaller
apartment after her last child married. fiaving pioneered before, she
kept the pioneer spirit alive and,
when circumstances permtted, adjusted her situation to resume her
pioneer service.
5 It 1
. WlSe to count the Cost when
considering the regular pioneer
work. (Luke 14:28) It is not a matter of Pioneering at a l l costs.' However, some who at first thought
they could not pioneer have analyzed the wa??they were using their
tune. By ad~ustrngthelr schedule,
they made room for the three hours
that were needed on the average(CoAtinued on page 4, cot. 8 )

Meetings to Help Us Make Disciples


Song 63
10 min: Appropriate
Announcements from Our Kingdom Ministry
and local announcements. Relate experiences from placing Live Forever
book in January. Remind brothers
to bring Our Ministry book to next
week's 8ervice Meeting.
20 min: "Increase Praise to Jehovah'During February." Talk with audienee participation. In connection
with paragraph 4 interview a publisher who has started a study in the
Live Forever book. Highlight why it
is easier to conduct studies in this
15 min: "Presenting the Good
News-With the Live Forever Book."
Question-and-answer discussion. Get
comments from audience as to what
points they use in making their transition into the book. Make some assignments in advance. Have brief,
well-prepared demonstration of how
to make a transition. Encourage all
to share in offering the Live Forever book in service this Sunday, the
first Sunday of the month.
Song 66 and concluding prayer.


Song 70
15 min: "An Encouraging U.S.
Service Report." Animated talk, preferably by service overseer. Include
encouraging aspects of congregation
year report as indicated on Congregation Analysis Report sent to
Society at end of service year. Suggest areas needing special attention
for future progress of congregation
and explain what may be done with
view to improvement. Warmly commend brothers for accomplishments

in fieId service. End this portion

with necessary local announcements
and encourage all to share in field
service this weekend.
15 min: Organized t o Accomplish
Our Ministry, from beginning of
chapter 8, page 81, to subheading on
page 87. Enthusiastic talk by capable elder. Emphasize need to display
Jesus' attitude toward the field ministry. Call special attention to points
in paragraph 2 on page 83.
15 min : Arrange locally according
to needs of congregation. Or one of
the elders may present a talk based
on the article "Duties or Pleasures
--Which Do You Put First?" from
the November 1, 1983, issue of The
Song 45 and concluding prayer.

Song 81
15 min: Local announcements.
Remind brothers to bring School
brochure and Our Ministry book to
Service Meeting next week. Also,
talk by elder covering information
in article "When Our Hearts Impel
Us to Do All We Can" in the December 1, 1983, issue of The Watchtower, pages 20 through 22. Tie in
c'ongregation accounts report.
15 min: "Expanding Your Ministry as a Regular Pioneer." Questionand-answer discussion of article. I f
possible, interview one who started
regular pioneer service during the
past two or three years and highlight what obstacles he or she had
to overcome to get into the pioneer
work. Sug'gest to those undecided
that they may want to 'try it for
a year.'
15 rnin: "Can You Auxiliary Pio-

Increase Praise
year, we averaged 344,493 Bible
studies each month. Howevec, during the 1983 service year when
we started using the Live Forever
book in field service, we averaged
390,678, an increase of 1 3 percent,
more than 46,000 additional studies each month! I n April of 1983
we had an all-time peak of 436,500
studies. These studies are being
conducted with people whose lives
can be saved. The end result will
be a further increase in praisers of
our deserving God.

with interested persons found in

house-to-house work, others may be
started with relatives. Look what
happenedswhen Andrew enthusiastically reported the good news to
his fleshly brother, Simon Peter.
(John 1:40-42) Or, have you talked
with your neighbors, co-workers
or schoolmates, offering them a
Bible study? Since you are close
acquaintances, there is already a
foundation on which you can build.
Prayerfully consider these opportunities and act in harmony with
your requests.-Matt. 7:7.
7 YOUmay already have as many
studies as you can conveniently
6 With whom can studies be start- conduct. What can you do if you find
ed? I n addition to those started others who are willing
- to study?

neer in March and Apr

sion between an elder and two who
are planning to auxiliary pioneer.
Cover highlights of article as well
as describe how some in congregation have beerr able to schedule their
affairs to enroll. Mention number of
auxiliary pioneers congregation had
in March and April 1983.
Song 23 and concluding prayer.

Song 116

10 min: Local pnnouncements.

Encourage support of magazine activity on fourth Saturday. Share
brief presentation from current magazines.
20 min: "Extracurricular Activities." Well-qualified elder to cover
material on pages 22-5 of School
brochure. Reason with the brothers
as to why the instruction to 'keep
separate from the world' is wisely
applied in connection with many of
these activities. Help the young people see the benefit of loyally following the direction provided th~ough
"the faithful b d discreet slave." Try
to get children to comment on what
goes on in connection with these
activities, emphasizing the value of
keeping separate. Elder conducting
should show sensitivity and balance
in covering this material.
15 min: Organized to Accomplish
Our Ministry. Talk by capable elder.
Involve the audience. Start at subheading on page 87 and go to subheading on page 92. Have someone
from audience relate experience he
or she had in either street witnessipg or Qonducting Bible study.
Song 8 and concluding prayer.

You can start a study and turn it

over to someone who would like to
conduct it. Or perhaps you could
assist someone to start a study for
him to conduct. Could you take
someone with you when starting a
study and progressively turn the
study over to that one? I n all these
ways you may share in increasing
praise t o Jehovah.
8 Truly, J+ovah
deserves to be
praised. Each day, consider every
opportunity to praise him and take
advantage of it. (Ps. 145:2) This
will bring us deep satisfaction now.
And what of the future? May we,
and those persons whom we help
qualify, share in praising Jehovah
eternally.-1 Tim. 4: 16.

Our Kingdom Mlnlstry (USPS 295-360) IS published monthly by Watchtower B ~ b l eand Tract Soc~etyof New York
InC. 25 Columbla Helghts Brooklyn N.Y. 11201. Second-class postage paid at Brooklyn, N.Y. POSTMASTERI
Prlnted ~n U.S A
~ e n kaddress changes to watchtowe;, 25 Columbia Helghts. Brooklyn. N.Y. 11201.

An Encouraging
U.S. Service Report


The article "19@ Yearbook

Highlights Worldwide Increase" in
Our Kingdom
last month
was considered on the Service Meeting during January. Now we will
take a closer look at the field Service report from the United States.
This can be examined along with
the activity of the local congregation and
encourage us in
giving Our
'In the United States we had a
6-~ercentincrease in the average
number of publishers. This is the
largest annual increase reported
since the 1975 service year. What
was the increase in your congregation by comparison? The 35,303
baptized last year represent an average of 4 for each- of the 7,837
congregations in this country. How
thrilling it is to see all these new
ones having an active share in
making known Jehovah's name and
Word! With an increase of 34,124 in
the average number of publishers,
it was necessary to form 167 new
congregations, about 3 each week.
3 Did you conduct one or more
of the 390.678 home Bible studies
reported last year? If so, are these
Bible students making progress toward dedication and baptism? Or
perhaps you were among the 84.285 reporting as auxiliary pioneers
in April or one of the 3,317 add-

Can You Auxiliary

' No doubt many Of you
an unhesitating "Yesn as
swer .to the above
plans are already made. Others will
likely reply: "Maybe . if all goes
well." Still others could feel that
auxiliary pioneering this March or
April is not possible and so reply:
.I wouldlike to. but I
wratway do you respond?
2 Little needs to be said to those
wiiose plans have already been
made, except for words of encowagement to keep such plans before Jehovah so th t the-1
firmly established.&ov.
recommend that you realistically consider your circumstances
and search out whatever may help
you to enroll. ~~k~ advantage of
the positive influences in your congregation that can encourage and
there regular or
auxiliary pioneers in your congregation? Ask them if
an work
or two.
along with them for a
in the
~~d since over

. .


them, if possible.

to rise earlv
.h m o r u to ensure z u l l day of activity. Others
cut back on re reat.
and other personal pur:dts.l%uil'
c P
to minimize
a n a z p e n t on even
necessary things arou the home.
In a sense they
oE every weigh{,q and are directing all
toward pioneering for
a month or two. (Heb. 12:1) Many
have told us about the blessings
they received as a
give a few
Year-old sister with heart problems took up the challenge. With
t e Support of others, she succeeded and enjoyed every minute of
it. A brother who is a real-estate
adjusted his schedule for
showing homes so as to allow time
for him to auxiliary pioneer. An
elder 0 works nivhb rearranged
his sleeping schedule so he could
get his time in service. He felt
ib rewarded by having shared in the
field service with so many of his
brothers and sisters.
was able to auxiliary
pioneer with the help of her unbelieving husband. Yes, all these
individuals and many more made
personal sacrifices, but how richly



NOVEMBER SERVICE REPORT just. as o f t e n a s Some 29,600 who auxiliary pioneered last 8
publishers set personal oals as March and the 84,285 of last April? 5
pubs. .
n. M~~~ &.
to the increased n d o u r s Those of us who can make mom








3.6 0.5


8 Literature offer for February: F a Can

Live Forever in Paradise on Earth. for

$2.50. March: Any two O f

book. Of course, there. are many the following books
for a contribution of
-portions Of the Lzve
Choosing, Commentary on James,
JesusChrist had "sayings Of ever- book that could be highlighted ac- $1.00:
~ o l 8y ~ 8 ~
lasting life."
cording to the householder's needs it, This Life and world Government. (See
did he receive these? Jn prayer to or interests.
December 1983 Our Kingdom Mtnistry AnJehovah he said: "The sayings that
nouncements for credit request informaSTARTING STUDIES
tion.) April and May: Subscription for The
you gave me I have given to them."
Watchtower for one year, on a contri(John 17'8) Thus Jesus faithfully
6Have you ever attemptedto start bution of $3.50. Six-month subscriptions
to his disciples informaeach.
study on the initial call? $2.00
tion from his Father that dying men a Bible
On Saturday, April 21, the Brooklyn
ago a sister called on a Bethel
home and factory and Watchtower
need in order to come into a good re- ~ o long
who was just leaving her home Farms buildings will be closed for spring
lationship with Jehovah and receive lady
SO there will be no arrangements
everlasting life.
Forever book, the sister took for tour; on that day.
Jesus knew that his disciples Live
the occasion to demonstrate a home
would not keep this vital knowlA d t o Btble Understanding,
edge to themselves but would make ~
~~ ~
~ ~~
it known to others "through their was leaving, the
word." (John 17:20) Today there are that the letter she had been about
(Volume 2, Da-Jah)
and a
persons to mail was addressed to a religious
(Volume 3 Jah-Pec) -Portuguese
Who Possess 'the knowledge that organization, asking them for a ~ i - Organized 20 Accomplish Our Ministry
means everlasting life.' (John 17:3) ble study,
You Can Live Forever Ln Paradise on
I t is their privilege to pass on to
7 How dould you go aboyt offering
this precious* lifesaving a Bible 'study on the first call? AfA Secure Future-How You Can Find
knowledge that originated with Je- ter placing the book, you might say:
hovah God.
hi^ book is designed not just for Bible Topics for Discussion-Ukrainian
3 There is no doubt that the Live
reading but also for making a careEnjoy Life on Earth Forever!
is a fine instrument to ful study of the Scriptures. Note the
to impart "sayings Of questions a t the bottom of the page
use in
New ~assette"Recordin~s
everlasting life." But for pedple to that relate to each paragraph and
Leviticus (set o f two; congregation and
public: $3.00; pioneers: $2.50)
realize its value,. we need to shob the cited scriptures. TO assist people
them how the scriptures in our Top- ulith their study we are offering a
ic for Conversation relate to points free home ~ i bitudy
l ~ course. ~f you
in. the I?ook. How have you been have a few moments, I would like to
doing this?
To the Ephesians, Philippians, Colosdemonstrate how these discussions
4 After reading ' John 17:17, you conversational manner you can disTotop~~~m~h~~f,
could say: "It is clear from this that CUSS a few paragraphs either in the
and Comments" from
Jesus Christ believed God's Word is erst chapter Or a portion thereof 8 The " ~ a i l Texts
the truth. Nevertheless, there are in which the householder may have the 1984 Yearbook of Jehovah* Wttnesses
in grade-two English Bralle may now be
many people today who wonder if shown special interest.
Ordered. To Obtain this
ubli8 May Jehovah bless our united efthe Bible is really true. Perhaps
you, too, have questions about this, forts to share with others the life- cation'
along with thesend
a and address
O f of
.[Wait for response.] I have found Saving knowledge that has been en- individual that is to receive it, to the
some very interesting information trusted to US.
about this question that you may
(Cont'd) can now and make a special effort
appreciate. [Read paragraph 21 on Regular Pioneer
page 53.1" YOU could then briefly each day to meet the pioneer re- to work with those already enrolled.
go on to mention points about the quirement, and they did so without Observe their joy. This will help
Bible's accuracy in scientific mat- neglecting other ckistian respon- YOU develop the pioneer spirit. Do
ters, in relating historical events sibilities. ~h~~~ are now happily not dwell on the negative factors
or particularly in foretelling future
in your circumstances. (Eccl. 11:4)
events. Perhaps YOU could conclude
imitate Nehemiah's
the ~Rather,
i seek
n to g
with the information on pages 54 hour requirement keeps some from positive
attitude regarding rebuildand 55 or the reasoning developed
in the face
in paragraph 28 on page 56. ~h~~ entering the full-time service. But of obstacles. He said: "The God of
mounoffer the book.
the heavens is the One that
5 Or, after discussing John 17:17, tainlike obstacles, including those
grant us success*and we ourselvesy
you could say: 'LFor something to that spring from such apprehen- his Servants,
get up* and we
be the truth it must be supported sion. (Matt. 17:20) God's Word and
by facts. So, if the Bible says that spirit, along with the good advice
we can live forever, we can rightly offered by Jehovah's organization,
more opportunities to experience
ask, 'Is this based on facts or just can help to build such faith.
the special joy that comes from
speculation?' I t may interest you to
helping others to know and serve
know that informed men have said
YOU will get into the pioneer Jehovah. And by expanding your
that living forever is a possibility
for humans. For example, let me work only by taking decisive Steps ministry a s a regular pioneer, you
Share with you these published corn- in harmony v i t h Your Prayers. will find the refreshment suggestments." Then read paragraph 4 on What steps need to be taken? Heart- ed a t Proverbs 11:25, that of being
page 7. After making comments re- felt desire must be cultivated; you freely watered spiritually yourself
garding the need to take in further must want to pioneer. Increase your because of your "freely waterin
knowledge of the Bible, offer the preaching activity as much as you others" with the Word of life.

With the Live Forever







Prepare for the

Memorial Celebration

MARCH 1984

MARCH 5-1 1
2. Why is it vital?
ular in field service?

MARCH 12-18
1. How do we demonstrate ~t in the
2. Why is it beneficial, and to whom?
3. How can we maintain it?

On Sunday, April 15, after sundown, Jehovah's people will gather

for a most sacred occasion. This will
be to memorialize the death of Jesus Christ, Our
and Master.
This joyous
known as
serves as
a reminder to each of us of the liberating effect of Christ's sacrifice.
Webejoice in the great love that Jehovah has shown in giving his own
Son to provide the redemption price
for us. (Rom. 5:6-8) How happy we
can be to have availed ourselves of
his ransom sacrifice! Once again we
can show our appreciation by being
,supportive of the arrangements for
celebrating the Memorial this year.
2 The first essential is to make
definite plans to be in attendance
ourselves. Also, at an early date, we
will want to begin inviting Bible students, relatives and other interested
persons. Can definite arrangements
be made to provide transportation for
those who may need help in getting
to the meeting? With the Memorial
on a Sunday this year, it should be
possible for most persons to adjust
their affairs to attend, provided they
are invited several weeks in advance
and then reminded again closer to
the actual date.

3 Elders have many advance preparations to mabe for the Memorial

celebration. These include arrangements for the speaker, distribution
of the priilted invitations, preparing
the proper emblems (see w76 2/174,
75) organizing the attendants and
ser;ers, cleaning and arranging the
Kingdom Hall, and so
If all
things are diligently cared for in
advance, the celebration will be a


'On this sacred occasion the

anointed partake of the emblems,
thus acknowledging that they have
been taken into the new Covenant
and,that'they expect to share with
Christ in his heavenly Kingdom.
(Rom. 8:16, 17, 23) Their obediently
partaking shows that they greatly
esteem Christ:s sacrifice by which
they are sanctified as parties to the
new covenant.
5 ~illiond
of others with an earthly hope attend but do not partake
of the emblems. Still, they receive
many benefits as a result of Jesus'
sacrifice, including God's forgiveness
of their sins through Christ's blood.
They observe the occasion with great
(Continued on page 7, coc 3)

Will YOU Serve as an

Auxiliary Pioneer in,April?

To wors'ip
to serve your parents or another publisher in
him. For the Israelites, worshiping the congregation? Close cooperation
Jehovah required obedience to his
this endeavor can bring success.
commands, doing his will as a peo- -prov~ 15:22.
ple exclusively devoted to him. (Ex.
1. What does it mean?
19:5; Josh. 24:14, 15) As Christians
our worship of' Jehovah i n c l ~ d e s
Increased field service activity
preaching the good news of the Kingdom and teaching others the truths brings personal benefits. Being oc3. Why is it important?
we have learned. (Matt. 28:19, 20) cupled daily with preaching the good
By our obedience to Jesus' command news causes one's heart and mind to
we are in effect serving and war- focus on Scriptural thoughts. This
s h i ~ i n gJehovah.
can enhance our spirituality, and
this will be reflected in our attitude,'
1. Why are these qual~tiesimporINCREASE 'OUR
outlook and conduct. Our happiness
n Many publishers select certain increases because we know we are
opportune times during the year to doing the work God approves. Also,
have a greater share in preaching the We improve in our own ability to
good news that is vital to the salva- express the good news clearly and
tion of others. (Rom. 10:io-15) any understandably. Special joy results
tles? How?
are serving as auxiliaiy pioneers this when we are able to start a home
month. Can you increase your sac- Bible study. Additionally, the fruitrifices of praise to Jehovah as an age of the spirit usually becomes
auxiliary pioneer nezt month? (Heb. more evident in our lives. In fact,
13:15) Have you seriously thought some publishers have said that their
about making up a schedule that will relationship with others in the conallow you to auxiliary pioneer for one gregation and in their own family
month or more? The requirements improves when they are more active
are set forth in the book Our Min- in the field service. Others state that
istry, pages 113 and 114. Why not by oiganizing their affairs to be an
discuss the matter with vour mate.
(Continued on vaae 8. col. 3)

MARCH 19-25

Meetings-to Help Us Make Disciples


Song 25
12 min: Local announcements and
Announcements from Our Kingdom
Ministry. Briefly review articles in
March 8 Awake! Direct attention to
paragraph under "Feature Articles"
on page 2. Have prepared publisher
make the following model presentation, featuring March 8Awake! After
appropriate introduction, publisher
asks householder: "Are you familiar
with the expression 'History repeats
itself'?" Allow reply from householder; they publisher continues by saying: "Notice here on page 2 of Awake!
what it says about this matter." Publisher shows page 2 to householder
and reads or discusses paragraph under heading "Feature Articles." Publisher concludes by Saying: "I am sure
that you will fjnd these articles most
interesting. These issues of Awake!
and The Watchtower are yours for a
contribution of 30 cents." Encourage
brothers to make brief presentations
of the magazines.
15 min: Organized to Accomplish
Our Ministry. Talk and discussion of
material from page 92, paragraph 2,
through page 100, paragraph 1.
18 min: "Schedule Time for Field
Service." Question-and-answer coverage preferably by service overseer.
Refer to information on pages 116118 pf Our Ministry book. Use final
8 minutes to suggest several talking
points that may be used in making
two-book offer during March. Focus
attention on books that are in good
supply locally. Have one or two wellprepared brief demonstrations showing how to tie in two-book offer with
current Topic for Conversation. Encourage all to share in field service
first Sunday of month.
Song 103 and concluding prayer.

superior grade paper being used In

printing The Watchtower, beginning
with January 1984. These magazines
have an improved appearance and will
be more durable for those wishing to
save personal study copies for future
12 min: school and Jehovah's w i t nesses. Talk on pagan origin of Easter, Valentine's Day, May Day and
Mother's Day. See pages 19-21 of
brochure. Include paragraph' 2 on
page 21, and help all to appreciate the
need for faithfulness and reasonableness. Encourage parents to prepare
their children for these matters.
Song 18 and concluding prayer.

Song 32
1 0 min: Local announcements.
Briefly review articles in March 15
Watchtower and March 22 Awake!
t h a t can be used effectively in field
service. Those who wish to highlight
Awake! in their presentation may
want to use the comments on page 2
under the heading "Feature Articles."
For those who wish to highlight The
Watchtower, the following presentation is suggested: After introducing
yourself, you could say, "Do you think
the day will ever come when people
of all races, nationalities and languages will live together in peace?"
Allow for reply and then state, "The
idea of people everywhere living in
unity, with no more hatred, violence
or wars, certainly must seem like a
dream to many people. And yet, isn't
i t something that we would all like t o
see? Notice on page 3 of this issue of
The Watchtower." O ~ e tno Dane 3 and
show article, reading title.-~Eensay,
"I would be very happy to leave this
magazine with you along withdwake!
for a contribution of 30 cents." Intraduce following part about ma@zine insert.
Point the Way
to Life." Question-and-answer coverage of magazine insert from subheading. "What
Can Do" to end. Of
artlcle. Read
paragraphs as time
,,Willyou Serve as an Auxiliary Pioneer in April?,B Talk 'and
discussion of material with-congregation. Read scriptures as time allows
and conclude by reading paragraph,6.
Song 3 8 and concluding prayer.

retary, from page 100, paragraph 2,

to end of chapter, page 110.
25 min: "Presenting the Good News
-To People Who Speak Another Language." Question-and-answer coverage. Read paragraphs. Look up scriptures as time permits.
Song 64 and concluding prayer.

Song 4 1
10 min: Local announcements and
"Are You Making Good Use of
Tracts?" Make local application. Also
remind brothers there is still time to
apply for auxiliary pioneer service in
April. Announce new literature offer
and encourage all to support field
service on first Sundav in ADril.
20 rnin: "Prepare for the ~ e m o r i
a1 Celebration." Question-and-answer
consideration. Read paragraphs and
look up scriptures.
15 min: Use time for local needs,
or interview those wbo are auxiliary
pioneering and those who plan to do so
during April. How many have shared
in this activity before? Who is doing
it for the first time? What motivated
them? What personal benefits have
been derived from this increased activity? How are personal affairs and
responsibilities organized to accomplish it? How do various members of
the family cooperate? Highlight joy
of those who share in this activity
and encourage all to be supportive.
Song 8 6 and concluding prayer.

