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With lots of love dedicated, to my parents, to EL_lines in Natalia, Olga,

Onder, and of course to my colleagues
By Price
LIAPIS Panagiotis

With lots of love dedicated, to my parents, to EL_lines in Natalia, Olga,

Onder, and of course to my partners
By Price
LIAPIS Panagiotis

При большом количестве посвященный, любви мои родители

Греки, В Наталья, Οльга, и Ондер, к моим коллегам

По цене
LIAPIS Panagiotis


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A few words from the author

My Friends in this textbook, take the
knowledge that until now store it in
dusty Greek manuscripts of Plato,
Aristotle and other ancient fotodoton
in damp basements monasteries and
private libraries disekatomyriouchon. We revealed through
masterfully blended events of economy, religion, Greek history
and mythology, the confirmations of Medicine and the
multidimensional social structures, the Greek discovery of
ether for which spoke Platonas and Aristotle, the mineral
krystalyka and electrical properties, their initiatory secret
caves, history, radiation and their effects on human health,
MIND CONTROL is the technical control of the mind legends
and myths, travel guides, the history of Russia and Mongolia,
Dynasty RURIC, the Greek supremacy, The Secret of the
Living Water, forecasts in recent days, the establishment of the
4th Reich, well read, and its organization, methods of
prevalence of the 4th Reich, Geostrategic, The Secrets of the
Parthenon, The stolen works of art, naturally leads business
survival in difficult times. There are missing from my literary
work of literature, prayer and research on photovoltaic
technology in whose threshold of energy is free. Also
presented a series of investigations on a series of error events
for the signs, and possible manipulation of cosmogony,
incidents involving the Nazis and the possible bases in space,
President Obama, and the new doctrine Panthriskeias
launched in conjunction with the Worship infernal beings are a
new mirror through which can be seen the current scene of the
enormous progress in the areas of MIND CONTROL, the chip
EMV of Bill Gates on bank credit cards, the emerging banking
system in relation to economic crashes of America The
SIONISMOS and the New World Order of the 4th Reich, and
PEOPLE CLONES - Men in Black, and the CIA in connection
with the anti-government slogans and reactive walls define a new reality, which
leads to control police forces in Use of Sound for centuries hidden weapons
ancient Greeks developed from the Greek National Nuclear epistimoina C. Gkiolva.
The creations of the Plan "Arrow" (sound rule) and the sound "Artemis", as are
sources on the web are presented in detail below in relation to biological warfare
aircraft from the US-spray from chemical and microbial air over cities. Trying to
minimize the harmful effects that using genetics Industry, extensive fires, building
new towns in the concentration camps of D Reich, apply geostrategic
implementation plan new war in the Balkans because of Kosovo, where the project
"Blue Ray" at the upcoming mayhem by the end of 01/2010 will chrisimopoiithoun
new weapons bass Police with physical effects of radiation on the human organism
By Price
LIAPIS Panagiotis

1. This project is a bottomless MYTHISTORIMA Reality

2. Clarifies Developed Fiction
3. Any resemblance to actual persons, locations and events are imaginary,
purely accidental, not existing in the present reality and past it.
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5. Prohibited the reproduction and distribution of all or part of the
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10. The book takes seeker typing costs and expenses of this mission.
11. The Writer LIAPIS Panagiotis receive no remuneration (money)
making a work available
12. The book has no subversive of the system concept, but instead Net
conglomerate of all the Greeks of Planet Earth, 120,000,000 Greeks to
create well-governed society as defined by the democratic, elected
Parliamentary Antiptosopous People (primary form of power)
13. The GREECE Fri all the problems exist because of the scandalous
LIGHT, AS NO ONE GREEK even no hope, no justice. Amen.

Copyright by Panagioti Liapi





(From Dialogues of Diomidis with Alexander the Great )

The iridology is to examine the iris for the prognosis of diseases.
The afisvitoumeni iridology is based on the assumption that every
organ of the human body has a corresponding position in the iris
and that one can identify a body that is healthy by examining the
iris rather than the institution itself. The Canadian Institute of
Iridology (Canadian Institute of Iridology) says: "iridology is one of
the most promising sectors of alternative medicine in Canada
today." Classic doctors see the iris as the color of the eye that
regulates the amount of light entering the eyeball through a
striated hole in the center. The lens focuses light rays forming an
image on the retina where the light falls on the rods and cones,
making them be excited and transfer the visual information to the
brain via the optic nerve.
The classical Physicians also recognize that some symptoms of
non-eye diseases effect may be detected by examining the eye.
The ophthalmologists and optometrists can recognize non-
ophthalmic problems by examining the eye. If you suspect a
problem, then refer their patients to an appropriate specialist for
further tests. However, iridology is not identify symptoms of illness
by examining the eye. The iridology go far away from the claim
that the eye can often give signs of disease. The iridology claim
that every body has a corresponding field in the eye and that one
can determine the health status of the instrument by examining the
area. This belief did not come from scientific research but on the
intuition of a human.
The Ignatz von Piczely, Hungarian physician of the 19th century,
invented the iridology. The idea for this new diagnostic tool he got
when he saw a black stripe in the eye of a patient who had a
broken leg and reminded him of a similar black band in the eyes of
an owl whose leg was broken years ago. Then, Von Piczely
recorded similar to the signs of eye and diseases of his patients. A
typical map divides the eye into areas using a clock as a base /
driver. For example, if you want to learn about the state of the
thyroid gland, a person does not need to touch the person to feel
some swelling in the gland. Neither you need to do some tests on
the same gland. All you need to do is look at the iris of the right
eye in the direction of 2:30 (s.t.mtf.: The address of the hour clock
ie 2:30) and the iris of the left eye at 9:30 . Discoloration, spots,
stripes, etc. in those parts of the eye, is what should concern you if
you are interested to know the status of the thyroid. For problems
with the vagina or penis, look at 5 o'clock in the right eye, and so
on. An iridology can do a test with nothing more than a map of
Iridology, a magnifying glass and a torch light.
If the reasoning of the Von Piczely show anything, we can assume
is that he and others iridology, deceive themselves by searching
and find correlations between signs of eye and diseases
(confirmation bias). They used vague concepts of "disease" and
"Signs." In many cases the disease may not have been diagnosed
correctly or accurately. Could justify iridology finding correlations
which could not be demonstrated under some controlled
experiments, a causal relationship. Some of their relationships
may be correct, but many are probably false, given the very broad
definition of "disease" and "mark". Found recurring patterns where
there were (apofenia). Misinterpreted the data and gave great
weight to several confirmations of theories, ignoring or not while
looking for cases that did not confirm their theories. Many of the
affirmations can have the form of various subjective confirmations.
We do not know the role played by the strength of the diseases for
their patients. Many diagnoses were probably wrong, but there
was no objective test to determine the validity of these diagnoses.
Some diagnoses may have been good but can be used as
iridology and other signs, apart from these eyes to the draw.
What is more surprising however is that the iris is so unique and
durable that many argue that it is better feature for recognizing a
person, even the prints.

