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Karol Wojtyla
Beatified? ...

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Fr. Luigi Villa Ph. T


crowds from every continent,
ho is Karol Wojtyand exchanging the usual relila, or Pope John
gious solitude of old with his
Paul II? I believe
personal participation in the
one could say he was the ultieveryday life of man.
mate “headliner” of the centuOf course, this is only one asry, breaking all records of poppect of his papacy. However, as
written by Gianni Baget BozIt was this trait that was cerzo, «This mass spectacle does
tainly the most evident during
not benefit anyone or anyhis papacy. With a huge crowd
thing. The constant travels,
at every step, he was showered
the multiplicity of speeches,
with hosannas and hallelujahs.
seem to cover a substantial
These exaggerations seem to
stagnation, and the Pope is
me to be a misuse of adoraincreasingly seen as the aution, as if he were a superstar,
thor of a gradual restoration
supergod, Ayatollah, etc. ...
with a human face.»
Thus, he couldn’t do anything
So you might say he was a
but evoke wonder as a Pope, in
John Paul II, newly elected Pope.
“seducer,” but certainly not in
whatever situation he was in,
the same meaning as was
be it as he spoke or observed,
laid his hand on someone,
Many only praised Wojtyla.
greeted the people as a leader,
However many others diswore his cassock, skied skilltanced
actions, that were veiled in
fully down mountains, indeed, one could even say on slipshadows, so as to leave one perplexed, such as his inabilipery slopes; wearing his mountaineering hat while climbty to distinguish between what is a Dogma of Faith and
ing mountains and singing profane songs. He was a comwhat is, instead, a historical contingency. He is a Pope
plex and poetic Pope, said to have had a melodramatic
whose beatification was challenged; a Pope who, accordstyle and theatrical tendencies. However, he was always
ing to Hans Küng, is the most contradictory of the twentiswimming against the current with his unrelenting avereth century, a Pope whose inter-faith “Dialogue” permitsion to conform to the traditionally accepted behavior of a
ted him to enter a mosque and persuaded him to open the
man of the cloth. It was with this behavior that he dedoor to other religions, a Pope who brought together Jews
stroyed the magnificence of Papal general audiences, with
and Catholics and even went to witness the prayer of forhis singing and dancing, even in public, mingling with


“Chiesa viva” *** September 2010

Chiesa viva 430 S en ANNA:Chiesa viva 430 S en 21/03/11 16:50 Pagina 3

giveness at the “Wailing Wall,”
severe with them, or did not even
etc. ...
converse with them? Maybe Jesus
Because of this, many saw him as a
did not say «Whoever is not with
“reformer,” a “restorer,” not seeMe is against Me?»
ing that, instead, Wojtyla, little by
There was also serious error in givlittle, was betraying the Catholic
ing permission to the various Bishtradition, following the advice of
ops to administer Communion in
heathen collaborators tradethe hand, thus allowing a serious
marked as modernists and prodesecration of the Holy Eucharist,
and also stripping away the due reAnd here he excommunicated the
spect given to the Holy Eucharist,
Traditional Archbishop Lefebthis respect that many popes had
vre, heedless of what Saint Paul
tried to increase over all of the past
said: «If even an Angel impose
centuries of Church!
another Gospel other than that
After this outline of John Paul II,
which He preached, it should not
Pope and man, and on the princibe obeyed.» However, why
ples of his pontificate, it must be
weren’t the more shameless and
admitted that he, on his death, has
unscrupulous ecclesiastical rebels
left a legacy to the Roman Catholic
against Christ who wrote and apChurch: a Church certainly much
proved heretical Catechisms ever John Paul II at the “Wailing Wall,” placing a sheet of changed from that with which he
punished or excommunicated? paper with a prayer of forgiveness for past wrongs of had been entrusted with on OctWhy did he leave the Chairs of the Church against the Jews in a crack in the Wall.
ober 16, 1978.
Catholic universities and semiClearly, then, John Paul II was
naries, to theologians who deopposed to the “past” Tradition
nied the Divinity of Christ,
of the Church, and the work
who muddled Holy Scripture,
done by his predecessors.
who denied the virginity of
In other words, he worked in reThe Blessed Virgin Mary and
verse to turn the permanence of
who taught many other heresies?
the papal throne into a mobile
Why did he sign Concordats
home, travelling from one end of
that no longer protect the
the world to other. It becomes
Church, the Catholic religion,
necessary to ask oneself, thereChristian values? - Concordats
fore, whether it is possible to
that put all religions on an equal
imagine a “different” Wojtyla,
footing so as to allow countries
that is one who was not conto be called “atheist” states?
stantly center stage in the media,
And what of his “heresy of Ashailed by crowds from America,
sisi,” that “community prayer,”
Africa, Asia, old Europe and
represented by all false religions,
from his home country, Poland
thus removing the Primacy of
itself. From any place on earth,
the Catholic Church, the Aposall were able to see him, up
tolic, Roman, Mother and
close, through the powerful
Teacher of all souls and endanzoom of satellite TV, the gesgering the missionaries in their
tures of his hands, the hardness
evangelization of the people,
in his eyes, his tense face, his
who today cannot, for all intents
rare and elusive smile, the
and purposes, defend the
tremor of Parkinson’s disease,
Catholic religion because it was
the patient and his convalesput on the same level with the At the meeting of inter-religious prayer in Assisi in 1986, cence at the window of the hosJohn Paul II prevented the statue of Our Lady of Fatima to
other religions that were recog- enter the Basilica so as not to “offend” other religions, and pital, the grand gestures, ecunized as having the same values allowed a statue of Buddha to be placed on the tabernacle menical, inter-religious, and
containing Our Lord Jesus Christ.
of faith?
pacifistic in nature, the “mea
And was it not perhaps also a
culpa” of March 12, 2000, or the
grievous concern that he visited
visit to the “Wailing Wall,” etc.
the “Synagogue” and the “Lutheran church?” Are not
the Jews still determined to NOT recognize Jesus Christ
His papacy was long and so contradictory that, knowing
as God and Messiah? Maybe they are no longer persecutthis, we gave our attention to a diverse number of “cases”
ing the Church of Christ? Perhaps Jesus was not always
that exposes, in all truth, the other Wojtyla.
“Chiesa viva” *** September 2010


4 1926 (September 15) Attended the elementary school. born August 27. His mother Emilia Kaczorowska. Karol. Edmund. daughter of Felix who was an artisan and Mary Anne. Emilia and father. and then the prep school “Marcin Wadowita. His brother Edmund. He lived with his parents in Wadowice.” Throughout his studies he achieved top grades. (June 20) Baptized by the military chaplain. was a doctor in a hospital in Bielsko Powszechny. “Marcin Wadowita. and Anna. 4). 1935 (September) Participated in the military training exercises at Hermanice. 1933 (June 14) Finished High school. Poland. KAROL JOZEF WOJTYLA 1920 (May 18) Born in Wadowice (Krakow).” 1932 (December 5) The death of his brother. 1929 (April 13) The death of his mother. master tailor. ext. at Rynek 2 (now Via Koscielna 7. and then lieutenant in the Polish army until his retirement in 1927.Chiesa viva 430 S en ANNA:Chiesa viva 430 S en 21/03/11 16:50 Pagina 4 His Holiness John Paul II – Biography Pre-Pontificate – The little Karol Wojtyla with his mother. 1934 (1934-1938) His first theatrical performances in Wadowice. Fr Franciszek Zak. “Chiesa viva” *** September 2010 . Karol Wojtyla. This same period marks his first pilgrimage to Czestochowa. During school. THE FAMILY His father. 1906 in Krakow. A tailor by profession. 1884. 1879 at Lipnik near the town of Bielsko Biala. 1930 (June) Admitted to the State Secondary School. was born July 18. the son of Maciej. was born March 26. he was president of the Society of Mary. he became a non-commissioned officer in the Austrian army in 1900.

library. (November 1) Was employed as a carpenter in the The young Karol with his friend Hania: a quasi-engagement. 5 . (May 14) Final exam. residential housing equipped with a doctor. It was his last appearance on the stage (these “underground” performances took place in the homes of his group of friends). was a friend of Henryk Kulakowski. apart from salary. (June 22) Applied for admission to the Faculty of Philosophy (Polish course) of the Jagellonian University in Krakow. 1938 (May) Received the Sacrament of Confirmation. He introduced Wojtyla to the writings of John of the Cross and Teresa of Avila. who. (July) The social formation of the Legion at the University Ozomla at Sadowa Wiszna. a tailor. and gym plus the guarantee to ride out the war unscathed. This period marks the beginning of the underground theater directed by Tadeusz Kudliñski.Chiesa viva 430 S en ANNA:Chiesa viva 430 S en 21/03/11 16:50 Pagina 5 (December 14) Was accepted into the Society of Mary. with his father. for Polish and Ukrainian students. From 1940. (November 1) First theatrical play of Król Duch (Royal spirits). who was educated at the Carmelite School. (Summer) Moved. 1942 (Spring) Was transferred from the quarry to the Solvay factory and was provided with. (November 2) Enrolled in the second year course for Literature and Philosophy. 1941 (February 18) The death of his father.” a theater group founded by Tadeusz Kudliñski. “Chiesa viva” *** September 2010 1943 (March) Played the leading role for the premiere of “Samuel Zborowski” by Juliusz Slowacki. Juliusz Slowacki. and a man of deep spirituality. 1941 (February 18) Began working as a carpenter in a quarry. near Krakow. in turn. 1940 (February) Met Jan Tyranowski. he joined “Studio 38. thanks to the solicitude of his trusted friend and French teacher. thus escaping deportation and forced labor in the German Third Reich. founder of the Theater of the Living Word (Rapsodyczny). (September 1) World War II broke out. stone quarries in Zakrzówek. to Kraków (Via Tyniecka 10). 1939 (February 6) Entered the Student Society at the Jagellonian University (Eucharistic and charitable division). (Academic Year 1938-39) While studying at the University. President of the Polish division of the Solvay empire. (October) Began to attend clandestine classes of the Faculty of Theology of the Jagellonian University as a seminarian of the Archdiocese of Krakow. The first performances date from 1934-38. Karol was a part of the underground theater of Tadeusz Kudliñski. Jadwiga Lawaj. (August) Welcomed home the family of Mieczyslaw Kotlarczyk. Karol Wojtyla 18 years old.

Continued his work at Solvay. Belgium and Holland. As in previous occasions. (Academic Year 1945-1946) Fourth year of theological studies. along with other clandestine seminarians (illegal). (August) Archbishop Adam Stefan Sapieha transferred him. (Summer) Again with Fr. (December 17) Took the first two minor holy orders. 1947 (July 3) Passed the exam to earn him a Diploma in Theology. (November 26) He enrolled at the Angelicum. (October 20) Became a deacon. (Academic Year 1944-1945) Marked his third year of studies in the Theological Faculty of the Jagiellonian University. (November 15) Continued his studies in Rome. During this time he discontinued contact with Solvay. “Chiesa viva” *** September 2010 . (Last December) Together with Don Starowieyski. he received Holy Orders from the hands of Archbishop Metropolitan Adam Sapieha in his private chapel. (November 1) Was ordained a priest. Leonard in Wawel. Rome. In Jerusalem. (November 15-end December) Stayed at the Pallottines in Via Pettinari. and hospitalized for his injuries. He remained there until the end of the war and continued with his studies. his former rival in friendship for Ginka Beer. Karol Wojtyla became a priest in 1946. 6 1946 (October 13) Became a subdeacon. (November 2) Celebrated the Poor Souls in the crypt of St. (November 9) He received the tonsure. Starowieyski. 1944 (February 29-March 12) Was hit by car. 1945 (January 18) The Red Army liberated Krakow from the Nazis. Near Charleroi he carried out pastoral work among the Polish workers. to the Palace of the Archbishop. John Paul II had a poignant meeting with her and with her Jewish friend. The young actress. he stayed at the Pontifical Belgian College in Via Quirinale 26. (April 9) Was elected vice-president of the student body “Bratnia Pomoc” (Fraternal Aid) of the Jagiellonian University and retained this post until May 1946. (December 12) Took the other two minor holy orders. (Academic year 1943-44) Marked the second year of theological studies. who recited with the young Karol. he took a trip to France.Chiesa viva 430 S en ANNA:Chiesa viva 430 S en 21/03/11 16:50 Pagina 6 Actress Ginka and Karol as young actors. Jerzy Kluger. Halina.

Their passion was skiing at night with full moon. April 1953. as a foundation. Cardinal Sapieha sent him to Rome to continue his studies at the Angelicum. the great theologian and writer Father Garrigou-Lagrange. For this. a theological faculty was organized at the seminary of Krakow. Wojtyla. Father Karol shared his tent and his kayak trips with his students. Zakopane.D. the system created by Max Scheler. (December 3) Conference of professorship qualification. Father Karol (center) after skiing with friends. also teaching at the Catholic University of Lublin as a lecturer. Park Oikow. in 1951. not being a member of that teaching. who was a giant on Thomism. with given approval of the thesis “Evaluation of the possibility to build Christian ethics using. 7 . up to 1953) Archbishop Baziak put him on leave so that he could prepare himself for the qualifying exam to become a university professor.” Father Karol with a group of university students. 1951 (September 1. (December 1) Had his interview for professorship qualification. that of existentialism. with his boys and girls. 1950 He started his publications. where he continued teaching.Chiesa viva 430 S en ANNA:Chiesa viva 430 S en 21/03/11 16:50 Pagina 7 1948 (June 14) Took the admission examination for his Ph. July 1953. But there was. Up to this point he had only provided pastoral care for university students (in St. Wojtyla was not accepted for the doctorate and he had to return to the University of Krakow. 1953 (From October) Taught “Catholic Social Ethics” for the Theological Faculty at the Jagellonian University. his dissertation. where there he was accepted. because it supported the ideas of the Modernists who claimed that Faith is based on personal experience.” was criticized and rejected by Lagrange. Father Karol at Romanko. at that time. “Chiesa viva” *** September 2010 1954 After the faculty of theology at the Jagellonian University had been abolished. “Faith according to St. Therefore. was following the philosophy that he wanted. the modern type of Kant. John of the Cross. as Rector of the university. Florian) and for Health employees.

After vetoing seven other names. vicar and writer. 1962 (April 15) Was co-opted in the Episcopal Commission for Education. Baziak died. in January 1964. Wyszynski did not want Wojtyla as Archbishop of Krakow. by TNKUL). and the President of the Polish Parliament. Father Karol was appointed Auxiliary Bishop of Krakow by Archbishop Monsignor E. However. after nearly two years of clashes between Card. as a foundation.” (During the year) First edition of “Love and Responsibility” (ed. Baziak.Chiesa viva 430 S en ANNA:Chiesa viva 430 S en 21/03/11 16:50 Pagina 8 On July 4. his great defender. under Pope Paul VI. Karol teacher. Wojtyla was elected Archbishop of Krakow. “Chiesa viva” *** September 2010 . 1958. Zenon Kliszko. Eugeniusz Baziak. 8 Msgr. 1958 (July 4) Appointed Auxiliary Bishop of Archbishop of Krakow. (September 28) Ordained Bishop in the Cathedral of Wavel. (July 16) After the death of Baziak he was elected Vicar of the Chapter. had made it clear that he only approved of Wojtyla as Archbishop of Krakow. June 15. the main ideologue of the Communist Party. 1960 (January) Karol Wojtyla’s dissertation for his teaching qualification was published by the Society of Sciences (Towarzyst Wojtyla Naukowe) at the Catholic University of Lublin: “Evaluation of the possibility to build Christian ethics using. 1962. Wyszynski. the system created by Max Scheler. 1956 (From December 1) Became the official substitute professor and employee of the Catholic University of Lublin. Mons. 1957 (November 15) The Central Commission of Qualification approved his appointment as a free lecturer. Card. Zenon Kliszko.

(September 10) Third Session of Vatican II (14 September-21 November). the First Session (October 11 to December 8). At the conclusion of this session he made a pilgrimage to the Holy Land. Archbishop Wojtyla rests in shorts and a red scarf on his head. 9 .Chiesa viva 430 S en ANNA:Chiesa viva 430 S en 21/03/11 16:50 Pagina 9 The picnics and sporting life of Father Karol (like this) would continue even as Archbishop and Cardinal of Krakow. Wyszynsky could not get away from his diocese. remaining there two weeks. because the communist government would not grant him permission. (December 5-15) Made a pilgrimage to the Holy Land with some bishops of different nationalities that were present at the Council. (March 8) Officially established in the Wavel Cathedral. Zenon Kliszko. Archbishop Wojtyla had full freedom to travel abroad without restriction. (December 30) Was appointed Archbishop of Krakow with the approval of Communist ideologist and President of the Polish Parliament. during a picnic with women and child. This was the common policy of encouraging Wojtyla and destroying the old Cardinal Wyszynski for his anti-communism. 1964 (January 13) Date of the papal seal that appointed him Archbishop of Krakow. (October 5) Participated in the work of Vatican II. After a hike. “Chiesa viva” *** September 2010 While Card. in shorts and T-shirt. Archbishop Karol. 1963 (October 6 to December 4) Participated in the work of the Second Session of Vatican II.

” The Archbishop of Krakow. (November 18) Letter of Reconciliation of the Polish Bishops to the German bishops.” (December 15) This date concluded the “pilgrimage” of the Virgin Mary to the Archdiocese of Krakow. Rome. 1966 (December 29) The establishment of the Polish Episcopal Commission for the Apostolate of the Laity. February 8th to 13th in Rome. he met with the Jewish Community and visited the Synagogue of Kazimierz. (September 29 to October 29) First General Assembly of the Synod of Bishops. Franciszkanska Street. the photographer does not seem to attract the attention of the Archbishop. (September 25) Visited “Ad Limina. Cesareo in Palatio. (June 28) Paul VI presented Card. he often ignored strict protocol. Card. 1969 (January 10) He was registered as a resident in the Archbishopric at number 3. accompanied by a young woman with child and family. as well as when he became Pope. near Krakow. Cardinal Wojtyla did not go as a sign of solidarity with the Primate. Since then. looking to his left. but was blocked by the authorities in Czêstochowa. Karol Wojtyla allows himself a moment of relaxation on a canoe along the Skawa River. (June 21) He left for the Consistory. Cesareo in Palatio.” 1968 (February 18) Took authority of the titular Church of St. in the district of Krakow. Wojtyla in the Sistine Chapel with the Title of “St. (February 28) During a visit to the parish of Corpus Christi. Wojtyla in shorts and T-shirts. who was not granted a passport. containing the famous words: “We forgive and ask forgiveness. Cardinal Wojtyla attended the corresponding ceremonies in 120 parishes. (May 29) Paul VI announced the Consistory. 1967 (April 13 to 20) Attended the first meeting of the Council for the Laity.Chiesa viva 430 S en ANNA:Chiesa viva 430 S en 21/03/11 16:50 Pagina 10 The former Bishop of Krakow. Karol Wojtyla at a Christmas party. Kanonicza Street. and again in Rome from March 29th to April 6th). The Archbishop of Krakow. Karol Wojtyla at a party of young people in costume. The sacred image was not there. Cardinal Wojtyla was Vice President of the Conference. 10 “Chiesa viva” *** September 2010 . 1965 (January 31 to April 6) He participated in the work on the thirteenth draft of “Gaudium et spes” on the Church in the contemporary world (January 31st to February 6th in Ariccia. Until that moment he had continued to live in the old housing at number 22. (March 15) Marked the approval of the Statute of the Episcopal Conference. of which Archbishop Wojtyla became president. (October 29) Solemnly received the frame of the effigy of the Black Madonna of Czestochowa in the Archdiocese of Krakow. (September 14 to December 8) Fourth session and conclusion of the Vatican II Council. Among those elected for cardinal is the name of Karol Wojtyla. (During the year) Attended numerous celebrations of the Millennium of Poland. From his intense gaze.

(October 12-18) After returning from North America. (October 17) Participated in the beatification of Father Maximilian Kolbe. for the first time. (May 30) He participated for the Mass of Paul VI and in the audience held for the celebration of the 50th anniversary of the priesthood of the Pope. Peter with the Polish priests on the 50th anniversary of the priesthood of Paul VI. (During the year) He published “On the basis of renewal.” edited by PTT. On June 26. “Notifications. Card. Wyszynski in the same way. (May 27-June 2) Pilgrimage to Rome by Polish priests formerly imprisoned at Dachau. However was it possible to treat Card. Why? The two radically anti-communist cardinals of Eastern Europe. 1967. Between 1973 and 1975. Mindszenty and Sljpij.” the project for the summons of a Diocesan Synod. in the diocesan bulletin. Wojtyla was received 11 times in private audiences by Pope Paul VI. Paul VI makes Archbishop Wojtyla a Cardinal. (May 29) He celebrated the Mass in St. Also stopped in Manila (Philippines) and New Guinea. he participated in the first extraordinary General Assembly of the Synod of Bishops. (October 5) Was elected to the Council of the General Secretariat for the Synod of Bishops. (September 27) Left for the Second General Assembly of the Synod of Bishops (September 30 to November 6). which had never happened before to a foreign Cardinal! “Chiesa viva” *** September 2010 1973 (March 2-9) Participated in the Eucharistic Congress in Australia.Chiesa viva 430 S en ANNA:Chiesa viva 430 S en 21/03/11 16:50 Pagina 11 (During the year) Made some pastoral visits to various nations in Europe. (Spring) Processed and published. were punished for their intransigence. Poland. Card. 11 . Study of the implementation of Vatican II. Karol Wojtyla after a fishing expedition during a summer trip together with his friends of the Srodowisco group. (December) The Theological Society of Poland (PTT) of Krakow publishes “Person and Action” (Osoba y czyn). 1972 (May 8) Opening of the Synod of the Archdiocese of Krakow. as a member of pontifical nomination. 1970 (April 5) Consecration of Auxiliary Bishops Stanislaw Smolenski and Albin Malysiak. when he was so loved by all the people? Was it not better to create another cardinal a bit more sensitive to his Ostpolitik? 1971 (January 8) Summoned the Preparatory Commission of the Synod for the Archdiocese of Krakow. has two cardinals.