Are You Making

Good Use of Tracts?

~~~t congregations have a good

supply of Kingdom News Nos 30
3 1 and 32; and, if not, these' cal;
be ordered from the society. some
congregations still have on hand a
number of previous t r a c t s t h a t present a
message' Are
usSong 74
ing ithese t r a c t s in your ministry?
8 min: Local announcements.
2 Much good can be accomplished
Comment briefly on sharing in twoin t h e house-to-house ministry by
book offer. Also, get comments from
discreetly leaving a tract where no
publishers who have used model magone is found a t home. Also a tract
azine presentation as demonstrated
may be offered t o a person who
last week. Have them comment briefly
demonstrates a measure of interest
on advantages of short presentations
and use of paragraph about "Feature
but does
accept a magArticles" in Awake! Encourage all to
azine Or Other publication Offered
share in magazine work second Saton a contribution basis. Some have
urday of month.
found it is often effective to be25 min: "Magazines Point the Way
gin their resenta at ions bv offerinn
to Life." Question-and-answer cover- Song 6
free tract.
age from beginning up to subheading, 8 min: Local announcements, ac3 Since Kingdom News t r a c t s a r e
"What You Can Do." Read key para- counts report and encourage all to published from time t o time, each
graphs as time allows. Call for brief share in magazine activity fourth Sat- o n a timely subject, why not becomments, expressing why we can be urday of month.
come thoroughly familiar with these
enthusiastic in presenting Watchtow- 12 min: Organized to Accomplish t r a c t s and make good use of them in
er subscription. Also call attention to Our Ministry. Talk, preferably by sec- fulfilling your Kingdom ministry?
Our Klngdom Mlnlstry (USPS295-360)1s published monthly by Watchtower Bible and Tract Soclety of New York,
Inc.. 25 Columb~aHelghts, Brooklyn, N.Y. 1120%. Second-class postage pald at Brooklyn. N.Y. POSTMASTER:
Send address changes to Watchtower, 25 Columbia Helghts, Brooklyn, N.Y. 11201.
Pr~nted~n U.S.A.

Magazines Point the Way to Life

chaeology and matters related to Christian faith
and living. (Matt. 24:45) Many probably do not
there are at least 10,952 periodicals published in realize the great amount of time that is spent
the United States, myriads more worldwide, but in preparing articles for publication. Do not take
only two of them-The Watchtower and Awake! the magazines for granted. Because we receive
-point the way to eternal life. Do you fully ap- a magazine almost every week, we may tend to
preciate their high value?-Prov. 9:10, 11; John underestimate its worth.
People in the medical profession, educators,
Remember, a t one time you were searching social workers and other professionals, not to
for the path to eternal life. Thankfully the Watch- mention our own brothers and sisters, regulartower and Awake! magazines helped you find it. ly comment on the value of the articles in The
Or, perhaps it was your parents that g r ~ p e dfor Watchtower and Awake! For example, note what
the truth. They found it and now you, too, have non-Witnesses say about our magazines:
it. Again, the magazines helped.
"I am a professor of biological science and at
Likewise today, there are honest-hearted ones times I have had difficulty in harmonizing science
who are entangled in the present wicked system and religion.
- The last issue of The Watchtower made
and who are also searching for a way out. They so many things clear."-Brazil.
"Reading your magazines is a genuinely joyful
sense that life and the world have lost meaning. Instead of hope, they sense doom. (Ps. 12: experience. They are not cheap, low-quality 'com1, 2, 5; Ezek. 9:4) Proverbs 29:18 accurately forters,' but contain guidance and direction on how
describes why they feel despair and then offers to make life meaningful."-Germany.
"It is so refreshing to read the magazines again
the remedy: "Where there is no vision the peoand
add that Awake! is my medical 'up-date'
ple go unrestrained, but happy are they that are and is must
really worth it for that alone." (Retired medkeeping the law."
ical doctor)-England.
The Watchtower and Awake! sharpen the
"Awake! not only widens my knowledge but also
readers' eyes as to how a peaceful, righteous fu- broadens my outlook. I commend the printers and
ture can be obtained, helping them to see the publishers for their meritorious service."-Nigeria.
wisdom of following Jehovah's laws. (Jer. 2 9 : l l )
8'Are the magazines less important in the
"For the one finding me [wisdom] will certainly
work than books?' some ask. Well, is a
find life, and gets goodwill from Jehovah," says
important in the construction trade
Proverbs 8:35.
than a saw? Both are vital. Though each tool
has a different function, both contribute to the
goal of building something. All published
5witnessing with magazines can benefit all items are important in getting the preaching
sorts of people, who live anywhere,
every work done. Consider what one traveling overseer
the value
circumstance, who are bewildered by this system. wrote
Why? Because our magazines are like a com"Many people do not care to read a book of
pass. No matter who the person is or which way
many pages; they prefer short stories, brief articles that can be read quickly-magazines serve
he faces, whether the sky is clear or cloudy, a
that Purpose very well."
compass will always point him in only one direction- Likewise, The Watchtower and Awake! al- Magazine witnessing, therefore, should occupy an
ways point in only one direction-J~h~vah's way important part of our field service schedule.
to eternal life-helping people to steer a safe
9 In addition, magazines that are placed give
~ o u r s ethrough the muddle of this wicked syseffective witness long after we leave the door,
tern. Therefore, are you and your family regular and eventually they give a witness to more peain magazine activity?
ple. (Statistics show that, on the average, a secuOur magazines have proved to be highly effec- lar magazine is read by more than four people.)
tive tools in carrying on our field ministry. These Therefore, let the magazines speak!
magazines are fresh, alive, keeping up with events
of the day. They are the product of research in
the Scriptures done by the "faithful and discreet
lo Interest in magazines is alive and growing.
slave," and they present true evaluations of the Consider these facts: Last year, more than one
latest developments in world affairs, science, ar- new consumer magazine a week was published

Unique! That is what you could call the

Watchtower and Awake! magazines. Right now



just in the United States. Nine out of ten ~louths

between the ages of 10 and 18 and,nine out
of ten adults read at least one kagazine every
month. Also, when you approach a newsstand,
what do you see? Magazines. At a corner store,
what catches your eye? Magazines. What makes
a postman bend under the weight of his mailbag?
Magazines. Thus, what are people reading? Magazines! The world is magazine conscious. Can we
make honest-hearted persons in the world more
W U ~ C ~ ~and
O Awake!
W ~ T conscious? Yes, if WE
are Watchtower and Awake! conscious. What
can help us?


l1 Magazine days are a the-tested way to
reach people with the Kingdom message. They
are field service days, usually on Saturday, set
- ZSide for magazine witnessing- Magazine street
witnessing became a milestone in our theocratic
history more than 44 years ago. The January
1940 issue of the Informant (Our Kingdom Ministrg) encouraged publishers to schedule a special
day each week for street witnessing, using the
magazines- In 1949 the house-to-house ministry
idroduced as a part of
with the magazines
~ a g a z i n e~ a yBut
; house-to-house magazine witnessing was not 'stressed until the Znfomnt of
October 1952 said:
"The most effective means of Qistributing the
magazines is from house to house and store to
store. Hence the Society recommends that these
avenues of magazine distribution be a regular part
of Magazine Day activiq."
That advice regarding magazine distrib;tion
. still valid today.
12 The service overseer, the brother handling
the territory, and you, can help to make magazine
days a success. How? First, Ute service overseer
may schedule regular magazine acti+ity for the
congregation. For most congregations Saturdays
will likely be the best time. Second, the brother handling the territory may assign territory
solely for magazine witnessins Most congregations usually find that .rotating the territory
between magazine witnessing and the literature
offer works out well. Therefore, as far as it is
practical, individual territories can be worked one
time exc1,usively with the magazines and the ne*
time with the regular literature offer. Third, you
may support magazine days, either on a Saturday
Qron another day during the week convenient to
yoyr personal schedule.
13What is the objective of magazine days?
Their purpose, then and now, goes beyond placements. Magazine days emphasize reaching more
people v
th- 'ruth. (Prov. 1:20) This was

explainpd in the Informant of Way 1949, 'which

stated "The expanded distribution will bring Whovah's kingdom more prominently in view, and
help increased numbers of the reading public to
find hope and life." Placing magazines, therefore,
can be the initial step in starting many people on
the way to a Bible study, which may help them
become part of the Christian congregation.
"Do not hesitate to share in mwazine day
activity. Develop a more positive attitude toward
magazine witnessing, for "we are not peddlers
of the word of God." (2 Cor. 2:17) In his letter
to the Corinthians, Paul hdd in mind hucksters
who watered do& wine for a quick sale. Tho&
peddlers were out for their own personal gain
and had no concern for either the quality of the
goods or the real interests of their customers.
15 False ministers are just like those ancient
hucksters, always watering down the Word of
with human philosophies and baditions in
order to enhance their own power, prestige and
finances. we are different. we are
not for personal gab, as useny
uOut of
from ~ ~ under
d ,~ ~ d (2, cbr.~ 2:17) our
magazines are not adulterated but, rather, are
spiritually wholesome. Much work and time are
invested in each issue. So, take a fresh, positive
attitude toward magazine days.


l6 fist, set a W T s o ~ goall

As a suggestion,
publishers may have a goal of, say, 10 magazines
per month, depending on their circumstances;
pioneers might strive for 90. Of course, some
publishers may be able to place more magazines
per month and therefore will set a higher personal goal. However, *use
of poor health, type of
territory, or other good reasons, the goal of others may be lower- Yet their service to Jehovah is
just as worthy. (Matt. 13:23; Luke 21:3, 4) The
is to have a personal goal'
What do the Society's branches say about
personal goals?
"It is good and stimulating to have goals to
reach out for. AU pioneers should make purposeful
efforts to place some magazines each day."-Sweden.
0 Some publishers who had set goals for themselves on Saturday morning found that they "placed
more magazines than they had in the past- Goals do
work!"-united States.
"A pioneer sister aimed to place 10 magazines per month. She increased her regu1arOrder Of
magazines to 120; now she places 160 magazines a
l8Next, have a definite' magazine orde~,
if possible, for each publisher in your family. You may
place an order with the brother handling maga\

zines, for a set number of copies of each issue. rant, talking to one another, holding their magaThe result: You and your faniily will have a reg- zines in the air out in front of them, while scores
ular and adequate supply of magazines.
of people passed right .by them," observed one
circuit overseer. Were,those publishers effective
l9 Then, schedelle a definite a d regular time for
magazine witnessing. It may ' be house-to-house in street witnessing? Did it seem that, they were
witnessing, street witnessing, business witness- interested in'people, or in just c o u n t u their
ing, magazine route witnessing or any combina- field service time? In some locations and with
some publishers, standing still with the magation of the foregoing.
maga- zines exposed has produced good results. But for
NOWYOU are ready t o prepare a W f
zine p~esentation-30 to 60 seconds. You cannot the majomty of publishers, standing in one spot
do a lot in 30 to 60 seconds. So aim to say only a is not the best way to make use of our magazine
little, but say it well. Be enthusiastic. Appeal to witnessing time. More than three decades ago the
Society offered advice thht is still timely:
' the person. Be specific. Pick out one idea from
aq article, put it into a .few pointed words and
"Do not stand like a signpost merely holding up
present the magazines. It has been observed that the .magazines, but walk about the street, offering
some publishers may talk too long, talking the the magazines to those standing at the curb and
householder into taking the magazines and then to persons in ' arked cars, also to those walking
down the stree!. Smile, look directly at the person
talking him out of it.
and speak."
21 Finally, offer the magazines on every appropriate occasion. UThe magazines are not SUB- 26 Publishers who Custer in groups, either on
ciently offered in informal witnessing," notes the the street corner or while walking 'down the
France branch. And one circuit overseer made' street, may find that separating and approachthis helpful observation: "If publishers would car- ing people, while the other publishers are busy
ry magazines with them when they go shopping, close by, improvei their magazine witnessing.,
visit friends, stop at gas stations, they would find Few strangers will approach a group of people,
many occasions to place magazines."
but many strangers will stop and listen briefly
22 Here are some other 'occasions: When the
if they are approached by only one person.
book offer is refused. When the householder is
27 Here are some more ideas on street witnessbusy. When we talk to fellow employees or stu- ing:
dents, neighbors, relatives, people we meet on
It is good to speak directly to the person, give
public transportation or in medical waiting rooms. a friendly
greeting, show h i one article, and per-'
Can you list any other appropriate occasions?
haps say: 'Would this subject interest you?"
Some have found that their ,placements are
best and steady when they are at the same pl*
23 An effective way to m u s e the householder's
the same. time each week. It is also a fact that
interest is by raising a question that is answered publishers will meet different groups of people on
' an article in one of the magazines. As one the streets at different times of the day.
branch wrote:
As is true in other features of the field ser,"The best presentation seems to follow the form vice, we need to be grqmed and dressed in a way
of raising a subject of interest, usually in the befitting one of God's ministers. ' ,
Approaching people with the magazine opened
form of a question, pointing to an article in one
of the magazines discussing this subject and of- to a particular article that deals with local problems
fering,this magazine along with the other as its has been found helpful.
You may '&d this simple approach will be effective in your territory.
28 Magazine routes are excellent sdpping-stones
to home Bible studies. Have you, tried them?
24 Before starting ollt in magazine witnessing,
look over the magazines and pick out a few eye- When you make regular return visits with the
catching features. Ask yourself: 'To whom would latest magazines, you will &d that warmth and
this article be appealing, a mother, a ndnreligious friendliness will grow between you and the houseperson, a youth?' Think of one or two sentences holder. But some may feel that a magazin~route
you could say to prompt a comment from the call is to be made 'when we have nothing else
to do.' A magazine route call is important! It is
householder or stir interest.
a return visit when you talk with the same per'
son again.
%I .
three publishers standing on a busy
How do you start a magazine route? You '
street &@er outside the entrance to a restau- lay the foundation on the first call wherever


the magazines are placed. Next, note five simple

points on your House-to-House Record. They are
(1)householder's name, (2) address, (3) date of
visit, (4) issues placed, (5) article featured. Then
you return two weeks later with the latest two
30 The following are additions) observations:
Those who have magazine routes place many
magazines even though the territories are being
covered regularly.
One sister had some exceptional results after
taking out a territory for magazine witnessing. In
14 days she had 40 calls on her magazine route.
Another sister, by following up all interest shown,
was ableto add 80 calls to her route.
3 l Magazine witnessing to business people in
your territory can bring you many good 'experiences. I n giving more attention to the storeto-store work, try to engage in such activity a t
times when there are not so many people out
shopping. It has been fouhd that getting an early start before there are many shoppers on the
streets is good because storekeepers are usually
more relaxed and not so busy. Be brief, to the
point and well dressed. A magazine route may be
developed with interested persons found in business territory.

Find an article that deals with a current problem in your community.

Have one article in mind that will appeal
to each of the three categories: men, women,
Show how the magazine relates to the householder and how the whole family will enjoy it.
Adjust the time of magazine activity so as to
meet more people a t the door. Some congregations
that arrange for evening activity have a very high
average of magazine placements.
The most successful presentations are usually
short and to the point.
Don't talk too fast. If a householder has no
interest, your talking faster will not make him interested. Instead, slow down and show personal interest in the householder.
Many magazines are placed with individuals
who say that they are busy. To such householders
a publisher can simply say: "Instead of my taking
time to talk with you, our latest magazines contain
our message." Then offer to leave two magazines
for a contribution of 80 cents.

Our brothers have found these suggestions
to be effective when witnessing with magazines:
Read the magazines ahead of time and get to
know the articles.

33 Last year, an insert in Our Kingdom Ministry for April stressed the importance of obtaining
subscriptions. The response was commendable,
resulting in a 28-percent worldwide increase in
subscriptions, with some countries doubling their
previous year's total. Will we see the same enthusiastic resp'onse to the encouragement in this
insert to share more fully in witnessing with
magazines? If so, our magazines will be pointing
many more people to eternal life.

Offering Magazines
From House to House

ta Place Magazines


4 House-to-house witnessing

1. Hav* friendly smile, friendly tone of voice.

2. Be enthusiastic about magazines.

4 Street witnessing

3. Speak slowly; speak distinctly.

4 Business witnessing

4. Speak on only one subject; briefly stimulate

interest in subject and show its value to


4 Magazine route witnessing

5. Highlight just one article. It should match

your subject and be appropriate for

4 Evening witnessing
4 When book offer is refused

6. Feature only one magazine, offering other

as companion.

4 When making return visits

7. You may find it helpful to hand magazine to


4 Calling on former Bible students

8. Prepare the way for return visit.

4 When traveling, shopping

9. Have friendly, positive conclusion when

magazines are refused.

4 When talking to relatives, co-workers. neiahbors, schoolmates, teachers

10. Make notation on House-to-House Record.



Schedule Time for Field Service'

Literature offer for March: Any two of

1 True Christians are very busy
the following books for a contribution of people. (1Cor. 15:58) We have many they contain into the homes of our
$1.00: Choosing, Commentary on James, demands placed on our time. Hence, neighbors. W e can call back at a late r date and engage the householder
"Eternal Purpose,'' Evolution, Holy Spirit, This Life and World Government. April there is a need for us to have a in an in-depth discussion, but our
and May: The Watchtower, one-year subinitial call should be brief and to
scription for a contribution of $3.50. Six- successful in fulfilling dur many ob- the point. Of course, when excepmonth subscriptions are $2.00. June and ligations. Particular care and atten- tional interest is shown, an approJuly: "Let Your Kingdom Come," for a tion, therefore, should be given to
priate witness should be given with
contribution of 75c.
our commission to preach, making
Books designated for use in the March sure we fully accomplish our minis- arrangements to cal! again.
offer may be obtained by congregation pubSET PERSONAL GOALS
lishers for 50c each and at the regular rate try.-2 Tim. 4:5.
5 To aid further in scheduling time,
2To h e l ~us schedule our time.
by pioneers. Congregations may request
25c credit for each of these books placed certain days of the month have been have You Set personal goalsfor Yourover the counter for use by congregation designated as special field service Self? Personal goals to increase time
publishers durifig March. Please request days. These days are highlighted spent in the ministry, to plahe more
credit for books obtained by pioneeqs in on our calendar. They are the first literature or to make more effecthe normal way. However, credit for books Sunday and the second and fourth tive return visits will help US Set
obtained bv ~ublishersshould be reauest- Saturdays of every month. On these priorities. This may mean that some
ed separa<eiy; using a line under "other
activities of lesser importance will*
Items" on the same Remittance and Credit special days of service it can be very
encouraging for those who may be have to be put aside. However, the
Request form.
Presiding overseep or someone desig irregular or inactive to be invited to results to be obtained are well worth
nated by him should audit congregation's come along with us. Many use the the time and effort required to reach
accounts on March 1or as soon as possi. first Sunday of the month as a day personal goals. Not only will we gain
ble thereafter.
when the whole family shares in the a sense of accomplishment and satThe Memorial celebration will be held
isfaction, but more importantly we
Sunday, April 15,1984. Although the talk Kingdom-preaching work.
Special note, too, should be given will be putting Kingdom interests
may start earlier, please remember thal
the as sine of the Memorial bread and to the second and fourth Saturdays first.-Matt. 6:33.
6 Our lives as true Christians rewine'shoula not begin until after sundown of the month. Whereas some may be
You may need to inauire as to when sun. able to make every Saturday a mag- volve around our privilege of preach?
down will occur on ~ p r i 15
l in your area azine day, the Society encourages us ing the good news. Hence, any day
Since no other meetings are to be con. to make a special effort to engage of the week that is convenient may
ducted on that date, appropriate adjust. in the magazine work on these two be scheduled for preaching work.
ments should be made according to local
circumstances. Clrcuit overseers will alsc days. By including these two spe- Many schedule service every Saturadjust their schedule accordingly for thal cial magazine days in our schedule, day and Sunday, and this is good.
week so that only the Memorial celebra. we will be sure of regularly sharing However, others may not be able
tion will be scheduled for April 15.
in distributing the magazines. The to do this. Therefore, by reserving
New Publlcatlons Available:
good that is accomplished by regu- the first Sunday and the second and
"Let Your Kingdom Come"
lar participation in magazine work fourth Saturdays of the month as
-Croat~an, Swahili should never be underestimated.
speciql field service days, they too
My Book of Bible Stories -Malagasy
4 When
engaging in magazine will have a definite minimum schedOrganized to Accomplish Our Minis work, we should recognize that our
y k for field service each month.
try -German, Korean, Portuguese
7 "The time left is reduced." (1Cor.
United in Worship of the Only Truc neighbors are busy too. Saturdays
-Danish, Dutch, German, are often used to take care of things 7:29) This being the case, our lives
Norwegian, Portuguese, Swedish around the house o to go shop- should be filled with Christian works.
Watch Tower Publications Index f o ~ping. Therefore, a briif presentation To accomplish this, our time for
stimulating interest in a particular engaging in the preaching activity
You Can Live Forever in Paradise on article is appropriate. Our main ob- should be,placed high on our priority
-Ga, New Guinea Pidgin, jective should be to get the mag- list in order to maintain a healthy,
Serblan, Twl
azines and the lifesaving message zealous participation in the ministry.
Enjoy Life on Earth Forever!
-Ateso, Croatian, Kalenjin,
District konvention badge cards for 1984 Memorial Celebration
Gmeru, Luhya-Bunyore, Malagasy will be consigned and included wlth April
School and Jehovah's Witnesses
literature shipments. I t will not be neces-German
sary to order these. Consignments in lots ln matters that concern those with
The Time f o r True Submission to of 25 will be made based on the size of each the heavenlv h o ~ eThev
- that
congregation, and the literature account t h y too
t&ir saliation to God
Kingdom News No. 32 -Portuguese
will be billed at the rate of one cent per
New Cassette Recordings Available:
card. This new uniform arrangement will and to the Lamb' (Rev' 7:9' lo)So
in asDeuteronomy (Set of two; congrega. represent a considerable saving of work. this great
tion and public: $3.00; pioneers: time and expense for the society. I t should I sembling with the spiritual remnant
be more convenient for the congregations on that night to memorialize the
To the Hebrews. The Letter of James and ensure the availability of convention death of the ~~~b of ~ ~ d .
(slngle cassefte)
badge cards for all the publishers.
6 All who attend can benefit ereatThe First of Peter through The Letter
of Jude (single cassette) -German
ly. I t is an occasion to recount the
A Revelation to John (single caslove that Jehovah God displayed in
giving his Son as a ransom. All are
Album with complete Greek Scripreminded of the depth of Jesus' own
tures (Set of 18 cassettes; congre340 128.6 86.8 54.8 5.9 love in laying down his life for us,
gatlon and public: $30.00; pioneers: sp9lPios.
28.297 80.1 46.4 30.5 3.4
as well as the fine example he set
57.3 33.2 18.1 1.7
My Book of Bible Stories (Set of
for his followers. (john 15~12, 13;
four cassettes in album; congre1 core15:s; 1 ~ h t .2:21) ~ 1 of
ation and publlc: $8.00; pioneers: TOTAL
Newly Dedicated Ones Baptized: 3,126 us will benefit greatly by preparing
now and being present on April 15
Beware of Losing Faith by Drawing
total number of regular pioneers is a new
Away From Jehovah-Drama (sin- The
gfmkdySy'p,ying thehonereached last Octo- for the celebration of the ~
gle cassette)
-German, Swedish
of Christ's death.



tk. 4kt.

[ P R m mm E

n m

Luxiliary Pioneer
a u i l i a r y pioneer for a month they
usually accomplish more a t home a s
itself can be very upbuilding. and in well a s in t h e field. There is gener1. who 8-k
order for him t o make furthir spiri- a l agreement t h a t Our relationship
tual progress he can s t a r t t o learn the with Jehovah is enriched by n ~ e a n s
Today, it is not lmcommon to
h e increased activity.
language groups intermin- local language. (Ma& 18~20) Keep of 4t The
congregation benefits too.
gled in metropolitan or urban areas. in mind that our purpose is to make Some who may be hesitant t o enter
To some extent this may be true
auxiliary pioneer service alone will
in certain rural areas as well. Peo- WORKING H U L T ~ L ~ N Q UTERRITORY
8 In some areas there are two, three do SO if encouraged by another. 0 t h who speak other languages
the message or more congregations that have the ef s who may not be able t o auxiliary
also be reached
of the ~
~ ( R~ ~ 1~4d .: ~ ln
)~ view
~ same
geographical territory assign- ~ l o n e e rwould still like to increase
prob- ment but are of different languages. their service activity and they can
of the various situations
lems that arise in accomplishing our Where this is the case, the publish- do this by working with those who
ministry with those who speak other erS of each congregation should Con- a r e auxiliary pioneers. The pioneer
languages, the following suggestions centrate their efforts on their own spirit, having a right mental attltude
particular language group. Obvious- about full-time service, can permeate
are made.
ly, there will be some overlapping t h e congregation when brothers and
It is good to keep foremost in mind of efforts qt times. However, bodies sisters happily support this special
that as we preach our purpose is to of elders and congregations in such activity. It has been said t h a t t h e
make disciples-t;, teach the truth. areas have been able to cooperate spiritual well-being of a congrega( ~ ~ t28~19,
t . 20) hi^^ should be closely in serving the needs of the tion is closely related t o i t s activity
done in the language people under- people, r e a c h n g them m t h the good in t h e field ministry. Hence, when
best un- elders take t h e lead both by encourstand
(1 Car. 14:g) H o w q e r news in the language
aging auxiliary pioneer service and
this is notealways possible. I n man3: derstand. One way this is
the appropriate
by sharing in it when they can, t h e
areas there is but one congregation passing
Of persons entire congregation benefits.
exclusively working the territory, yet
people who are not conversant in the
5 People to whom we preach benet ~ ~ $ ~ l l ~ ~ , " ~fit, "from
r ~ our
~ increased service. On
local language live there. What can
be done to help these people learn fact that the territory assignments in t h e initial call or on return visits
the truth?
to start
such areas are according to language. pioneers are
~f you call on someone who speaks
Bible studies t h a t can put some on
a language other than your own Hence, all should be conscientious t h e road t o life. More literature is
the territomake good use of the booklet Good about the way in
distributed in the
N~~~ for *ll ti^^^.
that way at r y is worked. Homes of individuals
least a basic witness can be
to who understand best the language of and
a greater OWort u i t Y for means
ones t o learn
determine if the individual has some one of the congregations holding the
interest in the truth. ~f he shows in- territory should be left for the pub- t h e truth. Genuine eff91-t is rmde
you have literature in his lishers of that congregation to visit. t o seek out those who a r e sighing
those and groaning over world conditions.
it to him. ~ h ~ ~By ~following
~ f this
t ~suggestion,
~ ,
inquire of the elders and perhaps the placing literature will be able to fol- People a r e bejng duly warned about
circuit overseer a s to whether there low through and direct the interest God's impending judgment, and our
responsibility t o carry out this work
is a group or congregation within a to the appropriate congregation.
7 I n some places it has proved to be is more fully accomplished. (Ezek.
reasonable distance that holds meetings in the language of the house- practical for congregations to main- 9:4; 33:7-9) The name of Jehovah
holder. Someone from the group or tmn a llst of addresses and apartment and t h e message about the Kingdom
congregation may be able to provide numbers of those who prefer t o speak a r e kept more fully before the peoassistance. If this is not practical, a particular language. Other congre- ple so that they will know 'that a
then perhaps a local publisher who gations in the same area may list the prophet himself has proved t o be in
speaks the language could be found homes or apartments that their pub- t h e midst of them.'-Ezek.
to follow up on the interest. sign lan- lishers should not work. This helps t o
guage calls shduld be given the same avoid unnecessary calls by publishPIONEER I N APRIL!
e r s from afferent congregations. In
6 For those who can make room for
4 However, it may be that there a r e other places congregations work out
it, the auxiliary pioneer activity is a
no *itnesses in t h e general area who a system among themselves t o work Ibe
have a greater share in
speak the language of the interest- t h e territory thoroughly and t o direct
ministry in
ed person. What can be done in this interested ones. to the appropriate the
instance? Some publishers have par- congregation. This too is agreeable holidays during t h e month of April,
tially overcome the language barrier with the Society since there is no which will leave many with time off
by using the brochure Enjoy Life on rlgld rule on how thls must be done. from School and secular work, there
a r e five Sundays. Perhaps even some
Earth Forever! If it is published in the -1 Cor. 14:33, 40.
language of the individual, so much
8Much can be accomplished in in full-time secular work can auxthe better. By using the illustrations preaching the good news to people iliary pioneer by making good use
and having the person read the Scrip- who speak another language when ev- of evenings, Saturdays and the five
tures cited in the Bible, he will get eryone cooperates, displaying reason- Sundays. Make your plans now for
some basic Bible understanding. I n ableness and unselfish interest in the increased service during April!
some cases there may be members Lord's sheep. (John 13:34, 35; Phil.
of the interested person's family who 2:14; Jas. 3:17, 18) By keeping f o r e ,Schedule f o r congregation studies
know enough of the local language most in mind the spiritual well-being in the book united in worship of the
to serve as interpreters.
of the sheeplike ones in the territory o n l y True ~ ~ d :
5 In areas where there a r e no meet- and our purpose of making disciples,
March 4: Chapter
ings held in a language the house- we may yet help many more people
holder understands, encouyage him t o of all nations and languages t o join March 11: Chapter
attend the meetings of the local con- with u s in worshiping Jehovah.-Isa.
March 18: Chapter 6
gregation. The Christian association 2:2, 3.
March 25: Chapter 7





APRIL 5984
Vol. 27, No. 4

,APRIL 2-8

APRIL 9-15

2. Explain who partake?

3. Help others to attend?

1. Who are they?

April 1:
April, 8:
April 15:
April 22:
April 29:



Since 1914.
w ~ r l ddistress. '
some will be saved.


Most of us, however, are not able territory. They have even arranged

Meetitlgs to Helr, Us Make Uiscbles


Song 87 (47) (Number in parentheses refers t o 1966 songbook.)

5 min: Local announcements.
15 rnin: "Benefiting Fully From
the Memorial." Question-and-answer
discussion. Make local application
of material so that those in attendance will see what they need t o be
doing locally t o support this special
occasion. Arrange for short demonstration of suggestion presented in
paragraph 4, showing how one could
briefly, but thoroughly, prepare an
interested one for attendance a t his
or her first Memorial celebration.
15 min: How the Ministry I s Supported. Talk and discussion on chapt e r 10 of Our Ministry book.
10 min: Offering t h e Subscription.
Four-minute presentation of new
Topic for Conversation, concluding
with t h e offer of t h e subscription
for $3.50, highlighting opening arAlso
ticles in ~ p r i l1-watchtower.
stress t h a t it is good to make the
offer of the subscription a t every
appropriate opportunity and let the
householder decide, rather than decide ourselves that he does not want
it. Remember t h a t when subscription
is not taken, i t - m a y be appropriate
to offer two magazines for contribution of 30 cents. Encourage all to
bring School brochure for next Service Meeting.
Song 98 (91) and concluding prayer.

Include reminders about Memorial

celebraticn on Sunday, April 15.
15 min: What Children Face in
School. Question-and-answer discussion of pages 26-29 d School brochure on "Class Instruction." Interview some young publishers about
t h e situation in their school in connection with "Religion and Prayer,"
"Sex Education," "Science and Evolution" and "Combat Instruction."
Emphasize the responsibility of parents to choose what their children
will be taught.
20 min: "Presenting
the Good
Subscription Offer."
Questions and answers. After discussing material, demonstrate presentations in paragraphs 4 and 5
and ask audience why presentations
should be effective. Encourage support of magazine activity this Saturday.
Song 29 (11)and concluding prayer.

Song 107 (57,)

1 0 min: Local announcements.
Have two or three auxiliary pioneers
relate experiences or joys they are
having in their service.
2 0 rnin: "Make Your Street Witnessing Productive." Question-andanswer discussion. Ask audience
what they have found to be the best
times and places in t h e territory to
do street witnessing. Briefly demons t r a t e how current magazines can be
used in street witnessing and what
Song 157 (73)
pointed questions may 6 e used to
1 0 min: Announcements in Our arouse interest in them.
Kingdom Ministry. Also local an- 15 min: "Improving Our Teachnouncements and accounts report. ing Ability-Reaching t h e Student's

we spend in t h e field ministry or
move to a location where more help
is needed, there may still be another
way we can do more when it comes
to giving our all in Jehovah's service. That is to improve t h e quality
of our service by making t h e most
of t h e time we do spend in the ministry. Are we going in service a t
a time when we can expect to accompli'sh t h e most good, finding t h e
greatest number of people a t home?
Also, when in t h e service, do we t r y
t o adapt our presentation t o fit the
householder? We should take into
consideration what the householder
may have to say, as well a s his or
her own facial expressions. Is the
person young or old, male or female?
We should t r y to tailor our presentation t o fit the individual and t h e
Now t h a t we a r e featuring subscriptions, we are encouraged t o pre-

sent the offer a t every opportunity.

Just think: If people subscribe to
The Watchtower, twice a month they
will have spiritual food coming into
their home for anyone in the household to pick up and read. If they
also subscribe for Awake!, they will
receive four magazines each month.
When we consider how much we have
learned from t h e magazines and how
valuable they are t o us, we c e r t a n l y
will want t o do all we can to offer
others t h e opportunity to subscribe.

Heart." Question-and-answer coverage. Have a pioneer or other

well-qualified publisher demonstrate
ways t o reach a student's heart by
use of t h e questions in paragraph 8
on page 32 of the United in Worship
book. Use t h e first and last questions
on point (1)and t h e first question on
point (2). Show how these questions
are designed to reach the student's
heart and build appreciation.
Song 144 (78) and concluding prayer.

Song 204 (109)

5 rnin: Local announcements.
5 mln: Offering t h e C u r r e n t
Magazines. Demonstrate two brief
house-to-house presentations of not
more than one minute each, one
highlighting t h e current Watchtower and one highlighting the current
Awake! Encourage support of magazine day, fourth Saturday of the
20 min: "Giving Our All in Jehovah's Service." Questions and answers. I n connection with paragraph 7 comment on difference
between Memorial attendance and
number of publishers reporting locally, to emphasize need t o assist
interested ones t o progress. Paragraph 7 should be read; others also
if time permits.
15 rnin: Ways to Expand Your
Ministry. Consideration of chapter 9
of Our Ministry book. Talk (with
some audience participation) preferably by an eld& who is enthusiastic
about encouraging others t o make
Song 123 (63) and concludingprayer.

congregation meetings regularly. I n

addition, we want them t o progress
to t h e point of qualifying to share
in organized field activity. Our desire is t o help them to become active, dedicated, baptized Witnesses,
following in the footsteps of Jesus
Christ. So we should do our utmost
to help a s many of these individuals
as possible to associate actively with
our congregations. We have a big
work t o do in directing new ones t o
the organization.
s A s we continue giving our all
service, we will be
7 Last year there were 6,767,707 in in Jehovah's
attendance a t the Memorial world- strengthened t o remain steadfast in
wide. A large proportion of these the t r u t h in spite of any pressures
individuals also attended circuit as- Satan may bring our, way. (1 Cor.
semblies and district conventions. 15:58) Added joy will be ours a t
We are concerned about the mil- the end of this year when we get
lions who a r e not as yet actively and the next Yearbook of Jehovah's Witregularly associating with Jehovah's nesses and read about t h e work that
organization. We want t o take defi- we have shared in and how it has
nite steps t o help Zible students and continued to progress worldwide, to
other interested persons to attend Jehovah's praise.-Ps. 150:6.
Our Kingdom Ministry (USPS 295-360)is published monthly by Watchtower Bible and Tract Society of New York,
Inc., 25 Columbia Heights, Brooklyn, N.Y. 11201. Second-class postage paid at Brooklyn, N.Y. POSTMASTER:
Printed in U.S.A.
Send address changes to Watchtower. 25 Columbia Heights, Brooklyn, N.Y. 11201.

Giving Our All

Make Your Street

Witnessing Productive


Improving Our Teaching Ability

-Reaching the Student's Heart


Jesus taught in such a way .as do, of the course he took. I n

to reach the heart of those he in- way they can be drawn into a warm
strutted. In explaining the parable personal relationship with ~ ~ h
of the sower, he showed that only d
those who 'get the sense of the word'
The Live Forever and United in
will be moved to act. (Read Matthew
are designed to
13:18, 23, 51, 52.) So, as we teach us reach the hearts
of our students
we must be mindful of reaching the and build heart appreciation. Observe
student's heart. We want to bui d how paragraphs and
on page
appreciation for Jehovah, his So Of the Live
and the Christian organization. We
On the fact that
need to imitate Jesus in our teach- student to
huing. This involves taking the time a loving God
needed when conducting Bible studies to help students to reflect on the
points being considered.
ZThe apostle Peter's teaching Out chapter 4r0f the Live Forever
there are
reached the hearts of the 3 000 who
day of heart
were then baptized on
in paragraphs 5, l2
pentecost, 33 C.E. He helped them the
to reason on Scriptural prophecy re- and 13.
Throughout the book United in
lated to Jesus' death
resurrection, so that they could'appreciate Worship we find question's directed
the rolesplayed by jehovah and je- a t the heart of the student. Excels,, christ in what had taken place. lent examples of this are on pages 32
~ ~h~
t ~ ~i breports
l ~
that and 33. These questions cause the
to student to think and examine his
those who believed were
the heart" and =embraced his word heart motive carefully. They help
can him reflect on his feelings toward
heartily." ( A C ~ 2S~ 3 7 ,41)
we today teach so as to reach pea- Jehovah, Jesus and the organization.
pie's hearts and help them build sim- Gradually he becomes more aware
of what course he should be takilar love for the truth?
ing to please Jehovah and gain his
3 Those with whom we conduct
you are physicallyable to Bible studies must get more than
So, as we ond duct our Bible studmove about freely, it is generally just facts about the Bible and world ies let us Prepare well and then take
more effective to approach passers- events. They need to feel something sufficient time to reason with our
by, rather than wait for them to about what they are learning. We students on the material presented.
approach you. In doing so, be se- must get them to reason on what This way we will build into their
ective, discerning and considerate. they learn. [Acts 17:2, 3) They must hearts a warm feeling for ~ e h o v a h
avoid persons who look as if be helped to understand what Jehothey may cause problems. ~b~~~ all, vah and Jesus are like, and what Jesus and the organlzatlon. If we
be friendly, warm, complimentary they have done for us. They need to succeed in reaching our students'
, and dignified in your approach. T~~ see how Jehovah has shown love, pa- hearts, they will be moved to take
to establish eye contact. Endeavor tience and mercy in all his dealings a Course of action similar to that Of
to use pointed, thought-provoking with man. They must understand and the 3,000 who were baptized on the
questions to arouse interest in the respect his power and agree with his day of Pentecost, 33 C.E. (Acts 2:
magazines. When interest is shown, righteous requirements. They need 41-46) They will be helped to within a discreet way ask for the per- to see the value of the great sacri- stand Satan's influence and efforts
son's name and address so a return fice Jesus made and realize the wis- to mislead them.-Matt. 7:24-27.
visit can be made. In some territories i t may be best to work with and decided to do street work near- and you can be productive. Jehovah
others; still, to get the most done, by. In one hour each of them placed God will most certainly bless your
work separately but close enough to 17 magazines. Several persons they sincere e'fforts in using this avenue
be of assistance to one another.
contacted said they lived in the terri- of service to communicate Kingdom
Regularly witnessing in one lo- tory the publishers had just worked truth to persons in your territory.
cation a t scheduled times can im- that morning.
There is no doubt that street wit- JANUARY SERVICE REPORT
prove your effectiveness in street
witnessing. Some who do this have nessing can and does produce fine
Av. Av.
found that the people come to know results, Our very presence in public
Pubs. Hrs. Mags. R.V. Bi.St.
them and become friends with them. places speaks well of the message Sp'l
341 131.0 86.8 54'3 5.g
In one congregation an elderly sis- we carry. One Canadian newspaper
28,445 84.6 46.8 32.4 3.5
ter did this. On occasions when she commented: "It must take courage Pies.
was not a t her regular place due to to stand and offer these magazines AUX. PI'S.
18,709 59.6 32.8 19.3 1.8
sickness, people actually wrote the to passersby. Those Jehovah's Wit5903274
3.7 0'5
congregation, asking why she was nesses doing so do not appear to be Pubs.
not there.
ashamed or self-conscious and are TOTAL
5 Do you find many not-at-homes obviously proud of the publication."
in your territory? One couple did
7 You, too, can do street witn+ssing
Newly Dedicated OneaBaptized: 1,806
1 Street witnessing is not new. Jeremiah was instructed to proclaim his
message "in the streets of Jerusalem." (Jer. 11:6) Jesus Christ taught
in the "broad ways" of the cities
and villages he visited. (Luke 13:
22, 26) Though house-to-house visitation is the primary method used
by Jehovah's modern-day witnesses
to contact people, street witnessing
continues to be an effective way to
publicize the Kingdom message.
ZWhether you engage in street
witnessing only occasionally or
spend a considerable amount of time
in this feature of the ministry, you
will want to make each hour of
Street VVitnesSing as productive as
possible. HOW?%at Can be done?
First, keep in mind that your 0bjective is to make personal contact
with people In order to share the
good news. With that goal in mind,
select locations where many people
pass regularly. Some find that shopping areas, places near bus or subway stops, or frequently used parks
are good locations. Also, during the
morning and evening hours when
people are going t o or coming from
work, street witnessing can be very
effective. People can be contacted as
they enter or leave areas where it
is difficult for us to gain entrance.

~ ~ ~ ~ f $ ~ l ~ ~




PRmrwnm; mr OooD



Literature offer for April and May: Subscription for The Wabchtowm for one year,
Of $3.50. Six-month Subscriptions are $2.00 each. Awake! subscription may be offered on same basis. Both
subscriptions may be offered on co tribuYow
tion of $7.00. June and Juli:
Kingdom come," for a eontri utlon of 75c.
Brothers arranging bus or plane tours
of the Society's facilities in Brooklyn and
at Watchtower Farms are requested to inform the Society of such tours at least
one day ih advance of the visit. We need
to know where the tour is origmating,

"f the householder is very busy

With Subscription m e r might simply say, ctThe
Today insecurity ahd distress ,you
tower helps me keep watch on World
threaten the Ilves Of
as they fulfill Bible prophewide*
famine, disease and disas- events
It brings the comforting message
ter are on the inarease. Governments cy.
soon God,s Kingdom will turn
are unstable, fearful and tottering. that
this earth into a wonderful Paradise.
YOU can receive two issues of the
ger exists. (Rev. 6:4) People want to magazine each month for ;t year for
O ~ ~ ~ d ~ O ~ u does
~ h not
o l have
d e rk",Egyg
~ u ~ h ~ $ ~
the money for the
then the name of the group captain and thi
hovah has given us peace of mind would
time of arrival. By having this
in these stressN times. (Phil. 4:7) arrangements to call back a t anbth- expected
+cad of time, better, planHow
we are to understand er time? Or would it be practical to information
nin can be g.lven to arrangements for a
of tour guides to assist
why there is such
in the
subscription for six months those wishing to see
the Society's faciliWorld today. Our peace has come as for Othe
~ $2.00?
a result of lear-g
swat J ~ ~ o v &wish
' s to subscribe to the magazines ties. Your cooperation in this regard will
will enjoy a
purposes and subjecting ourselves
to his orwizational arrangements. phould be encouraged to accept the good
issues of ~h~ watchtower
This precious possession of peace
You Can Live Forever in paradise on
30 cents.
-Fiiian, Tshiiuba, Yapese
stimulates in us the desire to extend and Awake!
to we^ Publications Index for
it to others by helping them underlgS2
stand how world events are fulfill7 Some have a personal goal that
Pllbzications Index
ing Bible prophecy.-Rom. 10:14.
they strive to meet during the sub3An effective means Of bringing scription campaigns. Work toward
New Cassette Recordin s Avqilable:
The Good News A C C O T ~to~ Luke
this message to others is The Watch- your goal with confidence and zeal.
tower. It offers to all people the gpod Keep a positive attitude. Remember
$ . i F z 6 n ; z ;
news that God's Kingdom will soon all t h a t Jehovah has done for us
When new songs unfarmliarto the brothdestroy those who oppress their fel- through his Son Jesus Christ and ,,, used at congregation meetings, it
lowman. The Kmgdom ~ l~ W
l I Ithe the provision of spiritual food by might be well to play the music through
earth into a peaceful Parad~se.The means of "the faithful and discreet to the end of the. &st verse or chorus
the lntroductlon before the
'April and May issues of The Watch- slave." As we do so and pray for je- and
tow2r are especially directed to the hovah's blessing on our efforts, we ' ~ ~ ~ ~ " , , " ~ ~ i l
events surrounding the marked year w i l l have fine results with the sub- ter the meetings. This will help acquaint
1914. This fits in with Our Topic for scription offer. Our joy will cause the brothers w$h the new melodies. .
There are stm a considerable numlyr
Conversation "Hope Despite World others to see the unique value of
Distress Since 1914." No doubt you the magazines. (John 15:ll) Do not Of 1984 calendars Enghh an? Smsh
will enjoy using, this topic and of- hesitate to @er the subscriptions
fering these timely issues that will at every appropriate opportunity in supplylasts. Congregationsmay submit$
orhelp individuals gain insight as to field service!
ders on the regular literature order form.
FS /$@
why the world is mled with aisturb*g
Do you have a pre- Memorial v / q f8oAH(cat%f) all in the congregation can benefit
sentation in mind?
from selected Bible reading during
are used. Y u can +so
the days just prior to the &emorial.
One way of introducing the T o pohw-m
do not Reading the Bib19 account of events
ic for Conversation is this: "We &e partake of the Memorial emblems. leading up to the institution of the
glad we found YOU home today. We
5 Same in the congregation may Memorial can build our appreciation
are discussing a matter that is on have a part in\seeing to it that the for the Memorial celebration. An
the mmds of many people due to the
, or some other loca- outline for such Bible reading is set
lack of peace
the world. Many ed-,lt
and c w out herewith. Once again, may all
wonder, Why is ~t that the nations 'with
. The el- of us benefit fully from the MemoOut their problems by ders
t a -m
the un- rial celebration and, by our conduct
red wine and neces- and interest in this special occasion,
leavened ,*b
sary utensils are m e d , that the make it evident to everyone that we
that would take peace away from the
earth. [Read.] News reports indicate
Bible Reading Schedule
these tbings are happening today.
tor Memor~alWeek
people are wondering the occasion. A capable elder should
April 10 (Nisan 9)
get better. what
if conditions
$talk The Society provides an a ~ - Mark 11:l-11
do you think? [ u l o w for
,afor tUs. The talk Wednesday, April. 11(Nisan 10)
Matthew 24:13 says that some will P Dr te
Should provide rich spiritual nour- ' Mark 11:12-19
be.saved through this time of
tress. [Read.] The April 15 issue of ishment for all, wheth r they are of Thursday, April 12 (Nisan 11)
Mark 11:20-13:37
Watchtowm develops the theme the anointed or the ot er sheep, or
Friday, April 13 (Nisan 12)
'1914-A Focal Point of Bible h o p h - are newly interested ones.
&Elderswill also want to be sure
Ma* 14:l-11
ecy.' [Possibly tie in specific point
from article.] We are offering this the time schedule is adhered to, par- Saturday, April 14 (Nisan 13)
magazine on a yearly subscription titularly where more than one conMark 14:12-16
basis. "You can receive 24 Bsues for greggtion will be using the same hall. Sunday, April 15 (Nisan 14)
Indi.1dually and as family groups,
Mark 14:17-15:47

\ ~ ~ a ~ ~ h ~ ~ ~ zt12~
~ ~ $ o f n m ~ ~ a ~ ~
bfgzh{iz EpJ"::








""work What Is
Good Toward All"

1 The apostle Paul wrote: "Real- him that sent me and to m s h his
ly, then? as long as we have time work." (John 4:34) The preaching
favorable for it, let us work what work he ,tart& during his earthis good toward all, but especle- ly ministry is a most worthwhile
IY tothose related to us m 'work for
to &.-Job
the faith." (Gd. 6:10) Do You not
4 There is
of that good work
agree that now is the
yet to be done. (Matt. 9:37, 38; 10:
