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ISB Unit of Inquiry Planning Overview

Pre School 2

Transdisciplinary Theme: How we Express Ourselves

An inquiry into the ways in which we discover and express ideas, feelings, nature, culture,
beliefs and values; the ways in which we reflect on, extend and enjoy our creativity; our
appreciation of the aesthetic.

Title: Exploring the Arts Date: January – March 2010

Central Idea: Inquiry Into:
We show our ideas and feelings by creating • How art takes many forms (visual and
art in different ways. performing)
• How art develops from the artist’s ideas
and feelings

Transdisciplinary Skills

Communication: The children will be Thinking: The children will be introduced to

asked to explain the ideas behind their own specific facts, ideas and vocabulary about the
artworks, reflect on and talk about other arts. They will be guided in the process of turning
people’s art and present their favorite art to ideas into artworks and be encouraged to solve
a group. They will begin to learn how to problems that arise, e.g. what can we use as a
express themselves by choosing appropriate prop for this? How can we make a clear plastic
colors, subject matter, movements and bottle green?
sounds to show specific emotions e.g.
happy, sad and angry. Self-Management: The children will learn to
distinguish between behaviors that are
Research: The children will be introduced appropriate to audience participation and
to a variety of art forms that show a range of behaviors adapted to performance (e.g. loud and
feelings, they will be asked to use different soft voices, listening, projecting, etc.); they will
research materials (e.g. books, newspaper be encouraged to be ‘balanced’ by choosing a
cuttings, objects and film clips) to find out range art forms to practice over the course of the
more about art forms, with reference to the unit.
culture the art comes from, e.g. Swiss
Fasnacht masks. They will experiment with Social: The children will develop the art of
a variety of materials and techniques, and compromise while working on projects together.
make observations during field trips and They will be encouraged to show respect for
performances. other people’s thoughts and ideas about art.

Integrated Activities

• Learning arts related vocabulary such as “sculpture”, “printing”, “rhythm”, “scenery”,

“performance”, “audience”, “speed” and “volume”
• Creating visual art pieces to display in a formal exhibition, such as, clay tiles, canvas
paintings, printmaking, cardboard sculpture, recycled sculpture, masks and costume.
• Creating and performing live drama, dance, puppet shows and circus acts for peers and
• Field trips to an art gallery and clay studio.
• Watching and reflecting on a Grade 2 drama production at the Aesch campus.
• Taking part in a Fasnacht Parade
• Participating in a dance workshop
• Using mathematic language whilst constructing or reflecting on artworks, e.g. “3D”,
“2D”, “long”, “heavy” etc.
ISB Unit of Inquiry Planning Overview
Pre School 2

Assessment (ongoing) Learner Profile: Special attention will be given

Some of the ways we will keep track of to becoming:
how well the children are understanding the
Unit of Inquiry include: .
• Risk takers: being willing to experiment
• Observing and noting what they with new materials and having the
say and do courage to perform in front of an
• Collecting their drawings with audience.
annotations, to record the ideas • Communicators: developing a variety of
behind them ways to express ideas and feelings
• Photographing, filming and • Open mindedness: to accept that we all
recording performance based work have different opinions about art, what it
• Documenting their willingness to means and how it can make us feel.
display and explain their art work
or activity
• Comparing the way they think and
respond to ideas about the arts at
the beginning of the unit with their
reactions at the end.

Links to Specialists Classes

In music, the children will visit a local church near the school to participate in an organ
In German, the children will create drama and visual art using German language
In PE, the children will develop and practice skills and movements in preparation for a circus
performance for the parents.

Notes to Parents:

The children will be asked to bring in artwork from home to share with their class, if you
have any other examples of art you would like to share with us, particularly from cultures
outside of Europe, we would be very grateful.

We would like to invite parents to the following PS2 events:

Pre School Fasnacht Parade – Friday 12th February 14.00 (School Grounds)
Pre School 2 Visual Art Exhibition – Monday 22nd March 8.45 (Main Foyer)
Pre School 2 Circus Performance – Friday 26th March 10.30 (Reinach Gym)