The eyes are very interesting to look at it. It's so small (about 25
mm in width each!) And yet every day thousands gather
information and impressions, shapes and colors, which pass into
the brain. It basically means we know what happens in the world
around us, outside our bodies!
Read below for each part of the eye separately and for his
The eyelids are very important for the eyes as it is part of their
protection. Anoigokleinontas ("This, alone!) Several times a
minute, covering her eyes with a little liquid to the clean from
germs and dirt, and to moisturize. Have you ever noticed that
when you find yourself in a room with very bright light in your eyes
start closing? This flat 'accuracy is another work of the eyelid. With
the excellent reflexes protect the eyes closing as much as possible
in order not to enter them in bright light, until you get used to. The
same happens when you close your eyes over some object.

Tear glands:

The tear glands are located on the outer edge of the eye
containing the liquid in which the eyelids cover the eyes every so
often. When you use the eyelash, flows a small tube. You can see
the opening of (a very small trypitsa) if you pull gently on the inner
edge of the eye downward. When you are in an area with a lot of
smoke or dust, or when cutting onions, tear gland produce more
tears to protect their eyes from the danger. Even if you are very
sad or glad your brain is sending a message to the glands to
release so much liquid starts crying!
And eyelashes help protect the eyes. Small and dense trichoules
keep dust and dirt away from the eyes.

Skliros11 tunic:

The sclera of the eye is the white of the eye. It is made of hard
material and covers most of the eye ball. It is easy to see in this
small vessels that supply blood to the eye, especially someone
who is very tired these vessels are very conspicuous.
The cornea is on the sclera and is the one that makes the eye to
focus on something. It is very difficult to see because it is
The iris is located between the hard and the cornea and the
colored part of the eye. The most common colors of the iris is
brown, black, blue and green. The iris is made of muscles which
control how much light will come to her daughter in the eye. You
can experiment yourself. Take a torch (not very bright) and
pliasiaste little in the eyes of a friend. You will notice that the closer
the light, so it minimizes the daughter of the eye and the farther it
will grow.
Daughter of the eye:
The daughter of the eye is basically the entrance of light (images
and movements) in the eye from where they moved as information
to the brain.
After you pass the light from the pupil of the eye, beat up the lens
is behind it. The lens is transparent and colorless and collect the
rays of light to pass to the back of the eye. The lens has the ability
to constantly changing shape with the help of a particular muscle.
When you collect your eyes to something close, then the lens
becomes thicker, while, when gather your eyes to something that
is far away, the lens becomes thinner.
The vitreous is the most eye arkivos located behind the lens. It is
filled with the vitreous fluid and the rays of light after passing
through the lens and passes through it.

The retina is completely in the back of the eye, right after the
vitreous. It consists of millions of cells which are very sensitive to
light and convert the image sent through the beam of light, such
that messages can be katalamvainei brain what the eye sees.
The reason many of us need glasses, because it can change the
ball shape of the eye so the lens, the cornea and retina can not
work anymore together. As a result, the image of an object facing
the eye does not focus on the retina, but behind or in front of him.
Of course we can not stop changing before our eyes but as well
we can protect.
Always wear sun glasses, especially in summer because the
excessive light and UV radiation can cause serious vision
problems. Also workshops in school must wear special protective
goggles for the eyes to avoid any risk of "flying object!"

This diagnostic method was developed mainly in the former Soviet

Union, where it now is a medical specialty. Based on the notion
that each body corresponds to a specific area of the iris and any
malfunction of the body, causing morphological changes in;; that
which can be recorded and analyzed. By the way, iridology is able
to diagnose diseases of internal organs, endocrine and nutritional
deficiencies, even before clinically manifest.