Genoa: Report to Congress of Philosophy “Theory-Praxis: a Human and Christian Theme. in the presence of Paul VI (these meditations are then published in the volume “Sign of Contradiction”).” 12 Palidoro. (September 8) Rome. 1977 (7-15 March) Took part in (and even presided over. (November 1-3) Visited San Giovanni Rotondo. (September 27 to October 26) Third General Assembly of the Synod of Bishops. (September 26 to October 5) Visited “Ad Limina. in the Congress held for the VII Centenary of St. Cardinal Wojtyla chaired the Polish delegation at the International Congress of Catholic universities and ecclesiastical faculties for the preparation of the new apostolic constitution for ecclesiastical studies. “Chiesa viva” *** September 2010 . Rome. He had already been there for the first time during his years of study and he had met Padre Pio. gave a lecture at the Ambrosiana in Milan on the theme: “The rights of the human person in light of the recent Synod of Bishops. He was back in Krakow on March 16. Wyszynski (left) just before the conclave to elect a successor to John Paul I. (April 1) Gave two reports to the Cultural Encounters of the Angelicum in Rome. (July 23 to September 5) Made a pastoral and academic visit to the United States and Canada. 1976 (March 7-13 Preached the exercises at the Vatican. Cardinal Wojtyla and Card. (March 3-8) First meeting of new Council of the General Secretariat of the Synod of Bishops. Cardinal Wojtyla was spokesperson for a doctrinal section. Annecy). on April 23. Thomas. as he leaves the water. the First National Assembly of doctors and theologians. (June 30) First meeting of Expert Commission of the Diocesan Synod. (November) Traveled in France (Paris. (February 27) Gave a report (“Participation or Alienation?”) at the International Seminary of Phenomenology in Fribourg. (September 19) Left for a trip abroad to the German Democratic Republic. Card. 1975 (February 8-9) As a Cardinal he summoned. (May 8) IV General Assembly of the Synod of Kraków. in Rome. in Italy. (May) Took a trip to Belgium. in Krakow. Chamonix.Chiesa viva 430 S en ANNA:Chiesa viva 430 S en 21/03/11 16:50 Pagina 12 October 1978.” (October 5) Audience with Paul VI. given the absence of Cardinal Seper) the tasks of the third meeting of the Council of the General Secretariat of the Synod of Bishops. chaired by Cardinal Wojtyla. (June 28) Participated.” (June 23) Received the honorary doctorate from the 1974 (April 17-25) Participated. gave a report. (March 18) At the University of the Sacred Heart of Milan held the conference “The problem of forming of culture through the human praxis (human practice). (March 27) Attended a conference at the Gregorian University in Rome where he gave a lecture on the phenomenology of action. (December 1) At the invitation of Cardinal Colombo. Karol Wojtyla immortalized by the photographer a few weeks before the conclave. in the anniversary celebrations of the coronation of Paul VI and the consecration of Bishop Andrzej Maria Deskur. and there.” (November 22) In Rome.

On October 24 he was elected to the Council of the General Secretariat of the Synod. (October 14) The conclave began. (October 3-4) Left for the funeral of Pope John Paul I and attended the funeral. where he chaired the Meeting of Catholic Poles. (May 16-19) Council meeting of the General Secretariat of the Synod of Bishops. (June 21) Milan: reports “Marriage and Love” to the Congress IFSC (International Centre for Family Studies) organized to mark the 10th anniversary of Humanae Vitae. near Paris. (September 30 to October 29) IV Ordinary General Assembly of the Synod of Bishops. (August 11-12) Attended the funeral of Paul VI. (September 19-25) Travelled in the Federal Republic of Germany with Primate Stefan Wyszynski and Bishops Strobe and Rubin. (July 1) Attended a conference at the “Centre du Dialogue” in Paris. On September 3. At the same time he assisted in the ceremony of conferring the “pallium” to Archbishop Tomálek. THE POPE WHO HAS COME FROM THE EAST “Chiesa viva” *** September 2010 13 . at Osny. (August 25) Marked the beginning of the conclave. (Albino Luciani). and also Cardinal Wojtyla in private audience. 1978 . 1978 (March 12 to 17) Worked with the Congregation for Catholic Education. (October 16. (August 26) Pope John Paul I was elected. participated in the inauguration of the pontificate of John Paul I.15) Cardinal Karol Wojtyla was elected Pope is the 263rd successor of Peter.Chiesa viva 430 S en ANNA:Chiesa viva 430 S en 21/03/11 16:50 Pagina 13 Johannes Gutenberg University of Mainz. (August 30) John Paul I received in audience the Cardinals.approximately 17.

Upper Volta (Burkina Faso) I. The. Brazil I. (km) Disc. unlike previous modern day popes. 3. in forced exile.785 18. The last Pope. that been out of Italy was Pius VII (1800-1823).79 3.79 02.710 3.79 28. 25.509 30 27. during his pontificate.80 15.80 02.79 08. Côte dʼIvoire I.80 03 06 45 12.80 04 13 40 2.11.06. of which 104 were international and 143 were made in Italy.06. 5.80 12 04 00 02. Zaire I. Congo. Start End Duration (d/ hr / min) Dist. Ireland. Turkey. 2. Kenya I.07. France I. to Fontainebleau in June 1812. Poland I. had made 247 trips. 4.80 01. covering a total of about 1. and a total of 543 days abroad. opened the door to travel beyond the borders of Italy with his visit to the Holy Land during the Second Vatican Council. 8.05.05. 6.185 18. Ghana. 14 Dominican Republic I.06.164. taken away by Napoleon Bonaparte.02. and for what purposes and with what results? Number of Countries visited or otherwise touched 1.79 10.Chiesa viva 430 S en ANNA:Chiesa viva 430 S en 21/03/11 16:50 Pagina 14 HIS INTERNATIONAL TRAVELS Paul VI.06. Germany I.80 07 09 00 08 11 30 09 01 30 02 12 00 10 09 00 23. Mexico I. Bahamas. How many billions of dollars have been spent by the Vatican for these trips. before Paul VI. United States I.79 02.79 29. 7.05.000 km.914 36 36 76 12 72 12.80 30. John Paul II.673 51 2.880 29 “Chiesa viva” *** September 2010 .

03. 12.597 2.82 02.83 Lourdes (France II). 13. Ecuador. 10.82 29. Nicaragua. 36 26. Pakistan. 21.09. Argentina I. 14. Santo Domingo (Republic Dominican II). San Juan (Puerto Rico). Panama.08. II).09.441 46 2.252 21.86 Colombia. 16. The Philippines I. 17.84 Switzerland II.S.81 Nigeria. 09.85 08.05.84 Canada I. Guam (USA II). 31.05. 22. Benin.06. 19. 27.83 Poland II.82 San Marino. Papua New Guinea.02.821 50 4. 08. Belgium I. Cameroon The Republic Central-African II Zaire. “Chiesa viva” *** September 2010 15 .82 Rio de Janeiro (Brazil II).84 11 23 50 38.120 14.82 15. 29.85 India. Anchorage (U. 26.86 27. Ivory Coast II. 12. Luxembourg. 16. Guatemala I Honduras. 01.85 Netherlands. 4. Thailand. 24. 04. 11.83 Fair Banks (U.82 Lisbon (Portugal II). Trinidad and Tobago. Belize.84 09 21 15 2.83 Austria I.81 02.82 15.06.269 60 44 22 27 08 10 03 48 10.85 Kloten (Switzerland III). 16.880 26.82 13.01.84 05 11 30 21.10. 31.83 23.Chiesa viva 430 S en ANNA:Chiesa viva 430 S en 21/03/11 16:50 Pagina 15 9 10.S.904 1.02. 30.08.03. Solomon Islands. 31. 02.433 4.05. Haiti.82 Spain I. III). Zaragoza (Spain II).84 Venezuela I.86 25. 15. Lichtenstein. Equatorial Guinea. Gabon.86 08. 26.009 3. The Republic of Korea. 28. 12. Japan.02.82 Portugal I. Costa Rica. 15.580 20. 10.09.82 Geneva (Switzerland I).412 235 7.85 Togo. Saint Lucia.84 02 21 55 10 10 00 16. 02.06.85 11 02 55 21. 20. 10. Peru I.431 1.86 07.82 Britain.843 50 13.02.83 15.83 13.031 11 14 00 00 15 00 10 10 40 07 03 00 03 13 45 44 08 41 35 27 Moments of two trips of John Paul II in Poland.01. Kenya II.827 10 29. 23.82 09. Morocco.735 44 23 14 20 12.82 11 03 20 07 09 15 03 11 00 05 15 25 02 11 30 00 15 15 00 05 00 09 07 45 35. 11. 25.86 France III.096 1. 12.06. El Salvador I.85 59 19.A.09.05.83 08 07 35 07 04 50 01 08 40 03 06 30 24. 29. 18.

04.87 18. Asturias (Spain III). Guinea-Bissau. Iceland.613 3. 21.87 07.114 15.89 01.780 15.89 10.87 04.599 10. 34.09. 48.S. Burk. 39. Portugal III. Burundi.89 01. Yamoussoukro (Côte dʼIvoire III).88 10. 43.Chiesa viva 430 S en ANNA:Chiesa viva 430 S en 21/03/11 16:50 Pagina 16 John Paul II’s meetings with Presidents Carter and Reagan on two of his several trips to the United States. 41.89 19.Corea II). Germany II. Zimbabwe.06. Seoul (Rep.05. (Luqa .93 10. Gambia. 36. Tanzania. 01. 16 18. Swaziland. France IV. Uruguay II. Argentina II.712 11.503 20.86 31.05. 33. Lima (Perù II). Zambia and Malawi.10. Mali. New Zealand.957 4.03. The Uruguay I. Curaçao. Poland III.90 13 06 15 13 04 00 04 06 10 06 11 55 11 01 20 12 07 45 04 06 45 09 12 00 03 14 30 09 17 00 09 09 10 02 11 30 10 04 15 07 08 30 01 13 40 08 05 15 02 06 45 48.487 20.91 20. Brazil III. IV Poland.88 19.04.Malta II).91 19.90 13.92 03.05. Bolivia.86 13.87 14. Angola.15 10 18. Norway.91 12.90 21.04.010 16. Australia I. Chile.986 3.90 10.87 30. Chad.87 10. 49.06.05. Denmark.08. II Benin. Khartoum (Sudan). Botswana.93 09 17 00 03 09 10 08 12 15 07 10 15 09 10 30 08 04 15 06 07 45 05 11 15 07.88 06. 44.87 08. Mexico II.90 27.05. 54.233 1. Cape Verde.974 36. Lesotho.420 2.10.581 4. Sao Tome and Principe.91 13.06.222 21. Fiji.88 28. U.06. La Reunion.465 34. 35. Bangladesh. 40. Santiago de Compostela.06. 52.02. IV.10. 42. Seychelles Islands.02.08.91 09.331 41 12 39 28 31 26 02 16 28 “Chiesa viva” *** September 2010 .88 08. Dominican Republic III.88 11. Madagascar.04.92 10. Guinea. 38.05.92 04.88 4. 51.384 2.09.90 14.89 21. Poland IV.09.05.89 16.133 29.90 25.01. Mozambique.02. Singapore. Czechoslovakia I.10.89 06. Hungary. Mauritius. 57. Senegal.A. Uganda. 55. Malta I.90 06. Fort Simpson (Canada II).91 01.91 21.89 10. Sweden.88 23. 46.08. 56. Paraguay.908 39.10.047 14. Czestochowa.91 26. Austria II.559 30.02. Indonesia (East Timor).10.537 05 63 22 27 48 54 20 43 02 36 38 09 28 36 10 26 12 01.90 22. 47. Finland.04.06. 50.599 2. Faso (II). 45.10.92 09.92 14.05.10. Rwanda. 8.

96 14.93 09.96 12. 64.97 20. Slovenia. 79. 65. 25.96 07. Bielsko Biala Zywiec (Poland V).09. January 1998. 60. York.96 23. Albania.97 10.93 04. Hungary II.449 11 18. Merida (Mexico III).05. Ostrava (Czech Rep.S. Venezuela II. Spain IV.06. 78. Sarajevo (Bosnia and Herzegovina).04. N.06.10.93 10.08.891 3.95 02 15 00 04. 72. France V.05.01. Manila (II).02. Yaounde (Cameroon II). 61.95 12. 68. 71.95 22.878 26 2.96 17. 74.488 24.394 08 .96 02. 77.95 21. Johannesburg-Pretoria (Rep. Paris II (France VI).362 07 2.642 11 14.95 30.95 03.Chiesa viva 430 S en ANNA:Chiesa viva 430 S en 21/03/11 16:50 Pagina 17 58.10.10. 66.97 11.93 10.04. Estonia.New Guinea II).09. 59. Olomouc (Czech Rep.95 09.96 05. Newark.94 25.93 12. 63. 62. Sydney (Australia II).04.95 01 07 30 03.06.402 3.06. Two images of John Paul II’s trip to Cuba.438 20. 76.93 11.282 1.95 05.09. Prague. II) Skoczow.06.06.09. South Africa).04.97 2. Baltimore (U.01. 67.782 14.S.10.05. Zagreb (Croatia). Jamaica. Port Moresby (Papua .489 04 17 22 30 05 13 15 22 06 08 09 07 12 11 08 05 3.07.96 14.97 00 14 15 05 05 10 07 02 35 06 11 50 01 03 45 06 07 00 04 23 15 06 23 45 00 12 50 02 04 50 02 06 30 01 13 00 03 12 55 01 03 10 02 04 30 01 14 15 10 11 45 24. V). Belgium II. Tunisia.96 13.96 19. Latvia.95 03 12 30 2. Slovakia II.712 1.04.062 11 2.05.95 10 03 30 33.573 1.05.96 10.314 16. Germany III. VI). Guatemala II.05.93 16.97 03 09 55 06. Colombo (Sri Lanka). Poland VI.415 30 20. Czech Republic III.09. II). Beirut (Lebanon).08.08. Rio de Janeiro (Brazil IV).96 06.02. Denver (U.97 02. 1.09. 69.97 31. 75.04.093 4.93 17.359 1.06.97 27. Nairobi (Kenya III). Lithuania.061 1.09.97 04 01 05 Cuba.95 04. Nicaragua II El Salvador. 80. 70.722 5. UN.09.97 25.94 11. Yonkers. 73.

104.S.576 22.06.99 26. 81.772 2.653 2.050 11 06 04 06 03 07 05 05 Jordan.01 27.04 09 22 50 03 04 15 01 11 45 03.03 22.03 22.06.724 22.11. Toronto (Canada III).380 2.08. Spain V.392 996 2.06. Ukraine. Slovak Republic. a pope now for 22 years. Poland VII. Mount Sinai (Egypt).03.02 26.02 03. 94.01 27.08. This spot where Moses saw the Holy Land.02 04.500 12.06. Fátima (Portugal IV).226 2. 2000. Mexico City (Mexico V).A. 97. Kazakhstan.09. 92.03 09.45 00 12 50 03 11 00 01 10 30 01 11 45 22. 101. VII).02 05 02 30 02 12 45 02 10 58 02 04 36 06 03 00 02 13 45 12 11 45 00 12 35 04 13 00 02 10 05 06 13 45 01 04 45 05. 19.01 26.99 19.05. 86.07.756 1. 100° Croatia III. Bulgaria.05.10.06. 96.09. March 20.03 00 04.98 23.640 5.04 02.06. 90.00 04.502 2.00 26.99 07. 98.511 12 07 10 10 13 09 30 03 10 04 10 01 19 11 13 11 23.05. St. 88.174 5. 87. Lourdes (France VII). 82.04 14.22.223 4.05. Syria.06. Nigeria II.00 Guatemala City (Guatemala III).03. 84. Romania.00 09.772 6. 85. Krakow (Poland VIII).03 20. 103.98 22.09.98 28. Croatia II.03 06. Armenia.98 21.05.00 12. Georgia.626 4.98 02.99 09. Mount Nebo. In the photo.226 21. Greece.99 05.08. 102.99 05. 95.01. Austria III.01 23.03. 21.99 09. Bosnia Erzegovina II.022 9.05. 89.30 05 12 15 04 11 20 18. New Delhi (India II). 91.98 02.10. Malta.621 4.02 18. realizes his dream of traveling to the Holy Land.09.052 1. 93. But what future was the Pope looking at for the Catholic Church? 18 “Chiesa viva” *** September 2010 .912 5.Chiesa viva 430 S en ANNA:Chiesa viva 430 S en 21/03/11 16:50 Pagina 18 Cuba.01.03 14.99 24.01. Louis (U.04 15.05. Azerbaijan.06. John Paul II. Slovenia II.03 05.08.98 21. 83. Bern (Switzerland IV).06.99 17.06. Mexico (IV). it seems that the Pope is scrutinizing the future of the Church from the top of Mount Nebo. Holy Land.10.98 04.99 19.340 1.

pop culture lifestyle practices. therefore. John Paul II. opinion must be respected. Even because of this Cardinal Wojtyla to how he has been formed (“Agere sequitur esse”[action was watched in Poland as an insignia of a very progresfollows being]). if not ing the Husser principle of “formed. the teaching of John Paul II has many disconcerting of attire. to Sheffield of which he was part phenomenalism. influenced. and then he expresses it through his acsive and almost anti-traditional Catholicism.Chiesa viva 430 S en ANNA:Chiesa viva 430 S en 21/03/11 16:50 Pagina 19 HIS IDEAS T ed in his teaching. He publicly appeared in shorts. worked as an essayist at the core. for which the young priest.” Wojtyla. tors of the ecclesiastical seminaries forbade the stuAt this point it is good and useful to give attention to some dents to read this magazine because it was too “open” aspects of great interest.” used in his encyclical hemian type actors. his beliefs and his culture. and in the way his personal philosophy is reflectof an “all-American playboy. This magknowledge. But this brings the side. those which aided in his spiritual and cultural formation. He played tent. he came to accept azine was known for not beand justify Ecumenical Syning a typical example of a cretism. “The thought of Paul II in managing the Karol Wojtyla. Karol.» nial. exasperhe had this to say: «They try ated the intellect on the faculty to understand me from outof senses. He was a handsome Prelate. after Descartes. one must inbecause reality in itself does not vestigate. (See Rocco he thinking of John Buttiglione. Carwhereby every philosophical dinal and Pope. the direcing that led him to replace the traditional objective.” a promoter of jazz and “Chiesa viva” *** September 2010 19 . but I can be understood objectivism of truth to it’s deonly from within. 422). to be part of as Bishop. under the concept of “work in the subjective sense” in the “Rhapsodic Theater” with many intellectual boand “work in an objective sense. because every man acts according and too liberal. One example of the company he kept is philosophical reflection in the themes of his work and in his Leopold Tyrman. Conciliar Church was Then we begin by recalling the that of a modern philosophy phrase of John Paul in which which. Wojtyla. The Magazine “Tyggodnik such that the truth is none othPowszechny. and to the deof and of which he continued nial of metaphysics itself. firstly. but exists only as al environment of Krakow in an idea. er than the expression of the free and authoritative weekly subject. free also in his mode Now. with his colorful. the intellectuexist (Fichte). The thinking of Karol Wojtyla. athletic.” the colorful.” one can find Wojtyla’s personal. priesthood. tions. This led to idealism. going on trips aspects.” p. one must ask whether and to what exwith teenage boys and girls with guitar in hand. And it was this thinkweekly magazine of the Polish clergy. is this: while exaltand poet. For example. In fact. who were anything but kind to the “Laborem Exercens. claiming that you cannot To understand the ideology of know reality in itself (Kant).

and this artistic training remained as an underlying quality to aid his ability to communicate with the crowds. Wyszynski as the super-conservative and Wojtyla. Consciousness. Effort. for a time as a “worker priest?” Certainly. the figure of John Paul II was built carefully by the press and the media.) He is the Fire. rock concerts in Soviet Poland. All of the theatrical experience was imprinted on his soul. she founded the Theosophical Society where.. “Chiesa viva” *** September 2010 . and drive God out of heaven. a Jew. was born and worked in Poland.” because salvation is achieved through sin! Frankists went to Mass on Sundays. He even distinguished himself at the Council as one of the most vocal and active promoters of innovation. Wojtyla really was a liberal prelate. 20 Madame Helena Petrovna Blavatsky (1831-1891). He was a brilliant writer and a keen director. even as a Pope. Frank. he continued to write poems and plays. In 1759 Frank and 500 families of his followers were baptized. he led a type of scandalous “dolce vita” in Poland.” Indeed. waltz and tango. a true “liberal” and “progressive. and other similar facts. Light. with his background in opera. in secret. while maintaining. Karol was enchanted by these dances and was the most coveted dancer among the girls. the secular environment targeted him to aid in the transformation of the Church. A “liberal” and “progressive” image was continually built by the same promoter of Wojtyla. then. In 1875. Blavatski was a Mason of the 33rd degree. along with his male and female peers. Wojtyla.» going so far as to deny the historical authenticity of Jesus Christ. their heretical Jewish worship. especially that of Prof. on Tynnieka Street became a school of the theater. Struggle. Even in the darkest years. always using his talent as an actor. makes us pose the question: To what extent did the environment of “Tyggodnik” manipulate Karol Wojtyla? It should be noted that from the start. charismatic leader of the young group and the center of attention. instead. His favorite dances were the polonaise. Was it for this. the stated purpose of the Theosophical Society was to «wipe Christianity from the face of the earth . Life. he took dancing lessons in the hall of his high school in Wadowice. but on Saturday gathered in their secret synagogues.» Moreover. Thought. Liberty.Chiesa viva 430 S en ANNA:Chiesa viva 430 S en 21/03/11 16:50 Pagina 20 This leads us also to speak of his artistic passion. Twice a month. who went about dressed in shorts. Independence. Wojtyla’s house in the basement in Krakow.. bishop and cardinal. Civilization. the mazurka. Mieczslaw Kotlarczyk. he liked to dance. the heroic unyielding anti-Communist Cardinal Wyszynski. Therefore. Even as a priest. under the guise of universal and exclusive knowledge she intended to deify Humanity under the pretense of a true religion of the masses. an alleged conflict was exaggerated between the two. that Cardinal Sapieha sent him to France. to communicate and express himself. as opposed to the Primate of Warsaw. Karol was the Jacob Frank (1726-1791). Progress. a man totally dedicated to the theater. thus. This. Noteworthy is their theological justification for their apostasy and duplicity: the Messiah “must perform the most sinful acts and pretend to convert to the detestable Catholic religion as it is the worst [sin]. was very fond of popular amusement. The Luciferian motives are not marginal when you consider that Blavatsky wrote: «Satan is the active energy of the universe (. He proclaimed himself “messiah” on the example of Sabbatael Levi (a previous “messiah” who worked in an Islamic environment and converted to Islam with all his false followers) ... as the open intellectual who loved the company of girls. by prompting the Church to likewise accept the revolution of morals.