time for zealous Kingdom service? 11-13; 2g:19, 20) ~ i l lofi ~ ~
MAY 1984
(Compare John 9~4-1
These are the
help to understand ~ o d ~
27, NO. 5
last days; theocratic expansion 1s word and to do his will. Therefore,
taking place everywhere, and po- let
work hard at this ministry
tential for further increase is no for the good of all, and rejoice beYmtings for Fidd m i c e
& f ~ t ~ e ~ o ~ a l u r a ~ we
n ~are
~ ~privileged
to share
The Topic for Conversation and
But what s m c a l l y is
literature offer for May are the
How is zeal shown:
tivity that w i l l allow us to 'Work same as for last month. People
1. When preaching to others? what is good toward all"? When and need hope which means they need
2. In imitation of Jesus? (Titus for whom should
do that work? to know tf;e significance of the disHOW can we
and work for tresses the world is experiencihg.
the good of all?
Therefore, it undoubtedly will beefMAY 7-13 '
A G O 0 0 WORK
fective to initiate conversations on
3 From the very beginning of his the thought "Hope Despite World
How can Our humility:
heavenly existence, God's Son, a Distress Since 1914." Also, offer1. Be displayed when speaking master worker, set the example for ing the subscription to The Watchus, warking hard for the benefit tower for a contribution of $3.50
with the householder?
of others. He always took delight can be the first step in a chain of
2. Help in reaching hearts?
in doing Jehovah's will. (Prov. 8: events in our working what is good
3. Indicate love for Jehovah?
22-31; Ps. 40:8) Later, his own for others. At times you may want
words expressed his appreciation to include Awake! and offer both
MAY 14-20
for the Christian ministry: "My subscriptions for $7.00.
(Continued on page 9, col. 9)
Whv is endurance needed: food is for me to do the will of
I. When we meet with indifference?
2. If others strongly oppose us?





MAY 21-27
In spakin the
truth with boydness:
1. Why is prayer important? (Acts
2. Why is it not good to dominate the conversation?
3. Must we always have the final say? (Matt. 10:14)

A Time Both "to Rejoice.

and to Do Goodw

1 Solomon's words at Ecclesiastes

3:12 are part of his inspired comments on "a time for every &air
under the heavens." (Eccl. 3:l) He
points out that our Creator wants
us to work hard and enjoy to the
full the good results of our labors. But in today's world where
many have become obsessed with
recreation and pleasure seeking,
it is vital for Christians to guard
against becoming involved in the
HOWmay we be resourceful: kind of rejoicing that is promoted
the spirit of the world. Balance
. when little territory is avail- by
and reasonableness are necessary
if we are to keep clearly in focus
our theocratic activities, while en2. If the weather is bad?
joying wholesome moments of re3. If few people are at home? laxation and recreation. How may
: this be done during the spring and
2 For many people spring and
Hope Despite World Distress summer mean vacation time. Pleasi
Since 1914.
ant weather and longer daylight
hours are conducive 6 being &tMatt. 24:7-Jesus foretold
doors and generally afEord more
world distress.
recreational opportunities. There
Matt. 24: 13-He also said
are various wholesome activities
some will be saved.
to delight us. But care needs to

be exercised. We should not neglect, even temporarily, a regular schedule of meeting attendance
and field service. Theocratic activities are fundamental to our happiness. (Matt. 5:3) During the spring
and summer months we also want
to take advantage of occasions to
enjoy extra privileges of service
that may not be open to us during the rest of the year. Many
have found that auxiliary pioneering satisfies both spiritual and recreational needs.
3One sister who spent an entire summer auxiliary pioneering
in unassigned territory said: "It
was an unforgettable experience. I
will always remember the spiritual
education I received, not to mention other benefits." Entire families
have found joy by taking advantage
of opportunities to increase their
service to Jehovah. One family of
nine spent their vacation period in
a small tbwn that had seldom received a witness. Part of each day
was spent in the preacbbo work
(Continued on page II c

Meetings to Help Us Make Disciples


- -

merits from exemplary youths on how 25 min:

"1984 'Kingdom Increase'

they have successfully resisted in- District Convention!' Question-andvolvement in extracurricular activi- answer discussion of insert from beties. Remainder of material should be ginning to section on "Fine Conduct"
presented as a talk. Build av~reciation on vaae 4. column 2.
for Jehovah's righteous standards.
song 212 (110) and concluding prayer.
12 rnin: "A Time Both 'to Rejoice
and to Do Good."' Question-and- Song 127 (64)
answer discussion. Encourage bal- 10 min: Local announcements. Outanced approach toward recreation line field service arraneements for
during spring and summer. Discuss the week, encouraging hocse-to-house
how the privileqe of auxiliary pioneer- witness'ng on the first Sunday. Suging can be enjoyed by making definite gest akropriate talking points in
plans now.
"Kingdom Come" book and encour10 min: Experiences of witnessing age publishers to pick up supply of
with the subscription offer. Feature book tonight if they have not done so
~ractical~ o i n t sthat can be used by already. Remind publishers to turn in
&hers. field service reports promptly.
Song 129 (66)
concluding prayer. 25 min: "1984 'Kingdom Increase'
District Convention." Discuss with
audience the balance of insert from
Song 165 (81)
announcements. Re- "Fine Conduct" on page 4 to end. Read
mind all to obtain territory and mag- paragraphs as time permits. Stress imazines for Saturday magazine work. portance of finalizing arrangements
15 min: "Regularity in Service to attend so as to enjoy spiritual benBrings Blessings." Talk and discus- efits fully. Encourage all to set good
sion to help all share in field ser- example by following recommendavice.
~ Highlight
- the Scriptural obliga- tions on conduct and listening intenttion all servants of Jehovah have to ly to the entire convention program.
participate regularly in the ministry. 10 min: Prepare locally according
audience On why to needs or consider 'When a Christhey consider it important to have a tian is in Business," (w71, pp 764-7).
share in the field service on a regular Show how Bible principles discussed
Song 133 (68)
basis, and what positive steps they can be applied by both young and old.
5 min: Local announcements. Re- take to ensure that they do.
Song 65 (36) and concluding prayer.
mind brothers May 12 is second Saturday of month, &d magazine offer
(Cont'd) them progress in t h e truth? These
should be highlighted. Ask all to pick
6 Have
you r e c e n t l y given persons, especially, should be given
up needed field service supplies.
20 min: "Presenting the Good News thought to your schedule for field an opportunity t o subscribe to our
-With Magazines." Paragraphs 1,2, service? Are you making full use magazines and to have a regular
7 and 8 should be considered with of your opportunities to share in home Bible study.-John 21:15-17.
questions and answers. The material t h e important work Jehovah God
9 Do you know someone who rein paragraphs 3-6
has given us to do? (Eph. 5:15-17) cently became a Kingdom publishNO doubt, with a little planning, e r and b h o may need encouragemost of us can share in field ser- ment and assistance? All of u s who
magazine order
20 n
to Accomplish Vice every week this month. Can can recall when we first began t o
Our Ministry. (Pages 127-32) ~ a l kyou serve as an auxiliary pioneer publish and how we were helped
by capable elder covering materi- anytime soon? All of us should con- should be able to think of many
a1 from page 127 to subheading on sider seriously what we are doing ways we can help new publishers
page 130. Then consider sections individually and a s family groups t o become well established in t h e
?phYsicalCleann ss Honors J~hovah" t o use this favorable time we now truth.-Rom. 15:1, 2.
and "Recreation"
uestlOns and an- have to preach, working for the
10 perhaps some inactive persons
swers. Assign caf!her
to read good of all and rejoicing in Jehowho formerly associated with u s
all ara
in these wo s
attended t h e Memorial. They may
~ u m m e ~ ~ ?vah's service.
now be ready t o take further steps
Song 220 (19) and concluding prayer.
7 AS the apostle said, we desire toward returning t o active assoWEEK STARTING MAY 13
to work what is good for all, "but ciation with t h e congregation. The
Song 59 (31)
8 min: Annoyncements, local an- especially toward those related to elders will surely appreciate Your
nouncements and accounts report.
us in the faith." DO you know some- offering to help some of these who
15 min: Organized To Aocomplish one you can encourage, perhaps need assistance.
ma- a newly interested person, a new
11 Yes, a s we think about rejoicterial from subheading at bottom of publisher or an inactive one?
ing and doing good, let & remain
page 132 to end of chapter. Discuss
8Many newly interested people active in preaching t h e Kingdom
with audience first three paragraphs
attended t h e Memorial celebration good news t o all who will hear,
under subheading "school
Encourage youths to take advantage last month. The ones who attend- while not overlooking the needs of
of Jehovah's provisions for safeguard- ed a t your congregation will need those who are related t o us in t h e
ing them while in school. Get com- help. Have you continued to help faith.-Phil. 2:l-4.

Song 200 (108) (Number in parentheses refers to 1966 songbook.)

8 min: Welcome and local announcements. Outline field service
arrangements for the week, highlighting house-to-house work with
subscription offer on first Sunday.
Mention importance of turning in field
service reports promptly.
22 min: " y r k What 1s Good
Toward All. Question-and-answer
discussion. When coyering Paragraphs 8-11, ask audience for additional suggestions regarding what
can be done to help newly interested
people, new publishers and inactive
15 mln: "Theocratic News." Highlight the continuing expansion of the
Kingdom work worldwide. NOTE: I t
would be good to announce beforehand that brothers should bring their
1 9 4 Yearbook so that they can be
helped to locate various countries on
maps appearing in the front and back
of the yearbook. l-iein discussion of
~~b~~~~ service ~~~~~t on page 7,
also consider lo,... report of ~
dam activity and
for their fine support.
Song 106 (55) and concluding prayer.


Our Kingdom Ministry (USPS 295-360)is published monthly by Watchtower Bible and Tract Society of New York
Inc., 25 Columbia Heights, Brooklyn, N.Y. 11201. Second-class postage paid at Brooklyn, N.Y. POSTMASTER;
Send address changes to Watchtower, 25 Columbia Heights, Brooklyn, N.Y. 11201.
Printed in U.S.A.

1984 ,"Kingdom Increase" District Convention

In writing to the congregation of Thessdlonica, the apostle Paul entreated fellow believers to
pray for him and his companion workers "that
the word of Jehovah may keep moving speedily
and being glorified." (2 Thess. 3:l) Like the firstcentury Christians, it is our earnest desire that
Bible truths continue to influence honest-hearted
people and move them to embrace "the word of
Jehovah." This is happening today. Many have
escaped from satanic influence and have sought
refuge in Jehovah's theocratic organization. We
rejoice that 161,896 such honest-hearted Ones
were baptized during the last service Year- And
6,767,707 attended the Memorial in 1983. HOW
thrilling! Yes, there is every reason to believe
that Jehovah will bless US with further increase
before the C O ~ C ~ U S ~ OofI Ithis system. (ha. 60:22)
How appropriate then is the theme "Kingdom Increase" for the 1984 district conventions.
The nation of Israel regularly assembled in
worship of Jehovah. During such gatherings they
learned more about their God. This is reflected
in the words of Deuteronomy 31:12: "Congregate the people, the men and the
the little ones . in order that they may listen
and in order that they may learn, as they must
fear Jehovah." Our purpose in assembling is the
same. We want to listen and learn about Jehovah. That is why we, as worshipers of Jehovah,
along with other interested persons are ?ooking
forward with keen anticipation to the "IQngdom
Increase" District Conventions.
Attending will take time and money. But the
returns will be of far greater value. (Eph. 5:
15-17) No doubt many have fond memories .of
past conventions, recalling the love and W ~ Y
that marked such occasions. What a blessing it
will be once again to take full advantage of the
opportunity to incite one another "to love and
fine works." (Heb. 10:24, 25) Your determination
attend* coupled with
share this
with the
increasing throngs now rendering praise to our
God, Jehovah.

. .

Careful planning and foresight will help you to

arrive before the session starts and thus avoid
distracting others. Sadly, some are habitual latecomers. This is disrespectful and may indicate
a lack of proper regard for spiritual things. Of
course, on occasion, problems may arise that will
prevent us from being on time. But Christian
love and consideration will prompt us to make
every effort possible to start out early enough
each day so that we do not miss any part of
the program.
The insert in Our Kingdom Ministry for January 1984 provided helpful information about
rooming accommodations and listed the convention dates and locations. Once again we ask your
cooperation in attending the convention to which
circuit is assigned. The Society has done
considerable planning and work to see that sufficient seating, literature, food, and so forth, are
provided for everyone. Some may understandably
be faced with extenuating circumstances, such
prearranged vacation dates that cannot be
changed or the need to assist relatives living in
another area. However, if a concerted effort is
made to cooperate with the suggestions given,
good success will result and overcrowding will
be prevented.

WHY BE IN ATTEYDANCE: Each ye& we look

forward with eager anticipation to being present

at the district convention. But why is this event
such a highlight for us? Because it affords the
opportunity to Tisten and take in more instruetion." (Prov. 1:5) We also find enjoyment in being
with a large group of our brothers, renewing old
friendships and sharing experiences. However,
never let us forget that our main reason for attending is to receive instruction from Jehovah.
-Ezek. 34:14, 15.
have been received resomepositive
garding improvements in our attentiveness at the
convention. From one convention city came the
report: I'All sat quietly listening, and
none were moving around during the program."
West the conventioners
ATTEND ALL FOUR DAYS: DO not miss even a From a city in t h Middle
Ua most respectful and COUrportion of the theocratic meal served by "the were described
faithful and discreet slave," from the opening te0u.3 audience, getting to their seats on request
session on Thursday afternoon at 1:30 p.m. un- and paying WPt attention. . . . It was clear that
ti1 the concluding prayer on Sunday afternoon. the brothers appreciated the Purpose of the conOf course, this may require some adjustments vention." And from another came this comment:
in your work schedule, but you can be confident "Outstanding was the attentiveness of the audithat Jehovah will richly bless your efforts. With ence. . . . The opening talks had an excellent
faith in Jehovah, make arrangements to attend effect on their paying attention."
This was not true in all cases though. On
all four days.
Endeavor to arrive early for each session. This stadium worker was overheard saying to one
will afford you the opportunity to enjoy the ''in- our younger brothers, You don't seem to be reterchange of encouragement" that comes when specting the program because I see you walking
congregating with fellow Christians. (Rom. 1:12) around here all the time.' So we still need to give



and some were handed notes prepared by the

lecturer at the conclusion of the lecture. A third
group had no notes at all. After a ten-minute
review they were tested. The students who took
their own notes scored highest. Taking notes
helps to keep Your mind active and impresses
the information more deeply on heart and mind.
Note-taking helps to block out dishrbancesThe introduction to study 5 of the Theocratic
Ministry School Guidebook makes this important
statement: "Your progress as a minister of Jehovah is dependent to a considerable extent on how
YOU listen." Listening with the object of gaining
that can be develhowledge is an art, a
oped. Why not practice being an alert listener,
one who hears with thoughtful attention, so that
will gain the most benefit from the four-day
Increase,, District Convention soon to
start in your area? It will probably cost you both
time and money to be in attendance, so try to
gain the greatest benefit from your investment
by intently listening to all that is said.

some attentioh to the primary reason we attend

the conventions each year.
Imagine being invited to someone's house for
dinner and you know a sumpfuous feast will be
served. As you travel to the house you- are eagerly anticipating the many tasty dishes that are
sure to be served. Upon arriving and entering the
house, would you then ignore the food and occupy
yourself with touring around the house and surrounding area, chatting with fellow guests while
inconsideating little, if any, of the meal?
erate and foolish that would be. And yet that, in
effect, is how some act toward the yearly spiritual feast to which we hdve been invited by the
Great Provider of all good things, Jehovah God.
Admittedly it may not be easy for some to sit
for extended periods and concentrate on a steady
flow of Scriptural instruction. You may feel tired
or have active children to care for. You may
at times encounter other noises and distractions
that could draw your attention away from the
information coming from the platform. There is
also the danger of letting your mind drift to 0ther thoughts and concerns. What c h be done?
Concentration and active listening are essential.
Jesus advised: "Pay attention to how you listen."
(Luke 8:18) This takes effort and self-control.
Some have got involved in conversing with others
during the sessions. But would this not be disrespectful of Jehovah's provision? Jehovah told
Job when tnstructing him: "Listen to me! Keep
silent." (Job 33:31,,33) So likewise, could we not
apply this same counsel to ourselves while the
convention program is in progress?
Do not make the mistake of concluding that
you do not have to
too intensely,
willall come out in
assuming that the
The watchtower dnyway. some
of the talks may
be printed later in The Watchtower, but this is
not the case with all of them. Valuable information will be lost if, at the time it is presented,
it is not absorbed through careful listening and
moderate note-taking' A particular talk may not
contain new material but will present a ScripOr the
thought from a
Of a ce*sun
terial may refine Our
scripture and ~?nhanceour appreciation of a familiar subject.
The taking of notes, if done selectively, can
help us to retain the material. This is true even
if the
at some future
time. Accordingly, you will want to take along a
note pad and use it. There is not enough room
on the back of the convention program to take
notes on all the information presented.
An article in Human Behavior magazine related an experiment conducted at the University
of New Mexico that confirms the value of notetaking. Two researchers asked 83 students to listen to a lecture. Some took notes on the lecture,

FINE CONDUCT: At one time or another have

you not been favorably impressed by the conduct
of fellow Witnesses in contrast with that of peaple in general? It may have been their kindness
and patience while waiting in line, their consideration of others in traffic, the chastity and modesty reflected by their dress and grooming, the
genuine respect s h ~ w nparents and other older
ones, the loving and persistent training of youth,
or the kind ex~ressionsof appreciation for services rendered. Yes, Jehovah's Witnesses stand
out as being different from worldly people, and
last year many favorable comments were made
about our conduct at conventions. One local resident living next to a large sports complex noted
the difference between gatherings held by Jehovah's Witnesses and various other events. After
relating how litter and traffic jams characterized
a loud rock concert, he said: "Almost all events
in the dome have created problems. The only
event that did not was the Jehovah,s Witnesses
convention.,, A general manager of another
all the many
volunteered this comment:
types and sizes of crowds attending events at the
stadium, your group has been by far the cleanest,
best behaved and mostcooperative.?>still others
tell of the cooperative and caring spirit shown
by o w brothers and sisters at the conventions.
~t is
to receive such fine
from onlookers, is it not? But more importantly,
our conduct reflects favorably upon our Christian training and brings honor t~ God's name.
-1 Pet. 1~15,16.
Nevertheless, we would be remiss if some areas
needing improvement were not here mentioned.
The matter of conduct while staying in motels or
hotels is one of them. We are still receiving reports that indicate a need to give closer attention
to our conduct and that of our children. Some

managers still complain that children and teenagers are noisy and unruly, being unsupervised
by their parents while using the swimming pool
and other facilities. Additionaly some brothers
have broken rules in regard to cooking in rooms.
Some motel owners tell us this is a common
abuse of their facilities. Not only have they had
the rooms physically damaged, but the lingering
odors prevented them from renting the rooms
for days or weeks afterward. Unless the cooking
of food is specifically permitted, it should not be
done. A real effort should be made to cooperate
fully with the management. Certainly we do not
want to leave an unfavorable opinion of Jehovah's people. Whether at the convention site or
while staying at the various motels or hotels, we
should at all times reflect righteous standards.
A few reminders about dress and grooming
would also be appropriate at this time. Frequently
the buildings chosen for our district conventions
are normally used for sports and recreational
purposes. But we are there for a much higher
purpose, to worship Jehovah and learn of better
ways to serve him. It is often true that a person will act and think in accord with how he
is dressed. If we are dressed casually, as at a
picnic or an outing, is it not quite possible that
this will have some influence on our conduct and
attentiveness? Some conventions have reported
that the dress and grooming of some are not
what you would expect to find at a gathering for
the lofty purpose of worshiping the Most High.
Good Scriptural counsel that covers the matters
of cleanness, dress and grooming can be found
on pages 130, 131, 135 and 136 of the Our Ministry book. We should always strive to "do all
things for God's glory." (1Cor. 10:31) It would
be helpful to review the May 1981 Our Kingdom
Service insert for additional reminders.
Another area that continues to need attention
is the excessive saving of seats. Various approaches have been made to deal with this problem, but
nothing substitutes for the basic Christian quality of love. Love d l prevent us from being inattentive to the needs of the elderly, infirm and all
others. (Luke 6:31) Also, there are times when,
due to unforeseen developments, more attend a
convention than anticipated, and overcrowding
results. Whenever there is a measure of neglect
or thoughtlessness on the part of someone, others are inconvenienced or distracted from the
real purpose .for our being assembled. When the
attendants are instructed to remove personal belongings from unoccupied seats, is your reaction
one of irritation or anger? How we react to such
situations may indicate to what extent our Christian personality has been developed. Remember
that many attending the conventions are not Jehovah's Witnesses. There is compelling reason,
then, to 'maintain our conduct fine among the

nations' to prevent others from being stumbled.

-1 Pet. 2:12; Matt. 18:6.
We have been informed that in many states
baby strollers may not be used in places of public
assembly. Fire regulations prohibit parking them
in aisles, rows and corridors. Since large crowds
may cause congested conditions, baby strollers
are dangerous, not only to the baby but also to
any who may trip or stumble over them. However,
car or infant seats are permissible, since these
can be placed in seats next to the parents. Your
cooperation in this matter will be appreciated.
has long been a special feature of our summer
conventions. During the 1922 Cedar Point convention a "Service Day" was set aside for a special
effort in the field. This year, too, all are urged
to make plans to share in the ministry. Friday
afternoon has been set aside for that purpose.
Can you have a share? The program is scheduled to conclude around 3:00 p.m. Be sure to
make your arrangements for territory or to be
included in a group having territory before the
Friday afternoon session begins. It would also
be the course of practical wisdom for the group
captain to learn the route to the territory at the
time the territory card is obtained so as not to
lose time in locating the territory on Friday afternoon. Magazines, literature and other needed
supplies should be brought with you from your
VOLUNTEER SERVICE: "This assembly has been
most unbelievable. I cannot believe that you people can get so much work done with dntrained
volunteers. It has made quite an impression on
us." This was the comment made by one assistant
stadium manager last year at the conclusion of
the convention held in his city. Of course, our
reason for volunteering to work is to serve our
brothers and help make the convention a success.
Some may recall in years past that much of the
program was missed by volunteers because they
worked even during convention sessions. Now,
however, the various departments are organized
in such a way that those volunteering their services should be able to hear most, if not all, of
the program.
Why not give some thought now to volunteering to help for a few hours in one of the convention departments? Maybe you can do this as
a family or with others from your congregation.
As has been true in the past, volunteers need to
be at least 16 years old, unless accompanied by
a parent or another responsible adult volunteer.
FOOD NEEDS: Special arrangements are being
made to care for our physical needs. Provisions
for food and drink will be similar to what has
been available at district conventions in recent
years. Are we not grateful for the loving labors

y3-y-K" ?, iy%;xpB!

of our brothers and sisters who work hard in

serving us?
Convention tickets will be available a t the cost
of $1.00 per sheet of ten. It is suggested that you
purchase these in advance through
congregation.purchase enough tickets to supplyyour
food needs for the first two Or three
days of the convention.
What a joy it will be to assemble with our
brothers and interested persons to take in accurate knowledge of Jehovah at the "Kingdom Increase" District Conventions. Will you be among

the hundreds of thousands in attendance this

year? Hopefully the information presented herein
help YPU to finalize Y O U plans.
speeding up the Kingdom work, and
as the increase continues worldwide, it should be
these sheeplike ones
to advance to maturity. The "Kingdom Increase"
~ i s t r i c Conventions
will better equip us for this
important work, while strengthening our resolve
to serve God wholeheartedly. Let it be our prayer
"that the word of Jehovah may keep moving
speedily and being glorified," all to his praise.
-2 Thess. 3:l.

District Convention Reminders


I)OOMING: Your cooperation in using the listing

of accommodations provided by thehonvention in
selecting your rooms is very much appreciated.
If you have not b e a d y made a reservation and
forwarded a deposit, it is necessary to do so immediately if you are planning to stay overnight
in the convention city. Congregation convention
coordinators should be sure that Special Needs
Room Request Forms have been' promptly forwarded to the appropriate convention ad&ess.
If you &d it necessary to cancel your accommodations selected from the listing, you should
write or phone the hotel/motel directly, doing
as far in advance as possible. If you must
an accommodation made through the 'pecial needs afiangement, YOU should notify both
the landlord or hotel/motel and the convention
Rooming Department so that the room may be
he convention Rooming Department will Provide, upon your request, available info~lllation
on any ammercial trailer or camping facilities
in the convention area Please include a selfaddressed, stamped envelope with your request.
BAPTISM: At most locations, the talk for haptismal candidates will be on Saturday morning.
Those who wish to symbolize their dedication by
water baptism should have reviewed the questions with elders in their congregation prior to
the convention. A modest bathing suit and a towel should be brought by each one who plans to
be baptized.
It is the course of wisdom
and shows appreciation to be in our seats when
the program begins. That will be 1:30 Pm. on
Thursday, 9:30 a.m. on Friday and 9:4? am. on
Saturday and Sunday at most conventions. The
same fine qualities are displayed when we do not
plan to leave before the sessions conclude. The
closing song and prayer will be at 5:10 p.m. on
Thursday. Friday afternoon will be set aside for
a special effort in field service, following the
closing song and prayer at 3:00 p.m. On Saturday the closing song and prayer
at 5:00 p.m. and on Sunday at 4:10 p.m.

BETHEL AND GILEAD MEETINGS: A meeting will be held on Friday for pioneers between
the ages of 20 and 40 who are interested in

attending Gilead School to receive training for

missionary service. There will be a meeting on
Saturday for any dedicated publishers between
19 and 35 years of age who are U.S. residents and
who would like to enter Bethel service. Check
the program at the convehtion city for the exact
times and locations of these meetings.
and 'peciaZ pioneers as
Overseers will need to bring their Watchtower Identification and kssignment card (s-202) to the
convention. Those on the list for six months at
the time of the district convention they attend
may receive $15 worth of convention tickets upon
presentation of their Watchtower ID card at that
one convention
R e a t the card as -fully
cash. ~tcannot be replaced at the convention.
Any free releases or other literature at pioneer
rates will be available to pioneers at the bookroom only, upon showing their Watchtower n>
card. Those in Bethel service may obtain any free
releases or other literature at pioneer rates at
the bookroom by showing their Bethel ID card.

LAPEL CARDS: These cards are provided as a

means of advertising the convention as well as
to facilitate identifying our brothers and sisters
attendance. To this end, please wear the specially designed lapel card at the convention and
also while traveling to and from the convention
site. Not only is the card a h e means of identification, but it so often results in giving a h e
witness while traveling. You should obtairr these
through your congregation as they m$ll not be
available at the conventions. The lapel cards are
1, each and the plastic holders are loc each.
(Lapel cards have already been consigned to
each congregation by the Society, but the plastic
holders must be ordered by the congregation.)
A WORD O F CAUTION: Regardless of where
YOU park, you should lock your vehicle at a l l
times and fiever leave anything visible inside.
Keep your belongings locked inside the trunk,if
possible. &so, kward against thieves and pickpockets who are attracted by large gatherings.
This includes not leaving anything of value unattended on seats at the conventions. Additionally,
it has been reported that there is a greater risk
of falls on stairs and ramps when sisters are
wearing high-heeled shoes.

Literature offer for May: One-year
subscription for The Watchtower for a
contribution of 83-50. Six-month subscriptions are $2.00 each. Awake! subscription may be offered on same basis
Both subscriptions may be offered for
contribution of $7.00. June and July:
"Kingdom C ~ m e , ' ~
for 75c. Otherwise
any other 192-page book released prior
to 1981 may be used. August and September: Live Forever or Bible Stories
for $2.50.
During the month of August the brochure School and Jehovah's Witnesses
will be studied in the Congregation Book
Study. Then beginning the week of September 2, 1984, and continuing through
the week of February 24.1985, the book
Making Your Family Life Happy will
be studied.
If the brother who receives shipments
of distributors' magazines will be away
temporarily for any reason, he should
notify the local post ofice and make arrangements for shipments to be handled
properly in his absence. This will prevent delays in delivery or having shipments returned to the Society marked
0 No break is scheduled for Congregation Book Studies during the convention
week. However, the material scheduled
for that week may be split so that half
of it is studied the week prior to the
convention and the other half the week
following, in addition to the material
scheduled for those particular weeks. If
necessary, the reading of the paragraphs
may be omitted during these two studies.
Selective service regulations require
that all men register for the draft when
reaching 18 years of age.
of those
required to do so should take care of
this matter promptly, viewing it as a
Christian obligation to the superior authorities. Elders will want to have this
jn mind when Young brothers are nearing the age of 18 and give them appropriate reminders Questions as to the
young christianss r~sponsibilitiesin this
regard may be answered by the elders.
New Publications Available:
Sing Praises to Jehovah
Lar e size (congregation and public:
$8.00; pioneers: $1.50) -English
Small size (congregation and Publ!c:
$le50; pioneers: $.75)
The Truth That Leads to Eternal
y e
Unsted in Worship of the Only rue
-Chinese, Korean
A Secure Future-How You Can Find
In Search of a Father
music only):

Regularity in Service
Brings Blessings

1 There are many things we must

protective armor, Paul urges: tdAISO,
do regularly in order to care for our accept
the sword of the spirit,
If these are ne- that is, God's word." (Eph. 6:17) This
glected* there are
we is without doubt an unbeatable comsuffer. In likemanner* if we
protective armor
to satisfy our spiritual needs reg- bination-spiritual
the sword of the spirit.
ularly, our f a t h can become weak
Each 'Ongregation
lovinglyenand we may become irregular in our
to offer personal assistance
theocratic activity. Do we attend deavors
meetings regularly and maintain a do not participate in fieldreasons,
study schedule that keeps on a regular basis. (Eph. 4:ll-15)
US spiritually strong and equipped
to be effective ministers of the good Each month the congregation secreprovide each book study
news? (2 Tim. 3:16, 17; 2 Cor. 3: tary
5, 6) Do we take positive steps to conductor with a list Of those in his
who have not reported field
share in the field service on a regu- group
service activity. Study conductors
lar basis?
their part by giving particuThe psalmist wrote: ',From day
lar attention to the spiritual needs of
to day tell the good news of salva- these,
offering personally to assist
tion by him." (Ps. 96:2) Many of US
may not share in field service each them in the ministry Or
to do
day, but would it not be reasonable for 'Omeonethe
Overseer, workto schedule some time for the ministry each week if at all possible? ing through the study conductors,
~ l ~ Paul
h recognized
~ ~ ~ that
h to Will take the lead in helping to rethe good news,, was a ',ne- duce irregularity in the congregacessity,, for him, he also declared tion. Never forget that each of us
the good news of the Kingdom ea- has a
to have a reg*r
share in
gerly. (1 Cor. 9:16; Rom. 1:15) DO
we not also view sharing in the min- the work to which we have been asistry each week as both a necessity ~igned.-Com~are h3h-n 61:86 Many blessings come to us if we
a grand
DO we feel as
steadfastly hold to a schedule that
did peter and ~~h~wk;o
participate in the
declared, 'We cannot stop speaking
about the things we have seen and ministry
better results because regularity in
heard"?-Acts 4:20.
3 For various reasons some of our
brothers have allowed entire months presenting the message. The happlto pass without spending even one ness this brings makes US want to
hour in field service. This is a cause reach out for additional privileges.
for concern because only if we exer- You may be one who can make room
cise faith by sharing the good news for auxiliar~pioneeringand, in time,
pioneer service.
with others Can We expect to maintain spiritual strength. (Rom. 10: who have a good share in the field
9, 10) AS a muscle requires regular ministry each month may, in time, be
use to stay strong, so likewise our invited to accept additional responfaith needs to be exercised in order sibility in the Congregation. Truly,
to remain fim. BY continually talk- regularity in field service does bring
ing to others about the Kingdom, we blessmgs.
firmly ~embedded
in ~ By unitedly working "from day
~ the ~truth ~
to day" to finish the work Jehovah
our hearts.
4 Another reason for making public has assigned, we will wmk-m?the
expression of our faith on a regular joy that comes from giving and we
basis is that it serves as a protection, wlll develop the splrltual fortitude
a bulwark, against Satan's unrelent- required to endure to the end.-Acts
ing efforts to pierce our spiritual ar- 20:35; Matt. 24:13.
mor with his burning missiles. (Eph.
Sing Praises to Jehovah
Phonograph Records (set of 15 long- 6:16) Through lack of use and care, FEBRUARY SERVICE REPORT
playing records; congregation and armor Can rust and cease to serve
as a protection. After itemizing our
public: $15.00; pioneers: $11.50)
R.V. 61.St.
Pubs. Hrs.
Av. Mags.

Cassette Tapes-Single Album Set (set

of eight cassettes in one album;
and public: $15.00;
pioneers: $11.50)
Cassette Tapes-Five Album Set (set
of 113 cassettes in five albums;
congregation, public and pioneers:
The songbook, Sing Praises to Jehovah, is now available in grade-two English Braille (lyrics only). I t is bound in


one volume in durable brown vinyl. The

price is $10.00. Also the 1984 Theocratic
Ministry School Schedule in grade-two
~ ~ ~ ill^
l i will
~ behsent free upon request. To Obtain the
please send a
separate order, including the remittance
and the name and address of the person
that will use the publications. Mark your

335 130.0 93.5 53.7 6.1
2 8 7 6 0 8 3 5 48.6 3 7 3 6
AUX.pios. 18'508 60:0 34.3 lJk 119
3.7 0.5
Newly Dedicated Ones Baptized: 1,749

We had an excellent field service report for

Februery How encouraging to have 643
194 totai publishers-a new peak! we alsb
reached our fifth peak In regular pioneers tor
ear M~~ we continue qospeak
the word of bod'tear1essly."-~hil. 1:14.


During January new publisher peaks werc
reached in many countries. The publisher
peak along with other interesting information is shown for the following lands:

may be religiously inclined, perhaps the following would be appro665 3rd peak*
I am calling On per- CBelize
1.015 4th peak'
sons who are interested in peace. Greece
21.634 21st consecutive peak
7.026 7th CO~secutivePeak
Some religious people believe that Guatemala
3.498 3rd peak*
the churches
man- Honduras
6.1 13 3rd peak*
kind. However, others wonder if Martinique 1,539 7th consecutive peak
630 9th consecutive peak
the churches can accomplish this
*This service year
goal. Some interesting information In addition to reporting a new publisher
in the May 8 Awake! answerpeak each of the following lands reached a
h g the question 'Can the Churches new beak in the number of regular pioneers:
Austria. Britain. Colombia, France,
Unite the World?' I am sure you Oreece' Italy'
and Venezuela'
W i l l enjoy the articles On this subject. This issue of Awake! and the Time
latest Watchtower are yours for a
recrecontribution of 30 cents."
ation. They commented: "It was the
a To place more of these magszincs, many are mding it effective pie with 'pecialized interests- We ever had!" Could you arrange to
to use brief presentations. ourfew may be able to direct their atten- auxiliary pioneer at least once durwords need to be interesting and tion to an article that would be of ing the spring and summer? Young
particular interest, if we are famil- ones out of school for the summer
attention getting, as well as
For those who would like a ier with the current magazines. In may want to set this as a goal for
one month or more. Parents, why
very simple and brief presentation the May 22 Awake! science is fea- not
work right along with them in
something ike this may be effeci tufed. We could highlight the sub- this fine avenue Of sacred service?
tive: gell{.
M~ name is -.
A ject of science by saying: 1have 4 This summer will not be comlot of people today ask if we are something for persons who are in- plete without attending the ''IUngto see the end of the world in terested in science. In om genera- dom Increase" District Convention,
our lifetime. I would like to share tion scientific knowledge has tak- and thus many are planning their
something with you that gives the en great strides forward- However, vacations in conjunction with this
answer to that question. It is this not too long ago a series of scan- spiritual event. Good judgment is
article61914-The Generation That dais jolted the world of science again needed. Time should not be
Will Not Pass Away,' in the May 15 and this has sincere persons Con- spent in our enjoyment of recreWatchtower. The Watchtower and cerned. Information on the subject ational or other activities at the
Awake! are yours for a contribu- is found in this issue of Awake! You expense of even a part of the conwill notice the cover title is 'Fraud vention. We.wrfnt to enjoy all four
tion of 30 cents."
4 Other publishers might say: LII
in Science-Is the Halo Slipping?' days, as thls 1s a splrltual highOf the year* Sharing in the
am glad 1 found you at home. Would I believe you would greatly enjoy light ministry
the session
you agree that most people are reading this issue. You can have it ~
~ afternoon
be~ very
concerned about the increased ten- along with The Watchtower for a
sions we all face? Jesus said there contribution of 30 cents."
5 Have relatives in the truth inwould be a time like this. Many
vited you to spend part of your vaPOINTS TO REMEMBER
are saying there
visiting them? This may b2 a
war 7 Magazine presentations should cationway
to relax and share various
that will
everyone. However, be kept simple and brief. in^ well good
experiences. For others, vacation
I found something very interest- acquainted with the magazines will time may include visiting unbelieving on this subject in this article enable y6u to be sincere and enthu- ing relatives. I f circumstances perboth magazines are mit why not share our Bible-based
'1914-The Generation That. Will siastic.
it is usually best
em- ho<e with them? When vacationNot Pass Away.' I believe that you
too will find it interesting read- phasize One theme and tie in the ing away from home, if at all posing. You can have this Watchtower article You are featuring. When sible, attend the meetings of the
along with the current Awake! for placements are made, endeavor to local congregation. I t is especially
obtain the person's name and ar- encouraging to share with them in
30 cents."
5 When speaking to persons who range for a return visit, with a the field ministry.
Certainly there are many things
view to starting a magazine route.
Schedule for congregation stud- If the magazine offer is refused, be to look forward to this spring and
'seek first
ies in the book United in Worship friendly and leave the person in a
the Kingdom.' (Matt. 6:33) As we
of the Only True God:
good frame of mind.
continue to 'rejoice and do good,'
May 6:
Chapter 13
Remember* the magazines we our speech and conduct will reflect
upon our loving Creator.
May 13:
Chapter 14
life." (John 6:68) We should not be This will be to his praise and our
May 20:
Chapter 15
hesitant in offering them. Present great reward.-ps. 34:l; Eccl. 3.
May 27:
Chapter 16
them with zeal and enthusiasm.
12, 13.

With Magazines
apples of gold in silver carvings is a word spoken at the right
time for it.,,
25:11) These
words of the wise man Solomon
remind us of the value of timely information. of particular value
today is the precious and timely
information published regularly in
~h~ Watchtower and dwake! N~
other magazines offer the reasonable Scriptural information or the
Kingdom hope presented in these
unique journals, and it is our privilege to share them with others.
1 "As




Imitating Our
Loving Shepherd

As Our bving Shepherd* JehO- knowledge and begin to associate

vah is sensitive to our need for urith the congregation they will apnourishment, guidance and protee- pmciate the gentle way in which
tion. (Ezek. 34:ll-14) His record our ~ ~ v shepherd
i n ~ cares for his
of activity in these modern times sheep.-l T - , ~ 2:7,
~ ~ .11, 12.
has consistently highlighted his
tender care for distressed human- HELP THEM
ity. E~~~year his love draws tens . 3 Jehovah's interest in us is seen
JUNE re84
of thousands into the security of in his provision for our feeding regVol. 27, No. 6
a ,,lose relationship with him and ularly at his spiritual table. What
Our Bible students
FOR UNITED STATES OF AMERICA the precious unity of our Christian Can We do to
attended the Mebrotherhood. In the United States and
morial to develop appreciation for
more than 400,000 Bible studies
Meetings for Fidd
being conducted any thousands fhe congregation
with whom
studies are held mvite them to attend the meetings
attended the Memorial April 15. If On a regular basis- Second, encowJUNE 4-10
prepafe in
these newly interested ones are to age and
What points in the uKingdom grow spiritually, we must render advance and participate in
Comewbook will appeal to
loving personal assistance to them, gation meetings- As the student
thus endeavoring to imitate ~ ~ expresses
h ~ his
- personal conviction
v&>s own gentle care.-Isa. 40:11. 1" his OW words, he gives evi1. Men? 'women?
a In harmony with Jehovah's lead- dence of progress toward sharing
ministry as a Christian
2. Youths? Elderly persons?
ing of his people at this time, we in the
should keep in mind the need (1)to
JUNE 11-17
new ones
to attend
the congregation
4 Working with Jehovah's orga-


(2)to prepare them, as they qualify,

to sharein the field ministry. (Heb.
1. How can you pave the way on 10:24, 25; Matt. 28:19, 20) This
joyful, yet sobering, responsibility
lnltlal call?
requires that we lovingly impart to
new ones "all the counsel of God."
2. Why call again soon?
(Acts 20:27) As they increase in
3. How would you start a study?

Return visits

nization, you play a helpful role as

a teacher m preparing new ones
for field service. BY word and example encourage the qualified prospective publisher to enroll 1n the
Theocratic Ministry School, since
(Continued on page 4, coZ. 3)

Do You Have Pity for People?

JUNE 18-24

of Jesus

it was said, 'He felt each week. ~ 1 of

1 us should make

In offering current magazines pity for the people.' (Matt. 9:36) it our goal to share in this lifesav1. What pictures can be used? DO we feel such tender affection ing work as often as possible and
for others? (Matt. 9:36b, Kingdom especially on the first Sunday
2. What articles would you use? Interlinear) How strongly are You each month as well as on the sec
moved to show it?
Z I f your neighbors' house was
on fire and their lives were in danger, how persistent would you be
in an effort to reach them? (Matt.
Would you tap lightly on the
How would you begin a
conversation with a person front door once or' twice and, getting no response, go home? Surely
1. In his yard?
you would exert utmost effort to
reach them and save their lives!
2. Who is waiting?
I The lives of people worldwide are
now at stake. For this reason Je3. Who is walking by?
hovah has provided his message
of salvation and commissioned us
' PIC FOR CONVERSATION to carry it to the people whether
they hear or whether they refuse.
Despite Worfd Distress. -Ezek. 3:10, 11.
In an effort to reach all peoMatt. 24:7-Jesus
ple, we should share '
world distress.
to house w :y-dna
ioneers usually share in this work
Matt. 24: 13-He also said
each day. Many of us have some
share in the house-to-house work
some will be saved.

3. Why be brief?




ond and fourth Saturday.


,In preaching the Kingdom mes-

sage, do you make it your goal to

reach everyone you can? some
publishers share in the house-to-house
and, in. the s, because they
at that
time. could you do at



doing house-to-house work., do vou


in house-G-house work, noticed a

young man walking down the street.
Our brother approached him and
struck up a conversation. This led
to a Bible study. The young man
progressed rapidly and is now active in Kingdom preaching.-Acts
13:48, 49.
(Continued on page 3, col. 2 )

Meetings to Helt, Us Make Discides

NOTE: Our Kingdom Ministry will
schedule a Service Meeting for each
week during the summer. Each congregation may make adjustments
as needed to allow for attending the
district convention and then for a
30-minute review of the program
highlights on the Service Meeting
the following week.

reading. If some jroung publishers versations in informal witnesr---,

will be- having a fuller share in and how they considerately witness
the field service this summer, en- to relatives. As time permits encourage others to work with them. tertain experiences on good results
I t may be appropriate also to get from fo.llowing up on not-at-home
comments from some parents as to calls and making return visits. Enwhat they are doing to assist their courage all to share in field service
chlldren m some of these matters. on first Sunday.
15 min: 'Why Hesitate? Listen Song 192 (58) and concluding
and Obey!" Encouraging talk to
Song 76 (41) (Number in parentheEncourage families to participate
ses refers to -1966 songbook.)
10 min: Local
announcements in group witnessing this weekend.
and Announcements from Our King- Song 157 (73) and
Literature oEer for June and July:
dom Ministru.
llKinadom Come" book. for 75c. Other20 min: "imitating Our Loving
Gse,"any 192-page bodk released prior
to 1981 may be used. August and SapShepherd." Questions and answers. Song 156 (82)
Read paragraphs and appropriate 5 min: Local announcements.
f4r $2.50.Forever Or
scriptures as time permits. Em- 15 min: OrganizedtoAccomplish
phasize need to help Bible students Our Ministry. Question-and-answer
~ ~ S ~ ~ , " , ~ I $ $God
~ ,and
" ~
get to the meetings and then pro- consideration of pages 138-41. Read
~ ~ ~ f i c i ~-Korean
~ ~ ~
gressively prepare for field minis- paragraphs and scriptures as time
Making Your Family Life irapPy
permits. Conclude\ with brief talk
15 min: "Hope Despite World on three paragraphs on page 141
Our Incoming World Government
-God's kingdom
Distress." Father discusses with and encouragement for all to conIndex
teenage child Topic for Conver- duct themselves in harmony with
sation and presentation outlined Jehovah's will to his praise.
Enjoy Life on Earth Forever!
in paragraph 5 of article entitled 20 min: "Do You Have Pity for
-Bari, Cinamwanga,
"Imitating Our Loving Shepherd." People?" Question-and-answer conLuhya-Wanga, Pa-Zande,
Youth gives presentation to father. sideration of article. When considBunyankore, Rutoro, Vietnamese
School and Jehovah's Witnesses
Thereafter father gives his presen- ering paragraph 6, briefly .outline
tation of Topic for Conversation how arrangements are made to help
and, in presenting ''Kingdom Comew with seldom-worked as well as un- Awake! binder
book, reads points on page 25 un- assigned territory as explained in
der heading "What God's Kingdom the Society's letter of January 1, ~
i ' , ~ l ~ ~
Will Do." Encourage all to share 1984, addressed: "TO All Englishpublic: $2.00; pioneers: $1.75)
in magazine work on second Sat- Speakiqg Congregations." Mention
T O the Romans
urday as well as house-to-house arrangements already made by the
The First to the Coknthians -Dutch
The Second to the Corinthians, To the
work with the offer on Sunday, if congregation, if any.
5 min: Field service for the
Song 114 (61) and concluding weekend. Encourage all to share in
Of Losing Faith
magazine witnessing on fourth SatAway





~ d & ~ ~ ~ ~ , " ~ n m & ~ t ~ u ~ ~ ~ - 'tgg;pyzrz;;

Song 221 (31)
5"he Watchtower and Awake! that will deal with the materlal in Joshua
15 min:
~~~~l announcements
would appeal to men, women, the chapters 6-8. It is recommended that all
and accounts repoqt, consider elderly
and the young. Demonstrate read these chapters In advance.
Question Box.
fiesiding overseer or SOn~eonedeskYou a Young Wit- presentation
of currentunder
using the information
I I F ~nated
~ - by him should audit congregation's
ness for Jehovah?" Questions and
accounts on June 1 or as soon as possianswers. Read paragraphs and tUre Articles" on page in Awake! ble thereafter.
scriptures as time permits. Inter133 (68) and
Some congregations still have supplies
of older literature, books and booklets
view teenagers who are putting prayer.
forth a good effort in some of the
areas discussed. Ask about their SongWEEK
15 (92)
in these congregations are encouraged
schedule for study and service, as 8 min: Local announcements.
to obtain copies for their librarie! before
well as their preparation for meet- 15 min: Use time for local needs. supplies are exhausted.
ings and field service. Many have Otherwise, encouraging field serbeen helped greatly to grow in vice experiences may be used. Be
Schedule for congregation studknowledge and understanding by sure to Prepare these in advance. ies in the book United in Worship
reading some of the older publica- Or, the time could be used for a of the Only TW
tions such as "Your Will Be Done talk on uAre You Trustworthy?"
June 3: Chapter 17
on Earth" and the "Mystery" and -w84 4/1 pp. 26-9.
Babylon books. Ask audience to 22 min: "Presenting the Good\ June 10: Chapter 18
comment on benefits of reading News-When on Vacation." Ques17:
such older publications. Encour- tions and answers. Ask some to
age youths to benefit from such comment on how they begin con- June 24:
Chapter 20
Our Kingdom Mlnistry (USPS 295360)is published monthly by Watchtower Blble and Tract Society of New York
Inc 25 Columbia Helghts Brooklyn N Y 11201 Secondclass postage paid at Brooklyn. N.Y. WSTWA~TERI
~ e address
changes to watchtowe;, 25 columbia Heights, Bmklyn, N.Y. 11201.
R i t e d in U.S.A.