;;;; Each treatment starts from the inside out, from head and
and down and in reverse order from
that the symptoms occurred;;;;

Therapeutic Act Cheringk

With these words begins Bernard Jensen, one of those who

deservedly claimed the title of father of modern Iridology, tells us
what it is and how it works.
The analysis of the iris, is now perhaps the leading diagnostic tool
for physical therapists, which might use for all non-pharmaceutical,
natural and holistic healing arts and more. This is because the
complex iris is composed of thousands of nerve endings, which in
pulses through the brain and nervous system is linked to all body
tissues. The nerve fibers react to the situation of tissues and
organs, with a specific reflective manner, thus affecting their
respective areas in the iris. The iridology, during the analysis of
images collected information that the information on the condition
of the body behind these eyes. Talking with other terms metaphor,
we say that the iris is a screen that is connected to cameras which
monitor a specific area, our body. What the cameras;;;; ????,
capture the image of course, we will have to display;; iris, whether
in our nose, which is very close, or the little finger of the foot,
which seems remote. This composition and texture of the iris is
completely unique to each person, and even between twin
brothers. The irises are more "special" from fingerprints to identify
persons identity. Has at least 253 different bands, while only 40
fingerprints. In a few years, face recognition will be made by
special scanners, iris of the eye. Already, several pilot projects
being implemented in Europe and America. Another reason for the
great usefulness of Iridology, is why it finds a perfect fit, the above
Law of Therapeutic Cheringk. We say, to watch even any course
of treatment, through the formation of iridium fiber, and those
areas that have a predisposition for a future might malfunction, or
is it a highly possible temperament. The advantage of iridilogias
that can detect a disease for example cancer, multiple sclerosis in
very early stages.
Diagnostic tool then, and even totally holistic nature. Why;;;; see;;;;
whole body, the sight through the iris. For holistic therapists,
human body, and the universe, nothing is disconnected from
something. Therefore, a dysfunction can be the cause of
somewhere else regardless of the distance. For example, for skin
problems are often the responsibility of the intestine.
Other great advantage is that the analysis of the iris is not used
any kind of radiation as effected by a simple photograph. This;;;;
iridofotografia;;;; contains all the information we explained before,
and indeed, is the information that our own body sent. The method
of iridology is a simple, painless, radiation free, fast and
economical Because it is known that prevention is far better, even
the best treatment, given the 100% tint of green, we can realize
each semester, thus ensuring the best possible level of health for
us and our loved ones Before three to four years chreisimopoiisa
this method, only got good information. Whatever if I told the
doctor, find it correct. and that already existed and that may come
if you do not watch a few points.
I just think that all these new methods of diagnosis, analysis, etc.,
are the many paths that lead to one. For us. Or do astrological
analysis, or analysis
physiognomical or
hands, or graph
logical, etc etc. ..
and all to do, in that
it will end.
Your guard!
The eyes are the mirror of the
soul and beyond. With a
simple test you can find
anything relating to your
health. You really?
The iridology has the
appearance of long ago, in
late 1840 when the Hungarian
Ignaz Von Peczely, child, in
trying to catch an owl,
accidentally broke the leg. In
the eye of the owl appeared a
dark sign that the end of the
year when cured owl disappeared! Thereafter studies considered the
father and pioneer in the field of Iridology with the Swede Niels Liljequist.
The iridology in Greece is perhaps fashion since the last time hundreds of
Greek citizens resorting to such consideration. But let's take things from

What is iridology?
It is a diagnostic method to use special equipment to examine in depth and
iris can (as said) to detect all possible conditions of the body and the body.
How true but is it?
Iridology centers operating in
Greece are sufficient, but not
included in official medical
centers. On the other hand, a
function normally and the
medical association has the
right to prevent the operation
of such centers and the
people are such centers are
not doctors.

A conduct review

Quite simple. A visit to a center costs by 75 Iridology 100 euros for a

simple diagnosis. A machine examines the iris of the eye and then turns
the results. The people who make up the center (nutritionists, dietitians,
etc.) give you instructions and make the diagnosis. Depending upon the
problem, we refer to physicians who collaborate with them.

The diagnostic tool captures the iris and then make the diagnosis based
on the data "see."
What can you look in your eyes? Everything as a supported and look all
conditions (several times, and future) and is becoming a survey to
complete and more specific diagnosis. The iridology is not one of the
specialties of medicine, but can predict disease and give you important
information. Maybe a few years later to see iridology conquer the world of
medicine and monitoring of health of a man with such a simple way would
be shocking gegonos.O was Hippocrates who said "Behold the eyes
behold the body," and perhaps then knew. The eye is not just a mirror of
the soul and the mirror of the health of our body.

What diseases can be diagnosed by iridology?

The iridology is beyond diagnostic and preventive method. Similar signs,
lines, shadows, blurring the, colors and shape of your iris shows the
The iridology will therefore give you any answer for any condition you have
or you may happen in the future, thereby avoiding several unwanted
symptoms even psychologically.
Many people visit Iridology centers to learn how to get rid of excess
pounds, or even by smoking.
The reason? The iridology as we say in relation to medicine can detect
bigger, just the problem is that motivates us to do these actions. On the
other hand, acupuncture centers that operate for the same reasons
(obesity, smoking, relaxation, etc.) several times hitting the target and
were certainly not included in medical centers yet, although some efforts
are being made.
What to watch?

