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Robert Schumanns Secret Code Discovered Inside Composition

March 11, 2016, Cincinnati, OH, United States- The international cellist Carmine
Miranda discovered a code hidden in the music of Robert Schumanns Concerto
for Cello and Orchestra in A minor, Op. 129. The Musical Times journal of music
recently published an article by the twenty seven year old cellist, which indicates
that Schumann encoded the name of his wife in the musical score. This
important discovery gives insight into the life of the composer during his later
years in Germany.

Robert Schumann (1810-1856) wrote the piece in a period of two weeks and later
revised it for two more consecutive years. During this time he underwent a
tumultuous period, which according to historians lead the composer into a
downward spiral of depression. According to Mirandas article, the composer
meticulously used letters from Clara Schumanns name to write the melodic and
harmonic content of the piece.

According to Carmine Miranda, The Schumann Cello Concerto in A minor, offers

undeniable proof of Schumanns knowledge of cryptography which provides an
understanding that at first glance might seem like infelicities in the composition.
The concerto not only uniquely illustrates what took place inside the mind of the
composer, but also demonstrates Schumanns compositional genius.

The article written by Mr. Miranda titled Decoding The Schumann Cello
Concerto follows in the footsteps of great historians and scholars through an
intense analysis of the pieces movements. Mirandas article also explains the
reasoning behind the Cello Concertos fragmentary musical structure which has
long been attributed to the composers mental deterioration by many historians.

The Musical Times is one of the oldest classical music journals in the United
Kingdom originally established in 1844, ten years after Robert Schumann cofounded the Neue Zeitschrift fr Musik. Carmine Mirandas article is made
available in the Spring, 2016 issue and can be obtained on the following places:


About Carmine Miranda

Originally born in Venezuela and moving to the United States from Italian
immigrants, Carmine Miranda has been the recipient of several awards,
completed several recordings and performed all over the world. He holds a
Masters and Doctorates degree from the University of Cincinnati College
Conservatory of Music.

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