Question B o x

Are You a Young

Witness for Jehovah?

What procedure should be folto be a real witness for Jehoval

lowed in presenting resolutions to
your youth.
th'e congregation?
The local body of elders decides Witnesses and they have studied
Of Course, to be a witndss for
many matters affecting the congre- with you? Perhaps they take you
gation. In making declslons, these to the meetings and you go with
responsible brothers are guided by them in field service. ~t may be Do you share regularly in the field
service? Many young people set an
Bible principles along with SUgges- that many of your friends
actiom Or
provided by the quaintances are Jehovah's Witness- excellent example in this. When
from house
there are cer- es. But what about you personally? you offer the
tain decisions in which the congre- Are You a witness for Jehovah? to house, do you draw the attention of the householder to a pubgation shares, requiring a resolu- -Isa. 43:10-12.
ject that you believe will be of
tion. These matters would include
interest to him? If so, you do well.
obtaining a better place of meetWhen
working with the regular ofTo be one of Jehovah's Witnessing, purchasing property, remodelyou
ing or building a Kingdom Hall, es, we need to take in knowledge of fer,
and read
sending contributions to the Soci- Jehovah, his purposes and requireverses to the
ety to further Kingdom interests, ments for us. Have you set aside
You ask
his comments On
and so forth. Normal operating ex- time for personal study? Are you
penses do not require a resolution, regular a t it, just as you take time the points being discussed? When
but all major or out-of-the-ordinary to eat regularly? (John 17:3) When presenting the literature*do
to specific information that
expenditures should be approved you read the Bible and other theoby the congregation in resolution cratic publications, do you watch ~d~~~~
for information that tells you more areas in which you can make progHow are r e ~ ~ l ~ prepared
t i ~ n ~about Jehovah, his thinking and his .ress.
If so, put forth the eEort
and presented? The body of elders purposes so that you can properly d
pray that Jehovah will help
thoroughly discusses the matter, express these things to others and you
bless you just as he has
considering what is in the best in- thus truly be a witness for Jeho- manyand
other young publishers who
terest of the congregation and the vah? This is a fine thing to do as are proving themselves to be effecKingd0m
After they
you read the recent as well as old- tive witnesses for Jehovah.-Col.
perhaps e r publications of the Society.
1:9, 10.
a member of the congregation's
3 DO you try to'keep up with the
prepare a Bible reading schedule for each
TO be pleasing to ~
~ hit is~
week? Do you prepare for the meet- necessary that we eventually dedithe recommendations Of the
ings? Do you mark the answers to
During a Service Meeting the rele- the questions for the Watchtow- cate our lives to him and then as
vant facts and proposed resolution e r Study and Congregation Book Jesus commanded, be baptized in
will be discussed. l-he elder ban- Study? Do You comment at the water. (Matt. 28:19, 20) You can
be sure that as you take positive
dling the matter will allow congregation members the opportunity to meetings? In your own words? If steps both to know and to do Jehoask questions if something is not YOU do, you are to be commended. vah's will, he will help you to be a
clear. If a major decision is in- (Heb. 10:23-25) I t is evident that zealous, faithful young witness to
valved, the elders
allow the YOU are putting forth a fine effdrt his praise.-Heb. 6:lO-12.
congregation a week or so to con(ContJd) following the suggestion given to
sider it before voting. If the congre- People
5 Are YOU conscientious in calling call again at-on
gation wishes to accept the resolution as presented without further back where no one was at home? Puvtng the territory? (km6/81 p. 3)
discussion, the chairman will call One brother observed that many of IJGbllsners wno have been doing so
for a show of hands of those who those who are not a t home may sel- report finding as many as half of
favor and then of any who may not dam, if ever, have been contacted these people a t home the second
favor the resolution. If the major- with the Kingdom message. I t of- time they call. our love and conity of dedicated and baptized pub- ten happens, when we do find them,
for Other
lishers are in favor of the proposal, that they show appreciation and
us to make return
enthe elders can follow through with sheeplike qualities. Have you been
deavoring to start studies where
what has been approved.
12:11With the exception of cases brother who made a motion to adopt interest is
Brothers will be working unwhere legal requirements stipulate the resolution and the name of the
otherwise, all dedicated a n d bap- brother who seconded the motion, assigned territory this summer or
tized publishers would be allowed as well as how many voted for it and helping another congregation with
to vote on matters presented in a against it. If such parliamentary territorv that is seldom worked.
procedure is not directly required, Could you help in this way, too?
When considering corporation it would suffice simply to call for a
Now, suppose your house was
matters, Kingdom Hall loans, and vote on the matter after it has been
so forth, it may be necessary to use considered by the congregation. In on Ere! How persistent would you
parliamentary procedure in order any event, written resolutions that want your neighbor to be in knockto comply with legal requirements are adopted should be signed and ing a t your door to warn you? With
and'the bylaws of-the corporation. I dated by the responsiible elders be- I similar feelings for others and a
For example, sometimes fi is nec- fore filing the* with the records real sense of urgency, let us show
essary to record the name of the of the congregation.
pity for others as Jesus did.



z:i 'izz:

Loving Shepherd
(Cont ' d )
it provides training for the ministry. When you are sure that the
individual qualifies, you can invite
h p to share f i t h YOU in field service. Before dolng so, however, you
should carefully evaluate the S ~ U dent's progress, being guided by
the questions on pages 98 and 99
of the Our Ministry book. This will
help you to determine whether he
is ready to take a very important
step. I f so, invite him to go along
with you in the field service. Prepare simple presentations that he
can use as he accompanies you from
door to
~h~~~ who qualify should be
encouraged to begin sharing in the
ministry this month as we offer the
Come" book. You may be
able to help them use the current
Topic for Conversation. After a
brief introduction, some might say:
'World conditions have gone from
bad to worse, haven't they? [Allow
response.] Economic problems and
threats of nuclear war have cauied
many people to wonder what man's
future will be. The Bible provides
us with ejncouragement and a hope
for the future. Notice how present
world conditions were foretold in
a remarkable prediction about our
generation, [
~ ~ ~ ~ ~t 24:7.1
td h
w e have seen these things, have
we not? [ ~ l l o wresponse.] Hovever, Jesus shows that there are
better things ahead for you and
your family. [Read verse 13.1 It is
God's Kingdom that will save mankind." There can be a brief transition to introduce selected points
in the "Kingdom Come" book.
6 When we teach others we have
the responsibility of doing so in a
gentle yet helpful way. Like Paul,
each of us should share "not only
the good news of God, but also our
own souls'' a s we imitate our Levlng Shepherd.-1 Thess. 2:8.

subject and make appropriate comWhen on Vacation

- ment.1 I have finished it. If you
you be taking a
would like to read it, you are welthis summer? If
you come to it." They have done this in
be doing? Many use their time car- offering older issues of the maging for things around their home. azirles informally. somepersons
Others visit friends and relatives. may be pleased to contribute for
Of course, we should all be in at- the current issues when offered in
tendance at the "Kingdom Increase" a similar way, Those who decline
District Convention. Vacation time your
of the magazine(s) will
may also provide an o ~ ~ o r t u n often
i t ~ accept your gift of a tract.
to have a fuller share in Kingdom a When witnessing informally,
preaching.-Mark 6:30-34.
some have found it effective to
identify themselves as Jehovah's
During vacation time, we usual- Witnesses and ask, "How do you
ly have more freedom to spend our feel about the Bible and what it
time as we wish, do we not? Pos- teaches?" This has often opened the
sibly we could then have a fuller way for a fine conversation. If you
share in preaching the good news of always carry a few tracts, magathe Kingdom. You care about other zines or the current offer, you may
people and have a desire to do some- find many opportunities to present
thing about it. Vacation time may them to others.
furnish you with that opportunity.
W I T ~ ~ S S I NTO
(Mark 1:40, 41) Do you have notUsually our unbelieving relaat-home calls that need attention?
know we are Jehovah,s WitDo you have a list of interested
They may be curious about
people who have not been visited Our
Or activities but hesitate
recently? Will your vacation peri- to ask because they do not want to
od provide
with the opportuni- be 'preached to' or get involved in
return visits a lengthy discussion. Some brothty to make
and perhaps start a study? Are ers have S U C C ~ S S ~handled
U ~ ~ ~ matyou
serve as an
ters by just making one statement
iary pioneer during your vacation
the truth and then giving
period? If so, ,will you invite oth- about
the relative an opportunity to coner publishers
with tinue the discussion if he wants
of these are opportunities to. For instance, you might simply
to show we
care about Oth- mention where you and your family
er people and to have an increased attended the convention this sumshare inthe
- mer. You might show one of the SoINFORMAL WITNESSING
ciety's publications. Or, a comment
3 Whilevacationing and traveling about world conditions, the high
or relaxing, we are often present- cost of living or a family problem
ed with fine opportunities for in- may open up the way for a further
formal witnessing. Do you.use this discussion and witness concerning
means to present the good news God's Kingdom. Younger ones often
to others? Or is this a fedture of get a hearing ear from relatives.
service in which you could have a
7 While we are zealous in presentMARCH SERVICE REPORT
greater share this summer? (John ing the good news and endeavor to
4:7-9, 23) Those who have been speak a word a t the right time, we
Pubs. Hrs. Mags. R.V. B1.St.
successful in witnessing informal- need always to be discerning and
334 131-7 98.3 55.3 6.1
ly say that it helps to be friend- considerate of others. Remember Sp'l PiOs.
28,899 85.8 54.1 32.9 3.6
ly and sincerely interested in the the importance of being friendly Pies.
other person. Also, giving advance and showing a real interest in the AUX. Pios. 43,895 59.1 38.3 18.0 1.6
thought to what you will say helps other person.-Prov. 15:23; 1 Pet. pubs.
8.9 7.6 3.6 0.5
you t q be at ease and, consequent- 3:15.
ly, more effective in speaking with
8 Vacation t i h e and the s u m &
months come and go quickly. For
Newly Dedicateb Ones Baptized: 2,784
4 While traveling, many brothers Jehovah's people, the most treaThe
new publisher peak tor March is 9,124
and sisters take the initiative to en- sured memories usually include
gage others in conversation. Then the fine experiences resulting from ~~;"~,"~eO,U~&n,"t"~~i,","",";," : ~ ~ r ~ '
during the conversation they sim- time spent giving a Kingdom wit- .,ding
O U ~peak in April ot last year by
ply ask, "Do you like to read?" If a ness. Take the initiative in telling 5,604. And the total regular pioneers Is our
positive response is received, they others about our loving God and ~ ~ , " , ; ~ ~ ~ & ~ s t ~ ~ ~ s
continue: "I read something very his Kingdom rule. As you do, look our united
thus enriching us spiritualinteresting in tkiis magazine. [Show to Jehovah to bless your efforts. ly!-P~OV. 10:22.


our March peak by 10,202.

ase of 9,705 over the peak in

Hm,tings fi


in April a year ago.