If you are considering whether to visit a diagnostic center and you have an
iris you remember that you should not take into account only your name
and diagnosis will be given an iridology and achieves the target only when
combined with traditional medicine. This is true at least for now that
iridology is not even the medical industry.
→ The center will be sure to visit there and authorized by their respective
→ After the diagnosis which will make the machine to examine the iris you
will be instructed by the responsible person of the center. Do not hesitate
in any case before making a decision to get the opinion of family doctor ..
It works?
Many Greek citizens who have tried the method of Iridology argue that the
diagnosis and help doctors to rid of many diseases, while others have time
with high risk diseases such as hepatitis, prostate cancer, depression and
many other serious diseases.
A simple general test is not expensive to learn these things for our health,
but be very careful and not act on anything and any instructions given to
us without permission and supervision of our doctors.

What is the origin?

The first signs appear in 3000 BC in Central Asia.
Later, the Chaldeans around 1000 BC use their eyes to pick the Warriors.
In the era of the Pharaohs, is the iris with astrology and disease.
Hippocrates to the messages and change eye color in relation to diseases.

St. Matthew in the 22nd verse of the 6th chapter says: "The lamp of the
body Estin the eye."
The story, however, the Western world and Europe, starting much later
than a coincidence.
Around the beginning of the last century, a boy named Ignatz von Peczely,
while trying to catch an owl, accidentally broke the leg. Later we watched
the eye of the bird started to create a black line. The bird stayed home until
he recovered, giving the opportunity to observe Peczely white dotted lines
that had appeared in the iris of the eye.
Later he became a doctor and was able to study the iris of many patients
and to ensure that there is a relationship between response variability of
body tissues and the characteristics of the iris.

Thus was created the first map that covered the iris.
"Every treatment starts from the inside out, head down and in reverse
order from that occurring symptoms. Therapeutic Act Cheringk
With these words begins Bernard Jensen, one of those who deservedly
claimed the title of father of modern Iridology, tells us what it is and how
the iridology. Starting So our little narrative, we begin by saying that by
analyzing the color of our eyes, is generally what is called iridology.
The iridology is now perhaps the leading diagnostic tool that can use one
for afarmakes, natural, holistic healing arts and beyond. That is because
the complex iris is composed of thousands of nerve endings, which in
pulses through the brain and nervous system related to all body tissues.
The nerve fibers react to the situation of organs and tissues in this
reflective way, affecting the color in their respective areas, and thus the
iridology collect information. It is, indeed, a constant communication
between all parts of the body, and iris. It likened the success with a screen
connected to a closed circuit cameras. The space monitor these cameras
are our whole body, whether it is the little toe, the neck mas.Enas Another
reason that iridology is placed on top, it is because it finds a perfect fit, the
above therapeutic Law the Cheringk. We can only watch and even any
course of treatment, through the formation of iridium fiber, and those areas
that have a predisposition for a future might malfunction, or a possible
strong temperament.

In terms of the holistic connotation, its big advantage is that iridology "see"
while the whole body. For holistic therapists, human body, and the
universe, nothing is disconnected from everything around him. Therefore,
according to this theory, any malfunction can be the cause of another
point, regardless of the distance. For example, some skin problems are
likely to have their cause in the gut.
So, the iridology because of the visual has to simultaneously throughout
the body, does not focus on what the client says, but the findings to
discover himself, or rather in what he reveals the same iris.
Another advantage presented by iris scanning, (analysis of the iris) is
100% ecological application. Without radiation, with a simple photo, we
have the information so the body sends to our eyes. In fact, the iris is an
anatomical extension of our brain, and as such, is the only brain tissue can
be seen without surgery. One is known that prevention is better than the
best treatment and to analyze the iris green and safe, it is good to do each
semester, thus ensuring the best possible level of health for us and our

What does an examination of the iris? (Iris scanning)

A comprehensive analysis of the iris and our very intensity of the color of
the iridium fiber, we present the general physical condition of the patient.
The structure, fields, color, brightness, shading or the cavities of some
areas is what we reveal the activation, the irritation, trauma or dysfunction
of tissues and organs of human body.
It gives us information on the ability of each tissue to aftotherapefetai but
for hereditary sensitivities that an interviewee may have.
It may be noted that there toxic substances in the body or nutritional or
chemical imbalance. Even the recovery recorded in the iris, in the form of
The really great advantage of Iridology is that it can detect a disease (eg
multiple sclerosis or cancer) in the early stages, while it is impossible to
even more sensitive machines such as conventional medicine or axial MRI

What we do not show such a test?

The iridology covers every part of the body that has nerve sensitivity. So it
can show us the contents of organ cavities (eg, kidney stones, the bile or
urinary bladder) unless the affected walls and membranes. A iridologiki
examination did not show us any particular disease, but it gives us
information about the general state of the body and whether or not the
trends for a disease, often even before symptoms appear.
The iridology shows no surgery performed with anesthesia, as in this case
diakoptontai nerve pulses.
The iridology not detect parasites, kidney stones, or germs, but finds
irritating and toxic situations that favor. It shows the pregnancy as a normal
function of the female body.

Me, how can it help?

The iridology is integrated, independent part of preventive therapeutic
alternative, as it has the ability to warn of possible future difficulties of the
body, or dysfunction of organs and systems.
It thus provides a complete check-up, since it enables us to determine
what happens to our bodies, simply, painlessly, economically and
especially in a very short time. So in the modern world of stress, distress,
speed and exaggeration, oelenchos is the main tool to maintain our health
and mental balance. Early detection saves lives and Iridology is early
diagnosis, it is imperative that we do every semester.
Iridology: Eye is not only a mirror of the soul and body
Saturday, the 20th February 2010 10:54
"The eyes are not only a mirror of the soul and the body"

Iridology is the science that deals with the analysis of the iris, especially for
diagnostic purposes (iridodiagnosi).