During his high school days. So. which is based on the magical powers of sex.” This professor of “rhapsodic theater. one of the secret societies of the Illuminato of Bavaria. where Christ. Wojtyla frequented the theater as an actor. in a “touching” meeting in Jerusalem. which fueled in him a strong “messianic hope” of the religious.” O.” Wojtyla was influenced by the poet Emil Zagadlowicz. Jewish. the son of the head of the local synagogue. The “Theosophical Society” was founded by Elena Petrovna Blavasky and by the occultist Henry Steele Olcott. when attending elementary school in Wadowice. Below: Karol Wojtyla and Ginka Beer. the cold intelligence of the demon Ahriman.” or the theater Above: John Paul II with his old Jewish Polish friend. became a close friend of Jerzy Kluger. Rudolf Steiner (1861-1925). Steiner developed the idea to renew Christianity in the light of esoteric Buddhism. member. Wojtyla’s friendship with Judaism also extended into the artistic field. had to be like that of a priest. where his teacher was the Jewish Ginka Beer. both associated with Freemasonry.” a “vocation. and tempering the ardor of Lucifer. Another evidence is his accusation 21 . Juliusz Slowacki. professor of history. under the direction of Mieczslaw Kotlarczyk. above all. sharing amusements and studies.” which then changed into “Lucifer-Gnosis. his former rival in friendship with Ginka Beer. Zygmunt Krasinski.TO. While attending the high school “Macief Wadowida. according to Kotlarczyk. Steiner founded the Anthroposophical Society as a way of “European” of American Theosophy. The task of the actor. Steiner was head of the Theosophical Society in Germany where he founded his magazine “Lucifer. “Chiesa viva” *** September 2010 where the actor must pronounce every vowel and every word with precision. Polish Kabbalist of the Seventeenth Century. the special role of balance. whose doctrine is based on man and not on Christ. He visited him almost every day.” a “priesthood of the art. But. Wojtyla always had a great aspiration: to reconcile Jews and Catholics. and on the other. They were inseparable. to better understand the mind of Wojtyla. Jerzy Kluer. takes. moral and mystical kind. Cyprian Norwid and Stanislaw Wyspianski. young actors in Poland. it is necessary to consider the theosophical opinion and that of Steiner. Karol Wojtyla. had this idea after reflecting on the texts of the theosophical tradition and anthroposophy of Rudolf Steiner. he was influenced by the Era of the Romantic Polish authors of the Nineteenth Century. Jacob Frank. as if acting were a “mission. A man of exceptional intellectual qualities. on the one hand. in Anthroposophy.Chiesa viva 430 S en ANNA:Chiesa viva 430 S en 21/03/11 16:50 Pagina 21 This gives us the opportunity to speak again of Wojtyla and his Polish Romanticism.

They were inseparable. Jerzy Kluger. He went to visit this friend almost every day. about one fourth of the total student population.” where the tennis court became an ice skating rink. the prayer to the “Wailing Wall. A doctrine. the State would have been bound to acknowledge it. John Paul II on Mount Nebo in front of a cross that. he was in contact with many Jewish students. Furthermore. but even if he had asked for Israeli citizenship. In summer. Let us take a look at his record with Judaism.» So it is not “persecuted. determined Jewishness. Furthermore. His grandmother’s name was Marianna Scizh.” John Paul II approved of the official speech in which he said: «The Jewish people were crucified for two thousand years. not fathers. all this sheds a new light not only on the acts of Karol Wojtyla (his being the first of any Pope to visit a synagogue. With this maternal lineage for three generations. but also on his “new-theology” of “election.” the “mea culpa” of the Church to the Jews. becomes more significant in light of Jewishness of Wojtyla. under the pretense of offering his “eternal life” to mankind? “Chiesa viva” *** September 2010 . in winter one could find them at the bar. as we shall see further ahead. Karol Wojtyla was not only an integral Jew. Wise had done research on the female ancestors of Wojtyla’s family. Even the great-grandmother. which forces the text of the Gospel to deny the “substitution.” as was Our Savior Jesus! March 20. the fact that Wojtyla was a Jew also explains why. was a Polish adaptation of the Jewish name. the young priest Karol was hiding from the National Socialists. in 1940. Yaskov Wise. the entire Tau cross with the ring it forms an Ank symbol. as it looks like a snake wrapped around a Tau cross. Now. Schultz).” where he goes back to the new and unstable “Catholic doctrine” in accordance with the idea that the “Old Covenant” still persists because the “New Covenant” (Jesus) would not have ended it. while if he would have been known as Polish. they went to swim in the Skawa. For Wojtyla. which is a Masonic phallic symbol. “Venezia. but her name. Karol’s mother married a Catholic. represents more than Jesus died on the cross. Emilia Kaczorowski. had a Hebrew name. in his home country. and therefore “Aryan. only mothers. While attending primary school in Wadowice. when he asked forgiveness of the Jews with the document “We Remember. very common in the Yiddish world. It was that relationship with Judaism that poses this problem: but was Wojtyla a Jew as well? Well. the Egyptian symbol of eternal life. these names appear frequently on the graves of Jewish cemetery in Bielsko-Biale. Wojtyla’s friendship with Judaism also extended to the artistic field. Is this cross perhaps an indication that the “Snake” has replaced Christ on the Cross. Wojtyla became very friendly with one of them. already knowing that by rabbinical decree.” [that is: the New Covenant with the Old Covenant] Even the acceptance of the Holocaust as the sacramental “blood sacrifice” thus making the Jewish people the “vic22 tim” as a selective alternative to that of the Lamb. etc. Zusanna Rybicki.” but “crucified. and this was true even when he was Archbishop of Krakow. a scholar of Jewish genealogy. even the Jewish religion was a part of him. as his teacher. Finally. and as it was even when he later became Pope. Katz. the son of the head of the local synagogue. with studies and recreation.Chiesa viva 430 S en ANNA:Chiesa viva 430 S en 21/03/11 16:50 Pagina 22 against Catholicism in respect to Judaism and by his decisions as Pope. the area where Karol’s mother was born. another Hebrew name (Schulze.). In 1998.” this would not have been necessary. 2000. Ginka Beer was Jewish. has testified that John Paul II was a Jew.

” is the main characteristic of that perphilosophical work of son. He wrote without neaccording to him. Phenomenology emphasizes the The conscience would first study of conscious experience. before it would bethings through an intimate come certitude and judgview of being. ues. «only the categories of the phenomeexperience. namely the inner experience. as we see in our ment. himself (the person) he comThis. It was published in 1969. in “Person and Action. Wojtyla does not deny.” the judgment. exploitation of the relationship between body and soul. the he book.” using the knowledging that “conscioussame “mold” as that of Max ness is a judge. and for this reament of the practical intelson he used the “phenomenolect. therefore. because for him. especially moral values. For this. it is «the full effort of the philosphy of St. while aclogical method. Thomas person who intends to form Aquinas.» This suggests that in the action” and of self-determination that he explains Wojtyla. Thomas. in changes with every action.» experience. Polish (“Osoba y Czyn”). for Wojtyla. he then deals with but he seeks knowledge of the “person and action” «the integration of the person by his own actions and the through phenomenology. the author. is the judgnomenologist. speaking of “consciousness and it. Person and action form the whole. “transcends himself” in But even though he was accepting that the soul is the his actions. Then. therefore. who becomes transcended in the aclater became Pope John Paul tion. Wojtyla does not mention From here. the sotween body and soul. that he would have the truth in the scope of valliked to upstage it.” talks of “the transcendence of the person nological concept are important. is much more glecting the classical philosoexperienced in its entirety. and the will develops or II. Schele. namely the “pheSuch reasoning involves seeing nomena” that appear in our John Paul II. accordThe author wanted to be a pheing to St. becalled “values” are absolute cause man «inasmuch as he is and constant. Cardinal Karol Wojtyla.Chiesa viva 430 S en ANNA:Chiesa viva 430 S en 21/03/11 16:50 Pagina 23 HIS PHILOSOPHY T «In self-determination. mands himself.» The person. what the relationship is beconsciousness. While the conscience. For phy.» The human person. especially the Thomistic him. “forma corporis” (body form). begin a search or exploration It asserts that one has access to for truth.” gives the impression with these words: “Chiesa viva” *** September 2010 23 . “Person and will becomes visible as a Action.» including his body.

Thesis No. understood in a new way.Chiesa viva 430 S en ANNA:Chiesa viva 430 S en 21/03/11 16:50 Pagina 24 that he is talking of a foreign body. Anna-Teresa Tymieniecka. Proceeding phenomenologically. who do not speak of “truth” as a concordance between thing and concept (adequatio rei et intellectus) but as a simple experience claimed to be humanly universal. 17 . The love of one’s neighbor. Thesis No. As well there is no need to convert followers of other religions. 32 . Traditional dogmatic Christianity is one of these erroneous systems. It will not bring to mortal man any resurrection of the body. 27 . The following are some of the 37 “theses. Due to her collaboration for the English Edition. the «true significance of the general good of society is the relationship that exists between the participation of the person and the good of that society. the system that he developed in his book “Person and Action” is not a development of that philosophy. However.the self-realization of humanity – doesn’t have an eternal nature. quite contrary to the existing totalitarian church. from the book of Wojtyla.There is no need to be baptized or to use other traditional forms of initiation of non-Christians or non-believers. indicating that “social” is a property of man. as a philosopher.” even the way one refers to one another as a “neighbor” speaks about the correlation between all men. nor punished for our sins. in his book.Salvation . not the Revelation of creation. Thesis No.Man is the visible God. because he needs other things for his personal development. Religion doesn’t take its origin from divine revelation. Thesis No. then. but is simply the result of human imagination. and says that overall “on the basis of being human.” But this belief is a practice of the phenomenologists.How can man create his soul so easily? Because he did not create it from nothing. this scholar was able to accomplish a truly formidable undertaking: to free the mind of Karol in order to convey that which he really wanted to express. in the book “Person and Action” we don’t find “proofs.Each divine mystery is to be considered 24 as a variation or nuance of a system of pure thought. Thesis No. a universal “experience. we will not be rewarded for our good deeds. 35 .” as Aristotle had already said. man’s nature is “social” and therefore the “participation” corresponds to the transcendence of the person in the action.must be conceived only symbolically. In 1970. Thesis No. but from existing matter: the animal soul.A purely human community. 16 . abstracts from what is specifically Christian.” but only questionable teachings in the form of “theses” based on types and methods of phenomenology. Thesis No. until the appearance of the vibrant and vital Dr. For this. Thesis No.The principles of “dialogue” and “neighbor” are those which lead to the salvation of Christianity.» Thus. becomes renewed and proposed as a universal human order. Thesis No.” extracted by Hermann Humpert.» Dealing next with the love of one’s neighbor and the commandment of love. 18 . We can also say that his method is not even phenomenological. They are safe as original sin does not exist. Wojtyla says that the Christian love of one’s neighbor becomes a human general concept and therefore secular. united and universal. which was not fully accomplished in the original work.and also the belief in the Assumption and the return of the Lord in His body .In the other world after death. which he received from his parents. they will find salvation. and the Thomist teachers expressed their criticism for that disrespectful mixture of Thomism and phenomenology! «In Poland. 28 . a job lasting four years.Divine Revelation is impossible to prove. The Catholic religion is no different from other cults. above all. 15 . and in this way. 24 . In summary.and man does not cooperate with God. although some assumptions and conclusions are of a phenomenological type. in his book.There is no reason to worry for the souls of aborted babies. because he states that human consciousness is. if you have love one for another. “Person and Action:” Thesis No. This means that the «participation belongs to the person in his everyday actions. To see man is to see God.The only real significance of the New Testament is found in the philosophical explanations. this is the true Christian church according to the meaning of the Gospel. Redemption. as a virtue typically “Christian” (John 13:35) « By this shall all men know that you are my disciples. 22 . 21 . Thesis No. we can say that while Wojtyla did not reject the Aristotelian-Thomistic philosophy. the book of Card. Thesis No. Wojtyla does not endorse what the Gospel says to love our neighbor. Thesis No. Wojtyla. but only acts in cooperation with other men. or the Universal Judgement. Accordingly. his ancestors and the apes and he can only improve. Wojtyla points out that man is also a “social animal.» “Chiesa viva” *** September 2010 . “Person and Action.» But Wojtyla. evolved phylogenetically. 25 . as in that of Max Scheler. 33 . the book was largely dismissed by other Catholic philosophers.Even those who have helped the world become more civilized will die.” was discussed at the University of Krakow.God is not an historical being who works with man . The naive hope of eternal life .

” that favor of “New Theology. was already John Paul II.” therefore man is no heretical position.and in the case of the other it or not by means of faith» (see Karol Wojtyla. in all individuals of nor the doctrine of the Church. 1986. Contradiction. it is no longer the transmission of the truths revealed by God. as well. and cardinal. who favored the through faith and Baptism. thus stating that universal Redemp- I “Chiesa viva” *** September 2010 25 . Mohammed. The crucial mistake of the theology of John Paul II is Thus. reveals his Paul II. not only objectively.” “New Theology. longer a poor sinner who has This we have already observed need of redemption obtained with Paul VI. .” which states that redemption and salIn a speech on May 11. who was personally in status as “supernatural. and “natural religion” and “Supernatural Religion.Chiesa viva 430 S en ANNA:Chiesa viva 430 S en 21/03/11 16:50 Pagina 25 HIS THEOLOGY tion saves everyone. that reduces both faith and present in the texts of Wojtyla divine revelation to a simple when he was a professor. enjoying his condiroot of the “New Theology” tion to have an actual and guarand we see also with Pope John anteed redemption.” is. according to modernism. said: «I’m traveling the world to meet people of all culbut also subjectively. t is normal but incorrect to From here arises the “new ecthink that the Pope’s perclesiology” and “new revelasonal faith is necessarily tion” of the Faith: Our Lord Jeidentified with that of the sus Christ is only responsible Church. in fore any difference between his doctrinal encyclicals. and as it later experience.” Milan 1977 c. This thesis. for example. “Sign of relgions . called “living Tradition. Revelation is reduced to this: Christ died for all men and therefore every man is an awareness of the intimate relationship with the saved «whether he knows it or not. but neo-modernism that is at the a man who. bishsentiment and to a religious op. etc. but a new and intimate.Buddha. as a self-deified man! The ecumenical organization of It is a true return to modernism Assisi. in Ravenna. eliminating therewould be. Indeed. whether he accepts Man-God. laying the basis for equality of all religions. always. nor Tradition.” hereby how it was in his pastoral visits (?) in all continents. as Pope. for Christianity. subjective religious experience. confirmed neither by Scripture. With regard to Tradition. is only a result of the every time. John Paul II vation is unconditional for all men. 11). even the Pope for “fully manifesting man to could impose “de facto” a himself.

quoted and regarded as a reliable source on matters of faith so much so as to be called “The Soul of Vatican II. but at the very root. between the thighs of his mistress . nothing has developed in me without the watch and influence of a woman. body and soul. such as to offend Catholic doctrine.» «Is not the sensitivity and the flame of my being. to whom he wrote 1. which. This makes one understand that the “New Theology” puts the axe to “not so much the branches. from childhood to get to the heart of the matter. it is because I trust in the seeds of wisdom that the Spirit inspires in the consciences of the populations: from there stems the real resource for the future of mankind in our world.» *** No wonder.» Wojtyla. Did Karl Rahner know that his Luise was bound. as opposed to the religion of heaven!» «If. to an important Benedictine abbot of Bavaria. up to 5 per day. a professor of the New Theology.his cousin. Karl Rahner entertained a reported love affair with the writer Luise Rinser. perforce. It is also found in “Gaudium et Spes.A. Sometimes..» «.» «No more than I can do without light. that is. that this failed priest “who developed entirely under influence of a woman” died on April 10. was condemned by the Holy Office on June 30..” n. the Feminine?» The heretical Jesuit Karl. I feel that I would still believe the world. However. Easter Sunday. to the heresy of subjective universal redemption. in a certain way.» «Do not mention the man (St. M.. those works show ambiguity and even serious errors in philosophical and theological matters. is united. I would lose my faith in Christ.” During Vatican II. then. that stated: «The Son of God.” “my little fish. after some internal crisis. apostate and Freemason.» «As far as I’m concerned.» “Chiesa viva” *** September 2010 . then. papal authority and context of priestly celibacy. my personal faith in God. consequently. the concepts of “Redemption” and “Faith” make the revelation of Christ a secondary and accessory fact. enemy of the dogmas of Catholicism.” “curly.» Yet. the Jesuit heretic.800 love letters..” “the mind of Vatican Council II. no man can do without the feminine.” “Do not eat too much.” “My dear fish. to the faith and to its deepest fibers” (See St. during Vatican II. Augustine). [and] my faith in the Spirit. I have a real and true hatred towards everything that represents the historical and natural institution of Christ today. one finds the thesis of subjective universal redemption. 1962 for his work «. to every man. 26 abolition of any distinction between “nature” and “grace” and so. who has spoiled everything by introducing the supernatural!» «The Christian God up there and the progressive Marxist God are united in the figure of Christ. Rahner. by his incarnation. otherwise you’ll get fat and then I will not like you any more!” ..” “first of theologiansm. I have no personal interest in a life hereafter. already in the encyclical “Redemptor Hominis” of John Paul II. which Wojtyla helped to draft during the Council.» «A religion of the earth is being formed now. came to modernism through the “New Theology.” the theology which alters the fundamental Catholic notion of the supernatural and which leads. Teilhard de Chardin was revered.” “scares me that you love me with this passion. former wife of composer Karl Orff. in tones very hot and passionate he addressed her with phrases like “Coccolina. was called “builder of the Church of the future.” Here are some of his quotes: «From the start. 22. Pius X – “Pascendi”).. to the point where John Paul II arrived: namely the Teilhard de Chardin.Chiesa viva 430 S en ANNA:Chiesa viva 430 S en 21/03/11 16:50 Pagina 26 tures and religions.? «Rome and I have two different conceptions of the world. to the identification of humanity with the Church. For this. oxygen or vitamins. 1955. it was inevitable that I was one day face to face with the Feminine.

with whom Balthasar lived. converted.” This is also true of the “Catholic press” and “L’Avvenire” and every diocesan bulletin. Catholics must remain faithful to the Popes of all time and keep the universal faith. John Paul II created for Cardinal Henri de Lubac. «that he may know it or not. on the one hundredth anniversary of the birth of monist and pantheist Jesuit Teilhard de Chardin. not even on Sundays!) and von Balthasar. as well as a disavowal of Pope Pius XII’s “Humani Generis”. one of the fathers of Neo-Modernism created his own theology and became the “Father of the New Ecumenical Apostasy. along with his “other half” Adrienne von Speyr. in the “Osservatore Romano. and accept it or not through faith. On May 29. albeit more cautiously so. Balthasar never hesitated to praise the genius of Luther and his “reform!” On June 23. it is easy to think that this theological style is at one with the theory of the “anonymous Christian” of the heretic Jesuit Karl Rahner. in short. Von Speyr was a doctor of medicine. and as the Ordinary Magisterium becomes infallible only if it agrees with the statements made by all the popes of the past.Chiesa viva 430 S en ANNA:Chiesa viva 430 S en 21/03/11 16:50 Pagina 27 Christoph Schönborn. “Chiesa viva” *** September 2010 son Teilhard de Chardin. Darwinism and existentialism. Martini. he proposed to christen idealism. for whom every man would be a “Christian. von Balthasar. the ecumenical speeches of John Paul II have always had their foundation and their explanation not in Catholic doctrine. as rightly teaches St. Scola. received from John Paul II the “International Prize” of 10 million [lira]. the Secretary of State wrote. for the 20th birthday of the journal “Communio”. Lustiger. (. then. allocated by the Paul VI Institute of Brescia. q. Thomas (S. having failed. I had the opportunity to encourage and promote the printing of “Communio.” In his works. we recall that the Lord has promised infallibility to the Popes of all time. shows that even later. inherent in every person. Indeed. the thinking of John Paul II had not changed. In every man. John Paul II received Communio’s editors from different countries in audience.” on January 21. Balthasar was primarily guided in theology. the memory of two of their leaders. Th . 2 to 3).” It also presents him as the episcopal nominator of collaborators such as: Schönborn. etc.» On May 12. Even Hans Urs von Balthasar was glorified by John Paul II. in which he evoked “with gratitude. as mentioned above.” but are. she. In 1992 there was a celebration in Rome under the chairmanship of Ratzinger. Likewise the “Catholic Civilization.” Everything was centered on man and on his integral development. there would be a pre-existing seed of the supernatural. and the organ of Catholic orthodoxy. making him. 1981. held a symposium in Rome on the “mystical” Adrienne (who did not go to church. where he raved about the Ma- Urs von Balthasar.” the official organ of “those who think they have won.1993. resulting in his internal awareness of the supernatural.” even if he were to ignore it. since it is a pastoral Council.11-11. Adrienne von Speyr.”» Here again we see more of who Wojtyla is with his vote in favor of “Communio. The theological orientation of Pope Pio XII was quite different from that of John Paul II. Moreover.. eminent theologians of Catholicism.” that before had been considered the authorized body of the guidelines of the Holy See. «writing that the “keytext” of the New Catechism is that of “Gaudium et Spes” 22. Lehmann. Corecco. by a woman. but always in the “New Theology. Kasper. where the “new theologians” now swarm. The same thing happened in all appointments to the various Congregations and Commissions. however. modernists. Afterward.» But even during his travels. 1983. with whom he lived with for twenty seven years. 27 . in 1985. giving a solemn speech. However she went to Mass only twice a year. Cardinal Henry de Lubac and father Hans Urs von Balthasar. a precursor of the Pontificate of Wojtyla. “on behalf of the Holy Father.” and stating that «as archbishop of Krakow. in time and space.) who want to pass themselves off as “conservatives. Wojtyla. an entirely unjustified rehabilitation. that is. it follows that if the Pope today contradicts Popes of the past.. which are aligned «ad instar Principis componitur totus orbis!» Now.” a rather laudatory letter to the Rector of the Catholic Institute of Paris. Because what comes from the Vatican II does not have the character of infallibility. but today is impregnated with the “new theology. independent of faith and Baptism. 1984. in “spiritual brotherhood” for 27 years! She was a Protestant who tried to commit suicide in a bathtub. in a solemn ceremony. On February 2. creating a conflict in doctrine.