Return visits: 4,395,110. Exceeds our previous peak by 346,629.
Home Bible Studies:450,658.This is 8,554 more than our peak last month.
The above increases enhance, in a most fitting way, the theme.of 'our
conventions this summer. Along with hundreds of thousands who will attend
the "Kingdom Increasen District Conventions this month, let us bless our
God, Jehovah, and pray that the volume of praise to him may be greatly
increased throughout all the earth.-Ps. 6638.

JULY 2-8
Using YFeatureArticles"
in Awake!
1. How can you introduce current
1 Under the Law covenant the Is- preaching and teaching work J~~~~
feature articles?
raelites were to offer sound animals foretold for our day (
~ 24-14.
'. What s ~ e c i fpoints
will You from their flocks in sacrifice. Even 28:19, 20) with
the grain offeri gs of the poor were tion fast approaching we want to do
3. Demonstrate brief presents- to be of "fine"
(Lev. l:3; 2:1) d l we can to help {hose who are
-We today are also under obliga- hU,
, tion.
and tMrsting for the
tion to make sacrifices to ~ o dand
(Matt. 5 6 ) Not onlywould
JULY 9-15
regardless of our personal circum- we
to spend as much time as
stances, these sacrifices lhust rep- possible sharing in the field minisFollowing up interest
resent our very best. But what sac- try, but we would want to offer our
1- What should a return visit ac- rifices are Christians to offer? ~ a u l
best in doing so.
said: "Let us always offer to God a
The quality of our ministry de2. How do you prepare for a re- sacrifice Of praise, that is, the fruit pends to a great extent on the effort
turn visit?
of lips which make public declara- we put fgrth. In our field service we
tion to his me."-Heb. 13:15,16. meet different types of people who
3. Why have a specific presentamay need special attention. By giv
tion in mind?
2What would be included hour ing forethought to the problem!
JULY 16-22
"sacrifice of praisen to Jehovah? It that people in our territory general
would inclutle our sharing in the
(Continued on page 3, col. 1)
What should you do:
1. When the householder has objections?
2. If a young person comes to the
1 It is Jehovah's will "that all sorts
of men should be saved." (1Tim. 2: may need help to share in the ,'in3. After you place literature?
3,4) Indeed, the Christian congrega- istry each month- Can you
tion is hade up of a wide variety of Sumetirnes parents can be of assisJULY 23-29
individws, each with diffeTingabil- tance to one another by taking turns,
When conducting
ities and personalities. m9t can baby-sitting when there are a numwho cannot
each one of us do to help others grow ber Of
Bible studies, how do you:
them in the field service.
1. Direct attention to the organi- fa%?itually and remain strongin the accompany
Parents should take the initiative to
2 N~ matter what our circum- teach their children suitable presen
2. Encourage meeting atten- stances, iach one of us can be a tations that they Can use in the door
ministry. Have You
source of encouragement to others.
individuals we can share in sup- them to use a simple magazine pre
3. Emphasize the preaching
plying {'what is needed" in accord sentation? If they Can read, havc
with Ephesians 4:16.
you taught them a Scriptur'al presentation? Such eff ort demonstrates
yofir love for and S U- -D W ~of~ the conTOPIC COR~COWVIRSATION
Twb important things empha- gregation.
HO'WDespite World Distress.
What else can be done to give
sized in this verse will serve to build
up the congregation. These are cbop- what is. needed? Can you offer to
Matt. 24:7-Jesus foretold
eration and love. Thoughtful effort work wlth a ploneer who lacks a
world distress.
is necessary in order to extend ourl partner? At meetings for field serMatt. 24: 13-He also said
selves in behalf of others. In each vice, support the pioneers by beinj
congregation there are some who
some will be saved.
(Continued on page 4 col: 1 )

Wer Sacrifices of Rsbe to Jehovah



Our Supportive Role in the Congregation

Meetings to Help Us Make Ursclples


Song 104
A~~~~~~~~~~~~ and local
announcements. Consider information on page 1 dealing with April's
activity. Review congregation's service report for that month.
1 5 min;
Sacrifices of Praise
t o Jehovah. Question-and-answer
coverage. Brief demonstration showing two publishers preparing for the
field ministry.
1 8 rnin: Organized to Accomplish
Our Ministry. Talk by well-qualified
elder. Cover from Page 142 (subheading) to page 147 (subheading).
Song 132 and concluding prayer.



Song 211
1 5 min:
Local announcements, inservice arrangements
and accounts report. "Kingdom Hall
Expansion Program."
answer coverage.
1 8 min:
"Presenting t h e Good
Magazines." Questionand-answer coverage Of
Have capable publisher demonstrate a
3060-second presentation
store-to-store work using the July 8
Awake! Publisher approaches manager and says: "We have set aside time
today to call very briefly on business
people in this area. We believe we
have something a number of them will
find beneficial. I t involves the question of whether you have t h e right to
refuse medical treatment you do not
want. Four aspects of the subject are
considered in four articles in this issue
of Awake! We leave it, with its companion magazine, The Watchtower, on
a contribution of 30c." (If it is approSupportive Role

recting interest t o the organization.

Discuss with them why there is a need
to do this early in the study and have
them outline what they do to help
Bible students begin associating with
the congregation and make progress
toward dedication.
1 5 min: Preparing magazine presentations. F a t h e r reviews 30- t o
60-second magazine presentations
with family. Refers to "Feature ArtiSong 128
cles" paragraph on page 2 of the July
Local announcements.
Blessings of Pioneer- 22, 1984, Awake! Helps family mem:~g.9m$~estion-and-answer
coverage. bers prepare following presentation:
Highiight 2 corinthians 9:6. I
~ "Unemployment
~ is -a major world
view or obtain comments from regular problem. It is even high in the United
and auxiliary pioneers, or those who States. 1s there anything families Can
have pioneered in the past, as to the do to lessen its impact? m a t may
joys and blessings they experienced. help in finding a job? If no jobs are
1 8 ,,,in:
organized to ~
~ available,
~ are h
Our Ministry. Talk by experienced el- there? Whether your family is curder. Cover from page 147 to end of rently affected by unemployment or
not, the articles starting on page 3 will
1 0 min: Arrange according t o be of benefit to.you. The Watchtower
needs of your congregation. Or, well- and Awake! are available for a contribalanced talk based on the article bution of 30c." Father takes several
"Greed Can Be Deadly" from t h e recent issues of Awake! and shows
July 1, 1984, issue of The Watch-- how easy it is t o use "Feature Artitower.
cles" section on page 2 of each issue to
Song 163 and concluding prayer.
develop brief, simple magazine presentations. He shows another family
member how to develop a presentation
Song 53
from the August 1, 1984, Watchtow5 min: Local announcements. er: "Many persons question the exisEncourage brothers to schedule Sat- tence of God. Others believe in God
urday magazine witnessing this week.
be 'loser to him.
Suggest publishers arrange to work and
with auxiliary and regular pioneers This issue Of The
this week for mutual encouragement. the question 'How 'lose Is God to
It shows how young Ones can be
1 5 min: "Our Supportive Role in
This vital
the Congregation." Questions and an- helped
information together with the Awake!
1 0 min:
Interviews. Service over- is yours
seer interviews those effective in di- Spng 194 and concluding prayer.

(Cont'd) Watchtower Study and arrange to necessary for t h a t goal t o be real-

on time and then leaving quickly for

t h e field. All can make it a point t o
share encouraging field service experiences with others in t h e congregation.

important it is for all of us to
direct interested ones t o t h e organization! Explain t h e Congregation
Book Study arrangement t o Bible
students and invite them t o come
along t o t h e study with you, perhaps
arranging t o bring them. Help them
t o get acquainted with others before
a n d a f t e r t h e book s t u d y . T e l l
them about t h e Public Meeting and

priate, you may request to speak with

others in the establishment, stating
that you will be brief and not unduly
disrupt their work schedule.)
1.2, min: Talk, with audience partlcl~ation,based on article, "Do You
Meditate or Just Daydream" in the
February 1,1984, Watchtower.
Song 46 and concluding Prayer.

bring them to these meetings so t h a t

they will feel comfortable. B y sitting with them, sharing your songbook and having an extra copy of ~h~
Watchtower ready, you will also
help them to feel a t ease. The sooner
new ones begin attending meetings
t h e faster they will progress in t h e
may know of some who attended t h e Memorial but are not yet
publishing, Our desire is t o help
them become dedicated, baptized
Witnesses who actively follow in the
footsteps of Jesus Christ. (1 Pet.
2:21) Time and thoughtful attention
given t o t h e needs of such ones is

'Elders and ministerial servants
especially have t h e privilege of SUPporting others in t h e congregation.
They are
needs Of the flock and then work to
help "each respective. member in due

~ n a ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ i ~ ~ ~
selves in t h e field service, sincg their
good example is encouraging t o all.
8 David observed, "How good and
how pleasant i t is f o r brothers t o
dwell together in unity!" (Ps. 133:l)
The full support of each one, giving
what is needed, directly contributes
t o t h e unity and prosperity of t h e
Our Kingdom Ministry (USPS 295-360) is published monthly by Watchtower Bible and Tract Society of New York
Inc., 25 Columbia Heights, Brooklyn, N.Y. 11201. Second-class postage paid at Brooklyn, N.Y. POSTMASTERI
Send address changes to Watchtower, 25 Columbia Heights, Brooklyn, N.Y. 11201.
Printed in U.S.A.

I Announcements 1
Literature offer for July: "Kingdom
ComeUbookor any 192-pagebook released
prior to 1981, for a contribution of 7%.
August and September: LiveForeueror
Bible Stories book, for a cdntribution of
$2.50. October: Subscription for either
Awake! or The Watchtower, or both, fo* a
contribution of $3.50 each.
New Publications Available:
Holy Scriptures Deluxe Leather Black
(DLbi2; Common Swedish Bible Hebrew Scriptures combined with New
World Translation of the Greek
Scripkres; congregation and public:
$6.00; pioneers: $3.00) -swedisL
Aid to Bible Understanding
(Volume 17, Fes-Fun)
(Volume 18, Fuo-Gene)

:i %EL$$)
(Volume 21, Giad-Gio)


(Volume 22, Gio-Giu)
(Volume 23, Go-Ia)
(Volume 24, Ic-In)
You Can 'Live Forever in Paradise
on Earth -Ewe, Kosraean, Sango,
Solomon Islands Pidgin
New Cassette Recordings Available:
The Good News According to Matthew
(set of two; congregation and public:
$3.00; pioneers: $2.50) -Portuguese
The folbwing single cassettes are
$2~10congregation and public; $1.75
The First to the Corinthians -1talian
Oqlatiansto the
The First of Peter through The Letter
of Jude
A Revelation to John


The Blessings of Pioneering


three years have been

the happiest in my life." MYgreatest blessing is the new strengthened relationship I have with Jeho-1 have tried it out for the
first time last
and I wish I
had tried it before . . .I really found
joy and Peace of mind." These are
mA?e by Some who have

time my faith has certainly increased by means of ~ ~ hmo-~

tivating spirit.
If I knew then
what I know now in regard to the
joy experienced from being a fulltime proclaimer of the good news I
would have started in the
pioneer work much sooner? ~ ~ ~
er said: "It has provided for me a
stability in decision-making I never
lng as regular ahd auxiliary had, When truly hard decisions
came up, I asked myself, how will
2 Such comments are not unusual
my pioneering be affected? My anwhen YOU consider what is stated at S W ~ ~became
easier. Pioneering
2 Corinthians 9:6: "He that SOWS has helped me to see how true the
bountifully will also reap bountiful- words at ~~t~20:35 really are."
the LofiCally
service those
do morejoy
in 6 The Pioneer Service, School is
another blessing available to those
and blessings- (Acts 20:35) Some who have been regular pioneers for
whose CirC~mstanCesdo not permif at leasta year. What do those who
them to meet the requirement of have attended this school have to
regular pioneers arrange say? "I found it the highlight of my
their affairs so as to auxiliary pioneering career." "1 have really
pioneer each month. Others plan to learned how to study, meditate and
auxiliw~pioneer as
as they use my time more ~ i s e l y ."The
can: Often the interest found by school helped me to rely moie upon
auxiliary pioneers in just one Jehovah and to see t\le need to keep
month results 1n so many retdrn busy in his work.""I feel as if i have
visits and Bdble studies that i t a tremendous fqundation to begin
keeps them very busy for several to build on. Certainly we can't apply
months to come.
all the information at once, but
Similarly others, although not what a spiritual banquet to reflect
able to auxlllar~pioneer, have been upon. A sure fight against discourable to increase their share in the agement!"
ministry. They reap many blessin~s
as a result of 'sowing bountifully.
If you have been serving reguWHAT BLESSINGS?
larly as an auxiliary pioneer, likely
After auxiliary pioneering for a you have had to make some adjustfull year, one brother Wrote to ments in your schedule and perhaps
thank the Society for encouraging even changed your life-style to
ihis activity. Describing the joy and some extent. Did you not fhd these
benefits received, he said: ?I have changes to be worth the effort when
become surer of myself at the door compared with the blessings you reand a better teacher
. The most ceived? With improved scheduling,
joy has come from studyipg the Bi- would you be able to increase your
ble with people!'
time in the field service each day
5 Regular pioneers have had sirni- and begin serving as a regular
lar experiences. One sister said: "I .pioneer in September? We encourhave only been a regular pioneer age you to give ,this your prayerful
for a little over a year now. In this consideration.


Schedule for congregation studies in the book United in Worship of

the Only True God:
July 1:
July 8:
July l5:
July 22:
2 July 29:

Chapter 21
Chapter 22
Chapter 23
Chapter 24


ly face, we can be better equipped to
present the message in a convincing
manner. (1 Cor. 9:19-23) Why not
'rehearse your house-to-house presentations with another member of
your family? The one taking the
part of the householder could raise
questions or objections that are
common in your local territory.
When it comes to conducting
home Bible studies, again preparation is required if we are going to
offer our best to Jehovah. We should
think about the needs of the student
when we prepare so that w.e can
adapt the material kn order for it to


be of the greatest help to him. We

could ask ourselves, 'What points
should be emphasized for the benefit of this person? How can I help
him to apply what he learns?'

equipped to present the good news

During July it is suggested that
we offer the "Kingdom Come" book
in our regular field activity. Doing
so, we will be focusing the attention
of individuals on the theme of God's
Offering Our best
being Word, his Kingdom. We want to help
people grow in appreciation for that
says: "Let us a l w a ~ smessage and come to the point
offer to God a sacrifice of praise." where they, too, will praise JehoAre we regularly offeringsuch sac- vah.
rifices? The more frequently we go 7 ~f we reflect with appreciation
out in the house-to-house work the on everything that Jehovah has
more familiar we become with the done for us, we will be moved alneeds of the householders. Through ways to offer our very best to him
experience we become b e t t ~ r-1 Chron. 29:14.

eMN, N"ls With Magazimes

Watchtower and Awake!
have been vital tools in declaring the
good news. These magazines have
helped many to gain an accurate
knowledge of God's .Word. In fact
over 258,006,000 magazines were
distributed last year in spreading
the good news in many lands and
languages. We want to use these
tools to the full in presenting the
good news.


To be of real benefit to those on

yqur magazine route, do not view
with whom to place magazks On a
regular basis. Consider how you can
help them to cultivate further interest in G ~ word.
~ Raise
s ~ questions
that can be answered
attention to a narticular article in
the magazine, thus building appreciation for the material contained in
the articles. As You continue your
calls and become better acquainted
With ,the householder, he may feel
more comfortable in talking with
you, .and this may pave the way for
starting a Bible study. However, patience and persistence are necessary. One brother had been regularly ta-g
magazines to a woman for
two years. She was impressed by the
brother's faithfulness in coming
bhck month after month and, as a
result, a Bible study was started not
only with her but also with her busbandy two daughters and grandson.
-Gal. B:9;



had their 63rd consecutive meas

' with 8 7 477 publishers In March; 40~per-

, 1 The




cent weie In pioneer work.

4 Korea had peak of 33,812 publishers
13th peak in a row of mgular pioneers,
4 Puerto Rico had a peak of 19,225 publishers in March,and in one year their regular pioneer ranks have grown 34 percent.
Zaire in March had a peak of 29,604
publishers, with a total of 52,405 studies
elna conducted.
4 <hiti had peak of 567 publishers in
March. their 11th consecutive ~ e a kand
also peaks in return visits and studies.
4 Sudan had a new peakpf 170 publish;
ers in March Publishers averaged 15
hours and reiular pioneers 10.6 studlei
Bahamas had peaks in March in pub
I!shers, 631, and in studies, 984.

2 For more t h k 44 years we have

been encouraged td establish magaKingd-n Halt
zinc: routes. Do you have one? If so,
you are no doubt enjoying the beneExpsndm m
fits and blessings of this featyre of
The September 1983 Our Kingservice. One brother whb has had a
dom Ministry insert explained how
magazine route since 1955currently
C~ngregationsmay contribute to the
has 50 inc3ividuals who regularly
Society Kingdom Hall Fund. Since
take the magazines. What a pprducthen, such contributions have been
tive way of spreading the good news!
month byinmonth.
Your unsemshoffice
supHow did he establish such a route?
Hall expansion
He att'ributes his success to a simprogram is very much appreciated.
die, direct approach. After he places
-2 Cor. 9:7.
magazines with someone for the
2 During the early part of this serSTORE-TO-STORE WORK
first time, he says: "I'd like to come
back and show you the next issues 5 +nother feature of the magazine yice year, a committee of brothers in
when they come out."
activity that can bring good results each circuit made a, survey of con30ne key to starting and main- is the store-to-store work. However, gregations having the most pressing
taining a magazine route is ,to be discernment is needed. Being brief need for new Kipgdom Halls. Based
on these surveys, arrangements
regular in the magazine activity. It and direct is important. Presenta- have
made to assist some of
is also important to keep good tions that a w no more than 30 t o 60 'these been
located in Calihouse-to-house records. Think in seconds in bngth are most appropri- fornia,congregations
Colorado, Florida, Louigiana,
I terms of st'arting a magazine route. ate. Selecting a time of day that is
New York, Norlh Carolina and WisWhen you place the magazines, not such a busy period will assist in consin.
stimulate the householder's interest getting better results when working 3 However, it is guite apparent that
in future copies. How? One seven- business territory. Keep in mind the hundreds of other congregations are
year-old publisher who has 11indi- importance of being well dressed, also in need of assistame. The Socividuals on his route uses the infor- thus giving a dignified appearance. ety, therefore, is in the process of
mation under the heading: "In Our =One sister who is successful in sending out questionnaires to conNext Issuq " as well as 'Young Peo- the store-to-store activity first men- gregations in areas where, according
ple Ask," ' b ' s WoM Is Alive" or tions that since she does not usually to the surveys, the greatest needs
other regular feature articles to f i d business pepple when calling at exist. Hence, it is suggested that.
- genwate interest in future maga- their
home, an effort is being made congregatiolis should not write to
zines.' Your own enthusiastic atti- to reach them at their place of work. the Society regarding loans unless a
tude toward these articles will help Then she refers to an article she is questionnaire has been received reto stimulate the householder's inter- presenting and states she is sure questing detailed information, or unest.
they will want the information not less an emergency situation exists.
only for themselves but also to' .4'As contributions to the Society
Hall Fund continue to be
share with their family. Again, the Kingdom
received month by month and those
congregationsalready assisted begin
brief and to repaying their loans, it will be possiPubs. Hrs. Mags. R.V. BI.St. store to store, is to
ble to increase gradually the number
Spl Plor
354 130.9 105:4 54.4 5.6
7 In this very busy world it is vital of loans made. We are most thankful
- Pios.
29,098 86.5 59.3 33.5 3.6
to be diligent in presenting the good to Jehovah for the great increase of
Aux.Pios. 93,990 58.0 42.6 16.4 1.3 news wherever we find people. Call- "other shep," w h i a makes it necebPubs.
7.8 3.5 0.4 ing from store to stow and estab- sary to obtain more Kingdom Halls,
lishing magazine routes are excel- and for the share we can ,all have i~
lent ways to reach people with the support of this program.-1 Cor. 3
/'good news.
6-9; 2 Cor. 9:8-12.
Newly Dedicated Ones Baptized: 1,761

' The a'b0ve

Of urgency were
sent to Joshua by the (meonites
when five enemy kings allied themselves in battle against them. Would
Joshua and the Israelites now relax
their hand because of recent victories and not r'espond to the Gibeonites' cry for help? The Bible tells us
that Joshua and his valiant mighty
men along with all the people of war
marched all night to take the five
enemy kings b? surprise and rout
Vol. 27, No. 8
them. Jehovah granted his loyal and
tireless servants total victory, and
the Gibeonites were saved.-Josh.
Meeting8 for Field Service 10:6-27.
NO longer do Jehovah's earthly
servants engage in carnal warfare.
Our warfare, as Christians, is spiriPresenting the offer
tual. However, in our spiritual war1. Discuss new Topic for Conver- fare we can imitate the zeal and loyalty of Joshua and his valiant mighty
men. Jehovah has indeed blessed our
2. What introduction will you use? labors in the disciple-making work,
and great success is being realized.
But is this the time to relax our hand
because of the success we have enHighlighting illustrations
joyed thus far? Not at all. Now is the
1. Which ones have you used?
1 time to be like Joshua and his men
and not let up in our zealous preach2. How can they be used?
ing and disciple making.-Matt. 28:
AUGUST 13-19
19,20; 2 Cor. 10:4,5.
Millions of people have shown inWhen answering objections
terest in the Kingdom message by
1. What is our purpose?
accepting literature such as the Live
2. What should we avoid? (2 Tim Forever and Bible Stories books.
They need our help. And, since the
offer for August and September is
either one of these books on a contriAUGUST 20-26
Bible studies
I. HOW could you start a study in
the Live Forever book?
Under the direction of Jesus and
2. Why is our conduct on
incooperationwithhisangelicreapstudies so important?
ers. a sreat s ~ i r i t u aharvest
is now
takingplace in the earth. Just as in
ancient Israel, Jehovah has outlined
I specific requirements governing
1. How can we make an effective both the work and the workers in
conclusion to our presentation? this modern harvesttime. What a
privilege we have to share whole2. If the offer is declined, what heartedly in this Kingdom ingathermight you present?
ing! Appreciation for our blessed op3. If no interest is shown, how portunities should move us to work
with diligeuce and insight, intensely
s'hould we conclude?
occupying ourselves with the witANOTHER PEAK YEMORUL ATTENDANCE nessing work.-Prov. 10:4, 5; Acts
The 1984 Memorial reoort set out be- 18:4, 5.



bution of $2.50, what fine potential

there is for many thousands of new
home Bible studies to be started.

First of all, we should consider

each individual with whom books
have been placed as worthy of return
visits. Hence, it would be good to
organize our house-to-house records
in order to make these visits. In making the return visits, we should have
as our purpose starting a home Bible
study. Even when going from door to
door, why not offer to demonstrate to
the householder how a home Bible
study is conducted? Many who are
now our brothers and sisters were
first introduced to the Bible study
arrangement in this manner.
Are you presently conducting a
home Bible study with an interested
person? If you are, you likely know
the joy that comes from teaching
someone the truth. Could you arrange your affairs to conduct an additional Bible study? I t would be
good to examine your personal
schedule to determine if you can
make room to help even more in this
way. Your joy and satisfaction can
also be increased by helping another
publisher in the congregation start
and conduct a home Bible study.
If you are not presently conducting a home Bible study, but you genuinely would like to, there are some
positive steps you can take. First of
(Continued on page 2, col. 1)

Acting With Insight During Our Spiritual Hawest

low shows another peak attendance,

37,098 more than last year. It underscores the Kingdom increase now under way. We want to help the many new
ones who attended to become active,
dedicated and baptized ministers of
the good news.-Rev. 22: 17.
Attendance 1,611,310
Number of



1,574,212 +37,098



This great modern-day hareest

requires energetic, spirited activity. (See Romans 12:11, Kingdom Interlinear.) We act with insight when
we imitate faithful earlv Christians
who had a regular, zealous share in
.the ministry. Like them, we recognize the importance of engaging
faithfully in t h e holy work of

preaching the good news, since this

present-day activity is a chief reason for the very formation of the
Christian congregation. (Matt.
24:14) Our love for Jehovah and
heartfelt obedience to our preaching commission move us to put Kingdom interests first. We eagerly follow the inspired advice given to
God's ministers in Hezekiah's time:
"Do not give yourselves up to rest."
-2 Chron. 29:ll.
3As we continue to discern the
meaning of this harvesttime, we
want t o participate regularly in
making known "the things having to
do with peace." (Luke 19:42, 44;
Acts 5:42) Could you arrange t o
share regularly in all features of the
ministry? Rich blessings from Jehovah await all whose circumstances
allow them to do so. We are refreshed by personal experiences in
the ministry, and our "acting with
insight" becomes a wholesome influ(Continued OR page 8, col! 2)

Meetings to Help Us Make Disciples



prepare locally according

This tirne may be used tointerin the
activity, which will result in

who may know nothing about Jehouof3good

vah's Witnesses. This means additional

sentation and to share in house-to-h

ministry first Sunday of month,
gust 5.
Song 23 and concluding prayer.

opportunities to place the School brochure and provide a witness.


truth serves as a protection for one and

Briefly revsw articles in August 8
gives a witness. Courageously living the
Awake! Direct attention to ~ a r a e r a ~ h
truth brings blessings and support from
under "Feature Articles" oh page '2. Song 117
Have prepared publisher make the fol- 10 min: Local announcements. Jehovah and the congregation. Encourlowing model presentation, featuring "Making Your Family Life H c ~ p p y .age
~ all to share in field service first
August 8 Awake! After appropriate in- Talk and discussion of article highlight- Sunday of month.
troduction, publisher asks householder: ing current need and value of this infor- Song 125 and concluding prayer.
D o Not Relax
(Cont'd) spiritual progress until a home Bible
Schedule for congregation studall, present the matter in prayer to study is conducted with him with the ies in the brochure School and JehoJehovah. Also, ask the service over- aid of one of the Society's publica- vah's Witnesses:
seer for suggestions. Your Congre- tions. Since we a ~ ~ r e c i atheir
te s~irgation Book Study conductor or an- itual value, we w&t to give the widt o 9'
other experienced publisher may be est possible distribution to the Live August 5: Pages 3
able to help. SomB publishers have Forever ahd Bible Stories books. As
had fine success in starting studies we do, may we keep in mind the tire- August 12: Pages 9* t o 1 6
by merely offering to read the Live
Forever book with interested per- less zeal of Joshua as well as the August 19: Pages 17 to 23#
sons. For more information on how to encouraging wbrds of the wise man:
start Bible studies in the Live Forev- "Do not let your hand rest; for you August 26: Pages 23a t o 31
er book, see page 4 of Our Kingdom are not knowing where this will have
* To or from first subheading.
success, either here or there, or
Ministry for February 1983.
# To paragraph three.
~ made.
not born. So. whether both of them will alike be
I A From paragraph four.
a person-does not usually make real I good."-Eccl. 11:6.

Our Kingdom Wmistry (USPS 295-360)is pubhshed monthly by Watchtower Bible and Tract Society of New York
Heights, Brooklyn, N.Y. 11201. Second-class postage paid at Brooklyn, N.Y, POSTMASTERI
Send address changes to Watchtower, 25 Columbia Heights, Brooklyn, N.Y. 11201.
Printed in U.S.A.