The story begins 3000 years BC but we meet later in the Chaldeans,
Egyptians, Chinese, Greeks (Hippocrates), etc. The modern history of the
Western world begins much later with
Hungarian Ignaz von Peczely (1826-1911), where if a young man, in his
attempt to catch an owl's leg broke. After a while noticed that the iris of the
eye of the bird started to create a dark line. The bird stayed at home until
he recovered, but had longer small dotted white lines in the area of the old
wound. Later Ignaz von Peczely became a doctor and confirmed the
findings of thousands of irises in his patients.

Some years later, the monk Niels Liljequist (1851 -1936) published a work
which relates to personal experience and describes the effect on the iris,
diseases and poisoning by drugs.

The modern map is the result iridikos years of painstaking observation and
research, mainly Dr Bernald Jensen, showing the correlation of organs and
body systems in the iris.

Modern neurophysiology studies show that the eye as a sensory organ, it

stops the operation of receiving and transmitting information to the brain,
and receives information from organs.

The image of the iris forming thousands of nerve endings, which through
the nervous system associated with the tissues of the human body. Each
change in the iris tissue is shown with a specific reflective manner resulting
in modulation of color and structure. The structure of the color, brightness,
shading, wells, the caches, lines, etc. reveal what happens in the body, if
we have inflammation, malfunction, injury, poisoning, etc. some
degeneration of specific tissues and organs. All human organs and their
functions appear - the iris correspond to specific areas. The iris is divided
into various anatomical regions of the human body. Using an optical
microscope usually (iridoskopio), a custom camera and a computer that
has the potential growth of the iris image for a more detailed - more
detailed observation, to allow the specialist doctor to examine the structure
of the iris and draw conclusions the general state of health of their situation
astheni.Apokalyptetai body of hereditary physical characteristics, qualities
and weaknesses so as changes occur in their lives due to various factors.
Reveal the constitution, vitality, sensitive organs, diseases that occur or
have occurred or are ongoing, but without even giving symptoms and
signs, and latent tendencies and dispositions that are, for some diseases
(the pre iridology signs of clinical symptoms). It is estimated that more than
3,000 physical and psychological situations can be identified by the iris.
The Iridodiagnosi no panacea, and to confirm refers to traditional
diagnostic methods where appropriate.
However it has many advantages over other diagnostic methods is a
completely natural, simple (photography), safe (no radiation and drugs),
painless, fast and economical method. And above all, can detect a
disturbance in the early stages.
Katsakiori Panos, MD
Iridology Briefly
H Iridology is the science which detects, analyzes and correlates the color
and structural changes observed in the tissue of the iris of the human eye.
-The findings of iris scanning provide important information on the temper
and texture of the product concerned person.
-The iris scanning alone is not a medical diagnosis; but when combined
with clinical and laboratory examinations can help
a) preventive medicine
b) medical diagnosis;
c) to better design and individualization of treatment
History of using the eye as a diagnostic tool starts in Ancient China and
Japan. Thousands of years ago Chinese and Japanese know how to
recognize diseases by looking at the whole. eye, ie the eyelids, the white,
the iris and the pupil.
Egg white and the iris is divided into zones, each one had its own
significance, but the detailed mapping of modern Iridology.
The father of modern Iridology is considered the Hungarian IGNATZ VON
PECZELY (from 26/1/1822 to 12/7/1911), which issued and the first
writings on iridology.
Gradually, the initial research interest has spread to many European
countries and later pagkosmia.I iridology research developed
particularly the use of computers.


The iris (the colored part of eye) plays a functional role of the septum and
controls the amount of light entering the eye.
It comprises two muscles supplied by a highly complex network of vessels
and nefron.To color of the iris attached to the quantity of
Melanin contained in it.The melanin confers charktiristiko coffee
color in it, while its absence makes the iris to appear blue because of
abundance of pottery periechei.To brown and blue color theory of the
natural color of the rainbow, while all other COLOURS due to chemical
compounds derived from carbohydrate metabolism, and through traffic
deposited in the tissues of the iris during the stabilization period its
structure. The iris is stabilized in the early years of human life, then remain
almost constant.
The structure of the iris often presents relief lesions that appear as cracks
or kratires.Oi aloioseis These and the color deviation from the norm, is
interpreted by the science of iridology as, deviation from the genetic
perfection and prozdiorizoun temperament, constitution of which is and
WHAT GIVES The Iridology
Be examined in Iridology is the analysis of Iridology findings as above.
Most if not all chronic diseases are created by the combination of a genetic
predisposition and a fixed external factors that adversely affect on the
body according to the following schedule.

The iridology mainly focuses on the first can of the above figure
HOW are iris scanning
An examination of the iris (iris scanning) is done by using a
specially adapted camera or video camera or ophthalmoscope. The iris
images then magnified many times and the surface is divided into several
dozen areas where each corresponds to a body or body function.
Depending on the signs that are imprinted in the various sectors of the iris,
they come to conclusions about the dispositions under consideration
The iris scanning has nothing to do with the usual ofthalmiatriki examining
the purpose of which is different.
The iris scanning is not a medical diagnosis; nor does it replace, but can
contribute to this by analyzing the genetic background on which probably
support an ailment.
The aim of iris scanning is the detection, investigation, detection,
genetically predetermined dispositions, which in the language of functional
complementary medicine CALLED TEMPERAMENT-makeup. All people
have certain predispositions that appropriate conditions cause future
disease. Not contain genetically perfect bodies.
Why I do iris scanning
The Iridology is a epistimi.Oi-developing our knowledge so far give us the
opportunity to:
1) provide information on the temperament-makeup person under
consideration for preventive medicine in combination with current medical
2) to provide additional information on the makeup, temperament and can
influence the development of a disease and thus may help to better design
and personalize treatment.
3) to provide additional information for the patient where he and his
medical exam and medical history can help to diagnose the illness.


