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Atlernate chapter to Fahrenheit

451, written by Janey Rusk

The streets were silent. The thriving city was turned into a ghost town as usual.
During the mid-day hours there was never anybody out. After work when people got
home they simply turned on their families and never thought. Everybody went through
the day like robots with no purpose. Nobody did anything that mattered. Nothing they
do will ever last.
IT was a clouded day and the dull light of the sun shone down onto the lone man
standing on the corner of the street waiting for the bus. Faber was waiting to get on a
bus to a town 300 miles away. His shoulder were hunched as he looked down the street
for the bus. The wind was brushing against his face, a silent breeze that seemed like
only he felt. he could hear the sound of the walls in houses nearby, the sound of
families talking. People responding to their families forgetting about everything around
them, not caring what was going on. As the bus sped towards the curb, it jolted as it
hopped on and then back off the sidewalk like an untamed horse. It stopped for a quick
second to let Faber on. Then it was off again like a bullet speeding through the city.
Faber quickly walked to the back of the bus, his shoulders still hunched and his eyes on
the ground not bothering to look at any of the people around him. He seated himself on
a seat in the very back of the bus, and leaned against the cool metal wall. There was a
small window in front of him if he looked through it he could see a bit of sky and small
patches of the earth below. The bus made one more stop and let an older looking
woman onto the bus. Unlike him and the rest of the people on the bus she had a small
backpack with her belongings. Faber Sat up a little straighter and looked at the woman
curiously. he glanced at her out of the corner of his eye for a long while before turning
his attention back to the outside world.
Soon enough they were five miles out of town and traveling across the
countryside to a new town. Faber was still leaning against the cool metal of the bus,

trying his best to look out the window. He leaned forward looking out the window for a
quick second and he looked back at the town that they had just left, he looked up at the
sky, briefly to see silver containers falling over the sleeping town. They looked like silver
stars falling from the sky blessing the people with their gift. Faber knew that they were
falling for a very different reason.
The sky behind them exploded into a million different colors, the reds and
oranges light up the sky in brilliant light. The colors contrasting greatly with the black
ash filling the sky. Faber could hear the sound of the jets as they rush through the sky
above them. The bus jolted with the shock of the blast rattling the ground they were
traveling on. The bus was rattled so greatly that it left the ground and flipped over on the
side that Faber was sitting. Faber threw his arms over his head, and he felt the window
next to him shatter and the sharp glints of glass bury their way into his arms. Faber
groaned and pulled himself away from the window.
He slowly crawled towards the little escape hatch in the roof of the bus, which
was now to his right. Faber heard a small whimpering noise as he passed the seat the
the older woman sat in earlier. He looked over and saw her struggling to pull the bag
that she had brought onto the bus with her. It was trapped beneath the ruined seat. The
woman started panicking because she couldn't get her bag out, Faber's shoulders
straightened as he ran up to the lad and roughly grabbed her shoulder.
Listen! We need to get off the bus. Just leave the bag! Faber said as he raised
his voice.
It is all I have left.
We dont have enough time now let's go he said as he grabbed her arm and
tried to pull her away. Her face lit up with shock, she then started fighting back and was
yanking her arm back trying to get away. she reached out her other arm and grabbed
the bag that was still trapped under the seat. Faber gave one last tug at her arm trying
to yank her off the bus. A Ripping sound filled the air as the contents of the bag flew to
the other side of the bus. Faber let go of the woman's arm grabbed the contents which
happened to be to books. He then shoved the books under his jacket, grabbed the
woman's arm and pulled her out of the bus.

Outside there was a paramedic treating injuries of the few people that
were in the bus. Faber and the woman, who he found out her name was Cynthia. The
bus driver was talking on a mobile telephone, Faber guessed he was talking to
someone about getting another bus down here so that they could continue on with their
The bus driver put down the mobile and walked up in front of everybody. there
has been a strike on the economy in the country and they can not afford to send a bus
to come and retrieve us, the walk to the nearest city is 10 miles away. Let's get going.
everybody then stood up and started following the bus driver.
Faber turned to Cynthia and asked her if she wanted to walk with him to the third
city over. There they would find an old friend of Faber's who could help them. The town
was about 30 miles away and would take longer to get to. Cynthia agreed and they
started walking.
how are you feeling, your arm good? asks Faber. He looks at the arm that got
cut on a piece of metal when she was trying to free her bag. Cynthia just shrugs her
shoulders and looks down. They were now walked along the edge of the forest. Cars on
the road next to them speeded by ignoring the two people walking.
Why? Cynthia asked. did you decide to befriend me?
you needed help said Faber. and you are like me in the sense that we collect
books, Because we know that we have to care about them when nobody else will.
How did you get to be here Faber? asked Cynthia.
I became friends with an ex-fireman who came to love books And then he told
her about the adventures of him and Guy Montag and how they planned to save books.
Cynthia listened the whole time. Eventually Faber was done telling his story, and it was
Cynthia's turn to explain.
Two days ago I found out my husband had been going and stealing books from
the firehouse Said Cynthia, they sometimes keep books there until they can be
burned, he showed me the books and he read a little to me. It was absolutely magical,
hearing the words be said. It was like waking up after an extremely long sleep. Anyways
we read one book together then another.On the second night of us reading books
together ten firemen bust through the door while we were in the middle of reading. I