John Paul II even permitted Bill Clinton to receive Communion! Unfortunately. incur ipso facto excommunication reserved to the Apostolic See. what is the point of condemning abortion. without them first doing the abjuration. in 1996. because today. Richard Dupuy.» This was amended with the new Canon 1374 that states: «He who gives his name to an association that conspires against the Church. The old Code of Canon 2335 states: «Those who give their name or associate with a Masonic sect or other associations of the same nature. John Paul II surprised the French by praising the Masonic motto of the French Revolution: «“Liberty. in Paris. One is no longer prohibited to collaborate at Masonic lodges. Moreover. in front of 13 Nobel laureates. received the religious funeral rites. and contraception.» As one can see. euthanasia. In Soweto. at the Episcopal Conference of South Africa. These “facts” clearly show that the position of the Church of Rome.Chiesa viva 430 S en ANNA:Chiesa viva 430 S en 21/03/11 16:50 Pagina 28 JO HN PAUL II “MA SON ”? Paris. 1980. In the UNESCO headquarters. has changed. June 1. in 1983. however. The former Grand Master of the Grand 28 Orient of France had the religious burial rites in the parish of St. the “New Canon” 1374 no longer mentions Freemasonry. against Freemasonry.» J ohn Paul II demonstrated his conciliatory position with Freemasonry when. and that John Paul II has distanced himself from his predecessors (with the exception of Paul VI). Equality. But then. to ask some questions about John Paul II: How can one explain his intellectual formation and his persistent adherence to Masonic ideas? In what manner was the occultist and Masonic thinking drilled into the young Wojtyla at the Rhapsodic Theater of Krakow? Another indication of John Paul II’s membership to Masonry stems from the fact that he contributed to the imple“Chiesa viva” *** September 2010 . who conspire against the Church or against legitimate authority. Francis de Sales. For example: the former Grand Master of the Grand Lodge of France. if one “dialogues” with the same Freemasonry that is forcing these practices into society around the world? This is a “dialogue” which alludes to a false human dignity and which is based on the breakdown of principles! One is permitted. the Freemasons are seen solely as public sinners. nor is it necessary to preserve the “ipso facto” excommunication. Fraternity” is a profoundly Christian concept. Bill Clinton comes from the Masonic elitist society “The Order” of Oxford where the Illuminati train members to reach high political positions. he announced the “New Code of Canon Law”. must be punished with a just penalty: the promoter or leader of such an association shall be punished by interdict. John Paul II gave permission to be able to give the sacraments to Masons.

in audience. representatives of the Trilateral Commission. John Paul II receives. 2005. one of the key institutions of the Order of the Illuminati of Bavaria. 1983. One of these was his defense of the secular state. 1983. belongs to the social doctrine of the Church. It highlights the necessity of a proper separation of powers. on February 11. March 22. mentation of Freemasonry with his meetings. while St. Indeed. so dear to Masonry. the Top Representatives of the High Jewish Masonry of B’nai B’rith. on February 11. Pius X. . 1984. 1906 wrote: «To separate the State from the Church is an absolutely false thesis.Chiesa viva 430 S en ANNA:Chiesa viva 430 S en 21/03/11 16:50 Pagina 29 Vatican. if properly understood. said: «The principle of secularism. April 18. documents and writings. for the World Government and the implementation of the Antichrist.» John Paul II.» On April 18. John Paul II gave an audience to the Trilateral Commission and was photographed surrounded by its members (knowing that this commission was openly preparing for the World Government that would become the kingdom of the Antichrist and Satan!) Vatican. a pernicious error. in audience. John Paul II received.

states: «treated as if he were a “brother. with the “all-seeing eye” of Lucifer. Below: some symbols that represent the “all-seeing eye” of Freemasonry. currency. The levels of the pyramid are 13 (symbol of Lucifer). is Masonically inspired.” the Masons of Trinacria had welcomed the pontiff with the “triple embrace” of that Masonic organization. 1982. who are at the top of all the Masonic Lodges of the world which have as their supreme aim of deviating the Catholic Religion to demolish it and make it enter in the Masonic universal religion to implement the Masonic World Government. while the bricks shown in the 13 levels are 72 (number symbolizing the 72 names of the Kabalistic god. The Trilateral Commission was headed by Zbigniew Brzezinski and David Rockefeller. at the summit.Chiesa viva 430 S en ANNA:Chiesa viva 430 S en 21/03/11 16:50 Pagina 30 “Strong with hope. who were present in the Vatican Halls. that document the institutions that govern the occult world. the Eye of Lucifer. The pyramid on the back of the note of $ 1. noting the evident principles that have profoundly marked his ministry. We dare say that the architectural form of a pyramid. After hearing of the election of Card. the Sovereign Grand Master and Great Commentator. Their plan was to have their own Pope in order to make the Revolution in the Catholic Church from the top down. reported that the Trilateral Commission is a very important institution of the Order of the Illuminati of Bavaria. or rather. during John Paul II’s trip to Palermo. On March 22. of Cosa Nostra. At the hearing. The pyramid is indeed the symbol of the Bavarian Illuminati. the “Giornale di Sicilia” reported that «John Paul II was welcomed by members of the Masonic Commission of “Piazza del Gesu”. among them was the Mason. one can say that John Paul II was a Mason. On November 21. 1999. Giusepe Siri to the Papacy. Joseph Manfalarinella. there was criticism for any slowness with which one favored the move towards the “New World Order. showing clearly the paternity of monetary control exercised over the U. This is not surprising when you consider that. Paul VI gained his election as Pope thanks to two members of the Masonry of B’nai B’rith.» The book “The Merchants of the Vatican. John Paul II held an audience for a Delegation of B’nai B’rith (the Masonic sect of the Jewish Talmud) which depicts Christ as a devil and works to destroy the Catholic Church and the Christian religion! It is a known fact that John Paul II and the Masons of High Jewish Masonry of B’nai B’rith had routine and consistent contact. they threatened the persecution of Catholics worldwide. during John Paul II’s visit to Poland June 22. These principles are religious freedom. The white papal car was driven by Angelo Siin. in relation to the trip of Pope John Paul II in Sicily.” at bottom of page 70. Lucifer). This Order represents the top of Freemasonry worldwide. before him. 1984. ec- 30 “Chiesa viva” *** September 2010 . The pyramid and all the symbolism surrounding the $ 1 bill symbolizes the Order of the Illuminati of Bavaria founded by Adam Weishaupt.» Certainly. from the time he was bishop and archbishop in Krakow.S. with the “all-seeing eye” at the summit.” The altar of Zamosciu.” Many books.

” delivered on the speaker’s platform of the UN and UNESCO. Buddhists. The three words: “Freedom. in one city. he stated: «You. forced to wander through many dangers. as Our Lord called him. All other pastors. sixty-four thousand Priests and Vicars. But it was precisely these Masonic principles that allowed John Paul II to open the doors to the “godless” and to the declared enemies of our Lord.» Moreover. Hindus. the murderer. concurrently and with greater force! At this point. The temples of the Lord were turned into large prisons for His ministers. as well as those related to the inner and spiritual nature of man’s existence in this world.” established as the second set of 11 degrees of the Ancient and Accepted Scottish Rite of Freemasonry. some taking refuge in foreign nations?» “Chiesa viva” *** September 2010 We can’t believe that John Paul II did not know that «the French Revolution claimed more than 300.. stating that «this historical movement (the French Revolution) was inspired by religious sentiments (freedom. There is no doubtthere was a relationship between cause and effect of this invasion of Satanism and the nameless horrors that were the culmination. together. Make up your mind to give proof to a most noble solidarity with humanity.” some have noted his significant reticence on the inescapable “rights of God” . Collegiality and Ecumenism.” He always hoped that the Catholic Church would recognize these three principles. their parishes. having seen him preaching constantly on “human rights.which should have been preached. and. which he then extended to all these false founders of human religions: Jews (declared enemies of our Lord). faithful to their God. fraternity” was the trio with which the Satanic Order of the Illuminati had planned to disrupt the world. Equality.. It is enough to recall some incidents. as always. and Brotherhood. all religious of both sexes. magnetizing. equality.» On the occasion of the beatification of the Martyrs of Avril. Three hundred of His priests were massacred in one day. 31 . the inter-religious meeting in Assisi in 1986. Egalité.000 victims. Didn’t the Pope know the spectacle the French Revolution showed to the world: «One Hundred and thirty eight bishops and archbishops.000 of which were noble. knowing well of the affinity that existed between his ideal and the Masonic motto: “Liberté.» and that its «Terror was preceded by a fever of Satanism: alchemists everywhere. Brotherhood. After his election to the Papacy. Zoroasti. The revolutionary character of cruelty proved that one can’t give any other explanation than the action of Satan. and he did this to avoid “offending” the guests of that first inter-religious Conference. [April] John Paul II. are a great power: the power of minds and consciences.. his ideals were realized. Evidence of this is seen in his “Discussions on Man. those related to both the material and economic nature. Muslims (first anti-Trinitarian heresy). Bahai. necromancers. The nobles had become corrupt initiating the rituals which evoked Satan. 3. are nothing more than the three key ideas and the three levels of the “Masonic priesthood. but then he agreed to put a statue of Buddha on the altar above the Tabernacle where the Blessed Sacrament was present! This was an opening. Fraternité. which echo those of the Masonic trilogy propaganda of the French Revolution: “Freedom. For example. were sentenced to abandon their homes. Sikhs. in Assisi. and villages. brotherhood) and from a desire for necessary reforms . one that is founded on the Dignity of the “human person. it should be noted that the satanic Order of the Illuminati of Bavaria was the workshop and the driving force of the French Revolution.. treating them all with the utmost respect.” in their meaning of Freedom of Conscience. the private wealth of the Church evicted from their properties. were killed or driven away from their homeland. All the clergy. as well as cities were abandoned to all the practices of the occult sciences. supported and defended the principles of the French Revolution. or take the oath of perjury and apostasy. Equality.” Build peace starting at the base: the respect for all human rights. equality.» We wonder if John Paul II knew that the Masonic slogan “liberty. May this inspire wisdom.Chiesa viva 430 S en ANNA:Chiesa viva 430 S en 21/03/11 16:50 Pagina 31 umenism and collegiality.” His thinking was always imbued with that philosophy. John Paul II did not allow the statue of Our Lady of Fatima to enter the Basilica of Assisi. point by point.

For this. at an inter-religious prayer meeting. enthusiastically hailed John Paul II. the “natural religious feeling” of man with the divine presence of the Holy Spirit in the souls of the baptized found in the Christian religion.. October 1986. above the tabernacle in which the Blessed Sacrament was present! 32 “Chiesa viva” *** September 2010 .” to John Paul II. For these incorrect principles. he became the head of the “Opus Dei Secret Lodge”. collaborated with Germany. claiming that the ideals promoted by that Pope and those of Freemasonry were the same. John Paul II. These principles and ideals promoted by John Paul II. of Jewish blood. with I. Indians. but instead agree to put a statue of Buddha on the altar. could also become the city of men. Again. Muslims and Jews have the same God? No!” Editrice Civiltà . during World War II. At the end of the war. Voodoo.” although this assumption is a hoax (See Don Villa: “Christians. deliberately (?). at the “prayer meeting in Assisi” with this textual statement: «The Masons of the French National Grand Lodge wholeheartedly wishes to join the ecumenical prayer on October 27th in Assisi that will unite all the leaders of all religions in favor of world peace. an opening that was in full accordance with the Masonic principles to unite all religions under the Masonic direction. John Paul II said: «Jerusalem. (who obviously rejected it. for fear of being called to account for his cooperation in war crimes in Poland.” Jan van Helsing’s book: “The Secret Oganizations and Their Power in the Twentieth Century. among his incorrect principles. Galilei. he took refuge under the protection of the Catholic Church. Farben. John Paul II with all the representatives of false religions. Later. He remained there. and he was Governor of the Rochefeller Clan. forgetting that the Holy Spirit is one of the Three Persons of the Holy Trinity.. In 1986.G. is pseudo-ruler of the “New World Church .” published in 1995.” His mission was to: Assisi. and later had an evolution comparable to that of Eisenhower. John Paul II even argued that the Holy Spirit is “somehow” present in each of those false religions.. He. so as not “to offend” the guests. subsequently putting our Holy Religion on the same level with all other false religions. Brescia .” a member of the Rotary Clan. in the production of gas for the gas chambers.. the Animists. otherwise known as Karol Wojtyla Katz. but this doesn’t alter the significant value of the event). the Masonic Grand Lodge of France.» The Grand Master of the Masonic Grand Orient of Italy awarded the national “Masonic Prize.Chiesa viva 430 S en ANNA:Chiesa viva 430 S en 21/03/11 16:50 Pagina 32 Shiva. City of God.” the “Galileo Galilei. John Paul II maintained that there are “three monotheistic religions. is an “Illuminati. he confused. 121).Via G. It was. etc. therefore. when they speak of “world government” and “global dictatorship. on page 70 states: «Pope John Paul II.» The term “City of Man” is almost mandatory for the Illuminati. in Germany. were acknowledged by the Freemasons. At the death of the Lebanese President. It was on this occasion that the Pope would not allow the statue of Our Lady of Fatima to entered the Basilica of Assisi.

he was one of the leading men to develop the plan of the “World Government” of the Illuminati of Bavaria. 33 . 1905. a long and very bitter struggle began between the supporters of Benelli and the faction of Siri..”» Now if this statement is true. the Atlantic Institute. in the second sequence. the Bilderberg Group. usually stopped in Vienna at Card. situated in a place of honor.» It is important to remember that Karol Wojtyla. on page..” the author writes that in the last days of 2002 and early 2003.Chiesa viva 430 S en ANNA:Chiesa viva 430 S en 21/03/11 16:50 Pagina 33 – Subjugate the Catholic Church to the Jewish religion.” on the election of John Paul II.. According to statements made by W. – Recognize the “secular guilt” of Catholicism toward the Jewish people.” reports that in 1981 John Paul II received the insignia of “Paul Harris Fellow” from the hands of the International President of the Rotary Club and is now among the Italian Rotarians that also include 5 cardinals. by a high-ranking Mason.” on page 7.. On one tape. Franz König’s. had just nine votes from the majority but did not get any more. when he visited Italy. etc . 1978. 36. Karol Wojtyla was presented as a compromise candidate. there was a giant photo of Pope John Paul II. At lunch on the second day. In the first sequence. the Aspen Institute. there were two sequences. Yallop. Omero Ranelletti. Zbigniew Brzezinski appears on the screen. It is the best known and oldest of the clubs that serve as a provision for the initiated. an ideologue of the Trilateral Commission and belonged to different global Institutions. Brzezinski was also a member of the CFR. writes that the Rotary Club was founded on February 23.” Jacques Maritain and the Socialist Mason and President of Senegal. in the “Rotary and the Catholic Church. of Polish origin. On November 4. at the ceremony to celebrate the 40th anniversary of UNESCO.. Prof. 10 archbishops. we read: «.. Jaruzelski and by the same Brzezinski. The next day . König. suddenly. Giovanni Benelli . Leopold Sedar Senghor. “Chiesa viva” *** September 2010 Zbigniew Brzezinski.» the IISS of London. It is worth remembering that in the UNESCO booklet. which detailed the bewildering papal election of Cardinal Karol Wojtyla. Archbishop of Vienna. At the eighth vote. he would be the man who chose Karol Wojtyla’s as the new Pope... the camera cuts to General Woichiech Jaruzelski who said in Polish: «Brezhnev told me: “That’s your Brzezinski!. based on information obtained at the highest level. next to the author of “Integral Humanism. for these prestigious positions. October 15.» In Henryk Pajak’s book. in his book: “The Occult Power That Dominates the World. “Nowotwory Watykanu. Pierre Mariel. At the end of the first day. in Chicago. To this end it is essential for UNESCO to adopt an evolutionary approach.” in the chapter: “You’ve Elected Me. and must be founded on “a global humanism” that must be scientific. was a Mason and “had two civil cases in which his membership in Freemasonry was acknowledged. thanks to strong pressure by Franz König and John Krol. no agreement had been reached. it does not need any further comments! Again.” The official historian of Freemasonry. Card. Canadian TV broadcasted a documentary series on Pope John Paul II. the Attorney Paul Harris and also three other Masons like him. Aldo Mola indicated that König belonged to Freemasonry. 19 bishops and many prelates. was the theoretician and architect of the Trilateral Commission. It was your Brzenzinski who chose Wojtyla as Pope!”» Then. it should be noted that Zbigniew Brzezinski. Brzezinski was the “guru” and the educator of Carter and whose authority preserved the Foreign Affairs and National Security. the Church elected the first non-Italian Pope after 450 years. it is written: «UNESCO will have to eliminate any beliefs exclusively or primarily based on the hereafter. – Recognize the participation of the Christian Religion to the Holocaust. and speaks of the Pope as a world political authority. then you must come to see me. In the book by David A. Then. on it’s aims and philosophy. whose members went en masse into the Carter administration. 1986. “Habemus Papam.. and. after four consultations. he adds: «The Pope told me: “You’ve elected (chosen) me. – Weaken the Orthodox Church by proposing “the union of Christian beliefs” to the Orthodox.

in 1954. YadWojtyla. that the idea of a vocation manifested itself for the first time. with residential buildings. in Paul VI with Card. Paul VI. became his trusted everywhere. Wojtyla. In addition to the pay and fringe benefit of good vodka. Archbishop Sapieha created a secret seminary and moved Wojtyla and many other young people to safety at his residence. 1946. starting with what became Archbishop Sapieha died. and disciple of the existentialists. the woman who «At that time. with an ever-present medical doctor. In some ways. Max Scheler and Hussert. Aware of his need to find a job. employees were always assured that they would survive the war unscathed. In addition to his love sent was forcibly removed or arrested and jailed. crypto-communists. his book: “Habemus Papam”. Eventually. describes in of the secretly dealings with the secret services of the USSR bishop Sapieha ordained Wogreat detail the omissions and unbeknownst to the Pope. she put in a good diocese vicars. admirer of the pantheistic Mason and apostate Teilhard de Chardin and anthropologist Rudolf Steiner? 34 “Chiesa viva” *** September 2010 . and silences of Karol Wojtyla opened known as the Ostpolitik of the Vatican. Any bishop who did not obtain their concultural circle that she frequented.Chiesa viva 430 S en ANNA:Chiesa viva 430 S en 21/03/11 16:50 Pagina 34 JO HN PAUL II (ANTI) “COMMUNIST”? A Working at Solvay involved a number of advantages. the factory was like a village unto itself. who in reality were members of the seword for him with Henryk Kulakowski. Yallop. in 1974. in fact. a member of the cret police. The Communists tried to introduce into many friend. the Archbishop of Krakow.» «It was during these war years at Solvay. was of Jewish origin). Paul VI became the pope who jtyla to the Priesthood. Archbishop Baziak was arrested with Solvay Empire and could give a job to Wojtyla … fter 1945. Why? Perhaps because he was of Jewish descent? (His mother. Or perhaps. while persecution raged in Poland. Archbishop Eugeniusz Baziak against Communism. in Karol Wojtyla.» The writer David A. was driven from Rome by Pius XII because On November 1. Archin his first chapter. he was President of the Polish division of the In November 1952. a canteen. close to the Znak and Pax movements. to the Communist world. In 1951. the repression of for nearly two years gave the Catholic Church by the Communists was very strict French lessons to Karol Wojtyla. because he was a priest that was considered Progressive. took his place and looked after Yallop writes: «In 1941. for the arts. wiga Lewaj. Karol Wojtyla was among the Jews and Communists of high rank. a shop and a gym.

as the election of a Bishop in Poland must have the approval of Zenon Kliszko. Indeed. After denouncing the arrest of Archbishop Baziak from the pulpit. to receive the appointment of auxiliary bishop from Archbishop Baziak. the three names were rejected. Wyszynski delivered the first list of names that had to be passed by Rome. was again withdrawn. Father Kurowski. however. he went on a skiing vacation in the mountains. Adam Stefan Sapieha. he did not exist. The regime was kept well informed. his Auxiliary Bishop Stanislaw. Wyszynski did not want to further promote Wojtyla. he did not think he had to. Cardinal Wyszynski..» «At the age of 38 years (1958) Wojtyla was nominated auxiliary bishop. A second attempt had the same result. The confidentiality of “Chiesa viva” *** September 2010 cessor was not announced until January 9. (But this provoked) attack within the Polish Catholic hierarchy can be seen in the reports of Sluze Bezpieczenstwa-SB .the secret police. He was one of several priests who not only regularly drew up reports on Karol Wojtyla. with a shocking betrayal of trust.. Card. Two days after the arrests.Chiesa viva 430 S en ANNA:Chiesa viva 430 S en 21/03/11 16:50 Pagina 35 the confessional was violated regularly. then. since he viewed him as little more than an overly ambitious man who was very busy establishing relationships and informal contacts. but his suc- Archbishop of Krakow. Karol Wojtyla never openly attacked Communism. and later these names were then submitted to the Polish Communist government. in the face of Communism. He remained silent even when his professor and longtime friend.» Now. «Wojtyla never became involved at all in the struggle for survival and for fundamental freedoms of the Church. Zenon Kliszko had a meeting with the representa35 . The informant who was most appreciated by the secret police was Father Wladyslaw Kulcycki . There were more than 1.» «In the ‘50s.forcing him to become a spy. preventing him to go abroad. passed by.» «Archbishop Baziak died on June 15. as auxiliary bishop. Card. 1964. Zenon Kliszko. the Primate was worried about the overbearing attitude that Wojtyla. After two months. In his writings and his sermons. Why did Cardinal Sapieha send Wojtyla to France to spend time as a “worker priest?” The young Karol interrupted his holidays on the lakes. but also on many other members of the clergy. In particular. and Number two in the Communist regime. The arrests and detentions did not incite a protest in him. Karol Wojtyla made no statement. either privately or in public. President of the Polish Parliament and the main ideologue of the Communist Party. 1962. Archbishop Wyszynski was made Cardinal. Karol Wojtyla. was arrested. the archbishop was refused an exit visa. Card. where he enjoyed fishing in a canoe with students. Wojtyla was a very progressive Prelate and favorable to the coexistence with communism. in 1958. agreed on one aspect of Wojtyla’s character and personality: politically.» Two weeks later. Kliszko. the Primate was to submit to Rome a series of names for approval of the Pope. Wyszynski and his opponent Kliszko. had toward other members of the Archdiocese of Krakow. This arrest was an action that deeply shook the Catholic community of Krakow. This delay was due to the intransigence of two individuals: the Primate of Poland. The Polish secret police discovered that he was involved in a passionate love affair and blackmailed him . Then.000 priests who served as spies and informers for the Communist government of Poland. consecrated priest Karol Wojtyla.

