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Automation of OFF Grid solar based system

The main aim of this project is designed and measuring voltage level at when load in
off condition and also check the battery level condition by using embedded technology and

Block diagram:

GSM modem



PIC microcontroller

LOAD Driver

LCD display

Our problem is the ever rising costs of non-renewable energy from natural resources and
the resulting energy crisis facing our energy plant. Solar energy is not a


technology by any means and has long been criticized for its inefficiency and other

The battery currents and voltages need to be regulated to provide optimum power transfer
to the client because efficiency reduces cost and high cost is the last major road block in making
solar a feasible energy alternative. The heart of our product then is PIC microcontroller control of
the stored energy.
To send update data of this project the providing GSM wireless network , its focus on
solar power. Depending on the situation, solar power can be the only source of power or can
Complement existing power from the grid.
The board mainly functions as a charge controller and a system status monitor .The board
has four major blocks: the microcontroller block, the voltage and current sense block, GSM
module The microcontroller block consists of the PIC16F877Aand associated support circuits for
the PIC. The PIC16F877A micro controller coordinates the different functions of the board .
However, there is a drawback to solar power energy can only be produce when
the sun is shining. To overcome this, usually solar panels are coupled with back up rechargeable
batteries, which can store excess power generated during the day and useit to provide energy to
systems when there is no sun shining. In this way solar powercan be used to power houses and
other large scale systems. In these systems DCAC conversion is needed. This is because the
solar panel produces an output that is DC(Direct Current) and the power supply in homes usually
runs off AC (Alternating Current), so conversion is require. For this project, however, the load to
be connectedonly requires DC input, so DCAC conversion is not needed. Instead, DCDC
conversion would be used to provide the correct power to the system from the power generated
by the solar panel. Using this information, a number of design solutions were determined and
considered for Energy level in the solar cell. The total station unit is controlled by pic
microcontroller depend on the battery and solar cell.

It s used to house hold application
Its used in agricultural field.
Its used in industries and forest department of government