Inc., 25 Columbia

Literature offer for August and September: You Can Live F O T ~ V
E a ~ t hor MU ~ o o kof Bibb Stories, for a
contributionof $2.50. October: Subscription

Good Manners in Field Service Honor God

The apostle Paul wrote to the C0rinthians: "In no way are we givlng
any cause for stumbling, that our minbe found fault with."
~ o ~ f esubscription
h a h ~ ~ ~ a ~$2.00.
~ $ , "~~ { ~ C ~~ p " ~ ,~" istry
,(2" C! ~O~might
~ ~6.3 ) ~not
~ he recom~
vival Into a New ~ a ~ tfor
h ,a contribution of mended to the Philippians that they
"behave in a manner worthy of the
Each congregation will receive three Lit- good news." (Phil. 1:27) This inspired
counsel clearly brings to the fore that
of all controlled stock items listed Christian manners are important. Do
on the inventory form. please fill out the your manners in the field service honforms completelyand send the original to the or God?
Society no later than September 6. Keep a
2 What are manners? Manners are
~ , " ~ s ~ p & f , " ' ~ ~The
S ~third
~ t ' form is defined as habitual conduct, behavior
During the week of Sel;tember 3-8 1984, or deportment and refer to our way of
the Society will be taking an inventor; of all dealing with others. Expressions assoliterature on hand in Brooklyn. Due to taking ciated with good manners are politethis inventory, no congregation literature ness, courtesy, thoughtfulness, conorders will be processed for shipment Or for siderateness, kindness and tact. Good
pickup during that week.
The secretary and service overseer should manners may seem insignificant to
complete the Congregation Analysis Report some people, but not so to Christians.
form (S-10) and send this to the Society as We recognize that much of what we as
soon as the congregation's August report has Christians accomplish can be undone
been complied. Double-check all information by a lackOf good manners'
foraccuracy, carefully following theinstruc-




tions on the form. Keep a duplicate in the

congregation file.
Starting in September, circuit overseers
3 AS you walk from one house to the
will give the public talk "Restoratlon of Har- other, do you display the dignity exmony to the Earth." The public talk to be pectedof aminister of God? Does your
given by district overseers in connection
with the new series of circuit assemblies be- appearance and deportment harmoginning in September will be ' w a r at &ma- nize with the seriousness of the mesgeddon-Is I t Near? What Will I t Mean?"
sage you are presenting? Obviously,
1985 Calendar of Jehovah's Witnesses: we want our children with us in the
Publishers and pioneers, please order your m h i s t r ~but
~ are they being trained
calendars though your
congregations should begin collecting requests represent the truth appropriately?
for these calendars now. Then on Septem- Are they attentive and not playing
ber 1,1984, or as soon as possible thefeafter, while the publisher is speaking to the
send this.
the SOclet~,uslug the householder? If the children are unregular hterature Order form (5-14). Calen- d~
or their conduct is distracting,
dars in other languages should be listed under ''Other Language Publications showing the householder may not. get the full
the quantity for each language sep'arately as benefit of what the publisher has to
well as the year 1985. The calendars will say. Children who receive good train-

~ u ~ ~ ~ ~ b ~ i ~ , E ~ , "%
, ""&
,":,\,, " , " d d

Italian, Japanese, Korean,Portuguese, Spanish and Swedish.

Calendars are controlled stock items and
will be charged to the literature account at
which is the rate
pioneers and the public Do not send the
remittance with the
(See the cost
pars. 22-4.) Until the calendars M available
and shipments are made, these will appear as
"Back Ordered" on congregation invoices.
The 1985 calendar features six full-color
photographs depicting the preaching activity
of Jehovah's Witnesses in several different
New Cassette Recordings Available:
The Good News
to John (set
of two; congregation and public:
$3.00; pioneers: $2.50)



Aux. Pios. 34,407

Sp'l Pies.

"Is' Mags'
55-6 5.8
85.9 57.1 32.8 3.5
59.5 40.6 18.1 1.6
9.0- 7.7 3.7 0.5


Newly DedicatedOnes Baptized: 4,786

ing bring honor to Jehovah, their parents and the congregation. Cornmenting ?on- t
preached t e good news to her, a womG s G d it was a "real pleasure to talk
to thEe. neatly dressed young people, and I wish that more yo g people
would follow their example3he was


obviously impressed by their appearance and good manners.

4 How are good manners displayed
when we speak? The apostle Peter
in ~speaking
~ we should
veal "a mild temper and deep respect."
C1 Pet. 3:15) This is very important
and even more so when dealing with
unreasonable persons. If we speak in a
dogmatic, harsh or overbearing way,
can it be said that our manners honor
God? Good manners require tact and
friendliness. We should not be overly
insistent that the householder accept
literature or listen to our message if
he does not wish to do SO. Also, it is
important to be a good listener, since
this too is a part of Christian manners.
When the householder speaks, we
should listen to what he has to say.
This shows respect. We will then know
what is on his mind and be better
equipped to help him.--Prov. 18:13.
AS we work the territory, good
manners dictate that we avoid congregating on the sidewalks or in front of
buildings. Passersby should not be required to walk around US. This is important to0 when engaging in Street

6When in another person's home,

Christian manners dictate that we
comport ourselves as guests, showing
appreciation for the hospitality extended and maintaining proper dece
rum. The one conducting a study or
making a return visit should respect
the time the householder allows for
the visit. He should be punctual. If the
publisher is accompanied by children,
these should respect the householder
and his property. In no way would we
want to give cause for stumbling or
faultfinding.-2 Cor. 6:3.
7 Unquestionably, good manners in
field service honor Jehovah God. May
we all continue to %have in a manner
worthy of the goodnews."-Phil. 1:27.

(C0ntYd) 5 If you have finished high school

ence on the spiritual health of the this yeear,what is holding .you back
congregation as we set an example from ploneermg? ASafamlly group,
could arrangements be made for one
be imitated by others'
or more of your family members t o
pioneer? Some have found it possiHOW heartwarming
ble to cut back on secular work in
that each Year t h ~ u s a n d sof our order to pioneer for a t least a year.
brothers 'perceive the will of Jeho- Have you seriously considered this
vah' to include their accepting the possibility? Whatever your circumopportunities and challenges of the stances may be, pray to Jehovah
full-time ministry! (Eph. 5:17) Last about expanding your ministry a s
year during the month of August, a you seek to act with insight in dempeak of 2,727 new regular pioneer onstrating the pioneer spirit.
applications were approved in this
have a
May we a l l continue
country. How we rejoiced then to heart for working," keeping busy in
have nearly 28,000 regular pioneers Jehovah's service. (Neh. 4:6; 1Cor.
a t the start of the new service year! 15:58) Our acting unitedly with inAre you in position to reach out for sight will result in dewlike refreshment and great joy.
such service privileges?


Circuit Alsi.mbllcn
-Practical Counsel

The 1984 spring and summer c i ~

society'S slides. yet only students cuit assembly program with the them
but teachers and school
have "Living No Longer for Ourselves" wesented tlmely information to help us
As September approaches, mil- benefited.
avoid selfish thinking. In order for life
lions of young people will be returnYOUR CONPUCTAS A WITNESS
to be meaningful, one has to be intering to school. There the students will
spend much time each school day,
6 Young ones also do well to reflect ested first of all in doing Jehovah's will
gaining knowledge and skills that upon the effect their personal con- and pleasing him. (2 Cor. 5:14,15) We
will help them later on as adults. duct has on the truth, either in rec- must be capable of distinguishing both
However, these young people may ommending the goodnews or detract- right and wrong. (Heb. 5:14) Apprecialso be subjected to unscriptural phi- ing from it. A number of teachers ating our place in Jehovah's house, we
losophies, empty theories and views have come to a knowledge of the may serve as vessels for an honorable
condoning or promoting loose mor- truth as a result of the good conduct use.-Rom. 9 ~ 2 1 .
2 The theme for the series of circuit
als. They will be called upon to make of Witness children in school. Conimportant decisions about their fu- trastingly, the attitude and behavior assemblies starting in September is
ture without being given any spiritu- of worldly students is often disre- "Repudiate Ungodliness and Worldly
al guidance. While this large territo- spectful. They are lazy, careless Desires." Why does the Bible instruct
ry is almost completely off limits to about their work and disobedient in us to reject Such? (Titus 2:12) HOW
adults, there are many young pub- class. They often get into serious does such a course of action afford us
lishers who also attend school and trouble. Onlookers usually do not protection, and why is it essential to
are able to share the good news with point critically to their religion. But our salvation? What are some of the
what happens When the student is specific areas of ungodliness and
honesthearted ones.
one of Jehovah's Witnesses? Because worldly desires that pose dangers to
of the high standards that we uphold Jehovah's people? Why should we view
While in
YoWg Wit- a d that the organization is known some of our own personal desires as
nesseshavefounditeffectivetohave fof, we must always be careful to suspect? These and many other vital
the Live Borever book Or the
maintain right conduct. May our con- questions will be answered in this new
Stories book with they.One young duct always be in harmony , d t h Jeho- circuit assembly program.
leaves One
vah's regulations and thus bring him
3 Portions of the program such as
right on top of his desk. When class- honor.-ps. 119:g.
"Pioneering I s Advantageous" and
mates ask about the book, it opens
7 parents can play an important "Examining Our Motives" will help
the way for a discussion. Thus, a good part in getting the cooperation of strengthen our determination tomainwitness is given to students and teachers. One sister was reluctant to tain ourselves active in Jehovah's serteachers, and he has even started approach her daughter's new teacher vice as well as to remain clean and
several Bible studies.
because of a report that the teacher separate from the world. Be sure to
Anotheryoung Witness takestad- was uncooperative and difficult to make definite plans to attend this exvantage of opportunitieS, during the deal with. Finally t h e sister ap- cellent circuit assembly program.
lunch hour
afferent stu- proached the teacher in a tactful and
dents about the Kingdom. She says kind way and pointed out her desire
she finds .it very easy to open the to cogperate with him in his diffi'cult
conversation by t a l h n g about mme- job. The sister concluded by offering
thing currently being discussed in the teacher the bi-ochure School and
one of their classes. Then she directs ~
~ witnesses.
h ~h~ teacher
ac~ the In
~ continue
attention to an article on a similar cepted the brochure and later
subject in one. of the recent Awake! that he read it from beginning toend. InOunt. ( 2 Tim. 3:1-5; Rev. 12:12)
magazines. This young sister has also ~~~i~~ that school year his attitude Traditional family life has been disbeen able to make return visits and toward the witness youth demon- rupted as never before. How can we
start Bible studies right a t school.
strated that he appreciated what he fortify our family life? What protection is there for Christians?
Young Witnesses may also have had read in the brochure.
The Founder of the family aropportunities to present the good
you are a young witness reand it is your ear- rangement consistently demonnews in connection with class reports turning to
or projects. I n one classroom the stu- nestdesire to help your honestheart- strates his interest in us. ( E P ~ 3:
dents were assigned to present scien- ed classmates, speak up about the 14, 15) BY means of his Word and
tific information in proof of evolu- good news and be assured of ~ ~ organization
h ~ - he gives guidance and
tion. A young brother approached the vah?s pleasureand blessing.-ps.
!nstruction that strengthen our families and the Christian congregation.
teacher after class and asked if he 148:12, 13.
The book Making Your Family Life
could present scientific material supHappy was published in 1978 and has
porting creation. The teacher agreed.
The result was an outstanding oral TOPIC FOR COWVERSATION proved its worth in helping us to apreport by the brother, which was ap- will the ~
~ B~ ~
h~ in a ply ~
Bible principles
in a realistic
beneficial way. Now \arrangements
plauded by his classmates. The teach- Nuclear War?
have been made for u s t o study
er was so impressed that he arranged
for the report to be presented to oth- ECCI. 1 : 4 - ~ h ~
remains it again a t the Congregation Book
Study, beginning the first week of
er classes.
I n a number of cases arrangements have been made for qualified prov. 2:20, Pl-Rightecius to
To gain the greatest benefit from
our discussions, each of us should
elders to speak to groups of students live forever on earth.
prepare well. All of us need to benefit
in sahool. They have explained more
from the modest, straightforward
about our teachings and activities P~ov.2~22-God will destroy
counsel found in this publication.
and have even shown a set of %thew~cked.

In School



Continue to Speak
the Word of God Fearlessly



Observing Jesus' boldness in

speaking, the people of Jerusalem
exclaimed: "This is the man they are
seeking to kill, is it not? And yet,
see! he is speaking in public." (John
fearless preacher of the Word of
God. Jehovah had given him a work
to do, and he was
going t~
fear of man to intimidate him into
silence. This same fearlessness was
implanted in his faithful disciples. In
their final meeting together he cornmanded his disciples to preach and
teach the message of the Kingdom
far and wide. They did so, fearlessly.
-Matt. 28:19,20; Acts 1 %

about speaking with employers or\

fellow employees. What is the solution? The apostlesprayed for divine
assistance. ( ~ c t 4s ~ 2 9 )satan iries
to make us fearful, to destroy our

we can be assured that when we

bring the good news to others, JeSEPTEMBER 1984
hovah will support us.-2 Chron.
20.15. Acts 4.31
Vol. 27, No 9
we can share
in this work by offeking You can
Live Porever in Paradise 0%Earth or
My Book of
stories. since
Meetings for Field Service
these books have been in use now for
.few years, you may find householdSEPTEMBER 3-9
ers who alreadv have them. What
then? You can demonstrate how
How do you determine
T o d a y , in thiscountry, we are not they can get the most benefit from a
1. Which book to offer?
faced with persecution to the extent home Bible study. Very likely there
experienced by the first-century was some initial interest when they
2. When Offer
at the Christians. Nevertheless, you may took the publications. Perhaps that
same time?
be tested bv more subtle fears. For interest can be rekindled and cultiI example, are you fearful of speaking I vated.
If you have not yet become profiwith strangers? Or do you have a
fear of making return visits, feeling cient in using the Topic for Convervou will not know what to sav? Some sation, why not rehearse it with othWhv is it im~ortantto
are apprehensive 'about working ers before going out in the field?
Arrive promptly at this meet- affluent territory. Young people of- This will increase your confidence a t
ten shy away from speaking with the door and strengthen you to
other young ones about the Kingdom preach the Word fearlessly.
Have literature, equipment and message.
Similarly, some are fearful
(Continued on page 3, col. 2)
territory ready?
3. Pray before going out?



The Blessings of Servlng Jehovah

"Look! How good and how pleasSEPTEMBER 17-23

ant it is for brothers to dwell toDemonstrate how to
gether in unity!" (Ps. 133:l) Does
1. Present the current issues 01 this not express the sentiments of
those who loyally support Jehovah's
the magazines.
organization and its activities? The
2. Tie in the Topic for Conver- spiritual achievements of the last
sation with the offer for this service year indicate that this is so.
There have been many reasons to
express these words of the psalmist.
Let us review some of these.
What could you do if
Fresh on our mind is the "Kingdom Increase" District Convention.
1. You come to a business estab- The
program increased our apprecilishment?
ation for the privilege we have to be
living during this time of Kingdom
2. A child comes to the door?
increase. I t is clear that Jehovah is
having a tremendous work done at
3. You run out of literature?
this time, and we were encouraged
to have a full share. (Neh. 6:16)
TOPIC FOR CONVERSATION Now is the time to put into practice
the many fine suggestions offered
. Will the Earth Be Destroyed in a regarding
our Christian living and
Nuclear War?
activity. This will strengthen us for
the difficult times ahead.
Eccl. 1 :4-The earth remains
Another encouraging aspect of
the past service year was the effort
Prov. 2:20,21-Righteous to
many put forth in the pioneer work,
live forever on earth.
as shown in the April report. There
Prov. 2:22-God will destroy
were 123,442 who shared in the
pioneer work that month, 19 perthe wicked.

cent of the total number: of publishers. Of the 12,954,379 hours spent

in field service, 8,013,900 were reported by pioneers. That was over
61 percent of the total number of
hours! A fine shout of praise indeed!
Field service reports also indicate that the increase in those sharing in the Kingdom-preaching work
is greater than the number who
were baptized. This would seem to
indicate that many have become
reactivated, and others have seen
the need to-be more regular in the
field service. Do you know of still
others who can be encouraged to
have a greater share? Can you help?
If so, we suggest that you discuss
this with your book study conductor
or another elder.

Jehovah is speeding up things

toward a climax before t h e outbreak of the great tribulation. This
adds a note of urgency to our work,
and the path that has been marked
out f.or us is clear. With this in
mind, would it not be good to examine our individual situation and set
meaningful personal goals for the
(Continued on page 2, col. 1 )

Meetings to Help Us Make Disciples


Song 27
Selected Announcements
in Our
Price Changes!9 Discuss with audience.
Brother handling this part lvill also
make local announcements, review
congregational arrangements for field
service and encourage publishers to
share in field service on weekend.
15 min: "Continue to Speak the
Word of God Fearlessly." Questionand-answer discussion, preferably by
service overseer. When discussing
paragraph 4, tie in local figures on regularity, and give suggestions that will
help publishers Prevent irregularity.
Emphasize importance of keeping an
accurate record of field service activity
promptly at the end of
each month. Special effort should be
made to be in field service the first
Sunday and the Second and fourth Satu r d a ~ each
month. Encourage having
personal goal of sharing in the field
service each week.
18 rnin: "Enduring With Life in
View!* A talk by an elder with a few
appropriate questions, based on chapter 14 of Organized to Accomplish Our
Song 160 and concluding prayer.


2 0 min: "The Blessings of Serving

Jehovah!' Question-and-answer coverage. Have audience comment on UPbuilding experiences they had during
the 1984 service year and express what
they hope to do during 1985 service
year' One Or two such experiences
in advance'
13 min: Review and demonstrate
use of current Topic for Conversation.
Encourage all to share in field
this weekend.
12' and

Song 139

Local announcements. A ~
counts report. Encourage field service
on fourth saturday.
"Presenting the Good News
-To Young People." Question-andanswer consideration. After considering paragraph 7, cite articles in current
magazines that especially appeal to
young people. Present a brief demonstration of speaking with a young person in house-to-house ministry.
15 min: "Do you Remember?" Discussion between a Congregation Book
Study conductor and two other publishers. Introduce part with expressions of appreciation for abundance of
spiritual food provided by 'faithful
slave' and for helpful reminders that
contribute to our spiritual advancement. Then proceed to discuss specific
Song 72
12 min: Local announcements. In- points set out in "Do You Remember?"
clude "Looking Ahead to the December feature of The Watchtower. (w84 4/15
Campaign With the Bible."
p. 31; 8/15 p. 31) Encourage all to give
1985 service year? Many have
found this helpful in keeping their
attention focused on those things
they would especially like to aceomplish.
Can You .arrange to auxiliary
pioneer during the 1985 service
year? The
September and
December 1984* as
as March
and June
have five

special attention to this feature of

Watchtower each time it appears.
10 min: Local needs or use an a p
propriate Service Meeting part missed
during week of district convention.
Song 54 and concluding prayer.

10 min: Local announcements.
Outline local arrangements for midweek and weekend field service.
15 min: "Benefiting Fully From
The Watchtower and Awake!" Consider with audience. Read paragraphs as
time permits. Encourage audience to
prepare for October's subscription
20 min: "Why do Jehovah's Witnesses decline to exchange their Bible
study aids for the religious literature
of people they meet?,, Consideration of
From Readers!p (w84 511
p, 31) Have some audience participa-

Song 21 and concluding

Schedule for congregation studies in the book Making *Our

Life Happy:


Pages 5
Pages 13'
Pages 23'
Pages 30'
Pages 37*

to 13'
to 23'
to 30.
to 37'
to 47f

To or from subheading.

tain evenings during the week for

study. Whatever your schedule may
be, do not let other interests or activities interfere. I f you have had a
problem establishing a practical
study schedule, why not get a routine established by using the new
releases we received a t the district
lo To be successful in reaching the
goals you set for yourself will require a measure of sacrifice, but
when we consider that the things of
you auxiliary pioneer during one 'or
this world are "passing away," theomore of those months? Or, is this
cratic matters should take first
the year you may be able to join the
place in our lives. ( 1 John 2:17) As
regular pioneer ranks? Give this
we reflect on the past service year
your prayerful consideration.
and look ahead to the new one now
7 AS we increase our share in the
beginning, let us do so with a deterfield ministry we should also conmination to give our best. "To what
centrate on improving the quality of
extent we have made progress, let
our service. Last September we
us go on walking orderly in this
started a series of articles in Our
Kingdom Ministry on "Improving
same routine."-Phil.
Copyright 8 1984 by Watchtower Bible and Tract Society of New York, Inc., and International Bible Students Association.
Our Kingdom Ministry (USPS 295-360)is published monthly by Watchtower Bible and Tract Society of New York Inc.
25 Columbia Heights. Brooklyn, N.Y. 11201. Second-class postage paid at Brooklyn, N.Y. POSTMASTER: Send aidre&
changes to Watchtower, 25 Columbia Heights. Brooklyn, N.Y. 11201.
Printed in U.S.A.
Our Teaching Ability." Why not review these articles and write down
some of the key points? They could
be kept in your Bible as reminders.
Starting a new Bible study
would be another worthy goal.
Make this a matter of prayer and
work a t it, concentrating on those
who have accepted literature or
have otherwise shown interest.
When a Bible study is started, begin
right away to direct this new interest to Jehovah's organization.
There are some very fine suggestions on this in the Our Ministry
pages 91 and 92Do you have a good schedule for
personal Study? This is necessary in
order to resist Satan's attempts to
destroy our faith. Some End it helpful to get up early in the morning
and read while it is quiet and they
are alert. Others have set aside cer-

~ g " u ~ d ~ ~ ~ ~ d ~ ~ f h ~ ~ ~ Y ~ ~ u ~ ~


Benefiting Fully From

The Watchtower and Awake!A,,

LiteratureofferforSeptember:LiveForever or Bible Stories book for contribution of

There will be no special public talks in

January and February 1985. Congregations
should plan to use talks from the regular
series during that time.
The presiding overseer or somepne assigned by him should audit the congregation
accounts on September 1or as soon as possible thereafter.


magazine ' advance of the issue

us to examine
them carefully before offering them
in the field. Home delivery of the
makazines is spaced evenly, approxibeing sent to each congregation, The secre- mately one issue er we , providing
tary should keep one copy, ~h~ other three a steady sup.p.&a?spiritTa1 food and
should be given to the brothers caring for the &The same time allowing for a bal-


literature, magazines and accounts.

NOTE: The New World Translation of the
Holy Scriptures-Reference Bible (Rbi-8) in sonal
English, which was released at the district already subscribed, give serious
Decem- thought to doing so this very week.
be in
do not order

When received, each issue stirs a

of$ expectation.
~ 4,~ certain
what then? Do you merely fli
, noting the t a
Holy Spirit-The Force Behind t h e throu h the
Coming New Order!
t l e m o n s , or do you
My Book of Bible Stories
Survival Into a New Earth
Continue to Speak
-English, French, Greek, Italian,
The first Sunday and the second
Portuguese, Spanish
Watch Tower Publications Index for and fourth Saturdays of each month
are special field service days. We

watchtower a n d ~ w d k e !


Once again during October, subscriptions to Awake! or The Watchtower, or both, will be our literature
offer. If we oersonallv are convinced
of the unique value of these magazines and have benefited fully from
reading them ourselves, we will offer
them to others with sinceye and convincing enthusiasm. They are the
on1 ma azin
in the world t h a t
z l i .We can say this
with gfull co:fideJ:e.
Perhaps many
others will benefit fully from The]
Watchtower and Awake! if they re- .A
spond to our invitation to subscribe.


Looking Ahead to the

December Campaign
With the Bible

The Society is preparing a 1984 edisuggest that you reserve these days, tion
of the bi1.9 (regular-size) Bible in
TuvaluaA especially, for sharing in the field English with marginal references for

The Divine Name That will ~ i d u r Fore

ministry. Note t h a t the Society's use in the December Bible campaign.
-English, French, Greek, calendar marks these days, remind- In addition to placing it in the field, no
Spanish ing us that they afford special oppordoubt publishers would like to have a
The Time for True Submission to God


New Cassette Recordings Available:

Kingdom Melodies No. 5 (single cass e t t e : congregation and public:
$2.00; pioneers: $1.75)
My Book of Bible Stories (set of four
cassettes in album; congregation and
public: $8.00; pioneers: $6.00)
(set.0f six
cassettes album, congregation and
public: $11.00; pioneers: $8.25)


You CanLiveForeuer in Paradise on Earth

is now availablein grade-one Spanish Braille.
Thls five-volumepublicat~onmay be obtalned
on a loan basis, or it may be purchased for
$5.00. Orders for Brailleltems should be sent
to the Society's BRAILLE DESK; they
should not be mcluded on regular congregation literature orders. A remittance should
accompany all orders for purchase.
On September, 1,1984, the telephone area
code for the Society's world headquarters in
Brooklyn w l l be changed. Beginning on that
date, please use the following area code and
number when calling the society: (718)


tunities for service.

Our purpose in preaching involves more than just leaving literat u r e with interested persons. To
we must make return visits. Renew your conversation by referring to the previous visit, mentioning some of the points you
discussed. Have something specific
in mind from the
~to highlight. This will
make the person aware of the value
of the literature and perhaps provide
With an opportun~tyto demona
What a joy it is to see so many
accepting the truth! By our fearlessly preaching the Word of God, we
show our love for Jehovah and his
Son. Enthusiasm for this preaching
us resist
tan's attacks and s h ~ the~
courage to speak the word of God
fearlessly."-Phil. 1:14.

copy of this edition for their own use.

Having this in mind, congregations
may place their orders beginning September 1, 1984. No more of the 1981
edition Bible will be sent to congregations. Congregations t h a t have a
stock of Bibles with either black or
green covers should endeavor t o
move them off their shelves before
the new stock is received. I f you have
an excess stock of any of these Bibles, please contact nearby congregations who may be in need of Bibles
and arrange a transfer of some of
your stock to them.
The cost for the various Bibles will
be as follows:
1971edition in English (green cover)
(Congregation and public: $2.50;
pioneers: $1.25)
1981 edition (black cover) (Congregation and public: $3.00; pioneers:
1984 edition (Congregation and public: $3.50; pioneers: $1.75)


TO Young People
you prepared to present the
good news to the young people in
your territory? Or are you somewhat hesitant and perhaps inclined
t o abbreviate your presentation
when a young person comes to the
door? The good news of God is for
all people, whether young or old.

threat of nuclear war is very real

today, and young people are fully
aware of what would happen if
such a war should erupt. Can we
get their
On the subject
and Start a
Many Of
be surprised
that, the
a yerY
fortlng answer to this disturbing


DOnot assume because the person you encounter is young in

years that he is indifferent to religious subjects or is oblivious t o
world conditions. Rather, take advantage of t h e opportunity and
speak enthusiastically about Jehovah's wonderful promises. View the
as a prospective disciple,
just as you do when someone older
comes t o t h e door,
young ones have been influenced
by the teaching of evolution, and
some may have little regard for
moral principles. However, a recent survey among college students found that over 80 percent
agreed that religious practices are
important, and another study revealed that the,majority of young
people today do, as the survey put
it, "believe in God or in a universal
3 Many y o u t h s a r e concerned
about the future and what it holds
for them. Often young people are
quite willing to listen and then express themselves on this subject.
So when a young person comes to
the door, do not hesitate to begin a
Scriptural discussion. Be positive
and strive to reach his heart. We
do not want to ignore the spiritual
needs of the many young people in
our territory.
Our current Topic for Conversation "Will t h e E a r t h Be Destroyed in a Nuclear War?" affords
an excellent opportunity to get the
attention of young adults. The

Be prepared to meet Young People and have information ready

them. In every
issue O f T h e
Awake! you
find One Or more
articles that will be of special interest to Young people. For example, during the month of September we Can approach young ones
with articles such as "You Can
Have a Happy Future," "The Perslstent Plague-The Sexual Revolution's Dark Side" and "Teles c o p e ~and Microscopes-Have
Their Revelations Undermined or
Strengthened Your Faith?" Become acquainted with these articles; it will help you to be prepared
to present the good news to the
Young people You meet.
I f you are likely to encounter
college students In the territory,
You may want to carry an Evolution book or Is t h e Bible Really the
Word of God? Or what about having a Family L i f e book for offering
to young married couples? In most
cases it will not be difficult to carry
these small publications in addition to the current offer.
By having a positive attitude,
getting acquainted with material
that is published specifically for
young people and by carrying add!tional publications tailored to thew
particular needs, we will be prepared. Millions of young people are
sincerely looking for solutions to
the problems they face. Many are
responding to the Kingdom good
news. We are concerned about the
welfare of all mankind, regardless
AV. AV. Av
of age. SO let our genuine concern
Pubs. Hrs. Mags. R.V. 61.St.
move us t o prepare well and make
Sp'l Pios.
292 123.8 92.9 52.1 5.7 an appealing presentation of the
to the young people we
28,883 76.5 48.2 28.9 3.4 good
meet ln our territory. We may be
Aux. Pios. 23,266 59.1 37.0 17.1 1.6
some young person
7.5 3.5 0.5 "flee from the desires incidental to
youth" in this old system and "purTOTAL 639,169
sue righteousness" with everlasting life in view.-2 Tim. 2:22.
Newly Dedicated Ones Baptized: 5,881



As this world's system of things
totters toward its destruction, all of
us are affected by its instability. The
Society, too, is affectedby the rising
Of paper and Of
other supplies. Therefore, it has become necessary t o increase t h e
prices on a number of the Society's
Beginning September 1, 1984,
the new prices listed below will go
into effect. After that date, please
have the new, prices in mind when
ordering or placing these items.
one-year Subscription
32-page Brochures
192-Page Books
' ' ' "









' After

receipt of your SeptemLiterature Inventory

your llterature account
be charged an amount equal to the
Of the literature
you have on hand. This charge,
which will appear on one of your
monthly statements shortly thereafter, will not create a deficit in
your account, as i t is offset by the
increased value of literature you
have on hand. When completing the
September 1 Literature Inventory
form, please calculate the value of
literature on hand a t the prices listed On the
write in
price changes Or
the form in



the September
1984 issues, the price of distributors' magazines to the congregation
and public will increase from 1 5 ~to
206: each. The price to pioneers will
increase from 59: to lo&. The September 1 and September 8 issues
should be charged and placed a t the
newrates, even though received and
distributed in August. There will be
no change in t h e requesting of
pioneer credit for magazines, as the
~ ~ ~ ~ $ ~ f sper
~ magazine
, " . i t re5 The above price increases will
help the society meet the higher
production and shipping costs for
these items and still make it possible for interested persons to receive
the publications for a small contribution.

Kbep Doing It More ~ullyllk

nians about the ye& 50 CE., many
accepted it as "the word of God"
4 Fine suggestions on how to be
and acted On what they learned'
more effective in obtaining sub-1mhess. 2:8,13; Acts 17:l-4.
were given in the April
instructed these believers scriptions
Ministry insert.
ought to walk and
review of that insert could'pmve
God." After receiving news of A
be helpful now We obtained more
their contiiiuing steadfast, he en- to
sdbscriptions in' April 1983 than ,
Vol. 27, No. 10
cou~agedthe member? of that in- during both April and May 19$2!
fant congregation to keep on obey- The 102,001 new subscriptions obing the
with even greater
tained in October 1983exceeded the
and determination. Yes* he wanted total for the previous October by
Meetings for Fbld Service them to "keep On
ful- over 21,000. &#hatblessed results
ly."-l Thess. 4:l.
come from the extra effort made to
Drawing on the exhortation giv- get the only, message of genuine
en to the Thessalonians, we, too, hope h t o the homes of more peopl&
want to strive to give fuller expresWhen offering magazi"es,
sion to our faith by zealous Kinggom ' CONTINUING THE
Would it not be wise to continue
1. What.points from The Watch- activity. We must keep walking in applying
the excellent suggestions
the truth ourselves while preaching
tower will yqu feature?
the message that can mean life to WB have received on obtaining subAsk yo~r6.elf:'DO1 have
2. What points from Awake! will others. (John 1 7 ~ 3 ;1 Tim. 4~16)scription~?
During October we will agdn be i11; a negative a r a ~osjtiveattitude
you feature?
viting our neighbors to feed regu- about offering tlie subscriptions at
( C o n t i n e -on Page 7, coz. 2 )
3. What approach have: you l v l y on the fine information appearfound effective?