constantly threatened by Soviet invasion. replied: “So far I have vetoed seven names. Pope Paul VI received Wojtyla 11 times in private audience. in fact. Yallop in his book “Habemus Papam” devotes in the appendix. in peace.» It was early 1964 and it was the pontificate of Pope Paul VI. would be the best candidate for Bishop of Krakow. David A. Karol Wojtyla was installed in the Archdiocese of Cracow. Pope John Paul “Chiesa viva” *** September 2010 . sent to me by the highest authorities of the People’s Republic of Poland. accompanied by the Canadian Senator. – Wojtyla had a cautious attitude toward anything heroic. I identify with all my heart with my beloved Poland. in this tragic moment for Poland.» Ostpolitik. Wyszynski couldn’t leave his diocese. worming into the beating heart of the Archdiocese of Cracow. Stomma replied: “Wojtyla is the best. Peter. Wojtyla was free to travel to any country without any difficulty. what would become of the Vatican Ostpolitik policy? In one of his first speeches. when he was so loved by all Polish people? Wasn’t it better to create another Cardinal a bit more sensitive to his Ostpolitik. On this occasion of selecting a son of Poland to the throne of St. Casaroli delivered another very positive report on Wojtyla to Paul VI. When Wojtyla would become Pope with the name John 36 A beaming Brzezinski.” And Kliszko. – Previously. indeed the only choice. justice and respect for mankind. the homeland of all Poles. Paul VI announced the Consistory and Karol Wojtyla was among the names chosen. Wojtyla was in the good graces of the Communists. leaves the diplomatic reception at the Vatican with the new Pope John Paul II. but was it possible to treat Card. John Paul II said: «I accept with gratitude the special congratulations and best wishes. Why? The two radically anti-communist Cardinals of Eastern Europe. due to the following topics: – He was advanced in the church hierarchy with no antiCommunist history. were punished by Paul VI for not wanting to open the door to Communism. Prof. I sincerely hope that Poland will continue to grow spiritually and materially. Then. It was largely based on the series of reviews . therefore. The news was greeted with surprise in Poland. would continue at a good pace! In May 1967. very much so.Chiesa viva 430 S en ANNA:Chiesa viva 430 S en 21/03/11 16:50 Pagina 36 tive of a small Catholic party of opposition. Wyszynski in the same way. Paul VI received Wojtyla in private audience. On March 8. a chapter to “Polish Revolution” of 1980-81 and shows how. Stanislaw Haidasz. Card.» Paul II.” «Why Wojtyla? Kliszko judged him a man willing to compromise. It was the first time that Poland had two Cardinals. Stanislaw Stomma. and gradually isolate the other irreducible antiCommunist? Two months later. I’m waiting for Wojtyla and will continue to veto until I will have him. from 1973 to 1975. to whom he asked who. he highly praised the virtues of peaceful coexistence with Communism. sympathizing with the efforts of Paul VI on Ostpolitik. good relations with the Communist bloc. This had never happened to any foreign Cardinal! «Card.information received from the best spy of the regime. that is. 1964. in his opinion. full of warmth and kindness. Card. «Kliszko’s channel of dialogue worked wonderfully: he received an additional list of candidates that included the name of Wojtyla. the Communists favored Wojtyla and recommended that he receive all necessary support and was treated with extreme kindness. – Wojtyla was a character who so far had never engaged in any openly hostile activity against the State.» Whilst Card. beaming. Later. Mindszenti and Sljpij. as he could not get authorization from the Polish Communist government.

for the further development of the great Soviet society. On April 13.» Nevertheless. The only action taken by John Paul II was a letter to Brezhnev. And. thus. 1981 at St. 1988). as was reported by “Corriere della sera?” “Chiesa viva” *** September 2010 The Franciscan. where the decision of John Paul II and the communist dictator Fidel Castro. 37 . the Catholic Church hoped to offer a growing and effective cooperation . Did John Paul II know that Fidel Castro is the Grand Master of the Grand Lodge of Cuba. Cardinal Casaroli said that «in its relations with the Soviet Union. the nature of the “New Evangelization”. Brezhnev ignored it. As demonstrated in this chronicle of events..” June 6. with the leaders of Communist countries of Eastern Europe. which was an application for the Soviet Union’s accession to the principle of nonintervention. in a letter to the Brazilian Bishops. Father Leonard Boff. The highlight of the Polish crisis was his meeting in Moscow on December 5. II was silent and almost absent. Toronto 1987. which is Communism. the Pope never intervened in the period before the meeting in Moscow on December 5. In his book. on November 11. Note that shortly before. It is assumed that the Pontiff threatened to leave the Vatican and to lead the Polish army to deal with hordes of invading Soviets.» (“Osservatore Romano.” consecrating. Peter’s and it is said that the secret services of the East were involved. This misinformation spread by the Vatican is completely baseless. yet.. the father of “liberation theology” for six months! the invasion of Poland was on the table. written in Vatican diplomatic language. 1980. John Paul II was attacked on May 13. Yallop writes: «It is claimed that the Pope’s intervention was crucial. but necessary. on December 16. limited merely to vague speeches. “Non Serviam” (Edition 999. in the first period of Wojtyla’s papacy. 1986. however. 1989. an invasion that was canceled.Chiesa viva 430 S en ANNA:Chiesa viva 430 S en 21/03/11 16:50 Pagina 37 In a public speech in which he acted as an official representative of Pope John Paul II. the “Berlin Wall” fell! To understand the fears of the Communist leaders of Eastern Europe. he had pretended to sanction the Franciscan Leonard Boff. one should read the following. John Paul II declared that “liberation theology” was not only “desirable.

Roosevelt created the Soviet Empire handing over to Stalin hundreds of millions of people with their countries. who was the future father-in-law of Zbigniew Brzezinski. did it fall when the World Summit on Freemasonry believed that. without asking anything in return! And here. perhaps. Roosevelt and Benesz both belonged to the highest degrees of Freemasonry.D. F. who consider him a traitor and from the follies of daring innovators. deeply rooted and attached to his country.. has passed. Communism.. «. which our century has experienced. These lessons began quite early from 1939. a philosophical one. exulted him: «Gorbachev.» «We must seek cooperation with Communist countries towards a political agreement first... persons in Freemasonry.. he must escape from the clutches of the conservative Leninists. which our century has experienced. just obey! The meeting of Wojtyla-Gorbachev: The Conversion of Russia? The event is important. as was heralded by the media? Or simply put.Chiesa viva 430 S en ANNA:Chiesa viva 430 S en 21/03/11 16:50 Pagina 38 The Berlin Wall fell on November 11. who believe an illusion: they believe that Communism cannot change. Having served the Soviet Union throughout his life . in the occult societies there is no “Christian obedience” that is bound to obedience to God.. the statements by Zbigniew Brzezinski on Communism. it can only die. Benesz. 66). deluded or in bad faith. There is only blind obedience to the superior as if he was God! Thus.. Roman Gladkowski writes: «The Yalta Conference was also a success of Freemasonry. made in two different periods: «The time of the American..S. Benesz.» Now... Roosevelt concluded an agreement with Stalin and American people knew nothing about it. now. Indeed. 1989. historically predictable. I predict that within a period of time. and included the preparation of the U.» So with the help of Brzezinski’s father-in-law. Did the perestroika of Mikhail Gorbachev and the “shoulder” of John Paul II caused it to fall. historically predictable. but “Intelligneti pauca” (Intelligent people need little to understand). will cease to exist. In this agreement he was helped by Czechoslovakian President. as Zbigniew Brzezinski said.» But then he wrote: 38 «. President for the meetings in Tehran and Yalta. I predict that within a period of time. but later on. he is Man’s realist. asks the support of the Pope and implicitly recognizes him as the sole moral authority in the world capable of give him back credibility and authority in his difficult journey. will cease to exist?» p. Spontaneously then they refer to the promises of Our Lady of Fatima: “Russia will be converted and in the end my Immaculate Heart will triumph”. The proletarian forces are the wave of the future. Communism no longer possesses any historical mission . Communism no longer possesses any historical mission . Have we entered. Communism. The Modernists. Dr. Benesz became the most valuable instructor for Roosevelt in regard to the Soviet Union. the season of “Chiesa viva” *** September 2010 ..

to date we have not succeeded. John Paul II echoes: «We affirm man for himself. The best thing is to come together to meet with one another.. the dogmas. and that Gorbachev was a member. everything in the name of Man. everything in the name of Man. which is the world’s most powerful satanic cult that runs the United Nations? the idolatrous motto «Everything for Man. and not for any other reason. And at this point. the priestess of the New Age had outlined the plan. rejecting resolutely.” even for the mere fact that this has always been their “religion!” Read what they say about themselves in the newspaper of the Youth Daily of the Soviet Union. the newspaper states: «at first position in the teachings of the Pope is Man and his rights: an eternal truth that our society dared to write on its banner: “Everything for the Man. who heads the UN? The founder of the “Lucifer Trust.» «.» (Ansa-La Stampa. there will be no separation among the One Universal Church. 1990. will end the heresy of separateness. as is written in high places? Let others speak: The writer Zinoviev does not believe that Communism has changed: «Communism . was a member of the Trilateral Commission.» (Gaudium et Spes..» Indicating the points of contact between the political philosophy of the new leadership of the Kremlin and the moral teachings of the Pope. thus breaking a taboo respected for decades: «The current Pope is an active initiator of the changes announced in 1962 with the Second Vatican Council the newspaper continues . accompanied by his wife Raisa.» And if it was really dying? The news there does not welcome it. And a new Church of God.” Alas. including Communists. November 1989). no less. certain that Russia was NOT converted.» «.. as fomenters of discord and war. The next meeting of Gorbachev with John Paul II will be the proof. of that Masonic and satanic “Lucis Trust” formerly called “Lucifer Trust” (The Court of Lucifer). Moscow. Vatican City. 11/22/1989) We wonder: Did John Paul II know that Mikhail Gorbachev was a member of the Trilateral Commission in 1989. drawn from all religions and all spiritual groups. We wonder: Did John Paul II know that Mikhail Gorbachev in 1989. as we no longer define religion as “an opium”. to this “NEW religion.. namely the statements by which alleged truth are claimed to be formulated..» 39 . as an Italian “Bishop” did not fail to ask? And is John Paul II the one who fulfills the requests of Our Lady on the conversion of Russia.The Catholic Church has decided to modernize their proclaimed principles and support the ongoing dialogue with non-Catholics.” on the eve of Gorbachev’s visit in Italy and his encounter with the Pope. The Communists (and not only them). every so often he sheds its skin. reading these documents of the Council have been converted .» «The Vatican has stopped launching appeals for a Crusade against Communism.» (UNESCO. and we leave these words to you.. A biographical portrait of political and markedly positive tone of John Paul II was published yesterday by the Soviet Communist youth newspaper “Komsomolskaia Pravda.» The “(Second Vatican) Council” is quoted: «Believers and unbelievers agree on this: everything on earth should be ordained to man as its center and its top. Is Gorbachev a man of Providence.» remains the only truth in place of the old: «Everything for the greater glory of God. only for himself. no less. such as East to West. the Sacred Interior Lodge of all true Masons. 06/02/1980). conceived and directed by his great “elector” Zbigniew Brzezinski. 12.1).he says . since in any case. of that Masonic and satanic “Lucis Trust” formerly called “Lucifer Trust” (The Court of Lucifer).” Alice Bailey.Chiesa viva 430 S en ANNA:Chiesa viva 430 S en 21/03/11 16:50 Pagina 39 great hope?» (Antonio Ungenti on “Mother of God” and other magazines Marian. November 18. the creation of a New Universal Religion with these words: «The “Resurrected Christ” and not the “Crucified Christ” is the distinctive mark of the New Religion. which is the world’s most powerful satanic cult. and that Gorbachev was a member. conceived and directed by his great “elector” Zbigniew Brzezinski.is like a snake. however. We quote verba“Chiesa viva” *** September 2010 tim the news agency. and the smaller circles of the esoteric societies. The meeting between John Paul II and Mikhail Gorbachev.» «Dissolve all religions.

also.” a “new faith” humanity a place of God’s Word. as Prime Minister. John Paul II had promulgated his “New Canon 40 “Chiesa viva” *** September 2010 .” to make of and was a “new concept of Revelation.” a agement? “new ecumenical concern” and a “new apostolic cure. Pope John signed the law allowing abortion? And why did he leave Paul II had published in “Aux sources du renouveau” the Seminaries in the hands of the destroyers.” that identified with all humanity Christian ecumenism an “irreversible path. The granting permission to any sacproblem of liturgical reform rilegious profanation. permission to distribute Holy colors.” cal. is what he said: Let us give some examples: He «It’s the Council who helped denounced abuses and deseme find a synthesis of my percrations of the Eucharist. He wrote “Canon Law” Article 2335 that inflicted the “excomclearly in the encyclical “Redemptor Hominis:” «Man is munication” against the Masonic sect? the way of the Church. with his nefarious manChurch must have “a new consideration for man.” which was made II: to unequivocally reduce the Liturgy. 1972. Andreotti who.» About John Paul II. he alments: the bread and wine. clothing.. lowed multiple Canons. we should say that his pontificate Here. we preserve the basic elewhen used. Here. had On May 8. decoration . is invalid. thus tecture. then. departments to sit back and Karol Wojtyla discussed with not intervene against the a friend the phenomenon of inaberrations. pastoral. songs. then allowed the appropriate In 1965.” And why did he remove from the “New Code” of They were then the four keys of his apostolate. And why was he silent on the is immense!» abortion “referendum” even allowing himself to be photographed with Mr. as a “new theology. according to local John Paul II. as Bishop of Krakow. contrary to the past and the Tradition of the Church of Now this was a “farewell to the supernatural!” all times. moral. gical creativity”. that..Chiesa viva 430 S en ANNA:Chiesa viva 430 S en 21/03/11 16:50 Pagina 40 HIS “FACTS” AND “STATEMENTS” T hese “facts” and John Paul II worked for the “statements” formed triumph of the ideas that Pius the texture of the papal XII had severely sanctioned beministry of John Paul II in all cause Vatican II had renewed fields: dogmatic. to make a panof a “new ecclesiology. leaving that the Church should have a “self realization” that the Cardinal Garrone in charge. In 1983. then. liturgithem. and but everything else will be he also remained silent on changed. grave sacrileges such as giving tradition: words.» (Laffont 1982). at the Synod of Krakow. archiCommunion in the hand. gestures. the true face of the “revision” of John Paul was all his own “particular theology. saying: «Certainly. the banal “liturculturation. yet sonal faith.

if human beings are effectively in- Semi-nude dancer performs at the Vatican. therefore.” John Paul II states that «Our Lord has assured the salvation of “all flesh” with His Incarnation … since His conception» … Assuming. thus. itself. 17). with his “Mass on the world. the only ones who have the power to sanctify. Prophet and King of every creature on earth» (p. teach. ecumenism. on page. 1994.» is certainly wrong! In Sacred Scripture and. pleasing God.» On February 15. Holy. the Holy Spirit dwelling in the soul is necessarily linked to the reception of sanctifying grace. would offer it as a new host. himself.. 35 of his book “Crossing the Threshold of Hope.” in which the “dogmatic marks” of the Church: One. Catholic. govern! The statement of John Paul II «Every true prayer comes from the Holy Spirit who dwells mysteriously in each “Chiesa viva” *** September 2010 During the Mass. disappeared and became “communion..Chiesa viva 430 S en ANNA:Chiesa viva 430 S en 21/03/11 16:50 Pagina 41 soul.” John Paul II. the Real Presence of Jesus in the consecrated Host and promotes many other heresies!). For this. the independence from the Cross. the Faith. but we don’t have the knowledge to ascertain . Baptism and by good works! John Paul II incredibly stated «Eternal damnation remains a real possibility. A new concept of morality? 41 . which does not make a distinction between “ministerial priesthood” (which belongs only to the ordained) and “participated priesthood” (which is of all men baptized or not).” wrote «man is a priest of all creation. Law.” affirms that man no longer offers the consecrated Host. collegiality.» It is a sentence like that of Luther. the “Osservatore Romano” published an unctuous approval of the “Neo-Catechumenal Way” (although it is a secret sect that denies even the Divinity of Christ. But these are the ravings of Teilhard de Chardin who. was Jesus or the Pope. Vatican. indigenous women appear topless in front of John Paul II. but the world. John Paul II with half-naked dancers. in Catholic theology. John Paul says: «Man was created to become a Priest. Apostolic. In his encyclical “Redemptor Hominis et Vivificantem Dominum. as if Man.

Chiesa viva 430 S en ANNA:Chiesa viva 430 S en 21/03/11 16:50 Pagina 42

cal “Kabbalah” which denied Christ’s divinity and the
Trinitarian Mystery. This spurious tradition, then, was
revived by Islam which is a condensed version of Talmudism.
On the dogma of eternal damnation, John Paul II with
his moderate viewpoint (page 80) said that the resurrection is victory over death, and embraces every man (p.
81), without explaining whether or not it is prior or subsequent to the will. Later, then, John Paul II, while returning to the discussion of eternal damnation, almost nullifies it. On p. 81, he writes: «Eternal damnation ... to
what extent is it implemented in the life beyond the
grave? This is a great mystery. We can’t, however, forget that God wants all to be saved and come to know
the truth.» (I Tim. 11, 4)
Sure, God wants all to be saved, but what is the number of
the elect? Jesus, himself, reveals that: «Broad is the road
that leads to damnation, and many who take this road,
and narrow is the one that leads to salvation and “few”
who take it.» So, Hell is full, not empty, as John Paul II
had said and as that other fop, von Balthasar, had written!

May 1984. John Paul II accepts the Offertory gifts
from half-naked women.

volved.» So, hell would be empty, contradicting thus the
explicit statements of Scripture about it!
John Paul II in his book “Crossing the Threshold of
Hope,” besides some beautiful pages, he also has erroneous statements and even material “heresy.”
For example:
According to him, Jesus is the Son, consubstantial with
the Father, yes, but you can reject it. «You can reject all
this, and write in capital letters “God has no Son”.»
«Jesus Christ is not the Son of God, but only one of the
prophets.» (p. 9)
John Paul II speaks of a physical or moral possibility of
rejecting the Revelation of the Divinity of the Word.
And as if to apologize he adds: «Should we be surprised
about these positions when we know that Peter, himself,
had difficulties in this respect?» (p. 9) Using the sin of
Peter, John Paul II does not question Judaism and Islam
for only believing that Jesus was just a man. Indeed, he
continues: «Is it any wonder that even those who believe
in one God ... find it difficult to accept the faith in a
Crucified God? … So therefore at the heart of this
great monotheistic tradition, this deep laceration has
been opened.» (p. 9)
But the “laceration” is not the fault of Christianity for
having introduced the idea of the Trinity in the
“monotheistic tradition,” but it is the fault of the rabbini42

Vatican. Asian dance at the beginning of a Eucharistic celebration
presided over by Pope John Paul II.
“Chiesa viva” *** September 2010

Chiesa viva 430 S en ANNA:Chiesa viva 430 S en 21/03/11 16:50 Pagina 43

experience. Transmitted to others, such experience
took the form of doctrines, rites and precepts of the
various religions.» So, according to John Paul II, Buddha, Lao-Tese, Zoroaster, Mohammed and his companions, were the true prophets inspired by God to found
their false religions.
This argument, was already propagated by the modernists,
who, Pope St. Pius X had accurately denounced: «they do
not deny but actually admit, some confusedly, others in
the most open manner, that all religions are true, for it
was the work of those religious geniuses whom we call
prophets, and of whom Christ was the greatest.» (cfr.
Encyclical “Pascendi”)
John Paul II wrote 14 encyclicals, but not all without
“errors” such as “Splendor Veritate” which was of a individualistic, naturalist spirit, of course, never distinguishing the difference between Grace and the natural order.
His “Redemptor Hominis” revolves around Man rather
than around God. In fact, the text has the words “man”
and “human” mentioned more than 354 times.
Man ... This man, for John Paul II, is the first path on
which the Church has set out to fulfill its mission; then,

John Paul II distributes the Eucharist to half-naked women during
an outdoor Mass. The news reports did not specify if those who had
received Communion were Catholic or pagan.

John Paul II argues that the Holy Spirit is “somehow”
present in all of the other religions, forgetting that the
Holy Spirit is one of the Three Persons of the Holy Trinity.
He deliberately confuses the “natural religious feeling”
of man with what, in Christian religion, is the divine presence of the Holy Spirit in the souls of the baptized.
He also argues that there are “three monotheistic religions,” which is a sham. (See Don Villa’s: “Christians,
Muslims and Jews have the same God? No!” Edizioni
Civiltà, Brescia).
John Paul II had made his “personal theology,” his
“new ecclesiology” identified with all of mankind, a
“new concept of Revelation” that wants all men in possession of it, albeit in varying degrees; his “new faith”
which is simply to become aware of the “supernatural,”
existing in all, since birth.
John Paul II calmly affirmed: «... just as this primordial
human openness toward God created the different religions. Not infrequently, their origins are the foundations
that have achieved, with God’s help, a deeper religious
“Chiesa viva” *** September 2010

In Korazin, John Paul II, during the Holy Mass for youth, at Lake
Genezareth in 2000. The Pope is placed on a satanic armchair with
an upside-down cross, the “cross of Nero” on its back.

Chiesa viva 430 S en ANNA:Chiesa viva 430 S en 21/03/11 16:50 Pagina 44

October 19, 2003. John Paul II with Mother Theresa of Calcutta.
In her last book, Mother Theresa had boasted that she never
baptized anyone in all the years of her apostolate!

man is the first and fundamental path for the Church
... and that «“human rights” must become, worldwide,
the basis for all efforts aimed at the good of man ... because peace depends on respect for the inviolable rights of
man. Therefore, “the daily path of the Church is man
and will always be so” ...»
Prof. Wigand Siebel, of Saarbrücken, in “Bedakreis” No
184, October 1979, made this analysis:
«This encyclical not only represents an idea no longer
compatible with the Catholic faith, that is smacks of
heresy, because the Church also separates the confessions one from another one, but the encyclical makes a
reversal of the Church itself. It makes the Church turn
its back on Christ and gears toward Man and opens
Herself to the world.»
This ideal of John Paul II toward man is the opposite of
the program of St. Pius X: «To renew all things in
Christ.» The Holy Pope had foreseen everything that
would have happened today, condemning, for this reason,
with the encyclical, “Pascendi Gregis,” in which he defines Modernism as the synthesis and the poison of all
heresies, because «it attempts to undermine the foundations of the Faith and to destroy Christianity.» The
Church of Vatican II, instead of occupying Herself, first,
with the “rights of God,” occupies Herself with “human
rights” ... the goal that Masonry has always wanted and
pursued to arrive at, which is the “world religion,” cemented by human brotherhood. For this, John Paul II was
also called a “liberal Pope” even more progressive than
he appeared. And Indro Montanelli defined him as “a
subversive Pope!”