Is the medical practice where the doctor called with a medical condition
(eg bronchitis), the clinical diagnosis of asthenous.I changes whenever
clinical picture as opposed to iris scanning, which is timeless because
based on data that changes little and very slowly over the years does not
Every great civilization has its own system of traditional medicine.
The ancient Greeks had the Hippocratic medicine, the medicine that heals
with herbs, exercises, fasting, enemas and natural foods.
The Chinese had a system of acupuncture, where apart from the use of
special needles, used specific exercises, massage, Chinese herbs and
diatrofi.Oi was probably the first where she studied and found a specific
correlation between the body, called bio Kyi, and mind.
Were those who laid the foundations of mental and physical health.
So called in modern terms, the correlation and alilepidrasi of mind with
The Chinese were also the first to study the anatomy of the body and
eixeran enough for the internal organs of the body, long before the
development of modern anatomical science as we know it today.

The Indian had an ancient Ayurveda healing system, where he was treated
with exercises, herbs and nutrition.

For all the above therapeutic system that we could devote hundreds of
pages to present them properly, but for the sake of brevity, we present a
few lines.
There are also other lesser-known healing system such as the system of
American Indians, the blacks from Africa, the perception of all this will
shake off the end of this brochure.
But all the traditional methods of treatment were very similar simeia.Ta
main ones are:
1-use natural means to heal, which can not create side effects.
2-These instruments are designed to strengthen-equilibrium-detoxification
body can now heal himself because nature when given the opportunity he
knows how to cure.
3-the treatment always help the entire organization regardless of where
the occurrence of the disease, because the body operates as a whole
when a part will express a disorder can not but be disturbed by the whole
The man composed of the triangle, body-mind-energy psychi.Otan and
one of them suffer at some point then all suffer.
In the last century now, since we have entered the 21st century, man has
evolved enormously, and the main reason was the development of the
developing science and technology as we mean to the current conditions.
The development of physics, chemistry, mathematics, the discovery of
microbes, the invention of the microscope and computer, gradually
changed the treatment of diseases astheneion.Oi now treated with drugs,
with surgery, transplant patients, with radiation, machinery and all goods
that we provide the latest technology.
The landscape has changed completely, born modern medicine,
conventional medicine and traditional medicine gradually fell to second
place, at least for the technologically developed countries.
Yet although the adiamfisvitita big and important achievements in modern
medicine, although many old diseases were defeated, although the
average human life almost doubled, humanity continues to suffer from the

The old diseases have been replaced by other diseases, the diseases of
modern civilization and the iatrogenic astheneies.O man now faces
degenerative diseases, cancer, heart disease, diabetes, autoimmune
diseases, diseases related to poor use of medicines or side effects.
Most of these diseases, 3-4 generations before that were unknown or rare.

The reasons of emergence of all these diseases are widespread and

systematically investigated by the fashionable iatriki.Oi most important
reason is:
A) The contamination of the food and perivallonontos allysidas with a
growing number of harmful chemicals on humans and radioactive
compounds, technology
B) The unnatural lifestyle media in big cities with all that entails
C) increasing processing and stripping of the food we eat from the food
D) and natural stress.

It is clear now that modern medicine in itself, can not cope, the increasing
number of modern ailments, without having to embed the practices,
methods, which brings it closer to human nature and himself, and without
using natural ways to enhance, stimulate, and detoxification of the body

The last decades an increasing number of doctors and researchers, faced

with the inability of medicine to help man the means of modern science
started to seek solutions to the problems of man in traditional medicine.

In this way started to lay alternative medicine.


Alternative medicine is essentially the development of traditional medicine.