. ' .



IWhatNa ~happy
P U K FOR JULY-670,9951
throng of united worshipers exalted God's name

What can be done

when a person says
1. He has no time right now? '

2. He is not interested in buying

an'ything? ' .
3. He h b his own religion?


How can tracts be used

1. At the outset.of a presentation?
2. To help person understand
at least one point from the

3. When,asked to get to the

point quickly?

together during July! (Ps. 34:3) The totat of 670,395 publishers is

7,875 more than the publisher peak that was reached in the United
States last April. Truly. we have experienced the goodness of Jehovah in many'ways. A S we abply the things learned at our recent
district comrentions, may we c ntinlre to bubble over with joyful
activity in our field,ministry.s. 145:7.

I Working Toward Theocratic Goals

1 Why should we a l l set theocratic
goals for ourselves? One reason is
that they stimulate us to work harder in Jehovah's service. Paul stated:
"For to this end we are working hard
and exertqg ourselves, because we
have rested our hope on a living God,
who is a Savior of all sorts of 'men,
especially of faithful ones." (1Tim.
4:10) Yes, we work hard to the encl of
gaining salvatiop for ourselves and
helpipg others to be faithful also.
Toward what theocratic goals are
you now working?



The various features of full-time

ce are fine theocratic gods to
set or oneself. But what could diHow do you introduce
ver a brother from sueh theocratic
the good news
goals? One thing might be secular
education, especially after finishing
1. To a young person?
high school. At the UKingdomIncrease" District Convention we were
2. To a housewife with young stirreil by the drama on Friday, e n t i
children? !
tled Divine Bducation Increases
Kingdom W i t a g e . No doubt you
3. To a retired person?
still remember the point made: The


best secular education in the w%

does not me'an a thing if you have not
maintained your spiritual goals and
continued to expand your divine eduetion! Is this the view you have
3 Jesus asked, "For what benefit
will it be to a man if he gains t9
whole world but forfeits his soul? '
(Matt. 16:26) Many of our youths
havb seen the futility of pursuing
worldly, material goals, including
advanced secular education. Along
with theiir parents, they have con-'
cluded that such goals are not worth
the dangers to be encouhtered. At
best, benefits from attaining such
goals can last only as long as this
system, which is now hastening toward its complete end. A'thorough
divine education will pfepare us
for pursuing worthwhile theocratic
goals, such as the various features
of full-time service, and lead ulti
mittely to eterhal salvation.-2 Tim
(Continued 09page 8, col. 11

.,_ .
.. . .'I


M e e k s to Help Us Make Discides


Song 43

announcements and
Announcements that apply to congregation. Encouragement to
in house-to-house work on the first
Sunday. Brief comment on the day,s
20 min: "Keep
Fully." Questions and answers- When
publishers Or pioneers
express which suggestions in the
April 1983 Our Kingdom Ministry insert they believe helped them to improve their effectiveness in offering
15 min: Topic for Conversation.
Have demonstration of Topic for
Conversation and subscription offer
by an experienced pioneer or publisher. Also, discuss how to drop
down to offering the two magazines
when subscription offer is refused
and how to arrange to come later to
get subscription.
Song 130 and concluding prayer.

15 min: Getting Acquainted With

Newer Ones. Interview two or three
dedicated and baptized exemplary
publishers who may not yet be well
in the
If Some were just baptized at recent
circuit or district assemblies, it may
be well to interview these. Those being interviewed may wish to call attention to specific provisions of the
congregation that helped them progress to dedication and baptism.
These interviews should help all
presentto appreciate their share in
i increase.-~sa.
song92 Ad concluding prayer:

and "Respond With Faith in Jehovah."

Song 9 and concluding prayer.
Song 216
10 min: Local announcements and
preselected experiences had in sub-

25 min: "Skillfully Use the Book

United in Worship." Questions and
answers. When considering paragraph 4, have qualified publisher
demonstrate how to use material at
a Bibledstudy to~help student
on problem of bad association. With
paragraph 6, get comments from audience on how they were helped by
studying the chapter "The Meaning
of Your Baptism." Encourage use of
Song 128
this book and specific points dis15 min: Local announcements. cussed to stir to action any holding
Discuss outstanding July service re- back.
port and any positive aspects of con- 10 ,in: Discussion and demonstragregation's report for that month. tion of magazine presentations that
Call attention to items in Theocratic can be used on the fourth Saturday
of the month. Encourage publishers
Toward Theom to support the magazine work this
cratic Goals." Discussion by elder Saturday.
who has some background in full- Song 203 and concluding Prayer.
Song 126
time service, otherwise by the serWEEK STARTING OCTOBER 28
l0 min: Local
in- vice overseer. Interview one or two Song 213
eluding accounts report. Also enOr youths reaching 15 min: Local announcements. Encourage support for magazine work out for apioneers
career in full-time service. courage support of house-to-house
on second Saturday. As time permits, have one or two experiences Let them express why they are pur- .work on first Sunday. Highlight
such goals rather than a points in ~ u 6 v i v a lInto a New Earth
in obtaining subscriptions. These
career in this system. Also reflect on that can be tied in with the Topic for
should be prepared in advance.
some lessons remembered from the conversation.
20 min: 'IPresenting the
drama Divine Education a t the
a RuNews-BY Effective Use of MagaIncrease,, District Con- mor?" Talk based on The Watchtowzines." Discussion of article. Have vention.
er (w84 9/1 pp. 20-3).
two well-prepared publishers demonstrate 30- to 60-second presenta- 12 rnin: "Make Yourself Avail- 18 rnin: Arrangelocally. May want
tions, one featuring an article in the able!" Review highlights from The to include Scriptural and practical
October 8 Awake! and the other fea- Watchtower (w84 5/1 pp. 17-22).Put points based on the last report of the
turidg an article in the October 15 special emphasis on points under the circuit overseer.
, subheadings "A Great Need Is: Met" Song 211 and concluding prayer.



;p'l Pios.

269 124.7

94.7 51.6 5.6



48.7 28.6 3.3

Aux. Pios. 25,098


38.6 16.7 1.5







3.6 0.4

Newly Dedicated Ones Baptized: 5,840

Schedule for congregation studies in the book Making Your Family

Will the Earth Be Destroyed in a Life Happy:
Nuclear War?
October 7: Pages 47' to 53
Eccl. 1:4-The earth remains
14: Pages 54 to 62'
prOv.2:20, 21 - ~ i ~ to
h t October
~ ~ 21:~ Pages
~ 62' to 69
live forever on earth.
October 28: Review chapters 1-5

Prov. 2:22-God
the wicked.

will destroy

* To or from subheading.

Copyright 0 1984 by Watchtower Bible and Tract Society of New York. Inc., and International Bible Students Association.
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~nnounc&nents skillfully Use the Book United in Worship

Literature offer for October: One-year
]subscription for either Awake! or The
Watchtower or both, for contribution of
$4.00 each. Six-month subscriptions to
semimonthly magazines are $2.00 and
yearly s ~ * ~ r l ~ t i ? nmonthly
s t ~ mag='".es
are $2.00.(There Is no six-month subscrlpto
Survival Into a New Earth, for contribution of
December: New
with any older 192-pagebook
fok contributionof $3.50, $4.00 or $4.50:
depading on which Bible is offered.(See
"Looking Ahead to the December Campaign With the Bible" on page 3 of the September Our Kingdom Ministry.) The brochureEnjoy Life on Earth Forever! may be
off ed for contribution of 304, especially
to xose with reading Mculties or where
the*e are
January and Febru:

Words, words, words-billions are l i e Conside; some of the Scriptural

printedeveryday. NOwords, however, points on pages 172 and 173. ~~l~him
canhaveaspowerfulaneffect for good to see that jehovah wfll support him
as those that are based on Jehovah's just as he supported his faithful wit.
~what you
w'sdom. For example: Did you feel a nesses in the past. ~
&\ong impact on your thinking and do to
for jehovaws
attitude when the United in Worship
book was discussed a t the Congrega- service and the joys that result from
fearlessly preaching.
tion Book Study? Indeed. "the words
of the wise ones are like oqgoads, and
Elders, how can you use the scrip
just like .nails driv.en in are those indulging in collectlon~of sentences; t u r d discussions to incite your broth.
they have been given from one shep- ers to love and fine works and refresk
them spiritually? For example, hou
herd."-Eccl. 12:ll.
2 Our Shepherd, Jehovah, has given about those who are irregular in SeT
US Wse words' in the book United in wce? Inf ormatlon under the subtiWorship. Like an 'oxgoad,' which is tles "Do Not Let Kingdom Truth Be
used to move a d direct animals, this Choked Out" and "Keep the Kingdom
fine publication can be used to help First in Your Life" in chapter 11 will
cOntrl- newly interested ones to keep on mak- provide a basis for a s$imulating dising advancement in the way of Jeho. cussion. Also, ~tmay be refreshing for
Life on ~~~~h poreve,.!, The Divbe N~~~ vah. Elders making shepherding calls those who dedicated their life to JphoThat Will Endure Forever or Jehovah's 0" the inactive and others needing vah long ago to have reviewed with I
Witnesses in the Twentieth century-with exhortatioh C a n skillfully Use certain them Scriptural points from chapone magazine foia contribution of 504. Or, chapters or poktions thereof "like ter 12, "The Meaning of Your Bapa brochure may be offered with two maga- nails driven in" to give support to tism."
zines for 704.
those buffeted by pressures of the 7 Have you noted a brother growing
Withthiq issue of Our Kingdom Minfstry world and help stabilize theil faith. weaker on account of excessive attenwe are including the Theocratic Mlnlstry. -1sa. 32:1, 2.
tion to pleasures or worldly entertainSchool Schedule for 1985. This mll enable
Consider with him the wise adschooloverseers to become familiarwith SKILLFULLY USE Op BIBLE STUDIES monition
in the chapter
the instructions afid make assignments 3 Think about the one with whom 'Wrestling Against Wicked Spirit
you Study, whether newly interested
well in advance.
or an inactive one. What step must he Forces.' If he has strayed, the inspired
I' New Publications Available:
you Can Live Forever in Paradise 0% take next in order to keep making cou"selfrom
change his
Earth-Reduced-size (congregation progress? 1s there something hinderAre there some having difficultyin
and public: $1.25; pioneers: 654)
mg hun from takmg tpat step? Have
-Spanish you discussed this with him?,Is there' getting along with others? points
Watch Tower Publications Index for some portion of the book Udted in from chapter 17 under the subti$her
-English Worship that could effectively help "What to DO When Problems Ari~b!
Enjoy Life on Earth Forever! him? Let us consider some possibili- and "Seek Ways to 'Widen Out'" maJ
provide the stimulus needed to over
-Kihaya, Laotian, ties.
4 Does he still have bad associa- come theseproblems.
Is There a God Who Cares?
a few minutes to discuss , Satan's world produces a multl-Hungarian tions? Take
of the material on pages 44 tude of books offering the conEcting
JehovahC Witnesses in the Twentieth portions
and 45, looking up the Scriptures. You opinions of imperfect man. How frusCentury
and Accompanying Yourselves can ask him if he thinks his associates trating or wearisome these can be!
are helping or hindering him in apply- (Eccl. 12:12) Happily, Jehovah has
with Music in Your Hearts"
-samoaning the truth. From the Scriptures prowded clear, Y s e direction through
(Paper edition)
discussed, what does he think he the Bible and Bible study wds. Our
should do to remedy the problem? skillfully using this printed wisdom
New Cassette Recordings Available:
Joshua (set of two; congregation and Where can good associations be from Jehovah will without doubt help
many to stay on the road that leads to
public: $3.00; pioneers: $2.50)
I s he fearful of preaching in pub- everlasting happiness.




Keep Doing I t
every appropriate opportunity? Do I
prejudge whether t h e individual
would like to have or could afford
the subscriptions, or do I let the
person himself decide? Do I start
out offering just two individual
magazines and then the subscriptions if unusual interest is shown?
Or do I find it better t o offer the
subscriptions first? Have I offered
subscriptions t o fellow workers, in
street witnessing, on my magazine
route, to neighbors and relatives, in
addition to making positive door-todoor presentations?'
enthusiastic presentation of
he subscriptions springs from a

heart that has been touched by the

fine information appearing-in the
magazines. Our School Guidebook
accurately observes t h a t enthusiasm results from being "firmly
convinced t h a t your audience needs
to h e a r what you have. t o say."
(sgp. 163 par. 1)That is d s o true of
information we want them to read.
So take into consideration the various kinds of people you will likely
meet in your territory and select
points that may help them see the
need t o receive the magazines regularly.
7 Some publishers have found i t
helpful to fill out the subscriptjon
blanks on the initial call for those
promising t o subscribe later. This
7 '

must be followed up by dependably

calling back a t t h e agreed-on time.
So keep 'an accurate house-to-house
Realizing t h a t a t times just one
article from o u r magazines h a s
helped individuals start on t h e path
$0 life, we surely want to'keep doing
more fully' the vital work of sharing
the good news by positively inviting
others to subscribe. Have you set a
personal subscription g al for October? In time we want o! i~ltroduce
the subscriber to the Live Forever
or United in Worship book a d explain the home Bible study arrangement. As Proverbs13:27 says, "Do
nqt hold back good from those t o
whom i t is owing."



4 1f ,\ young person is contacted,

By Effective Use
' Sd
feature the
of Magazines
The Watchtowerand Awake! are Winning
This nfateribeneficial aids in keeping us wen in- al may also be of interest to parents
, F this
~ ~
who want to help their children cope
formed on vital
reason, we do well tcread our per- with the Competitive spirit SO Often
sonal copies right away. BYdoing SO, generated in school. You might say:
we can familiarize ourselves with 'You may agree that we an need
the material in the articles and take recreahon of Some sort for a change
note bf points that may be of partic- of Pace from the ~ 0 r m a daily
rOUular interest to people in our terri- tine. But what if a person becomes
Generally when offering the article presents some interesting
magazines, it is best to highlight points you will enjoy considering."
briefly just one point in one issue.
The October 15 Watchtower,
When series of articles is involved, with its cover theme "Our Critical
attention could be called to the sub- Times," could be featured by saying:
jeCt matter of that series. Or a prac- " ~ o spersons
will a&ee that we are
tical Poi?? can be hig.uighted at living in critical times. No doubt you
times by actually reading a stAte- are concerned as to how yom family
merit from the article being fea- is affected by rash acts of individuals
or entire nations. Just a few years
When Offering the October
ago m h y persons would have sugAwake!, the article "The Near- geted religion as a solution in reDeath Experience-Proof of Im- solving
mortality?" could be featured by Now.an increasing number do not
saying: "Good morning. 1 have the shar;?that viewpoint but feel some
latest Watchtower andAwake! mag- religFns are
to the inazines; they answer ~ i bquestigns
l ~
world tensions. You may
most of us have wondered about creasmg
d p " tto,agree
, z after
; k not; ;
ThlP article
Near-Death Expe:
rienee-proof of ~mmortalityY ~
medtions visions,kame persons have
experienced when near death. Some
BY being well acquainted with
believe such experiences to be.proof
of ,immortality. But you might be the information found'in the maga&?prised at what the Bible says on zines, we will be able to present them
tMs. 1 believe you will enjoy reading eFectively. Perhaps others too Will
this article." You may then wish to gam an appreciation for The Watchhand the magazines (to the person' towel. and Awake! and develop a
and say: "May I leave these with you "lgnging for the unadulterated milk
for the printing cost of 40 cents?" belonging to the word."-1 Pet. 2:2.

49-129 publishersenjoyed
ministry in June-a
new pfmk. They
reported 54,357 Bible stud~es,also a new
K " d s t 6 Rita's peak of 8,072 publisherei'n.
June is a 16-percent increase over last
year. They had a peak also in return visits
and their sixth consecutive peak in home


238 Bible studies
in June
hab 12,gl.r) publishers and 20,500 studies.
AIIthesefigures are new peaks.
Guatemala has enjoyed new pyblisher
peaks each of the last 12 months,the most
recent bei?g 711 76 in June.
+ Ireland reportsanew peakof 2,335 pub-

igkE:f ~placed.

The work In Mexico is growing rapidly

The peak of 148,844 publishers In June is
a 22-percent increase. The brothers conducted 202,132 studies during the month.
+ Panama and Paraguay report new publisher peaks for June with 3,908 and 2,030
Senegal hadltsfourthconiecutlvepeak
with 422 publishing in June, a 13zpercent
Despite rainy weather in Suriname the
brothers had a new peak of 1,010 publishers tor a 14-percent Increase.
The Venezuelan brothers enjdyed a
23-percent increase in publishers wlth a
new peak of 25.131 re ortlng in Jun*.
in return visits



(oont'd) 1984, there was a need to call in

800 more b r ~ t h e r sfor service at
4 M~~ parents and youths are to B r o o m Bethel and Watchtower
Thesebrothers have not only
be commended for their spiritual
progress realized inrecent years. ~t kept theocratic goals clearly in fobut have had t meet the high
has been noted that more youths are CUS
theocratic Standar2S required for
putti= .mgdom interests first.
Privilege Of service. The
Novdmber of 1982 there were 1,288
those who
young people under 20 years of age Same
Gilead training and
in regular pioneer work in the Unit- missionary vork
ed States. In May of 1984 there were
1,945. This means that in 18 months
there was an increase of 51 percent 6 Wise parents have helped their
in the number of those who entered children set theocratic goals from
remlar .pioneer work shortly after an early age. Some have aceomhigh school. Many are the beneflts plished this by bringing t h e i ~chilbeing realized by parents and chil- dren into association with those in
dren who have worked toward such full-time service, taking advantage
of opportunities to entertain traveltheocratic goals.
We all rejoice that ~ e h o v his ing overseers and their wives, misbringing the increase. This increase s i o n ~ i e s ,Bethelites and regular
creates a need for additional liter- pioneers as guests. Thus the chilqture. Hence, more brothers are dren have observedfhsthand the joy
needed to serve at Bethel. During of these full-time servants. Many
the period from August'1977 to way who now enjoy successful careers in
Theocratic Qoals



Fiji reported~a new peak~
of BO( pub~kh-.
ers in June for a 17-percent Increase.
Madagascar had a 25-percent increase
in June with 1,762 publishers reporting.
Congregation publishers averaged 1.2
New CaledOniaa new peak Of 626 in'
was a 26-percent increase.

:$ e3000
~ ~ ~more
~ ~ ~ than
, " ~the
; " tqfarnudber
t " , ' ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ pubie~f


the regular pioneer work, Bethel

service or missionary work recall
Make assosuch
theocratic goals a part of your family's regular daily discussions.
7 Our youths need to have a re&alis
tic view of spiritctal goals. Especially
help them to see the advantage of a
career in full-time service. In the
conclusion of the drama Divine Iducation at thi$ p h t summer's district
convention, it wqs said: "If you are
lncllned to esteem highly an advanced secular education, nemember this: TOincrease m g d o m fruitage requires that we givemore than
the usual attention to divine educa-.
tion." LikePaul, parents aqd youths.
m the Chrlsban congregabon want
to appreciate "the excelling value of
the knowledge ,of Christ Jesus."
(Phil. 3:7, 8) Divihe educabon will
assure that we keep theocratic goals
in clear focus.

Feature Survival Book in November


son? This would be even more

4:16HOWmany lives will be saved as a
result of people learning the truth
with the aid of this new book? The
answer depends to a great
the effort we put forth in distributing
it and the effectiveness of our presen-

1. Pray about?
2. Think about?

NOVEMBER 5 - 1 1
When working
from house to house:
1. How should children act?

NOVEWER 12- 18
How can these texts
help us in our ministry?
1. Romans 12: 18.
2. Proverbs 25: 11.
3. Proverbs 15: 13.

a contribution of $1.The effort that

is put forth in sharing this new book
(Continued on page 3, col. 1 )
3 But more than publishing a book

Help New Ones to Share in Kingdom Increase

tial enthusiasm and zeal and help

for the field service

1. Proverbs 15: 1, 4.
2. Proverbs 18:6.
3. Proverbs 26:20, 21.



.'A* 2;


~ e e t i n to
g -Help
- - Us Make Disciples


first two paragraphs, one father men- 20 mln: "Help Your Young Ones to Be
tions- a situation with children that re- Close to God." Talk based on The WatchSong 129
5 rnin: Announcements and local an- quires special help from parents, such as tower. (w84 8/1 pp. 5-71 Include expenflag ceremony a t school (or some other ences from article "A 'Special Territonouncements.
20 min: "FeatureSuwival Book in No- current problem in your area). Invites ry."' (w84 7/15 p. 7) Encourage young
vember!' Talk by service overseer or 0th- audience to watch as he demonstrates publishers to e!w the? classmates and
er qualified elder. Help the publishers to how he assisted his grade-school children teachers as thew special terrltory!' Enexperiences from young pubhshpfesent the Survival book effectively by to cope with this matter. (Use informa- terhlghhghtmg talking po~nts.Some may tion from &eat Ternhe+ and/or Bible ers on what they have done in school to
simply want to read the statement from stories books.) As demonstration con- preach the good news of the Kingdon?.
"The Publishers" on page 2. Chapters 1 eludes, teenage child of other father 15 rnln: You~~S-DONot Be Dece~ved.
through 7 are especially designed for the comes on stage and asks father a ques- Talk and demonstration. As pointed out
public. Excerpts from the opening para- tion about observing national thanksgiv- at 'Xingdom Increase" District Convengraphs of any of these chapters that ing day this month. Father invites child tions, Young ones are special target of
blend with the Topic for Conversation to sit clown and read last two paragraphs Satan. He picks On less experienced, Secould be read to a householder. Pictures on page 21 of School brochure. Child gets ducing them as he did Eve. Deceives
such as those on pages 4 and 5,33 or 41 point. Father points out that Society's youth by enticements!
could be featured. Paragraph 7 of chap- Indez for 1966-70 refers us to fine article temptab0ns. Promotes Idea youth are
tar 1could be used when we meet those in November 8, 1969, Awake! with de- missing Out On
Own thing; decide
who do not accept the Bible as authorita- tailed information on the holiday. Sugwhat is go** bad- We must beware of
tive. Offer the book not only in house-to- gests child read article and later let
acts." (Eph- 6:11* Int) He
house work but also on return visits and whole family know what he learns. Fam- his
to those studying.
ily heads conclude discussion, emphasiz- makes \IraYs of world,
assocl20 min: "Presenting the Good News ing need for all parents to take necessary Immorallty, smolung, drug
en-With the November. Magazines!' Dis- steps to assist children with problems by
cuss by use of questions. Wave three ,using publications provided.
appear harmless, as fruit on tree apshort demonstrations by well-prepared Song 183 and concluding prayer.
peared to Eve. Jehovah makes provisions
publishers using the presentations in
to protect youths from being deceived:
paragraphs 3-5. Go through the magaYouth and Great Teacher books, School
zines with audience and discuss other Song 99
talking points. Encourage support for 12 min: h c a l announcements. Discuss brochure, Awake! feature 'Young People
magazine work on second Saturday, No- fourth Saturday magazine woPk, Novem- Ask," meetings, assemblies, parents and
ber 24. Review points from paragraph 5 elders. At this point introduce Scene
vember 10.
of Presenting the Good News on how to where teenage boy wanting to discuss a
Song 126 and concluding prayer.
feature the November 22 Awake! Dis- problem approaches an elder. His father
cuss some talking points in December 1 will not let him participate in organized
sports in school. He wants to know if it is
Song 164
8 min: Local announcements. Read 15 min: QuestionBox. Twobrothers on r e d y all that bad. Elder, in kind and
platform hscuss article. Tie in sugges- understanding way, suggests that they
accounts report for October.
20 min: "Help New Ones to Share in tions and counsel that would apply local- speak to the.father and set a time when
they can revlew the lnformatlon m c h a p
Kingdom Increase." Discuss by use of ly regarding Kingdom all security.
questions. After discussion of paragraph 18 mln: Arrange in accord with local ter 16 of the Youth book. He Shows boy
5, have a brief demonstration of effective needs, or give service talk on subject "Do the chapter and suggests he read ~tover
beforehand. All a w . Conclude with
Witness helping new one prepare before Not Shrink Back." (w84 10/1 p. 29)
comments on how much elders, parents
going out in field service. Preparation Song 190 and concluding prayer.
and organization love our faithful young
should be for house-to-house witnessing
ministers. Our interest is in protecting
using current Topic for Conversation.
them from Satan's designs. (2 Cor. 11:3)
17 min: "Training Our Children to Song 157
youth and parents to use and
Serve Jehovah!' Discussion between two 10 rnin: Local announcements. Discuss
family heads, preferably one with grade- December literature offer briefly. En- be guided by the counsel from the disschool children and the other with teen- courage support for field service on first creet slave.
Song 221 and concluding prayer.
agers. After discussing the points in the Sunday of month.

Even after a new one has become cient personal assistance so as t o beHelp New Ones
service? Once he becomes a n ap- regular in Service, he still needs your come effective teachers. Because of a
proved associate encourage him t o be help. Continue to. manifest genuine lack of training, they may be missing
regular in servide each week. Before interest in his spiritual Progress. That much of t h e joy t h a t comes from
going out, take a few minutes t o pre- Progress includes developing t h e abi!- sharing t h e good news with others.
o teach others while he himself 1s Be alert t o help them, too, especially
pare. Rehearse the presentations you l t t ~
will use, if working with the mags- still learning. Be generous and sin- those of you who are elders, pioneers
his prog- or others who have more experience
zincs; or help him to make a meaning- cere in
ful contribution in a discussion of the reSS.Let him see that you personally in t h e field.
8 Let us make t h e most of Kingdom
regular literature offer. At iirst he have experienced much joy in
him make
advancement' increase by working not just to augmay wish simply t o read one of'the ing
Tim. 4:15,16.
ment t h e number of publishers but
scriptures or make a brief comment
also t o develop their effectiveness in
during t h e discussion. But, little by
little, a s you give encouragement and
7 There may be others in t h e con- making more disciples. This is Jehotraining, he will gain confidence and gregation who, although not newly vah's way of 'speeding up' t h e gather60:22.
learn to handle calls on his own.
associated, have not received suffi- ing for salvation.-Isa.
Copyright O 1984 by Watchtower Bible and Tract Society of New York, Inc., and International Bible StudentsAssociation.
Our Kingdom Ministry (USPS 295-360)is puhhshed monthly by Watchtower Blble and Tract Society of New York. Inc.,
25 Columbia Heights, Brooklyn. N.Y. 11201. Second-classpostage paid at Brooklyn. N.Y. POSTMASTER: Send address
Prmted in U S A
changes to Watchtower, 25 Columbia Heights, Brooklyn, N.Y. 11201.

Announcements I Training Our Children to Serve Jehovah

Literature offer for November: Survival
Into a New Earth, for a contribution of
$1.00. December: The New World Translation along with any older 192-page book
available, for contribution of $3.50, $4.00 or
$4.50, depending on which Bible is offered.
(See "Looking Ahead to the December Campaign With the Bible" on page 3 of September Our Kingdom Ministry.) The brochure
Enjoy Life on E a r t h Forever! may be
offered for a contribution of 304, especially
to those with reading difficulties or where
there a r e children. January and February:
Watchtower subscription for contribution
of $4.00. When subscription offer is refused
we will offer Enjoy Life on Earth Forever!,
The Divine Name That Will Endure Forever
or. Jehovah's Witnesses in the Twentieth
Century with two magazines for a contribution of 704.
1985 Yearbook of Jehovah's Witnesses:
Publishers and pioneers, please order your
Yearbooks through your congregation. Congregations should begin collecting requests
for these Yearbooks now. Then on November 1, 1984, or as soon as possible thereafter, send this order to t h e Society using the
regular Literature Order form (S-14). The
Yearbooks will be available in English as
well as Dutch, Finnish, French, German,
Greek, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese and Spanish. Until the Yearbooks
are available and shipments are made, these
will appear as "Back Ordered" on congregation invoices. Congregations should order
only the number of Yearbooks for which
there are requests. Payment shoul not accompany the congregation order. he Yearbooks are controlled stock items and will be
charged to the literature account a t $1.50
each, which is the rate for publishers and
the public. (See September Our Kingdom
Ministry, page 4.) Regular and special
pioneers on the list before July 1,1984, may
receive a free copy for which the congregation may request credit on the Remittance
and Credit Request form (S-20). Pioneers
may obtain additional copies a t 754 each.
(Note to presiding overseer: Please have
announcement made to the congregation
when the Yearbooks are received so that all
who ordered can obtain their copies.)
New Publications Available:
Aid to Bible Understanding, Volume 5
Is the Bible Really the Word of God?

(Continued on page 4, col. 1)

the Kingdom
take 'pecial note Of the young
brothers and sisters who make such a
fine contribution
the s ~ i r l t the
congregation. Are we not grateful that
they have remembered their Grand
Creator in the days of their youth?
(Eccl. 12:l) Likely such exemplary
young men and
are the result
of much training and
and we
need only to inquire of their parents
to confirm this. mat, though, is invalved in training up a boy or a girl in
the right way?-Prov. 22:6.
each family head should
arrange for a regular family study
that includes the children. This is part
of providing in a spiritualway for
'those who are our
(1Tirn. 5:s)
Effort should be made t o involve even
the very young ones with an occasional simple question on a point they can
grasp. A parent may report up to one
hour each week when studying with
his or her undedicated children. (See
om p 104 par 1) ~ u obviously
up,, our children
than a weekly Bible study. There is the
day-by-day inculcating of Bible principles and the building of appreciation
for Jehovah and his Son. This requires
much time and effort on the part of
both God-fearing parents. ~
h this
time is not reported a s field service, it
surely counts toward gaining God's approVal and everlasting life.-Deut. 6:
6, 7; Eph. 6:4.