John Paul II with Kiko Argüello and Carmen Hernadez, founders
of the Neo-catechumenal. The secret Catechism of Kiko contains the
following important heresies:
- By virtue of God’s mercy, in the end, all will be saved;
- Jesus may not have satisfied the justice of God, for He is only allforgiving mercy;
- Jesus offered Himself as a victim for the sins of the world; on the
cross, however He did not complete a “sacrifice;”
- Jesus did not redeem us;
- Jesus saved the world by virtue of His resurrection;
- There is no sacrifice offered on the Altar
- The Church is not a hierarchical society, but charismatic;
- The Church does not confer the priesthood with the Sacrament of
Holy Orders; Baptism is enough to incorporate all to Christ, the sole
- There is no Eucharist without the assembly proclaiming it ... It is
from this assembly that the Eucharist flows;
- “Transubstantiation” is not a dogma of faith, but a mere attempt of
theologians to explain the “how” of Christ’s presence;
- The true and real presence of Christ in the Eucharist can’t be accepted, for the alleged miracle of “transubstantiation is not credible;
- There is no sin, because man can’t avoid it;
- Penance is omitted, as the sacrament of Baptism is sufficient;
- The important thing is not absolution ... ;
- Confession is a public, community event.

John Paul II was the ideal of that “modernism” which
was desired by Paul VI; a “modernism” that led to the
demolition of the Church. Just compare the many encyclicals and other writings of John Paul II with the other
Popes, like these:
– As Pope Leo X had excommunicated Luther, John
Paul II, instead, repeatedly rehabilitated him in various
– While the Holy Office condemned the heretic and Masonic Jesuit Teilhard de Chardin, John Paul II
praised him and made another Jesuit, de Lubac, a Cardinal.
– During the Council, he focused on a book that was
the “Theory of Marx!”
“Chiesa viva” *** September 2010

because the new function of the Church is only to bring peace between men and any earthly good. now this is real godlessness! The secular anthropocentrism of John Paul II made him abandon the Church to embrace a “new humanism” that would allow modern man to find himself. replacing the two Tables of the Ten Commandments given by God to Moses. he also changed the Marian doctrine. With John Paul II. Canon Law. Fraternity].” Before Vatican II.” therefore. Ecclesiology. Truth. Resting on this “Declaration. from the sacraments. Catechism. The growing popularity of John Paul II. and this is presented as the path to the eternal destiny.” in an apologetic printing. We saw a huge decline of priestly and religious vo45 . Exegesis. the New Man crushes and kills the priest. in Heaven.” Finally. if we want to avoid a catastrophe for everyone! But the “new humanism” of John Paul II was a humanism independent from Grace of God. Liturgy. The man with the mason’s trowel and apron is. from liturgical worship. lasted 26 years. the Way. in Purgatory. released by the Grand Orient of France. from the Holy Spirit. Above.Chiesa viva 430 S en ANNA:Chiesa viva 430 S en 21/03/11 16:50 Pagina 45 the claim of “human rights” and a “new consciousness” a common destiny that we must build together. Purgatory and Paradise. the path was set for Christians in Jesus Christ. a “free mason” or “Mason. have always been a state The text of the “Declaration of Rights of Man and the Citizen. in bold print is the Triple motto of Freemasonry “Liberté. to activate This image. Hell. The authoritative jurist Mason Ernest Nys says that the “Declaration of the Rights of Man and Citizen” is part of the Masonic teachings which “are in opposition to any positive religion” and “deny the legitimacy of every priesthood and every hierarchy. throwing to the ground the Tiara and the Crown. of course.” which is the foundation of the Atheistic State. Moses receives the Tablets of the Ten Commandments on Mount Sinai. instead. Life. so that human life is not the glory of God. have their roots in carrying out their “duties” toward the “Rights of God!” “Chiesa viva” *** September 2010 of “conditions of the soul. Himself. Mass. he said: «The Church’s path is man!» Replace the Son of God made Man with man. Fraternité” [Liberty. In his various pastoral expressions. from his first encyclical. Egalité. in Hell. from Jesus.” He is leaning against a pillar with two tables of the “Declaration of the Rights of Man and Citizen” engraved on it. for the Church. in Paradise” are inappropriate images and that. Equality. The “Rights of Man. after he changed Social Doctrine. John Paul II emphasized that the traditional expressions such as: “under the earth. summarizes the New Man born from the French Revolution.

therefore. Sisters with backpacks. All of this suggests the deep void of his religious life. almost to the point of disappearing. they put everything at the same level. A religion. the growing secularization. he signed “Concordats” that no longer protected the Church. committing Original sin! 46 Here. celebrating the feast of Epiphany. his plays and his other literary works while concealing the spiritual elements that misted his duties as Supreme Pontiff. even in “pastoral outings. now. who was hailed by a mass of easygoing. which suggests that he had too many windows opened to let all the heresies and errors into the Church that have destroyed souls redeemed by Christ. the defeats of sexual morality. and sentimental people that followed him.” where he dared to say that “The various religions are all reflections of the truth. he was one of the most advanced in the discussions on “religious freedom. that increasingly became a performance. that he favored and promoted. which were characterized by a stadium-like atmosphere: vast crowds. or religion. instead. the failure of his struggle against Communism. Vatican City. hand in hand with the media. It was his “religious relativism” that led to the conclusion that “all religions are valid and lead to salvation!” But it is a doctrinal error that John Paul II repeated in his encyclical “Redemptor Hominis. John Paul II closes the Great Jubilee of 2000. who was always presenting his poems. especially at his papal Masses in Rome. until they disappeared under the bourgeois forms of his behavior. and so on. and the presence of a minimum percentage of practicing Catholics in many dioceses. The manifestations of his consistency in his failures overshadows his person.» “Freedom of conscience” is nothing but man’s freedom to decide what is good and evil. an impressive reduction in the birth rate. A Pope who often ran away to ski. Consider the failure of his appeals. While Pius IX as well as Gregory XVI had called “Freedom of conscience. and homosexual couples. or Christian values. the half-empty churches. there was a continued growth in divorce. Pope John Paul II was a super-star Pope.” “pure madness.” ignor“Chiesa viva” *** September 2010 . the failure of his war against war. and tennis shoes. It is a “fact. the failure of his exhortations to faith. his. January 6. even during the Christmas season. that John Paul II had lost all his battles. and religious practice. exaltations of applause. with a multitude of concelebrants with “creative” liturgical vestments.” John Paul II had this to say about it: «I hope that you develop respect for “freedom of conscience and worship” for every human being. 2001. *** Pope Pius IX.” When acting as Pope. a travelling Pope. In his appeals to the family.” however. more muddied with secularism and increasingly faded. Like the “Freedom” that caught Adam and Eve eating from the tree of Good and Evil.Chiesa viva 430 S en ANNA:Chiesa viva 430 S en 21/03/11 16:50 Pagina 46 cations and the collapse of the sense of the sacred. is a news flash on the “ecumenical mind” of John Paul II: at the Council. but.” but who left the churches empty.

the Redemption. in defending the true Faith and apportioning blame on individuals. 5). the only true religion. Australia and Oceania.. p. The only religion that would lose its identity in this crowd. wrote the influential article. Lord Lothian saw in Hitler’s war machine a formidable weapon to overthrow national sovereignty. Buddhist and Hindu. entitled: “The Demonic Influence of National Sovereignty!” Lord Lothian had met with Hitler in 1935 and 1937 to discuss the best way to defeat the opposition to Hitler in the Western world. under the direction of leaders of Freemasonry. John Paul II spoke out about it in this way: «I hope that respect for “freedom of conscience and worship” will be developed for every human being. the Real Presence. England.” John Paul II had traveled for a quarter of a century. in the presence of the Pope. 47 . From the documentation published on this Conference. John Paul II at a meeting of the World Council of Churches.” by Gregory XVI and Pius IX. the sacrifice of the Cross and of the Altar. as President of an assembly of nearly a thousand representatives from 15 different faiths. For the first time in the the Vatican. so as not to offend other faiths! He admitted that Christ was no longer the Kings of the Nations. with the personal intervention of John Paul II. condemning Her actions in History. for two hours we listened to the verses of Koran and verses from the Jewish race and then appeals for peace by Shinto. founded by God Himself! “Masonic Ecumenism” is thus the most powerful weapon for the destruction of the Catholic Church.» (Conakry Guinea.including the Satanic ones! He praised the “theologian” Martin Luther and sought compromise with the “Protestant Reformation. etc. who openly denied in their catechisms. He prohibited the proselytizing.” He humiliated the Holy Church before the world. reducing it to a social engagement. it is clear that the purpose of the “World Council of Churches” is to reorganize the world political affairs under a World Government. in order to destroy the one true religion! Consider also that black mark of his pontificate. interspersed with African blues! Symbolic representation of “Masonic Ecumenism” as the meeting of all religions. Lord Lothian. in their encyclicals. While “freedom of conscience” was defined as “pure madness. in “Osservatore Romano” R 02/27/ 1992.” appealing to the voice of conscience! The first religious conference in the history of the Church. an organization founded in 1937 with a Conference in Oxford. the ministerial priesthood. was held in the Vatican. the person chosen by the “World Council of Churches” to represent their ideas for the world. including indigenous religions of Africa. forgetful of our Christian song: “Te Nationum Praesides honore tollant publico. which was his obvious cover-up of the heretical Neo-Catechumenal Movement of Kiko Argüello and Carmen Hernandez his associate. arranging a worldwide religious agreement between the revealed Faith and all other human faiths . 02/25/1992. ing that the doctrine of the Church always taught that different religions have been founded by Satan. “Chiesa viva” *** September 2010 June 1984.Chiesa viva 430 S en ANNA:Chiesa viva 430 S en 21/03/11 16:50 Pagina 47 It is well to remember that this “freedom of conscience and religion” are the basic ideas of the “Masonic Priesthood. rejecting thus the Church’s missionary activity. would be the Catholic Religion. etc. as evidence. and this.

the consequences. was a gesture that caused a widespread outrage and condemnation. or demons? «Now. because it was an insult to God in His First Commandment.” i. Francis.. so as to “not offend” these false religions. such as the apostasy of the Catholic nations.. for our Muslim brothers. You can not drink the cup of the Lord and the cup of demons. who live on this same land. Peter’s in Rome and then in Brussels. 14-15) In this Congress of many religions. we have entered an ecumenical era . such a desecration (desired by Wojtyla!) occurred also in the Basilica of St. Didn’t St.» (1 Cor. you can not participate in the Lord’s table and the table of demons. the Voodoo serpent worshippers (therefore Satan worshipers!) were also present. In addition. Feb. at the Sunday Angelus. it reads: «With Vatican II. witnesses of the African traditional religion. because that gesture has denied the unity of the Church and its mission of salvation. why pray for a peace among human beings that God never promised us? Isn’t this one. the statue of Our Lady of Fatima was prevented from entering the Basilica but a statue of Buddha was allowed on the altar. And included were those who do not believe in any precise “god.. At the same time.» The gesture by John Paul II to gather in Assisi in 1986 and to preside over the major world religions for a prayer for peace. 1986. and also for the many Animists. Paul say that these false “gods” are fallen angels.e. or what fellowship has light with darkness? What accord has Christ with Belial? As an association between a believer with an unbeliever? What agreement has the temple of God and the infidels?» (II Cor. And more St. because that gesture has definitely opened indifferentism to the faithful Catholics. of the priesthood: the “dialogue” that killed the imperative of Christ with his “Docete” [Teach!] and so on.Chiesa viva 430 S en ANNA:Chiesa viva 430 S en 21/03/11 16:50 Pagina 48 On February 7. Finally. cannot be done quickly. because that gesture has definitely opened indifferentism to the Catholic faithful. 1982. because that gesture has also misled the infidels followers of other religions. just above the Tabernacle! Unfortunately.. the gradual but continuous disappearance. In the Osservatore Romano. the false promise of the Antichrist? 48 “Chiesa viva” *** September 2010 . 20-21). But we have seen. John Paul II presided over the meeting of representatives of major world religions for a prayer for peace. Bologna and other dioceses like the Cathedral of Amiens. because that gesture has denied the unity of the Church and Her mission of salvation.» So it’s clear that John Paul II was opposed to the “past. 10. symbiotically joined. It was a gesture that caused a widespread outrage and condemnation. I insert in this prayer. however.” in work done by his predecessors. What relationship can there be between justice and impiety. 1990. the task is not easy.” profaning thus. 3. October 27. Pope John Paul II said: «. I do not want you to go in communion with demons. 6. because it was an insult to God in His First Commandment. the Basilica of St. so that we can say that John Paul II was the most secular Pope of our modern times! Assisi. instead. the “Tradition of the Church. because that gesture has also misled the infidelfollowers of other religions. Paul writes: «Don’t let yourself be tied to the yoke of foreign infidels. the spread of sects. The task of rebuilding that which had been built diametrically over a long period of time.

Karol Wojtyla would continue to travel around the world giving social lectures.. as the encounter with Hassan and Islam. for eternal truths! All his gestures. even leaving the crowds thirsty. John Paul II prevented the entry of the statue of Our Lady of Fatima in the Basilica. during a sermon in front of a crowd of 100.. 1985. their sense of prayer. We believe in the same God.000 young people. just above the Tabernacle containing Our Lord Jesus Christ! John Paul II. allowed a statue of Buddha to be placed on the altar . as the meetings with the Protestant monks of Taizé. reiterated the need for “dialogue” between the monotheistic religions. in essence. in which he said: «. and their esteem for the moral life . as the meeting with members of the Masonic Trilateral Commission. on June 29. on August 18.” directed by the leaders of Freemasonry.. the one God. but. So as not to “offend” the false religions. instead. 1987. that. coincides with the strategy of the Order of the Il- Assisi. the living God.” however. Francis of Assisi.” were actions that have puzzled: as the encounter with the Jewish sect of the High Masonry of B’nai B’rith. the only one to lose its identity will be the Catholic Religion! Therefore. in Rabat Morocco. of Him.Chiesa viva 430 S en ANNA:Chiesa viva 430 S en 21/03/11 16:50 Pagina 49 Assisi 1986. and leaving everything as it was. forgetting the silence of the Christian Martyrs. at the same time. you Muslims and we Catholics. that had gathered in Assisi for the Peace prayer. as Pope.” From this “one world religion.» « The Church shows particular attention to the believing Muslims. given their faith in the one God. as the encounters with Dimitrios I in December 1987 and Bartholomew I. Disconcerting was his speech to Muslims youth in the stadium of Casablanca.» « it is of God. October 1986. to achieve a “world government...» No comment! 49 .. I wish to speak to you. because it is in Him that we believe. “Chiesa viva” *** September 2010 luminati to create a satanic “one world religion. called “ecumenical. an obsession that. above all. Himself. The sacrilege of the statue of Buddha placed above the Tabernacle in the Basilica of St.

than what they have found in their rituals. when the deepest foundations on which all religions rest will be released..” it. demons and obscenity is the “Kalachakra. October 27. therefore the liberation at which the Buddhist is aiming is the in the annihilation of the “ego” in the “Nirvana. sacrifices. The Dalai Lama. fits in the category of perverse practices that use the desires and passions under the control of Buddhist detachment reached with practices of obscene and orgiastic rites. in the wake of the ecumenism and irenicism of Vatican II. Another “way” that is a very important part of Tantric Buddhism. given the characteristics and the psychic forces that are unleashed in the disciple. Buddhism and socialism both deny the existence of a higher being who created the universe. He says himself: «From my point of view we can say with certainty that the socialist theory is very close to Buddhist doctrine . The work in verse lines that convey the message of “Kalachakra” at verses 151 and 152. dhist “salvation” called “Vayarayana” (which means “via male sex organ”). is the supreme hierarch of Tibetan Buddhism. a “Green Altar. that had to be ready for 1992. Evil is connected to the Buddhist Tantrism: the “way” for higher Bud50 Assisi. 1986. sexual orgies. However each will bring with him. in offices and in the prayers of those religious circles where fate has brought them .e. the Franciscans of Assisi. as a heretical master of the Barbarians! In this inter-religious meeting. i. who is currently the custodian of it. the “contrast of opinons” began to fail and the crypt of the Masonic Lodge began to expand to become the universal Temple of the New World Order? “Chiesa viva” *** September 2010 . which contains the whole impregnation of magic. At the Peace meeting the Voodoo priests were not missing.. in an overabundant spirit of ecumenicaism. aspire to something more pure. which. This crypt. that which he holds in highest esteem. until the crypt of the past will become one day the Church of the Future. In this paradoxical teaching. the absolute vacuum is real and the whole being is a phantasmagorical illusion of our ego. transfers it very parsimoniously. and therefore more dangerous and evil. How many-Who knows? In time perhaps it will grow in size and will become brighter. Then it was also the turn of the Indians who prayed to Manitou to obtain world peace. is self-delusion. the most precious jewel of his legacy. While not all the Tantric Buddhist schools arrive.. October 27. John Paul II with the Dalai Lama..Chiesa viva 430 S en ANNA:Chiesa viva 430 S en 21/03/11 16:50 Pagina 50 Assisi. 1986. sacrificing of children. in Muslim churches and in Christian churches. has been visited by a number of those who have contrasting opinions. In the ritual of the 32nd degree of Freemasonry of the Ancient and Accepted Scottish Rite. prepared to set up around the Basilica of San Francesco. that. nevertheless. ritual drunkenness. fleeing the tumult of the crowds. an “Ara Viridis”. points out to its practitioners the contempt of Jesus of Nazareth. they too received the same treatment as was accorded to other religions and were assigned a place to practice their worship service. ecologism and pantheism. perhaps these foundations will be used again for asylum. in turn. into the quiet of the crypt. To those who.” a kind of altar to the Great God Pan. lust.» The day in Assisi on October 27. in practice. While practicing black magic. in the Buddhist monasteries. you will leave behind the things you worship or teach in the Hindu pagodas. and the dark and devouring forces that can easily lead those who evoke it to get lost in the maze with no return from a madness populated by demonic forms. which is an atheistic religion. the most famous man at the Assisi meeting after John Paul II. sexual intercourse outside of conjugal tie. October 27. the year of birth of “the Europe of the Bankers and Holdings”.” This initiation. in one cult or another. exactly. justifying murder. John Paul II ended by saying that «Never before in human history has the intrinsic link between an authentic religious attitude and the great good of peace become evident to all. as a whole is considered very secret and the Dalai Lama. to these extreme consequences. constitutes a fundamental practice of initiation to Buddhism and Lamaism in particular. the Grand Master turns to the initiate with these words: «When the harvest time will come. which represents the Good as a more subtle deception. and “ritual copulation. the glare of the lights. 1986 was perhaps the dawning of that day? Perhaps it was then. as once the catacombs and crypts of our cathedrals.» For Buddhism.» Assisi. 1986.” as one who is under the illusion of salvation through good works is in the same deception of those who are unscrupulous in regards to indulging in the passions and vices. close and yet so obscure.

That is. At an Easter ceremony at the Colosseum.” John Paul II realizes the plan of Freemasonry to transform the Catholic clergy into a “political class” in the service of “Babylon. 1999. in which there is no place for the God of Love that gave His life to redeem man from sin. to make his plans for the great Jubilee of 2000 known. John Paul II wanted to be called “guide and guardian of all religions of the world” and condemned “Catholic fundamentalism!” Fiji. With the heresy that “all religions lead to salvation. Pope John Paul II made his plans for the great Jubilee of 2000 known.. John Paul II. the Crusades . sent a letter to the Heads of State. one month from the meeting. the New Tower Babel. a toxic potion called “Kava. Wojtyla. January 24. 2002.” 51 . John Paul II drinking from a coconut. the Catholic Church will join with representatives of Jewish and Muslim religions to pray to God at the foot of Mount Sinai and ask forgiveness for Her passed “crimes:” the Inquisition.” ie the New World Government. Another moment of inter-religious prayer for peace.. January 24.Chiesa viva 430 S en ANNA:Chiesa viva 430 S en 21/03/11 16:50 Pagina 51 Assisi. John Paul II convened 250 delegates from 12 major religions. the Roman Martyrology will be revised. at a secret Consistory. during an inter-religious meeting. In June 1994. In addition. November 1986. The “Decalogue of Assisi for Peace” that revolves around Man and a Terrestrial Heaven to be erected on the earth. celebrated the immoral and suicidal Martin Luther by putting him at the same level as the Martyrs of the faith! Assisi. adding past heretics and schismatics. 2002. “Chiesa viva” *** September 2010 On October 28.

Ulrich and St. John Paul II presides over a strange prayer with all sorts of heretics holding . an “Aladdin’s lamp!” On November 10. January 1993. born into the world to bring it. the “inverted cross” is a classic symbol of the worst enemies of the Catholic Church that mocks the redemption given by Christ. Then he said: «We are far from the cultural and religious imperialism of the West that is trying to impose its norms on how to think and believe. undermines the fundamental right to “Freedom of religion. 2000. “Nostra Aetate” requires it! On March 24. at the church of the “Beatitudes” in Korazim.» This is a real denial of the affirmation of Jesus Christ: «I AM THE TRUTH. in addition..”» But this is a dismantling of the “Euntes Docete omnes gentes” [teach to all people] of Jesus Christ.» One can say that John Paul II nullified the “Mission” and the apostolate of the Church.. John Paul II chose to sit on a throne with an “inverted cross. calling him an “extraordinary man” and urging the bishops of the place to ponder the values of other religions and to express the Gospel in the culture and spirit of the peoples of India . John Paul II declared: «No culture (religious) can claim the right to be exclusive. 52 But then.” carved in the back. telling the Bishops of Indonesia that «the Church teaches that all forms of religious intolerance and proselytism.. what might one say about this behavior of John Paul II.. this is the symbol most commonly used by “Satanists!” May 1. India. during an inter-religious meeting held in Rome. 1999. if he indirectly supports Satanism? “Chiesa viva” *** September 2010 . Now. the place where Jesus Christ gave the “Sermon on the Mount”. Ecumenical celebration in the Catholic Basilica of St.Chiesa viva 430 S en ANNA:Chiesa viva 430 S en 21/03/11 16:50 Pagina 52 Assisi. However. 1987.» In New Delhi. Afra in Augsburg (Germany). John Paul II prayed in the mausoleum of Gandhi.