The essential difference between traditional and alternative medicine is to

integrate the knowledge we provide the body with modern medicine, and
the selective use of techniques and methods of traditional medicine.
Alternative Medicine maintains the spirit of traditional medicine in use only
natural methods for achieving treatment, but the synchrones knowledge
and research have helped to keep it from traditional methods, those with
the greatest scientific documentation and the most reliable.
In addition, new and fashionable natural way treatment added to the
arsenal, ways that would not be feasible if it was the modern science and
The 20th century brought to light new natural therapies and diagnostics will
refer briefly to the main as:
, Homeopathy,
, Osteopathy,
, Chiropractic,
S iridology,
S radioniki,
S color therapy,
S music therapy,
Acupuncture, with laser, electricity
-The otoiatriki (otovelonismou fashionable form and electronic diagnosis of
the energy of the body by the flap of the ear that developed in France by
Professor Paul Nogier),
-The method Kirlian (ilektrofotografisis method of bioenergy developed in
S methods and Voll Vegatest (methods of electronic analysis of bioenergy
measuring acupuncture points developed in Germany and Austria)
S phytotherapy (evolution of the traditional herb, the herbal preparations
pass by systematic quantitative and qualitative control like the
modern drugs, to have guaranteed action and safely)
S ilektrokrystallotherapeia
S magnetotherapy
S mesotherapy (a combination of homeopathy and acupuncture, where
inject homeopathic remedies to acupuncture points)
S omotoxikologia (advanced and complex form of mesotherapy
-Nutrition therapy (treatment with food, combinations of food and
The multitude of alternative methods and the large volume of information
led naturally to the specification of alternative medicines in one or two
areas, as was done with conventional medicine.
So the homeopath usually do not do acupuncture, and the nutritionist does
not pay and homeopathic medicines and so following.
The end of the 20th century, is the man confronted the most complicated,
complex medical problems, the most synchronos man usually has no
simple disease with a single cause but a complex disease where the roots
originate in more than one aitia.Oi more ill of most modern OUGHT:
, Partly to nutritional deficiencies
, Partly on environmental contamination and food
, Partly to excessive stress (the synchronos Sneaky Slayer)
, Partly in an abnormal living and working
, Partly over-the misuse drugs or medical errors (iatrogenic diseases)
Partly, to some infectious agent
, Partly in hereditary than previous generations which is increasingly
etc, etc, etc.
So we see that the modern alternative that specializes in a treatment
method often fails to provide a solution to such complex problems that
most of the times needed polysyntheni treatment.
Thus gradually was born holistic thought and treatment of disease.
Holistic Medical
Etymologically the word comes from the root of all that enoei total and
paraphrases, we could say and multifaceted.
The holistic medicine (in English holistic medicine) is one;; total;; The
multifaceted medicine;; hugs;;
man like all, versatile.
In order to clarify things a bit, you should first say that holistic medicine,
there is a separate diaforetriki the medicine than the rest.
Holistic medicine is mainly a visa filosofiiki born of the pioneers of
alternative medicine, which is based on the idea that man is a multifaceted
creature, which consists of many sectors working together, like links in a
Therefore to be successful therapeutic intervention in this versatile
creature should be able
A) a multifaceted (all levels) and diagnosis
B) a multifaceted (all levels) therapeutic intervention.
In order to see better what enoei the previous paragraph, let us first see
what is meant by holistic medicine for the phrase;; the man is a
multifaceted creature, which consists of many sectors working together,
like links in a allysidas;;.
The basic position of holistic medicine is that man has three operational
-1.The physical level, auto examining conventional medicine
2.The bioenergetic-level operation.
3.A-emotional / mental level operation.
These three levels of operation are inseparable and are in a constant
This interaction happens in health and ill of, is constant and is versatile, ie
we have interactions level by level, but one area to another area at the
same level.
One obvious and common examples of interaction is the increase in blood
pressure and heartbeat when we are in kyndyno.
In disguised example the stimulus given by the intellectual level in the
energy transfer and then the body epipedo.Apo the physical level through
that area nefroormonikou transferred to the cardiovascular field, and how
this affected the blood pressure and the frequency of the heartbeat.
This was an example where the route of the interaction was from the
mental body through the bioenergy.
Let us see, and a reverse example of the mental body, which is also very
If someone with a sensitive digestive system eat much more than usual
and it is night and the more likely is that after a little apart from the physical
discomfort you will feel a blues and a sharp drop in mental clarity. You
could give many examples of such interactions but the premise of this
document does not permit it and likely it was also tiring for the reader, but
it is important to know that there is a modern science where research
these syschetiseis.I science is evolving rapidly in recent years and called
psychonefroanosologia.Opos understand from the etymology of the word
science is studying the connections and interactions between the mood of
people, nervous system and immune system.
The conclusions (as evidenced by numerous clinical studies) are not
pulling out this science (ie that the mind and body affect each other
directly, complex), leading increasingly to those advocated by holistic
medicine and what they knew, much more detail several thousand years
previously, the traditional doctors of different cultures.
Prominent among these cultures is the Chinese culture.
For example, the Chinese are not just eixeran the interaction of the
different feelings in the body but eixeran and feelings associated with
specific areas of the body.
Let us give a more concrete example:
In traditional Chinese medicine energy meridians each associated with a
body and a corresponding emotional-mental tomea.Gia the meridian of the
liver, connected body is of course the liver and the corresponding
emotional-mental area is that associated with feelings of repression and
rage. So when the Chinese doctor examines a patient suffering from liver
and is depressed or has uncontrollable anger knows that all these
symptoms are actually a single problem
The treatment proposed Well that will help the patient at all levels
simultaneously, will help the liver but also the disordered disposition, and
does this with one of these ways or all together depending on the
A) a physical level, giving a special diet and herbs
B) The energy levels, lock stitch points along the meridian of the liver
C) the emotional-mental level, close to the patient, to communicate with
the problems of bringing angry or depressed and if necessary to propose
specific mental exercises to isoropisoun antoistoicho PSYCHIKO the field.
This multi-faceted deal which offers solutions in each problem at all levels,
ensure effective and permanent solution because they are facing all the
parameters of a problem.