quickly picked up the two books that we had read together and run out the door and
didn't stop. My house got burned down and along with it my husband. I bought a bus
ticket as soon as i could and now here i am.
so said Faber, those two book in your bag, they are all you have left of your
Cynthia only nodded.
As they were walking Faber tilted his head up and looked at the sky. there he saw an
eagle flying above them. faber smiled. He looked over and taped Cynthia on the
shoulder and showed her the bird flying above them. They both smiled and continued
watching the bird until it disappeared into the forest.
She and Faber started rushing down city streets like everybody else in the town.
faber was winding his way through the streets like a local. Nobody noticed them, but
they noticed everybody. Soon enough the two had come to a door step. Faber kept
looking around checking to make sure no one was watching. and of course there never
was. After what seemed like forever a skinny lanky older man opened the door. as soon
as he saw Faber he rushed the two inside. as soon as Faber entered the house the two
friend hugged for a very long time and it was like the rest of the world stopped to see
the two friends reunite. Eventually the two friends stopped hugging and Faber turned to
Cynthia and said.
This is Finn he was also a professor at the college where I taught
Cynthia smiled and nodded. All three of them walked into the house and sat at the
dining table as the kitchen made them tea.
so how did you two get here? asked Finn. He was curious as to why now it was
that Faber decided to come and visit him.
Faber and Cynthia both told Finn of there adventures of how there go there and
of all the people that were lost along the way. Faber told Finn about Montag and his
plan so save books and preserve them. Finn agreed to help them, They would have to
be extremely careful though, they planned to all stay in Finn's house and they would
move cities every couple of months to make sure no one caught on to what they were

For the next two hours the three friends sat around the table and talked about
have they can save books and what they could do. They decided that they wouldnt do
anything for a while. Finn said it was suspicious enough that Faber and Cynthia moved
in with him, they couldnt afford to make any moves this early in the game. It was now
late at night and as Faber looked as if hed pass out from exhaustion at any moment.
Finn noticed this and gently taped Faber on the Shoulder. Faber slowly looked up at
Go up and get some sleep Finn said to Faber. Then he turned and looked at
Cynthia. you too, you need the sleep. Then all three companions stood from the table
and walked to separate rooms.
Faber was dreaming. The world around him was in flames, Montag, Cynthia and
Finn were standing by his side. After watching the city turn to ash the three friends
walked out of the city knowing they couldnt do anything anymore to save the city of fire
and ash.
Faber sat up faster than a bullet breathing heavily. he looked around the
unfamiliar room and remembered that he was in Finns house and not in a burning city.
Faber heard Finn banging around in the kitchen down the hall. He walked out of the
guest room over to the kitchen and saw Finn on the ground pulling booked out of the air
vent putting them into a small bag. Finn looked up, continued putting the books in the
bag and told Faber.
They already know that you two are here and they suspect that we have books,
we are going to have to move and get out of here faster that i thought.
How do you know this? asks Faber
Taped into the radio that the firemen use and i heard them talking about it. Go
and wake up Cynthia and we leave. leave everything behind and get in my car, its in the
garage on the back of the house. We will leave as fast as possible
Faber runs into the back room where Cynthia was sleeping. He roughly grabbed
her shoulders and shook her. Cynthia's eyes flew open.
hurry and get dressed the authorities know what we plan on doing faber said

Cynthia Jumped out of bed as quickly as possible They quickly walk down the
stairs and get into the car where Finn is waiting. The car pulled out and join the
speeding cars down the road. They planned to go all the way across the country and
live over in California for awhile before moving again.
A couple hours into the drive Faber sees someone on the side of the road. It was
obviously a male, he had slight scruff on his face and hi black hair was a mess, but
faber recognized him immediately.
Finn! Pull over for a second Yells Faber
It was Montag. Faber yells for him and Montag comes running up and gets in the
car with everybody. He looked exactly how faber had last seen him. Except a little
more ragged you could tell he had been on the run for a couple of days and hadn't
showered in that time.
As the car was driving Montag told Faber how he met up with a few others like
him, how they burned books but the memorized them so that they became the books
and the authors. But after the second night with them there was a raid on the camp and
everybody scattered. He decided to walk to the next town and get on a bus when they
picked him up.
They spent the rest of the night driving to the other side of the country towards a
fresh start. They planned once they got to LA that they would stay low for a while. They
would live in separate house and live just like they used to. It was no use this early in
the game. They were almost to the city, only five minutes away. when Montag sees a
fire truck speeding towards them on wrong side off the road. It didnt move to miss
them. LIke it was purposely trying to hit them! Then everything went black for the four
people in the car.