1982. Wojtyla’s pontificate will be remembered as the pontificate that dealt the final blow to a dying Church! On September 17. “Chiesa viva” *** September 2010 On April 13. because he is already fed up with it! … and.DC 1900). Thomas Aquinas. the Pope said that the Jews are our “elder brothers. New Age. April 13. Satanism. 1985. John Paul II said: «The Old Covenant has not been revoked by God. Catherine. namely the coming of the Messiah of the Jews. John Paul II recited a psalm together with Chief Rabbi (sworn enemy of Christ) who professes and preaches all the aberrations of the Talmud.» But didn’t the Pope know that the Jews are Talmudic and. Elio Toaff. In the presence of chief rabbi. John Paul II urged Catholics to «find themselves beside their Jewish brethren. slandered and crucified Jesus Christ? On June 24. therefore the Church of John Paul II has left a spiritual void that is being filled by all religions and the most diverse sects such as: Buddhism. John Paul II has fallen too much for the world. leaving the sentimental enthusiasm that accompanied his entire Rome. Protestant sects.. life and his death behind. the Antichrist Lucifer! John Paul II with the former chief rabbi of Rome. 1986. Paul and also by St. are the “Synagogue of Satan” . On March 6. surrounded by Israeli flags.» But this is a heresy denounced by St. in a few years. in the Great Synagogue of Rome. But the man of today does not need the world. Islam. those who have rejected. an official document of the Vatican called on Christians to «join the Jews together to prepare the world for the coming of the Messiah» (sic . at their common heritage. in Rome.. Peter and St. 1986. The historic visit of Pope John Paul II to the synagogue in Rome. 1980 in Mayence. Elio Toaff. 53 .” Even Cain was an “elder brother” of Abel. therefore.Chiesa viva 430 S en ANNA:Chiesa viva 430 S en 21/03/11 16:50 Pagina 53 John Paul II in the garden of St. occultism.

John Paul II during his visit to Israel. Israel. welcomed Pope John Paul II during the Pope’s historic visit in 2000. assisted by Card.Chiesa viva 430 S en ANNA:Chiesa viva 430 S en 21/03/11 16:50 Pagina 54 Vatican. 2000. John Paul II arrives in Tel Aviv and is greeted by President Ezer Weizman and Prime Minister Ehud Barak. Roger Etchegaray. said: «We must fight everywhere to always present the true face of the Jews and Judaism. Israel Meir Lau. The historic meeting between Pope John Paul II and the chief rabbi of Israel. March 2000. Edward Cassidy and Card. at the Holocaust Museum. March 21. “Chiesa viva” *** September 2010 . The Chief Rabbi of Israel. Israel.» 54 Israel. John Paul II. Meir Lau. 2000. March 23. The Pope has asked the Rabbi to visit Jerusalem on a pilgrimage of faith and from the Holy City to launch an alliance of peace between the religions. 2000. who deposited a wreath of flowers.

” a letter containing a prayer of supplication to God for forgiveness for the wrongs committed to the Jews by the Catholic Church. the mother of all Churches.» – «We’ve covered the Catholic Church with the most abominable slanders. we have falsified Her history and we have soiled Her noblest activity. all patriotism and all dignity is destroyed. On the seven-branched candelabrum. “Chiesa viva” *** September 2010 – «May our children become Bishops and Cardinals. not realizing that these are our theories and that they are our most dangerous weapon against them. The Catholic Church is still alive . 1987 p. members of the secret Lodge of Jewish B’nai B’rith..» – «We offered to Christians new theories impossible to be realized. 2.» John Paul II. we attributed the wickedness of Her enemies to the Church.. symbolized one of the seven major sins committed by the Church. 2) In April 2000. John Paul II made a solemn act of “asking for forgiveness” for the Church’s past. so they can destroy the Catholic Church!» 55 .. The Christians have foolishly accepted with great enthusiasm. the seven-branched candelabrum is also a symbol of the Jewish High Freemasonry of B’nai B’rith. lit by a different Prelate. said: – «Not until all moral conception of social order is eliminated among Christians and not until all religion. each candle. will our reign over the world be realized. We must destroy it.Chiesa viva 430 S en ANNA:Chiesa viva 430 S en 21/03/11 16:50 Pagina 55 Jerusalem. socialism and anarchy. a message in which he accused the Church of the alleged crimes against the Jews and declared «Jerusalem. This visit to the Synagogue was defined by John Paul II. by posting in the “Wailing Wall” in Jerusalem.» – «We have already accomplished most of our work. 2000. John Paul II placed in a crack in the “Wailing Wall. among other things.» (see the newspaper of Jan. after renouncing what is remembered about Muhammad. which are currently our projects . himself: «An event that transcends the boundaries of the year and is measured in centuries and millennia. but we can’t claim to have achieved the goal of our work. John Paul II bore witness to his Judaism. a champion of Vatican II.» March 12. like communism. without the least delay and without mercy.. In a secret meeting held in Paris in 1936. an absolute histor- The Menorah.

the impression that he apostatized. places where God is truly present. 1984. Banjue (Africa) John Paul II said: «All of you. 1986. which denies the Divinity of Christ and has always persecuted and killed Christians!) Here’s an ecumenical secret of December 12. Shick Ahmad Kuftaro. (almost endorsing the false religion of Islam. 56 On February 23. 2001.” he even kissed the Koran. 1992. he visited the sacred place with them and sat as equals with them. about the roots of Europe. John Paul II sent his representative to preside over the laying of the corner stone of the mosque in Rome. even giving them. he waved the festive red flag with the star and crescent in order to invite the Turks to come to Europe in great numbers.Chiesa viva 430 S en ANNA:Chiesa viva 430 S en 21/03/11 16:50 Pagina 56 Damascus. the most important Muslim religious authority who never came to Italy: «Every day I read a passage from the Koran!» Another photo of an ecumenical meeting with Pope John Paul II with Rabbi Toaff and a Muslim religious leader. The December 11. where justice and peace really exist. which is the home of the tomb of St. My message to the young people of Gambia is this: “Be the salt of the earth! Be the light of the “Chiesa viva” *** September 2010 . made by John Paul II to Syria’s Grand Mufti Ahmed Kaftaro. May 6. For the first time a Pope entered a mosque! John Paul II has at his right the Grand Mufti. has always referred to the Muslim books as our “holy books. he was convinced that the roots were not really Christian. during his historic visit to Omayya. Christians and Muslims are called to make of your families and of society itself. By the way. with the aim of making a conquest. ical truth. and where people are motivated by a spirit of love and mutual respect. but “Judeo- Christian. John the Baptist.” John Paul II always expressed esteem for Islam itself.

May 14. 1999. May 14. “Chiesa viva” *** September 2010 Rome. John Paul II kissed the Koran.Chiesa viva 430 S en ANNA:Chiesa viva 430 S en 21/03/11 16:50 Pagina 57 Rome. in which the Holy Trinity is called an “abomination” Christians are called infidels and unclean and incites to subdue and kill them. John Paul II kisses the Koran in the presence of a Prelate and an Iraqi Muslim dignitary. Rome. 57 . 1999. 1999. May 14. Another photo of the Pope meeting with the two Iraqi dignitaries.

”» But didn’t John Paul II know that Luther was a heretic. 58 The decapitated head of Nick Berg. including the creation of a new market of Christian slaves. he receiving two Iraqi Muslim dignitaries in Rome. 1980. John Paul II receives the descendant of the Prophet Muhammad. the same religious leaders have continued to incite the leaders of the Sudanese government to persecute Catholics who refused to renounce their religious beliefs and apostatize from their faith. a persecutor of the Catholic Church. John Paul II meets with several smiling Muslim leaders in Sudan. 8). Another meeting between John Paul II with the chief rabbi of Israel. The killings. John Paul II kissed the Koran (even though the Koran incites them to kill Christians!). February 1993. were their responses to the proposals for a “dialogue” between religions for John Paul II’s world peace. Could it be any different than this? Reading the Koran. it seems not! “Chiesa viva” *** September 2010 . in Germany. massacres. After this meeting. in a Lutheran church. John Paul II declared: «I come to you toward the spiritual legacy of Martin Luther. that occurred after the Pope’s visit.1998. a model of vices and suicide? And didn’t he know that On November 17. a debauchee. Mohammed VI. Israel Meir Lau and a Muslim representative. crucifixions and barbarous cruelty. 1999. world. Islam’s response to proposals for a “dialogue” between religions for world peace. the young king and spiritual leader of Morocco. p.2. son of the late King Hassan II. On May 14.Chiesa viva 430 S en ANNA:Chiesa viva 430 S en 21/03/11 16:50 Pagina 58 Khartoum. who displayed a Rome.”» (“Osservatore Romano” 24 and 25. “profound spirituality.

1982.. 59 . the 18th degree is called “Knight RoseCroix” [In its secret meaning... for these temptations.Chiesa viva 430 S en ANNA:Chiesa viva 430 S en 21/03/11 16:50 Pagina 59 Rome. It is the first time in history that a Pope prays with a Lutheran community. John Paul II visited the Lutheran church.. Luther hated the Catholic Mass. caused a serious infringement of Canon Law. destroyed and desecrated thousands of churches and murdered thousands and thousands of Catholics. In the Ancient and Accepted Scottish Rite. this degree represents the heart of Freemasonry]. murders.. 1983. I declare that all the brothels.» But the hatred of Luther was concentrated on the Mass. John Paul II participated in worship at the Anglican Canterbury Cathedral. Kudtfeld: «. the task of the Knight of the Rosicrucian is obliterate the sacrifice of Christ on the Cross from the face of the earth. Martin Luther.. put to the sword people in Germany and Europe. strangled. In fact. Luther declared: «I’ve been a great villain and a murderer. He wrote: «When the Mass has been overthrown. I found my master literally hanging from his bed. religious? On May 25. by doing so. The Rosicrucian is a cult which dates back to 1188. thefts. I am convinced that we will have it overturned with Popery .» From the deposition of the home of Luther. December 11. priests. In reality.» “Chiesa viva” *** September 2010 The emblem of the Rose-Cross of Martin Luther.» About the temptations of the flesh Luther said: «These idiotic asses (Catholics) do not know about the temptations of the flesh . the remedy is easy: there are still women and girls. assassinations and adulteries are less evil than the abomination which is the Mass of the Popes.

John Paul II had the Catholic Church join the World Council of Protestant Churches (completely in the hands of Masonry!) On October 15. 1983. In 1999. in Lome’s “holy forest” in Togo (West Africa). continuing the policy of Paul VI to “dialogue” with the Protestant sects. On February 24. 60 December 17. 1986. the infallibility of the Church in matters of religion and insulting the memory of Leo X! On December 17. that “justification” faith alone would be enough. John Paul II assisted at pagan ceremonies. John Paul II and the Lutheran pastor Crystof Meyer leaving the evangelical church. in Rome. expressing the desire to conduct a re-trial of Luther. in France. John Paul II had signed an agreement with the Lutherans. in such a way as to make it more objective. John Paul II visits the Evangelical Church. he took part in satanic rituals. George Carey. John Paul II prays in the Anglican cathedral of Canterbury. “Chiesa viva” *** September 2010 . impart a common blessing. John Paul II preached in a Lutheran Church in Rome. John Paul II concelebrates the Lutheran “Supper. where he even said that the cult of the Sacred Heart was not in use any more! On November 20.” with Lutheran Archbishop Verman. On December 11. at Kara and Togoville. 1986. 1983. celebrated together after the worship service. 1994.Chiesa viva 430 S en ANNA:Chiesa viva 430 S en 21/03/11 16:50 Pagina 60 Canterbury. in the Lutheran church of “Santa Caterina. 1983. 1985. «The ordinations conferred in the Anglican rite have been and are completely null and void» (Bull “Apostolicae Curae” of Leo XIII). John Paul II went among the community of Taizé and then to the charismatic Pentecostals in Paray le Monial. A few days later. even denying. without works! On August 8. Runcie. John Paul II with the Archbishop of Canterbury. 1982.” John Paul II and the Anglican Primate.

In an interview with the newspaper. 1982. the Duma (Russian Parliament) passed a resolution in early March 2001. the successor to Pimen. John Paul II embraces. By the way. the Orthodox representatives gathered in Rome for the Ecumenical Commemoration of Martyrs of the Coliseum. At the request of the Orthodox religious representatives. Padua. Alexis II recognized his “sins:” his acts of loyalty to the Communist regime. several reports were published about Alexis II written by the KGB. He was a KGB agent. September 12. Alexis II is the supreme authority of the Russian Orthodox Church. “Izvestia” in July 1991. Boris Yeltsin. 2000. one by one. Above: Russian President Gorbachev decorates the Orthodox Patriarch Pimen with the “Order of the Red Banner. blesses the successor to Gorbachev. “Chiesa viva” *** September 2010 . Alexis II. The Russian Orthodox Patriarch. in the past.Chiesa viva 430 S en ANNA:Chiesa viva 430 S en 21/03/11 16:50 Pagina 61 Vatican City May 7.” one of the most prestigious awards of Communist honor. Today. calling for measures to limit the growth of the Catholic Church in the country. John Paul II embraces Brother Roger Schultz. founder of the Protestant Taize Ecumenical Center. Next to right: President Vladimir Putin with the Orthodox Patriarch Alexis II.

a suspected KGB agent. Casaroli said that the Catholic Church «had hoped to offer a growing and effective cooperation .” Filaret of Kiev is also a KGB agent.» With the prohibition of visiting Russia. Top left: The newspaper. there could be no more Catholic proselytism among the Orthodox. but a few years ago. to encourage the further development of the great Soviet society. In a public speech. Cardinal Walter Kasper said: «We want the Orthodox to remain Orthodox. the religious authority of Kiev was subject to the Patriarch of Moscow.000th anniversary of the Orthodox Church.. the official representative. a Kiev Patriarch Filaret declared independence and founded another schismatic Orthodox Church in Ukraine. We want to help them. to become better Orthodox.Chiesa viva 430 S en ANNA:Chiesa viva 430 S en 21/03/11 16:51 Pagina 62 Above: The Metropolitan Kirill of Smolensk. From 1962 to 1989 the condemnation against Communism had to be abolished. After the opening of the Iron Curtain. During the 2001 visit of Pope John Paul II.. This agreement was signed with the Pact of Metz in August 1962. “Glasnost. we absolutely do not want to convert them. 2. a suspected KGB agent.» 62 “Chiesa viva” *** September 2010 . John Paul II sent a delegation of nine cardinals to the festivities celebrating the 1. Next: Filaret of Minsk. In the recent past. Card. The Russian Orthodox Church asked for two conditions to cooperate in ecumenical meetings with the Catholic Church: 1.

. According to reliable sources. head of the Orthodox Church in Greece. John Paul II and Bartholomew I form the new couple. John Paul II embraced Bartholomew I on the balcony of St. The Primate of the Anglican Church. from where they have blessed the crowd. Fisher. Constantinople is the only Orthodox Church that seems to follow the Vatican during its Masonic Ecumenism. On June 29. The Grand Master of Bernard. Peter’s Basilica. May 4. During his visit to Athens. And Pope John XXIII had opened an ecumenical dialogue with them in an atmosphere of fraternal understanding. “Chiesa viva” *** September 2010 63 . in his book “The Philosophy of Freemasonry. Peter and Paul. and the patriarch of Constantinople II Athenagoras were Masons. John Paul II offered an icon as a gift to Christodoulos. 2001. many religious leaders belong to Freemasonry. the Feast Day of St.. Orthodox and Lutherans are members of Freemasonry . The Grand Master Giuliano di Bernardo.» Bottom right: Athens. Athenagoras was the main partner of John XXIII and Paul VI.” says literally that «Many Anglican bishops.Chiesa viva 430 S en ANNA:Chiesa viva 430 S en 21/03/11 16:51 Pagina 63 Above: Bartholomew I of Constantinople Athenagoras II’s successor. (See photo below). 1995.

in a speech in Madras. but only gave him a simple chair to sit on. May 10. This pagan was sitting on his throne with his legs crossed. 2000. in Madras (India). 1986. John Paul II visited the High Buddhist Priest. He did not rise even to receive the Pope.holy cow dung! – Imprinted on the forehead by a “priestess” of all those devils who call themselves collectively “Shiva. 64 “Chiesa viva” *** September 2010 . John Paul II recognized the “truths” (?) contained in the Indian religions (The Journal. Togo (Africa).” ie: Benevolence! He had to know that this gesture was an initiation ceremony of phallic religion of Shiva.1986). John Paul II drank from a coconut. John Paul II received “chrism” . John Paul II had provided an “Abbey” for this Buddhist! On February 25.a very toxic ritual potion. 1990. Upon his arrival at the capital of Thailand. 1984. who he met several times: Above: The Vatican in 1996. Bangkok. in Fiji.” with six other prelates of various cults! On May 10. Below: in Assisi in 1986. on this occasion. 1986. “kava” .Chiesa viva 430 S en ANNA:Chiesa viva 430 S en 21/03/11 16:51 Pagina 64 On February 2. He. Next: Rome. in Cairo. John Paul II bowed before the supreme head of Buddhism. the Pope. was wearing the “miter. November 1986. In September 1988. in Thailand. John Paul II with the Dalai Lama. John Paul II met and befriended the Voodoo witches. the Vicar of Christ on earth! John Paul II always showed a great friendship for the Dalai Lama. who said.06. On June 1. 02.” and in the left hand. which was a “Luciferian sacrament” of the Trinity of Brahman! And the Pope. “Pastoral Cross!” Also in India. “Dalai Lama” is a self-styled reincarnation of Buddha. practitioners of sexual orgies and murderers of children. John Paul II received for the fifth time Tenzin Gytro. 1984. worshipers of snakes. seated on his throne. Vassana Tara. John Paul II organized an “Ecumenical Mass.

to which all must obey. But it is also the norm in the practice of Voodoo. the appreciation for celebration.Chiesa viva 430 S en ANNA:Chiesa viva 430 S en 21/03/11 16:51 Pagina 65 Above: Cotonou. the souls of the dead. the forces of nature and even the Devil! “Chiesa viva” *** September 2010 The voodoo rituals are complex as there are many gods. Their religion worships snakes. «You are strongly attached to the traditions which have been handed to you by your ancestors. Another picture of the meeting of John Paul II with a variety of Voodoo sorcerers.» Cotonou. in secret. It’s even hard to believe that John Paul II at the end of the meeting turned to these pagans and Satanists saying to them. wild dances with deafening noise of drums. that children are consecrated to the gods (demons). In this African country. Benin. burning them alive. sexual orgies. in February 1993. otherwise the spirits will kill them. John Paul II met two “High Voodoo Priests” who were accompanied by other Voodoo sorcerers. It is right to be grateful towards your ancestors who have passed a sense of the sacred. ritual sacrifices. rum and tobacco consumption. faith in one God and goodness. 65 . children become slaves of evil spirits. Benin. the consideration for a moral life and harmony in society. resulting in “ecstasy” are experienced. babies are also offered to demons. Even today. in February 1993. Demonic possession.

as he said himself: «Christ values all cultures. precisely because.Chiesa viva 430 S en ANNA:Chiesa viva 430 S en 21/03/11 16:51 Pagina 66 Above: John Paul II visiting a tribe of Indians. because he loves Man!» 66 “Chiesa viva” *** September 2010 . in January 1980. John Paul II wearing a traditional African headdress. Guinea Bissau. While taking photos in these unusual poses. John Paul II stressed that there can be no cultural barrier for the Church. Opposite: Cape Verde.

Under: John Paul II in another example of Masonic Ecumenism which seeks to unite all world religions into one religion. . in his ecumenical intent to become the Head of all the religions of the world.Chiesa viva 430 S en ANNA:Chiesa viva 430 S en 21/03/11 16:51 Pagina 67 Above: John Paul II during a meeting with the savages in Africa.

had on his head the “miter. because he loves Man!» John Paul II with a Pakistani shawl.holy cow dung! – Impressed on his forehead by a “priestess” of all those devils who call themselves collectively “Shiva.Chiesa viva 430 S en ANNA:Chiesa viva 430 S en 21/03/11 16:51 Pagina 68 Next: On February 2.” namely: Benevolence! That gesture was an initiation ceremony of the phallic religion of Shiva. only a few months after an Islamic attack. 06/02/1986). John Paul II recognized the “truth” (?) contained in the Indian religions (The Journal. «Christ values all cultures. 1986. the “Pastoral Cross!” Also in India. John Paul II receives the “Chrism” . in Madras India. 68 “Chiesa viva” *** September 2010 . in a speech in Madras. Next: Pakistan February 1981. which is a “Luciferian sacrament” of the trinity of Brahman! And the Pope on this occasion.” and in his left hand.

John Paul II was always against the doctrine of always taught. “Chiesa viva” *** September 2010 69 . who clothed with the sun. Pope John Paul II said: « The 12th chapter of Revelation. The 597. Pope John Paul II said: (26/07/1954). Pius XII. he departed from Catholic Tradition on “Marian doctrine. expressed it in this way.» «The commentators are now John Paul II. Canon Law.» (See “Osservatore Romano” on crushes the serpent’s head.» And St. with Her Immaculate foot. 1954) In the General audience of May 30. in fact. Ecclesiology. differently: «The scholastic Most Holy Virgin. not directly to the “Woman”. giving birth in pain to the risen Messiah. in Pont. (1/1/1950) in Pon. Pius X (9/8/1903) wrote: «Mary.» (See “Osservatore Romano” on July 26. crushes Doctors have seen the Mother of God in this woman his head. Exegesis. wrote: «.Chiesa viva 430 S en ANNA:Chiesa viva 430 S en 21/03/11 16:51 Pagina 69 THE “MARIAN DOCTRINE” of John Paul II A fter changing the social doctrine of the Holy Mass. 1996. § 652. (4/23/1845).. the Catechism. Pius IX. wrote: «The Immaculate crushes with Her foot the infernal serpent.” In the General audience of January 25. is often cited too as biblical testimony on behalf of the Immaculate Conception. par.» Also.. The “Marian Pope” (!) In his last years.» It is another twist of the doctrine that the Church had Again. 1950). but to Her descendants. Current exegesis agrees in seeing in this woman the Community of God’s People. which speaks of the “woman clothed with the sun” (12:1). Pius XII January 1. according to the original Hebrew. 1996. Pope John Paul II also changed the doctrine of the Virgin Mary. in fact. Liturgy. unanimous in recognizing that the text of Genesis. the Church. attributed the action toward the snake.