Let us see a holistic physician anymore methodology guide in this multi-
holistic therapy.
The holistic diagnosis as we have said previously has three stages.
-1.The physical level, auto examining conventional medicine
2.The bioenergetic-level operation.
3.A-emotional / mental level operation.
At this level is a pathological diagnosis, such as does a doctor of
conventional medicine.
The patient is examined clinically and, if needed LABORATORY (blood,
urine, x-rays, CT, magnetic, ultrasound, etc.).
All these interrelated and diagnose the type of disease that the patient, eg
If this diagnosis is beyond the capabilities of the (holistic doctor who was
not a conventional doctor), you should refer the patient to another doctor
for conventional reverting to a medical diagnosis, eg hepatitis.
Bioenergetic level
The next stage is to become the bioenergetic profile (diagnosis of
disorders of bioenergy). The analysis of bio-energy equilibrium can be
done in the traditional way: examination of the pulse of the language,
examining the appearance of the patient, examination of the posture of
patient etc, can be done with modern electronic methods such as the
ilektrofotografisi kirlian the method of Voll, the method Vegatest, the
method Nogier etc.
All these modern means of examination of bioenergy mainly electronic
measuring skin parameters (electric agogigimotita, ilektregertika potential
tonnage threshold of pain, infrared, etc.) over the acupuncture points,
where there are concentrated bio, and interacts strongly with the nervous
system .
The bioenergetic profile mainly helps to understand the way in which the
homeostatic functions of the patient encounter existing diseases as well as
the good or bad organization of homeostatic functions in a level of
The bioenergetic profile is the basic tool of contemporary holistic doctor for
the correct choice of energy therapy and to assess progress or the lack
Attention: the energy profile in any case does not replace the pathological
diagnosi.Polloi think they can with this consideration to replace the usual
laboratory tests such as blood tests, x-rays, ultrasound klp.Afto is a big
Each consideration is addressed in practical terms and can only analyze
this epipedo.Opos a blood test we can not see the bio so with the energy
measurement we can not see how we have hematocrit, and so following.
Emotional, intellectual level
The main concern of holistic practitioners who regard the emotional-mental
level is to determine whether the mental-emotional state of the patient
related to pathological problems in antimetopizei.Afto is mainly trying to
communicate on a human level with the patient and to know for those who
feel, and then correlating this data with the knowledge that has laws for
interaction of mind with body.
The sincere and human communication is a major missing elements in a
classic test of conventional medicine.
Final diagnosis.
This is the most important part of the diagnostic process.
The holistic practitioner should now link to individual diagnoses and to:
A) to identify a more sector-level, the most significant burden.
B) identify the original source of disturbance which sometimes is at a
different level than the level of feeling diatarachis.pch Mood swings due to
hypoglycaemic crises or food allergies, colitis crisis resulting from a recent
divorce, etc;;. Etc. .
C) to hold in the mind of a multi-strategy plan for treatment
in order to deal at the original source of the disturbance, the accompanying
problems that contribute to the manifestation of the disorder, and ultimately
the final point event of disturbances.
The treatment
The treatment As you have gathered so far are equally diverse
At the physical level the possibilities of intervention include: nutritional
support to match the individual and not generally a healthy diet (which
actually does not exist because what is healthy for someone is harmful to
another), support the biochemical processes in the body with supplements
food (food containing ingredients in concentrated form), normalization of
biochemical reactions and processes in herbal medicine, and finally if
necessary, and some classical medication.
Many incorrectly believe that natural therapies can not coexist with drugs,
this is far from the only alitheia.To is true is that the drugs stop most of the
times some natural reaction of the body and can dyschairenoun a physical
education when in parallel with the pharmaceutical.
The ideal is natural to experience a problem without drugs, but if
necessary then it is inconceivable that the patient stopped the medication
because it makes a natural cure.
If someone is already taking medicines before starting a physical therapy,
medication may not be interrupted, especially where there is a chronic
illness is hazardous eg cancer, diabetes, heart disease, etc.
In these cases imposed by the physical therapy to work supportive
medication, and if the course of the disease is steadily improving (and only
then) can be progressively modified the medication (and only by the
special of issue if the judge should). The first objective in these cases is
the safety of astheni.Afto I stress that sometimes, fanaticism prevails over
Wissenschaft, and this is mostly against the patient.
In the energy level, there is a plethora of alternative methods that are
effective and can operate simultaneously if necessary.
Briefly turn to the most famous: acupuncture, homeopathy, special
massage such as Shiatsu and reflexology, the anthotherapeia Bach, and
of course there are the most technologically advanced treatments and
make up for where it stimulates the energy field of the body with special
On the mental emotional level, the potential interventions are also
numerous, but are:
A) the possibility of therapeutic approaches and to communicate in depth
with the patient.
B) by placing the patients to express the problems that concern him and
get him to hear the therapist.
Naturally, if the mental area is very strained, it may be useful in this
contribution a psychologist or psychiatrist.
In most cases, however, the honest, warm, human contact between the
patient and therapist, together with the strong momentum from the
treatment, the other levels mentioned above, is enough to solve most of
psychosomatic problems.

The holistic approach to diagnosis and treatment of problems of modern
man, with increasingly complex and complex problems, ensures the most
realistic, the fastest and safest solution to their problems.

A growing number of doctors, both traditional and non embraces a holistic

approach, but need informed, knowledgeable patients to be able to work
with them.
We hope this information material to expand your perception man and put
a bit in this direction.


Recent years have done a lot of interesting statistics for the alternative
iatriki.Sas quote one of them, which comes from the World Health
Organization and presented a valid medical page (Medscape:
http://www.medscape.com) the Internet (internet).
Summary and free translation says:
D) 80% of the world null you are using alternative medicine as a primary
means of medical care.
B) in a survey in Oregon in America from the archive of family physicians
found that 50% of the surveyed patients had used alternative medicine
C) While in the near past what they were looking to alternative medicine
was thought to be of low intelligence and education, rather neurotic and
the gullible, now the statistics show that the majority of the supporters,
have highly educated than average and are at a higher socio- economic
level as well be better informed about health issues