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March 21, 2016 Texas Ranger Public Integrity Unit PO Box 4087 ‘Austin, Texas 78773-0600 BYEMAIL: rangers@dps.texas.gov Re: Complaint 3 for Investigation int of of ity by Agricultur Commissioner Sid Mille Progress Texas respectfully requests that the Texas Ranger Public Integrity Unit investigate whether Texas Agriculture Commissioner Sidney “Sid” Carroll Miller violated Title 8 of the Texas Penal Code by misusing government funds for his own personal benefit. ‘According to a press report published in the San Antonio Express-News on March 17, 2016," Commissioner Miller used government funds to pay for a trip to the State of Oklahoma for personal benefit as opposed to public business. In the article, reporter Brian Rosenthal also includes reference to records showing that Commissioner Miller used government funds to pay for an in-state trip that did not involve public business. The article uncovers Commissioner Miller's use of at least $1,120 in state funds to pay for fights and a rental car for a trip to Oklahoma to obtain a medical procedure, known as a “Jesus Shot,” in February 2015. The entire trip, according to sources, was arranged to confer a personal medical benefit to Commissioner Miller, rather than the reported purpose of touring the ‘Oklahoma National Stockyards and meeting with Oklahoma lawmakers and officials. Further, the reporter Brian Rosenthal obtained records that “also show that Miller has flown first class, charged the state for cocktalls and expensed 450 miles of driving for a trip to Fort Worth for a TV interview that he said was canceled after he arrived." Brian Rosenthal, Tex mmmissioner's Taxpayer-Fundad Tr ma Called into Question ‘San Antonio Express-News, March 17, 2016 (attached) Progress Texas + 500 San Marcos St. Suite 110 + Austin, TX 78702 The conduct outlined in this media account violates Texas Penal Code § 39.02 ABUSE OF OFFICIAL CAPACITY. When an elected official demonstrates a pattern of abusing his official capacity by misusing taxpayer funds, it is incumbent on the Public Integrity Unit to move swiftly to investigate such conduct. | believe the Texas Rangers should commence an immediate investigation into Agriculture Commissioner Sidney "Sid Carroll Miller's conduct and refer this matter to the Erath County District Attorney for appropriate action, Se Gre Lucy Stein Advocacy Director Progress Texas Endls