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Envisioned by
CIMA Student



Your answer in the exam

to be shown

Financial Strategy

Strategic Management

This will be given on the day of

As you read the unseen,

mark, on the writing pad
given, what theories and
points you can incorporate
in your answer

End with a conclusion

or a recommendation

People Skills

Leadership Skills

See that you answer

is logically connected
from start to end, with
links to the pre-seen
(where required)

Communication, persuading & empathy

An answer with an
introduction (if
required), body and a
conclusion, with
relevant models used
to support your
answer and with a
matching example
from the industry

Business Skills

Risk Management

As you read the unseen,

mark, on the writing pad
given, what models you can
apply. This is very important
to score the marks. It is
always possible to find a
model to match with your
point. You have to think.
But time is a big concern.

Showing good business awareness

CIMA Articles

Technical Skills

You have to read it throughly

Read the unseen very very

carefully. Even misreading
or misunderstanding a point
will change your answer

Knowledge of theory from E3, P3 and F3


Industry Examples
Also jot down what
industrial example to use.
This is a must to get
additional marks
Models from E3, P3 & F3
Do not panic




The keyboard they may give you different keyboard than the one you are used to, you will find it difficulty in typing faster.
So be prepared.
It takes much time for reference materials and the preseen to open, in the internet, thus wasting your time. It is better to
mug up the every paragraph of the pre-seen so that you can save some time. So you open only the reference materials, if
any and not the preseen.
The working/typing area is not like what you experience in the written exams. You will be seeing only a small square area.
Multi-screens can be opened but not user friendly. It actually disturbs your speed of typing.
Reading the unseen, the reference material and pre-seen (this really takes a lot of time to open) and the time required for
opening these (depending on the internet speed of the test centre) all put together will eat your time of about 10 to 15
minutes. So, you might have only 45 to 50 minutes. In this time you have plan and write the meaningful answer as
mentioned above.
Extreme attention is required. You cannot look here and there. Every second counts.
You will get a notification 5 before the end of the session. Once the time is over, you must click OK. No other way and the
next session will start clicking.
It is better to manage to be near the conclusion when the 5-minute notification pops up, so that you can give a meaningful
conclusion or recommendation

Wish you all the best

Practical tips to note

These four skill have to be used in balanced way. Take care to include these four (4) criteria in your answers in all three sections

Things you do in the exam

Drive performance & Manage change, etc.

Things you prelearn