.. has not formally proclaimed the Universal Motherhood of Mary. said: «. She gave us the Savior. this erroneous bizarre blow of John Paul II is against the Marian doctrine from time immemorial. as Advocate she begs. 2/19/1805. Jesus proclaimed Her from the cross when He entrusted to Her care and love the whole of the race of man in the person of His disciple. anointed between Her and the favorite disciple» (See “Osservatore Romano” on 4/24/ 1997) Also..” “Co-redemptrix. John Paul II said: «Jesus on the cross. That’s why we call upon Her with the title of Co-redemptrix. “Octobre Canteen” (9/22/1891) wrote: «.Chiesa viva 430 S en ANNA:Chiesa viva 430 S en 21/03/11 16:51 Pagina 70 «A definition of “Marian titles” of “Advocate. for example. Leo XIII..» In the General audience of April 24. inevitably.. She led Him to His work of Redemption on the Cross. the Pontifical International Marian Academy.. but as Mother she commands. involved His Mother in His own work. John Paul II was against the doctrine taught by the Church before Vatican II. Pius VII wrote: «.» Even Pius XI (08/05/1928) in his speech that he gave to the pilgrims of Vicenza. He wanted to make his Mother advocate for sinners and the dispenser and mediatrix of grace. she approaches Her Divine Son’s throne.» And Pius XII wrote: «.» (See “Osservatore Romano” 05/04/1997) Again. 1977.” “Mediatrix” is not in line with the guidance of the great Marian texts of Vatican II. but established a maternal relationship.. as Handmaid she prays.” John Paul II. had this to say: 70 “Chiesa viva” *** September 2010 .» Even on “Marian titles. on June 4.. For example. The Redeemer. 1997.

In 1993. in a permanent essentialization of one’s own faith. John Paul II openly declared to “Protestants” and “orthodox” his full willingness to change the way of exercising the primacy of jurisdiction. in Egypt.” which may not necessarily be the Pope of the Catholic Church. however.” In this vein. and that this ecumenical theory «paves the way to naturalism and atheism» and prepares «a pretense of Christian religion which is a thousand miles away from the one Church of Christ» and that « it is an quick and easy step toward the neglect of religion or indifferentism and to modernism» and that «it is nonsense and stupidity!» 71 . Card. “Ut unum sint”) John Paul II..Chiesa viva 430 S en ANNA:Chiesa viva 430 S en 21/03/11 16:51 Pagina 71 THE PRIMACY OF PETER I n 1967. which provides for a reform of the Primacy of Peter. also signed “Concordats” that no longer protects the Catholic Church. in his “Mortalium animos. therefore. John Paul II released his “Canon Law. Paul VI had said that the Papacy is the major obstacle to Ecumenism. in a meeting at the “Evangelical Center. spoke of “reconciled diversity.” said that this ecumenism provides for the reform of the Primacy of Peter. or Christian values. doctrine and practice. Apostolic and Roman Church. to make them: “Communion. Holy. in fact. declining to put it into practice (see Enc. Apostolic.” (See “Ut unum sint” . the “the One. Catholic.” namely «in getting together . But Pope Pius XI. religion. Ecumenism. to the recommendation of World Coun- “Chiesa viva” *** September 2010 cil of Churches (Protestant body) that the Commission on Faith and Order “give impetus to a new study on the question of a “minister” (the text is in lowercase) of universal Christian unity. Joseph Ratzinger. the Church of Peter and Paul.05/05/1995) John Paul II. betrayed the mandate given to Peter and his successors when he claimed to take note that: «The question of the primacy of the Bishop of Rome has now become the immediate object of study» and adheres. In 1993. he downgraded then. in joy and thanksgiving for each one’s spiritual treasures. John Paul II declared that it was necessary to reform the Primacy of Peter (of divine institution) and this was confirmed on February 25 2000.” on the theme of unity in diversity. Prefect of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith. Collegiality. It consists in the willingness to learn from each other and to accept each other’s corrections.» In 1997. demanding that the Orthodox and Protestant authorities “redefine” his role as Pope (Incredible!).” which took away the “Dogmatic Marks” of the Church: One. Holy. Catholic. which were all made equal.” to “Church of Rome..

Chiesa viva 430 S en ANNA:Chiesa viva 430 S en 21/03/11 16:51 Pagina 72 Above. below and on the following pages: several examples of “papal dignity.” .

Chiesa viva 430 S en ANNA:Chiesa viva 430 S en 21/03/11 16:51 Pagina 73 .

January 27. 1979. John Paul II wears a straw sombrero. 74 “Chiesa viva” *** September 2010 . May 12. Top left: Vatican. as protection from the sun.Chiesa viva 430 S en ANNA:Chiesa viva 430 S en 21/03/11 16:51 Pagina 74 Above: John Paul II with an Indian headress. Below: Puebla. 1980. Left: John Paul II puts a straw hat on his head. John Paul II smiling in an Alpine hat.

Chiesa viva 430 S en ANNA:Chiesa viva 430 S en 21/03/11 16:51 Pagina 75 Top: Mexico. in February 1982. returning from a trip to Mexico. “Chiesa viva” *** September 2010 75 . Next: Equatorial Guinea. John Paul II is protected from the sun with a straw hat. May 1979. During his visit. John Paul II. wearing a sombrero that was given to him in Monterrey.

Chiesa viva 430 S en ANNA:Chiesa viva 430 S en 21/03/11 16:51 Pagina 76 76 “Chiesa viva” *** September 2010 .

Bottom right: In his trip to Cape Verde. Page 76. “Chiesa viva” *** September 2010 77 . John Paul II. Top right: Nairobi. Top left: On his trip to Pakistan in February 1981.Australia. Page 76. having pictures taken with a koala in his arms. Bottom left: Alice Springs . to be recited in Latin. With the traditional colorful feathered headdress of the Masai warrior waving a traditional staff of a tribal chief.Chiesa viva 430 S en ANNA:Chiesa viva 430 S en 21/03/11 16:51 Pagina 77 Above: John Paul II dressed as an American Indian posing as if he is getting out of a tepee. John Paul II dressed in a Pakistani robe. one of the most widely spoken languages of East Africa. Yet another curious pose of John Paul II in his ninth apostolic journey. 1980. John Paul II wearing a traditional African headdress. 1986. John Paul II greets millions of Kenyans hurrying to Uhuru Park to attend the Pontifical Mass then. during a pastoral visit to Australia. Page 76. May 7. 1981. Page 76. Next: Philippines. English and in Swahili. a typical teddy bear in that continent.

Chiesa viva 430 S en ANNA:Chiesa viva 430 S en 21/03/11 16:51 Pagina 78 .

his skis. John Paul II has just gotten out of the helicopter that brought him to the glacier peaks of Val d’Aosta. he jokingly confided to his friend Sandro Pertini “I’m scandalous. Sometimes the Pope left the Vatican in secret to go skiing. The Pope has never cared that his sporting attitude perplexed some prelates of the Curia. without papal robes. dressed for skiing. Page 78.for a few vacation days of summer. Because he said once: “Sports can greatly influence the behavior of people. In the quiet of the forest on a tree trunk.Pinzolo. boots and even his sneakers.” “Chiesa viva” *** September 2010 79 . 1986. Stanislaw. taken on the “Adamello glacier. is ready to embark on the snow.” where. more than three thousand meters of altitude. like the time he went with his secretary. to devote himself to his favorite sports. John Paul II’s love for the mountains is evident from this other picture. Adamello . Bottom left: Lobbia Alta. Trento. so that one day.” Brescia. Then everything came to light because his secretary broke his leg and had to be hospitalized. by his expressed will. tired after a walk. Val d’Aosta.” Page 78.Abruzzo. before beginning a descent on the glacier. John Paul II.Chiesa viva 430 S en ANNA:Chiesa viva 430 S en 21/03/11 16:51 Pagina 79 Mount “Adamello. John Paul II (first on the left) making the sign of the cross with his companions. sleeps a peaceful slumber. It was not the first time that the Pope secretly left his residence in the Vatican. Top: the Maiella Mountain . Lobbia Alta. the altar was placed at the highest point in Europe. Below right: John Paul II. Page 78. his head supported by a limb. The Pope kept his passion for the mountains and even kept in his closet. 1984.

Cardinal Karol Wojtyla walking in a field. 80 . John Paul II climbing down the ladder to the pool that he had wanted. in the Vatican. Wojtyla loved sports. Poland. a passion maintained by Pope This is a great photo that shows him in tennis shoes. Top right: Wadowice. It was the habit of the pope to take walks and hiking tours. which cost over two billion and where he entertained himself for an hour a day. Next: Castel Gandolfo.Chiesa viva 430 S en ANNA:Chiesa viva 430 S en 21/03/11 16:51 Pagina 80 Top left: As a young man.

because them dance before him. often spirituality is given from the excreating embarrassing and deercise of charity. the with love for all men.” read the epistle at Mass. not of faith and virtue. and coming up to dance with them.. on speaking of the “theembrace and kiss children. and beating of the tom-tom’s. you see him in the flourfrom a very broad understandishing of sects. African chanting at heart. and forgetting ized Pope of all time. 1982. or ascetic. On May 8. in conversion to the one eternal short. has been the most seculartruth of the Gospel. 1984. such as what happened at the opening of John Paul II revealed that the mutual and personal disthe African Synod of Bishops. or mystic. at a Wednesday public audience. with dancing.Chiesa viva 430 S en ANNA:Chiesa viva 430 S en 21/03/11 16:51 Pagina 81 HIS THEOLOGY OF THE BODY Y pope allowed naked Polynesian ou can see the true men to dance. 31) loved the body. John Paul II. John Paul II girls and young ladies. always including halfOn January 13. as John Paul II. singing.e. i. and certhat Jesus said «Heaven and tainly he is far from being a earth will pass away but My Saint. both in his speaking and writing. ology of the body”. the masculinity and femininity of the naked Synods. John Paul II began his apostoPeter’s as well. even changing late. This was the topic that he always had Continents. “Wojtyla” in the aposHis key points of thought on the tasy of Catholic Na“theology of the body” were tions. He desired these scandals in St. disregardutopia of “dialogue” as opposed ing or not acknowledging their to the truth. during the “Jubilee” year in Rome. There were always scenes of dancers and semibody. himself. And these types of events even occurred being for themselves and for others.” which he confused pearance of the priesthood. He (Mark XIII. such as when the “Chiesa viva” *** September 2010 81 .» cause he liked human love. but this also occurred in all covery. reaching up to In 1983. bewords shall not pass away. are for him the greatest revelations of the human nude dancers . in “New he did during his trip to Australia Guinea”. is not always eager and happy to see superior to marriage. John Paul II allowed a where he even praised “Rock “topless” woman student to ‘Roll. the gradual disaping of “sex. but the style of the Synods of the of sexual relations.» plorable scenes.. He was said: «“virginity” as such. naked dancers.

While Jesus said that marriage and procreation will cease with the resurrection. man and woman are only one flesh. that eroticism in Paradise will be the foundation of the communion of Saints. but will Karol Wojtyla. this rant of John Paul II is the rambling of a lunatic..» man beings would rise still retaining its attributes of mas(Luke 20. however. So. But then. being Speaking of the resurrection of the body. sex would be the image and likeness of the “proceeding” of the Divine Persons within the meaning of life of the Trinity. Halina Kròlikiewicz.» (Gal. Luke: «.Chiesa viva 430 S en ANNA:Chiesa viva 430 S en 21/03/11 16:51 Pagina 82 Galatians and Romans of the anathema and curse on those errors and their proponents. with his students in Krakow during a hike in the mountains. “Chiesa viva” *** September 2010 . when Jesus Himself said in His Gospel: «At the resurrection . be like angels in heaven. he said that huchildren of the resurrection. each with their own sex. but all will be one in Christ. for «in Heaven there will be neither male nor female. they are children of God. One of the many meetings between Wojtyla and his close friend and “colleague.. until he made it his doctrine by constant preaching. said that the duality of marriage is the image and likeness of the Blessed Trinity.” actress. outside of procreation? And how can it be the same union of “two” in only one flesh? And how can it be the Beatific Vision of God with erotic joy? But John Paul II said: «Our heritage will be an eternal eroticism.” Vatican City. that is.25) And in St. eroticism is our current task. John Paul II. love in Heaven? … This nonsense of John Paul II ignores that St. the new state of eternal life will be in the same line of life that men had in Paradise Lost. shall neither marry nor be married. Paul spoke to the 82 “John Paul II loved her all his life.» (Mark 12.» But what will it be. and as God is three in One. they are like Angels. at 34 years of age. 3) John Paul II. however. Honestly.. celestial eroticism is our goal.. abandoned himself to his erotic obsession. It is impossible to accept this foolishness of John Paul II.36) culinity and femininity. for John Paul II. In fact how could it be possible to experience marital love outside marriage.. Matthew and St. then.

John Paul II’s passion for women. 1980. “Chiesa viva” *** September 2010 Brazil. once again. Another photograph shows. John Paul II with children . November 1986. The Pope attends a dance in his honor. 1981. in dance! 83 .. Even in this situation. John Paul II does not seem to feel any embarrassment. Young dancers celebrate the presence of John Paul II.. The dance is performed by young Samoan woman with skirts made of leaves.Chiesa viva 430 S en ANNA:Chiesa viva 430 S en 21/03/11 16:51 Pagina 83 Philippines. Pacific Islands.

1989. Young acrobats perform in front of Pope John Paul II. showing their best to John Paul II. because of his taste for beauty. 1200. the Pope made short speeches in the intervals between the different dances. With a new style of preaching. dozens of young dancers are performing for Pope John Paul II. August 19. Vatican. Spain. 84 Santiago de Compostela.Chiesa viva 430 S en ANNA:Chiesa viva 430 S en 21/03/11 16:51 Pagina 84 Above: In one stadium. The theme was the theatrical performance: The Way. With rapid steps and choreography and exuberant rhythms of rock. “Chiesa viva” *** September 2010 . the Truth and the Light. dancers dancing.

we just can’t imagine Jesus Christ attending a dance such as the Andalusian dance . Thomas teaches that comliness is one of the essential characteristics of Goodness. during his visit to Izamal. sooner or later. . in this as in other cases. Honestly. and feel compelled to point out what we are finding? If the Pope does not appoint a trusted person to review in advance the details of the people and events that he intends to put on display. he will be in situations far more embarrassing and deplorable. For centuries we have grown accustomed to the very different types of holiday of the Pope – which were more appropriate. there is no one around the Holy Father who will put aside all boot-licking servility.» Izamal. namely. and especially since we have no other way to send our voice to the Pope.Chiesa viva 430 S en ANNA:Chiesa viva 430 S en 21/03/11 16:51 Pagina 85 «We would have preferred not to be placed in a situation to publicly disagree with the photo above. . 1980. but not very fitting and St. Is it possible that. John Paul II attends a traditional Mayan dance show. Nothing bad. but the photo was published by the Magazine “Gente” on August 22.with the dignity of the Vicar of Christ.with or without music.

86 “Chiesa viva” *** September 2010 . Peter’s with half-naked dancers. Left: John Paul II caresses a woman. Below right: John Paul II embraces a girl. John Paul II in St.Chiesa viva 430 S en ANNA:Chiesa viva 430 S en 21/03/11 16:51 Pagina 86 Above: the Vatican. Bottom left: John Paul II kisses the forehead of a woman.

John Paul II greets a topless woman. John Paul II kisses a child. Next: Bologna. “Chiesa viva” *** September 2010 87 . attempting to kiss a girl. New Guinea. 1984. Asuncion. Vatican.Chiesa viva 430 S en ANNA:Chiesa viva 430 S en 21/03/11 16:51 Pagina 87 Above: Papua. John Paul II. John Paul II attends a performance by singer. Below: the Vatican. May 8. Bob Dylan. in a pose.

Chiesa viva 430 S en ANNA:Chiesa viva 430 S en 21/03/11 16:51 Pagina 88

Above: Sydney, October 26, 1988. John Paul II dances with young people.
Next: Vatican. John Paul II admires a circus exhibition with lots of monkeys and dogs.
Below: the Vatican. John Paul II attends the exhibition of an acrobat who,
with a cigarette in her mouth, slowly arches her back, brings her legs forward, and grabs the cigarette with her toes.


“Chiesa viva” *** September 2010

Chiesa viva 430 S en ANNA:Chiesa viva 430 S en 21/03/11 16:51 Pagina 89

John Paul II attends a performance by young dancers.

John Paul II caresses a young woman.
“Chiesa viva” *** September 2010


Chiesa viva 430 S en ANNA:Chiesa viva 430 S en 21/03/11 16:51 Pagina 90

Above: Rome, August 19, 2000. On the fields of “Tor Vergata,” 2
million young people gathered for the “Jubilee of Young People.”
Next: More than a million young people of both sexes, had been
camping for five days in the fields of the University of “Tor Vergata”
on the outskirts of Rome. The Vatican was the promoter of this event.
At the end of the event, the media reported that, in the work of cleaning the areas where young people had camped, enormous quantities
of used condoms were collected
Below, left and right: The same moral principles that prevailed in the
vicinity of Krakow, in the ‘70s, thanks to John Paul II, became a general rule for the Catholic youth of the 90s, throughout the world.


John Paul II admires an exhibition of young women in tights. Left: Rome. 1985. Italian acrobat of the American Circus leaves.” Sports are “festive occasions. At the opening of the Jubilee of Sports. 1984. after kissing the ring of John Paul II. reads the Epistle during the mass in front of the Pope. April 12. Below: the Vatican January 24. 1984. A “topless” student with a skirt made of leaves. on the stadium field.” the Pope said in his speech.Chiesa viva 430 S en ANNA:Chiesa viva 430 S en 21/03/11 16:51 Pagina 91 Above: New Guinea. May 8. “Chiesa viva” *** September 2010 .

” in Rome. October 1989.” reads the caption of “Chicago Sun Times” to describe young women who appeared in dances by John Paul II. Below: Vatican. at the Basilica of Koekelberg. Representing peace. are performing for John Paul II on the playing field of the Olympic Stadium. young dancers in billowing white skirts. that he had reserved for athletes of the “Youth Games. The girls were received in audience by the Pope. 92 “Chiesa viva” *** September 2010 . Brussels. 1984. 1985. Based on the testimony of spectators. in Nervi Hall. the clothes became transparent under the stadium lights. Girls in leotard waiting to perform at an outdoor Mass celebrated by John Paul II. “An unusual papal audience.Chiesa viva 430 S en ANNA:Chiesa viva 430 S en 21/03/11 16:51 Pagina 92 Above: Brussels. Left: Montreal.

April 12 . <#> “Chiesa viva” *** Settembre 2010 . 1200 women in leotards performing a synchronized dance for John Paul II in Rome. April 14. 1984).Chiesa viva 430 S en ANNA:Chiesa viva 430 S en 21/03/11 16:51 Pagina 93 Rome. (“Gennet Dispatch Newspaper”. 1984.

37 on the same day. ing him “a subversive Pope”. on the when the civilized world will re“picture” taken in Beskid Zynounce God. in apartment . after reading this Special Isabused Christianity.Chiesa viva 430 S en ANNA:Chiesa viva 430 S en 21/03/11 16:51 Pagina 94 CONCLUSION T hese “facts” and “statestrophic error.” Many others could JOHN PAUL II IN FLAMES be added to this highly questionable Polish Pope. Let us no one will cry out with that naive remember the prophecy of Pius and superficial “SAINT NOW!” XII: «There will come a day but. will reflect. would it be wrong to say that the Pope. both recent and past. that this life. will Pope John Paul II set off the Catholic one?» which is a manifestation of the souls of demons in hell! Here are the words of Indro Montanelli: If this vision were true. or thought I understood. I believe that to serve Man and not God. for the asked himself: «… but what place and for the time it was takChurch does he have in mind? en. and at the who. sion as Vicar of Christ! Now I understand that this perception was a vaguely cata- 94 “Chiesa viva” *** September 2010 . riere della Sera”. I think it is sufficient to now conclude these historical “facts” and “statements. but by default.” ruins of the Roman Curia but of as being superficial. at Italian writer. 21. lost all his battles and that all his travels accompanied Pope would leave behind a pile of rubble: that of the auby vast crowds. lacking serious investigation which we have been accustomed and thorough analysis into his perto for two thousand years and resonality. with John Paul II and after callJohn Paul II died. have in our “desirable” by the current Pope blood.. degard as such and that which we. and simplisthe Church. ourselves. when the image of John Paul … Toward what kind of Church. is not only the the proposal for “beatification. 2000). instead. after a conversation he had exact hour when the then Pope John Paul II. II was seen in the flames of fire.” moreover. ments” of John Paul II as that which Pope John Paul II are good reasons to judge will leave behind. March 9.» (Indro Montanelli – “CorBenedict VXI. yes. by dragging it sue on John Paul II.» wiecki. Indro Montanelli. only covered the deep voids of his misthoritarian and hierarchical structure of the Roman Curia.. spite the fact that it was declared the laity. a Polish village near the I close with the words the famous birthplace of John Paul II. It is a “sign. A Pope who so Now. that Wojtyla does not enjoy the «In a conversation with John Paul II in his private beatific vision. at least of that one tic. I knew.

. I knew. March 9. but by default. I can assure you. Indro Montanelli [one of the most brilliant journalists of Italy] talking with the director of the Magazine “Oggi.Chiesa viva 430 S en ANNA:Chiesa viva 430 S en 21/03/11 16:51 Pagina 95 March 22. loaded with two thousand years of history. 2000). the laity. that this Pope would leave behind a pile of rubble: that of the authoritarian and hierarchical structure of the Roman Curia. . is not only the ruins of the Roman Curia but of the Church. or better Biblical. is more than I) are trembling with our hats in hands. yes. Now I understand that this perception was a vaguely catastrophic error. laymen. This is life or death situation of the oldest institution in the world. ourselves.” Montanelli asks: «Is John Paul II the greatest restorer or greatest gravedigger of the Catholic Church?» And then affirms: «With the prostrated Church of John Paul II we are faced with situations of epochal dimensions. 2000..» (Indro Montanelli .Corriere della Sera. (and no one. have in our blood. at least of that one which we have been accustomed to for two thousand years and regard as such and that which we.» «In a conversation with John Paul II in his private apartment . in front of which we. or thought I understood. as that which Pope John Paul II will leave behind.

at the time 21.37 of the same day and at the exact hour in which the current Pope John Paul II died. Polish village near the birthplace of Karol Wojtyla.Chiesa viva 430 S en ANNA:Chiesa viva 430 S en 21/03/11 16:51 Pagina 96 This photograph was taken in Beskid Zywiecki. .