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Rate of Satisfaction of SPSPS Students regarding Library Books

I. Introduction
Education is the key to success. These words have been passed from generation to
generation to provide a constant reminder that each one of us must strive to be educated
in order to enjoy a successful and a meaningful life. (American Library Association:
2013). The process of being educated comprises several of steps. Ultimately, the end
result of those steps is accumulated knowledge. (Veronique Tadjo).
Accumulation of knowledge is like conducting a research study wherein the researcher
integrates the information he gathered from different resources (e.g. books, newspapers,
magazines, etc.). Without those resources, research is impossible and knowledge would
not be obtained. In other words, therefore, education will never be able to stand alone
without the aid of communication. Information must be disseminated and its jurisdiction
should be limitless. (Roscello, Frances and Patricia Webster: 2002).
Information came from furnished raw data originated from the ideas of different people.
Ideas should not be left idle. The true power of an idea will never be acknowledged if it
remains as an idea alone. It should be furnished and communicated for the public to
recognize and make use of it. By doing so, the quality of education would be uplifted.
(Why Care About Books: March 2005).
Books are the most common type of medium used by educators and are significant
contributors in uplifting the quality of education. (PEW: 2010). Hence, sufficient amount
of good books must be provided and maintained. (Krashen, Stephen: 2004). Relatively,
peoples lives would change and everybody would savor the flavor of a successful life.

1.1 Statement of the Problem

This study seeks to answer the following questions:
1. Are the students of SPSPS satisfied with the books provided by the school library?
2. How is discontent of materials addressed by the students?
1.2 Significance of the Study
The study on assessing material sufficiency and how these resources affect the students
learning could trigger awareness for all. This research is an important matter because it is
going to measure the level of satisfaction of the students of the school services offered to
them. The result of this research can be used by:
Students. This study is designated to uphold the students consciousness on how the
school value and give importance to their learning and for the studentseminence
preparation for the profession they intend to be bound with.
Teachers. Awareness of scarcity is helpful for them to provide content-based education to
students through various alternative learning activities which is hindered by limited books
and other learning materials.
School Administrators. This study will work as a guide for the school administration
towards healthier procedures and implementations that would benefit all the parties
concerned particularly attending to the students educational needs.
II. Methodology
We intend to address one of the student issues and one of the common grounds students
are distressing of, is limited books in the school library. To determine how this lack of
resources affects the learning and class performance, we obtain the data through the
constructed questionnaires that were personally distributed to the selected students, them
making it 10% of the population of Saint Paul School of Professional Studies.

This research aims to measure student satisfaction of the library services made available
by Saint Paul School of Professional Studies. The study will cover all year levels coming
from different curriculum of which we will arrive of 50 respondents and distribute 10
questionnaires proportionately from 1st year to 5th year students. After we accomplish the
distribution of questionnaires, we now finally conduct the tabulation of the said data that
we gathered.
Definition of Terms
Library Books. Accounting, Marketing Law, Statistics, Management, History, and all
other books provided by the school library.
Rating Scale is a rating measuring the services as felt by the student as very satisfied,
average, and unsatisfied.
Students are the male and female students of Saint Paul School of Professional Studies
from 1st year - 5th year of different curriculum serving as the research respondent.
School Service is the library amenities made available by the institution for its students.
III. Presentation and Analysis of Data
The table below shows the level of satisfaction of students of Saint Paul School of
Professional Studies from 50 responsive 1st year, 2nd year, 3rd year, 4th year, and 5th year
students of different curriculum with regards to library books. Varying from Very
Satisfied, who think that they are very much provided, Average, saying they are enjoying
the services endowed by the library quite well. And lastly, Unsatisfied, declaring they
dont feel satisfied at all.

3.3 Graph