Although it is necessary to teach
our children the "primary doctrine,"
there are times when children need
specialized help due to circumstances
that arise in their lives. (Compare Hebrews 6:1, 2.) When difficult situations, problems and tests confront
them in school, in the neighborhood or
even in t h e congregation, parents
must give their children spiritual direction and training in addition to the
family Bible study. At times the study
itself can be tailored to fit a particular

Survival Book
(Cont'd) 1 along with quotations on page 29 inwith our neighbors, relatives, work- dicating how historians view t h a t
mates, classmates or others may de- year, would appeal to persons conpend on a number of things, such as cerned about survival. Anticipation
health, age, strength and family re- for what is required to get the "mark"
sponsibilities. To a greater degree, it needed for survival could be raised by
will depend on our love for others, discussing t h e picture on page 95.
along with the sense of urgency we -Compare Ezekiel 9:4, 6.
The chapter titles will stir the infeel about their survival.-2
t e r e s t of thinking persons. Titles
6 The effectiveness of our ministry such a s "What Will Become of Planet
often hinges on how well informed we Earth?", "How Long Will the Present
are about the book being presented. System Last?", "Act Wisely in the
By now we have had opportunity Face of Calamity" and "The Countto read it through. Have we given down Nears Its Zero Hour!" a r e
thought t o talking points, quotations among the interest-catching subjects
or illustrations that would enhance dealt with in t h e book. Try putting the
our presentation? The chart on page book into the householder's hands and
27 showing 1914 t o be a marked year, ask him which chapter titles interest

problem a t hand. For example, what if

a young child is experiencing pressure
to engage in the flag-salute ceremony
at school? There is excellent
parents can use in chapter 34 of Listening to the Great Teacher a s well
as story 77 in Mg Book of Bibie
or the information on pages 12-16 of
the School brochure. Or it may be very
tempting for young childten to. share
1" birthday or holiday parties a t
school. Why not discuss with them
chapter 30 in the Great Teacher book
or pages 17-21of the School brochure?
These publications are specially useful
!"teaching and for drawing Out what
1s in the heart of our young ones.
-P~ov. 2 0 ~ 5 w81
11/1p. 14; 981 4/8
P' lo.
and teenagers are
often drawn to school sports and other
extracurricular activities. If this becomes a problem, YOU may wish t~ use
the fine material in chapter 1 6 of Your
Youth-Getting the Best out of I t There is also helpful information on
pages 22 and 23 Of the
and Jehovah's Witnesses. T h e loose
$SO presents our children with tests
ln~01Vingalcohol, drugs and immoral
taken the ini~Sex. Have
~ parents
tiative to discuss chapters 14, 1 5 and
18 of the Youth book with your children? These topics are also covered in
the School brochure.
Surely all of us want our children
to serve Jehovah. They need to develop
a relationship with Jehovah that will
see them through these critical days
and on into God's new system of
things. Jehovah's organization has lovingly provided us with valuable aids to
accomplish this. Make full use of the
School brochure, the Great Teacher,
Bible Stories and Youth books to provide your child with the training he or
she needs. Then may it be your experience that "even when he grows old
he will not turn aside from it."-Prov.
him most. Those who have tried this
with our other publications often
found that they got good results.
We all applauded t h e final comments of the convention speaker when
he said: "While there is yet time, may
we all seize the opportunity to aid
many more to become part of this
growing throng of happy Witnesses. . . When he destroys this wicked
world, then, by God's undeserved
kindness, may we be among the survivors into his glorious 'new earth'!"
Let us then seize t h e opportunity to
aid many more by having a full share
in distributing the Survival book during November.

question Box


a How can we give attention to King-

could say, "I am sure you will agree dOm Hall securi*?
With the
that any reasonable person would like In view of these critical times we
Novembr Magazines
to use sound judgment in
Ponder these questions: my has to live in a world of peace and security. need
to Kingdom Hall security. Just as we
our generation seen such an increase $ & Y ~ & ~ ~ $ ~ ~
t a e precautions
wt our

homes are safe and secure, we should


~ ~ O , f ~ g ~ cult
~ ~on anything?
~ shows
{ ~ how
~ the
of $T&
Bi- likewise do with Our Kingdom Halls. It
ment"? By what means will prejudice ble predicted this situation and, better
the responsixlityof the
to see
be to&ly
my is it becorn- stii, it reveals God's sure remedy."
that each Kingdom Hall has adeqmte
ing increasingly mcult for men and
openor a closed ~ i ~ d - w h i ~security.
This need is evident as we see
nations to agree on anything? What D,you~
~ is the
~ first
~ in a?t- m more vandalism and theft being reported at halls in various places.
series eofAwake!
a Toinstimulate
; N 'the~ Basic
~ ~ to~~good security
~ ~ - would
~ be the
lost? Do you have an 'pen mind?What houwholdefs interest, you might state careful C ~ O S $ and
all doors,
are the advantages Of having an Open the following: 'We live in an age when gates and WInd0wS after each
Use of
mind and the disadvantages Of a
people pride themselves on being the Kingdom Hall. Responsible, Elimind? These are a few of the questions many
open-minded, willing to accept differ- able brothers should be in charge of
that will be answered in the November ing points of view. And yet, evidence such security EWrangementS each time
issues of The Watchtower andlwake! shows that just about everyone has his the hall is used. This should include
Just thinking On th questions mind closed to one or more subjects at times when the hall is-used for some
pmP0~nd.d should mnvizce us that one time or another. -t
purpose other than regdm COngregaare the
the November m a g e e s contain in- vantages of having an open
a wedding O r '
mind? 1 tion meetings, such
formation vitally needed by everyone think you will enjoy the comprehensive when cleaning.
The arti- discussion of this subject in this issue If a Kingdom Hall has a parking
longs for a better
cles are informative and sure to give of-Awake!,,
area, it is suggested that such be well
Ones much
6 Of tour,, with any of the mags- lighted at appropriate t i e s . This will
what can we say in Order
zincs referred to, you may prefer to reduce vandalism to automobiles and
the people in Our territory feature
an article other than what has ppssible injury or k?mm to brothers and
that we have something for them that k
e n suggested above. The important sisters when leavlng the hall. Some
is essential for their future happiness? thing to remember is to keep the pre- congregations have found it advisable
In presenting the
sentation simple and get directly to the to have brothers alternating as atten1984*Awake!, after giving your name, point. Too much time spent on a long dants outside the hall during meetings
"Some have noticed that introduction may result in the door be- m order to check on parked cars t0
You might
prejudice is still a major problem in ing closed before you are able to
prevent theft and vandalmn.
Our sdiety* despite the
about the article you planned to pre- Some congregations find it neceseffortsOf governments and individuals. sent. This would also be true if you are sary to lock doors during meetings. In
Many have had a problem with this in making your presentation through a those extreme cases where this is
one' way Or
This issue Of closed door, a situation becoming in- deemed necessary, reliable attendants
Awake!presents a balanced view of the creasingly common in areas where peo- should be at the door at all times to
subject and shares
ple are fearful of opening doors to monitor those entering the hall. The
riences of those who were helped by the
body of elders should determine what
to Overcome
their pEjudiCeS' s ~ ~ ~ 100
% years
e r now Jehovah's measures are appropriate in accord
Or*if a young person comes to the door* people have received 'Scriptural com- with local laws governing public meetyou may prefer; to feature the
fortpthrough the magazines published ing places. If such an arrangement is
. 'le Is There
I Can Watch by the Society. (Rom. 15:4) With this instituted, the congregation should be
On 'llr?"
in the series
ame of the end rapidly drawing to a made aware of this beforehand so they
Ask.. "
close, do we not want to increase our will know the Kingdom Hall entrance The 'Over
O f the
15*efforts to get the magazines into the will be kept locked.
the ques- hands 6f as many people as possible?
We want the brothers and newly int i ~ "Our
~ : Critical Times-1s There a Surely we do! We want to reflect Jeho- terested
ones to feel secure when at-'?"
In presenting this issue* you vah's thinking, for "he does not desire tending meetings
at the Kingdom Hall
(cont,d) any to be destroyed but desires all to and we want to protect the property
attain to repentance." (2Pet. 3:9) No- from vandalism and theft. So the elAccml*lh Our
where else on earth do we find pub- ders in each congregation should con-Chinese* noko,
lications like The Watchtower and sider the circumstances that prevail
You Can Live Forever in Paradise On Awake! that are exclusively devoted to locally and then act in harmony with
proclaiming the good news of the King- such in order to protect property and
dom and to honoring Jehovah's great help to ensure the safety of those at
Enjoy Life on Earth Forever!
the meetings.
-Albanian, Dinka, Gilbertese, Idoma name. Let us use them to the full.



From Kurukshetra to Armageddon-And

Your Survival
New Cassette Recordings Available:
Judges, Ruth (set of two; congregation
and public: $3.00; pioneers: $2-50)
Mu Book of Bible Stories (four cassettes
in album; congregation and
$8.00; pioneers: $6.00)
Available Again in U S A . :




Sp'l Pi-.

Pubs. Hrs. Mags. R.V. BiSt.

239 126.9 88.9 53.7 5.4

Aux. Pios. 27,274
TOTAL 690.830


63.6 39.9 24.9 3.2

60.2 36.3 17.0. 1.5
9.3 7.4 3.5 0.4

Newly Dediited O n r Eaptbrnd: 1,710



Schedule for congregation studies in the book Making Your F U m i l ~

Life HUppg.'

November 4: Pages 70
~~~~~b~~ 11: pages77
November 18: Pages 84*
November 25: Pages 92*
or from subheading.

to 76
to 84+
to 92*
to 106*


3 What Does the Bible Mean to You?


Meetings for Field Service

Topic for Conversation
Topic for Conversation.
. What introduction will You use?
offering the
New World Translation
1. Why is it superior to other translations?
2. Illustrate the use of crossreferences.
3. Explain why cost is minimal. ,

wisdom that is 'cable to discern

thoughts and intentions of the
heart.91 ( ~ ~ 4:12)
b . ~
counsel will sequip us for every
work.' (2 Tim. 3:16, 17) Its value
be measured in material riches.
~ (Prov. 3:13-15) To us, it is a guide
i, all affairs of life. Truly, we love
the best known, most widely circu- it.'-Ps.
lated, most quoted of all books.
2 . H o ~are its contents viewed
Accepting it. as the Word of God
around the world? Although largely
unaware of what it contains, mil- obligates us to handle it aright.
lions of professed Christians call it (2 Tim. 2:15) This means that w e e
the Word of God. There are vocal malung a wholehearted effort to llve
critics who label much of it as myth. in harmony with its counsel, we
Others laud it as a remarkable his- should also do our best to help others
torical record but reject its counsel appreciate God's word and use it as
as impractical for the nuclear age. their N d e . We feel obligd to use
TO great basses of people not pro- every means we have to make the
fessing Christianity, the Bible is, at Bible readily available and better
best, nothing more than the sayings understoodHow grateful we are for the reof pemeptive men who possessed
above-average intelligence. In each vised and updated 1984edition Of the
case, the attitude of people toward New World Translation. I t contains
the 'Bible has refle&ed their estima- thousands of marginal references
that confirm the interlocking hartion of its value.
mony of all 66 Bible books. It will
surely prove to be an invaluable aid
3 How do we view the Bible? We to student and teacher alike. During
have "accepted it, not as the word of December, 'after first placing all the
men, but, just as it truthfully is,&? 1971 and 1981 edition Bibles on
the word of God." (1Thess. 2:13) We hand, we w i l l start distribution ir
know its contents represent divine
(Contiwed on pugs 2, col. 1)

'Among the millions of books

mitten, one stands out as unique,
Werent-from all the rest. It is the
Bible. It provides the oldest historical record, going back to the origin
Of the llIliverse. It Can be f OUd in
1,700 of
the earthand dialects.
in more tIt 1s

Helping people
who have difficulty reading
Jesus was willing to give his life
and that there would be divi1. Why is there a need to be tactful? on behalf
of God's
Over the Ringdom
2. How can Life on Earth brochure on trial for his life before Pilate he Sions in
he helpful?
remained steadfast. (John 18:37)
E v ~ as
n he hung dying on the stake of God,s Kingdom means carrSng a
he highlighted God's Kingdom as
stake" and all that this inmankind,s hope, saying to the evil- "torture
Offering magazines,
valves. 'Counting the cost' means
what will you say
that a person must be prepared to
disc."-Luke 23:43.
1. When presenting the latest is2 We 'can understand why Jesus Say
bestand in the way of
viewed the Kingdom as being so im- longings if
his service to God. (Luke 14:27
2.<when making arrangements to portant. He had been sent Irom 28,331 ~t the same Urne, Jesus en:
heaven to "bear witness to the
bring the next issues?
that =dvs Kingdom would couraged all to be his followers and
rule in righteousness and make it to share the good news with others.
to be done on The attaining of everlasting life unpossibk for ms
iring holidays, how will you earth. as in heaven. what could der Kingdom rule is worth any cost.
1. Respond to holiday greetings? bring greater joy than carrying out -Matt.
Jehovah's will to transform the
2. Show consideration for house- earth into the Paradise that was
I t is good to ask ourselves
originally intended? And what a whether
Kingdom interests are wst
3. use holiday actiQities to start wonderful prospect Jesus held out in our life. Jerms
-that Of
and Obe- can slave for two masters . . YOU
dient mankind united in Pure war- cannotslave for
and for ~ i ~ h
ship around the globe!
es. . . . Stop being anxious about
your souls as to what you will eat or
The Bible-A Book of Hope.
%Following Jesus' example in what you will drink, or about your
keeping Ringdom interests first is bodies as to what You will wear."
Ram. 15:4-Things written
rarely easy. Priorities have to be (Matt. 6:24, 25) Do we have suf8aforetime to give us hope.
established in the life of each fol- cient faith in Jesus' counsel to seek
'itus 1:2-0i-s
solid basis
lower of Christ. Jesus ,explained first the Kingdom, trusting that all
or hope of everlasting life.
that he 'kame to start a fire on the
(Continued on page 4, col. 1)

Are Kingdom Interests First in Your Life?




Meetings to Help Us Make Disciples


Song 108
Local announcements. Review some of the features of the 1984
edition of the N~~ world ~ , . ~
show how marginal references can
on a
used to locatescriptures
subject being discussed. (Example:
to Matthew
point out
marginal references on the words
ILbgdom," s w n and
how these provide sufficient information for a well-rounded discussion on
the Kingdom.)
how an interested person could use this feature to
learn more about God's Word. Commerit brieflp on the contents of the
appendix. ( N to congregafions
~ ~ ~
having supplies of the 1971 and 1981 editions of the ~ e world
~ l copies
of these older editions
should be distributed before the 1984
edition is offered in field service. Congregations having an excess supply
should try to transfer some of their
stock to neighboring congregations.
See km 9/84 p. 3.)
1 5 min: $'WhatD~~~the ~ i bM~~
l ~ to
you?" ~uestion-and-answerdiscussion. In considering paragraph 6,
arrmge for a capable publisher to
demonstrate the current Topic for
Conversation and the Bible offer. Conclude with comments recommending
an increased effort to start home Bible
studies during December.
1 5 min: he Di&m Name n hat will
Endure Forever. Review highlights of
the new brochure. This publication

presents a vast array of evidence proving that God's name is Jehovah and
that it should be honored by all. Point
out brochure's major features, emphasizing
~ lhow~ it can
~ be
i used
~ to
~ help interested ones realize the significance of
the Bivine name and the need to learn
more about the true God it identifies.
Encourage all to read it and get acquainted with its contents in order to
be prepared to Use it in field service
during January.
59 and concludingprayer.

how to respond to householders' remarks such as: "I'm busy," "I'm going
shopping," "I'm preparing a meal,"
"Merry Christmas" and "Happy New
Year!' Stress need for Christian reasonablenessand discernment. Encour.
age all to take advantage of opportuni.
ties to witness during holiday season.
Song 172 and concluding prayer.

Song 191
1 0 min: Theocratic News and local an.
12min: "Benefit Fully From the
5 min: Announcements in Our King- Theocratic Ministry School." Talk by
d m Ministry applicable to congrega- school overseer. Include encouraging
comments that will motivate all eligition.
1 5 min: youths, m a t YOU SOW YOU ble ones to enroll, take their assignReap!" (w84 11/15 pp. 28-31; ~ l s g84
o ments seriously, and endeavor to ben11/8 pp. 16-18) Talk and discussion efit fully from the weekly program.
Refer to pages 72-74 of Our Mznastry
with two Or three youths.
10 min: Arrange locally according to book.
the needs of the congregation.
13 min: "Your Life, Your Integrity
1 5 min: "Presenting the Good News and the Card!' Talk by elder on article
-In a Way That Brings Personal appearing in the December 1, 1984,
Joy!' Enthusiastic discussion by ser- Watchtower. New cards will be made
vice overseer. As time permits, invite available shortly. Emphasize how imaudience to relate experiences that portant it is for all to carry their MEDbrought them joy. Review field service ICAL ALERT card and to have it
available in case of an emergency.
arrangements for the week.
Song 16 and concluding Prayer.
10 min: January Offer. Review literature offer for January: Watchtower or
WEEK START'NG DECEMBER l6 Awake! subscription. When subscripSong 156
tion offer is refused, we will offer one
1 0 min: Local announcements and ac- of the brochures, The Divine Name
C0UntS report.
That Will Endure Forever, Enjoy Life
1 5 min: "Are Kingdom Interests First on Earth Forever! or Jehovah's Witin Your Life?" Talk by elder. Interview nesses in the Twentieth Century, with
Schedule for congregation stud- auxiliary pioneer or regular pioneer one magazine for acontribution of 50@.
ies in the book Making Yowr Family who took Up fa-time Service instead Or, a brochure and the two magazines
of other pursuits. Or, relate a local may be offered for 701% Recommend
Life Happy:
experience of one who has put King- that both subscri~tionsbe offered
doi" interests firstwhere interest is ihown. Give some
December 2: Pages 106+to 113
1 0 min: "Society Kingdom Hall Fund suggestions for talking points in the
December 9: Pages '14
Progress Report." Question-and- brochures, especially using the illusDecember 16: Pages 122* to 130 1 answer discussion. ,
Itrations. Mention some of the outDecember 23: Pages 131 to 138+ 10 min: Holiday Witnessing. An- standing articles in the current maganounce arrangements for service. zines that will be used in service this
December 30: Pages 13'*
145Consider special problems arising at week.
this time of year in your territory and Song 160 and concluding prayer.
To or from subheading.


(Cont'd) cannot be known without help and lems and may lead to a Bible study.
We should thank Jehovah every
the field of the regular-size 1984 edi- divine guidance. (Acts 8:30, 31, 35)
tion. We will offer this new-Bible After pointingout therefreshingBi- day for giving us the Bible. We are
along with a 192-page book, for a ble promise covered in the Topic for also grateful that the faithful and
Conversation, you can explain to the discreet slave has reproduced it,
contribution of $4.50.
G As individuals, do we feel a re- householder why you have come to along with aids that provide clear
sponsibility to handle t h e Bible respect and treasure the Bible. Let insight into its meaning, in great
aright? If so, we will try to share him know how its teachings have quantity, and in language easily unfully in the distribution planned for brought you a solid hope for the fu- derstood. Our appreciation is well
December; Even though the Bible is ture and a real purpose in living. expressed by the psalmist: "Your rewidely circulated, it is still one of the These discussions may open oppor- minders are wonderful. That is why
l&st understood books. It is written tunities to point out some of its my soul has observed them."-Ps
in such a way that its real meaning wise' counsel on everyday prob- 119:129.
Copyright 8 1984 by Watchtower Bible and Tract Society of New York, Inc., and International B~bleStudents Assoclatlon.
Our Kingdom bpnstry (USPS 295-3603 IS published monthly by Watchtower Bible and Tract Society of New York Inc.
25 Columbia He~ghts.Brooklyn, N.Y. 11201. Second-classpostage paid at Brooklyn. N.Y. POSTMASTER: Send aches;
changes to Watchtower. 25 Columbia Heights. Brooklyn. N.Y. 11201.
hinted in USA.


Saciety Kingdom Hall Fund

~- ~

, Benefit Fully From the

Theocratic Yinbtry b h 0 d

.Literature offer for December: New

World Translation with any older
1 Continued support of the Society
By now all have received thc
192-page book, for a contribution of ~ i n g d o m all Fund by the broth- schedule for the coming year's Theo.
$3,509 $4.QOor $4.50, depending on which ers has made it possible to start cratic Ministry School. I t would bc
22 Kingdom Hall projects in 15 well for YOU to read carefully th
introductory material as Well as C

:on ~Earth
~ / Forever!
" 8 ' ~ may
~ ~be, offered
" T " forf :a ,able
" ~for~Loans
~ ~ ~have
~ ~been
! ~ made availlarge and small projects.
contribution of 300, especially to those
with reading difficulties or where there
are children. January and February:
One-year subscription for The Watchtower for a contribution of $4.00. Sixare 82.00 eachAwake! subscription may be obtained on
same basis. ~ ~ subscriptions
t h
may be
offered for a contribution of $8.00. when
subscription offer is refused we will offer
The Divine Name That will Endure Forever, Enjoy Life on Earth Forever! or
Jehovah's Witnesses in the Twedtieth
Century with one magazine for a contribution of 500, or a brochure and
The Watchtower and Awake! for 706
March and April: Any one of the follow:
ing pocket-size books for a contribution of $1.00: Choosing, Commentary
on James. Evolution, Good News, Holy
Spirit, Life Does Have a Purpose or This
Life. (With the exception of the Evolution book, these publications may be ordered from the Society.) If congregation
runs Out Of these
any Other Older,
pocket-size book may be offered. Do not
use Kfsgdom Come, Survival, Truth or
United in Worship books. Concentrate on
placing one of the first seven books mentioned as long as these are available.
~h~ presiding overseer or someone
designated by him should audit congregation's accounts on December 1, or as
soon as possible thereafter.
Bound volumes of The Watchtower
and Awake! for 1984: Publishers and
pioneers, please order your 1984 bound
volumes of The Watchtower and Awake!
for these volumes now. Then, on January 1,1985, or as soon as possible thereafter, send this order to the Society, using the regular Literature Order form
(S-14). Order only the number of volumes for which you have requests. In
addition to Enelish. the volumes will be
available in ~ u t c t ; ,French, German,
Itatian, Japanese, Portuguese and Spanish at $5.00 each. There is no pioneer
rate. Payment should not accompany the
congregation order sent to the Society.
(See 1984 Cost List, paragraph 23.) Until
he volumes are available and shipped
hey will appear as "Back Ordered" on
ongregation invoices. Please announce
the congregation when the volumes
are received so that all who ordered can
obtain their copies1
I t is suggested that all congregations
display the new yeartext by January 1,
The following publications are now
available in grade-two English Braille:
Theocratic Ministry School Schedule
for 1985. FREE upon request.
T& Divine Name Vhst Wi" "--dureFor-

pay close attention when it is coverec

Efforts are made to ensure that
~ ~ i ~ ~ h Bible
~ $book$
" , ~
attractive and functional facilities of and
are designed and built to serve the
Chronicles will be covered
needs of the congregations now and There
be instruction talks Or
for the future.~~~i~~ the design; each of these
books before the read.
construction and furnishing of the ing begins. ~h~
talks on these book:
new Kingdom Halls, the brothers will not be based only on what ap
have endeavored to keep costs as pears in the book "All Scripture I!
low as possible. Keeping Costs down Inspired of God and B e n e f i ~ i a l . 'Sup
has enabled more C ~ n g r e g a t i ~ton ~plementary information on these Bireceiveloans from thesociety King- ble books may be gleaned from articles in T h e W a t c h t o w e r that will
dom Hall Fund.
3 Evidence of Jehovah's blessing appear early enough so that those
upon his organization is manifest in giving the instruction talks may inmany
the present clude pertinent pomts. These artishould serve to give freshness to
increase' This means cles
there is an ever greater need for the instruction talks and should
more Kingdom Halls. The arrangement for the Society Kingdom Hall
Fund allows each one in the organization to have a personal share in
hlling that need. Money contributed
to the Society Kingdom Hall Fund is
loaned out to asslst the congregations. As congregations send in
their loan payments, such funds,
along with the regular Society
Kingdom Hall Fund contributions
received each month, make it possible for more loans to be made available for other ~
i ~ ~ proj~1
ects. o u r accelerated' efforts to
meet the need for more Kingdom
Halls are based on such support
from the brothers. The donations
received are very much appreciated.
In future issues of Our K i n g d o m
be further information on the Progress of buildjng
more l n g d o m Halls. Meanwhile,
we pray for Jehovah's rich blessings
upon this arrangement.
ever (1volume) may be requested on
a loan basis or purchased for $1.00.
Survival Into a New Earth (4 volumes)
may be requested on a loan basis or
purchased for $5.00.
"Daily Texts and Comments" from the
1985 Yearbook of Jehovah's Witnesses (4 volumes) $5.00 to purchase.
The following publication is now available in grade-one Braille, French and
~~ hwill
i ~ endure
ever (1volume)may be requested on
a loan basis or purchased for $1.00.
To obtain Braille publications, please
send a separate order, including the relnittance for items purchased, and the
name a d address of the person who will
use the Braille publications. Mark Your

P r ! ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ , also
$ ewant
f ~to~ ~
pay special attention to the following

points: ~ i ~they
~ should
t , make sure
to cover the points appearing in the
written reviews if this is not done by
the program participants. Second,
they should give constructi$e and
practical counsel to the students be
fore bringing out interesting point!
not mentioned in the Htudent talk
Third, school overseers will be con
SC~OUSof timing, not running overt~ethemselves,andPrlvate1YCoun1seling
~ thosed giving ~txe instruction
talk who neglect to watch their tim-


out meeting schedbe
for the presidit
to collaborate so that, where possible, one elder is not given an assignment for both meetings on the same
evening. Also, where there is need,
qualified ministerial servants may be
used for instruction t a l b and Bible




Sp'l Pios.
302 128.9
34,232 85.0
AUX.Pios. 34,582 59.9





R.V. Bi.St.

99.1 53.9 5.6

52.2 30.4 3.1
36.2 17.0 1.4
7.4 3.5 0.4


Newly Dedicated Ones Baptized: 2,003

The total number of regular pioneers reporting
for September is outsfanding. From our
Previous peak of 299764 last August, the
regular pioneer ranks swelled, in one month, to
34,232 in September. What a remarkable
manifestation of increase in this branch
of our sacred service! The faith of these
thousands who have been working toward the
theocratic goal of regular pioneer sewice is
commendable. May our efforts result in more
people praising Jehovah.-Ps. 113.'




Years Old!
On October 6,1984, a memorable gathering took place at Coraopolis, Pennsylvaleft
is nia.This wasthe 100th annual meeting of
short, -we will be motivated to do the Watch Tower Bible and Tract Society
what we can to share the truth with of Pennsylvania, which s u p e ~ i s e sthe
12:12, 17) ~f we truly worldwide activity of Jehovah's WitnessThe morning was marked by an enthuhave love God and
we es.
siastic corporation meeting. Members.
will find joy in our ministry be- along with guests, came from more than
cause we know it pleases Jehovah 50 countries. The attendance of 1,615 inand helps others find the way to cluded 259 of the active membership of
429. In the late afternoon an enfhusiastic
program was held at Three Rlvers Stadium, Pittsburgh, where 37,733 attended.
An additional 59,715 listened by tele5 You might consider your ser- phone tie line at 34 Assembly Halls 01
vice as though you were bringing a Jehovah's Witnesses in the United States
gift to your neighbors. hi^ gift is and Canada making a total attendance 01
4 Watch Tower Society-100

In a Way That Brings

Personal Joy
Jehovah's people have good reason to be joyful. We have a real
hope for the future. As Isaiah 65:
18 assures, Jehovah is
new heavens and a new earth,, and
then adds: "Exult, you people, and
be joyful forever In what I am
creating. For here I am creating
Jerusalem a cause for joyfulness
and her people a cause for exultation."
w e .should find our greatest Joy the prospect of everlasting life.
in sharmg our marvelous hope m t h But fcr those who do not yet appre- His People." It was developed by stlrr~ng
others. DOyou find that your joy in ciate the value of the gift, perhaps talks and experiencesrelated by longt~ms
the ministry is limited? I f so, re- you can make it more appealing by ~ ~ , " ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ $ " , "
member that joy is a fruit of the the manner in which you present it. ,,F,,
?his isthe 100th year that jeho
spirit. It can be cultivated and in- Do you prepare your presentation vah's organization has used the incorpocreased through personal effort. well so that it w i l l stimulate inter- rated society."
a new peak Of 3s899
Hard work can bring cause for joy est? Ifyou speak in a pleasant and publishershad
a 21-percent Inand, in turn, great joy can cause us courteous manner, using well- crease overinlastAugust,
year. Congregation pubto work even harder. (Eccl. 2:10) chosen words that arouse interest, lishers averaged 12 hours in field service
Earnest effort can be rewarded you may get a good response that and 6,846 home Bible studles were conducted.
with greater evidences of the spir- will give you more joy.
160 927
e pubiishers reporting
it's fruitage.-2 Pet. 1:5-8; 1 Cor. G Field service is a treasure Jeho- activity
in' Brazil in August conducted
vah has given us. It permits Us to 147,894 Bible studies. Both figures are
The enthusiasm radiated by our demonstrate our faith. We should all-time peaks. Also they reported
broth& in their service confirms work to improve our ability to their 13th cOnsecutiveipeak in regular
that what they are doing is bring- speak convincingly to others about
Britain reported 97 4g5 pubing them great joy. HOWCan We our hope. I f We idways try to leave lishers, and'canada 80,939. ~ o i figures
increase our share in that joy? One householders in a good frame of are new peaks.
in Auway is by learning how to find sat- mind, it may make them more reisfaction in doing our assigned ceptive when the next Witness ~
work despite the negative reaction calls; thus contributing to his joy. Bible studies conducted during the
of many of those to whom we 1 Remember, too, t h a t each month, the work there should see further
preach. Jeremiah encountered householder has his owa interests rapid growth.
much opposition, and the same was in life. I f we express personal inter- $ ~ ~ ~ P , ' ~
$ f ~ " ,
true of Jesus; they did not stop. est in him and in his family and
&,. peak) conducted $0,045 studies.
Satan would like to discourage us show how the Bible will be helpful ne congregation of 80 publishers reby using the apathy, indifference or to him, we will often find a warm ports 180 Bible studies.
opposition of others. But, as Jesus response and an open door for a ~ f \ ~ ~ 7 ~ p ' , " ~ P ~ ~$zKpPae!
explained, by continuing on faith- return visit. The joy we find in such with last August total hours were up by
fully despite opposition, we will experiences can be shared with 18 percent and hagazine placements by
find joy and happiness.-Matt. 5: others for their, encouragement. 17percent.
( A C ~ S15~3)~~d mostimportant of 4 Peru had a 20-percent increase i n Au11, 12; Heb. 12:2.
Understanding that the end of all, think of the joy we bring to the
this system is near and the time- One who sent us!-Luke 15:7,10. ties is now nearly complete.


~ ~ $ ! ~ ~ d ~

Kingdom Interests

(Cont'd) fine way when elders, ministerial danger that your heart can be.

these other things will be added?

Or, are we 'anxious about our
Do YOU frequently miss meetisgs or service activities of the congregation because of secular work,
taking it for granted that you must
comply with the demands of your
employer? Some brothers have
turned down higher paying jobs because the work schedule would interfere with theocratic activities.
Many have found that employers
willmake concessions to accommodate employees who are dependable,
willing workers. (Col. 3:23,24) The
congregation is strengthened in a

ServantS.and.~ioneersset a good come weibhed down with anxieties

that dis.courage pioneering.-Matt
example this regard.
6:26; Luke 21:34.
8 This world has a way of requir'
Of you young people
ing much from those who are willOf
Are you mak- ing to slave for it. Succumbing to
SO0n be
ing plans now for a theocratic fu- the enticement of material advan- '
ture? Some may intend to work for tages results in large debts, which
a short period and then take UP require an ever-increasing income.
pioneering. Why put off the OPPor- How much better to trust in JetunitY to have a full share in King- hovah who knows our needs and
dom service .in favor of QCCUmu- has promised to supply them. By
latlng materlal assets? Why not keeping Kingdom interests st,
pursue first things first? I f the our lives will have real purpose,
Kingdom is first in your life, then strengthened by the prospect of
why not pioneer first? When a secu- endless future blessings.-Matt
lar job gets priority, there is a 6:32; 1Tim. 6:18,19.



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